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3 1833 03368 3902 

Go 941 . 5004 As? j 
Association for the 

Preservation of Memorials 
Journal for the year . . . 

# ■ 

J U E N A L 

MmxftMbm for iljt tyxvszvXmtimx 




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[For Subscribers m.lif.} 





942 ...Journal of the Irish memorials association, 

.05 formerly the Association for the preservation of 
the memorials of the dead in Ireland, and now 
incorporating; the Dublin parish register society. 

1888/91- 2LS£S/S7. ^^^^--^^V .... : \ c \ %- * 1 
Dublin, The Association, iS92- ( 

10 v. 21i-23jcm. 
Title varies: 1883-1920, Journal cf the Associa- 
tion for the preservation of the, memorials 
of the dead in Ireland. 

V '/ (Continued on next card) 
sucif who NL 16-2173a 

Digitized by 

the Internet 


in 2014 

$}rc$erbatum ot tljt jHcmortals of tijt Mttto, 

VOL. IV. N? !. 


N? I 



P vmtvh at to n offejCnnorfate ?nl eal? . 

J U R N A L F R T H K Y R A R 1 8 9 8. 




. '.I* -> ■ I s * 








Extra copies of this Journal can be had by application to Colonel P. D. 
Vigors, Holloden. Bageualstown, Co. Carlow ; also copies of the indices 
for Vols. I. and II. 

The Editors beg to draw the attention of those who kindly furnish Notes 
for publication, to the importance of the following points : — 

1. To write on one side only of the paper. 

2. To use sermon-sise paper. 

3. To leave a margin on the left edge, from 1 to 2 inches in width. 

4. All names of persons and dates should be written with extra care. 

5. Ail Inscriptions should be copied verbatim et literatim, and as 

nearly as possible in the same form of letters as the original, each 
line being separated by a stroke, thus j . 

The Editors wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not 
responsible for errors in copies of Inscriptions sent them ; to avoid such, 
they trust the writers will take extra care before forwarding their MSS. 

They also beg that their friends will read the wise words of " Weever," 
iu the annexed paragraph, and, further, that they will act on them — more 
they cannot say : — 

"Now generous reader, let me in treat your furthers nee thus farre, that in thy 
neighbouring churches, if thou shalte finde any ancient funeral inscriptions, or 
antique obliterated monuments, thou wouldst copie out the one, and take so much 
relation of the other as tradition can deliver ; as also to take the inscriptions and 
epitaphs upon tombes and grave stones, which are of those [or later] times : aud 
withall to take order that such thy collections, notes, and observations may come 
safely to my hands : and I shall rest ever obliged to acknowledge thy paines and 
curtesie." — YYeevek. 

•Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. 

Life Subscription • . . £5. 

Annual do 5s. 

Or £1 may be sent to cover four years' subscription. 

Those who are interested in the continuance of this work, are requested 
to use their influence with their friends in getting additional subscribers. 
The work has now so increased in size, that it becomes absolutely necessary 
to have additional subscriptions, to enable the Editors to continue to issue 
Reports like those of this year, the expense of which is considerable, 
even without the illustrations, which latter they are most desirous not to 
have to discontinue. There is no lack of materials. The only difficulty 
is the insufficiency of the Fund, for want of additional subscriptions. 

N.B. — It icill save the Editors a considerable amount of 
trouble, and also economise the Fund, if those ladies and 
gentlemen who have not as yet paid their Subscriptions, will 
forward them on receipt of this Notice, without further appli- 
cation. Subscriptions are due on 1st January in each year. 


"Let it be remembered that this work is intended to be, not a mere temporary 
vehicle of amusement, but a permanent storehouse of authentic information, to vfhicii 
reference may hereafter be confidently made." — Anon. 

Sl Jam parce sepulto 
Paice pias scelerare manus." — Virgil, 

Tbanslation. — Now deal reverently -with my dust. Forbear to pollute thy holy 

" Every stone that we look upon in this Expository of past ages, is both an Enter- 
tainment and a Monitor." — Plain Dealer. 

. . . " Tu mihi terrain 
Injice namque potes 

Sedibus ut saltern placidis 
In morte quiescam." 

Translation. — Bo thou, since it is in thy power so to do, sprinkle the earth over 
my remains, that at least after death I may rest in an undisturbed grave. 

Time corrodes our epitaphs, and buries our very tombstones/ 

" Away from the tumult and passion 
Away from the care and the strife ; 
Away from the folly and fashion 
Pervading the city's gay life." 


* Tell me, grey-baired sexton,' said I, 

* Where m the field are the wicked folk laid ? 

I have wandered the quiet old graveyard through, 
And studied the epitaphs, old and new, 
But on monument, obelisk, pillar, or stone 
I read no evil that men have done.* 

The old sexton stood by a grave newly made, 
With his chin on his hand, his hand on a spade : 
1 Who is the judge when the soul takes its flight ? 
Wlio is judge 'twixt the wrong and the right? 
Which of us mortals shall dare to say 
That our neighbour was wicked who died to-day?' 

1 In our journey through life, the farther we speed, 
The better we learn that humility's need 
Is charity's spirit that prompts ns to find 
Rather virtue than vice in the lives of our kind. 

' Therefore good deeds we record on these stones ; 
The evil men do, lei it rest with their bones ; 
I have laboured as f»exton this many a year, 
But I never have buried a bad man here.' 



$*ederbatton of the MtmeviuU of tfjc Bttiu. 



" Where v^oulJ have been the history, the art, the philosophy of the past ages, had 
there been no provident conservators, wise for all generations to transmit these 
precious relics to their descendants ? " — Allieoxe. 


C r 1Cj / VE have much pleasure in presenting to our Subscribers 
if il l ^» °f our Journal, and while thanking 

them for their continued support, and for the ever- 
increasing interest shown in our work, we are glad to be able 
to put before them the following extracts, culled from a number 
of letters which Ave have lately received, showing the manner 
in which it is regarded : — 

From the Governors of the Belfast Library, 

"The Governors fully appreciate the important work you are accom- 
plishing, and wish you the utmost success in the task you have under- 
taken in so public-spirited a manner. 

To Col. P. D. Vigors." 

From the Honourable Eleanor Lady Leighton. 
" I cannot tell how greatly I admire your efforts to keep a record of 
these old tombstones." 

From Mr. Packard O'Flynn, Worcester, Mass., U.S. A, 
" It is really a work of love on your part, and a far better and more 
lasting monument than marble or brass." 

Fj'om the " Journal of the Waterford and S.E. -of Ireland 
Archaeological Society." 
" Among the Periodicals deservedly foremost to be mentioned is No. 3. 
Vol. 111., of " The Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of 


the Dead, Ireland," which, if less copiously illustrated tlian its pre- 
decessors, is certainly nowise inferior to them in interest and value." 

From the Rev. J. Wallace Taylor, LL.D., in a Northern Paper. 

" When we consider the importance of the work done, the strict 
economy observed in expenditure, and the small subscription asked, we 
might hope that the list of supporters — goodly as it is — would be increased 

From the Rev. J. J. By an, St. Patrick's College, Thurles. 

" Credit and support are due to you for this laudable and effective effort 
to preserve these scanty Records of the Dead and Memorials of the Past. 
The historians and antiquarians of the future must acknowledge with 
gratitude the service you have done in securing from oblivion these rapidly- 
perishing way-marks of time." 

From the " Belfast News- Letter." 

"This Association, by its aiming at the bestowal of proper care on our 
churchyards and its other objects, endeavours to rescue the subject in a 
religious aspect, as well as for literary and practical ends, from its bad 
environment. Nor does the writer think that an objection properly lies 
against printing all epitaphs contained in a graveyard. The Association 
appeals to a larger circle than that given to antiquarian pursuits, while 
carving often becomes indistinct in less than fifty years ; nor can anyone 
be sure that some simple stone with a very common-place inscription may 
not afford something of greater value in proving a descent, than a more 
pretentious memorial.'' 

. As years pass by in the natural course of events, we have to 
deplore the loss of kind and valued friends and earnest sup. 
porters, foremost among whom we would place the name of the 
late Rev. Professor G. T. Stokes, D.D., who was at all times 
ready to help us with his pen, and was a constant contributor 
to the pages of our Journal. As an historian he was keenly 
alive to the value of our work, and we desire to express our 
gratitude for the kindly notices and reviews that he contri- 
buted year by year to the Daily Press, more especially to the 
Daily Express. We feel that in him we have lost a supporter 
who cannot readily be replaced. 

We have also to regret the loss of a supporter of European 
reputation in the late Rev. Professor S. Haughton, S.F.T.C.D.; 
and of an interested and kindly fellow-worker in the late Rev. 
R. H. Long ; and among others the late II. L. Tottenham, 
Esq., who gave great assistance in the making of one of the 


Indexes ; of P. J. Newton, Esq. ; George T. Clark, Esq. (a 
life subscriber) ; the Hew J. Ingle Dredge: John C. Brady, 
Esq. ; the Rev. Allen R. Cliff e ; Deputy Surgeon-General 
King ; J. Plunket, Esq. ; A. Athy, Esq. ; R. S. Young, Esq., 
M.D. ; to these we add with deep regret the name of Lavens 
M. Ewart, Esq. (a life member), and valued friend of our 
Association, who was deeply interested in our work. 

Several new subscribers have joined us, among whom we 
may mention the Governors of the Belfast Library ; the 
Public Free Library, "Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. ; the Hon. 
Eleanor Lady Leigh'ton ; Michael Brown, Esq. ; Mrs. Wood- 
head, of Brighton; P. J. Roche, Esq. (a life subscriber); G. 
O'C. Redmond, Esq., M.D. ; the Very Rev. Canon Kavanagh, 
P.P.; Miss Crofton (a life subscriber) ; and many others. 

We regret that the necessity of cultivating and educating 
public opinion as to the desirability of keeping our graveyards 
and the Memorials of the Dead contained therein in a decent 
and orderly condition, has by no means ceased ; and in proof 
of this we would refer our readers to a communication from 
the County Clare to be found in the present Journal, and for 
which we are indebted to that distinguished antiquary, 
,W. C. Borlase, Esq., of whose recent death we have heard with 
deep regret. 

We believe that our readers will find the engravings in this 
Journal to be of more than ordinan- interest, especially those 
of the Cloncha tombstone, County Donegal ; the Priors tomb 
from Inistioge, County Kilkenny; and the Irish-inscribed 
stone from Killamery, in the same county. 

With reference to the notice of our Journal for last year, 
in the "Ulster Journal" of Archasology " for April, 181)8, page 
193, in which the writer suggests that we should initiate some 
restorative and preservative work, and the appointment of 
secretaries in each county, who would undertake such work 
and collect subscriptions for the undertaking, and kindly offer- 
ing assistance towards its accomplishment We have to remark 
that by paragraph iv. of our Prospectus, which has been largely 
circulated, and also inserted in our Journals of past years, it will 
be seen that one of our objects is to preserve and repair tombs 
of National interest; and that this has already been done 


successfully in several cases out of the small fund at our dis- 
posal, and we only regret that our purse-strings do -not permit 
of our doing more ; but we shall be only too highly pleased if 
volunteers for the work, as above suggested, will send us their 
names, and will collect special subscriptions to be expended 
locally in repairing and preserving Tombstones and Monu- 
ments under their direction. We fully believe that there is 
much need for such work, and shall have pleasure in recording 
any instance of its being done. 

We cannot conclude without placing on record how much 
we are indebted to John R. Garstin, Esq., F.S.A.. for the kind 
assistance which he so willingly gives us with difficult inscrip- 
tions, and the generous way in which he always places at our 
disposal the ripe store of knowledge which he possesses, when- 
ever we apply to him. We would also remind our readers that 
we are in the hands of those who contribute to our pages, as far 
as the inscriptions that we record are concerned, we make every 
effort to faithfully reproduce them as supplied to us ; and, 
where mistakes occur, we believe that our readers may reason- 
ably infer that they are stonecutters' errors, which it would be 
quite outside our province to correct. 




Notices ... ... ... ... ... ... v 

Preface ... ... ... ... ... ... v ii 

Contents ... ... ... ... ... ... x i 

List of Subscribers .., ... ... ... ... X v 

List of Illustrations ... ... ... ... % .. xxii 

Account for the year 189 S ... ... ... ... xxiii 

Description of the Coats-of-Arms given on the Frontispiece of this 

Journal — Plate 111. ... ... ... ... ... xxiv 

Description of the Monumental Coats-of-Arms given on Plate I . 

Mr. J. F. Fuller's List ... ... ... ... xxvii 


ANTRIM — Ballymoney — Inscription ... ... ... 1 

Ramoan ... ... ... ... ... 1 

ARMAGH — Eglisu Churchyard and Cross — -Plate ... 2 

Tynan Churchyard ... ... ... ... 2 

CARXOW — Fenagh Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 3 

Tullow — Tomb repaired ... ... ... ... 6 

CAVAN — Lurgan — Inscription ... ... ... ... 7 

CLAItE — Tulla — Disgraceful state of a burial-ground ... 7 

CORK — Ardagh — List of Incumbents ... ... ... 8 

Ballybeg, Parish and Abbey ... ... ... 8 

Mideeton — Inscriptions ... ... ... ... 9 

Mourns or Baeeyxamona — Inscription ... ... 9 

Macroomp ok Macroom — Inscription ... ... 10 

Gougane Barra — Inscription ... ... ... 10 

Moviddy Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 10 

Kilcuea Abbey ... ... ... ... ... 11 

Casteetc^ynrociie — Inscriptions ... ... ... 11 

Kilmocomogue Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 12 

Frankfield Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 12 


Reports from Counties — continued. 


DONEGAL — Clokcha Church — Inscriptions ... ... 13 

Malin Church — Inscriptions ... ... ... 14 

Lagg Churchyard — Inscriptions ... ... ... 16 

Movjlle Parish — Cooley Church ... ... ... 19 

Donaghmore Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 20 

Glencolumkille — Inscriptions ... . ... ... 22 

Kilmacrenan Parish— -Inscriptions ... ... .;. 22 

Kilbarron Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 23 

DOWN — Kilmegan Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 24 

Kewry Parish — St. Mary's Church ... ... ... 29 

„ St. Patrick's Church — Inscriptions ... 29 

DUBLIN — Clondalkin Parish — List of Churchwardens ... 32 

„ „ — Extracts from Vestry Books ... 33 

Crumlin Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 34 

Donabate Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 87 

Merrion Churchyard — Inscriptions ... ... ... 33 

St. Michan's Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 40 

St. Anne's Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 40 

St. James's Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 49 

St. Margaret's, near Finglas — Inscriptions ... ... 50 

St. Michael-le-Poee's Churchyard, 4 St. Bride's Parish-- 

Inscriptions, &c. ... ... ... ... 51 

— Early Drawing of the Church ... 54 

Rathfarnham Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 56 

FERMANAGH ... ... ... ... ... 58 

GALWAY — West Convent Church — Inscriptions ... ... 58 

Spiddal Church ) T . . fcr , 

I Inscriptions ... ... 59 

Movcuelen Parish j 

Tuam, St. Jarlath's— Inscriptions ... ... ... 60 

Obituary of Meelick Abbey — continued ... ... 63 

KERRY — Killarney Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 69 

Muckross Abbey — Inscriptions ... ... ... 73 

KILDARE — Athy Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 75 

Conn eel Parish — The lleliceen Churchyard ... ... 75 

Davidstown Churchyard — Killeen Cormac Churchyard ... 70 

St, Bridget's Cathedral, Kildare — Inscriptions ... 77 

Kilmacredock Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 78 

Lyons Parish — Inscriptions... ... ... ... 78 

KILKENNY— Kells Parish— Inscriptions ... ... 80 

„ — Plate of a Tombstone ... 8 J 

„ „ De Clare Tombstone ... 82 


Reports from Counties — continued. 


Inistioge Parish — Inscription - ... ... ... 84 

„ Priory * ... ... ... ..." 87 

„ „ —Tomb of a Prior— Plate ... ... 87 

„ „ — Early Inscription, 1522 ... ... 8<) 

Kilmannagh Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 89 

Killamery Parish — Irish Inscription ... ... 90 

„ — Plate of ancient Tombstone ... ... 90 

St. Patrick's Parish, Sheestown — Inscriptions ... 92 

St. Mary's, Kilkenny — Inscriptions ... ... ... 94 

KING'S COUNTY~-Moxasterorjs on Castropetre Parish ... 95 

Barberry Church yard — Inscriptions ... ... 96 

LEITE1M — Fen ag h Abbey — Inscriptions ... ... 98 

Carkigalla Churckyard— Inscriptions ... 99 

Drumreilly Churchyard — Inscriptions ... ... 99 

Ballinamore Churchyard, in Ojghtragix Parish — Inscrip. 99 
LIMEEIGK-— St, Mary's Cathedral — Plate, Ssdilia and Monu- 

ment ... ... ... ... ... ... 99 

Shanagolden Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 100 

LONDONDERRY ... ... ... ... ... 10-1 

LONGEORD ... ... 104 

LOUTH— Mellifont Abbey ... ... ... ... 104 

MAYO — Killedan or Killedin Church — Inscriptions ... 105 

MEATH — Macetg-wnj in Kilmessan Parish ... ..." 108 

„ — Chever and Plunket Anns — Plate ... 108 

Slake — The Baronstown Cross — Plates ... 109,110 

HONAGKAN— Errigle-Tuough Parish ... ... ... 112 

QUEEN'S COUNTY — Ballyadams Parish ... ... 113 

ROSCOMMON ... ... ... ... ... 114 

SLIG0 — Emlafad Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 114 

TIPPERARY— Carrick Parish— Inscriptions ... ... 116 

KlLTINAN ... ... ... ... ... 117 

Newtown Lennan ... ... ... ... 117 

Tullamain — Inscription ... ... ... ... 118 

Ardfinnan — Church Plate ... ... ... ... 118 

„ — Inscription ... ... ... ... 119 

— Succession of Clergy ... ... ... 121 

Rochlstown — Inscription ... ... ... ... 121 

Moyne and Tlmpletuohy — Extracts from Vestry Books ... 121 
Tlmplltuoiiy and Loughmore — Extracts from Minute Book 123 

* This should have been entered under Couuty Kildare. 


Reports from Counties — continued. 


Killenaule Paiush-— St. Johnstown Castle 124 

„ „ — Plate, Arms of St. John ... ... ] 25 

TYRONE ... ... ... ... ... ... 126 

WATEPvFOllD ... 126 

Strabbally Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 126 

Ballygunner Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 129 

Dunoarvan, St. Mary's — Inscriptions ... "... 130 

Kilrush — Inscriptions ... ... ... ... 132 

Carrickbeg — Inscriptions ... ... ... ... 132 

O'Suelivan Arms ... ... ... ... 132 

WESTMEATH — Fore— -Inscriptions ... ... ... 133 

Athlone Parish — St. Mary's Churchyard — -Inscriptions ... 135 
WEXFORD — Extracts from the Reports of the Commissioners on 
the Public Records of Ireland, 1810-1815— Regal Visita- 
tion Book ... ... ... ... ... 137 

Bishop Ram's Account of the Diocese of Leighlin, 1612 ... 139 

Answers of the Deputy Registrars ... ... ... 144 

Ferns Parish — Pro- Cathedral ... ... ... 145 

•Elrington Monument ... ... ... 145 

■Extracts from Vestry Books ... 145 

WICKXOW — Baltinglass Parish — Inscription ... ... 147 

Ballinure Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 148 

Ballycore Churchyard — Inscription ... ... 148 

Ballykore Churchyard ... ... ... ... 149 

Kxlcoole Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 149 

Wicklow Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 154 

J5 3i 

Wexford Parish- 



[The names of "Life Subscribers" are printed in u heavy-faced" type."] 

Academy, the Royal Irish 
Alcock, Alexander M., ii.D. ... 
Armstrong, Jas. M. ... 
Armstrong, Rev. William B. ... 
Antiquities, National Museum of 
Atkinson, Rev. E. D., ll.b. ... 
Aylward 5 Mrs. Toler ... 

Bagwell, Mrs. Richard 
Balfour, B. R. T., d,l., m.e.i.a. 

Ball, F. Elrington 

Barry, J. G., j.p. 
Barton, Rev. Luke, p.p. 
Belmore, Rt. Hon. Earl, k.c.m.o. 
Beresford, D. R. Pack- 
Bigger, F. Joseph 
Bolton, C. Perceval ... 
Bo wen, Miss Alice E. Hartpole 
Bowers, Thomas 
Brophy, Sergt. M. [late R.I.C.] 
Browne, Rev. R. L. ... 

Buckley, M. J. C 

Budds, W. F. " 

Buick, Rev. G. R., v.p., r.s.a.i. 
Burke, Ashworth P. ... 
Bnrke, Rev. Edward, p.p. 
Burke, II. Farnham ... 

Burnett, Rev. R 

Burrowes, William B. 

Camac, Thomas 
Cary, G. S. ... 
Campbell, Mrs. Stephen 

19 Dawson-street, Dublin 
Innishannon, Co. Cork 
Craigvarra. Portru-sh. Antrim 
Tulnashane, Caledon, Co. Tyrone 
Queen-street, Edinburgh 
Waringslown, Co. Down 
Shankill Castle, Co. Kilkenny 

Marlfield, Cionmcl 
Townley Hall, Drogheda 
Taney House, Dundrum, Dublin 
Sand ville House, Grange, Co. Limerick 
Castletown, Westmeath 
Castle Cool, Co/Fermanagh 
Fenagh House, Co. Carlow 
Ardrie, Belfast, Co. Antrim 
Brook Lodge, Waterford 
Rathleigh, Ballybrack, Dublin 
Cloncunny House, Piltown, Kilkenny 
76 Tullow-street, Carlow 
Franciscan Convent, Cork 
Montmorenci, Youghal 
Courtstown, Tullaroan, Kilkenny 
The Manse, Cullybackey, Antrim 
121 Victoria-street, Westminster 
Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow [Loudon 
Somerset Herald, Herald's College,' 
The Rectory, Graig, Co. Kilkenny 
2 Albany-terrace, Ballynafeigh, Belfast 

Derrykeighan, Dervock, Antrim 
Laurel Lodge, Terenure, Dublin 
Maynards, Ilemel-Hempstead, England 


Campion, R. G. 

Carrigan, Rev. Wm., c.c. v ,. 

Carroll, Rev. Jas., p.p. 

Cashel, the Dean of ... 

Castletown, Lord, of Upper Ossory 

Chesney, Joseph M. ... 

Clark, Mrs. Godfrey ... 

Cliffe, Captain Edward 

Cliffe, Miss 

Clonbrock, Lord 

Cochrane, Robert, c.e., f.s.a. ... 

Coleman, James 

Colley, Miss Pomerov 

Conlan, Very Rev. Canon, p.p. 

Connellan, Lieut. -Colonel, d.l. 

Cooke, J. Ormsby 

Cooke, John ... 

Cosgrave, E. M'D., m.d. 

Cooper, Lt.-Col. Edward, v.p , r.s.a. 

Cooper, Colonel Joshua 

Crofton, Miss Henrietta 

Crossle, F. C, m.b. ... 
CufTe, Major Otway Wheeler ... 
.Cunningham, Rev. Robert, b.a. 
Cast, The Lady Elizabeth 

Midleton, Co. Cork 
Rathdowny, Queen's County 
Howth, Co. Dublin 
The Deanery, Cashel, Co. Tipperary 
Doneraile Court, Doncraile 
Anna Ville, Holywood, Down 
Tal-y-Gam, Llandrissant, Wales 
4 Adelaide- street, Kingstown . 

4 Adelaide-street, Kingstown 
Clonbrock, Ahascragh, Gal way 
17 Highfield'-road, Rathgar 

11 Manchester-street, Southampton 
Mount Temple, Clontarf, Dublin 
Presbytery, St. Mlehan's, Dublin 
Coolmore, Thoraastown 
Kilturra, Ballymote, Sligo 
66 M o reh am p ton-road, Dublin 

5 Gardiner's -row, Dublin 
Markree Castle, Collooney 
Dunboden, Mullingar 
Rushington Manor, Totton, Hants 
The Chestnuts, Newry, Down 
Woodlands, Waterford 
Ballyrashaue, Coleraine 

13 Eccleston-square, London 

Dames, Longworth &. J. 

Daniel, Robert 

Davidson, Rev. II. W., a.m. ... 
Day, the Rt. Rev. M., d.d. ... 

Day, Robert, f.s.a., f.k.s.a.i. 

Deane, Thomas M. ... 

Des Banes, Lient.-Colonel ... 

Dix, E. R. M'C 

Dix, Henry T. 

Dodge, Mrs. George Pomeroy 

Dooley, Henry 
Douglas, M. C. 

Dnguid, John 

Duke, R. A 

21 Herbert-street, Dublin 
Newforest, Tyrrell's Pass 
Templemichael, Youghal, Cork 
The Palace, Waterford 
Myrtle Hill House, Cork 

15 Ely-place, Dublin 
Conna, Co. Cork 

17 Kildare-street, Dublin 

17 Gardiner's-pUce, Dublin 

Saddle Rock, Great Neck, Long 

Island, New York, U.S.A. 
9 St. John's Mall, Parsunstowu 
Burriu-street, Carlow 

16 Waterioo-cre.-ccnt, Dover 
Ncwpaik, Rullymote, Sligo 


Eden, Rev. Arthur ... ... Ticehurst, Hawkhurst, Kent 

Egau, P. M. ... ... ... High-street, Kilkenny 

Ewart, Sir William, Kaft. 9 Bedford-street, Belfast 

Eyre, Miss ... ... ... Mavdown, Benburb, Tyrone 

Falkiner, Rev. W. J. F. 
Finlay, Ven. George, d.d. 
FitzGerald, Lord Walter, v.p.. k.s a.i. 

Fitzgerald, Rev. William 

Fitzsimon, Henry It. ... 
Fitzsimon. Mrs. M. ... 
Ffrench, Rev. J. F. M., v.p., r.s.a.i. 
Ffrench. Mrs. 

Fuller, J. F., f.s.a 

Killucan Rectory, Westmeath 
The Rectory, Clones 
Kilkea Castle, Co. Kildare 
Grange Con, Co. Wicklow [Dublin 
1 1 Longford - terrace, Monkstown, 
St. Michael's Lodge, Stoke, Devonport 
Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, Carlow 
Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, Carlow 
179 Great Brunswick-street, Dublin 

Garstin, John R., d.l.,ll,b. ... Bruganstown, Castlebellingham 

Graves, III. Rev. Chas., d.d., f.r.s. The Palace, Limerick 

Greene, Lieut.-Col. J. J., r.a.m.c. 23 Herbert-place, Dublin 

Gorman, Ven. Archdeacon William Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 

Greenwood, Mrs. ... ... Doninga, Gcresbridge, Co. Kilkenny 

Hade, Arthur, ce. 

Hamilton, Rev. R. J. Shaw, d.d. 

Hannay, Rev. J. 0. ... 

Harman, Miss Marion 

Healv, Rev. John, ll.d. 

Kealy, Rev. William, f.p. 

Henry, James, m.d. ... 

Hewat, S. M. F. 

Hewson, Bev. Canon E. F. ... 

IHbbert, R. F 

Hibbert, Mrs. 

Hill, Arthur, b.e. 
Hobson, C. J. 
Hopkins, Rev. John W. 
Houston, Rev. B. C. Davidson 
Huband, Rev. H. R. 
Hughe?, Benjamin 

Hunt, Mrs. Helsham 

Hutchinson, J. 

Dublin- street, Carlow 
The Rectory, Tynan, Armagh 
Westport, Co. Mayo 
Barrowmount, Co. Kilkenny 
The Rectory, Kells, Co. Meath 
Johustown, Co. Kilkenny 
Swan Bank, Monaghan 
Rathlee, Ballisodare, Shgo 
Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 
Woodpark, Scariff, Co. Clare 
Woodpark, Scariff, Co. Clare 
22 George's-street, Cork 
Benburb, Moy, Co. Armagh 
Aghern Vicarage, Conna, Co. Cork 
St. John's Vicarage, Sandymount 
Killiskey, Ashford, Co. Wicklow 
Independent Office, Wexford 
Kilfeara, Kilkenny 
Rosbercon Castle, Co. Kilkenny 

Ingram, Thomas Dunbar, ll.d. 13 Wellington-road,, Dublin 


Irwin, Rev. Alexander 

Xveagh, Lord ••• 

Kane, R. R., ll.d. ... 

Keene, Most Rev. James B., m.a. 

Keboe, Rev. Paul, p.p. 

Kelly, W. E., c.e., f.r.s.a.i. ... 

Kelly, Mrs. W. E 

Kelly, Miss Dorothy 

Kelly, Miss . 

Kelly, Richard 

Kelly, T. A 

Kinnear, Rev. John, d.d. 
Knox, Miss P. J. 

Langrishe, Richard, f.r.s.a.i. 
La Touche, Miss C. ... 

Leeky, W. EL, ll.d., m.p. 

Le Hunte, Rev. Canon Francis 
Leveson-Gower, A. F. G. 
Library, Linen-hall ... 

,, Marsh's 

„ Public Free 

„ The National 
Long, Mrs. 

Lynch, P. J., c.e., f.r.s.a.i. ... 

Macnamara, Dr. George Un thank 
Maconn, William 

Maftett, Rev. R. S 

Magee, Rev. W. P 

Mahony, J. J. 

Mayo, The Earl of ... 

Meade, Rt. Rev. \V. E., d.d. ... 
Meares, Major-General Devenish 
M'Cliutock, Uev. F. G-, f.r.s.a.i. 

McGrath, Kev. J. R., D.D, 

M'Nulty, R 

Meyler, J. E. 
Moffett, Sir Thomas, ll.d. 
Molloy, William R., f.s.s. 
Moore, Rev. Canon C. 

The Mall, Armagh 

Farmleigh, Castleknock, Dublin 

4 Fitzwilliam-place, Dublin 
Bishopscourt, Navan, Co. Meath 
Bridgtown, Wexford 
St. Helen's, Westport, Mayo 
St. Helen's, Westport, Mayo ■ 
St. Helen's, Westport, Mayo 
Clareville, Westport, Mayo 
St. John's, Fahan, Londonderry 
64 Upper Leeson-street, Dublin 
Letterkenny, Donegal 
Cranmore, Ballinrobe, Mayo 

Koremount, Kilkenny 

27 Clyde-road, Dublin 

38 Onslow-gardens, London 

New Ross, Wexford 

4 Sussex-place, Regent's-park, Lonii 

Donegall-square, Belfast 

St. Patrick's, Dublin 

Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 

Kildare-street, Dublin 

16 Appian Way, Dublin 
8 Mallow-street, Limerick 

Bankyle House, Corofin, Clare 
Lurgau, Armagh 

17 Herbert-road, Sandymonnt 
Fernhill, Wicklow 

2 Fort Villas, Queenstown, Cork 
Palmerstown, Co. Kildare 
The Palace, Cork 
Meares Court, Westmeath 
Drumcar, Dunleer, Co. Louth 
Queen's College, Oxford 
Raphoe, Co. Donegal 
Harristown, Ballynetty, Wexford 
Royal University, Dublin 
78 Keni!worth-square, Dublin 
Mitchelstown, Co. Cork 


Moore, Henry , 

Moore, Mrs. H. S 

Mulholiand, Miss M. J. 
Mullin, Charles 
Murphjl Rev. Hugh, dd, 

Kicholson, Rev. Jas. N. 

O'Conor Don, The, President, r.s.a.i. 

O'Hanrahan, T. W 

O'Leary, Patrick 

O'Meara, Rev. Eugene 
O'Neill. Lord 

Paterson, Win. II. 
Perrin, Mrs. ... 
Pigotfc, Wm. Jackson 
Pilkington, Henry M. 
Poer, Count de la, d.l. 
Pollard- Urqubart, Lieut.-Colonel 
Ponsonby, Honble. Gerald 
Potts, Rev. John 
Power, Rev. George ... 
Power, Rev. P., c.c. ... 
Pratt, Mrs. Fitzmaurice 
Pratt, Rev. P. C, r.n. 

Quiun, Rev. Edward, p.p. 

Hainsford, Rev. J. G., d.d. ... 
Rapinond, Rev. Joseph, c.c. ... 

Redmond, Dr. G. O'C. 
Reynell, Rev. William 
Puce, Mrs. C. J. 
Rice, Lieut.-Colonel R. 
Robertson, Herbert, m.p. 

Hoche, P. J. 

Rcoke, Rev. Henry, a.m. 

HasHe* D. Carol an 

Ryan, Rev. John, o.P. 
Ryan, Rev. J. J. 

Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 

7 Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin 

Eglantine, Hillsborough, Down 

John-street, Omagh 

15 Mountcharles, Belfast 

1 70 Osborne-road, Forest Gate, London 

Clonalis, Castlerea 
Parliament- street, Kilkenny 
Graig-na-managh, Co. Kilkenny 
The Vicarage, Tallaghi, Co. Dublin 
Shane's Castle, Antrim 

Garranard, Strandtown, Antrim 
Knockdromin, Lusk, Co. Dublin 
Dundrum, Co. Down 
Tore, Tyrrell's Pass, Westmeath 
Kilsheelan, Co. Wateiford 
Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath 
3 Stratfordrplace, London 
Grange Sylvre Rectory, Co. Kilkenny 
Kilfane Rectory, Co. Kilkenny 
The Cathedral, Waterford 
Glenheste, Manor Kilbride, Dublin 
SL Anne's Hill, Cork 

Rallybrack, Co. Dublin 

The Vicarage, Dundalk, Co. Louth 
Lakelands House, Amyalla, Co. 

Cappoquin, Co. Waterford 
22 Eccles-street, Dublin 
Grange Eric, Douglas, Cork 
Bushmouut, Lixuav/, Kerry 
Huntington Castle, Co. Carlow 
Woodville, New Ross 
The Parsonage, Wicklow 
Far Meehul, Monaghan [Kildaro 
St. Thomas's College, Newbridge, 
St. Patrick's College, Thtuies 

Scott, Ven. J. G., d.d. 
Sindali, Alfred ... 
Searight, Graves E. ... 
Seymour, Mrs. 

Shaw-Hamilton, Rev. R. J., d.d. 
Sheehan, Most Rev. Dr., v.r., r.s.a. 
Skipton, the Very Rev. W. ... 

Smith -Barry, Arthur H., 

M.P., F.R.S.A-I. ... 

Smith, Rev, Canon R., d.d. ... 

Smythe, Ven. G. C 

Stack, Right Rev. M., d.d. ... 

Steele, Rev. J. H 

Stewart, Andrew W, 
Stoney, Rev. Canon, d.d. 
Stubbs, Henry, f.ii.s.a.i. 
Stubbs, Miss Lucy G. 
Swanzy, Rev. Henry B. 
Synnot, Nicholas J, ... 

Taylor, Rev. J. Wallace, ll.d. 
Teeling, Luke 
Tempest, William 
Tenison, C. M. 

Tisdali, Mrs. 

Tottenham, Charles — 

Tottenham, Rev. Canon George 
Trench, T. Cooke 
Townsend, Very Rev. William, d.d. 

Vernon, Mrs. M. E , 

Vicars, Sir Arthur, f.s.a., Ulster 
Vigors, Col. Philip D., v.p., it.s.A.i 
Vigors, Mrs. Philip ... 
Vigors, Rev. Richard W. 

Wallace, C. J., m.a. 
Wall, Lieut.-Colonel J. 
Walsh, Rt. Rev. W. Pakenham, 

D.D., F.R.S.A.I. ... 

Watson, Rev. Charles 


The Rectory, Bray 
27 Lombard-street, London 
Springfield, Shankill, Dublin [Mayo 
care of Rev. A. Nesbitt, Holly mount, 
The Rectory, Tynan, Armagh 
it Bishop's House, Waterford 
Ardlaree Rectory, Ballina, Mayo 

Fota, Cork 

The Vicarage, Clyde-road, Dublin 
Coole Glebe, Carnmoney, Antrim 
Knockbaliymore, Clones 
The Cottage, Crom Castle, Belturbet 
1 Cremorne-villas, Belfast 
Sandymount, Dublin 
Danby, BaHyshannon 
Rathmacknee, Wexford 
Ivy Lodge, Newry, Co. Down 
Furness, Xaas, Co. Kildare 

Emyvale, Monaghan 
19 St. Slephen's-green, Dublin 
The Club, Dundalk, Louth 
Hobart Town, Tasmania 
4 Churchill - villas, Ball's Bridge, 

The Wellington Club, Loudon 
Benmore, Enuiskillen 
Millicent, Sallifis, Co. Kildare 
1 Leeson-park, Dublin 

Castlepark, Kingstown, Dubliu 
Office of Arras, Dublin Castle 
Holloden, Co. Carlow 
Holloden, Co. Carlow 
Newport Hall, Hereford 

Belfield, Booterstown [Wicklow 
Knock-a-reagh, Grange Con, Co. 

Inveruisk, Killiney, Co. Dublin 
The Rectory, Newcastle, Down 


Watson, J. ... 

Watson, Mrs. ... ... , ; 

Wcldon, Rev. P. S 

Westropp, Thos. J., m.a., f.k.s.a.i. 
Welland, Rt. Rev. Thomas J., d.d. 

Wfaebfe, Mrs. E. M 

White, Major J. Grove, 57th Regt. 
White, W. Grove ... 
White, R. P. 

White, Very Rev. George P. 
Williamson, Rev. C, A. 
Willcocks, Rev. Canon 
Woodhead, Miss 

Woodhead, Mrs. 
Whitley, Rev. A. W. 
Woodhonse, George ... 
Woollcombe, Dr. R. L., ll.b. 

Woods, Cecil C 

Wright, Dr. E. Perceval 
Wright, Rev. E. A. .. 
Wynne, Miss F. S. 

Young, Robert M 

46 Henry-street, Dublin 
, 22 Portland-place, Dublin 
The Rectory, Nurney, Carlo w 
77 Lower Leeson-street, Dublin 
Culloden, Holywood, Down 
Monasterevan, Kildare 
Kilbyrne, Buttevant, Co. Cork 

13 Upper Ormond-quay, Dublin 
Woodview, Stillorgan, Dublin 
The Palace, Cashel 

Carnew, Co. Wexford 
Dunleckney Rectory, Co. Carlo w 
Heathlield, Forest Drive, Leyton- 

stonc, London 
Heathfield House, Heathlield, Sussex 
Templemartin, P>andon 
1 Loretto-villas, Novara-aveuue, Bray 

14 Waterloo-road, Dublin 
7 Mardyke-parade, Cork 
5 Trinity College, Dublin 

64 Springbank, Hull, England 
Corres, Co. Carlow 

Rathvarna, Belfast, Co. Antrim 





1 Plate of Monumental Coats-of- Arms ... ... Frontispiece 

2 Mr. J. F. Fuller's List of Monumental Coats-of-Anns, Ireland xxvii 

3 The Cross, Eglish Churchyard, County Armagh ... ... 2 

4 Hovenden Arms, Eosetown, County Kildare ... ... 3 

5 Tombstone in Cloncha Churchyard, County Donegal ... 13 

6 Church and Round Tower of St. Michael Le Pole ... ... 54 

7 Tombstone in the Chancel of Kells Abbey, County Kilkenny, to 

Johanna Relicta Hvgonis ... ... ... ... 81 

8 Tombstone in the Chancel of Kells Abbey, County Kilkenny, to 

Stephen, the son of Hugh the Cleric ... ... ... 81 

9 De Clare Tombstone in Kells Abbey, County Kilkenny ... 82 

10 A Prior's Tombstone at Inistioge, County Kilkenny ... ... 87 

11 Inscription on a Tombstone in Inistioge Church, County Kilkenny, 

1522 ... ... ... ... ... ... 89 

12 Tombstone with two Inscriptions in Irish, at Killamery, County 

Kilkenny ... ... ... ... ... 90 

13 Galway Monument, 1445, and Sedilia, in St. Mary's Cathedral, 

Limerick ... ... ... ... ... 99 

14 Arms of C. Chevers and Anne Plunket, from the Old Castle of 

Macetown ... ... ... ... ... 108 

15 Baroustown Cross, Slane, County Meath — North face — West 

face ... ... ... ... ... ... 109 

16 Baronstown Cross, Slane, County Meath — South face — East 

face ... ... ... ... . ... HO 

17 Robert De Seto Monument, St. Johnstown Castle, Co. Tipperary 125 



^itserbatton of tin MmovM& of tin 13 cab ♦ 



By Annual Subscriptions, sale of back numbers, interest on 

Deposit money and Donations ... ... ... £52 16 G 

By Three Life Subscriptions ... ... ... IS 

Total, ... £67 16 6 


Printer's bills ... ... ... ... ...£63 3 -3 

Engravers' bills ... ... ... ... ... 7 7 4 

Sundries ... ... ... ... ... 7 12 11 

Total, ... £78 3 6 

Besides the above I have received in 1898 : — 

For Sale of Index to Vol. I. ... ... ... ... £0 13 6 

Do. do. to Vol. II. ... ... ... ... 13 10 

OuaccoantoflndextoVol.III. ... ... ... 5 6 

Paid on account of Index to Vol. III. ... ... ... £5 3 11 

(Printer's bill for same still due, Index not yet finished.) 

Philip D. Vigors, Colonel. 

Hollo Jen, Bagenalstown, 
1st March, 1899. • 






N.B. — It is to be understood that the shaded ground in these coats does not repre- 
sent any heraldic colour, and the " bordures" viay, we think, be generally considered 
as the stonecutter's idea of ornamentation. 

1. PATERSON, 1762.— Ballygally Old Church, County Antrim. 
Crest — On a wreath a cubit arm grasping a dagger. 
Arms — 3 swans ? vulning themselves ; on a chief embattled ; as 

many estoilles ? 
Motto — Pro rege et grege. 

2. BROWNE, 1765.— Ballygally, County Antrim. 
Crest — A rose slipped. 

Arms — A chevron between 3 fleur-de-lys arg. 
Motto — None. 

3. CAMPBELL, 1780— Ballygally, County Antrim. 
Crest — On a wreath a boar's head couped ? 

Arms — Gyrouny of eight, aud a bordure charged with 8 crescents ? 
Motto — None. 

4. CLARKE, 1780.— Ballygally, County Antrim. 

Q res t — A dexter arm embowed, vested resting on the elbow and 
holding a book ? 

5. HAY, 1780.— Ballygally, County Antrim. 
Crest — A unicorn's head erased ? 
Arras— Three escutcheons urgent, 
Motto — Malum bone yince. 


6. HAMILTON, 1789-— BaUygaliy, County Antrim. 
Crest — -On a wreath a garb ? 
Anns— A fess ermine between 3 birds (crows) ? 
Motto — God feeds the crows. 

7. MAG-ILL, 1780.— Ball ygally, County Antrim. 
Crest — None. 

Arms — ? Three martlets argent. 
Motto — None. 

8. PARK, 1 79 1.— Bally gaily, County Antrim. 
Crest — None, 

Arms — A fess checque gules and argent, between three bucks' 

heads cabessed ? 
Motto- — JProvidentia me committo. 

3. O'HAGAN, no date given. — Baliyuascreen, County Deny. 
Crest — A pennant. 

Arms — -Quite unheraldic and impossible to say what it is intended 

for. " 
Motto— Rom. 

10. COCHRANE, I780.—Baliywi!!an, County Deny. 
Crest — A boar's head erased ? 

Arms — Quarterly 1st and 4th a canton gyronny of eight ? 2nd 

and 3rd a boar's head erased ? 
Motto — Ne oblivisick. 

11. DUNLOP, 1731.— Kilowen, County Deny. 

Crest — A hand couped at the wrist holding a pennant ? 
Arms — A double-headed eagle displayed. 
Motto — None. 

12. DUNLOP, no date.— Coleraine, County Deny. 
Crest— A double-headed eagle displayed. 

Am 13 — A chevron checq y, between three bugle horns, stringed ? 
Motto — Suivez raison. 

13. BOYD, no date. — Colerame, County Dairy. 

Crest — A dexter hand, pointing upwards with two fingers and the 

thumb. e ' 

Arms — A fess check'y between three crescents. 
Motto — Confido. 

14. McKNIGHT, no date. — Coleraine, County Deny. 
Crest — A tower. 

Arms — Quarterly 1st and 4th, a dexter hand holding a cross pattee 

Motto — None. 

15. MUNROE, no date. — Coleraine, County Deny. 
Crest- — None. 

Arms— On a helmet an eagle, impaling, a lion rampant? 
Motto— None. 

16. WATSON, no date, — Colerame, County Deny. 
Crest — A hind's head ducally gorged ? 

Arms — A chevron, between three martlets 2 and 1, as many 

crescents 1 and 2. 
Motto — Esse quam videns. 



The sixteen Coats-of-Arms, on tlie opposite page, copied from 
drawings kindly given me by J. F. Fuller, Esq., are from 
different localities, as stated below : — 


1. Brady, Hugh, date not given, Drutnmelly, Ballinamore, County 

Lei trim. 

2. Goodfellow, 1736, Killeshandra, County Cavan. 

3. Hamilton, 1688, do. do. do. 

4. Name and date illegible, do. do. do. 

5. Moore, C, 1775, Miltown Abbey, Beiturbet, County Cavan. 

6. Griffith, W., 1783, do. do. do. do. 
• 7. Morton, John, 17 . . > do. do. do. do. 

8. No name or date, do. do. do. do. 

9. Ormsby, 1793, Ardnaree, County Mayo. 

10. Phibbs, Hichard, 1799, Ballymote, County Sligo. 

11. Kodney, Thomas, 1806, 




12. Taffe, 1822, 




13. White, William, 1817, 




14. Irwin, Richard, 1813, 




15. Fleming, 1785, 




16. MacDonogh, 18*22, Kilmorgan, Elphin, County Sligo. 

We regret much that we have not been furnished with the 
Inscriptions on these Tombstones, but hope to obtain them at 
some future time. 

(7b be continued.) 

iHcmorinls of tfje 23eafc, Krefetftu 
1898 TO 1900. 

£Mt\mm\$ of tl)t 3©eaJ?, fccdansu 

1898 to 1900. 

X.B. — In this Index names sounding alike, as Johnson, Johnstone— Birne, 
Iiyrne — Cary, Carey — O'Neil, O'Neale — Smith, Smyth — Kelly, Keltic — and such, 
like, will be found under the same heading. 


Abbott, 7 
Abercorn, 202 
Aberciomey (sic), 196 
Acheson, 37, 174 
Acton, Sol 
Adkms, 233 
Aedan, 90 

Agar, 83, 193, 194, 300, 307, 361, 3G2 

Annuity, 35 

Alcoek, 203, 375 

Aldborough. 341, 342 

Alexander, 122, 173, 311, 332 

Allcorne, 383, 384, 385, 386 

Allen, 146, Plate iv. [1899], xxix. 

[1899], 240 
Allen, 240 
Alieyn, 10 
Alton, 396 
Arr.yatt, 155 
Anders, 353 
Anderson. 46, 353, 356 
Andrews, 408 
Angus, 203 

Anketill, 155, 292, 293 

Annaly, 43, xxiv. [1899], 2C5, 269, 270 

Annesley, 29, 282 

Ans , . . . . s, 319 

Anverse de, 8 

Arabin, 33, 34 

Archbold, 424 

Archdekin, 435, 436 

Archdtekne, 67, 68. 500 

Archer, 133, 304, 305, 306, 470, 471, 

Archy, 415 
Ardah, 122 
ArdilT, 393 
Aniiitage, 383 

Armstrong, 113, 123, 232, 294, 476 
Arthur, 176, 404 
Ashbury, 145 
Ashe, 419 
Aohton, 142 

Athy, ix. [1898] 
Atkin, 9, 97 

Atkinson. 132, 215, 216 
Attwell. 311 
Augher (?), 427 
Austin, 422 
Avonmore, 57 
Aylmer, 79, 80 
Ayhvard, 432, 433 
Ay res, 265 


Babbington, 406 

Backhouse, 466 

Bagenal, 183, 164 

Bagnell, 119, 183, 184, 185, 364 

Bagot, xxiv. [1S99], 238 

Baisley, 343 

Bailev, 10. 136, 431 

Baker, 94. 193 

Balfe, 460 

Baldwin, 211 

Baltingiass, 77, 341 

Ball, 6, 33, 55, 400, 401, 405 

Bambino, x. [1899], 330 

Bambrick, 299 

Bamneld, 473 

Ban don, 210 

Barlow, 460 

Barker, 285 

Barlowe, 174, 395 

Barneval, 03, 214 

Barneywall, 63, 110, 288, 407, xvii. 

Baron, 88 

Barrett, 41, 74, 386 

fee,} 412. 430 

I Barretts, 11 

j Barron, 450 

I Barton, 118. 121, 499 

, Bartolucci, 261 

j Bassett, 326 

| Bateman, 76 


Bates, 409, 410 

Batison, 143 

Bathe, 208, 277, 452, 453 

Battersby, 121, 474 

Bayne, 393 

Beamish, 48 

Beatty, 192, 194, 195, 365, 368 

Beauchamp, 405, 473 

Bective, 456 

Bedell, 200 

Beene, 473 

Beeres, 314 

Beere, 473 

Beggs, 393, 493, 494 


Begiev, 208 
Bell, "285 
Beliew, 453 
Bellfor, 380 
Bellingham, 78 
Belton, 318 

Bennett, 45, 126, 211, 231, 414 
Benson, 443 
Beranger, 54, 97 

Beresford, 3, 179, 200, 233, 311,393 

Berkley, 9 

Bernard, 191 

Berry, viii. [1899], 178 

Bess borough, 85 

Bienach, 117 

Bigger, 104, 161, 165, 166, 174, 219, 
251, 355, 387, 417, 418, 439, 445, 
xvii. [1900], N, 493 

Biggs, 212 

Bigham, x. [1899]. 219, 220. 221 

Bingham, 2b3, 447 

Binns, 17 

Birch, 202 

BirehelL 135 

Bishopp, 263 

Black, 265, 271 

Blacker, 40, 55, 237, 404 

Blackman, 409, 410 

Blackwell, 101, 342 

Bladesmith, 141, 178, 179 

Blair, Plate iv. [1899], xxviii. [1S99], 

xxx. [1899] 
Blakeney, 247, 243 
Blake, 6, 03 
Blanchville, 427 
Bland, 69, 369 
Blennerhasr,ett. 410 
Blessington, 503 
Bloom field. 6 
Blower, 179 
Blunden, 95 
Bluondy, 504 
Blyth, 173 
Bodkin, 62 
Boggs, 17 

Booker, 496 

Booth, 191, 192, 193, 194 
Bor, 98 

Borlase, ix. [1898], 7 
Boswell, 154 
Botrioid (?"), 121 
Bolter, 89 

Bolton", 129, 263, 425, 432 
Boughton, 365 
Bowen, 464 
Boyce. 263 

Boyd, Frontispiece Plate [1898], xxvi. 

[1898], 146, 174, 499 
Boll, 212 

Boyle, 330, 437, 501, 502 

Brabascn, 238, 239 

Bracken, 236 

Bradshav/, 39, 123, 124 

Brady, ix. [189S], xxvii., Plate [1898J, 
113, 393, 455, 488 

Bradley, 4, 249 

Bradish, 111 

Bradney, 32 

Bradstreet, 223 

Breasev, 282 

Bredm, 191 

Breen, 191, 194, 368 

Brerton, 70 
j Brewster, 189 

Bricn, 358 

Brit-rley, 46 

Brihey, 383 

Bristow, 34 

Brittin, 13 

Broaders, 306 

Brodrick, note, 300 
I Brogan, 489 

Bruhy, 383, 386 

Brooke, 199, 442 

Brophy, 358, 359 

,. * 210, 283, 308, 449 

xxiv. [1898] , 10, 119, 124, 138, 
176, 180 

Brown, Browne, &c, Frontispiece, 

1898, ix. [1898] 
Brownsford, 86. 
Brownrigg, 95, 349, 350 
Brudend, 41 
Bryan, 94, 157, 190 
Brynau and > Plate iv. [1899], xxix. 
Brennan, &c. f 1899, 177, 434 J 
Buchan, 143 
Buchanan, 443 
Buckley, 330, 331, 461 
Budd, 82 
Bull, 44 

Bunbury, 123, 139, 333. 384 
Buries, 194 

Burke, 69, 121, 151 208,230, 261, 292, 
413, 506 

Burns, 136 

Burrowes, 868 
Burtchell, 426, 428 
Bushe, 438 

Butler, 3, 4, 63, 80, 92, 114, 117, 
x. [1809]. 174, 179, 195, 267, 
308, 314, 318, 321, 322, 323. 
365, 414, 425, 428, 430, 431, 
437, 438, 439, 467, 478, 506 

Byan, 266 

Byrne, 35, 153. 177, 186, 190, 344, 
359, 368, 396, 397, 408, 431, 
505, 506 



Cadell, 275 
Call or, 138 
Cahili, 308 
Cajeian, 68 

Caldbeck, 33, 34, 226, 227 
Caldwell, 412 
Callanane, 415 
Callan, 85 
Caraac, 358 

Campbell, Frontispiece [1898], xxiv 
[1898], 15, 30. 31, 95, Plate iv, 
[1899], xxviii. [18991 

C&mbie, 122 

Cane, 228 

Canning, 14 

Cannon, 396 

Cantweii, 92, 359 

Card, 271 

Garden, 300, 307 

Cardifi, o05 

•Carlisle, 31 

Carpenter, 32, 324 

Carpmills, 230 

Carrick, 439 

Carroll, 35, 52, 54, 55, 211, 326, 332, 

335, 336, 373, 430 
Carson, 119 
Carter, 120, 175 
Carty, 11, note 
Cary, 13, 19. 20. 34, 408, 490 
Casey. 315, 416 
Cassidy, 291 
Cassin, 65 
Castledurrow, 85 
Castles, 465 
Caswell, 122 
Caalrleld, 135 
Cavanagh, 290 
Chambers, 220 
Charges, 47 
Charlies, 8 
Chearnley, 474 
Cherry, 327, 337 

Chesney, viii., 1899 

Chevers, 108, 109, 287 

Chichester, Plate iv. [18991, 246, 405 

Christie, 317 

Otttrelt H* I aire— 

Kiledau, Co. Mayo, 108 

Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary, 118 

Tashinny, Co. Longford," 270. 271 

Baltinglass, Co. Wick-low, 343 

Claft'y, 415 
Clancarty, 11 
Clanricarde, 69, 242 
Clarke, Frontispiece [1898], ix. [1898] 
xxiv. [1898], 136, 173, 248 
„ 326 
Clayton, 392 
Clearv, 126, 371, 372 
Cleere, 140, 175, 193 
Clegg. 122 
Clements, 310 
Clerty, 416 
Clifi'e, ix. [1898] 
Clifford, 437 
Cloherty, 416 
Cloncurry, 79, 80 
Clune, 373 
Clutterbuck, 473 
Cobbe. 37 

Cochrane, Frontispiece [1898], xxv 

Cocken, 443, 444 
Coddington, 235, 504 
Cody, 433 
Coe, 136 
Coflie, 68 
Cogan, 288, 488 
Coghlan, 67. 69, 206, 203 
Coin, 416 

Colclough, 77, 78, 175, 1S4, 362, 363 

Cole, 3, 209, 210, 385 

Colpan, 287 

Colhoun, IS 

Colhoune, 382 

Collins, 282, 408 

Colman, 69, 359, 377 

139, «5. 420. 479 

Comyn ) 118, 371 
Comyngsf 236 
Conan, 257 

\ «* "» 
Condon, 330 
Congham, 291 
Congleton, 345 
Conlan, 39C 
Connell, 208, 462 
Connigsby, 9 

Connolly, 113, 289, 292, 397, 416, 419 

Ccmnor, 130, 208, 210, 314, 315, 370 
Considin, 370 
Conway. 4, 500, 501 
Cooke, 121, 131, 433, 473 
Cooley, 456 

Cooper, xxiv. ("1899], 233, 275, note, 

279, 328, 394 L 
Coote, 405 
Copperthwaite, 287 
Corbett, 374 
Corcor, 210, 376 
Corcoran, 429 
Cormick, 244 
Cormvallis, 221 
Corrigan, 136, 179, 180, 182 
Gorton, 212 

Costello, 92, 372, 373, 435 

Cotter, 417 

Cotton, 460 

Coulsou, 198 

Coulter, 380, 383 

Courtenay, 31 

Courtny, 74 

Cox. 46 

Coyle, 462 

Cratldock, 34 

Craig, xxviii. [1899], xxx. [1899] 

Craven, 43 

Crawford, 124, 383 

Creagh, 132, 169, 370 

Creighton, 41 

Crichley, 3f>0 

CroasdaU>. 95 

Crobye, 177 

Crofton. ix. [1898] 

Croke, 306 

Croker, 473 

Crone, 373 

Cronine, 74, 251 

Crosbye, 177, 178 

Crosthwaite, 84 

Crotty, 30, 126 

Crowe, 17, 55 

Crowe, 409 

Crowley, 127, 128, 485 
Crozicr, viii. [1899], 399 
Cruise, 278, 370 
Cu in eh an, 306 
Culeupe, xxiv. [1899], 327 
Cullen, 396 
Cullman, 372 
Cummins, 75 

Cunningham, 314, 324, 443 

Cuppy, 22 

Currin, 170, 424 

Curry, 267. 347 

Curtis, 459 

Cusack, 371, 488 


Dabbernon, 333 
Dailey, 38. 64, 68 
Dalgarne, 310 
Dallaghane, 66 

D'Alton, 51, 490, 491, 492, 493 
Dalzell, 296 
Dames-Longworth, 379 
Daniel, 36, 215 
Daragh, 164, 165 
D'Arcy, 506 

Darcy, 276, 277, 278, 279, 372 

Darditz, 275 

Darling, viii. [1899] 

Davells, 67, 68 

Davenport, 13, 212. 380, 383 

Davis, 233, 404, 410, 434 

Davidson, 453 

Davy, 126 

Dawson, 9 

Day, 41, 42 

Deane. 47, 407 

De Burgo, 65, 06, 242, 401, 415 

De Cornbas, 334 

De Cantrille, xvii. [1900] 

De Clare, 82 

Delaney, 119, 221, 230 

Delap, 443 

De la Cour, 11 

Deiamer, 488 

De la Poer, 472 

De-la-Tour, 333, 334 

Delvin, 134. 487, 488 

Dempsy, 63, 462 

Den, 84, 126 

Deneson, 429 

Denis, 82, 83, 84 

Dennis, 429 

Denniston. 383 

Deodorici, 145 

De Kinse, 333, 334 

De Rous, 81 

De Seto, 125 * 

Desmond, 482 

De Tul . . . , 118 

Devereux, 129, 130, 321, 322 

Deverv, 415 

Devine, 369 

Dickenson, 34 

Dillon, 266, 270, 390, 415, 489, 490, 

Dill, 21 
Dimond, 317 
Dimpsev, 254. 
Dinil!. i48 
Dix, 392, 460 
Dixon, 4, 231 
Dobbin, 435 
Dobbs, 173 


Domvill, 104 
Doherty. 12, 13, 213 
Don, 506 
Donagh, 400 
Donegan, xviii. [1900] 
Donelan, 60, 371 
Dongar, 175 
Donnelly, 415 
Donohue, 440 
Donovan. 190 
Poomly, 372 
Dorrismond, 283 
Dormer, 325 
Dorom, 50G 

Douglas, 119, 121, 202, 203, 212, 354, 

Dovwl, 274 

Dowdall, 56, 109, 110, 277, 452, 453 
Dowling, 175, 190 
Pownes, 194 
Dowries, 405, 406 
Downing, 9, 473 

Doyle, 79, 190, 255, 359, 390, 423, 428, 

Dranes, 473 
Dredge, ix. [1898] 
Drew, 209 
Drury, 34 
Drynane, 59 
Dudley, 400 
Duff, 458 
Duff, 31 
Duffy, 149, 396 
Duigenan, 98 
Duke, 114 
Dunbar, 356 
Dunboyne. 114, 117, 295 
Duncan, 18 

Dunlop, Frontispiece Plate [1898], 

xxv. [1898], 290 
Dunn, 53, 75, 138, 185, 430 
Du Xoyer, 109, 111, 125, 134, 486 
Dunsany, 197, 288, 4G2 
Dunwd (?), 481 
Dwyre, 63, 126, 192, 315 
Dycear, 403 
Dyer. 93, 128 
Dynan, 126 


Egan, 415 
Eagar, 70 
Eanegar, 385 
East. .176 

Enton, 156, 368. 430, 431, 443 
Ebliug, 399 
EecW, 408. 483 
Edge, 73, 345 
Edgeworth, 266 

Elcock, 273 
Elgee, 146, 147 
Elliott, 35, 232, 362, 49S 
Ellis, 369 
Elmore, 176, 177 
Elrington, 145, 209, 406, 465 
Elstead. 131 

Elt (?), 383 

Elward, 182 
Elwood, 105, 449 
Ely, 301 
Emerson, 411 
English, 132, 135, 193 
Enis, 285 
Enraght, 102, 103 
Erskaine. 29 

Eustace, 77, 176, 177, 178 
Evans, 128, 243, 325 
Everard, 411, 480, 4.81 
Ewart, 355 
Eyre, 208, 210, 211 
Eyrs, 272, 317 


Fahy, 372 
Eairbrother, 230 

Falkner, > 121, 183, 184, 226, 385, 

Eauconer,)" 449, 493 

Fane, 52 

Fannin, 45, 139 

Farbasco, 443 

Farran, 32, 131 

Farrell, 396, 400, 506 

Farrelly. 99 

Feeny, 99 

Fennell, 165, 475 

Fenwick, 6 

Ferguson, 122, 123 

Fernley, 402 

Ferral, 264 

Feltus. 6 

Fibbs. 231 

Field, 33 

Fielding, 240 

F'ine-gan, 291 

Fingal, 197 

Finglass, 278 

Finlay, 33, 34, 226, 227 

Finn, "400, 477 

Finucane, 373 

Fissher, 50. Plate, iv. ["1899], xxis. 
[18991, 392, 398 

FitzGerald, 9, 41, 42, 60, 70. 75. 76, 
85, 66, 87,' 68,-121, 148, 186, 222, 
233, 234, 247, 250, 253, 254, 256, 
257, 258, 273, 284, 285, 294, 34'). 
369, 395, 411, 412, 413, 419, 420, 
422, 423, 424, 432, 434, 435, 455, 
463, 468, 479, 490, 502 


FitzGibbon, 54, 120, 473, 475, 482 
FitzKichards, 479 
Fitzsimms, 37, 392 
Fitzwilliams, 273, 344 
Flaharan, 128 
Flaherty, 00, 128, 396 
Flanagan, 39G, 415 
Flannery, 128 

Fleming, Plate 1, xxvii. [1898], 80, 

115, 130, 270, 277, 298, 408 
Flin, 372 
Flood, 474 
Fludi, 450, 457 
Fogarty, 399 
Foley,. 122, 123, 124, 132 
Fovb, 372 
Forrestal, 437 
Forrester, 443 
Forsayeth, 307 
Forth; 488 
Fosberry, 442 
Foster, 21 

Foulkes, 324, 422, 499 
Fowler, 407 
Fox, 34, 204, 415 
Franks, 42 
Franly, } 
Fieuley, f " liU 
Fray n e, 87 
Frear, 245 

French, 00, 02, 135, 324, 328, 498 

Frewen, 210, 370 

Fullan, 141, 178 

Fuller, 110, 272 

Furgusson, 121 

Fulton, ) 18 

Ffullton j 385 

Fy£e, 21 


GafYy, 415 
Gabbett, 43, 442 
Garl'ney, 230 
Gage, 386 

Garstin, 50, 88, 125, ix. [1S99], 268, 
209, 281, 322, 431, 451, 407, 468, 
471, 472, 493, 205, 501, x. [1898] 

Galvin, 129 

Galbraith, 99 

Gallamore. 143 

Galindo, 40 

Gallagher, 21, 02, G3 

Galloway, 114 

Gal way, 99, 200 

Ganiy, 494 

Gannon, 320 

Garrett, 111 

Garvia, 455 

Gardiner, 43, 280 

Gaule, 84 
Gaunter, 501 
Gausen, 31 
Gaylour, 33 
Gaynor, 489 
Gealand, 341 
Geeringe, 177 
GelUver, 145 
Gennet, 393 
Geoghegan, 424 
George, 410 
Geraldine, 435 
Gerrard, 230, 410 
Gettings, 231, 232 
Getty, 355 
Gibson, 145, 217 
Gifford, 239, 443 
Gildea, 450, 451 
Gilgan, 281 
Gill, 383, 384, 385 
Gilloduff, 130 
Gillright, 3S5 

Glasgow, Plate iv. [1899], xxvii. 

[1899], xxx. [18991 
Glen, 443 
Glynn, 303 
Godfrey, 117 
Godkin, 422 
Godsell, 210 

Golding, 270, 277, 278, 279, xxiv 

[1899]. 390 
Goldsmith, 274 
Goode, 142, 177 

Goodfellow, Plate i., xxvii. [1898] 

Goodwin, 340 

Goodworth, 329 

Goold, 256 

Goolsbrue, 180 

Gordon, 31, 52 

Gore, 43, xxiv. [1899], 267, 268, 209. 

270, 2b0, 444 
Gorman, 393, 427 
Gormagan, 170, 188 
Gorse, 141 
Gosselin, 200, 271 
Gough, 42 

Grace, 294, 295, 290, 297, 409, 470 

Grady, 246 

Grafton, 41 

Graig, Plate iv., 1899 

Grant, 240 

Grutton, 346 

Grattan, 49, 51, 54, 96, 98 
Grave, 443-4 

Graves, 110, viii. [1899], 327, 360 
Gray, 318 

Greame, 139, 263, 428 
Greene, 82, 95, 100, 102, 130, 131, 
132, 200, 201, 2GL', 325, 391, 399, 
! 403, 409 



Haekett, 12-5, 325 *" 

Hales, 201 

Hall, 291, 362 

Hallagan, 31 

Halliday, 129 

Hallinan, 371, 372 

Hallor, 373 

Hally, 127, 314 

Halpin, G, 349 

Uamilton, Frontispiece [1898], xxv., 
Plate, p. xxvii. [1898], xxvii. [1898], 
66, 202, 203, 204, 205, 219, 384, 396, 

Hampton, 218 

Handeock, 137, 402, 408, 431 
Handran, 60 

Hanlon, 33, 129, 254, 376, 396 
Kanna, 106, 107 
Hanroke, 328, 329 
Hara, 177 
Hard, 360 
Hare, 71 
Hariowin, 341 
Harman, 268, 269, 270 
Harney, 314 
'Harper, 428 
Harris, 174, 175 
Harrington, 176, 207 
Harrison, 216 
Hart, 16, 32, 49, 148 
Harton, 414 

ISpo^} 178 ' 179 ' 463 > 4G4 > 4G ' 3 

Hartriek,' 498 

Hartstonge, 236, 237 

Harvey, 151. 363, 386, 475 

Haslam, 178 

Hassett, 371 

Hatch, 457 

Hatchell, 185 

Haugh, 372 

Haugbton, viii. [1898] 

Hawe, 372 

Hawekes, 8 

Hawfey, 129 

Hav, 22, 143 

Hayden, 396, 474 

Hayes, 232, 344, 410 

Heam, 127, 314 

Hebie, 286 

Hehir, 374 

Heiy, 121-3 

Hendrick, 34, 373 

Hendrington, 194 

Henegan, 255 

Hennessey, 246 

Henrinau, 117 
Henzell, 185 
Herbert, 442 
Hercy, 329 
Hetherington, 178 
Hewetson, 438 
Hey iron. 506 
Hiatt, 505 

Hickey, 147, 195, 373 
Higgin, 35 
Higginson, 76 . 
Hill, 1, 9, 195, 354, 499 
Hillyard, 136 
Hilton, 141, 178, 356 
Hisbons, 103 
Hobson, 2 

Hodges, 100, 101, 102 
Hodsou, 227 
Hoey, 285 
Hogan, 373 
Holohan, ) 7 , 
Holan, f a 
Holcroft (Plate), 283 
Holey, 208 
Hollander, 414 
Holland, 54 
Holloran, 373 

Holmes, 122, 123, Frontispiece [1899], 

p. xxix., 266 
Hone, 185 
Hooper, 101, 102 
Horan, 67, 416 
Hore, 374, 393, 500 
O'Horragban, > U9 17 _ 
Horraghan, ) -»-4<s, 
Horsey, 501 
Hcveden, 2, Plate iii. 
Howard, 398 
Howling, 425 
Hoyes, 127 
Hnband, 243 
Hudson, 32, 33 
Hudy, 381 
Huey, 384 
Huggins, 315 

Hughes, 118, 161, 190, 356, 366, 398, 

439, 445, 474 
Humble, 129 
Hume, 379 
Humfrey, 189 

Hunt, 122, 127, 129, 261, 403 
Hunter. 210, 244 
Hurly, 12 
Huson, 146 

Button, 384 
Hvnch, 207 
Hyne, 416 



Idain (?), 328 

Illustrations, List of, xxiL [1398], 

xxiv. [1890], xxvii. [1900] 
Ingram, 112 

Irwin, Plate, p. xxvii. [1898], and 

p. xxvii., 107 
Ivony, 325, 32G 

Jackson, 119. 231, 368, 450 
James, 192, 193 
Jenkinson, 361 
Jennings, 148, 447 
Jessop, 271 
Johnson, I 
Johnston, j 

Jones, 56, 84, 194, 229, 230, 327, 346, 

408, 442 
Journeaux, 192, 193 
Joyce, 213 


Kane, 489 
Karghey, 24 

Kavanogh, ix. [1898], 186, 323 
Kays, 430 
Keafbery, 396 
Keane, 314, 506 
Kearney, 206 

Keating, 141, 176, 179, 298 
Kehoe, 506 
Keegan, 229 
Keelv,.} 135, 506 
Eeily.f 4S3 
Keenan, 24, 506 
Keene,) , UQO AnA 
Kean, \ x "' lb90 ' 4 ' 4 
Keightley, 148 
Keleher. 207 

Kellie (Kelly, &c), 24, 42, 67, 109, 
143, 188, 232, 289, 353, 303, 396, 415 
Kemster, 280 
Kendall, 373, 374 
Kemnare, 308 

Kennedy, 25, 46, 75, 123, 228, 312, 

505, 506 
Kenny. 224 
Kent,* 117 

Keough, 93, 230, 350, 409, 423 

Keowen, 25 

Kepple, 5, 180, 181 

Ker, 30. 162, 164 

Kerin, 374 

Kerns, 39 

Kerry, 141 

Kerwen, 365 

Kerwick; 313 
Kidd, 194 
Kiely, 313, 314 
Kiernan, 33 
Kift, 11 
Killeen, 8 
Killikelly, 53 
Kilpatrick, 357 
Kilwarden, 34 
Kinely (?), 59 

King, ix. [1898], 32, 40, 177, 178, 441, 

Kinless, 506 
Kinneally, 312 
Kinsla, 506 
Kirby, 314 
Kirkpatrick. 20, 496 
Kirwin, 62, 241 
Kitchener, 399 
Knavin, 430 

Kuolles, 12. 32. xxiv., 1899, 188 
Knowlcs, 320, 435 

Knox, frontispiece [1899], xxvii. [1899]. 
xxx. [1899], 265, 266, 283 

Lacy, 256 
Laoghlin, 353 
LarTan, 372 
Lahee,) 3&9 m 
Lambert, 48 
Lanarey, 135 
Lane, 12. 89 
Langrord, 3 01, 103 
Langley, 122. 266, 305, 306, 472 
Langrirfhe, 323, 364, 365 
Lannon, 59 
Larch, 248 
Largan, 359 
Latchford, 103 
Latham, 340 
Latimer, 231 
Lauder, 191 
Laurie, 220 
Lawler,> ^ 
Laler, y 
Lawless, 79, 80 
Lawrence, 67, 362, 407 
Lawreuson, 340 
La von, 212, 380 
Leahy. 312 
Lear, 505 
Leavy, 396 
Lecale, 221, 222 
Lecky, 22, 312, 464, 405 
Ledbeter, 8 

Ledwich, 32, 96, 97, 241, 242, 403, 404 

v 73, 298, 414, 429, 504 


| 40,48, 69, 142, 180, 34G, 416 
Leech, 195 

Leedom, 32 k' 

Leeson, 368, 369 

Leigh (Ly, &c), 77 

Leighton, Lady — vii., ix. [1898] 

Leishman, 399, 400 

Leinster, 221, 422 

Lenaghan, 26 

&,} 2 . 86 ' 310 ' 317 - 359 

Leneeer, 385 
Le Poer, 481 
Le Earn, 88 
Leslie, 121, 132 
L'Estrange, 43, 45 
Lewis, 9, 83, 417 
Levden, 312 
Liddy, 374 
Lidwell, 300 
Lighton, 20 
Lili, 311 
Lillis, 372 
Lucck, 31 
Linche, 475 
Lincoln. 473 
Lindsay, 103. 217 
Linegar, 385 
Listowel, 210 
Little, 448, 465 
Litton, 245 
Living, 443 

Loyd, ) 123, 124, 132, 194, 300, 431, 
Lloyd, ) 466 

Lock, 36 
Loe'kaid, 22 
Lockwood, 266 

Loftus, 178, 426, 427, 431, 432 
Logan, 22 

Long, — viii. [1898], 12, 89. 238, 240, 
299. 305, 397, 473, 476, 477 

Longtield, 208 

Longford, 494. 495 

Longworth, 137 

Lorcan, 63, 64, 67. 415 

Lorn, 212, 380, 382, 383, 386 

Loughridge, Frontispiece [1699], xxix. 

Louth, 109, 110, 197, 452 
Lovell, 473 
Lowe, 233, 407 
Lowey, 26 
Luby* 49 

Lucas, 4, 5, 6 ; 31, 97 
Lumraax, 181 
Ly (Lee) 427 
Lyeli, 396 
Lygon, 494 
Lynaugh, 284 

Lynch, 70, 73, 250 
Lynchy, 373 
Lyneall, 411 
Lyon, 382, 386 
Lyons, 359, 403, 415 
Lyster, 191, 204, 266 


Madden, 64, 66, 67, 121 

Mad-din , ) A1A 

Madden! [ 414 ' 41 *« 410 

Mafi'ett, 45, 51, 149, 240, 344,505 

Magaman, ^ Q7 

Magagharan, > J 

Magee, 58, 1.37, 191, 506 

Magill, Frontispiece Plate [189S], xxv. 

[1898], 182 
Magner, xviii. [1900] 
Maguiness, 14, 18, 192 
Maguire. 39, 152, 393 
Mahon, 190, 370 
Mahony, 12, 73, 250 
Major, 403 
Makcnzie, 403 
Maione, 176, 360 
Mallory, 422 
Manchester. 125 

Manfod, Plate iv. [1899], xxviii. [1899] 
Mangan, 461 

Manley, 55. 141, 177, 17S 
Manning, 345, 425 
Mansergh, 11 
Mansfield, 20, 430 

Maher} 203,403,409, 426, 427, 432 
Mara. 251, 415 
Marks, 158, 350 
Marshall, 156, 348 

Martin. 9. 11. 41, 60, Plate iv. [1899], 
xxvii. [1899], 173, 201, 217, 266, 
313, 318, 319 

Mason, 53, 145, 224 

Masserene, 246 

Massy, 441 

Mathers, 224. 225, 306 
Mathews, 95, 304, 468 
Mathewson, 194 
Maunseil, 210 
Maxwell, 2, 225 
May, 366 

MacAlian, 14, 213 

MacDonogh, Plate i, xxvii. [18981, 

183, 416 
MacGanly. 494 
Macillree, 28 
Maclnerney, 372 
Mackaparson, 143 
Mackesy, S3 
MacLean, 56 



Maclese, 357 
MacMaillin, 200 
MacMurrough, 34.0 
MacNamara, 369, 371, 373, 374y 375 
MacOrristin. 14 
MacOtho, 43G 
Macquillan, 318 
Macreigh, 28 
M'Alister, 170, 217, 358 
M'Arthur, 1(36, 167 
M'Awly, 386 
M -Plain, 224 
M' Bride, 44S 
MeCabe, 26, 25-5. 412 
McCambridge, 172 
McCamon, 30 
MeCan, 33, 35, 173 
MeCarton, 26. 27 
McCarte, viii. [1809] 
McCarthy, 70, 73, 230, 251 
McCandlis, 15 
MeCavery, 27 
McCawlay, 167, 173 
McOleary, 217 
McClelland, 27 
McClum. 27 
McCluskey, 291 
McCcllam, 354 
MeComh, 27, 217 
McCormell, 27 
McCormack, 49S 
McCormick, 28, 468 
McCraeken, 28 
McCrea, 28 
McCready. 32. 118 
McCreevv, 231 
McCreight, 28 
McCulioch, 291 
McCurdie. 354 
McCurdy, 21 
McDaniel, 53, 206 

McDermott, 167. 168, 169, 170, 171, 
172, 173, 207, 259. 459, 494 

McDonnel, 32. 49, 50, xxiv. [1899], 161 
162, 165, &c. 

McDonald, 506 

McDonough, 60 

McDowel, 29 

McE^an. 73 

McElheran, 171, 172 

McEiinee, 292 

McEnery, 486 

McEvov, 194 

McFarland, 290 

McFarlin. 380 

McFine, 71 

McGanly, 493 

McGeoghan, 488 

McGlew, 458 
McGrath, 313, 481, 482 
McGrew, 138 
McHow, 139 
McHuga,) r ., 
McHugh.f 04 
Mcllroy, 223 
Mclnerheny, 370 
Mclntire, 226 
Mcintosh, 224 

McKay, xxiv. [1899], 161, 162, 163, 164, 

McKeal, 112 
McKenna, 112, 113, 292 
McKensie, 217 
McKcoan, 394 
McKeovoi, 219 
McKesy, 193 

McKnight, Frontispiece Plate [1898], 

xxvi. [1898] 
McLeod, 194 

McLoughlin, 124, 212, 213, 380, 381, 

382, 383, 384, 385 
MeMahon, 75, 112, 289 
McMaster, 56 
McMiehael, 165 
McMullan, 171, 357 
McNab, 262 
McXamee, 440 
McNarey. 218 

McNeal, Plate iv. [1899], xxvii. [1899], 

xxx. i 1899], 354. 355, 357. 358 
McNitt,"212, 380, 382, 384, 386 
McNulty, 20, 214 
McPlail, 351 
McPoile, 385 
McPichard, 89 
McTeg, 131 
McTeyer, 385 
McTirielogh, 138 

Meade, 208,209, 210, 376, xviii. [1900] 
Meagan, 506 
Meagher, 117 
Meares, 235 
Meath, 232 

Mecredy (McCready), 28, 29, 225, 473 

Mecruscran, 417 

Meden, 368 

Megan, 396 

Merrehan, 225 

Mercer, 36 

Meredvth, 177, 178, 387 

Merry, 82 
Metes (?), 121 
Metge, 498 
Methdl (?), 383 
Miagh, 74 
Miley, 506 


Males, 118, 227 

Miller, 146, 366, 448, 449, 450, 451 

Millet; 125 

Millia, 425 

Mills, 473, 474 

Minchin, 324 

Miste, 225 

Mistee, 225 

Mitchell, 225. 355, 385, 409 

Moffatt, 135, 266, 315, 316 

Molen, 7S 

Molgey. 416 

Mollaoj 30 

Molloy, 23 

Molony, 313, 374 

Molvneux, 226 

Monck, 310 

Monsell, 101, 102 

Monteagle, 100 

Montgomery, 17, 173, 204, 392 
Montrose, 167 

Mooney, 103, 147, 396, 414, 415 
Mooren, 141, 179 

Moore, Plate i., xxvii. [1898], 33, 43, 
65, 70, 71, 72, 78, 213, 258, 298, 313. 
381, 382, 383, 388, 389, 424, 441, 466 

Moorehead, 33 

Moran, 386 

Morean, 178 

Morgan, 50, 51, 242, 243, 244, 389, 422 
Morphey, 79 

Morris'!' 86 ' 87 ' 310 ' 3G8 ' 4G9 « 477 

Morrin. 228 

Morrissey, 208 

Morrison, 40, 106, 107, 155 

Mortimer, 116 

Morton, Plate 1, xxvii. [1898], 198 
Mosley, 178, 3 79 
Mosse, '361 
Motily, 186, 187 
Mount Alexander, 204 
Mounteasbel, 233 
Mountgarret, 321, 322, 323, 392 
Mountgomery, Plate iv. [1899], xxviii. 

Moynihan, 252 
Muldune, 133 
Mulhailen, 433 
Mullan, 371 
Mullery, 40 
Mulloy, 459 
Mulony, 290 

Munroe, Frontispiece [1898], xxvi. 

Murphy, 205, 250. 291, 292, 209,364, 
371, *3S9, 390, 396, 407, 411, 427, 430, 
434, 435, 162. 5**5, 506 

Murray, 35, 95, DO, 186, 194, 365, 360, 

Muskerry, 24G 


Nagle, 207, xviii. [1900] 
Nangle, 206 

Napper, Plate, 325, 497, 49S 

Nash, 474 

Nayler, 340, 341 

Neale, 244 

Neenan, 207 

Nestor, 196 

Netervyle (?), 275, 289 

Nevill, 407^ 498 

Nevin, 220, 353 
j Newburgh, 21 
j Newell, 183, 362, 390 
! Newman, 44 
| Newsam, 390 
I Newton, ix. [1898] 
: Nicolson, 20, 217 
i Nicholson, 390 
j Nixon, 8, 198, 390. 
I Noble, 271 

Norman, 443 

Nott, 349, 350 

Nowlan, 189, 229, 298, 373 

Nowland, 46 
I Nugent, 44, 57, 117, 131, 134, 206, 396, 
| 487, 488 

Nunn, 409, 410 

Oakes, 360 
Oakley, 410 

O'Brien, 103, 336, 370, 375, 484 
O'Bvrne, 207 

O'Cailaghan, 168, xviii, [1900] 
O 1 Carroll, 301 
O'Connell, 208, 250, 252 
O'Connor, 206, 207 
O'Curren, 142, 175, 176, 177 
O'Dea, 372 
O'Dempsey, 458, 459 
O'Doghartv, 16 
O'Donnel, 23, 29, 172 
O'Donoghue, 71, 72 
O'Doran, 161 
O'Dowling, 136 
O'Fee. 357 
O'Flaherty, 60, 124 
O'Flynn, vil (1898), 1.26. 4S5 
OTogarty, 301 
O' Gorman, 374 
O'Gormagan, 176, 177. 188 
O'Hagan, Frontispiece Plate [1893], 
xxv. [1898], 171 


O'Halli, 119, 120 
O'Hara, 233, 35G 
O'Haugh, 372 
O'Hinnagan, 136 
O'Horraghan, 142 
O'Keefe, 207 
O'Kennedy, 286 
O'Kenuv, 59 
O'Leary, 90, 91 
Oliver, 70 
O'Mahony, 10 
O'Malley, xvii. [1900], 59 
Q'Mara, 415, 506 
O'Murlegan, 286 

o'lS'&e.} 4 . 34 ' 310 '^ 390 

Ooms, 293 

Orel, 232, 409, 410 

Osborne, 263 

O'Shee, 93, 251, 252, 418 

O'Slattery. 486 

Osqulin, 357 

O'Suliivan, 73, 252, 332 

O'Keilly, 7, 200, 201, 412, 424, 439, 490 

Ormonde, 80, 177, 322, 467, 478 

O'Rourke, 506 

Orre, 409 

Ormsby, Plate i., xxvii. [1898], 105, 
viii. [1899], 106, 107, 108, 115, 237, 
283, 447 
.Orican, 91 

O'Toole. 505, 506 

Ottrington, 481 

Ovens, 15 

Ovington, 139 

Owen, 393 

Oxford, 390 


Packerihain, 503, 504 
Paitt, 183 
Palliser, 319 

Palmer, 282, 364, 473, 474, 475, 476 
Park, Frontispiece Plate [1898], 99, 

xxv. [1898] 
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Parnell. 344 
Parr. 172 

Paterson. Frontispiece Plate [1898], 

xxiv. [1898], 443 
Patrick, 34, xvii., 1900 
Payne, 194, 195, 363, 375, 403 
Peaeoeke, 121, 236 
Peake, 232 
Pearce, 15 
Penncfather, 369 
Penrose, 98 
Peppard, 175, 177 
Perrott, 236 

j Persse, viii. [1899] 
Pettit, 265, 271 
Peyton, 99 
Plielan, 185, 481 
Phelps, 159 

Phipps, Plate i„ xxvii. [1898], 114, 115 
Philips, 443 
Pierce, 445 
Pierson, 34 

Pigott, 24, 178, 206, 223, 388 
Pilkington, viii. [1899] 
Plant, 408, 409 
Piatt, 17 

Plunket, ix. [1898], 34, 50, 108, 109, 
110, 145, 197, 274, 287, 289. 407, 
419, 457 

Pollard, 497 

Pollard-Urquhart, 494, 495 

Pomeroy, 45 

Porter, 17, 350, 354, 409 

Potter, 42 

Poulter, 82, 83 
I Pountenev, 32 
{ Powell, 498 
j Power, 124, 481 

Powles, 449 
j Poyntz, 136 

Prendergast, 473, 475 

Preston, 42 

Price. 241 

Priest, 59 

Prince, 473 

Pringle, 292, 391 

Pritchard, 9, 398 

Prvsc, 37 

Pugh. 459 

Purcell, 34, 39, 306, 308, 373, 408, 409. 

433, 468, 469 
Purchas, 234 
Pur don, 168 
Purser, 360, 302 


Quaile, 391, 474, 476 
Quealy, 483 
Quick, 210, 274 

Quinn, 7, 30, 117, 132, 208, 210, 211 


Kadley, 48 
I liafter, 175 
| Kaftery, 490 
: Eaggett, 323, 324, 436 
j Kainsford, 46, 191, 36S 
* lialston, 21 


Ram, 137, 142, 174, 179 

Ramsey, 400 
Ranaghan, 391 
Kanfold, xxiv. [1899] 
Rea, 391 

Read, 57, 147, 173, 220, 227, 363, 408 

R«aRy. 411 

Reams, 48 

Reason, 445 

Redmond, ix. [1898] 

Reddy, 175 

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Reynett, 263 

Reynolds, 394, 408, 410 

Rice, 393, 473 

Rice-Spring, 100, 253 

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Richards. 147, 191 

Richardson, 230, 315, 316, 409, 410, 

f°^> | 382, 385 

Riehison, 283 
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Rodney, Plate i., xxvii. [1898] 

Rogers. 170. 177, 178, 395, 458 

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Kyan, viii. [1898], 33,58, 75, 344,359, 
Ryland, 261, 262, 478 


Sale, 97, 9S 

Sail, 408, 409 

Salmon, 103 

Sainthill, 377, 378 

Saint Lawrence, 177 

Samuels, 235 

Sands, 265, 392 

Sankey, 208, 207, 268, 269 

Sarsfield, 176, 288 

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Salter, 18: >, 182 

Saunders, 148, 343 

Savage, 171 

Scanlan, 373 

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Scott, 150, 186, 362, 392, 404, 407, 40S, 
505, 506 

Scutly, 230 

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Semple, 202, 203, 368 

Servant, 52 

Sharman, 41, 218, 459 

Shanacy, 206 

Shaw, 57, 229, 410, 485 

Shea, 73, 94, 251, 253 

Sheehan, 206 

Sheffield, 295 

Sheridan, 39, 439, 440 

Sherlock, 151, 419 

Shelton, 406), 407 

Shields, 195 

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S Sigerson, 213 
! Silchester, 494 

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Sketlern, 53 

Skelton, 142, 179, 259 

Skerritt, 68 

Slandon, 229 

Sloane, 119 

Smith, ) 33,43, 121. 136,142, 177, 181, 

SmvtbJ 188, 236, 281, 317, 385, 
38G, 408, 409, 410 

Smithers, 147 
{ Smoke, 408 
j Snody, xxviii. [1899] 

Southcoat, 263 

Southwell, 205 

Sparrow, 230 

Squib . . (?). 473 

Stafford, 35, 338, 339 
! Stamer, 442 
i Stangan, 405 


Starret, 17 
Staunton, 258 

Steele, x., 1900 *" 
Stephen. > 4 u 
Stephens, > ' 
Stephensorn]. 71 
Sterne, 319 

Stewart, etc., IS, 21, 171, 173, 354, 


St. George, 2G5, 207, 280 
St. John, 125 

St. Leger, 17G, 178, 235, 425 
Stock, 474 

Stokes,' viii. [189S], 91, 92, 135, 145 
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Stoney, viii. [1899], 265, 315, 444 

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Stratford. 341, 342. 343 

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Stubs. 409 

Styles, 32, 192, 193, 3G5, 36G, 3G7, 308 
Subscribers (see lists for 1888-89 and 

Sullivan, 245, 252. 253 
Summers, 427, 428 
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Supple, xix. [1900] 
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240. 289, 293, 355, 459, 400 
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Tottenham, viii. [1898], 154, 412 

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! Underwood. 143. 179 
I Urquhart Pollard, 495 
Usher, 343 


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Vigors, 140, 420, 431, 432, 434, 497 
Viiliers, 441 

Vincent, 100, 398, 399, 477 
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I Voster (?). 89 



Waddingtcrae, 2S6 

Waddnige, 140, 141 *' 
Walderon, 402, 409 

Walker, 10, 114, 177, 178, 230, 296, 

445, 446, 484, 495 
Wall, I 0, 348, 372, 475, 479, 480, 481, 
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Watson, Frontispiece Plate [1898], 

xxvi. [1898], 191, 195, 213, 299, 

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Walsh,)" 4.^5 

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Westmeath, 333 

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I White, Plate i., xxvii. [1898], 61, 92, 
142, 175, 192, 193, 195, 205, 269, 
285, 303, 304, 309, 360, 393, 400, 
| 419, 473, 485 
! Whitehead. 441, 442 
| Whitelaw, 242, 404 
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] Whittey, 398 
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| W T illiams, 218, 393, 418 

Wilson, 33, 34, 135, 192, 217, 227, 
384, 385, 386, 443, 448, 485 

Windsor, 295 

Wingfield, 280 

Wise. 119, 3 21 

Withers, 29 

Witier (?), 181 
j W 7 olfe, 33, 34 
! Wonaughan, 62 
j Wood, S, 3 77 

| Woodheacl, ix. [1898] 

i Woodsicle, 353 

j Wool ley, 347 

! Woolright, 93 

! Worth ington. 194 

| Wright, 193, 195, 252, 361, 362 

Wynne, 69. 192, 193, 393 

Wyse, 132 


Yarrar, 445 

! Yelverton, 57. 58 

I Young, 13, 16, 212. 213. 293, 366. 380, 
I 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 444 

XV J 11. 


VOL. IV. 1898. No. I. 

Page 51, line 19 (and elsewhere in these Notes), for "St. Michael le Pole's," 
read " St. Michael's le Pole." 
„ 52, line 8 fiom bottom. The length of the lines in the most interesting 
inscriptions from St. Michael's le Pole churchyard has, 
unfortunately, not been shown by the printer. In the 
case of the oldest (Eliz. Servant), the seven lines of the 
inscription end with the words " buried," 41 who," " life," 
" " who," " 1701," " fruit," respectively. 
,, 53, line 12 from bottom, insert a dividing stroke after " his}' 
„ 54, line 18, far S. /fi'MCbacl le ipole* read S. MCh&Cl'S le {pole 
,, ,, line 8 from bottom, insert (to the left-hand of the page), " Marble 

Works, Mount Jerome. 1883." 
,, 150, line 4 from bottom, for " Scott," read " Scot*." 

VOL. IV. 1899. No, II . 

Page 241, line 9. The classification of the MS. volume referred to is G47, 
F.1.7 — " Davys (Sir Win.) : Further Collections." The 
manuscript form of consecration is inaccurately indexed 
under " St. Patrick's Churchyard," in the printed Cata- 
logue of T.C.D. Manuscripts. 
,, ,, ,, 13 from bottom, -for " Killala," read " Kilala." Dean Kirwan was 
born in 1754, and died on the 27th of October, 1805. 

, „ ,, ,, 2 from bottom. The " Lutwyche " mentioned in the inscription 
to the Ledwich family (in which inscription, as in some 
others from this graveyard, the original lines, I may here 
mention, are not accurately shown) would seem to have 
been a place not far from Much Wenlock, and known as 
" Loteis " in Domesday Look. There are two other 
localities, bearing similar names, in this County— more 
to the south, and situate on Ledwich Erook — namely, 
Upper Ledwich [Domesday name, " Ledewic "], and 
Lower Ledwich [in Domesday Book, " a wasted half- 
hide "]. For several notices of the Lutwyche, or Ledwich, 
family, see Eyton's "Antiquities of Shropshire." The 
author says, at page 114, Vol. IV: "But one of these 
Lords of Brocton at an early period granted Lutwyche in 
fee to an under-tenant, whose descendants took name 
from the place." 
245 „ 12, for " and," read " &." 

,, 15 from bottom, for " Dub 1 ," read " Dubl." 
„ ,, 14 from bottom, insert a dividing stroke after "Timothy." 

„ ,, 10 from bottom, insert a dividing stroke after " Lienor." In this 
[Sullivan] inscription sixteen initial capitals appear in 
the printing as small letters. 


Page 345, lines 13 and II from bottom, for " e" after " Y,' 5 read " e " above " Y." 

This inscription is divided into nine lines cn the stone, 
and there are no dots at the ends of the lines. 

,, 346, line 14 from bottom, /or " Catherine," read " Catharine." 

, f ,, 9 from bottom, for " ii," read " II." 

,, 348 ,, 3, insert a dividing stroke at the end of the line. 

,, „ ,, 5, insert a dividing stroke before the figures. 
,, ,, 17 for "Barbara" [sic], read "Babara" [sic]. 

„ 350, lines 3 and 4 from bottom. The words printed perpendicularly should 
not be underlined. 

„ 497. The two monuments described on page 497 (Co. Westmeath), Colonel 
Pollard-Urquhart informs us are on the old, or disused, 
church at Castlepollard, and not on the church now in 
use. Those described on pp. 494, 495, and 496 are in the 
present church. 

VOL. IV. 1900. No. Ill (PART 2). 

Page 505, line 10. 1 find Kilcoole Churchyard is scheduled among the burial- 
grounds which have been vested in the Burial Board of 
Rathdrum Union (Report of the Commissioners of 
Church Temporalities, 1809-80). The information I 
received (see Vol.11, p. 403) was, therefore, inaccurate 
so far as the legal authority over the ground is concerned. 
I may add that the old Churchyard of Delgany (same 
union of parishes) is in a different Poor Law Union, viz., 

„ ,, ,, line 13 from bottom, for " Taidy Oge," read " Taidg Oge." 

„ 226. Mr. Hewetson says: "The 'Den' Memorial is in Dunkitt Churchyard, 
not Gaulskill. The " Bishopp " tombstone is in Gaulskill 
Churchyard. The present Church of "Bishop's Hall" is 
at an angle of the road from Kilmacow to Listerliug, 
opposite the magnificent avenue leading to the ruins of 
Bishop's Hall, passing the ruin of Gaulskill Church. 
It is here that the tombstone known as that of 'The 
Three Earls ' can be seen." 
226, line 2 from top. for " Gauistown " or "Kilskegan," read " Dunkitt." 

», 42$. Rathpatrick. C. P. Bolton, Esq., writes: — " That the inscription on 
this page, commencing nic jacent nichalaus, &c, does 
not belong to that mentioned in the preceding paragraph ; 
and that the FitzGerald stone is ' up against the church 


Printed by Posjonbt k Gibbs, Dublin University Pross. 





Ball} money. 

• There is here an ancient inscribed stone which was formerly built into 
the west wall of the church ' :— - 

G LOR YE • OF * GOD • 1637." 


[From the Rev. George Hill, author of <{ The MacDonuells of 
Antrim," &c, &e.J 

* The first Christian church in this parish was founded by St. Patrick 
early in the fifth century, and the grounds adjoining it have been used as a 
place of burial from a very remote period ; indeed, they now literally heave 
not only with mortal remains, but with the monumental stones raised to 
mark the ancient graves, many of which have disappeared under the soil. 

'The church sometime since was removed from its original site, and the 
workmen in digging out the old foundations came upon a beautifully- 
carved monumental stone of immense size, inscribed with the names of 
Richard O'Carroll, 1580, and of William 0* Carroll, 1620. I got a mere 
glimpse of this stone whilst it lay for a little time above ground, but when 
1 afterwards returned to examine it more particularly, the men had buried it 
deep in the hole from which they had exhumed it. 

* These O'Carrolls were the last representatives, at least in this district, 
of a great branch of the U]-C4]]xejil, so wed known in early Northern 
history. The chief families of this tribe or clan had their fortified duns, or 
residences, in a beautiful glen, which stretches from Ballycastle to Annoy, 
along the north-western base of Knocklayde or Crocdede. 

* The power of the O'Carrolls here was finally broken, and the principal 
families of the tribe dispersed at a great battle against the Ultonians, at the 
close of the eleventh century, about the year 1096 or 1007. The 
Ultonians appear to have taken the O'Carrolls by surprise, as the battle 
WH8 fought at a place called Ardagh, within the territory of the latter, and 
not far from their chief residences. This battle is mentioned by the Four 
Masters in their u Annals ot Ireland" [see (/Donovan's edition]. After 




this great disaster several of the 0' Carroll leaders made their escape across 
the Channel to Galloway, now Wigtonshire, and became distinguished as 
colonizers there, Carrol to xm and other places on the Scottish -coast having 
been built by them. Several families of the surname continued to occupy 
the position of gentry in Ramoan until the beginning of the seventeenth 


English Churchyard. 

[From Mr. C. Ilobson.] 


( For probably the last one hundred years the head of the Cross of 
Kglish has been lying in this churchyard close to the base. I have no 
doubt that originally there was a shaft, but I could find no trace of it. 
Part of the arms attached to the existing head have been broken off pro- 
bably by boys playing in the churchyard. Acting as the representative of 
the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, aDd at 
my own expense, I had all that remains of the original cross cemented into 
the base. 

The annexed. Plate gives an excellent representation of it. 

Tynan Churchyard. 

[From Miss Elinor Stronge, 1898.] 

• * An inscription on the tombstone of Henry Hovenden. in which the 
date of his death should, I now think, be read 1639, not 1G31, was given 
in the last number of this Journal. This Henry Hovenden's mother* was 
also the mother (by her first husband) of Sir Phelim O'Neill. The 
llovendens were, therefore, people of some influence at the time of the 
Kebellion of 1641, when Sir Phelim was leader of the rebels. In 168S, 
Henry Hovenden, son of the Henry buried under the tombstone, files a BUI 
in Chancery, in which he asserts that the Rev. Henry Maxwell, of College 
Hall, Co. Armagh, " owning to have received for himself, his father, his 
mother, brothers and sisters, a safe protection in the beginning of the late 
Rebellion by Henry Hovenden's uncle from a horrid murder designed 
against them, he out of gratitude professed himself desirous to help 
Hovenden out. of his difficulties, offering to compound for some of the 
pressing debts and take easy payment." Ultimately it appears that 
Maxwell agreed to accept £335 instead of £600 stated to be due to him.' 

* In the notes on the Hovecden pedigree in our last issue, this lady, who was the 
wife of Kobert Hovenden, has been accidentally placed among her own children. 

[To face page 2. 


■ ■ ft 


[7V face page 3. 

p « j 

I : I 





1 Rosetown Churchyard, in the County Kildare, contains the following 
sculptured stone, which bears the arms of the Hovendens of the Couuty 
Kildare and Queen's County.' *" 

Lord Walter FitzGerald has contributed a photograph of 
this stone [which is here given] ; crest and arms cut on it, 
and apparently of an early date. 

The Crest is — A dragon's head vert, issuing out of flames 
proper. . . 

The Arms — Chequy sable and argent, on a bend gules three 
lions' heads erased or, 

'This stone measures 3 feet in length, 2 feet in breadth, and 10 inches 
in thickness.' 

Miss Stronge has kindly sent us the following notes connected 
with the Hovenden inscription we gave in our last volume, 
page 371. 

'The Hovendens seem to have vanished out of this part of the countrv. 
We have a copy of the Will of Robert Hovenden, dated 1641, and an 
interesting inventory of the goods left behind by his father, when he fled 
the country with his foster-brother Tyrone.' 

Miss Stronge believes the name to be the same as O vend en. 

In Volume i., pages 417, 418 of our Journal, will be found a 
notice of the Hovendens of the County Kildare and Queen's 


Fenagh Parish. 

[From Denis R. Pack-Beresford, Esq.] 

(Continued from vol. Hi., p. 383.) 

" Here lyeth the body of Mart Butler alias Cole who departed 
this life ye 9th of December 1782 aged 46 years." 

" Here lyeth the body of James Butler who departed this life 
the 25th day of June 1759 aged *25 years." 

** Ilere lyeth the body of Ann Butler who departed this life ye 
29th day of Janry. 1740 aged 36 years, also Philip Butler 
her husband deceased January 1st 1782 aged 82 years." 



« H ly th y e Body of Catrine Nea'l To 8 By her hus d she 
acquir a this Name (id est O'Nea'l) on y e 40 th y r of Her age 
she Die d Nob r y e 25 th 1745." 

* The word before " By her hus d " is illegible.' 

" Erected by William Buddock of Newtown Hill in memory 
of his beloved son John who depd. this life 21st April 1870 
aged 22 years." 

" Memento Mori." 
M Here licth the body of Thom Butler who depd this life 
July 6th 1780 aged 19 years." 

1 Readers stand as yon pass by 
As yon are now so once was I 
As I am now so shall you be 
Prepare for death and follow me.' 

" Here lieth the remains of George Lucas depd Feb the 1st 
1793 aged 90 years also his wife Mary Lucas depd May 
1st 1784 aged 40." 

" Here lieth the body of James Sunderland who depd this 
lifo November the 25th 1810 aged 47 years Also his son 
Geokge depd the 11th of Feby 1804 aged G months." 

" Erected by Mr. Henry Bradley." 
" Here licth the body of Mary Bradley alias Dixon who 
deced Novr the 8th 1770 aged 30 years. Also her son 
Thos Bradley who deced the 5th Feb 1783 aged 22 years. 
Here lieth the body of William Bradley her son who deced 
the 28th of July 1*791 aged 30 years." 

"As runs the glass 

Man's life doth pass." 

"This stone was erected by Willm Bradley of Balina 

Here lyeth his 1st wife Mary Bradley departed the 27th 
of November 1744 aged 27 years. Also his mother Mary 
Bradley alias Jones departed the 6th of April 1746 aged 
40 years." 



Erected by Mary Hatton in memory of her well beloved 
father William Townsexd who-depd November the 2nd 1819 
agd 83 years. His wife Mary Townsend alias Lucas depd 
June the 2nd 1775 aged 26 yrs Robert Townsend his 
son depd January 1st 1785 aged 17 years and his daughter 
Anne depd .March the 1st 1785 aged 15 years." 

1 Why should we weep at parting friends 
or shake at death's alarm 
It is a voice that Jesus 
sends to call us to his arms.' 

" Erected to the memory of James Kepple of Ra/mn* Killane 
who died March the 4th 1863 aged 80 years Also his beloved 
wife Anne Kepple who died May 6th 1868 aged 70 years 
Also four of their children who died young." 

4 Life is uncertain, Death is Sure, Sin the wound, and Christ 
the Cure.' 

M Here Heth the body of Thomas Hose who departed this life 
March the 13th 1797 aged 51 years." 

" Here Heth the body of Erasmus Taylor of BallinaM who 
departed this life aged 70 years Also his wife Anne Taylor 
who depd this life August 25th 1861 aged 52 years Also 
their son Isaac Taylor who depd this life June 13th 1862 
aged 45 years." 

" Erected to The memory of William Hose who died April 
3rd 1886 aged 72 years." 

" Underneath this venerable tomb lyeth the body of John Lucas 
late of Classganey in this C 1 who depd this life 5th July 1840 
aged 85 years." 

* Weep not for me my wife and children dear 
I am not dead but sleepeth I hope to see you all again 
Upon that joyful day when God him self 
Our own God shall wipe your tears away.' 

* This man tis hoped hath lived and died in peace with God 
and all the world.' 

"Also his son Robert Lucas who depd this life August 26th 
1855 aged 70 years. Also Sarah Lucas daughter to Alex 
Lucas Mountpleasaiit who depd this life Jan 28th 1878 aged 
20 years Abo Alexander Lucas Mount pleasant who 
departed this life July 10th 1879 Aged 72 years." 
* Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.' 

* This name is now spelt Eaheen. 



" Sacred to the memory of Sarah Lucas alias Townsend 
late of Clasganny who departed this life 20th January 1847 
aged 85 years Also to the memory of her beloved daughter 
Jane Lucas who departed this life March 13th 1851 Also 
her daughter Hannah Lucas alias Wall who died May 
20th 1854 aged 48 years Also her daughter S. L. who depd 
this life the 25th Oct 1857 aged 37." 

In affectionate remembrance of John Lucas of Clasganny 
who died February 8th 1887 aged 87 years." 

" Erected by Wm. J. Halpin to the memory of his affectionate 
mother Mrs. Anne Halpin eldest daughter of the late Wm and 
Alice Lucas of Clonatoose (sic) and the beloved wife of David 
Halpin late of Money Co. Wicklow who died May 1st aged 
50 yrs She depd this life Oct 22nd 1839 aged 55 yrs." 

" Here licth the body of John Corrogan late of Capang who 
departed this life the 6th day of November 1798 aged 53 years." 

{To be continued.) 

With reference to the " Feltus " monument in this church- 
yard, given in Vol. iii., page 383, we extract the following from 
Ryan's " History of the County Carlow," page 364 : — 

" Henry Felln?, and Henry Blake, Esqrs., natives of England, settled 
at Kihnaglish, Barony of Forth, in the reign of William the III. Feltus 
held about 1,000 acres of land. He had a son named Henry, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of the above-named Henry Blake. Issue — Cuthbert, 
who settled at Myshal. He married Jane, daughter of Adam Bloomfield, 
Esq., of the County Tipperary, uncle to the present Lord Bloomfield. 
Cuthbert died 3rd November, 1799, aged 77 years. His widow died in 
1821. Their issue was — John, died s.p. ; Henry, died s.p. ; and A dam, 
married Kebecca, daughter of Benjamin Ball, of Seisin Park, County 
Wicklow, Esq. Issue — (1) Benjamin Bloomfield; (2) Elizabeth, married 
to the Rev. Nicholas Fenwick, sou of the Rev. Cuthbert Fenwick, of the 
County of Northumberland. Sir Walter Scott alludes to this old Border 
family in the notes to one of his poems." 

Tullow Parish. 

We are pleased to learn that the ancient tomb of the 
O'Byrnes, in the burial-ground surrounding Tullow Parish 



Church, lias recently been put in much-needed repair. A lady 
descendant of the family, v/,ho came to spend a few weeks' 
holiday in her native town after many years' absence, had her 
attention called to the matter by the Rector, the Rev. Canon 
Abbott, and she at once employed local tradesmen, and had all 
defective mason- work repaired, the stone pillars supporting the 
horizontal slab re-set, the body of the structure newly lined 
with brick, and some ornamental shrubs planted around, thus 
giving this venerable memorial a new lease of life for some 
time to come. The inscription on the tomb, which dates from 
)f>25, has been already published in the Journal of the Associ- 
ation for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, vol.ii., 
page 445. 


[From the Rev. Edward Canon Quinn, P.P.] 

{ Dr. Daniel O'Reilly, Bishop of Clogher, is buried in the ruined ceme- 
tery of Lurgan, 2^ miles north of Virginia on the road to BallyjamesdufF, 
he being of the Castlelerahau O'Reillys, under a tomb bearing this 
epitaph: — 

"Hicjacent exuvire Reverendissimi Domini Danielis O'Reilly, 
per triginta annos Cathoiici Clogherensis Episcopi. obiit 24 Martii 
Anno 1778 state 79." 



We have received the following communication from William 
C. Borlase, the distinguished English antiquary : — . 

* At Tclla, in Clare, I was forcibly reminded of the need of your ex- 
cellent Society for Preserving the Memorials of the Dead, by the shock- 
ls <i state of the graveyard on the top of the hill in the centre of the town. 
Open vaults and holes, skulls, coffins broken up, ccc, &c, are to be seen 
nil over the place ; and yet, while I was there, a funeral, a mile long, 
*rnvevl. How strange to follow the dead with so much parade of respect, 
wm* leave them in such a revolting place ! ! 9 




Armagh Parish. 

[From " Mason."] 


4 Capella de Ardagh, Membrum Oollegii de Youghall ; Hie church and 
chancel ruynous for these 20 yeares ; served heretofore by Mr. Hawekes, 
now by Mr. Wood. 

* Georgius Ledbetrr admiss. 10° Aug. 1637, ad Rector, integrani de 
Ardagh dioc. Clonen. et com. Corke; non tax. 

1 Wmus. Fitzgerald admiss. fuit 15° December, 1671, ad Rector, 
iategram Ecclie. Polls, de Ardagh dioc. Clonen. et com. Corke. 

* Revdus. Arthurus De Anvekse Clicus. ad Kectorias ir.tegras dc 
Cloinpriest et Ardagh octavo die meusis Aug. in anno 1720, pd. et 
admiss. et institut. fuit, 

'Wm. Chartres Rect. Cloinpriest et Ardagh ISth May, 1755 ; n. t. 

'John Kili.een, D.D., R. of Ardagh and K. of Cloinpriest. 5th Oct. 
1764, Co. Corke; n. t. 

'Brinslky Nixon, A.M., collated and instituted 2Sth July, 17S9, K. 
of Ardagh and Corke; n. t. 

A much fuller account of the Incumbents of Ardagh will he 
found in vol. h.. page 21, W. M. Brady's " Records of Cork/' 
&c, 1863.— [Ed.] 

fiallybeg Parish. 

[From Crofton Croker's " Researches in the South of Ireland, 1824."] 

1 Adjoining Ballybeg Abbey is a large field called the Pigeon Field, in 
digging which some years since a vault was discovered "lined with 
images." The person from whom I -received the information added, that 
these images " being handy to the road " were broken up and thrown on it 
to repair it ! ! ' 

Croker also mentions a stone coffin which had been converted 
into a pig-trough at the cabin of a farmer near the Abbey. — 
[p. 113.] 

'This abbey was founded A.D. 1237 for Augustinians, and dedicated to 
St. Thomas by William de Barry. 

' There was here a chime of bells ; it appears to have been a very large 
and magnificent structure.' — £Seward.j 




[From Doctor Charles Smithy " State of the County Cork," 1815/] 

1 The church is a neat structure, and well pewed, and the steeple is 
capable of holding a ring of bells. 

1 On a white marble, on the Gospel side of the altar, is this inscrip- 
tion ' : — 

" Elizabeth Atkix, alias Coningsby, wife to Walter Atein, 
Clerk, And Incumbent of this Parish, of the family of Hampton- 
Court, County of Hereford, England. A sincere Friend, A 
prudent Mistress, A tender Mother, A dutiful Wife, A true 
Christian. Died in fervent Faith and Devotion November 
the 4th, 1713." 

' Arms — Argent, three conies gules, a chief vairy, or aud azure.' 

1690, AND WAS BORN ANN 1631." 

• * Upon a handsome tomb in the burial-ground, is this inscription ' : — 

D. 0. Mr. 

" Elizabeths Dawson, pias innocua3 Martii amantissimse, uxori 
charissimse qua} annos vixit 39, Febri correpta obiit 26 Martii 

Posuit mcestissimus conjux Robertus Berkley, D.D." 

* On the gravestones are the names of Lewis, Downing, Hill, Harold, 
Pjutchard, Martin, &c. 

Monrne or Ballynamona. 

* A short way from the ruins of the Preceptory is a small, -well- finished 
church and steeple, adorned with a spire and weathercock, rebuilt A.D. 
^ 7 17 Over the west door, on the steeple, is this inscription ' :— 





* This is the neatest country church in this county ; it was built, together 
with the parsonage house, during the incumbency of the late Lord Bishop 
of Meath (Doctor Henry Mitule), then minister of this parish. ' The chancel 
is semicircular. The altar-piece is composed of six tinted pilasters of the 
Corinthian order, with carved cherubims, neatly gilded, between them ; on 
the panels are the Lord's Prayer, Creed, and Commandments in gold 

letters The pulpit and sounding-board are neatly gilded and 

carved, as is the ewer of the font, the basin of which is marble.' 

Macroomp or Macroom. 

1 The Parish Church is dedicated to St Coleman of Cloyne. On the 
south side of the communion-table is a monument, of black and grey 
marble, with this inscription ' : — 

" Here lieth the body of the rev. Mr. Richard Brown, B.D., 
who was rector and vicar of this parish 45 years, during which 
time he was always resident. On the 27th day of January 
A.D. 1712 he cheerfully resigned his spirit to God who gave 
it, in sure hope of a resurrection to eternal life, being 69 years 
of age. He was married to Mary, daughter of colonel 
Edward Alleyn, 43 years, by whom he had 11 sons, and 
9 daughters." 

Gongane ISarra. 


' Opposite to this island, on the continent, is his tomb, placed in a low 
little house, on which is this inscription' : — 

" Hoc sibi et successoribas in eadem vecatione, monumentum 
imposuit dominus Doctor Dyonisius 0' Mahony, presbyter 
licet indiginus. Ann. dom. 1700." 

' He was not buried in it till the year 1728.' 

HfOYiddy Parish. 

* The church of Moviddy was lately rebuilt. In the churchyard is a 
handsome monument to the memory of the late Captain Bailey, of Castle- 
more, with this inscription ' :~ 

" This monument was erected by Mrs. Anne Bailet, widow of 
John Bailky, of Castlemore, esq. who died the 15 th of June, 
1719. He was a gentleman who always had the true interest 
of his country at heart. At the revolution, he served in person 
in the wars of Ireland, till the kingdom was reduced to peace 
and quietness ; then quitting the wars, he returned to his 
wife and children, and shewed himself as good an husband, 



as indulgent a father, as he was a true subject. Being honoured 
with the commission of the peace, he always administered 
justice so uprightly, that'lie never blemished his commission, 
and died lamented by all good men who knew him." 

iiilcrea Abbey [Franciscan] . 

* In the choir are some old tombs, several of the lords Clancarty* 
being here interred, as were the Barrets, and other principal persons of 
the country, who always opposed the entire demolishing of this pile. The 
steeple is a light building, about 80 feet high, placed between the nave 
and choir : it is still entire, and supported by Gothic arehcs. 

c From the gateway of this abbey to the road there are high banks on 
either side, formed entirely of human bones and skulls, cemented together 
with moss; and besides great numbers strown about, there arc several 
thousands piled up in the arches, windows, etc., which shew this place, 
formerly, to have been a very great cemetery.' 


[Contributed by R. Southcote Mansergh.] 

" Bicua.i:d Martin, of Clifford, Castletownroche, Co. Cork 
(Died 1823) (eldest son of Henry Martin, B. 1710, married 
1743, Elizabeth, dau. of John De La Cour, of Cork), mard. 
7th Jan., 1773, Catherine (B. 29th Feb., 1744), only dau. 
and heir of Randal Roberts, of Bridgetown, Castletownroche, 
Co. Cork, by Catherine, his wife, dau. of John Kift, and by 
her had issue an only dau. Mary (B. 3 Oct. 1774), who 
inard. 7th Jan., 1795, John Southcote Mansergh, Greenane, 
Tipperary, High Sheriff Co. Tipperary, 1809- He d. 14 Sept., 
1817, Bard, in Tipperary, Having had issue by her, five 
sons and three daughters." 

"Mrs. Mary Mansergh, wife to John Southcote Mansergh, 

Greenane, who died 3rd of Sept., 1811." 
' She was a dutiful child, a loving wife, a tender mother, a kind 
mistress, a faithful friend, and to crown all a sincere Christian.' 

'Mary farewell thy friends thee bid adieu 
To all on earth, most loved when loving you 
The young, the old, the serious and the gay 
Alike to thee their mournful tribute pay 

* 'Viz. : Cormac Mac Tiege Carty, called Laider [Lord Muskery], who founded 
it, as above. Cormac Oge Laider, his son, buried here, aim. 1536. He fought the 
celebrated battle of Mourne Abbey, where he vanquished the Earl of Desmond. 
Tibgk, his son, Lord Muskery, buried here, aim. 1585 ; he was fatht-r to Sir Cormac 
Mac. Tiege. Dermot, his son, buried here, ami. lo?U, ancestor of the MacCarthys of 
ln*hir-kili. Cormac, his son, buried here, ann. 1616, who was the last lord of this 
lamily that was here interred.' 



For each bath lost in thy untimely end 

A dear companion and respected friend 

E'en more £han friend departed with thy life 

A duteous daughter and unerring wife 

And if there be a name than these more bless'd 

A mother too the fondest, wisest, best 

Oh may thy virtues in thy children shine 

So shall the proudest monument be Mary's thine.' " 

1 The above tablet in Castletownroche Church, Co. Cork, was composed 
by John Doherty, afterwards Chief Justice of the Common Pleas (Ireland), 
who. died in end of 1850.' 

fiilmocomogae 2* a risk. 

[From the late Rev. R. H. Long, 1897.] 

4 Is a small parish on Oyster Haven, near Kinsale (Co. Cork). The chancel 
of the ancient church alone remains; it measures 28 feet by 18 feet; it 
has no roof. The church is known by the people in the neighbourhood as 
Kilmonogue Abbey, and is said to have been first built by the Longs of 
Mount Long, from which castle it is about three-quarters of a mile distant. 
Built into the left-hand gate pillar at the entrance to the churchyard from 
the road, is a small tablet on which is inscribed ' :— 

" Rev. Renaldus Hurly hoc Presidium Mortuorum fieri fecit 
Anno Domini 1783." 

* The only readable inscriptions in the graveyard are ' : — 

1. " This is ye Burying place of Thomas Knolles Esqr. of 

Killehegh who departed this life Jan 14th 1770* aged 52." 

2. " Commander Henry Knolles, R.N.— K.T.S. died at Oatlands 
2nd of August, 1877, aged 84 years." 

3, " This is the burying place of David Mahony and family, 1778." 

Frankfield Parish. 

'Inscribed on a brass in FraNkfield Church, Co. Cork': — 

" In memory of Daniel Lane of Fraukfield, born 1767, died 
1 82S, buried beneath St. Finbar's Cathedral, and also in 
memory of his eldest son Samuel Lane, of Frankfield, born 
1793, died 1847, who gave the ground for this church and 
church yard, and built the church 1S3S, he lies buried beneath it." 

* Not long after the above date probably the Knowles family removed from 
Killeijh to OatJajada (both places in the parish), and the former place is now a total 

[ To face puye VA. 






[From Dr. Robert S. Young, Culdaff, 189S.] 


* In centre of chancel, to right of " Cloncha Stone" ' : — 


'The Davenports were formerly landed gentry in this parish, having a 
lease of Glengad and Carthage from Lord Donegal, which, in 1775, passed 
mm the hands of tha Young family.' — It. S. Y. 

The unique stone represented in . tbe opposite Plate, taken 
from a rubbing kindly furnished us by Dr. R. S. Young, of 
Ouldaff House, in this county, Ave are glad to have the oppor- 
tunity of perpetuating in our pages. The only other repre- 
sentation of it, so far as we know, is a small engraving given 
in the date Mr. AY. J. Doherry's Work on " Inis-owen and 
Tyreonnell," and In a paper, on the same stone, which he read 
some years since at a meeting of the Royal Irish Academy. 

The following are the dimensions of this stone — Length, 
6 feet; breadth at head, 1 foot 8 \ inches; and at foot, 1 foot 
5 inches. A large cross, with a richly-floriated base, and 
serpents' heads (?) entwined at the head and arms of the cross, 
runs down the centre of the stone, the left side of w hich is 
ornamented with a graceful floral design, while on the right 
one sees the curious combination of a large two-handed sword 
*Uh a re-curved guard, and, alongside, a golf (?) club or 
"hurley" and ball. 

The inscriptions at the head of the stone, as given by Mr. 
Doherty and Mr. Young, are 



On the left— 


which has been translated thus — 

Magnus ( ?) Mac Orristin of the Isles [lies] under this mound. 
The inscription on the right arm is — 


Fergus Mac Alain made this stone. 

The letters are in the Irish (?) character, and it is considered 
to be Scottish Gaelic. 

On the right arm of the cross may be observed some further 
lettering, which we are informed has been read as 


The left arm is plain. 

Doctor Young, in writing to us about this very curious stone, 
says that the S S A at the end of the Fergus Mac Allan 
inscription has been altered in Mr. Doherty's engraving to 

Doctor Young also informs us that he hopes to have the 
stone raised and placed on brickwork, for its better preser- 
vation. It is within the walls of the old church, near the east 
end, and was, we believe, discovered in 1890 by the late Mr. 

Cloncha I*arish — Slalin Church. 

[From Doctor ttobt. S. Young, of Cnldaff House, 1898 ; copied from 
the stone3 by the Rev. L. Kutledge.] 


"In loving memory of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Maguinness, 
who fell asleep 31st Oct., 1892." 

* I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness. — Ps. 17, ver. 15.' 

[A white marble cross with I.H.S.] 

<( In loving memory of Joseph Henry Canning, who died 13th 
March, 1895$ aged 31 years." 

* We who have believed do enter into rest. — Heb. 4, 3.' 

[Upright slab.] 



" This stone was erected by John M'Caudlis as a monument 
for his three sons, George, John, and William M'Caudlis, 
all died in their youth full days 1858." 

[Stone slab upright.] 

" In memory of John Campbell, of Ballyboe, who departed 
this life 3rd May, 1873, in the 7Sth year of his age, also of 
Elizabeth Campbell, his wife, who departed this life 2nd 
Way, 1874, aged 73 years, and also of Elizabeth Campbell, 
his sister, who departed this life 17th Nov., 1868, aged 80 years." 

1 Return unto thy rest my soul for the Lord hath dealt bountifully 
with thee.' — Psalm cxvi. verse 7.' 

[Stone slab with urn.] 

" In loving memory of Thomas Campbell of Ballngh Died 26th 
August 18S9 aged 64 years. Also his son Robert H. 
Campbell died 8th February 1858 aged 2 years and 2 months." 

[Upright slab.] 

" In memory of Jane the beloved wife of Samuel Welshman, 
who died 19th January 1859 aged 38 years. Also his beloved 
daughter Catherine who died 23rd March 1S75 aged 23 
years. Also his beloved daughter Margaret Jane who 
died 16 Novr. 1876 aged 19 years. Also his beloved daughter ' 
Klizabkth who died 23 id June 1S79 aged 24 years. Also 
Samuel Welshman who died 29th Octr. 1886 aged 70 years. 
She is not dead but sleepeth. — Luke viii., verse 52." 

[Upright slab.] 

11 In memory of Mary Jane the beloved wife of Edwin W. 
Pearce Died 23rd July 1881 aged 48 years." 

[White marble cross with I. H. S.] 

" Sacred to the memory of Emily wife of W. S. Irvine Esq. 
and daughter of the Kev. James Ovens, who departed this 
on the 21st day of June 1856 aged 18 years. 

* Farewell but not for ever ' 
Hope replies 
Trace but her steps 
And meet her in the skies." 

[Flat table slab.] 



Lagg Churchyard, Parish of Cloncha. 

[From Doctor Robert' S. Young, Culdaff House, Co. Donegal, 1898.] 

I H S 


O DOG H ARTY esqr who departed this 


(Death's head and crossed bones.) 

* Over this inscription is a shield and crest, both nearly illegible. T:. 
crest is probably a hand and dagger ; on shield there is a stag trippant (?) 
and in base 3 mullets (?). 

* This Daniel O'Dougharty was a Major in King James Il.'s arm;, 
and after the Battle of the Boyne, settled down at Keenagh. His pro 
perty was squandered by his descendants, who, some fifty years ago, wei 
in receipt of £10 per an. from Lord Donegal! on the strength of t\s 
documents proving their direct lineal descent from the " Great O'Dogherty. 
One of these was carried off to America by the man to whom it was moil 
gaged ; and the other, being in the pocket of an overcoat worn in a bo- 
on a very stormy day, was left there while the coat was being dried, an 
was found to be utterly destroyed. Captain Hart endeavoured to regai 
this pension for Cahir O'Doherty in vain. The family are now poc 
fishermen living not far from Malm Head.' 

" To perpetuate the Memory of The Reverend David Walker 
Who departed this life on the 8th day of July, 1733, Aged 
44 yeares." 

u Here lyeth the body of ye Revd. Mr. David Walker who 
departed this life July ye 25, 17G6, aged 59 yrs." 

To the memory of William Young who died March the 18th, 
1783, aged 62 years. Also of his Wife Elizabeth Young, 
who died September the 6th, 1793, aged 70 years. Also of 
his Daughter Mart Young, who died April the 2nd, 1805, 
aged 54 years. As also of his son Thomas Young, hue 
Serjt. of the 6th Dragoons, who died March the 12th, 1813, 
aged 56 years. Also rest the Remains of James Young, 
Captn. of the 8th 11. V. B,, who departed this life the 3rd of 
Feby., T83Q, Aged 73 years. 

At home, abroad, in peace, in war, his God did him defend ; 
preserved him through life's Pilgrimage safe to his journey's end.' 



<( To the Memory of The Reverend John Montgomery, who 
died March the 13th, 1749, aged 45 years. Also of his son 
Stewart Montgomery, who died October the 1st, 1770, 
aged 31 years. Also of his Daughters Jane, Mary, and 
Bell Montgomery. As also of his second son John 
Montgomery, who died on the 7th day of September, 1821, 
aged 76 years." 

Here lieth entombed the liemains of Ann Chow, who departed 
this life the 25 day of December, 1792. Aged 82." 

( The arms over this inscnptien are a sword in chief and in base 3 bells 
ca a shield.' 

" Here lyeth the body of Margaret English wife of Patrick 
Porter who departed this life the 30th day of July Anno 
Dom 1713." 

" Here lyeth the remains of Nixian Boggs who departed this 
life Feby. the 12th Anno Dom 1800 aged 56. Also his wife 
Lily Boggs who departed this life December the 18th A.D. 
1812 aged 65 years. Also their son William who departed 
this life August 29th 1836 aged 63 years." 

" Erected by John Boggs to the memory of his uncle Henry 
Boggs who departed this life Feby. 8th 1831 aged 85 years." 

"In memory of Mary Boggs wife of George Platt Born 
22nd July 1814 Died 7th June 1841." 

u In memory of Mary Starret who died April 30th 1833 
Aged 68 years. This stone is erected by the family at 
Malin Hall with whom she lived for many years a good and 
faithful servant." 

"Erected to the memory of Joseph Moore Binns who died 
the ISth June 1873 Aged 74 years. Also Rebecca Binns 
his sister who died the 18th January 1875. Also the infant 
daughter of William & Elizabeth Binns. Also Marshall 
Binns who died the 18th February 1878 aged 32 years/* 

<; Here lie the remains of Alexander Henderson, who departed 
this life the 10th of March, 1801, aged 88 years." 




"To the memory of William Duncan, who departed this life 
the 13th April, 1830faged 79 years. Also His wife Elizabeth 
Duncan who died the 15 th January 1834 aged 80 years 
and their son George Duncan who departed this life 7th 

"November 1865 aged 66 years. Also his wife Martha Anne 
Dcncan who died the 24th July 1889 aged 74 years and 
their daughter Elizabeth Jane who died the 26th October 
1870 aged 29 years." 

" Erected to the memory of Hamilton Stewart of Knockamenny 
who died 6th June 1886 aged 95 years Also his beloved wife 
Anne Stewart who died 2 1st April 1879 aged 80 years." 

" In memory of John Britten of Bree who died 10th January 
1878 aged 92 years. And of Charlotte his wife who died 
20th Oct. 1 876 aged 70 years." 

" In loving remembrance of Mary Jane wife of William 
MaGuiness who fell asleep 19th April 1868 aged 58 years. 
Also their daughters whom God took — Elizabeth, 9th 
September 1846 aged 10 years, and Sarah Anne 30th 
March 1857 aged 18 years. And William Maguiness 
who joined his loved ones 29th May 1861 aged 63 years. 
Also of Rebecca eldest daughter of the above William & 
Mary Jane Maguiness died 30th January 1881 aged 
46 years." 

"In memory of James Colkoun Drirngroey Born April 1768 ; 
died 7th July 1869. Also Sarah his wife born Jan v. 1809; 
died 22nd May 1 860. And of Rebecca their daughter 
wife of John Colhoun, Ballanagh, born 8th Deer. 1839 ; 
died 18th July 1868." 

"In memory of William Fulton who died March 1817 
aged 80 years, and of his wife Martha Fulton who died 
March 1S42 aged 70 years." 

" In memory of Thomas McIntyke who departed this life the 
28th February 1861. Also Rebecca his wife died the 8th 
September 1847. And Rebecca daughter of the above died 
9th June 1847. And of her sister Catherine died 18th 
September 1876. Also Thomas son of the above died the 
17th December, 1885. Also Annie McInttre daughter of 
the above who died the 3rd October 1894." 



Parish of Bf ©vUIe— Cooley Church. 

[From Robert S. Young, Esq., CuldafF, Co. Donegal, 1897.] 

1 Half a mile from Mo ville, just off the high road, lies Cooley (= "the 
city"). St. Patrick here founded a monastery, and called it Domnachbile, 
and the land around it was known as Maghbile (Old Moville), the modern 
town occupying the site of the village of JBunafoible. St. Patrick placed 
Acngesius, son of Olid, at the head of his foundation, and the fame of his 
learning soon attracted scholars to the place. Notices of its wealth and 
learning constantly appear in the records written between A.D. 590 and 
953 ; and 700 students lived here. St. Finian and St. Columb arc said to 
h.ive studied here tinder the Bard Geminan. Nothing but a few indications 
of the foundations of the once extensive buildings now remain. But the 
magnificent high cross still remains standing just outside the churchyard. It 
is an ancient Irish monolithic cross, and must have been erected in the very 
earliest ages. It is 9 feet 3 inches in height above ground. The arms are 
not divided from the stem save by four perforated holes. Its width at the 
arms over all is 31 inches, whilst the circular body has a diameter of 22 
inches. The width of the stem is 15 inches, and the arms are also 15 inches 
deep. A footmark traditionally ascribed to St. Patrick, is pointed out on the 
slab in which the cross is fixed. There is a perforation in the upper limb of 
the cross used as a " wishing hole." No carving or inscription can be traced 
on the cross, which stands facing east to west upon a pedestal of unhewn 
fctones. Entering the churchyard, the ruins of a church are seen. This 
edifice Was probably built on the site of the more ancient monastery church, 
and it was used as a parish church until 1 688, when it was destroyed 
during the Civil Wars. An ancient flat tomb in the cemetery is said to be 
that of St. Finian. There is also a small rectangular building, covered with 
an angular stone roof, after the manner of " St. Kevin's Kitchen." The 
building, known as the " skull house,'' is 8 feet 6 inches, by 6 feet 6 inches, 
with side walls 2 feet thick, and about 4 feet 6 inches high above the pre- 
sent surface. The height of the apex of the roof over the side walls is 
about 3 feet 6 inches, A lower aperture, 15 inches by 12 inches, is in the 
western gable at 4 feet from the ground. Entrance is only possible on 
hands and knees through a very small gap at the base of the building. 
The following inscriptions are on tombs in the churchyard ' : — 

" Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Mart Cart, first wife of Mr. 
Robert Cart of Carratrasna, who departed this life the 
of 1701 aged 67 years." 

" Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Ann Cart, second wife to Mr. 
RoBtiRT Cart of Carratrasna, and daughter to Kev. Mr. 
Robert Young, who was many years Hector of Culdaff and 
Cloncha. She departed this life the 26th of April, 1732, 
aged 63 yrs. Here also lyeth the Body of Marino Porter 
of Greeucastle, who died the year 1745. He was married to 



Mary Cart, daughter of Mr. Robert Cart of Carratrasna, 
and of his second wife Anne, daughter of the Rev. Robert 
Young for many years Rector of the Parishes of CuldafF and 

Boiiaghmore Parisli. 

[From Mr. R, McNulty.*) 

'The following copies of inscriptions are from the graveyard- of the 
parish church of Donaghmore. This church occupies the site of a very 
ancient one attributed to St. Patrick himself; and there are a number of 
very old gravestones in the burial-ground, but most of the oldest are either 
undecipherable or quite covered up. The inscriptions numbered 1 to 5 
are from tablets placed on the walls in the interior of the church. No. 6 
is from a stone in the floor in front of the communion-rails, and the 
remainder are from stones in the grounds outside ' :— 

1. " Sacred to the memory of Mary Hamilton Ltghton wife of 
the Rev. Sir John Lighton Bart, who died June 28, 1826 
aged 28 years, 

Fortitndine et prndentia." 

• 2. " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Sir John Ltghton Bart. 

eleven years Rector of this Parish, who followed his beloved 
wife to the grave April 5th 1827, aged 53 years. 

I know that my Redeemer liveth." 

3. " Sacred to the memory of Sarah relict of Robert Mansfield 
Esq. who entered into that rest which remaineth for the people 
of God on the 12th of September 1841 aged 79 years." 

4. ' " Juxta deponitur 

quiqnid mortale fuit 
Viri Reverendi Joiiannis Nicolson 

Hujus Ecclesia nnper Pectoris 
Filii natu secundu Gulielm Nicolson S.T.P. 
Archiepi 8 Casseliensis olim Derensis Episcopi 
Vir - 

Singuli Humanitate et liberati Hospitio 
Pauperibus amicis Conjugi charus vixit 
apud omnes laudem non tan turn meruit 
sed obtinuit 
obiit 13 Die Octob 1729 Mtut 34 
Hoc monumentum 
In Honoris pariter ac moeroris Testimonium 
Eliz abeth a Conjux 
(Talo viro digna) 
Poni curavit Anno Dom MDCCXXXVH." 





G. " Erected 1863 In memory of The Revd. Samuel Dill 
Presbn. Minister of Donaghmorc ordained July 1799 Died 
10th Deer. 1845 aged 73 His wife Hester only child of 
Robert Foster Esqr and Elizabeth his second wife." 

7. u Here lyetii the body of Thos. M- Curdy of Manghrekellaghan 
Late Surgeon of the 47th Regt of Foot who departed this 
life on the 12th day of November 1826 Aged 35 years. 
Charles M'Curdy M.D.died 26th May 1S50 aged 21 years." 

8. t; Here lieth the body of William Johnson. He acquired a 
handsome fortune with an unexceptionable character and he 
departed this life on the 23rd day of May 1780 aged 75 years. 

* Also the body of Iohn Iohnson his oldest sou who departed 
this life on the 28th day of April 1784: aged 53 years. 
-Also the body of Archibald Iounson who departed this 
life on the 11th day of January 1791 aged 42 years. 
Also the body of William Johnson his son who died 1798 
* aged 17 years. Also the bodies of Joseph and Catherine 
children of Archibald Johnson who died in their infancy. 
Also the body of Elizabeth Iohnson otherwise Ralston 
his wife who died November 1S21 aged 63 years. Also the 
, body of Mart Anne Eyffe otherwise Johnson his eldest 
daughter who died in Dublin on the 3rd day of January 1S47 
aged 64. years. Also of Ioiin Fyffe a native of Scotland 
who died 6th November 1861 in his 80th year after a residence 
in Ireland of nearly half a century." 

9. " Heare lyeth the body of Robert Stewart who departed 
this life the 3rd day of August Anno Dom. 1721, aged 63 
And his Wife Elizabeth who departed this life The 5 day 
of April Anno Dom. 1730 aged 60." 

10. « Here lies William Stewart son to William Stewart of 

Kiilygordon who died March the 29 1758 aged 16 Also 
the body of Elinor wife of Robert Stewart who departed 
this life on the 20th of March 1819 in the 83th year of her age." 

1 1. " Rose Gallagher died in aug 1831 aged 77 y " 



12. " Here lyeth the Body of Mary Scott Who Departed this Life 
May the 7 1787 Aged $.4 years." 

24 YEARS," 

G I enc&kt'.iKLi 1 le. 

" To the Memory 

William Hay Esq M.R.GS.I. 
Fourth son of the late 
Eev d George Hay 
SMpquay Street Londonderry 
who died on the 7 th of 
October 1853 
aged 37 years 

" All found in him a Physician and a friend ever ready to relieYC 
suffering and distress." 

" REUORESCO " (sic). 

Memento Mori Doth Lye The Body of Isabella Loceard 
Alias Logan who Departed This Life And ws En tared (sic) 
Under this Stone June The 9 1783 age d 63 years Hequiescat 
in pace This Stone was Erected By William Logan 
for llis Mother also His family." 


THOMAS STOKES CUPPY, sub lieut. r.n. 

SEPTEMBER 22>JD 1884. 
WOULD BE. 5 33 



lie the remains of FRANCIS LUCAS MOLLOY 
(son of the revd. F. L. MOLLOY) 


Slso tin Mtmmn& of tlyt Elba* 





also JANE II ANNA wife of rev. F. L. MOLLOY 

WHO DIED 6tH SEPT. 1863 AGED 85. 

rev. F. L. MOLLOY and wife of rev. J. W. JEBB 


Hlibarroti Parish. 

[From the Rev. Edward Canon Quinn, P.P., Ballybrack, 1897.] 

* In the ruined abbey of Ashroe, Parish of Kilbarron, Co. Donegal, near 
Rally shannon, is the tomb of Dr. O'Donnell, Raphoe, 1750 to 1755, 
inscription illegibly inscribed ' : — 

" Hie Jacet Ill mus et Reverend 131 " 3 D~s P. Antonius O'Donnel 
Epus Raps. ord s min 9 strict, observantiaj S. P. Francis ci 
Sacra Hibernian Theologian Pfessor. eximius totius Hibernise- 
primus pater vir vere egregias et pius. Obiit 26 Aprilis 
setatis suse 74. 1755." 

Motto — Scientia et fortitndo. 

—(From Renehan's MS.) 




Hilmegaii Parish. 

[From William Jackson Pigott, Esq.] 
(Continued from vol. tit., page 432.) 


I H S 

" Here Lie the The body of Joein Karqhey of Moneycarra who 
dep a this life March 22 Aged 48 years 1802." 

I H S 

" Here lieth the Body of John Keen an who dep* this lifo 
dee 26 I7G2 Aged 74 Also Eleanor his wifo who died 
April 12 Aged 64 Ann Keen an who died April 8th 
1796 Aged 24." 


I H S 

"Erected in Memory of "Rich" Keen ax of Moneylane who 
departed this life June 16th 1816 aged 51 years." 

' " Underneath lieth the Body of Lieut John Kellie formerly 
of Lord Forbes's Regiment who departed this life the 5th of 
August 17 • . in the 18th years of his age. 

Quod sui quod Ego suin .... ens." (sic) 

[What thou art I have been. What I am thou shalt be.] 

'Note. — The date on the tomb of Lieut. Kfllie is either 1737 or 
1757 ; the last two figures are very much obliterated. 
* The Latin motto is only partially decipherable. 

'This tomb is opposite the east window of the church, and is broken 
across the middle, a large tree having fallen across it many years ago. 

'There was a company of soldiers stationed at Castlewellan early in 
this century, and possibly also at an earlier date. 

f The above Latin inscription is not to be found in C. N. Elvin's 
" Hand-Book of Family Mottoes," 18G0. 

'This is not a family motto, except for the whole family of men.' — ■ 
W.J. P. 



" Hero lyeth the Body of James Kenneday of Maugherasoll 
who depar d This life February the 28 1784 Aged 25 years." 

" Here lyetli the Body of Jane Kennedy wife of John 
Kennedy of Ballylough who Depa d this life Oct. ye 10th 
ICth 1785 Aged 64 years." 

fi Erected To the Memory of John Kennedy of Moneylane 
who departed this life October the 7th 3 835 aged 75." 

Burying place of William Keowen Who 

dep this Life the 18 of March 1730 Aged 79 years." 

" Here Lyeth The Body of Daniel Keowen of Tollymorc 
who Dparted this life 2d December 1730 in the 63 year of 
his age also THE Body of James Keowen of Tollymorc Who 
DeparTed this This Life THE 6st June 1734 Being four 
years old Here Lyeth the Body of John Keowen son to 
THE Aforesaid Daniel Keowen Who departed This Life 
ye 4th July 1750 aged 48." 

" Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Keowen who Departed 
This Life The 22 of Aghst 1769 Aged 23 years. 
In Memory of Mrs. Isabella Keowen widow of the late 
John Keowen Esqr. of Tollymore She departed this life 
the 14th Kovr. 1865 aged 82 years." 

* Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord yea saith The 
Spirit That they may rest from their labours/ 

" To the Memory of John Keowen Esq of Tollymore in the 
Parish of Maghera who departed this life in the assured hope 
of Life Eternal thro the atonement and merits of his Lord 
and Bedeemer Jesus Christ on the 30th March 1S33 in the 
36th year of his age This monument is erected By his 
affectionate widow as a mark of the affection with which she 
cherished the memory of a beloved husband." 

4 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth 
yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours/— 
Rev. xiv. 13. 

M AD 1833 Sacred To the Memory of John Keowen of 
Tollymore who departed 30th March 1833 in the 56 year 
of his age and is interred beneath this stone which is erected 
by his attached Sister Mary His father Henry Keowen 
of Tollymore died in the year of our Lord 1795 and is interred 
in this Church yard also/' 



"His Brother William Lieutenant in the 1 7 th Regiment of 
Foot died in Calcutta in the year 1822 in the 30th year 
of his age." ^ - 

" Here Lyeth the Body of Mary Kirkpatrick wife of Wm. 
Kirkpatrick of Clarkhili Who depar d this Life Jan lith 
1786 Aged 43 years." 



" Here lieth the body of William Lenaghan of Ballyloughlan 
who depdthis life the 3 day of Nov. 1799 Aged 66." 

u Here Lyeth the Body of William Lowey who died Dec 28 
1751 aged 35 years." 


" B.M 


P.M. 1 

"This stone was Erected by JaMes M'Cabe in Memory of 
Elizabeth M'Cabe who departed tins Life 2sowth 21 (sic) 
Ag4 1801." 

" Here lyeth the Body of John Ma Cartan* of Moneylane 
Who dep d this life Jany 17th 1766 Aged 74 years." 

" Here Lieth the Body of Hugh McCartan of Tollymore who 

departed this life agt. the 1766 Aged 80 years 

Also his son Edward who dep d this life 10 of May 1778 
Aged 45 years." 


" Sacrod To the memory of Patrick McCartan of Tollymore 
, who departed this life 30th June 1S50 Aged 80 years 

Also his son John who departed this life 7th May 1854 

aged 40 years." 

* These M'Cartans becuine extinct on the death of llobert M'Cartan, 16U0.— W. J. 



« Erected By Margaret McCarten of Moneylane in Memory 
hir husband John McCa titan who departed this life 12th 
Jan r 1848 Aged 58 years Also her son John who departed 
this life 13th Nov r 1840 Aged 31 years Also her sou 
Thomas who departed this life 5th June 1851 Aged 28 years 
Also her son James who departed this life 4th Nov r 1858 
Aged 34 years." 

" Erected by William McCayery In Memory of his sister 
Mary who died Oct. 5th 1874 aged 3 yrs. & 8 months 
Also his beloved Mother Sarah McCayery who died 19th 
October 1877 aged 43 years." 

*' Erected By William McCavery of Dundrum in Memory of 
his son William who died August 19th 1879 Aged 9 years 
Jesus said Suffer little children to come unto me." 

" Erected in Memory of Willie McClelland of Tolly more 
who died June loth 1877 Aged 20 years in loving memory 
by his Mother. Reader prepare to meet thy God." 

Erected in Loving Memory of my dear Mother who entered 
unto Best 20th April 1881. Ever missed, never forgotten. 

I am the resurrection and the life. 
Also my dear Sister Mary who passed away from this 
troublesome world 14th June 1S80. 

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. 

E. McClelland." 


"Mich McClum of Waterask Ag d 50 yrs." 

"Here lies the body of Ino. McComb who dep d this life 
J any. 24th 1828 Aged 79." 

" This is the Burying Ground of James M comb of Dundiune (sic) 
14 August 1829." 

"Erected to the Memory of James McConnell of Leitrim 
who departed thia life the 28th of February 1842 Aged 
74 years." 



" Here Heth the Body of the Rev d Robert McCormick* of 
Castlewellan who departed this life the 21 day of November 
1794 Aged 46 years." - ' 

*' Erected to the Memory of Hugh McCraceen late of Bally- 
lough who died April 1856. Also of Margaret McCraceen 
his wife who died Feb. 1813." 

" Erected By Alexander Henry McCraceen Ballylotigh 
in Memory of his beloved father Alexander McCraceen 
who departed this life 29 November 1879 aged 78 years 

' Also his beloved Mother Nancy McCraceen who died 
January 3rd 1885 aged 89 years." 

" Erected By James McCiiea of Waterask in Memory of his 
beloved wife Margaret McCkea who died 7th July 1872 
Aged 55 years. 

Her faith was strong her hope was bright 
And now she dwells with God in light. 
Also James McCrea who departed this life 1st May 1 8 84 
aged 75 years." 

" In loving Memory of Elizabeth Jane Macillree the 
beloved and deeply lamented wife of Edward Macillree 
B.A. Late of Clay brook Leicestershire and second daughter 
of the late John Macreigut Esqre Died 26th April 1891 
in the 73rd year of her age. 

* Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.'" 

M Sacred To the Memory of Margaret the beloved wife of 
John McCreight who departed this life at Tollymore July 
7th 1860 Besting on the merits of her Saviour who is the 
resurrection and the life." 

"Sacred To the Memory of Maria McCreight Tullymore 
Co. Down who departed this life 10th May 1874 aged 70 years. 
Also Ann McCreight relict of the late John McCreight 
of Murlough Co. Down who departed this life 1st Oct. 1874 
aged 82 years. 

4 1 am the resurrection and the life ; he that believeth in me 
though he were dead yet shall he live.' " 

"In loving Memory of Mart Mecredy Died 2Cth April 1889 
aged 74 years widow of the late Lobert Mecredy Esq. of 

lie was some time Curate of Kihnegau. 



Lisoughter Lodge Co. Gal way and eldest daughter of the late 
John McCreight Esq. 

As in Adam all die even in Christ shall all be made alive." 

~M E cTeD Y 

i( Erected By Capn. William Young McDowel of Ballywillwill 
late 20th llegt. in affectionate remembrance of his father 
The Rev. Wm. Young J. P. who died 25th March 1872 
aged 71 years and of his mother Catherine Anne daughter 
of the late Sir Neal O'Donel Bart, of Newport House Co. 
Mayo ana of his wife Lady Catherine Anneslev who 
died 13th June 1S38 aged 23 years also of his brother 
George II. McDowel Young Lieut. 39th Kegt. who died 
24th January 1856 aged 22 years (having served in the 
Crimean War) also of his uncle Neal Conal O'Donel 
Esq. who died 21st March 1860 aged 45 years." 

1 Note. — This tablet is inside the church, at the left side of the 
c<?ami union-table.' 

(To he continued.) 

t'arlsh of ^cwry. 

[From H. B. Swanzy, Esq., Newry.] 
"st. aiary's church." 

1 There is a memorial window in St. Mary's Chancel bearing the follow- 
ing inscriptions ' : — 


of ROBERT ERSKINE, esq. | of cavan, who 


L.j B., and A. Swanzy/ 5 
"to the glory of god and in loving memory 
m.a. | vicar of newry, who died 12 tii may, 
1884; the gift of his children/' 

i'arisb of §t. Patrick's. 

* Ike following inscriptions are on flat stones ' : — 

44 Dorcas 'Withers Wife of John Withers | of Xewry lies 
Buried Here She died the | 12 day of February 1771 in the 
31 Year j of her age | Here lyeth the Body of John Withers | 
of Xewry, who departed this life the | 2 d day of Feb T ? 1773 
^ged 53 Years." 



" Here | lyeth the remains of Sam l j Tosh who departed 
this | life the 1st of £pril 1796 | aged 60 Yrs." 

" Underneath this Stone lie the remains of Rev d William 
Campbell D.D. for 23 Years | Vicar of this Parish and J 4 
Years Rector of the | Parish of Killeskill in the Diocess of 
Armagh He died on the 8th day of June in the Year of | 
our Lord 1 804 in the 68th Year of his age. | Also the remains 
of his "Wife Mary | Campbell otherwise M 6 Camon who died 
on the 28 day of October 1817 in the 78th | Year of her age. ] 
Also the remains of their Son William | Campbell who 
died on the 24th day of February | in the Year of our Lord 
1804 in the 30th Year | of his age." 

s W. Campbell was son of the Key. Moses Campbell, B.A., also Rector 
of Killeskill, who died in Jan. 1772. By his marriage with Mary M'Camon 
he had to survive him three sons: John Thomas, Sec. to the Governor oi 
New South Wales ; Charles, Vicar ofNewry; and James, Hector of Fork- 
hill; and four daughters : Eleanor, married 1783, George Ker ; Elizabeth 
Johnstone; Mary, married 18 June, 1807, John Quinn, of Newry; and 
Anne. For over 60 years the Campbells — father and son — were Vicars 
of Newry.' 

'The following belonged to a different family of Campbells from the 
foregoing ' : — 

" Here lies the Body of Rob t Campbell J Merchant who died 
25th June, 1684 | Aged 79 Years and Jane his wife who ] 
died 22nd March, 1727 Aged S4 Years | also their son Robert 
who died | 25th March 1733 Aged 77 Years and | Mary 
his wife who died 13th Novr Aged 84 Years also the Body of J 
James Campbell who died 30th May | 1786 Aged 63 
and Sarah his | wife who died 30ih Novr, 1784 | Aged 
55 Years also their Son | VTill m Campbell who died 1st 
August | 1820 Aged 54 Years | Elizabeth Campbell 
- who died 19th | February 1828 Aged 70 years. Mari 
Ann Moll an died at Clifton | 1st March 1833 Aged 39 
years, daughter | of William and Eljlabeth Campbell, 
and | wife of James Moll ax Junr of Newry who | died the 
10th October 1822 Aged 35 years | and is here interred. 
Also their daughter | Anne M' Do well Mollan who died 
12th | October, 1866 Aged 44 years." 

'The earlier part of this inscription was re-copied from an older and 
rather battered stone. In Stuart's " History of Armagh," p. 493, there are 
some interesting particulars of these Campbells. The most celebrated of 
them was Jane (wife of Robert Campbell), who died, as the inscription 
says, 22nd March, 1727, aged 94, her husband having died in 168-1. This 
lady, who had been a Miss Wallace, of Ravara, near Belfast, was the {nmv^ 



« ; Granny Campbell." Stuart says that she " possessed great influence in 
!' it town (Newry), and as she lived t'6 see and bless the fifth generation of 
\ht descendants, she was deemed by its inhabitants a kind of general parent, 
ami styled Granny Campbell. When a part of Newry was burned by the 
troops of James II , she (then a widow) fled in disguise, with some of the 
fomrger tranches of her family, and escaped, uninjured, to the Isle of Man. 
U» her return to High-street, after the termination of the war, she was 
received in triumph by the inhabitants of Newry, who illuminated the town 
in token of their respect." So numerous and so respectable were her des- 
cendants, that in Newry they were termed, about the middle of the last 
ecfit&n \ ihe grand alliance. Stuart, who computed that at the time he 
wrote (1819) her descendants numbered over 1,500 persons, gives a list of 
[ ranlies who traced their descent from her, among which we find such well- 
biowii Newry names as Ogle, Carlisle, Courtenay, Gordon (of Sheepbridge), 
--:>d Cony. (the Chancellor's branch). A well-known grandson of Granny 
Campbell was Wm. Campbell, Presbyterian Minister of Armagh ( 1764), 
sad Clonmel (1789), who wrote " Vindication of the Principles and 
Character of the Presbyterians of Ireland," in answer to a work by Bishop 
Woodward of Cloyne. He married, 1758, his cousin Jane, daughter of 
Hubert Carlile, of Newry, and died 17 Nov., 1805.' 

" Davio Gaussen of Newry Merch* | lyes Buryed here 
he Died Oct r | the 6th 1751 Aged 87 Also four | of his 
Children and two Grand | children are Buryed by him | 
Also M rs Mary Lunck. | also [ His wife Fohtksque 
Gaussen and their ] children Dorothea who died in 1797 | 
and David who died 4th Juy 1802. | Also Margaret 
wife of the last named | David who died 10th January 1810 
and j seven of their Children who died young. | Also their 
Son William who died in 1797 | and their Daughter 
Sarah Ann Duff | who died 1 1th October 1817. J Also 
their Daughter | Elizabeth Gaussen died the 28 February | 
1SG3 Aged 109 years." 

'David Gaussan — now 7 Gaussen — was a Huguenot who escaped from his 
ftative country, and was making for England, when by a storm he was 
&&iged to take refuge in Carlingford Lough. He landed, and settled in 
Newry, where he became one of the leading merchants. His son settled at 
?*Byranan House, on the borders of Lough Neagh, County Deny, and is 
•wr represented by his descendants, David Campbell Gaussen, of Shane- 
toiulagh, and Arthur David Ash Gaussen, of Ballyronan. One of the dans. 
^Uie first David Gaussen married the Rev. Wm. Lucas, Vicar of Newry. 

Aune Duff was widow of John Duff, of Mount Caulfeild, County 

4 On a stone let into the churchyard wall, there is the following 
Ascription ' : 



" Here ljcth | the Body of Eliz. Carpenter | who died the 
25 of Novembr ] 1^-70 Aged 5 Years Daughter | of Daniel 
and Prudence | Carpenter of Newry Prim* | and Also 
John and Jane their | Son and Daughter who | both died 
Young | Prudence Carpenter Died | 21st Aug. 1790 
Aged 60 years." 


Clondalkin Parish. 

[From Notes taken by the Rev. C. T. M'Cready, D.D.] 
{Continued from vol. in., p. 434.) 
'churchwardens — continued.' 

1757, Mr. Benjn. Hudson and Mr. Philip Fatiran. 

1758, Mr. Benjn. Hudson and Mr. Philip Farran. 

1759, Mr. Willm. Johnson and Thomas Knowles. 

1760, Mr. William Johnson and Thomas Knowles. 

1761, Henry Hudson and William Leedom. 

1762, Mr. Henry Hudson and Mr. Trios. Styles. 
17 03, Mr. Thos. Styles and Mr. Benjn. Hudson. 

1764, Mr, Thos. Styles and Mr. Benjn. Hudson. 

1765, Thos. Finlay, Esq. and Mr. Richard Farran. 

1766, Mr. Richard Farran and Mr, Nicholas Farran. 

1767, Mr. Bichaed Farran and Mr. Nicholas Farran. 

1768, Mr. Matthew Swiney and Mr. Richard Farran. 

1769, John Han nan, Esq. and Mr. Richard Farran. 

1770, Mr. Richard Farran and Mr, Thomas Styles. 

1772, Mr. John Bradney, of Blundelstown ; Mr. Benjamin Hudson. 

of Clondalkin. 
[The latter died 13 April, 1773.] 

1773, Mr. John King, of Clondalkin, he being over 60 Mr. Randal 

M'Donnel, of Kilinaroddy (?) was appointed; subsequently 
Mr. "William Hart, of Knockmullen. 

1774, Mr. Henry Pounteney. 
Mr. William Hart. 

1775, Mr. Edmond Knowles and Mr. William Ledwich ; he subse- 
quently resigned, and Mr. Henry Hudson was appointed in Ins 

Note. — i;0i, Aug. ]oih, Col. Dan. Chenevix here first signs the Minutes of tlw 
Vestry, and also Thomas Finlay. 



1776, Mr. Samuel Robinson, of High Lays, and James M'Can, 

both of the town of Clondalkin. 

1777, Mr. Robert Moore. 
Bartholomew Kievan, of Ballyagady (?) 

1778, Mr. Robert Moore. 

Mr. Bartholomew Kievnan. 

1779, Mr. John Mookehead. 
Mr. James Field. 

1780, Mr. John Booth. 

Mr. John Gaylan [d] . 

1781, Mr. John Booth and Mr. James Field. 

1782, Mr. John Moorehead; he retired (?) and John Finlay, Esq., 

was elected in his place. 
Mr. John Hanlon. 

1783, John Finlay, Esq., and Mr. John Hanlon. 

1784, John Finlay, Esq., and Henry Arabin, Esq. 

1785, John Finlay, Esq., and Henry Arabin, Esq. 

1786, John Finlay, Esq., and Arthur Wolfe, Esq. 

1787, John Finlay, Esq., and Arthur Wolfe, Esq. 

1788, John Finlay, Esq., and Arthur Wolfe, Esq. 

1789, [John Finlay, Esq.] 

1790, [John Finlay, Esq.] 

1791, lit. Hon. Arthur Wolfe. 
John Finlay, Esq. 

1792, Rt. Hon. Arthur Wolfe. 
John Finlay, Esq. 

1793, Rt. Hon- Arthur Wolfe. 
John Finlay, Esq. 

17.94, John Finlay, Esq. 

Hugh Wilson, Esq. 
'1795, Jons Finlay, Esq. 

John Frederick Caldbeck, Esq. 

1796, John Finlay. 

1797, John Finlay, Esq. 
William Smith, Esq. 

1798, [No entry of any Vestry.] 

1799, John Finlay, Esq. 
Mr. J ohn Hudson. 

1800, John Finlay, Esq. 
Mr. John Hudson. 

( To be continued.) 

* extracts from vf.stry-book. 
* 12th Jany., 1782. — Arthur Wolfe, Esq., requests that a part of the 
Commons of Newland commonly called the Common of Clondalkin, con- 
tinent to his holding of Newland, may be enclosed by him, in lieu of 
*ineh he will give an equivalent piece of land to the Parish, and throw it 




into the Common for the use of all persons having a right of commonage 
on s d Common.' 

[This request was consented to.] 

'At a vestry held on the 29th Jany., 1785, the proposal of Wifc 
Caldbeck, Esq*, barrister- at-law, is approved, viz., that he sh d give up his 
right of commonage for ever on the Commons belonging to the town of 
Clondalkin, and be permitted to enclose a part of the great Common adjoin- 
ing to his dwelling-house, containing 1 rood and 37 perches.' 

'At a vestry held on the 17th of May, 17S5, it is agreed to pull down 
the present church, and erect a new one on the same ground.' 
[This was carried out in 1787-1789.] 

4 Names of the Subscribers to this work.' 

Mr. Finlay 
A bp. of Dublin 
Mr. Arab in 
Mr. Wolfe 
Mr. Wilson 
Kev. John Druiy 
Mr. Patrick 
Mr. Fox 

... £50 

... 22 15 

... 11 7 6 

... 11 7 6 

... 11 7 6 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

Mr. Dickenson 
Mr. Pierson 
Dean Craddock 
Mr. Caldbeck 
Mr. Robinson 
Mr. Ahmuty 
Mr. Hendrick 

... £5 13 9 

3 8 3 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

... 5 13 9 

8 The signature " Kilwarden " appears amongst the signatures attached 
to the minutes of a vestry meeting held on July 24, 1800.' 

" 1804, May 15th — Piesolved, that the completion of the steeple be 
proceeded with. 

" 1-807, April 27th — Piesolved, that it would be highly expedient to 
establish a School in the Parish for the instruction of the poor children 

" 1819—- Pesolved, that a Vestry-room for Parochial business be erected 
at the east side of the church." 

(To be continued.) 

C'rumtiii Parish. 

[From George Sydney Cary, Esq., 1897-1 

' From tombstones in the churchyard of St. Mary's, Crumlin * : — 

"Ig n PtmcELL Esqr his burial place. ] His first wife Margaret 
Pukcell I alias Sweetman died 13th of June | 1682. His 
second wife Ellenor For.- | -cell alias Plunket died 
the Gth of J any 1691. j Not lost but gone before. Ignatius 
Pukcell Esqr | obt 3rd of March 1791. | Died 3 1st of 
Deer 1851. Henrietta Frances O'Neill | daughter of 
Major Bkistow and wife of | Ignatius Francis Purcell 
Esqr. | Also Ignatius Francis Purcell | of Cromlyu 



House, Co. Dublin Esqr 14th Augt 1856. j Trusting in the 
merits of Christ. | Here also are deposited the remains of 
Selina E. Purcel. . | (the second ' l ' has been chipped away) 
wife of Jno F« Purcell Esqr, who departed this life on the j 
9th day of October 1823 in her 22nd year." 



This Stone and Burial Place Belon- | geth to Mr. Thomas 
MorrAy of | Mill Street and his Posterity 1760. | Here 
Lyeth Thirteen of his Children and also Mr. Simon Carrol 
of Kewraa | rket Limeburner for him and his j Posterity. 
Here Lyeth the Bodies of | his Father and Mother and one 
of his Children." 



LIFE JULYY I 20 ANO 1692." 



Here lyeth the | Body of Richard | M'Cann Who Dyed | 
Juiy the 27th 1732 | Aged 23 years." 


Momento LH.S. Mori. 
1 Sacred to the memory of | Laurence Stafford of the City 
of Dublin who | departed this life the 1st of March 1795 
aged 73 | years | Here rest the Kemains of His Son | 
James Stafford and Four of His Daughters | viz. Mary 
Ann, Catherine and Bridget Stafford. | This stone was 
Erected by His Son Nicholas Stafford of James's 
Street Dublin. | Bequiescant in Pace." 



'This Stone was Erected | by Mr. Mathew Byrne | of Cole 
Alley, Baker in | Memory of his Father | Bartholomew 
Byrne | who Departed this | Life August 2nd | 1757 
aged 68 years." 



" This Stone and Burial Place | Belongs to Mr. William 
Hallagan I of the City of Dublin 1768." 

« This Stone | Belongs to William | Mercer and Here | 
lyeth the Body | of Edward Lock who | departed this life 
the 28 day of March | 17 16." 

Momento LH.S. Mori. 
"This Stone was Erected by | Catherine Daniel of Brabzon (sic) 
| Street in memory of her beloved | Husband Thos Daniel 
who Depd | this life June 2nd 1791 Aged 42 years." 

" This Stone was erected by | Mr. John Johnston of 
Parliament Street | Silk Manufacturer to the Memory of 
his | beloved Parents. | Underneath lie interred the mortal 
remains | of his Mother Mrs Jane Johnston who 
departed | this life on the 7th day of November 1820 | 
aged 53 years | her value as a wife a mother and a friend | 
shall be long remembered by those who had | the pleasure 
of her society. | Here" also lie interred the remains of bis 
Father | Mr. Geohge Johnston who departed this life | 
on the 23rd day of August 1821 aged 60 years | an'ectiouale 
to his family and strictly | honourable in his dealings 
he lived | respected and died regretted. | Here also lieth 
the remains of the above | named John | Johnston who 
departed | this life August 23rd 1823 aged 30 years." 



"This Stone & burial place | Belongeth to Laurence 
Crottt of Johns Lane Fishamble Strt & | Denis Harney 
of Brittain | Both in the City of Dublin for | them & 
their Posterity." 

"Erected by the Revd. James Elliot 1857. In Memory 
of John Chetwood N. Elliott who died Deer. 29th 
A.D. 183L aged 4 years. Also Harriet F. Elliott 
who died Jany. 2nd A.D. 1832 aged 3| years. Also 
James C. Elliott who died Febry 6th *A.D. 1832, 
aged 2 years. Also Mary Isabella Elliott who died 
August 17th A.D. 1857 aged 26 years. Charlotte 
H. C. Elliott died November 7th 1862, aged 28 years. 
Mrs. Charlotte Elliott died Novr. 26th 1865 aged 
74 years. 

4 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is 
eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.' — Horn. vi. 23. 
* Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.' — liev. xiv. 13.' 


Bonnbate farish Church. 

[Sent by H. B/Swanzy, Esq.] 

' The three following inscriptions are on flat stones in the chancel, and in 
fodsed characters ' : — 

e e 

" Here lie's y body of y Rev d | Richard Pryse Late vic r 
of Donabate deceased | the 1 st of June 1715 | Aged 37 years." 

"Here Lyeth the Body of M rs Cath | Acheson Daughter 
to S ir George | Acheson Bar 4 of market hill who ] departed 
this life y e 6 lh of Sep r 1735 | aged 76. j Also y e Body 
of M rs Euz Ta Jolly | departed this life ye 16 th of Jan r y J 
1747 aged 52," 

" Here Lyeth the Body of M r Richard Fitzstmons | who 
departed this life in May 1700 aged 55 | years | Here 
allsoe lyeth Ursella Fitzsimons his Wife | who departed 
this life iii (sic) April 1725 aged 80 | years | M r Henry 
Fitzsimons their Son departed | this life in May 1726 
aged 55 years | M r Iohn Fitzsimons their Son departed 
this | life in Xber 1729 aged 50 years. | M r Mark 
Fitzsimons their Son departed ] this life the 18 of July 
1745 aged 55 years. \ This Stone was layd by M rs Ann 
Fitzsimons | Wife to Mark Fitzsimons." 

s Over this inscription are the following Crest and Arms ' : — 
1 Crest — A Dove flying with an olive branch in her mouth.' 
* Arms — Dexter, a fess between 3 crescents* Sinister, a bend and in 
ti>iei a castle.' 
■ Motto—' Beati pacinci.' ' 

* There is a very large marble tablet on the north wall, to the memory of 
Archbishop Cobbe, ancestor of the Gobbes of Newbridge, with this in- 

"M.S. Reverendissimi Domini Caroli Cobbe, | Archiepiscopi 
Dublineusis, | Cujus in Laudibus Celebrandis, | Nec Fama 
Loqnax, nec ipsa mendax | Poterit effe Epitaphiuin | 
Hoc igitur breve Claudit Encomium, | Vivus, homines 
habuit Amicos, | Moriens, Conscicntiaiu, | Mortuus, Deum. | 
Obiit April 14, A.D. 1765 | /Et. : 79." 



Merrion Graveyard, 

[Copied by Charles 'J. Wallace and F. Elrington Ball, EsqmJ 
* On the Blackrock road adjoining Dornden ' « 






MARH 1692." 




REILLY & his posterity 171 [broken] 
his daughter C ["broken] THRINE died 
sep [broken] the 2 d 1721." 




« Here Lies The Body of Will 3 Dailey Who Died May 
tte 20 1774 Aged 63 years." 

[Granite stone 




to MORGAN RYAN for him and his 


Here Lyeth y e Body of Charles Ryan son to Morgan 
Ryan who departed this life y e 28 th of Iuue 1 726." 



" Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 


Memento I.H.S. Mori. 

This Stone was Erected by William Bradshaw in memory 
of his loved wife Elizabeth Bradshaw who departed this 
life the 4th of January 1821 Aged 76 years. Here also 
lieth the remains of Mary Bradshaw mother of the above 
"Willeam Bradshaw who Departed this life the 20th of 
April 1772 aged 98 years ; also Four of their children; also 
seven of their grandchildren." 

Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 

Memento I.H.S. Mori. 

"June the 10th 1796. This Stone was Erected by William 
Sheridan of John-Street in the Liberty of the City Dublin 
Wollen Manufacturer in memory of his Father and Mother 
and four of his children Here also lieth the body of his 
Daugther Sarah Hanley who departed this life April 20th 
aged 19 years." 


" This Stone and Burial place Belongeth to Mr. Patrick 
Maguire of Porters Row and his posterity Here lieth Judith 
his wife and 6 of his children 1774." 

Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 


Memento I.H.S. Mori. 
" Here lieth the Remains of Peter Kerns His Wife Mary 
and Seven Children of Duke Street 1796." 


"This Stone and burial place be Longeth to M r Andrew 
I'urcell of Georges Quay Pope Maker & his Posterity 
Krecte.l 1780 Here lieth y e Body of his Father and Mother 
Tuos & Mary Purcell & too (sic) of the above Andrews 
children Thos and Martha." 



Gloria in Excelsia Deo. 

Memento I.TI.S. Mori. 

" Here lieth the Body of Edward Mullery late of Bag^ot 
Lane who departed this life 22nd of April 1815 aged 33 
years also two of his children." 

Parish of §t. JTIiehan's. 

[From Mrs. Long, Dublin.] 

" Here lye the bodies of Mr. Robert King and his daughter 
Anne King [one end]. Here also lye the bodies of Joseph 
King Esq. Son of Mr. James King who departed this 
life the 23rd of April 1810, and of Anne King his infant 
daughter [one side]. Llere lyeth the body of Thos, 
Smyth King the Infaut son of Hclton Smyth King and 
grandson of the. said Mr. James King " [the other end]. 

[Coat-of-Arms and Motto.] 

"This burial place founded by their father James King of 
Corrard, Co. Fermanagh, and this city Esq was one out of 
filial love and respect for the memory of dear and honoured 
parents as well as of their lo^e for such of their brothers 
and sisters as are here interred. Thus enclosed by James 
King Esq. Alderman Abraham Bradley King, and Hulton 
Smyth King Esq. A : D : 1817. It was restored and finally 
closed by Sir Charles Simeon King 3rd Baronet of Corrard, 
and his brother William Frederick King Esq. 1833. 
The dead in Christ shall rise first." [The other side.] 

St. Anne's Parish Church. 

{Continued from vol. m., page 455.) 

From a note-book in my possession in the handwriting of the 
late Rev. Beaver H. Blacker. 

[P. D, V.] 

* CI. East end of graveyard — (continued) ' : — 

44 Here reposes the remains of Frederick Morrison, a beloved 
boy, who died in his seventh year, at his father's house, 
at Walcot, near Bray, on the 22nd January, 1815." 



OIL Same place': — 

" Robert Michael Creigbmfon, aged 23 years, died July 
the 16th, 1821. Also bis father, Surgeon John Creighton, 
who departed this life Angst 11th, 1827, aged 59 years, 
deservedly beloved and regretted. AIso.Meliora Charlotte 
Brudend, his grand-daughter, who died 2nd July, 1824, 
jEtat. 6 years. Also Margaret, his wife, who died 11th 
May, 1841, Mm. 73 years." 

CI II. Same place ' :— 

il Here lieth the body of Mrs. Rose O'Neill, who departed 
this life the 12th day of September, 1751, aged — years." 

CIV, Same place' : — 

"Here lyeth the body of Mrs. Ann Sharman, wife to William 
Sharman, Esqre., who departed this life the third day of 
May, 1768, in the 56th year of her age." 

CV. Same place ' :— 

" This stone is erected by Mrs. Marsell M artin, in memory 
of her beloved husband, Arthur Martin, of Duke Street, 
who departed this life 7th Octo., 1809, aged 45 years." 

CVI. Same place':— 

" To the memory of Mr. Nicholas Barrett, who departed 
this life the 16th J any., 1826, aged 51 years. This stone 
was erected by his ahiicted widow as an inadequate testimony 
of her imperishable affection. The recollection of his Christian 
virtues will be long cherished by his children, to whom he was 
an irreparable loss." 

CVII. Same place':— 

" The burial place of Geo. Wilkinson Grafton, who died 1st 
Oct., 1813, aged 45." 

CV1IL Same place':— 

"Hero lyeth the body of the Reverend John Day, of the County 
cf Kerry, A.M., who departed this life the 31st of March, 
1761 [?], aged 63 [?] years. Here lyeth also the body of 
Hobert Fitzgerald, Esq., Knight of Kerry, and member 
in four successive Parliaments for the borough of Dingle, 
Kerry [?].. One of his sisters was the wife of Mr. (?) Day. 
lie departed this life 5th December, 1781 [?] aged 90 [?]. 



Here lyeth also the body of Thomas Franks, Esqr., who 
was married to the daughter of the above John Day, and 
the niece of Robert -Fitzgerald. He departed this life 
the 7th day of May, 1787, in the 48th year of his age. 
Here lieth also the body of Christiana Franks, the wife 
of John Franks, Esqr., Barrister at law, 2nd son of the 
above named Thos. Franks and Catherine, his wife. 
She died on the 16th day of June, 1811, in the — year 
of her age. Also Matthew Franks, 3rd son of Matthew 
Franks, of York Street, Dublin, Solicitor, and grandson of 
said Thomas and Catherine Franks. He died the 30th 
day of December, 1829, in the 18th year of his age." 

< CIX. Same place ' :— 

"This stone was erected by John Preston in memory of his 
father and mother, James and Catherine Preston. The 
above James departed this life the 9th day of February, 
1797, aged 74 years. Also the body of Elizabeth Potter, 
mother in law to the above John Preston. She departed 
this life the 6th day of January, 1797, aged 64 years. 
Here lieth also the body of Mr. John Preston, who departed 
this life July the 1st, 1812, aged 54 years." 

«CX. Same place':— 

" This stone and burial place belongeth to Mr. Dennis Kelly, 
of College-green, Carpenter. Here lieth the body of his wife, 
Mrs. Cathrine Kelly, who departed this life the 29th of 
May, 1778, aged 39. Here also lieth the body of the above 
Dennis Kelly, who departed this life the 5th of July, 1778, 
aged 50." 

( CXI. Same place ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Alicia Gottgh, who died 
the 24th of February, 1834, in Christian hope of a joyful 

' CXII. Same place' : — 

" Here lies the body of Mr. Patrick Roche, who, when living, 
was a most tender husband, and a sinceare friend, and greatly 
lamented by his friends. His affectionate wife caused this 
stone to be erected in memory of him. He died Nov. 18th, 
1775, aged 60 years." 

•CXJII. Same place':— 

il Here lieth the body of Mrs. Catherine Day, who dept. 
this life the 17th of April, 1812, aged 64 years." 



i CXIV. Same place ' : — 

11 Here lieth the remains of Qaptain. Anthony L'Estrange, 
of the King's County Militia, who departed this life the 3rd 
day of December, 1813, aged 54 years. This stone is erected 
to his memory by his widow, Anne I/Estrange." 

1 CXV. Same place, on elevated platform ' : — 

(i Underneath are deposited the remains of Mrs. Rebecca 
Craven, who died April 12th, 1826, aged 56. And also 
those of her husband, Nathaniel Graven, Esqre., who 
died June 8th, 1827, aged 62 years." 

'CXVL Same place ' 

" Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Gabbett, who died June 
5th, 1S04, aged 5 years. Also Mrs. Jane Gabbett, her 
mother, who died 28th Sept., 1808, aged 40 years." 

i CXVIL Same place, on raised platform within railings ' : — 

<£ To the memory of Henry Gore, Lord Baron Annaly, of 
Tonelick, a man less illustrious from his rank than from his 
virtues. His principles and conduct were alike pious and 
correct. His mind was firm and serene, equally inured to 
bear the prosperous as the adverse. A cheerful temper and 
the gentlest and most fascinating manners indicated a heart 
glowing with the most benevolent sentiments, and rendered 
him an ornament to private life. He was a most affectionate 
husband, and a most sincere friend. Non illo melior quisquam, 
nec amantior tequi. Also of Mahy, his wife, who was the 
only daughter of Skeefington Randal Smyth, Esq., by 
Mary, daughter of the Hon. John Moore. She was a 
most affectionate wife, a most valuable friend and relative, 
and possessed the Christian virtue of charity and beneficence 
in a pre-eminent degree. Hied March 1st, 1812, aged 75." 

' CXVIII. Same place, on raised platform within railings ■ : — 

11 Here lie the remains of Elizabeth Gardiner, wife of 
John Gardiner, Esqr., of Farm Hill, in the Co. Mayo, 
and second daughter of the late Rt. Hon. Lord Tyrawley. 
She departed this life June the 14th, A.D. 1S23. This 
tomb is erected to her memory by her afflicted husband." 


* CXIX. Same place, on raised structure ' :— 

14 The resting place of John Gotthelf Newman, Esq., born 
at Bernstadt, in Saxony, who departed this life on the 23rd 
March, 1830, aged 78 years. 

Als Jiingling schon schied er vom Vaterlande 
Beseelt mit Biederkeit und deutschem Sinn 

Flocht sich iin Ausland siissc theu're Bande 

Von Lieb' und Freundschaft herrlichen Gewinn ! 

Das ist des edlen Menschen edles Schalten 

(Was des Geschtckes Hand ihm anch verhangt) 

Dass er sich fugt dem gottlichen Verwalten 
Das Gute liebt, das in den Pflad sich drangt 

So ruhe sanft in Trland's Muttersehoose 

Bis einst, am jiingsten Tag, dein treuer Geist 

Die Krou' erapfangt in jenem heitren loon Loose 
Das uns der Gottmeush ewiglich verhcisst ! 

Also of Mary, wife of the above, who departed this life 
on the 24th December, 1831, aged 79 years. Also 
Catherine Nugent, friend of the above, died 14th December, 
1847, aged 76 years." 


* "When still a youth he left his Fatherland 

His honest heart was full of love and German kindness 
But soon abroad, a wreath of newer friends 
In friendship, love, and troth surrounded him 

That is the way of every noble man 

That he, whatever heaven may him send 
Bends in humility and sees the goods 

That Providence is throwing in his path 

Go sleep in peace in Ireland's mother's lap 

Sleep till the last of days when then your spirit 

Shall yet be crowned with that eternal crown 
Our Saviour promised to the good.' 

' CXX. Same place ' : — 

" Here lyeth interd [sic] the body of Nathl. Bull, of 
Greananstown, in the County of Meath, Esq., who departed 
this life the 12th day of August, 1736, aged 87 years. Here 
also lyeth interd Elizth., wife of Natul. Bull, who departed 
this life July 1750." 



<CXXI. Same place': — 

a Here lies Samuel L'Estra^ge, the eldest and beloved son • 
of Francis L'Estrange, Esq. He departed this life on the 
6th of May, 1818, in the 35th year of his age. Most 
excellent man, kind, affectionate husband and father, farewell! 
Here also lies his first born infant daughter." 

'CXXII. Same place':— 

" This stone is erected to the memory of Mrs. Mary Fannin, 
who departed this life August the 23rd, 1828. Here lies 
the remains of her mother, sister, and brother.'* 

* CXXIII. Same place ' 

(t Sacred to the memory of Sophia, wife of K. N. Bennett, 
Esq., Chief Justice of Tobago, and daughter of the late TV. 
H. Hart, Esqr., formerly M.P. for Staffordshire. She departed 
this life Oct. 16th, 1S33, aged 59 years. This stone was 
erected as a small token of respect to the memory of an 
affectionate mother by her afflicted children, R. B. Bennett 
and S. E. Chambers." 

« CXX1V. Same place ' :— 

" Here lieth the body of the Right Honble. Lieut. -Genl. John 
Pomeroy, who departed this life the 10th day of Juue, 
1790, aged 66 years. He was Lieut. Genl. of His Majesty's 
Forces, Colonel of the 64th Regiment of Foot, one of His 
Majesty's most Honble. Privy Counsel, and Representative 
in Parliament for the Borough of Trim, in the County of Meath. 
This tomb is erected to his memmory [sic] by his nephew 
and heir, the Honble. and Revd. John Pomeroy." 

'CXXV. Same place':— 

w Sacred to the memory of Margaret Maffett, wife of 
William Maffett, Esq., of this city, who departed this 
life the 22nd of October, 1829, aged 42 years." 

« CXXVI. North-east comer ' . 

" Sacred to the memory of Richard Samuel Guinness, of 
Deepwell, Blackrock, who died August 28th, 1857, aged 60 
years. Also Eleanora, his eldest daughter, who died 8th 
October, 1 S36, aged 2 jears." 



< CXXVII. Same place ' 

" Sacred to the meraory*of Henry Kennedy, of the City of 
Dublin, Esqr., M.D., who departed this life December 10th, 1 
aged 62 years. And of his only sou, Henry Kennedy, 
Esq., who departed this life December loth, 1822, aged 
35 years." 

'CXXVIII. Same place':— 

" This stone was erected to the memory of Mr. Alexander 
Sheridan, of the City of Dublin, who departed this lifo 
December the 10th, Anno Domini 1770." 

« CXXIX. Same place':— 

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Catherine Gaeindo [?], 
who departed this life the 18th Jany., 1829, aged 64." 
The testimony of her virtues is the tears of her friends." 

4 CXXX. Same place ' : — 

" This burial place belongeth to Mrs. Cox and her posterity." 

« CXXXI. Same place ' :— 

" Near this stone lie interred the remains of Mary Radley, 
daughter of Samuel Brierley, Esq., of Pendleton, in 
Lancashire, who died the 24th of May, 1805, aged 50 years. 
And of Alice, daughter of Joseph and the abovenamed 
Mary Radley, of Cullen's Wood, near Dublin, who died 
the 29th of October, 1816, aged 28 years. Also the 
abovenamed Josh. Radley, whom the Lord has withdrawn 

, from his earthly covering on the 7th July, 1826, aged 
72 years." 

< CXXXII. Same place ' :— 

w Here lieth the body of Mr. Martin Nowland, who departed 
this life the 18th day of May, 1760, aged Sixty years ; as 
also six of his children." 

* CXXXIII. South-west corner ' :— 

" Here lieth the body of Mr. William Rainsford, of Anne 
Street, in this parish, who departed this life July 7th, 1785, 
aged 77 years. This stone erected by his wife, Mary 

4 CXXX1Y. Same place ' :— 

u Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Anderson, who departed 



[Copying of stones resumed 30th July, 1867, after a year's interval, 
daring which all the stones on the north side of the church have been re- 
moved to other parts of the yard, 'to make way for a playground ; and 
gome to give room for new lecture-hall. I begin now at west end of south 
p.irt of graveyard. — C. M'C] 

« CXXXV. West end of south side ' 

M Here lieth the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Charges, wife of 
Colonel Charges, who died the 15 day of March, 1769, aged 63." 

* CXXXVI. Same place ' 

" Sacred to the memory of Ebenezer Warren, M.D, whose 
virtues and talents justified the fondest expectations of his 
friends, who must ever lament the too early interruption of 
their happiness by his death on the 17th of March, 1799, in 
the 27 th year of his age." 

• CXXXVII. Same place ' :— 

" Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Webb, who died 18th 
January, 1827, aged 22 years. Also to the memory of 
William Webb, Deputy Commissary General, father of th 
above Elizabeth, who died the 8th day of February 1845, 
aged 75 years." 

' CXXXVI1I. Same place 9 ■ 

Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 
Memento I. U.S. Mori. 
- " This stone was erect* 1 " [The remainder is too much sunk 
beneath the surface to be legible.] 

'CXXXIX. Same place' 

" To the memory of Mrs. Catherine Deane, who departed 
this life December 10th, 1848, aged 70 years." 

* CXL. Same place ' : — 

"To the memory of the late Mr. Geo. Lee, Quar. Masr. in 
the 12th Light Dragoons, who departed this life the 17th day 
of October, 1787, aged 56 years. 

Of talents rare, with white robed justice arnrd 
His wisdom awed us, and his goodness charmed. 
Most gentle spirit ! Peace eternal shed 
Her precious blessings on thy sacred head. 
Great was thy art, in science did excell, 
Each noble taleut none could grace so well. 
Such were thy gifts that in the race of men 
We ne'er will look upon thy like again. 



Oh ! if I forget thee even in my mirth. 
Epitaph on the late M^rs. Anne Lee, wife to the above. Mr. 
George Lee, who departed this life the 22nd of April, 
1790, in the 60th year of her age. 

Departed soul, whose worth transcends the pain, 
Thou gained thy longed-for wish, for thou again 
Hast joined thy spouse, and in immortal bliss, 
Where bliss rewards a virtuous man and wife." 

* CXLI. Same place' : — 

"Miss Eliza Reily, aged 18 years, died 21 October, 1803." 

' CXL1L Same place ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Miss Harriett Lambert, who 
departed this life on the 23rd day of August, 1826. Also 
sacred to the memory of Catherine Stanton Lambert, 
relict of the late Walter Lambert, of Crogaclare, in the 
Co. Galway, Esqre., who departed this life 26 May [appr.] 
1844, aged 86. Also Miss Maria Margaret Lambert, 
who died 17th September, 1853." 

•CXLIII. Same place':— 

" Here lieth the body of James Gribben, who died the 20th 
Sept., 1801, aged 60. Ann Gribben, wife of James 
Gribben, died the 19th Sept., 1825, aged 75 years. 
Also the remains of Elizabeth Gribben, wife of Isaac 
Gribben *? [the remainder under ground]. 

'CXLIV. Same place*:— 

" Dedicated to the memory of Mr. John Reams, by his sorrowing 
children. He departed this life the 27th of Sept., 1806. He 
was a man, take him for all and all, we ne'er shall look upoa 
his like again. To the memory of Mrs. Mary Reams, 
relict of the above, who departed this life the ISth of June, 
1815. Her children have to deplore the loss of the best of 
parents ; the poor of a benefactress and friend." 

'CXLV. Same place' :— 

"Sacred to the memory of Ann Leonora Beamish, who 
departed this life on the 18th day of June, 1826, aged 57 years." 

'CXLVI. Same place':— 

44 Sacred to the memory of Miss Emma Lambert, who departed 
this life 30th April, 1829:' 



« CXLVIL Same place ' : — 

<( Here lies the remains of Mr. James Hart, who departed 
this life the 30th July, 1823, aged 66 years. Also his wife, 
Kakcissa, who departed this life the 18th Feb., 1823, 
aged 56 years. Also their son James, who departed this 
life the 10th May, 1809, aged 4 years." 

1 CXLVIII. Same place, raised on granite sarcophagus, and railed in ' : — 

" Here lieth the remains of Ellen, the beloved wife of Copeland 
G rattan, M.D.j Surgeon 56th Regiment, who departed this 
life on the 7th January, 1844, aged 43 years. Also the 
mortal remains of the abovementioned Copeland Gkattan, 
who departed this life 27th May, 1850, loved and esteemed 
by all who knew him." 

1 CXL1X. Same place ' :— 

"Here lie interred the mortal remains of Mariakna Luby 
(alias Wethekall), the amiable and beloved wife of the 
Kevd. Dr. Luby, F.T.C.D., who died on the 23rd of May, 
A.D. 1829, aged 28 years. Also of their eldest child Anne, 
who died in infancy, A.D. 1825. Also of their only son 
Thomas William, who died on the 10th of January, A.D. 
1847, in the 21st year of his age. A Scholar of the University 
of Dublin, of great litterary [sic] promise, and of signal 
virtue and piety, his premature death was a severe trial. 
* The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away ; blessed 
be the name of the Lord.' " 

(To be continued.) 

Hi. James's Parish. 

4 Sir Jaues MacDonxell, the eldest son [of Sir Randal MacDonnellJ, 
would have been the fourth Baronet, were it not for his father's forfeiture. 
H« was a gentleman well accomplished, but died unmarried, 24th May, 
17 ^ 8, and was buried in St. James's Churchyard, Dublin, under a tomb 
of marble, adorned with his Coat- Armour, and this inscription — 

• "Jacobo M'Donnell Equiti Aurato,* e prised et per-illustri 
Fain ilia Doualdorum scilicet Insularum oriundo, Viro ob 
singularem Comitatem et snavissimam Morum Simplicitatem 
Bernini unquarn offeuso, Fratri suo charissimo Denato Mense 
Maii Die 24° Anuo 1728. Nec uon Matri suss amantissirace 
11 anna: Koch Filio tantum dilecto uon diu supers titi Matronse 
Foemineis animi Dotibua instructissima?, quibus virile adjecerat 

* Should be Baronetto [?], 




Ingenium et Constantiam, Kt omnibus in Conjugem et Liberos 
ofiiciis egregie absolutis, Fatfs concessit Mense Decembrt 
Die 26° Anno 1728. Ilorum tarn cfaaris Manibus Gratique 
Animi et Obsequii sui hoc qualecunque Monumentum 
Henrietta M'Donnell Mccrens ponit. Rcquiescant in Pace." 

St. Margaret's— N. of Finglas. 

[From J. R. Garstin, F.S.A.] 

* Adjoining this church is a chapel, now an ivy-clad ruin, described in 
Walsh's " Churches of Fingal," and in the Excursion Programme of the 
R.S.A.I., by whom it was visited in September, 1897. One portion is 
said by D'Alton to have over the door a Latin inscription stating that it 
was built by Sir John Plunkett, Ciiief Justice of the K.B., of Dunsogbij 
(who died in 1582). This must be now completely covered by ivy. 

* Inside, against the wall, is a stone which originally bore two inscriptions. 
That to the right has perished except two words, one of which is 
qvondam. The other runs ' : — 


* In English ' : — 

* [In this tomb are entombed the bones of the Plunkets of 
- Dtrasoghly whose heir Nicholas Plunkett and his wife 
Elizabeth Fissher caused it to be made, 1675.] ' 

* Close by, as shown only partially in the wood-cut in Walsh's 
'* Fingal," are two mortuary chapels of somewhat similar and remarkable 
design. It is mainly " sham Gothic," with some very good minor details 
but includes carving of classical design. Both chapels are now nnrooJ^l 
and nearly covered with ivy. There is no inscription inside, but on i 
white marble tablet over the entrance to the eastern mausoleum is the 
following inscription, which also is almost hidden by ivy ' : — 


" Andreas Morgan Mercator Dubliniensis hoc monumentum | 
pro sc quoque Familia fieri testamento mandavit : Fiiii ejus j 
Patri optimo-merenti posuerunt. Ipse Andreas obiit die J 
tercia Martiis 1746. Kequiescat in pace." 



* la English ' : — 

• [Andrew Morgan of Dublin, merchant, ordered in his will 
that this monument should be erected for himself and his 
family. His sons erected it to the worthiest of parents. 
This Andrew died on the 3rd of March, 1 746. May he 
rest in peace.] ' 

1 Below is an elaborately carved coat-of-arms (a lion with impalement) > 
g&ier which is a long motto. D'Alton gives the latter only, but it does 
l t appear amongst the many Morgan entries in Burke's 44 Armory." 

1 Outside of the same building, overlooking the neighbouring field, on 
asotfeer white marble tablet is recorded that ' : — 

"Here lies the body of Columb Morgan of ] Usher's Island 
in the City of Dublin Esqr." It says he died " 22 June 1796," 
and that the inscription was 44 Erected by his wife (so) Mrs. 
Jane Morgan who died 31 May 1824, and is here interred." 

1 This doubtless was regarded as a very fine mausoleum, but it is now in 
* pitiable state of decay and neglect.' 


M. Michael le Pole's Churchyard. 

[From the Rev. R. S. Maffett, B.A.] 

4 There are only ten tombstones in this churchyard, all of which are 
f^ed against the " southern " boundary wall, over against the side wall 
&f fht old church or school -house. The ground measures in length some 
£3 teet, and i,n width about 42 at the entrance, and 25 at the upper end. 
the wooden entrance gate at the gable of the school-house is very old and 
»*'ubby, and so are three seats disposed here and there on a most uninviting 
4 * sward." Certainly something might be done with advantage to improve 
appearance of this small enclosure, which is of much interest, both as a 
v <ry ancient ecclesiastical site, and as ground connected with a celebrated 
wtin school of the eighteenth century. A caretaker lives on the ground floor 
w itie old church building, which, after re-edification, became the school- 
»»«se in which Henry Grattan and the first Earl of Clare received their 
* ^cation. An upper storey is now the St. Bride's Widows' Alms House. 
*»fc*n taking the inscriptions at the end of 1895, I was informed by the 
' 4 ™Uker (who had beeu about nine years in charge) that soon after coming 
J * place she had discovered two of the stones (Xos. 7 and 8) about two 

1 below the surface while digging at the bank parallel to the 44 side wall " 
*{*>ken of above, which, however, is to be considered the back of the 

\hns House"; the entrance to the lower storey of the building is in the 
-*bie looking towards Great Ship-street. It should be said here that the 
***** approached from No. 15 Great Ship-street by an iron gate and 



passage. These stones were come upon at a place not quite half way from 
the gable connected with which; as has been said, is the old wooden gate 
to the present churchyard. It seems that about seven years before an 
visit, when a sewer was being constructed along the front of the Alia? 
House, a number of bones were dug up ; they were re-interred in tin 
ground above described, at the end farthest from the entrance. According 
to the caretaker, a great many tombstones were used for repairs at ths 
beginning of the century. An arch in the dividing wall can, I believe, 
still be seen from the yard of a house in Chancery-lane ; this probablv 
belonged, I was told, to an entrance to the grounds at the farther gable, 
near to where the Round Tower stood.* 

* With respect to the size of the stones, the first is not so large as most 
of the others ; the second, ninth, and tenth are small.' 

* The stone farthest from the entrance has the inscription given below, 
the four last lines of which were covered with earth. Part of the stone 
itself is broken off at the lower corner to the left-hand. The correctness o! 
the " 7 r within brackets is very doubtful ' : — 

" Here lieth the body of M r Nicholas Carroll, who departed 
this Life the 20 th day of August 1755 Aged 38 Years 
also the Remains^ of M rs Judith Fane Sister of the above 
Nicholas and Wife of M r William Fane, who dyed the 
2[0 or 9] of January 1780 Aged 50 Y[ea]rs Eleanor 
Caruoll who departed this Life December '29 1783 Aged 
58 Years Also William Fane who Departed this Life 
August II th 1787 Aged 64 Years And John Carroll 
Husband to [the A]bove Named Eleanor Carroll who 
[Departed] this Life February 9 th 179[7 ?] [Aged] 72 Years." 

1 The top of the next stone, to the left -hand side, is broken off. I bai 
not previously met with the surname in this inscription without 
fiual " e " :— 

" [Herje are Buried [E]uz. Servant who [d]eparted this 
life Aug 4 y e 25 th 1701, & Samuel her Son who died july y e 
17 th 1701 iEtasfiait." 

* The third stone has as follows ' : — 

** Here lie the Uemains of | William Gordon | died 25 
December 1824 | aged 49 years | and of j Eleanor Gordon | 
his wife | died 29 January 1825 | aged 42 years." 

* There is nothing on the fourth stone.' 

* Since writing the above paragraph, I have found that there are traces ct t* 
built-up arches iu the wall of the yurd separating No. '2'.) Chancery-lane frbxfl ; 
church grounds. The arches are round, and so low that with the yard ut its facet* « 
level, they would not admit of any one passing under them. 



* On tho next stone the letters are growing very indistinct and the dots 
of the i's are illegible. The word ?' Resurrection seems to have only one 
"r"in the middle ; the tall form of ^s" occurs here as well as on some 
cf the other stones ' : — 

"Here Lieth the Body of M ra Elizabeth Mason Wife of M r 
John Mason Vicar Choral of S l Patricks and Christ Church 
Dublin and Also Vicar Choral of Armagh She Departed this 
life on Wednesday the 9t :h i day of March 1774 in the 66 year of 
her Age in full hopes of a happy and Joyful! Resurection (sic) 
through the Merits of JESUS CHRIST our Most Blessed 
Saviour and Redeemer." 

( The next memorial has an IHS within a circle, between the circum- 
ference of which and an inner zig-zag line the stone is incised ' : — - 

" Here lieth y° Body of Don* MMDaniel Merck* of William 
Street in the City of Dublin who Departed this life the 18 th Dec r 
1761 Aged 84 Here also lieth the Body of his Wife Mart 
M c Daniel who Departed this life 23 May 1763 Aged 75 
Also their Son Mich l who Departed this Hfo 20 May 1746 
Aged 19 Also y e Bodys of Jane & Mary M c Daniel 
Grand Daughters of y e Said Dom k & Mary by there (sic) 
Son Francis." 

* The seventh stone has a device similar to that of the sixth, except that 
the parts which are lower in the latter are in relief here, and that outside 
Jiie circle there is incised gloria in exelsis (sic) deo. The inscription 
reads ' : — 

** This Stone was Erected by John Dunn of | Camden Street 
to the Memory of his | Father Denis Dunn who departed 
this life j the 6 th day of February 1772 Aged 64 Years, 
his Brother James ValJ e ? 1 Dunn who departed this | life 
the 12 th day of February 1813 Aged 72 Year j And to his 
Mother Elizabeth Dunn | who departed this life the 11 th 
day of Januar^ | 18 J 9 Aged 89 Years." 

* At the foot of the stone, in written characters — 

" May they Rest in Peace Amen." 

4 The eighth stone, which, as previously stated, was dug up some years 
*£o along with the seventh, has the following inscription ' : — 

"This stone was erected to the Memory of j Elizabeth 
Sk.elle[k]n who departed this Life | The II th May 1805, 
Aged [22 ?] Y r ears. j And to three of her Brothers and 
one | Sister who are likewise interred here." 



* The surface of the ninth stone is gone at the left-hand corner, and the 
falling off of thinner flakes lo^yer down has made the end of the inscription 
indecipherable ' : — 

" [ the?] Remains of [ f] Holland, 

who departed (this Life ?] Nov r 1793 aged 6 Month [Also?] 
Stands [s? J Wijl 11 Holland wh[o] [de] parted this Lif[e] 
[Ian] " 

1 The tenth stone has no trace of any inscription on it.' 

' A very interesting inscription was placed by the late Rev. W. G. 
Carroll, M.A., Incumbent of St. Bride's, over the iron gate in Great Ship- 
street. The difficulty of taking this inscription accurately from the marble 
slab itself seemed to me very great, and I have since then obtained a 
kindly given sanction to my extracting it from a volume written by Mr. 
Carroll, entitled ; " Succession of Clergy in S. Bride's, &c, Dublin," the 
preface to which is by the late Bishop Reeves. The inscription, of which 
the 2nd, 6th, and 9th lines are in old English characters, is as follows';— 


&. ixlfdjari It %Hlt Cijtirri) paitf, 

[Here anciently stood the Church and the Round Tower — adjacent lay the 
Mill Fond or " Pool," which gave name to these buildings and to the old 
city gate in Bride-street.] 

J?. Brfbt's! Z£tttJoto<P mm& Hflust, 

[Founded in Bride-street and Bull Alley a.t>. 1683, in succession to an 
older Widows' House in Bride-street — opened here in 1786.] 

A 25ntic'<j ^cljool Ccnftjft^' iUsitimcc, 

[School established in Golden Lane and Arthur's Lane about 1700 a.d.— 
moved to Little Ship-street 1746 — hither 1796 — to Bride Street 1859.] 

Here, in the above-named church xvhen re-built, was the famed Lati-i 
School of the last century, in which HENRY G RATTAN and JOIUf 
F1TZG1BB ON, EARL OF CLARE, tvere educated together. 

W. G. Of 

[The Plate which faces this page has been taken from "a 
sketch by Gabriel Beranger in 1766. — Ed.] 

• The volume mentioned above does not give any inscriptions from the 
Churchyard of St. Michael le Pole, but is a mine of most valuable ftiw* 
interesting information in many other ways on the three original parishes Q» 
the union, viz.; — St. Bride's, St. Michael le Pole, and tSi. Stephen's, w 
which I would refer the readers of these notes. A few further points, bp* 



ever, I may be permitted to jot down from its pages, two of which, by the 
way, reproduce, respectively, a man* of the original parishes from a survey 
of the year 1728, and a sketch 5 f date'd 1766, of St. Michael le Pole Church 
—the latter showing the Round 'lower, then still standing, the only one 
trhich ever existed in Dublin, so far as is known. The site of St. Michael's 
"of the Pool" is said to be one of the earliest ecclesiastical sites in or near 
Dublin, after that of St. Patrick's Well, and the original church was certainly 
of a date previous to the advent of the Anglo-Normans. In 1 G82, the three 
parishes were permanently united, and St. Michael le Pole and St. 
Stephen's Churches closed, the former of which was turned into a school- 
house in 1706. There seems to have been a vault in this church in former 
times, for at the foot of it, we are told, a large quantity of pikes and bayonets 
were found concealed in 1798, St. Michael le Pole Churchyard contains 
the remains of Dr. Thomas Bail, the celebrated schoolmaster ; and of his 
son, the Kev. John Ball; also those of the Rev. Dawson Crowe. The 
M ill alluded to in the inscription over the gate is described in the 
book as having stood where " Messrs. Bacon's warehouse " then was hi 
Little Ship-street ; this spot is now partly occupied by a dairy, the former 
place of business having disappeared. The churchyard, as well as that of 
St. Bride's, was closed during the incumbency of the author, who was 
billing, he says, to hand over the latter to the Corporation, to be laid out 
as an asphalted play-ground, or a garden. This, it is to be hoped, will not 
now be carried out, as the neighbourhood, at no distant date, will be pro- 
vided with pleasure grounds adjoining St. Patrick's Cathedral ; the ground, 
however (like that of St. Michan's), is, if I mistake not, open to the chil- 
dren attending the parish schools, which is not a desirable thing. St. 
Bride's parish has lately become part of the union of St. Werburgh, and the 
parish church, which has several monuments in it, is in a dismantled and 
somewhat dilapidated state. Mr. Can-oil says that the Register, with its 
more than 20,000 entries, annotated, was then ready for the Press, if 
means for its publication could be procured. This volume does not seem 
ever to have seen the light.' 

Itathfarnliam Parish, 

[From Notes taken by the late Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, and kindly 
contributed by Sir Arthur Vicars, F.S.A., Ulster.] 

* Interior — North side ' : — 

"In memory of Orlando Manley, Esqr., Colonel Commandant 
in the Koyal PiCgiment of Artillery, and Major General in the 
Army. He commanded the Royal Artillery in Ireland during 
eight years, and died, universally regretted and respected, on 
the 15th day of Deer., 1808, aged 66 years." 

* 'J his map does not give the correct aspect of the boundary wall with the inemo- 
rifcjs, or of the back of the Aims House, as they now exist. 

4 This sketch shows the Round Tower as forming pitrt of the building, at the centre 
of its 4i west " end, while the Ordnance Survey maps place the site out in the grave- 
5*rd, somewhat to the south of the building. 


"Erected in memory of | Eleanor M'Master, | otherwise 
Boyle, | who died | 6th March, 1875, | aged 63 years. | 
1 Thy loving kindness is better than life.' — Ps. lxiii. 3." 

[Supplied by the Piev. L. Dowdafl, M.A., Rector, 18th Dec, 1878.] 

" Sacred to the memory of Maria Lady Shaw, wife of Sir 
Robert Shay/, Bart., daughter and sole heiress of the late 
Abraham Wilkinson, Ksqr., of Bushy Park, in this parish. 
She was endued with the wisdom that is from above, which 
is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, 
full of mercy and good fruits. She died on the 28th March, 
aged 53, and desired that the following words should be 
placed on her tomb j-^My hope is in Christ. Also to the 
memory of those of her children who are laid in the same vault, 
and who died rejoicing in the same hope : — Abraham, 21st 
Augt., 1816; Lylia Cecilia, 1st Nov., 1835. 

i They are gone to the grave ; but we will not deplore them, 

Whose God was their Ransom, their Guardian, and Guide ; 
He gave them, He took them, and He will restore them ; 
And death has no sting, for the Saviour has died.' " 

' 4 Interior — South side ' : — 

" Filial piety has erected this tribute of affection to beloved 
parents, Thomas and Anne Jones, by whom Nutgrove 
Academy was established, and under whose fostering care it 
attained celebrity. Besides his arduous professional duties 
Mr. Jones originally proposed, and strenuously advocated, 
several plans of enlightened policy, which he lived to see 
adopted for the melioration of society and the welfare of his country." 

* Interior — North side ': — 

" In memory of Philip Jones, M.P.I. A., of Nutgrove, in 
this parish, who died September XlXth MDCCCLXI., in 
the LVilth year of his age. Some pupils of Nutgrove 
School have erected this tablet, to record their respect for 
their Preceptor, and their love for their Friend.*' 

Interior — South side \ : — 
"In a vault adjoining to this House of God lie the mortal 
remains of the Bev. Henry Mac- Lean, Curate of the 
parish of Hathfarnham, and Magistrate for the Co. Dublin 
44 years. His parishioners unite in this testimonial of love 
and esteem for their departed friend, whose kindly manners, 
strict integrity, and unostentatious charity endeared him to the 
rich and poor of an extensive neighbourhood. lie died regretted 
on the 2nd of March, 1838, aged 08 years." 



Interior — South side ' : — 

<s In the adjoining cemetery a?79 -deposited the mortal remains 
of Barry, Viscount Avonmore, late Lord Chief Baron 
of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland, who departed this 
life on the 19th day of August, in the year of our Lord 
1805, aged — years. In consideration of haying long been 
honoured with his Lordship's friendship Sir William Cusack 
Smith, Baronet, has obtained a kind permission, of which he 
avails himself with gratitude and pride by consecrating 
to his. respected memory this tablet. It is a plain one, 
but it bears the name of Yelverton, and therefore is not unadorned. 
The abilities and worth which it might with truth record, 
it however cannot be necessary to commemorate here, of merits 
so recent and so eminent as his on the minds of the present 
generation the impression must be strong; while considering 
the eventful periods which his life embraced, and the elevated 
and active sphere in which it was Lis lot to move, to transmit 
those merits to posterity seems the task of the historian, to 
whom accordingly and fearlessly it is surrendered by the friend." 

Interior — South side ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of the most beloved of parents, Mahy 
Dow r - Viscountess Avonmore. To distinguished grace 
and loveliness of person she united the still greater charm of 
a highly gifted and accomplished mind, the most refined and 
gentle manners, the innocence and generosity of heart, 
high integrity of principle, unaffected, humbly devout piety, worth, 
and goodness, affection may with truth record an emanation 
from that heaven to which, humbly trusting in the merits 
and mercy of a blessed Redeemer, her pure spirit has been 
translated. Her ladyship was the eldest daughter of John 
Kead, Esqre., of East Cams, Hampshire, and relict of 
William Charles, 2nd Viscount Avonmore. She departed 
this life on Friday, 30th May, 1834, and her mortal remains 
repose in a family-vault in the adjoining cemetery. Also sacred 
to the memory of William Charles, 2nd Viscount Avonmore. 
His lordship was the eldest son of Barry Yelverton, 1st Viscount 
Avonmore, by his wife Mary, daughter of William Ncgext, 
Esqre., of Clonlost, Co. Westmeath. lie departed this life 
in the 52nd year of his age, 28th November, 1814 ; and his 
remains were interred in the church of Lianarth, Monmouthshire. 
Together with the name of Yelvertox, he may be said to 
have inherited the virtues and talents of his father; bnt 
preferring private to public life, his sweetness of disposition, 
benevolence of heart, and great intellectual powers were only 
known and felt in the more domestic circles of society. 



This tablet is erected by Mary Yelverton to the memory of 
her beloved parents, a mournful tribute of affection for the 
unfailing tenderness ever besttfwed on one whose love and 
fond regret can cease but with her life," 

'In the Old Churchyard ' 

"In memory of William Magee, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin, 
who died I 8th of August, 1831, in the 67th year of his age. 
And of his wife Elizabeth, died 27th of September, 1825, 
in the 54th year of her age. And of his second son, Thomas 
Perceval, Archdeacon of Kilmacduagh (and Rector of St. 
Thomas', Dublin), died 16th of December, 1S54, in the 58th 
year of his age." 

Nothing sent in from this County. 


Clalway Town-West Convent Church. 

[Kindly contributed by the Rev. John C. Ryan, O.P., Newbridge]. 

"* Two old slabs found inserted in the floor, on the taking down of the 
West Convent Church, Claddagh, Galway, to make way for the building of 
the new church, April, 1890, bore the following inscriptions' : — 

"hic iacet (r.p.f.) GULI 

AN 77 DN 1 VERO 1730 

'On top are a death's head and crossed bones. Arms of the Order. 
His own armorial bearings, two lions rampant and castle ' : — 

" Hie jacet Revmns Pater Fr. Petrus Killikelly, O.P. 
Conv s < Sanctae Mariae Galv. Aiumnus & Epas. Duacensis, 
quod Mumis siinuna cum Laude gessit Annis ferme XXXX 
tandem octogenarius & snpra obdormiyit in Dno 29 Maii 
A.D. 1783. Requiescat in pace." 



§pfddal CIitirelE— Parish of Sloycullen. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.]] 

c This churchyard lies near the seashore below the little town of Spiddal, 
10 miles due west of Galway. On the 6-inch Ordnance Survey 'map an 
"Abbey in ruins" is marked down at this place, but no such building ever 
existed here. In the eastern extremity of the burial-ground still stand a 
portion of the walls of a small unpretentious ehurch, divided into nave and 

* On a flat slab in the western end of the ruin, is a double inscription to 
two priests; the upper one is only just readable; they run thus': — 


I. H. S. 

" Pray for the Soul of Patrick Kinely who died 
the 9th of February 1759. 

Here lies the Remains of the Kev d Mich l Lannon who 
departed this Life August the 30th 1829 May God rest his 
Soul in peace Amen." 

* Beside the last flag is another thus inscribed ' : — 


I. II. S. 

"Pray for the Soul of Michael Drynane who de d The .... 
(this part is unfinished) And his Wife who dec d The 27th 
of September 1775." 

* On a headstone facing the west, and near the churchyard gate, is the 
following in relief : — 

i. h. a 

" Sacred to the Memory of Geor ge O'Malley R.N. who was 
severely wound d in 1807 at the capture of Curacao in the 
West Indies He wa s wrecked near this Place on his return 
to his liativ* Home. This Mark of Kespect to his Memory 
was Erect* 1 by his Brother Elm d O'Malley, R.N. late Purser 
of H.M.S. Britannia 120 Guns." 



* Standing on a bit of high ground in the churchyard is a vaulted 
mortuary chapel ; over the door is a small slab on which is iuscribed ' : — 

" This Chapell was Built in Iuly 1776 at the Expcnce of 
Stephen Martin Gentelman." 

1 Inside is one large limestone flag; at the upper end a coat-of-arms* is 
carved in relief, a cross, on one side of which is a half moon, and on the 
other a sun, with the motto : — Sic iter ad Astra. 

* Below is incised ' : — 

" Here lyes the Body of William Martin son of Francis 
Martin who Dyed The 26th of lime 1763 Aged 34 years 
Here alsoc is inter d the Body of Iane Martin A1 s FitaCH 
Mother to \V M Martin She dyed the 20th of lanvary 
1769. Aged 62 years." 

' The graveyard is thickly covered, as is the usual custom on this side of 
Ireland, with large limestone flags lying flat ; the names most plentiful 
among them being Tolans, Curuans, Conneelys, Flaherties, 
M'DoNouGiis, and O'Flaherties.' 

St. *Jfar lath's Churchyard, Tuara. 

[From Lord Walter Fitz Gerald.] 


' This churchyard is situated in the town of Tuam ; a'small portion of the 
old buildings are standing, but the only feature of interest in them is the 
eastern window consisting of three (originally) long lancet-headed windows, 
richly carved on the interior. The churchyard contains no monuments of 
any special interest, and the oldest does not seem to date earlier than the 
middle of the eighteenth century. The earliest dated slab I could find lies 
in the O'Connor enclosure, and bears in raised letters this inscription ' : — 

I H S 

" Pray for the Soul of Mable O'Connor wife of Dermot 
O'Connor Esqr. who parted this Life the third day of 
October 1757." 

' Inside the enclosure is a mural slab on which is inscribed ' : — 

** Dermot Donelan of Sylane, a true Christian, and Friend of the 
poor, Departed April 11th 1852. Aged 72 Kequiescat in Face 
His grateful & fond son Thomas O'Connor Donelan placed 
this over a good Father." 

* The Martin coat-of-arms i-n : — A cross calvary on three grieces argent, the dexter 
arm terminating in a sun in splendour or, the sinister in a dacresunt of the second. 



• There is another mural tablet which reads thus ' : — 


"lHS AD ' 1798 The Rt * Revd * 1)00X011 Th °mas 
O'Connor got this burying place repaired in memory 

of Loughlin O'Connor who died the 4th Jany. 1677 and 

of his Posterity, by whose Permission the clergy were buried 

in it — Ora pro nobis." 

*Over the. doorway leading into this enclosure is a mural tablet bearing 
the following ' :— - 

« LOUGHLIN O'CONNOR of wood quay died 
jan y 4 th 1677 DERMOT O'CONNOR decem r 


O'CONNOR feb y 12 th 1S03 THO s DONELAN 


may l9 Tn 1816 his wife BELINDA O'CONNOR 


' Built into the wall over the Handran vault are two headstoues, on 
one of which is inscribed ' : — 


I H S 

" This tomb was erected by The Rev d Will m Handran & 
Mich l his younger Broth T to perpetuate the Memoiy of their 
Deceas d parents & Family afores d on the annex d stone & for 
y e use of posterity Anno Domini 17§0." 

' The other bears the following inscription ' : — 

I H S 

" Merciful God Grant Eternal Rest to the Souls of Lawrence 
Handran who depart d this Life Feb*" the 29 th 1764 (aged 48) 
& Mary Handran Alias White his Wife who departed June 
the 7 th 1766. Aged 47. & Elizabeth Handran Alias 
Keaghry wife to Mich l Handran who departed July the 
17 th 1779 Aged 19. Also Tno s Handran Eldes* Son to 
s d Laur e & Mary who dep d the 12 th of this Ins 1 April 
17 th ..." (The remainder is hid.) 



1 One or two stones at the entrance to this vault have fallen out, and you 
can see into the place ; broken coffins are visible, and the floor (even in dry 
weather) is literally a lough of water.' 

1 A flat headstone (of the eighteenth century), lying under an elder- 
bush on the south side of the ground attracted my attention, as the inscrip- 
tion runs perpendicularly to the top instead of horizontally ; it is incised, 
and is as follows ' : — 

" Here lies the Body of an Hon st nia n 
his name was Denis AVoxaugiian 
at the old age of Seventy and sev 11 
he was called away to Heaven 
he dep J the y r Eighty and nine 
May his Soul, God, be alw 8 thine." 

* The next inscription is from a slab over a vault near the last-mentioned 
tombstone ; it is undated, and the inscription, which is lightly incised in 
rough capitals, is all but illegible': — 

• In a circle a chevron between 3 birds.' 


the wife of PATRICK KIR WAN with 
I AMES F R ANCES & ROBERT, the above 
ANSTAC E is the dayghtor of IAMES FRENCH 
KIR WAN the g r andson of AMBROS 
BOD N the wife of IAMES KIRWAN of glan." 

* On a small headstone, with incised letters — 

"here lyes the bodys of DYDLY GALLAGHER 
& his wife ELIZABETH GALLAGHER 1723." 

'On the south side of the ruins is a table-tomb, of the nineteenth century, 
belonging to the Kyak family, on which is a long inscription in the Irish 
language and lettering.' 



'obituary of meelick abbey.' 

{Continued from vol. HI, p. 470.) 

" Ranetta Madden suscepit chordam hoc die et anno sequenti 
emisit professionem 1647." 

* translation.' 

' Ranetta Madden received the cord [of St. Francis] this 
day and was professed the following year, 1 647.' 

" Recepit chordam Ellionora Dempsy 1662." 

"Siliota Lorcan 82. Anna Barnaval 1664." 

" Cathalina Butler 1665, Recepit etiam I\1aria Madden 

de Ballibrit 1 6S2." 
tf Hac Die secunda mensis Augusti migravit ex hac vita 

Catherina Blake filia (Domini) Stephani Blake agens 

decimum quinlum getatis annum sepulta fuit in uro sacello 

3735. R.I.P." 


" Eleanor Demfsey received the cord 1662. Siliota Lorcan, 
82. Anna Barnewall, 1664. Cathalina Butler, 
1665. Maria Madden of Ballibritt also received it, 1682." 

" Catherine Blake, daughter of Mr. Stephen Blake, 
departed from this life in the fifteenth year of her age on this 
day the 2d. Aug. She was buried in our chapel, 1735. 
May she rest in peace." 

" 5th hodie chordam nostri (ordinis) accepit Rns Dns Matches 
Dwyre Parochus (sic) Birreusis, Vicarius Generaiis Dioeceseos 
Killaloensis anno Dni 1749." 

1 5th This day, the Rev. Matthew Dwyre, P.P., of Birr 
(&) Vicar General of the Diocese of Kilialoe took the cord, 
A.D. 1749. 

"7° hujus anno 1755 [Reverendus admodum] Pater fr. 
Joannes Loucan nostra? [Provinciaej, Diffinitor habitualis 
& hujus conv[entus] Ex-Guardianus Etatis suae anno 
93. professions vero religiosas 73 pie obdormivit in Dno 
Eternitatis Laurea proemiandus ob singularem vitas iunocentiam 
strictam religiositatem spectatissimamque pietatem sepultus 
erat in nostra sacristia. R.I. P. Amen." 

1 translation.' 

* On 7th inst. 1755 the V. Rev. Father John Lorcan habitual 
Diffinitor of our Province and Ex-Guardian of this convent 
in the 93 year of his age, and 73rd of his religious profession, 



died piously in the Lord, to be rewarded with eternity's laurels 
for his singular innocence^/ life, "strict observance and admirable 
piety. He was buried in our Sacristy. May he rest in 
peace. Amen.' 

"Die vigesimo nono ruensis Augnsti 1742 indutus fuit habitu 
probations nostra} {sic) seraphici instituti in conventu de 
Milick prajmissis prsemittendis frater Rogerus Lorcan 
filius Donati Lorcan et Margarita Lorcan ageus 
vigesimum tertium annum Guardiano tunc existente V. 
Patre Dionisio Maddik Supradictns admissus ad Clericatum 
professus fuit decima die mensis Augusti 1743 sequentis anni 
in manibus R. Adm : Patris Anton ii Mac Hugo Ex-provincialis. 
mutato nomine in Antontum. 

Ita est. frater Anthonius Lorcan. 

frater Anthonius Lorcan." 
' translation.' 

* 29 Aug., 1742. After complying with the customary formalities 
Brother Roger Lorcan, son of Donatus Lorcan and of 
Margaret Lorcan being in his twenty-third year, was 
clothed with the probationary habit of our Order, the Rev. 
Father Denis Maddan being then guardian. The aforesaid, 
being admitted among the Clerks, made his profession into 
the hands of the V. Rev. Father Anthony M'Hdgh, 
Ex-provincial, on the 10th Aug. of the following year, 1743, 
his name having been changed to Anthony. 

This is so. frater Anthonius Lorcan. 

frater Anthonius Lorcan.' 

u 13. hodie obdormivit in Domino, Venerandus Admodnm Pater 
Dionisius -Madden longa iufirmitate atque diurno languore 
exhaustus, fuit Ecclesia? sacramentis provisus cujus (aniinae) 
angelorum consortium elargiatur misericors et miserator Dominus. 
Amen 1749/' 


f 13. This day the V. Rev. Father Denis Madden, after a long 
and tedious illness slept in the Lord. He received the Sacraments 
of the Church. May the merciful aud kind Lord grant his 
soul the company of the Angels. Amen. 1749.' 

" Hac die Pater Patricius Daly Ex guardiauus (hujus) 
Conventus obijt in (Domino) munitus Ecclesiasticis sacramentis 

* translation.' 
'This day the Rev. Fr. Patrick Daly, Ex-Guardian of this 
Convent died in the Lord, after receiving the Sacraments 
of the Church 1727.' 



" 23 hodie obijt insignis javenis Donaldus Madden Alius 
Brasselli Madden de Fegegg magna) expectation^ adolescens 
1643 cuius animal deus mtsereatur sepultusquc est a leva 
parte Aitaris. K.I.P." 


* 23. Departed this day the noteworthy youth Donald 
Madden, son of Brassell Madden, of Fegegg, a young 
man of great promise, 1643. May God have mercy on his 
soul. He was buried on the left hand of the altar. R.I.P/ 

"26. Hodie receperunt chordam S. Francisci Grisilla et 
Maria Cassin ambce filiic doctoris 1683." 


'26. To-day Grisel and Maria Cassin both dangliters 
of Dr. Cassin received the cord of St. Francis, 1683/ 

" 27. Hodie quievit in Dno insignis juvenis Patricius 
Maddin filius Ambkosii Madden de Derry Horan magnas 
expectations adolesceus cum ageret 18 annos 4 menses et 
duos dies setatis sua 1726. K.I.P. Amen." 

y translation.' 

' 27. To day rested in the Lord the noteworthy youth Patrick 
Maddin, son of Ambrose Maddin of Derry Horan, a 
young man of the greatest promise, when he was 18 years, 
4 months and 2 days of age, 1726. K.I.P. Amen.' 

" Hac die quievit in Dno preclaris juvenis Giraldcs Moor 
filius Guilleilmi (sic) Moor optimus benefactor hujus conventus 
sepultus fuit 1722 in sepulchro Dni Geraldi Moor juxta 
altai'e majus in nra Ecclesia. R.l.P." 

* translation.' 

'This day there slept in the Lord the excellent youth Gerald 
Moor, son of William Moor (who was) a great benefactor 
of this Convent. He was buried in 1722 in the grave of 
Gerald Moor near the high altar in our church. May 
he rest in peace/ 

'September habet XXX.' 
" 2° hac die 2° Scptembris 1723 obdormivit in Dno fr. noster 
Pater Fran cls De Buugo munitus Ecclesiasticis sacramentis 
ageas trigessimum octavtim a>ia;is annum Sepultusqae est in 
Kra Sacristia. E.I.P. Amen." 





" On this day, 2 Sept., 1723. there fell asleep in the Lord 
our Brother, Father FrXncis De Burgo, fortified with the 
sacraments of the church, in the thirty-eighth year of his age. 
He was buried in our Sacristy. May he rest in peace. Amen.' 

" (4 a Entry of the reception of Br. Fr ancis Maddin.) 11 

" 5 (September) Eodem die anni 1775 obijt Dna Hamilton 
conjnx Dni Petri Hamilton armigeri de ffahy fuit ilia 
Innocentiss 83 et Immaculatse Tita3 moribns pura et omnibus 

. chara inter Angelossit ejus Habitatio et eorum Gaudiis sit 
associata. Amen." 


* On the same day of the year 1775 departed this life, Mrs. 
Hamilton, spouse of Peter Hamilton, Esquire, of Ffahy. 
She was of a most innocent and stainless life, pure in manners, 
beloved by all. May her dwelling place be among Angels, 
and may she be sharer of their joys. Amen/ 

" 7bris 1751 pie obijt in Dno R. P. Fr. Jacobus Madden 
sacrarnentis munitus sepultusque fuit die sequenti in nostro 
sacello, sen olhn nostras Ecclesise Sacristia fuit sa?pius hujus 
conven tu3 guardianus et Parochus de Miiick et Fahy, per 
quinquagenta (sic) fere annos laboravit strenue pro utilitate 
hujus conventus " [page torn]. 


* 6th September, 1751. Departed piously in the Lord the Rev. 
Father James Maddin, fortified with the Sacraments. He 
was buried in our Chapel, formerly the Sacristy of our Church. 
He was many times guardian of this Convent, and for nearly 
fifty years Parish Priest of Miiick and Fahy. He worked hard 
for the advantage of this Convent.' 

li 7° hodie mortua est generosa et r.obilis fcemina Htnellina 
Maddin fiiia Dni 0' Maddin et uxor Hugonis Dallaghane 
qua3 suam vitam bona cum faina Sinivit et legavit huic conveutui, 




7 th. To clay died the noble Dame Hyneelina (sic) Maddin, 
daughter of Mr. O'MADDi^-and wife of Hugh Dallaghane, 
who ended her life in high repute and bequeathed to this Convent.' 

Septimo Septembris anno 1687 casu ab equo, Sacramentaliter 
absolutus, obijt in Dno Dnus Ffeugussius Madden de Lismore 
vir plcnus dierum et Divitiarum injenio et doctrina pollens 
htjjus couventus specialis amicus et benefactor, sepultus est 
prope miirttm Ecclesire nostra? sub suo monumento (cujns) 
(auimse) (Deus) misereatur. Amen." 

1 translation/ 

7th Sept., 1C37. There died of a fall from his horse, after 
receiving sacramental absolution, Mr. Fergus Maddin, of 
Lisraore, a man full of years and of riches, of good wit and 
education, a special friend and benefactor of this Convent. 
He was buried near the wall of our Church, under his monument, 
on whose soul may God have mercy. Amen.' 

7° Septembris 1682 induti sunt habitu probations nra (sic) 
seraphici Instituti in conventu de Milick praemissis prromittendis fr, 
Rogerus Madden films Constantini, vulgo Couagu Maddin 
et Maria Horan, Constantin 8 Coghlan vulgo Kedagh 
films Jacobi Coghlan et Susanna Coghlan agens vigessimum 
prim urn setatis annum — fr. Beknardus Lokcan Alius Bernard! 
Lor can et Marls Lawrence agens vigessimum primum setatis 
aunum fr. Joannes Lorcan filius Dm Bernardi Lokcan et 
Maria Lawrence agens decimum octavum setatis annum et 
fr. Jacobus Ahchpeckne fiiius Raimukdi Archdeckne 
et Elionora Davells agens decimum sextum aetatis annum — 
Guardiano time existente in praofato conventu V. A. P. fre 
Thadko Lorcan — (omnes) isti quinque supradicti admissi 
ad Clericatum professi sunt in conventu de Milick hac die 8 a 
Septembris sequeutis anni 1G83, in manibus V. A. P. fratris 
Bon^e Kelly tunc conventus actualis Guard"' Rogerus mutavit 
nomen in Fran um Cajetanus in Antonium reliqui tenuerunt. 

Bonva Kelly." 


7 Sept. 1682. The usual formalities being observed there 
were clothed in the probationary habit of our Seraphic Institute 
in the Convent of Milick, Br. Roger Madden, son of 
Constantine, commoniy called Cuhagh Madden, and Maria 
Horan ; Constantine, commonly called Kedagh, son of 
James Coghlan and Susanna Coghlan, in his twenty-fifth 
year; Br. Bernard Lorcan, son of Mr. Bernard LorCxYN 



and Maria Lawrence, m his eighteenth year ; and Br. 
James Archdeckne, son of Raymond Archdeckne and 
Eleanor Davells, in h& 'sixteenth year. The V. Rev. Fr. 
Thadaeus Lorcan being then guardian of the aforesaid Convent. 
All the five aforesaid were admitted to Clerkship, and were 
professed in the Convent of Milick, on the 8th Sept. of the 
following year, 1683, into the hands of the V. Rev. Fr. 
Bona venture Kelly, then guardian of the Convent. Roger 
changed his name to Francis Cajetan to Anthony , the 
others retained Bona venture Kelly, Guardian/ 

"14th hodie anno dm 1755 pie obdormivit in Dno Jacobus 
Skerritt de Eyrecourt, Mercator et hujus Conventus benefactor 
sepultus est in nostra Ecclesia R.l.P. Amen." 


1 34th, 1755. Piously fell asleep in the Lord, Mr. James 
Skerhitt, of Eyrecourt, Merchant, a benefactor of this Convent. 
He was buried in our church. May he rest in peace. Amen. 5 

" 15tlf Septembris. Obijt Dns Ambuosxus O'Maddin vir valde 
devotus et senex 1G36 pro cuius anima ab omnibus oretnr 
Eodein die ReY dus P. Donatus^Coffie chordain confraternitatis 
nostra? suscepit 1623." 


* 15th. Departed this life Mr. Ambrose O'Maddin, a man very 
devout and old, 1G36, for whose soul let all pray. On the same 
day Rev. Fr. Donatcs Coffie received the Cord of our 
. Confraternity, 1623.' 

"Hac die 7 bria 1762 abdorrnivit in Dno Dominus Jacobus Maddin 
fuit bonus benefactor et niultam adictus huic conventui sepultus 
fuit in nostro sacello." 


« 18th Sept., 1762. This day fell asleep in the Lord Mr. James 
Maddin. He was a great benefactor and much addicted to 
this Convent. He was buried in our Chapel.' 

"21st [no year]. Hac die obijt in Dno D. An. Dalii. Hac 
die obiit in Domno Petrus O'Maddin. Requiescat in pace 
orarc debeinus." 

* translation.' 

'21 [no year]. This day died in the Lord Mr. An : Daly. 
May he rest in peace. This day departed Peter O'Maddin. 
Let us pray that he may rest in peace,' 



"23. Dionisius Colman 1 688 ordinavit 10 solido3 annuatim 
durante sua yita huic conventui solvi et propterea suum nomen 
libro comsmnitatis inseri." 


*23. Denis Colman, 1688, ordained that ten shillings should 
be paid this convent annually during his life, and his name to be 
therefore inserted in the book of the Community.' 

" 24. Obdormivit in Xpto Dno nobilis et devota Dna Elionora 
Lee uxor insignis viri Artuki Coghlan legavit huic conventui 
pro cuius anima ab omnibus oretur." 


'24th. There fell asleep in Christ the Lord, the noble and 
devout lady, Eleonor Lee, wife of that illustrious gentleman 
Arthur Coghlan* For whose soul let all pray.' 

«27, 1722. My Lord Jo* Burke Earl of Clanricarde dyed 
y e 27 of 7ber, 1722." 

{To be continued,) 


lililaruey Parish. 

[From the Venerable G. R. Wynne, D.D., Archdeacon of Aghadoe, 1897.] 
? Cherub. Hour-glass. Cherub.' 


EACON BLAND & LUCY his wife 

WHO DYED THE 21 st OF 8BER (sic) 
1709 & IN THE 14 YEAR OF HER 


i Skull and Crossed-bones.' 
1 This is in St. Mary's Church, Killarney/ 



« In churchyard, Killarney ' 

" Sacred to the Memory of William Brereton, late of the 
R. Ii. Artillery, whose mortal Remains where (sic) deposited 
here, after he was Brutally Murdered by the Rebels on the 
[8th ?] of January, 1799 (?), near Knocknacoffell Chape), 
when escorting His Majesty's Mails by day between Killarney 
and Millstreet, through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ 
alone, he looked for salvation knowing that in man there is 
nothing to commend him to a merciful and just God. In 
memory of his strict fidelity and courage this stone is placed 
here by C. D. Oliver, Esq." 

'In churchyard, Killarney': — 

"This Stone is erected by Emily Eagar, wife of Henry Eagar, 
Esq., to the memory of her revered father John Lynch, Esq., 
of Dromin, who departed this life the 14th of March, 1 SI 5. 
And also to her adored and beloved child, Bessy Charlotte 
Eagak, who died in the Island of Trinidad, West Indies, the 25th 
of September, 1818, whose remains her afflicted mother brought 
from thence and had conveyed to this spot in the hope that 
she may rise at that awful and glorious day with the rest of 
her departed kindred." 


[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, R.S.A.I.] 

'At the present time there are only two monuments in this Abbey 
vrliich have inscriptions in relief on them ; they are both mural tablets, and 
both are now built into the north wall of the choir. 

4 Muckross Abbey was built for the Franciscan Order by Teige M'Carthy 
More, in 1 340 ; about the middle of the sixteenth century the monastery was 
suppressed ; but later on, according to an inscription on one of the mural 
tablets, it was restored by the Franciscans in 1626, to be finally suppressed 
by Cromwell in 1652. The mural-slab measures 26 inches by 19; the 
inscription is iu contracted Latin, with Lombardic lettering, and reads as 
follows ' : — 

**. (©rate ♦ p . fcltct statu . trli 
C»e ®OmM_. qui ♦ 
inme . s ami . comtctu ♦ ttc nouo , 
rrpararc curamtt alio ♦ mvL 
millcm 8 scjwrssin . uteres sm° . 



* t.e., Pray for the happy state of Brother Teige Holan, who 
cared the rebuilding afresh of this sacred convent in the year 
of the Lord 1626.' *- 

* The other mural tablet is over a recess near the stone described above ; 
it measures 36 inches in length and 19 inches in height; the letters are 
large, interlaced, and several of them are conjoined ; like the other inscrip- 
tion, the lettering is in relief; it runs thus 5 — 

AN°, DN, 1631, Q.S.H.F.F." 

* Tha MacFineens were a branch of the MacCarthys/ 

'In the centre of the choir is a large table-tomb belonging to the 
O'Donoghues, on which is incised' :— 

a What more could Homer's most illustrious verse, 
Or pompous Tully's stately prose rehearse, 
Thau what this monumental stone contains 
In death's embrace MacCartht Mont's remains ? 
Hence, reader, learn the sad and certain fate 
That waits on man, spares not the good or great ! 
And while this venerable marble calls 
Thy patriot tear, perhaps, that trickling falls, 
And bids thy thoughts to other days return, 
And with a spark of Erin's glory burn ; 
While to her fame most grateful tributes flow, 
Oh, ere you turn, one warmer drop bestow, 
If Eriu's chiefs deserve thy generous tear, 
Heir of their worth, O'Donoghue, lies here." 

" O'Donoghue More of the Glens* 
departed this life 
the 21st day of February, 1808, 
Aged 31 years." 

* This epitaph is said to have been written by Mr. Marcus Hare. The 
O'Donoghue Mores appropriated the MacCartht Moke vault as being 
connected by marriage with the latter now extinct family ; there were two 
famous families of the O'Donoghues, viz., 44 the O'Donoghues of the 
Lakes," — a family now extinct, — and " the O'Donoghues of the Glens," 
who still exist. 

* This was Charles ODonoghue, the O'Donoghue of the Glens, Wio married Mary, 
daughter of James Morrogh, Esq., of Cork, and had issue two sons and four daughters. 



'On the north side of the table-tomb lies a flat slab bearing at its upper 
end a coat-of-arms in relief; the inscription has long since been obliterate! 
by time and the feet of touwsts; this slab is said to have lain on the 
MacCarthy More vault before the table-tomb was erected. Some years 
ago, the Herbert of Muckross family placed iron bars across the coat-of- 
arms to prevent its being worn away, a process that was rapidly taking 
place owing to its position ; the arms on the shield appear to be a couple 
of swords cross-wise, points up ; a crest and helmet with " mantling," now- 
hard to distinguish, are above the shield. These' arms are puzzling, as 
Burke describes MacCarthy More's arms as: — "Argent, a stag trip, 
pant gules, attired and unguled or." 

'On the south side of the table-tomb, lying flat, is a slab bearing a 
much-worn incised inscription which commences ' : — 



' Five more lines in Latin follow, but they are almost illegible/ 

'In a recess close beside the above, is a slab with the following inscrip- 
tion ' :— 

"here lies the body of GEF 

1758 AGED 36 Y RS " 

'Below the 1626 mural slab in the north wall, is a flat slab with an 
inscription reading ' : — . 

"This Tomb was lately repaired by Rev d Bamh (?) M'Egan 
for him & family Feby the 7th 1794. Here lies the Body 
of the Kev d Thomas M'Egan." 

'The two inscriptions given below ara- copied from flat stones lying 
along the east end of the choir ' : — 




MAHONY who departed this life the 
7 th of avg st 1751 aged 62." 
' Almost illegible.* 

* The Latin form of the Irish name " Deruiot." 



"here lieth the body of IOHN MAHONY 
who departed this life the 4 th of aprill 
& erected by his wife IVLIAM MAHONY 
alias M C CARTHY in the year 1726." 

' The next two inscriptions are taken from headstones in the choir 1 :— 

" Erected by the Rev d Thadee O'Sullivan in memory of his 
parents Iohn & Ellen Sullivan, and Brothe r Con 
who departed this Life in the years of our Lord 1794 1804 
& 1806 may they rest in peace Amen." 


" Erected by Darby & Francis Shea both of Killarney in 
memory of their Father Darby Shea late of Cleeny aged 
68 years AD. 1782." 

' On a flat tomb, in the south-west corner of the choir, is the following 
inscription ' : — 

* here lieth the body of HONORA LAWLER 


' The only two flat slabs in the cloister enclosure which bear inscriptions, 
read as follows : — 

" Here lie the Remains of Garrett Lynch of Killarney who 
depart d this life 23 ofFeb^ 1814 Ag d 63 y» he was 
a truly honest inaa also Mar y his Wife who depart d this 
Life 3 of April 1811 Aged 68 y rs May they rest in peace." 


'The next three inscriptions are copied from flat stones in the nare 'i— 

1730 AGED 40 YEARS. 55 





THE YEAR 1735." 



IOHN CRONINE aged 21." 

'The next inscription is copied from a headstone fixed inside the west 



IOHN COURTN T who depart this li fe the 

]. ST OF 7BE R 1770 AGE 21 YEAR S BY OWEN 

* Built into the exterior of the west wall on the north side of the door- 
way, is a slab with a coat-of-arms in relief at the top, viz. : — 

'Per pale argent and gules three bars counter-changed, on a canton of 
the second a rose crowned or. 

' Below is the Motto : — " Pacem helium non timeo/' Then follows this 
incised inscription ' : — 

here • lyes ■ ANN • MIAGH • I AMES • BARRETTES • 


OBIIT * 11 ' DIE • FEB " ANNO * DOMINI * 170^." 

4 Many of the letters in this inscription are conjoined. 1 




&thy Parish: 

[From the Rev. John C. Ryan, O.P., Newbridge, 189?.] 

'In the graveyard of St. Michael, Athy, are two tombstones erected to 
the memory of the Dominican Fathers of that town. One stands erect and 
the other lies flat on the ground.' 

* On the erect stone are the following inscriptions ' : — 

" Here lies the body of the Very Rev. John Kennelly, O.S.D. 
He took the habit of his Order at Louvain in Flanders in 1787. 
He was elected Provincial in 1820. He reared five relatives 
for the Church of God ; a brother and four nephews ; he died 
25th Deer., 1842, aged 78 years. Also the Revd. Thomas 
M'Donnell, S T. P., of Limerick, died Novr. 25th, 1878. 
Ann. Prof. 64, aged 84 years. Dominican Priory, A thy, 
Reqniescaut in Pace.''' 

* On the flat stone are the following inscriptions' : — 

u Here lies the body of the Rev. Thomas Cummins, of the Order 
of St. Dominic, who during a busy life of upwards of 40 years 
in the town of Athy by the exemplary and unaffected- piety of 
his life had endeared him to all ranks of people that in compliance 
with the wishes of his numerous friends, select ones erected 
tin's tomb in testimony of their esteem for him and in veneration 
of his memory, he died October 1788 aged 83 years. 
Requiescat in Pace. Sat ubi DEO vixit heu citius amicis 
absumitur. Also the body of the Rev. James Dunne of the 
Order of St. Dominic being Residentor of Athy for 98 years 
Departed this life June the 27 1704 aged 145 years. 
Requiescat in Pace. Also the body of the Rev. Michael 
M'Mahon who died April the 8th"l828 aged 29 years." 

* Rev. Mr. Ryan says ': — "The inscription to Fr. Dunne is in different 
type from what goes before it, and was cut undoubtedly very much later. 
I could not find anything about him in the Archives of the Order, most of 
which about that time got destroyed." 

Council Parish. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, R.S.A.I.] 


* This churchyard is situated close to the burial-ground of Great Council 
Abbey ; a Protestant church still in use stands in it ; on the north side of 



the latter is a table-tomb in a plot surrounded by an iron paling, bearing 
this inscription ' : — 

" Here Lyeth the Body of George Bateman Esq r of Rose 
Town in the County of Kildar e who departed this Life the 
2S day of Dec ber 1788 Aged 54 years. And also John 
Bateman Esq r who departed this Life the 4th of August 
1823 Aged 81." 

4 At the north end of the churchyard close to the Higginson plot, is the 
effigy of an unknown Bishop (of Kildare ?) ;*the lower portion of the stone 
is broken off and lost. ; the efligy is supported on a thick slab on end, half 
buried in the ground, on which is carved an eight-armed cross in relief, 
having fleur-de-lys ends to the arms." 

Bavidstowis Parish. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, R.S.A.I.] 


1 This churchyard was (which is very unusYia!) once a pagan burial moat ; 
though in a very dilapidated state, the remains of three terraces can be stiil 
traced, the sides of which were supported by huge green-flag slabs set up 
on edge ; many of the latter have been torn out to serve as headstones at 
modern graves. There is no sign of the remains of any church. The 
Killeen is dotted over with many piilar-stones, some of granite and more 
of green-flag. Two of the green-flag slabs have rude crosses in relief on 
them, one of which is ringed ; while two of the granite pillar-stones are 
socketed at the top, as if converted into bases of primitive crosses. Lying 
near the gateway is a large green-flag pillar-stone, having Ogham scores 
and an inscription in Koman capitals, reading ' : — 

" IV VERE DRVVIDES," 4 i.e., Four true druids.' 

* A second Ogham stone, which lay near, has for some years disappeared, 
and is supposed to have been broken up by a mason, when repairing the 
churchyard wall. Papers on these stones have been contributed to the 
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy and the Journal of the Royal 
Society of Antiquaries, Ireland, by Brash, Sir Samuel Ferguson, and 
Father Shearman. This churchyard is situated in the townland of Colbms- 
town, close to the railway station of that name. 

* A tombstone, which seems to have been dislodged from the top of the 
moat, is now leaning against a tree at its base on the west side ; the 
inscription runs ■ : — - 


"Here iyeth the Body of Dennis Fitz Gerald who departed 
this life the 18th day of April 1762 in the 35th year of his age." 



c About the centre of the summit of the moat lie two large slabs side by 
side ; the inscription on the older of the two is in places quite worn away, 
according to Father Shearman, who copied it in May, 1862, when it must 
have been more legible than at present ; it reads ' : — 

" Pray For y e Soul oF M rs Jane Eustace Wife of M r 
Christopher Eustace of Grangecon who was Here Interred 
y e Nineteenth Day of Iuly 1729 Aged 40 years." 

'The other slab bears this inscription ' : — 

" Here lyes the Body of Rowland Eustace Esq. who departed 
this life the 23rd September 1761 aged 68. Also Nicholas 
Eustace Esqr his Father, and Margaret Eustace, alias 
WlCOMBE, his Mother." 

* These Eustaces resided at Colbinstown Castle, which many years ago 
was thrown down for the sake of the materials. They were descended from 
Alexander Eustace, a younger brother of Sir Rowland Eustace, Kt., 2nd 
Viscount Baltinglass, who died on the 31st March, 1579.' 

St. Bridget's Cathedral, Miidarc. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, 1898.] 

'Towards the latter end of the year 1896, the removal of the heap of 
stones and clay that had accumulated during the restoration of this Cathe- 
dral, exposed to view a large slab lying flat near the tomb of John Ly, of 
Rathbride, dated 1612 (for which see Vol. L, p. 413, of the " Reports on 
the Memorials of the Dead "). The inscription on it is incised, and reads 
as follows ' : — 

THE 27™ DAY OF MAY 1695. ; ' 

' This Robert Leigh was a grandson of the John Ly who died in 1612. 
Burke, in his " Lauded Gentry," says the second son of John Leigh, of 
Rathbride (who died abroad and intestate about the year 1660), was : — 

** Robert, who was abroad with Charles II., during Cromwell's time, 
and, after the Restoration, as a reward for his ioyal and faithful 



services, got a grant of the Manor of Rosegarland, in the County 

Wexford, by the several letters patent dated 1668, 1669 He 

married, in October, 167$. Margaret, daughter of Sir Caesar 
Colclough, 2nd Baronet, of Tintern Abbey, County Wexford, and 
sister and heir of Sir C^sar Colclough, 3rd and last Baronet, by 
whom (who died in 1722) he had no issue. On his marriage ho 
assumed the additional name and arms of Colclough. By his Will, 
dated 4 May, 1694, and proved 11th June, 1695, he bequeathed his 
estates to his nephew, Robert, eldest son -of his elder brother, 
Francis Leigh, of Itathbride/" 

Itilmacredoek Parish. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, H.S.A.L] 

i Though this place gives a name to the parish, there is no trace of any 
burial-ground now existing. On what is said to be the site of the ancient 
church, now stands a roofless stone building like a small dwelling-house ; 
below it is a brick arched vault, used by the Helling ham family (formerly) 
of Raveusdale, in the neighbourhood ; inside are some decayed broken 
coffins ; the names on two of the most recent are ' : — 

"William Stewart Bellingkam, Born June 13th, 1805, 
Died Dec. 29th, 1869, Aged 64 years." 
"Henrietta Elizabeth Bellingham, Died 13th March, 1872, 
aged 85 years." 

6 No monument of any sort is erected to their memory. Kiloiacredock 
lies twe- miles to the north of Celbridge.' 

Eiyons Parish. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

1 Lyons is situated 3 miles to the south of Celbridge, in the Co. Kildarc, 
close to the borders of the Co. Dublin. There are two burial-grounds inside 
Lord Cloncurry's demesne; one is called "the Reliceen"* (a name not 
marked on the 6-inch Ordnance Survey Map), and the other is locally 
known as f the Old House Graveyard." 

4 " The Reliceen " lies nearly half a-mile to the south-west of Lyons 
House in the neighbouring wood ; it is unenclosed ; there are no monuments 
of any interest in it, and the following inscription taken from a granite 
headstone seems to be the oldest one there ' : — 


" Here lieth the Body of Rose Molex who departed March 
y e gth 1729 Aged 49." 

* The name " Reliceen " means " a little cemetery.' 



* " The Old House Graveyard " is also about half a-mile from Lyons 
House to the north. In the ruins of the old church is the burial-place of 
the Lawless family (Barons Cloncuryy) ; a mural tablet outside this • build- 
ing bears the following inscription ' : — 



* Both this and the next inscription are incised ' ; — 

"here lieth the body of WILLIAM DOYLE 


dec bh 1699 and ANNASTACE MORPHEY his 


DOYLE his son [these words have been 

chiselled out] of kildare parish priest of 


* The gateway leading into the Lawless enclosure has a pointed arched 
.head, decorated with angels bearing scrolls ; in the left jamb is the 
pedestal portion of a granite font perforated in the centre. 

■ * An oval-headed gateway leads into the churchyard, also ornamented 
like the one mentioned above with scroll -bearing angels, and of lime3tone. 
On either side of the exterior of the gateway are sculptured stones built 
into the wall; that on the right, in very high relief, consists of lions and 
dragons fighting, with interlacing knot-work. On the opposite side is a 
mural slab, 32 inches long by 26 high, in the middle are two separate 
shields bearing coats-of-arms, while round the edge runs this inscription ' : — 


1 The (heraldic) right-hand shield, strange to say, is that of *be wife, and 
bears the Fleming arms, viz. : — 

" Vair, a chief, cheque, or and gules"; 
and below it are the letters A and F.* 



* The other shield bears the following coat ' 

" , a fesse (apparently diapered) between 3 crosses paitee. 

, on a chief , a quadruped rampant 

and below it is an R and an A. This last coat-of-arras is not the one at 
present borne by the Aylmers of Donadea, or of Courtown, both in the 
Co. Kildare, who are descended from this llichard Aylmer, of Lyons, their 
coat being ' : — 

" Argent, a cross sable, between four Cornish choughs, proper." 
'This monument bears " the Aylmer Knot." 

* The parents of the two persons named on the stone are mentioned in 
ArchdalFs " Lodge," vol. viiL, p. 45, where we find that ': — 

"Richard Aylmer, of Lyons, Esqr M on the 1st of June, 1535, was 
made Chief Serjeant of the County of Kildare, and married Genet, 
daughter of Alderman Thomas Tew, of Dublin, by whom he bad 
Richard, his successor, who married Elinor, only daughter of George 
Fleming,! Esqr. ('2nd son of James, 12th Baron of - Slane), by 
his first wife, Margaret Butler, sister to Pierce, Earl of Ormond ; 
they had issue four sons and four daughters." 

1 Lyons remained in the possession of the. Aylmers till near the close of 
. the 18th century, when it was sold by a Michael Aylmer to Sir Nicholas 
Lawless, 1st Baron Cloncurry, who died in 1799.' 


Kefls Parish. 

'On the chancel floor of Kelte Abbey, near the east window, are three 
tombstones of peculiar interest. They have only quite recently been 
brought to light by the clearing out of the chancel, which had been used 
for a considerable time as a " ball-alley " 1 They were covered with 

* This coat seems to be intended for the Tyrrell coat, which is ; — 

Gules, a fesse between three crosses crosslet argent, on a chief of the second 
a demi-lion rampant sable. 
An ancestor of this Richard Aylmer's, five generations back married Helen, daughler 
of John Tyrrell (vide p. 44 of vol. vii. of Arc hd all's edition of " Lodge "). In a MS. 
volume in Ulster's office, labelled ''Chaos vol. iv.," is the entry of a grant of Arms, in 
Latin, by Bartholomew Butler, " alias Woulster " (i.e., Ulster, appointed such from 
1552 to 1560), te Bartholomew Aylmer, of the Lyons, wherein the Aylmer coat is 
shewn as quartering that of the Tyrrell family, viz. : — 

1 and 4. Argent, a chevron embattled counter-embattled, between three 

demi-li>ns couped azure. 

2 and 3. The Tyrrell coat, as mentioned above. 

It is a strange circumstance that the Aylmer family, in spite of this grant of arms, did 
not adopt them. My thanks are due to Mr. George D. Burtchaell, M.K.I.A., for the 
above information. 

+ i.e., Sir George Fleming, of Stevenstown. 

[ To fx re page 81. 

r- 1 : \ 

jgBj X . 

■ • I 



i v/ 







{To face pftf/c Hi, 



L : .ft 


m m 

%v - - 

a; ? 




several feet deep of earth, which formed a seat for the spectators at the 
matches that took place there. , 

' They are in good preservation as regards the inscription, though the 
head of third one is gone, and all three are broken across the centre. 

4 The first we shall notice is one 7 feet 1 inch in length, coffin-shaped, 
2 feet 4 inches wide at the head, and 2 feet 1 inch at the foot, with the 
following inscription along the left side and across the foot in Lornbardic 
characters 2 inches in height, incised ' : — 


* A floriated cross covers the head of the stone. 

'One of the points of the arms cuts into the line of lettering in the 
word JACET, and also at the base of the cross in PKOPICITUK. 

'Close alongside of the above stone is another, also coffin* shaped. G feet 
1 inch long, 2 feet i| an inch at head, and 1 foot 8} inches at foot ; a similar 
cross to that on the first described stone runs down the centre of this stone 
for its entire length, but this cross has a k< calvary " base and is without the 
centre annulet ' : — 

"* H!C • IACET - STEPH'US • FILI* • 

* This is incised, and on the left side of the stone. Quite near this stone 
is the third one, also'inscribed in Lornbardic characters. Jts present length 
is 5 feet 5 inches, and it is 23 inches wide. The head of this stone, pro- 
bably about 3 feet in length, is gone ; we could neither hear of or see any 
trace of it. The first word we find remaining on the stone is ' : — 


' The stem of a cross with a calvary buse extends the entire length of 
this stone.' 

It would be interesting to know who was Hugh the Cleric ? 
who had a wife Johanna and sons, Stephen and ? 

A Hugo de Rous [afterwards Bishop of Ossory] was Prior 
of Kells in the beginning of the thirteenth century; he died in 
1218, and was buried in this abbey, where a monument was 
erected to his memory over his remains in the choir. 

The stones appear to belong to the thirteenth or fourteenth 

There is one other tombstone in this part of the building, 
on the ground near the centre of the north wall ; it bears 
a coat-of-arms, but is without date or name. [See Plate, p. 62.] 




The arms are those of De Clare — three chevrons. 

In the north end of the worth transept is a very fine recum- 
bent tomb half buried in the earth. The heads and shoulders 
of two figures side by side are visible. This stone requires to 
be raised and placed in a safe position. What inscription, if 
any, is on the buried portion, we cannot at present say ; we 
hope at a future time to give all particulars of this tombstone. 

Near the centre of the west wall of this transept a small 
upright tombstone may be seen, bearing a crest with mantling 
and a coat-of-arms and motto. 

The arms appear to be intended for a chevron between 
in chief two roses, and in base a celestial globe, on a canton an 
escallop. The canton is carved in the chief point, instead of 
the dexter chief, and w r as probably a mistake of the stone- 

The crest looks like a demi wild man holding; a short sword 
in his right hand, and there are two figures — wild men — as 
supporters, one holding a square in his left hand, the other a 
sword. The inscription is : — 

"Here Lies y e body of Margret Mekry who departed August 
y e 8 1722 Krected by Pierck Merry her Son D D y« 
20th & also Walter Merry her husband 1738." 

The motto is nearly illegible, but appears to be : — " In the 
Lord is all our trust." 

llonkttt OliI Churchyard, Diocese of Ossory. 

[From Surgeon Lt.-Colonel Greene, 23 Herbert-place, Dublin.] 
' Inscriptions on tombs ' : — 

** Here lieth the remains of Mary Anne Budd,* wife of Tobias 
Budd of Dunkitt, Esq., who departed this life October 6th 1817 
aged 35 years." 

* Enclosed by an iron railing is a monument in the form of an obelisk, 
and on either side two flat tombstones. The centre monument bears the 
following inscriptions' : — 

* Mary Anne was the youngest daughter and co-heiress of Rev. Joseph 
Poulter, Rector of Dunkitt, by his second wife Margaret, daughter of Rev. William 
Denia, D.D., of Waterford, und was boru 12th November, 1781. 

1 1° Jf'ce imije 82. 


Copied ] b»8. 

Note —We find a Richard de Clare, Farl of Gloucester and Hereford, in 1247, 
*nd a John de Clare, Sheriff of the County Kilkenny, in 1V.77. Sir Gilbert de Clare, 
Karl of Gloucester and Hereford, appears to have b^en connected with Knocktopher — 
not far from Kell.s — in 1203. It is natural to suppose that this neglected stone covers 
the dust of one of these great men — Sic transit gloria mundi. 



* On the face furthest from the ruins of the church ' : — 

• " Sacred to the Memory of Mary wife of Thomas Lewis 
Mackest, M.D., and daughter of the Rev. Joseph Poclter, 
who died 3 8 October 1818, Her remains lie in the adjacent 

* She was the eldest daughter of Rev. Joseph Poulter and his wife 
Margaret Denis, and was born 11 June, 1776.' 

* On one side ' : — 

" In the vault opposite this inscription lieth the remains of the 
Rev. Joseph Poulter, of Dunkitt, and of his son Joseph to 
whose memory this monument is erected by Mrs. Margaret, 
Poulter, the faithful relict of the first mentioned, and tender 
mother of the latter." 

* On the other side ' : — 

Sacred to the memory of Margaret, widow of the Rev. 
" Joseph Poulter, of Dunkitt, daughter of the Rev. Doctor Denis 
D.D., of Waterford, who died April 1st, 1825, aged 73 years." 

' On tombstone No. 4 ' : — 

*' Beneath this stone lies what was mortal of Andrew Poulter 
of Dunkit, Esq., and of Letitia his wife, of Stratford, son of 
the above Andrew and Letitia. Of Elizabeth first wife 
of the Rev. Joseph Poulter and of Josrph Stratford, 
squ of the above Joseph, and his second wife Margaret. 
lie exchanged this life for a better the 7th day of April, 1786 
aged one year. Aiso the body of the Rev. Joseph Poulter 
Rector of Kilculliheen, w r ho departed this life — January, 
1789, in the 44 year of his age. Also his son Joseph Poulter 
who departed this life 8th December, 1800, aged 17 years." 

4 On tombstone No. 5 * i — 

" In the vault lieth the mortal remains of Frances Josephine 
aged 8, and Mary aged 3 who died 29th and 30th March, 
1860, children of Joseph Poulter Mackest, M.B. Joseph 
Poulter Mackest, M.B., F.R.C.S.L, died 3 April 1866 
aged 60. Thowas Lewis Mackest, M.D., F.R.C.S.I., died 
8 April 1869 aged 79 years. Helen Mackest died Augt. 9th 
1870. Frances Rosetta, wife of Josh. Poulter Mackest, 
f M.B., F.R.C.S.I., died December 22 1891 aged 74 years:' 



' On a tomb inside of the old church ' :— 

11 Here lieth the Body of the^Rev. William Denis, late Rector 
of Killculiifaeen, who died April 11th, 1815, aged 59 years. 
Also his beloved wife Ellen, who died February 4 th, 1807 
aged 82 years. Also Mrs. Maria Anne King, she died 
June 4th, 1815, aged 35 years. Also Mrs. Margaret 
Sheppard who died — July, 1831, aged <J4 years. Also 
William Denis King who died — October, 1827, aged 
20 years.'* 

* There are also five tombstones and two tablets to the memory of 
different members of the family of Jones, of Mullinabro, Co- Kilkenny.' 

'In the churchyard are three monuments to the Den family, on one of 
which is the following': — 

" Here repose the | remains of several of the | Den Family, j Before 
the Confiscation | of their Estates by Cromwell | and from the 
32th to the 17th | century their forefathers were | buried at 
Grennan in this | County. | On the other side are j inscribed 
the names of the | principal persons of the family | interred here." 

'The Poulter family is now extinct. They appear to have come from 
the Co. Suffolk. Under the Act of Settlement, 18 Charles II., part 2, 
William Poulter was granted 86. acres 2 roods 27 perches of Farnoge, 
which belonged to William Ganle, Irish Papist ; 260 acres of Derrene- 
monsy, former proprietor Thomas Denn ; and 2G0 acres of Dunkitt, 
former owner, Peter Stronge. All these lands are in the Co. Kilkenny, 
parish of Dunkitt.' 

Inisfioge Parish. 

We have to thank the late Rev. Edward Crosthwait, Curate of 
Inistioge, for the following inscriptions which he has kindly 
copied and sent us, and also for the interest he has taken in the 
preservation of the remains of the fine old Prior's monument 
found in the graveyard, of which we give a Plate. 

" In the Prior)' Tower near this spot rest the remains of the Pight 
Hon b,e William Frederick Fownes Tighe of Woodstock 
in this Parish. He was a Member of her Majesty's Privy 
Council for Ireland, Lord Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum 



of the County and of the City of Kilkenny, a Colonel in the 
Kilkenny Bcgiment of Militia. His constant aim during a 
long life was to serve God and" benefit his fellow men. Born ' 
17th March 1794 Died 11th June 1878. Thy will be done." 

[White marble tablet.] 

* Brass in Iuistioge Church ' : — 

[Tighe Arms.] 

" Giving thanks to God for the dear memory of Kathleen 
Louisa Geokgiana daughter of John William Fourth 
Earl of Bfssborough who died July IX anno dni 
MDCCCLXIII aged XXXVI years. Frederick Edward 
Bunbury Tig he of Woodstock, her husband, has caused this 
memorial to be made. 

The said Frederick Edward Bunbury Tiche entered into 
•his rest Jam IV. MDCCCXCL" 

* In the Rower Church ' : — 

* Note. — A very handsome white marble figure of Grief leaning over 
sji urn is at the head of the tomb.' . . 

"In memory of the Honable Bebecca Agar, only daughter 
of William Lord Baron Castledurrow of Castledurrow 
in the County of Kilkenny, and widow of the late James 
Agar, of Kingwood, in the County of Kilkenny, Esq. She 
was endowed with every principle of piety and charity, a good 
wife and loving mother. Also to the memory of her second 
sou, The Kevd. Charles Agar, Archdeacon of Emly, in the 
County of Tipperary. Geokqe, Lord Baron Callan, as a 
tribute of Kespect, has caused this monument to be erected, 
A.D. 1805." 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.P., R.S.A.L, 1897.] 

* In the middle of the square in the little town of Inistioge, is a square 
block of mason work, on which is placed the base of a monumental cross, con- 
sisting of a block of uupolished Kilkenny limestone, measuring 2 feet 2 inches 
in height, and with faces of 2 feet, the upper edge all round is bevelled. 
A granite pinnacle now stands in the socket intended for the shaft. One 
face is uusculptured. On another side is the FitzGerald coat-of-arms on a 
plain shield : — Ermine, a saltire gules ; with a crescent for difference. The 
ermine ground would denote that the owner of this coat belonged to the 
Desmond branch ol the FitzGeralds. 

*On the third face there is sculptured in very light relief an ornamental 
shield bearing emblems of our Lord's Passion and Crucifixion; these 



emblems are almost obliterated, but a cross, the spear, the chalice, and po!*, 
the veronica cloth, &c, can be discerned. The crest above the helmet con- 
sists of a cock ; from the helmet elaborate " mantling" descends to eitiiei 
side of the shield ; a short inscription runs along the top of this face, bm it 
is almost all chipped away, . . MA. REDE ( ?) M . . . &c, is alone decipher- 

i Since writing the foregoing while looking through the vol. for 187* an ! 
p. 163 of the 41 Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries," 1 stumbled 
across a description of a carved stone bearing religious armorial emblem*, 
which afibrds a cine to the undecipherable inscription over the shield oa 
the Jnistioge cross-base, some of the letters on which 1 misread' : — 

. . . mareob(?)m .... 

' The inscription on p. 163 is : — 


and must have been the same on the Inistioge cross-base. 

' On the fourth side, taking up nearly six lines, runs the following in- 
complete inscription, in small raised capitals': — 


* The date of the wife's death was never filled in. In the above inscrip- 
tion the words qq, and APRIL • AN • > ilre vei T m uch battered, but 
.judging by the spaces, and the letters still traceable, the spelling must have 
been as here given. 

1 In an article by John G. A. Prim, on "The Wayside Crosses 
of Kilkenny," in the first volume of the u Journal of the Kilkenny 
Archaeological Society," this cross base is described, and the inscription is 
given, though not quite correctly. It is there stated that this base for mauy 
years after the destruction of the cross portion, lay neglected near the 
riverside until erected "rather recently" (this was written in 1850) in 
its present position (by the Tighe family of Woodstock) ; and that a 
portion of the shaft was at that time being used as a support for a sun-dial 
in a gentleman's gardeu in the town, 

•Mr. G. D. Bnrtchaell, in the volume for the year 1893 of the "Journal 
of the Boyal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland," has a paper on the 
FitzGeralds, Barons of Browusford, who are an offshoot, he writes, of the 
FitzGeralds, Barons of Overk and of Burnehurch (alias Kiltrany), that had 
long been settled in the County Kilkenny.* 

'The L>avid FitzGerahi named on the cross-base was the sou of Thomas 

* For accounts of whom, see Mr. Burtcuaeil s papers in the volumes of the abore 
Journal for and 1893. 

r - 

P • 
53 I 

I i 


J Ess 

PA .T 


Kubbing taken Jb'JT. 



FitzGerald, Baron of Brownsford, who died on the 13th of October, 158*. 
David married Joan, daughter of John Moires, of Lateragh, in the County 
Tipperary, and among other issue had a- daughter Klenor, married to Robert 
Frayne, of Ballyreddy, who died on the 17th of May, 1643, and whose 
tomb is in Dysartmoon Church ruins. 

* Tlie burial-place of the FitzGeralds of Brownsford, and of Cloon (also 
called Clonamery), was in the Monastery of htistioge.' 


[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, M.R.I.A., 1897.] 
"SHERIDAN fecit 




ad. MDCCCLXXVill, tuus est dies tua est nox tu 


i On the opposite side is Erin-go-bragh, a harp and a wreath of 

Inistioge Priory. 

[From Colonel Vigors.] 

Within the burial-ground on the south side of the parish 
church were found lately three pieces of an ancient tombstone, 
bearing the effigy of a former Prior of this place. They have 
been brought together, and are now placed within the walls of 
the ruin of the old abbey, where they are comparatively safe 
from further injury, but they should be placed on a bed of 
concrete, and concrete pressed into the joints, to keep all 

The annexed Plate represents this stone from a rubbing taken 
last year by Lord Walter FitzGerald and Colonel Vigors, and 
gives a very good representation of the Prior as delineated on 
the stone. It is to be greatly regretted that neither name nor 
date are to be found on it. The former, we think, may have 
been at the head of the stone, and subsequently cut off to admit 
of its being placed in some special position for which it was too 




The following note on this very ancient and curious tomb- 
stone is from J. R. Garstin, Esq., F.S.A., who writes:— 

* I have no doubt that this inscription reads : — 

*' fflt€': m€<&®' $<Bfl€- mem<®i\ie 

The lettering is Louibardic capitals. In English the inscription records 
that: So-and-so (the Prior) ''of happy memory," or "of good reputa- 
tion," formerly Prior of this place, lies here. '1 he expression " bona 
memoriae" came to have a well-understood ecclesiastical meaning-, not quite 
equivalent to u in the odour of sanctity," but indicating at least that the 
person to whom it was applied was regarded as within the fold of the 
church, and free from censure. 

4 The final E of the last two words is of course equivalent to JS.' 

" Archdall says : — 

il An abbey appears to have been founded at Inistioge so early as the 
^ear 800, but about A.D. 1210, Thomas, the son of Anthony, Seneschal 
of Leinster, erected an abbey here for Augnstinian Canons, and dedicated 
it to the Virgin Mary and St. Columb, the especial patrons of the place. 

" A.D. 1324, Died David, the Prior, who was venerated as an honour- 
able and exemplary man.* 

M Milo Baron, alias FitzGerald, w r as the last Prior. At a great expense 
he built a new steeple to the priory and a cloister adjoining it. Jn the 
year 1527 he was made Bishop of Ossory, but held his priory by a dis- 
pensation from the Pope until the suppression of religious houses ; on 20th 
March, 31st King Henry VIII., he surrendered [1540]. 

"Milo died in the year 1550 or 1551, and was interred amongst his 
ancestors in this priory." An annual pension of £20 was assigned to him 
after his surrender of the priory. 

Ware says : — 

" The priory was built for Augustinian Canons by Thomas, son of 
Anthony, Seneschal of Leinster, about the year 1206, by permission of 
Hugh liufus or Le Piam, Bishop of Ossory." 

1 Flat tombstone > : — 

The inscription here given is from a rubbing taken by 
Colonel Vigors in 1897, and represents that on a well-preserved 
flat tombstone on the floor, within the walls of the ruins of the 
Priory of Inistioge. 

* It is possible that this stoue to the Prior " bonae memorise " was to this verj 
liouourable aud exemplary David ? 

[ To face jutae *9. 



Mr. Garstin supplies the following expansion, translation, 
and observations : — 

ST *" ' 

"imt jacet tm ? Minn Mttr 

' Hie jacet d [( mi] n[us] W [i] IJ[elm] us Bolter (Voster ?) 

ctuonoa ranomcus fmt ? loci qf 

quonda[m] cauonicus buj[u]s loci q [uj i 

obtjt , % a ♦ no' . m° ccccc jqtff 

obiit A[nn]o do[mi!i]i m [ilesim] o ccccc xxii 

tb" ate matxi" 

xv° die marci[i]' 

* Here lies Mr. (or " lord") William Bolter (or Voster?) formerly 
Canon of this place, who died in the year of our Lord 1522, 
on the 15th day of March.' 

c The lettering is beautifully clear, and presents few difficulties. There 
are only two capital letters, both " Lombardic " and peculiar. The letter 
t is never dotted. The letters tf and n in dominus are " ligatured.'" 

Kilmaiinagh Parish. 

[From the Rev. R. H. Long (the late;, 1897.] 

* The ancient Church of Kilmannagh (Church of the Monk) stands 
quite close to Pattlerath House ; it was here in the fifteenth century that 
one of the O'Clerys transcribed portion of the Psaltair of Casliel tor one of 
the Butlers. The manuscript, under the name of the Psaltair 'of Edmund 
MacRichard, is now preserved in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. 

* The modern church is about half a-mile from the old one, and in the 
village of Kilmannagh ; tiiere are no ancient tombs about either church., 
lu the yard of the modern one may be read on an altar-tomb' : — 

"Beneath this rests the remains of | James J. Lane, Esq., Junr., 
of Shiptou, who departed this life on the 22nd December, | 
1859, in the 24th year of his age, fully testifying his trust 
in the Lord and | belief that the blood of Jesus Christ | his 
Son cleanseth us from all sin — 1 John i., vii. Also the remains 
of his mother Klxkn, | wife of James Sakdefoud Lane, of 
Shipton, | Esq., J. P., who died March 1st, 1867, aged 69 years. | 
Also the remains of her husband James Sandeford Lane, 
of bhipton, Esqr., J. P., who died August 29, 1873, aged 
60 years. And also the remains of his eldest son Samuel. 
Waking Lane, of SbFpton, Esq. J. P., who departed this life 
March 22nd, 1885, aged 51 years." 



I&iSi&ttiery fi*arish. 

[From fljr, Patrick O'Leary.] 

* This parish is about 5 miles south from Callan. The remains now 
existing of the ancient monastery are the foundations of a church, am! a 
moat at a short distance to the north ; while in the burying- ground, which iies 
about 30 yards to the north of the church, there is a finely ornamented stone 
cross about 9 feet 3 inches high, along with some very ancient yew trees. 
There were formerly a large number of ancient tombstones with raise! 
crosses very rudely formed, but only six of these now remain, the others 
having been taken away many years ago (!) 

4 The Plate here given represents the larger of two inscribed stones men- 
tioned by Petrie ; it is placed (he says) close to the foot of the great cross, 
and bears a double inscription. A fragment, with a few letters on it, was 
found in the foundation of a neighbouring cabin, and is now preserved in 
the .Museum of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of 
Ireland, in Kilkenny.' 

Petrie, in " Christian Inscriptions," vol. ii., p. 24, 1887, 


as the inscription on the smaller stone in this burial-ground ; 
and Mr. O'Leary says he can [now 1898] find no trace of any 
stone with an Irish inscription except that which we give in the 
annexed Plate. Petrie's reading of the inscription on the side 
of this stone is : — 

4 Pray for the soul of Aedan.' 
And of that on the top : — 


* Pray for the soul of Aedan.' 

He also notices the evident difference of age in these two 
inscriptions, both in the character of the letters and in the 
diphthongs se and ce. The latter, he says, cannot be older than 
the fourteenth century. 

The size of this stone is as follows : — Length, 61 inches ; 
extreme breadth at shoulder, 21 inches; and at the bottom of 
the cross the same ; the narrow .esitLpart is 18 inches wide. 

: 1 X^xJrggi . 




We have to thank Mr. P. O'Leary, of Graignamanagh, and 
his brother, the Rev. E. O'Leary, O.S.A., of Callan, for the 
rubbing from which our Plate has been engraved. 

It may be well to mention here that there was found at 
Killamery some twenty or thirty (?) years since, a fine fibula, 
which is figured in vol. ii. of " Christian Inscriptions," plate 51. 

A correspondent, to whom we sent the rubbing, has raised 
a point of much importance in connection with the inscriptions 
on this stone. It would appear that Miss M. Stokes considered 
the two inscriptions to refer to the same person. He suggests 
that they may refer to different persons, and he thinks the last 
two letters on the inscription at the head are not part of the 
name, but stand for Episcopus [EpJ. It ;s to be regretted that 
the final letter, the p (?) is so indistinct, that it renders it very 
difficult to determine it with certainty ; but there are several 
reasons that appear to support the theory. 

There are instances where the abbreviated form of Episcopus 
has been used on ancient Irish inscriptions, vide the stone of 
Maelioiiain at Clonmacnoise, and also that of Oriacan, same 

Again, we have instances of two persons being buried under 
the same stone, and their deaths, dec, recorded. 

There appears to us to be ample room for the final two letters 
of the name to have been cut at the end of the name Akdain 
or Aedaen on the same line, without placing them in a second 

It will be remarked that the first letter of the second line is 
a capital E. Why should this be so, if it was the ending of a 
word ? Again, what object could there be in repeating the 
name in this or any other position on the stone ? 

The *5* prefixed to this name is also worthy of attention, 
and the letter which we think may be intended for p, 
appears to us to be more like a p than an n. 

In Miss Stokes's copy of this stone, there is shown, in the 
upper left-hand corner of the frame that encloses the cross, a 
recurved termination like that shown on the right of the head 
of the cross, but we failed to find it on the rubbing sent us. 
This refers also to two diagonal lines which are given in her 
plate on the right side near the head. As it is some years since 



her drawing was made, these marks may have become 
obliterated by age. 

Since "writing the above we have been furnished with another 
rubbing of this stone made specially for us, and on it we find 
the second recurved or spiral (?) termination at the place named 
above, and as given by Miss Stokes. 

The Rev. E. O'Leaiy says he cannot find any distinct mark 
of abbreviation over the two letters in the second line (at the 
head of the cross) ; nor can he see any reason why these two 
letters, if they were intended to form part of the last word in 
the first line, should not have been cut at the end of that line. 

It is to be observed that the top and bottom of the stone are 
not given, for want of room in the rubbing. 


" William Costello of the Parish of Grange Mocler. 

" All you that pass this woful Elegy, 
Your former sins repent and pray for me, 
Death lias constrained my age at 33 
A perfect warning to posterity. 
1807 in June he died 

May his Soul in heaven be ever glorified. — Amen." 

St. Patrick's Parish— -Sheestown Church. 

[Kindly contributed by Major J. Grove White, 57th Regiment.] 

[Continued from vol. Hi., page 479.) 

" Erected by James Cant well | in memory of his daughter | 
Mary Cantwell died March | the 13th, 1813 Aged 5 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

* A Cross 
' (A lamp lying on a cross.) ' 
" Erected by | Tobias Butler | in memory of his wife 
Charlotte Mary Butles, who died at New Park, Kilkenny, 
April 10th, 1686, Aged 7'2 years." 

[An upright stone.] 



<{ Erected by Mr. Martin Henesy, of J Brownstown, in Memory 
of his Father | Mr. Stmo$. Henesy, who depd. this life 25th | 
of March, 1825, aged 75 years. | Also his Mother Mrs. 
Barbara Henesy, alias | Keough who depd. this life Deer. 
LSth, 1822, | aged 62 years, also his daughter Mary | 
Henesy, who died Feby. 19th, 1821, aged 3 years. | Here 
is interred the above | Mr. Martin Henk'sy, who depd. this 
life | November 11th, 1847, aged 55 years." 

[Copied by Miss Dyer, of Kilfera, and Captain H. H. Woolright, 
57th Kegiment.] 

* The following are from the chancel ' : — 

'Inscribed on fragment*: — 


[Stone broken.] 

' Inscribed on slab of tomb ' :- 


* In hoc signo vinces.' 
" Here lies the body of | Colonel John O'Shee | who 
departed this life 22nd December 1813 | Aged 37 years. | 
Also | Dimna [? Diana] O'Shee his Aunt | Also his brother | 
Arnolds O'Shee ) Departed this life September 11th 1813 
Major Aged 71 years." 

'Inscribed on tablet on wall of chancel — 

" Here lies the body of] Miss O'Shee, of High-street Kilkenny | 
who departed this life on the 18th day | of January 1821 at 
the advanced age of 88 years. | Likewise the body of Miss 
Catherine O'Shee | her sister who departed this life on | 
Palm Sunday 1819 at the age of 77 years. Eequiescant in pace." 

* *~ M * m 

' Inscribed on fragment of slab lying on floor of the chancel (about 4 
feet by 3 feet)"*:— 

" years Requiescat iu pace | 

also Diana O'Shee his Aunt." 

'There is inscribed on a tablet in the wall of the chancel the Shee 
Arms in fairly good preservation, except that the top is wanting. This 
Stone bears the following inscription ' :— 



R. S. 

FECIT • AD • 1578 « " 

St. Mary's, Kilkenny. • ■ 

[From the late Rev. R. H. Long, 1897.] 

* Inscriptions on four tombstones belonging to the Wakings, in St, 
Mary's Churchyard, Kiikeuny — 

]. " Here lyeth the body of Hugh Waring, a gentleman endowed 
with all the social virtues, who departed this life the 23rd of 
Sept., A.D. 1758, in the 60 year of his age. Also the remains 
of John his Father and William his Grandfather (descended 
from a family of this name stili flourishing in England), lie 
interred within the church, but the building of St. Mary *s having 
made some alterations in the family burying place, this stone 
is erected to their memory, especially as a token of filial piety, 
to the best of fathers by his eldest son Hugh." 

2. "Here lyeth the body of Thomas Waring Esq. who departed 
this life Sept. 8th 1757, in the 32nd year of his age, this 
tombstone is erected by the direction of Anne Waring, 
otherwise Baker his Widow." 

3. 11 Here lyeth the body of Margaret Waring alias Byran wife 
of Edmond Waring Esqre. She was married the 3 1st of 
July 1762, and died the 6th of November following aged 22 years." 

4. "Sacred to the memory of Mart Waring wife of John Waring 
Esq. late of Springfield, Co. Kilkenny, who departed this life on 
the 5th of September 1810. She died with full hope and trust 
of the redeeming mercy of her God. Also to that of Susana 
Waring who died in London on the 12th of November, 1859. 
She resigned her parting breath in the 58th year of her age, 
with the peaceful tranquillity of childhood falling asleep. Also 
to that of Samuel Waking Esqr. aged S3, 1778 [? 1S78J 
Absent not lost." 


king's county. 

< Samuel Waring was twin brother of John Waring, of the Abbey, 
Waterford. John died in Dublin, "Waterloo-road, in 1886. 

« S. W. left a widow and two daughters, both unmarried, wfaen*he a died. 
Jchn left no children ; he was married to a Miss Green. Their mother was 
a Miss Bluuden, aunt of Sir John Biunden.' 


MonasferoHs or Castropetre Parish. 

[From Colonel P. D. Vigors.] 
* Edenderry Church is said to have been built in 1777. 
'The following mural monuments are within the church. First on the 
left as you enter, on the north wall ': — • 

H In memory of Robert Hugh Richardson Mathews, for 
twelve years manager of the Ulster Bank in this town, Died 
13th July, 1874 | aged 38 years." 

" Erected by his friends, as a mark of their esteem. 

[Harrison, Dublin.]" 

'Mat. vi. 10.' 

" To the memory of Thomas M unit ay of Edenderry | a justice 
of the peace for the King's County | During 46 years. | He died 
on the 4th August 1856 j aged 84 years, j Also to William 
Henry Murk ay | youngest son of the above | who died 
August 8th 1856 aged 34 years." 

1 Motto — " Furth fortune and fill the fetters," ' 

4 Crest — A wild man figure) holding a dagger in his right and a 
key in his left hand/ 

[White marble.] 

" To the memory of John Brown rigo of Edenderry, Esq., 
and of Elizabeth Brown rigg otherwise Campbell, his wife. 
This tablet is erected by their only surviving children Elizabeth 
Anne Hews on and Susan Croasdailk in testimony of their 
respect and affection. He came to the grave in a full age 29th 
of September, 1838, after a life of active usefulness and 
benevolence | in his 02nd year. She yielded up her spirit to 
the merciful God who gave it 28th of March, 1827, in her 
70th year. Their remains were interred in the adjoining 
burying ground awaiting the call of the last trump. — 1st Cor. 15, 
52.— Matt. 24, 44." 

king's county. 


4 On the east wall ' : — ■ 

" Sacred to the memory \%f James Brownrigg, Esq., who 
departed this life on the 4th of July, 1317, in the 37tfi 
year of his age. This tablet is erected by his affectionate 
wife Harriott as a small mark of her iove and respect to 
the memory of the best of husbands." 

* On the east wall ' :— 

J Crest — Eagle holding a cross ; shield plain/ 
4 Motto — "Esse quam Videri." ' 

To the memory of John G rattan, Esqre.. t M.D., who departed 
this life on the loth of January, 3S36, aged 58 years. | This 
testimony of respect has been erected by his friends and fellow 
townsmen to perpetuate their esteem for his invaluable and 
successful professional services in j Kdenderry and its neigh- 
bourhood for upwards of 35 years." 

4 On the south M-all near the east end ' : — 

44 Sacred to the memory of Margauf.t the beloved wife of | 
Thomas Murray, Esq., of Edenderry, J who departed this 
life 27th of March, 1847, aged 59 (sic). Also to the memory 
of | Caroline Margaret their beloved daughter, | who 
departed this life 26th August, 1846, aged 20. — 1 Thess. iv., 
9, 13." 

4 2 cor. ch. v. v. 20. 1 
BORN 8tH MARCH 1815 DIED ?TH JUNE 1887- 

Carberry Churchyard. — Alongside of the fine ruin of Castle 


4 Within a railed enclosure is the following inscription' : — 
* Crest — A spread eagle. Motto — 44 Ne cede malis." * 

"In memory of ] WILLIAM LEDWICH of kill- 


FRANCES LEDWICH who died 29 th march 


king's county, 


his son WILLIAM LEDWICH who died 16 th 


last named william ledwich who died 
1 st may 1896." 

* On other tombstones the following inscriptions are found ':— 

" Edward Stlvester Shawe, of Kllglor, Co. Kildare, 
Esquire, who died 31 December, 1840, aged 62 years, and 
others of the family/' 

"Joseph Haghlin, of Balliuderry, who died 20th Oct. 1S72 
aged 65 years." 

"John Thomas Atkin, solicitor, of Edenderry, who died 19th 
Sept., 1868, aged 48." 

[An upright stone.] 

" Thomas Sale,' of Mt. Lucus, who died April 2, 1876, 
aged 86 years." 

"Thomas Sale, of Ardkill, who died Sept. 21st, 1860, 
aged 66 years, and his wife Alice Sale, who died Mar. 12th, 
1874, aged 81 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

'There are other tombs of this family.' 

"Richard Potterton, of Ardkill, who died 21st A pi., 1882, 
aged 62 years, and others." 

[An upright stone.] 

" Doctor Gregory Sale, of Newpark, died 21 Augt., 1892, 
aged 47 years.' 

[This is an upright stone at the end of the large vault.] 

'Next it, lying flat, is an old monument ' : — 

"here lyeth the body of GREGORY SALE 


SAMUEL SALE his eldest | son. here also 
lyeth his grandson | SAMUEL BE RANGER 





75 years, | SAMUEL W M SALE of coolcor 

DIED 15 OCT 1891 AGED 49 YEARS." 

1 On a flat stone next it ' : — 


"Joseph Russell, of Edenderry, who died Novr. 12th, 187S, 
in his 75th year. Also of his wife Eliza (daughter" of the 
late William Grattan, of Edenderry ) 5 who died J any. 17th, 
1852, aged 25 years, and of some children." 

[An upright stone,] 

1 Here there is a large open vault, 24 feet by 10. On the wall is a 
fine Collet monument. On the top the crest and arms. 

* Crest — An arm vambraced holding a sword.' 

* Arms — On a shield a lion rampant with mantling,' 

* Motto — " Yirtvtis Fortvna Comes." ' 

* On the opposite wall is a slab inscribed " Memento Mori." 

There are other Colley tombs here. This burial-ground is 
well enclosed with a wall and gate, but there is no stile. 
The church is in ruins, and there is no door or gate to the fine 
Colley vault. It is, we believe, Lord Harberton's property. 


[Copied by William Penrose, Esq., Corduffe, Geradise, Ballinamore, Co. 
Leitrim, for Tenisou Groves, B.E., 1 Eaton-square, Monkstown, Co. 


Fenagli Abbey. 

1 Inscriptions on the walls' : — 




" Here lyes the family of the Peytons and their wives 1709 
September fifth in seventeen hundred years and nine Jane Peyton 
left her friends in tears." *• - 

( ai rigalla Churchyard. 

" This Monument is sacred to the memory of Catherine 
Galbraitu wife of Humphrey Galbraith, esq. who died 
the 19th of Aug. 1748 aged 33 years." 

Here lies the body of Bridget Feeny who parted this life 
11th of .Tan. 1747 erected by her husband Flan Feeny." 

Bruitfcrelliy ChtsrelsyjirdL 

"This Monument was erected by Richard Parsons for himself 
and the use of his family May 6th 1758." 


"This stone was erected by Patrick Farrelly in memory 
of his father Patrick Farrelly who died March 2nd 1790 
aged 80 years." 

©ughtragh Parish— HalEiraasiiore Churchyard, 

" This stone was erected by Robert William Parke in memory 
of Robert Parke died 1791 age 81 also Jane Parke 


St. Mary's Cathedral. 

The annexed plate, from a drawing by Mr. T. J. Westropp, 
represents the fine Galwey monument (1445) and its surround- 
ings, and also the sedilia attributed to one of the Budston 
family, who flourished in Limerick circa 1400 to 1450. They 
are to be seen in the south transept. 

A full description of this monument, with illustration of it 
and the sedilia, by Mr. Westropp, will be found in the 
<£ Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries " for the quarter 
ending 31st March, 1898, pages 35-45. 



ShaEnggoI&eKB Parish. 

[Copied by John Wardell.] 
* church/ 

1 There is only one tablet inside the church ; it is to the memory of one 
of the Spring- Uice family. 

1 In old wills I find the testators desiring to be buried in the parish 

' Will of Henry Morgan, Gentn. — To be "interred in the Parish 
Church of Shanagolden." Dat. Jan. 27, 1766. 

' Jn the beginning of the present century the church was again fitted up 
for worship (according to tradition, service was before this held at Kilmoylan, 
very small church on my uncle's land), and 1 fear many tombs were des- 
troyed. There are some old slabs in the ruined chancel. I will give the 
inscriptions later on. The P. Registers only begin in 1 797, consequently 
they do not throw any light on the names of families who may have had 
old tombs there. 

' The following families (gentry) bury there still : — 

1 Langfokd, of Kilcesgriff. — This is an old vault near door of church, 
which bears no inscription. It is said to be the vault of the Trenchards, 
of Mt. Trenchard and Corgrig (Undertakers, 1595), between whom and 
the Langfords existed some relationship. Both Trenchards and Lang- 
fords came from Wiltshire, according to old traditions.' 

'"Spring-Rick, Lord Monteaglc, of Mt. Trenchard. — Have a vault, but 
I can find no inscription.' 

' Vincents, of Shanagolden Ho. — Only came to Shanagolden about 
1795, the first being vicar of the parish.* 

' Morgans, of Old Abbey. — They had older tombs there, and are also 
said to have a vault under the church. They claim to be of the Morgans 
of Tredegar, Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire, and came from that 
county towards end of seventeenth century.'' 

'slabs in old chancel.' 

1 Plan showing position of tombstones ': — 

Vincent (1), (2) 

Old slab, 1545 (7) 

Greene, 12 

Hodges, 3 Hodges, 8 

Hodges, 4 (broken) Hodges, 9 

Hodges, 5 Hodgks, 10 

Hodges, G Hooper, 11 

Stone no inscription 
or carving." 

Greene, 13 



'The Hoopers were Jersey people; they intermarried with the 
HoBGES of Clare, who were a branch of Hodges of Old Abbey and 
Shauagolden, paid who in their turn came from Kent. 

''J here was an old tomb with the Hodges arms on it in the chancel, but 
it was destroyed some forty or fifty years ago.' 

(I.) "George Vincent | only son of [ Arthur Vincent | 

Shauagolden House | who died suddenly | Deer. 28th 1877 
aged 28 [ Belinda Sarah | dearly ^beloved wife of | Arthur 
Vincent Esqr. | Shauagolden House | who died 31st August 
1881 | Aged 71 years." 

(2.) "Arthur Vincent | ShaDagolden House | Died Octr. 31st 

1882 \ aged 78 | In | Memorials! | Kevd. Georgr Vincent | — ■ 
52 years Vicar j of this parish died j Feby. 23rd 1850 aged 78." 

(3.) "Sacred | to the memory of | Jane Stamer Hodges the 

beloved | wife of George Crowe Hodges | of Dunsgrogue 
Castle in the | Co. of Clare Esq. and daughter | of William 
Hodges of Old Abbey ] in the County of Limerick, Esq. | 
Died October 3rd 1832 | aged 43 years. | And his daughter 
Harriet Hodges ( August 12th, 1837 aged | 14 years." 

(4.) " Here lyeth the body of Mary Blackwell wife of the late 
Willm. Hodges of Shanagoldin Gent" who departed this 
life 14 of March 1706 and in 26th year of her age. This 
monument is erected by Mr. George Hodges in memory of 
his d r wife Mary who departed this life the 26 of July 1741 

in the 55th year of her age. — ere underlieth 

Hodges [? said Geo. Hodges]." This monument is broken. 

(5.) tc Here lieth the body of Frances wife of William Hodges 
who died in the year 1736 and of the said Willi** Hodges 
who died the 17th March 1750 aged 44 years." 

(G.) "This Tomb was erected by his fond father George Hodges 
Esq. to the memory of his beloved son William Monsell 
Hodges Esq. of Dunogrogue Castle who departed this life 
December the 2 1st 1855 in the 35th year of his age." 

(7.) "Old slab with elaborate cross, date 1545 ; cannot as yet 
decipher remainder of inscription." 


" John Hodges of Sea Lodge in the County of Clare Esq. 
died Jauuary the 11th 1801 aged 43 years." 



(9.) " Sacred to the memory of Jane daughter cf the late John 

Hodges Esq. of Old Abbey. "She died at Burrane Co. Clare 
the 18th of Septr. 1843 Also Jane wife of John Taylor 
Hodges Esq. of Burrane and daughter of the late George 
HoorER Esq. of the Island of Jersey. She died 14th Deer. 1843." 

(10.) " This stone is erected by Emily Taylor Hodges to the memory 
of her beloved brother John Taylor Hodges Esq. late of 
Burrane House County of Clare who departed this life on the 
second of August 1848." 

(11.) "Here lies (sic) the Remains of Miss Elez TI1 Hooper who 

Departed this life on the 8th of Decb. 1848 in the 80th year 
of her age." 

' Pattern on Sideby Arms ' :— - 

(12.) 'Shield and Arms/ 

1 Coat-of-Arms — 3 stags trippant 2 and 1. Crest — On a helmet- 
vizor closed, a stag's head and neck couped.' 


GREEN who was killld by the Tories 

AGE 1703." 

6 Skull and cross-bones on Shield.' 

'KB. — Mr. Green was shot at Old Abbey, 1703, and a Mr. Hodges 
was shot there circa 1760-90; the tomb with the Hodges arms was 

1 Green Arms/ 

'tombs in churchyard/ 

4 Vault — Inscriptions much defaced and slab broken — 

" Here lieth the [body of] Godfrey Hodg[es who died] 30th 
Decemb r 17[7 — in the] 38th year of his a[ge] This monument 
[was erected] by George Hodges of [Old] Abby to the 
roemjory] of This] beloved wife Mary Hodges alias Monseix 
w[ho departed] this life Mar[ch] the 13th 1778 [ajged 45 ? 
(43 ?) years." 

1 Vault' 

" Erected by Mr. Wile m Ekraght in commemoration of him 
self and posterity A.D. 1781. Here lieth the body of Mrs. 
Agneps Enkaght who departed this life 2- June 1786 in the 
" " 67 year of her age." 



<N.B. — The Enraghts (various branches of which are represented by 
Enraght-Moon^ys, of the Doon, Athlone — Rev. R. Enraght, of St. 
Gabriel's, London ; Rev. T. Enraght\Lindsay, &c.) were a good family 
and descended from the Enraghts, ofMuckross, Co. Kerry. The Enraghts, 
of Finnore Park, Co. Limerick, have degenerated into farmers.' 

"In memory of Thomas Enraght Math w of Rathkeale in the 
Co. of Limerick Esq. a man highly esteemed for the sincerity 
of his friendship and goodness of his heart and benevolence of 
his disposition. He departed this life the 1 2th Day November 
1812 aged 62 years." 

* ? Atty or Math w . I think, his name probably was Thos., but he 
was called Matt, to distinguish him from other Enraghts. Name occurs, 
written as above in Deeds.' 

' There is another tomb, the inscription on which I have not yet copied, 
to Rev. Thos. Enraght, P.P., a cadet of the Enraghts, of Fenuoe 

u Beneath this stone i3 laid the body of Mrs. Alice Latchford 
of Rathkeale who departed this life the 15 of Feb. 1833 aged 
53 it was erected by her mourning children as a small memorial 
of their ardent love for her memory and of their veneration 
for the example which she has left them." 

'N.B. — She was 5th daur. of John Morgan, Esq., of Donmoylan 
House, and in 1807 "made a runaway match" with John Latchford, of 

" Mrs. Mary Morgan erected this stone in memory of her belov. 
hus bd John Morgan Esqr. of Donmoylan who died April 
8th 1794 aged 62 years." 

' Mrs. Morgan was daur. of Geo. Hodges, of Shanagolden, who d. 1755. 
She m. 1771, J. Morgan, and died 1821. John Morgan was ancestor of 
Morgans of Old Abbey.' 

' Besides these are the following : — A tomb with the O'Brien crest, a 

hand grasping dagger ; also a tomb of O'Briens, of the farmer 

class. Here also are graves of Royal Marines belonging to H.M.S. 
Valiant, under command (1374) of Captain Salmon, now Sir Newell 
Salmon, V.C., G.C.B., and tombs of the following families: — Morgan, 
R. Catholic, obt. 1830; Langforp, U.C. ; also Hishons.' 










[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.P., R.S.A.L, 1897.] 

* On the rocky high ground above the ruins of Mellifont Abbey, stands 
a ruinous chapel, a little burial-ground lies to the south-west of it, a 
bohereen cuts it clean in two. On page 321, vol. iii. of the " Report on 
the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland," Air. Bigger has described the only 
two monuments in the detached portion of this small burial-ground, and 
writes that he did not observe any other gravestones, ancient or modern, at 
idellifont. Mow iu that portion of the burial-ground, on the opposite side 
of the bohereen, in which the ruined chapel stands, are two or three un- 
lettered slabs, and one now broken and sunk in the ground, it lies flat aud 
has incised on it ' : — 

" Here Lieth the 
lody of M R Robert Domvill Late 

per of Mellafont park who dep 

arted this Life March the 2d in the 

year of our Lord 172^ aged 66 years 

Here also lyeth the Body of Mary Domvill 

daughter to the said Kobert Domvill 

who deceased April the 13th in the 

year of our Lord 1722 aged 19 years." 

* Note, — The left side of this slab is chipped away/ 




KUIedan or f&illedin Church. 

[Inscriptions from Mrs, Pen-in, Lusk, Co. Dublin, copied from the originals 
by Miss Ormsby.] 

" Sacred to the Memory of the Revd. Anthony Ormsby Eldest 
son of Thomas Ormsby Ksqr. of Knockmore in this county 
who Departed this life on the 24th day of April 1831 m 
the 34th year of bis age. He was Mild Affectionate and 
Unassuming in maimers and loved and Respected by all who 
knew him." •* 

"Sacred to the memory of Adam Ormsby Esqr, late Major and 
Brevet Lieut. Colonel 49th Regiment 4th son of Thomas 
Ormsby Esqr Ballinamore bom 24th July 1777 Died 20 April 
1835. Erected by his brothers John and Christopher." 

In memory of John Ormsby Esqr of Lakeland in this county 
•who Departed this life April 17th 1838 in the 57th year 
of his age. This tribute of respect is Erected by his nephews 
and nieces as a token of sincere regard for his memory and 
the high Estimation in which they held his many virtues." • 

<£ Sacred to the Memory of Anthony Ormsby Esqr. of Ballinamore 
who Departed this life June 1 6th 1823 aged 59 years. Also 
to the Memory of Rebeca his wife daughter to the late Thomas 
EbwooDof Ashford who Departed this life May the 19th 
1809 Aged 25 years." 

" Sacred to the Beloved Memory of Thomas Ormsby of Knockmore 
Esqr who departed this life on the 21st of Novr. 1839 in the 
72nd year of his Age deservedly respected and highly esteemed 
by all those who knew him and who value real worth in every 
relation of life he fulfilled his duties as a Christian. Here 
also lies the remains of his wife Anne Ormsby." 

" Sacred to the memory of George Ormsby Esqr of Mote 
House, who depart ed this life November the 3rd 1829 aged 
51 years. He was a Fond Husband Tender parent a Sincere 
Friend and ever Ready to Relieve the Distressed." 



" In memory of John Ormsby Esqre of Lakeland in this county 
who departed this life April 17 1858 in the 57th year of his 
age. This tribute of respecf is erected by his nephews and 
nieces as a token of sincere regard for his memory and the 
high estimation in which they held his many virtues." 

" Sacred to the memory of Thomas Ormsby Esqre 4th son of 
Thomas aud Anne Ormsby of Knockmore Died 11th day of 
August 1867 in the 62nd year of his age." 

In memory of Elizabeth Anne Ormsby eldest daughter of 
Thomas Oemsby Esqre of Knockmore Born Nov 6 1799 

Died May 10 1873. In Thy presence is fulness of joy 

Psalm 16, il." 

"Sacred to the memory of George Ormsby Esqre Third son 
of Thomas and Anne Ormsby of Knockmore Died 25 day 
of Jan 1857 in the 54th year of his age. Also his wife 
Anna who di6d April 1877." 

"Erected by James Hanna Belfast in affectionate Remembrance of 
bis wife Elizabeth J. Hanna who died 27th July 1894 aged 
27 years. * Till He come.' w 

" Sacred to the memory of George Ormsby of Moat House 
who departed this life Nov 5th 1850 aged 51 years. He was 
a fond Husband Tender parent and sincere Friend and ever 
Ready to Relieve the Distressed." 

"In loving memory of V\'m. Morrison who entered into Rest 
7th Jan. 1888 aged 55 years. Also his children Olivia 
and Hugh. * Thy will be done.' * 

« Tombs to':— 

" Thomas Ormsby Esqre of Knockmore died 1839 and Anne 

" George Ormsby of Mote House died 1829.'' 

11 Anthony Ormsby of Balinamore died 1823, and Rebeca 
his wife died 1809." 

"George Ormsby died 1857 and Anna Ormsby his wife 
died 1877." 

"Thomas Ormsby, 1867." 



"Elizabeth Ormsby, 1873. 

' Headstone to ' : — 

"Anthony Ormsby, 1882." 

" Anne Ormsby, 1841." 

"William Morrison, 1888." 

"Elizabeth Hanna, 1894." 

' There are ten large tombs in the Churchyard to members of the 
Ormsby family. I send copies of some inscriptions — 

" Here Lies the Body of Anthony Ormsby Esqr of Balinasaore 
Who Departed this Life on the First day of Inly 1797 In the 
Eighty-Fifth year of his Age." 

" Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Ormsby Esqr of Balinamore 
who Departed this Life Novrthe 1st 1822 Aged 84 years. 
Also to the Memory of Elizabeth his wife Daughter of Thomas 
Ruttledge Esqr of Cornfield who died March 1st 1830 Aged 
84 years." 

"HERE Lies the BODY of Mary Irwin wife of John Irwin 
of Camlin in the County of Roscommon and Second Daughter 
of Thomas Ormsby of Ballinamore in the County of Mayo 
Esquire. Before her Dissolution with the Patience and 
Fortitude of Primitive Christianity she bore a Lingering sickness 
and Most Extreme Pain and with Perfect Resignation to the 
Divine will Commended her SPIRIT to her Creator on the 
first Day of November 1797 in the twenty seventh year of her Age. 

As into air the Purer Spirits Flow 

And Seperate From their Kindred dregs below 

So flew HER Soul to its congenial Place 

Her Disconsolate Husband in Memory 

Of her Uncommon Virtues has Caused 

This Tomb to be Erected." 

" Thomas Ormsby Esqr Vide Tablet in Church Interred 8th 
March 1836. 

Jesus my Saviour, Shepherd friend 

My Prophet Priest and King 
My Lord ray Life my H — my End 

Accept the praise I bring." 



'Tablet in Church':— 

"A*D. " 

Born 1807, March 18S6 Died Thomas Ormsby Esqr at Balinamore 
JRemote and near His actions make his memory dear 
Erected by Brothers who knew his worth." 

' There is also a mural tablet to the memory of John Yeadon Ormsby, 


' Chalice — Silver, inscribed ' : — 

"Killcdan Church 1844." 

4 Hall-marked same as the Paten." 

' Paten — Silver, hall-marked, inscribed ' :- — 

"KiUedan Church 1844." 
'RS, Qaeenshead, Harp and Crown, Britannia X.' 


Macetown, now in liJtriiessan Parish. 

The Plate here given is reduced from a drawing by the late 
G. V. Da Noyer. In describing it, he says (Pro. RX'A.) 

" It is probably the lintel of a fireplace from the old Castle of Macetown. 
The arms are: — Three goats passant surrounded by a wreath [for 
CheversJ ; and a castle with a bend sinister, or, erased, for Plunket." 

The Chevers arms, we believe, should be described : — Gu. 
three goats salient argent, horned and hoofed or. In the draw- 
ing, the stonecutter has made them facing to the left instead of 
to the right. 

The motto, translated, is — " In God is my trust." 

The Plunket arms also are wrongly drawn and described; 
the bend should pass under, not over the castle, and it is not 
" sinister " [debruised by a bend argent]. 





«*9« ; ~. ~-v kb 






The inscription appears to read: — 

o mm b mm jri* Mwmmm. 
mm® mm mmm&m* 

It "will be noticed that many of the letters are curiously 
conjoined, and of very peculiar form. 

Christopher Chevers was knighted, and from the funeral 
entry appears to have died on 20th of March, 1581. 

This stone affords another instance of the importance of the 
preservation, by drawings and letterpress, of our a&cient 
inscriptions, &c. This man's marriage with Anne Plunket, I 
believe, is not recorded in the Chevers Pedigree in Ulster's 
office. He probably married twice ; his wife, as therein 
entered, is Maude, daughter of Walter Kelly, Alderman of 

[From J. Ribtou Garstin, F.S.A., V.P.R.I.A.] 


. 'The two Plates here given from the Du Noyer collection, R.I.A., 
represent the four faces of the stone known as the Baronstown Cross. Jt 
is more a pillar-stone, like that at Duleek, than a cross, but like the latter 
was probably originally surmounted by a cross or crucifix. 

* On the top of the north face of the stone we find the arms of Oliver 
Plenket, Lord Louth, impaling those of his wife, Jexet Dowdall. 
Over the arms arc their initials, 0. P. and L D., and under the arms the 
following inscription ' : — 






* The words in brackets are puzzling. They are faint in the drawing 
and confused by a bee-hive shaped object. Can " thurd of said year " 
mean that it took four months to build the cross ? ' 

4 The south face has a coat-of-arms impaled under the (initial ?) letters 
M. T. and L. (or T.) B. The last may stand for Barnewall, whose arms 
are: Ermine a bordure (engrailed), and who often intermarried with the 
Louth Plunketts, but whose the other arms are, and how connected with 
this monument, has yet to be ascertained. 

4 The inscription presents some difficulties, but I read it thus ' ; — 


4 The word to which ? is above appended probably represents ruling, 
but if the first letter be P we may have puer — puke followed by a word 
undetermined. I have not met with this formula in any Litany of the 
Virgin. The corresponding epithet on the Anusbrook cross is "vert 


[Could, it be meant for ever living ? — Ed.] 

* There is a similar wayside Litany of the Virgin on the well at Mul- 
hnddart, Co. Dublin, close to the old ruined church. 

* The west and east faces of the pillar are narrower than the others. On 
them (under some letters which I shall presently try to explain) are 
figures of Si Peter and S. Patrick. Both are in flowing vestments, are 
bearded, and wear conical caps or mitres. S. Peter holds the keys, and 
S. Patrick a double or ** patriarchal " cross, which shows that at the 
beginning of the seventeenth century his " bachall" was not supposed to 
be crooked. 

4 The inscriptions under these figures are identical in terms, though not 
in lettering, and run as follows ' : — 


*The puzzling letters over the figures of the saints remain to be 
elucidated. I believe that the first letter N, over Peter, — AI, and that 
this A represents ligatured S (of the peculiar form used throughout), 





merged in the first stroke of the A. Thus we get plainly saint, and PTS 
following is clearly the equivalent of petrus, the Latin for Peter. If the 
A which stands alone over Patrick is'S'imilarly taken as = SA, and it be 
tacked on to the letters above, where the I is evidently a mistake for T, 
we have saint. The letter following is doubtless P, and it is followed by 
ATB which, with the K below, doubtless stand for patk [ic] k ; just what 
Blight be expected ! 

* The inscriptions on this Baronstown Cross affords an interesting 
example of the transitional state of spelling at the period of its erection. 
Thee is spelled the, and, conversely, the as thee. The same words are 
differently spelled, for instance Lowth and Louth, bulded and built, yecre, 
&c., merei, amenn. Jesus has an initial Y, of which I have seen 
examples in Italy. There are doubtless mistakes, such as "Lor" and 
11 wich," but in copies of copies, accurate as Du Noyer was, this was 

* The use of the term " Dame" deserves a note. In Baronets' patents 
it is assigned as an alternative to " Lady," and the Probate Court registers 
use it, but here it is used by a Baroness. " Dame " Dowdall is never 
styled widow, but always wife. 

* The formation of the letters also deserves attention, as shown in the 
plates. Several of them are " ligatured " or conjoined. Thus = 
virgin. The S is exceptional in shape, and indicates a transition from 
the long {, which survived in type until far into the last century, to its 
successor of the shape now alone used. Some of the O's are smaller than 
the other letters. N and V r appear in two forms. 

'The Baron for whom the cross was "bulded" was Oliver, the 4th 
Lord Louth, whose grandfather had been raised to that title by Henry VIII. 
in 1541. When Archdall's " Lodge's Peerage of Ireland " was published, 
the Louth barony was under attainder, so it does not appear in that work 
in its proper place. It is, however, noticed in Vol. VI. under " Dun- 
sany." This Lord Louth succeeded his brother in 1575, attended in 
parliament in 1585, and went with the Plunkets of Ardce barony to a 
hosting at Tara in 1593. He married twice : his second wife being 
the Jenet who erected the "cross." She was daughter of Patrick 
Dowdall, of Termonfeckin, Co. Louth, and widow of John Bath, Justice 
of the Common Pleas. Lord Louth is said to have died 5 March, 1607, 
and was buried in the Church of Tallanstown, near which is Louth Hall. 
He had issue bv his first wife, but not by his second. The latter survived 
till 3 July, 1617.' £ £ 




Parish uf ErHgie Troisgh. 

[From Rev. J. Wallace Taylor, LL.D., F.R.A.S.I.] 

(Continued from vol. Hi., p. 128.) 

" Here lyetli the Body of Terence M'Kenna who departed 
this life April " 

" This Stone was erected by Muetagh Larry for him and his 
family Anno Domini 1775." 

[An uprigiit stone.] 

"Erected by John Ingham of Phillipsburg N. J., U.S.A. In 
memory of John M'Keal, who departed 30 April 1873 
aged 84 years." 

[A flat stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

[A flat stone.] 

« HERE lyeth the body of Mary M'Mahon, daughter of Con. 

M' Ma hon of Dromore, who departed this life the 2 

1 763, aged 22 years." 

[An upright stone,] 

I. H. S. 

" May 3, 1792. This stone was erected by John M'Kenna 
of Drnmsheona (?) in memory of his father James M'Kenna." 

[An upright stone.] 

" HERE lyeth the body of Patrick M'Kenna of Mullaghban 
who departed this life Apl ... 1717, aged 60 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

"HERE lyeth the body of James M'Kenna who departed 
y e life Feb. 2 1746 aged 65 years. Also his son Hugh 
M'Kenna departed ye life Sept. 1747 aged 32 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

[A fiat stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

[An upright stone.] 

113 queen's county. 

" Here lyeth the body of James M'Kenna of Duualussett who 
depd. this life Dec. j* 3 177Taged 35 (?) years." 

i( Sacred to the memory of John Armstrong of Kellylara who 
departed this life Nov. ... 1858, aged 76 years. Also his 
daughter Martha Armstrong who died 29 January 1830 
aged ... Also his son John Armstrong who died Decern bor 
1849 aged 33 years. Also his wife Sarah Armstrong who 
died 12 Feb. 1868, aged 88 years." 

[A flat stone.] 

* Handsome stone with armorial bearings ' : — 

u HERE lieth the | Body of Terence Connolly of Esker | w 
who departed this life Novera | ber 24th 1764 aged 84 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

Here lieth the | body of Treanor of | Tomey " 

[An upright stone.] 

' Note.— The list of stoues is made from W. to E., commencing at N. 

* Handsome sculptured stone against the wall on right-hand side of 
entrance gate ' : — 

"HERE lieth the | body of Patrick Brady | of Drumadaragh who 
dep | arted this life March | the 23rd 1768 aged 45 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

''HERE lieth the bo | dy of Patrick Treanor who | departed 
this life A....,." 

[An upright stone.] 

{To be continued.) 


*J5ALLYADAMS churchyard.' 
[From Lord Walter FitxGerald, V.P., R.S.A.I.] 

* Kesting against the wall of the church ruins by the side of u the 
Shaun-a-feeka " tomb (which has been described in the 2nd vol. of the 
Heport, at p. 536), is a large headstone beariug the following inscrip- 
tion * : 

t§ : H ]. 




"SACRED To the Memory of Major-General Sir Edttaiid 
Gerald Butler, Kt., K<M.T., who departed this Life the 
30th Novr. 1824, in the 54tli year of his Age And whose 
Remains repose in the Vault beneath. 

A Kind Father A Sincere Friend A gallant Soldier, lie 
distinguished himself on the field of Battle, and served his 
Country in the four quarters of the World. -He left four Sons 
and one Daughter to lament his loss." 

'The descendants of Sir Edward Butler are living near Ballyadams, and 
claim descent from the Barons of Dimboyne.' 




E ml a fad Parish. 

[From the Rev. T. Gordon Walker, Emlafad.] 
'Mural tablet in the church ' : 

[See No. 10, Plate iii, Frontispiece.] 

" To the memory of William Phibbs, Esq., and Jane his wife, 
Late of Hollybrook in this county. The former died July 15th, 
1801, Aged' 63. The latter March the 1st, 1817, Aged 76. 
This monument is erected by their affectionate son Owen Phibbs, 
Esq., of the City of Dublin. 

" Call not a muse, invoke no fabled name, 
This sacred dust to consecrate to fame ; 
Around this tomb, a firm united band, 
The Christian virtues take their hallowed stand ; 
Here faith unmoved looks on this scene of care, 
Points up to Heaven, and sees its triumph there; 
Here hope, upborne upon a Seraph's wing, 
Exulting hymns her Saviour, and tier King, 
And Charity, whose parent arms embrace 
With love divine, the whole of human race, 
These led the Christian, thro' life's dubious road, 
These now present an angel to her God." 



" Sacred to the memory of Robkbt King Duke, Esq., of 
Kewpark, who departed this Hjjjp.ou the 3rd of May, 1836, . 
Aged 66 years, leaving four sons and four daughters surviving, 
by whom this tablet is erected in remembrance of the best 
of parents. Also to the memory of Anne his wife who departed 
this life on the 2nd of Jan. 1812, Aged 35 years. Also to the 
memory of Robert their eldest son who departed this life on the 
6th of Dec, 1829, Aged 32 years." 

" The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, Blessed bs the 
name of the Lord." 

"The Rev. Henry Garrett, Curate of Carlow, Son of I^v. 
John Garrett, Vicar of Emlafad, was cut off by a malignant 
fever on the 10th day of July 1838 in his 26th year. ' His 
intervals of reason were full of Joy and Peace in Believing.' His 
last audible prayer was in these words, Oh ! Lord God Almighty ! 
send thy grace into the hearts of the people, make thy Gospel to 
extend thro' the length and breadth of the land. And Oh 
reward us not for our sins, and deal not with us according to our 
iniquities for thy blessed Son Jesu's sake, Amen. * Wherefore 
comfort one another with these words. Blessed are the dead which 
die in the Lord. Even so them also which sleep in Jesus will 
God bring with Him.' Erected by T. and E. Galloway, 
33rd Kegt/' 

" Sacred To the memory of the late Richard Fleming, Esqr., 
of Abbey ville in this parish, who died August the 27th, 1865, 
Aged 48 years.— Psal. 103, verses 15, 16, 17." 

" Sacred To the boloved and revered memory of Owen Phibks, 
Esq., Formerly of Willowbrook in this county, and latterly of 
Merrion-square, Dublin, who departed this life Jan. 11th, 
1829, Aged 53. Sacred likewise to Anne PnisBS, his widow, 
daughter of Thos. Orusby, Esq., of Ballinamore, in the Co. of 
Mayo, who died Feb. 26th, 1831, Aged 56. This monument 
is erected as a testimony of sincere affection by their children." 




Carrick I'aiish, 

[From J. F. Fuller, Esq.] 

"this stone and burying place belongs 
to y e family of y e mortimers of carrick 


MORTIMER of cakrick w th 4 of her 



' The crest is a spread eagle double-beaded as in the arms, which arc 
divided M per pale." as it' for husband and wife.' 

We believe the following sketch of this family is correct : — 
Mortimer _ 


l I 

Philit Mortimer, of Carrick-on- 
Suir, in Tipperary, Mercht., 
Will dated 14 Sept., 1752, 
prvd. 24 July, 1755 

James Mortimer 

of Can ick. Gent , Will dated 
5 June, 1763, prd. 20 July, 


i? Mary — Mortimf.r === 

Graves n-ho L 

died 4 Nov., j 
1714, set 31. John Mortimer. 
See above in- 



= Abigail — 

"William James John Ma'-.y 

g. daur. to 
P. M. 



[From the Reverend Edward £anon Quinn, P.P., 1897.] 
' In Kiltinan Churchyard is a tombstone with the inscription ' : — 

DIED 7 th MAY 1600." 


{ The above tombs were in the Abbey Church of the Augtistinians in 
Fetbaid. They have since been removed.' 

* The ruined Church of KnockgrarTou has on the south wall of the choir 
a tomb with inscription in black letter much mutilated ' : — 

• -mc facet sommus mm&%e&& 

%\<£Sl<£ (QuoutiaiuiUftor Sfluiorcrafoit 
2*° Q° Mcmwm*" 

1 On another stone laid in a horizontal position near west wall of choir, 
there is the following inscription ' : — 

" Herelyeth the body of John Godfrey who dyed the 25th 
day of January, 171 1, in the 25th year of his age. He was 
the son of Captain William Godfrey and grandson of Major 
John Godfrey, of Knockgraffon." 

'The Knockgraffon inscriptions are taken from a letter of John 
O'Donovan, Ordnance Survey, 1810/ 

Xewtown Letinao. 

1 In the ruined Church of Nbwtown Lennan, is a horizontal stone 
with the following inscription ': — 





'In the ruined parish Church, 6ii a broken tombstone, is ' :— - 

[? Granna] flLIA EU6EHII MCCARTHY." 

* Another stone at same place has': — 


[From Ordnance Survey Letters.] 

[From the Rev. C. T. M'Cready, D.D., Dublin.] 
(Continued from vol. m., page 507.) 

* This parish contains the village of Ardfinnan, built on both sides of 
the River Suir, which is here spanned by a bridge of nine arches. 

' The church is on a considerable eminence above the town and is s 
neat building ; it contains mural tablets to ' : — 

"The memory of Dunbar Barton, of Rochestown, who died 
May 19th, 1848." 

• 'And':— 

"To the Memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Revd. 
Wm. Hughes' [who] died October 12th, 1834." 


" Hanc Patinam Ecclesice de Ardfinnan donavit 
THOMAS MILLES, S.T.p] Ejnscojjus 
Waterfordiensis et Lismorensis A 1724." 

4 The copper alms-dish records that it was ' — 

" The gift of the Rev. GEORGE MILLS to 
the Poo?' of Ardfinnan 1819." 



1 A slab inserted in the outer face of the western wall of tlie Tower 
records ' :— 




DON ATI S ...... 

DESJC .... 


EDWARD O DOUGLAS hujusce parochijs 


1 Tombstones in the churchyard to ' : — 

" Wm. Bagnell, Esq., ofShernrahan (?) who died 22 Oct., 
1798, and his daughters Frances and Marianne." 

" Colonel Jas. Montague Brown, 93rd Highlanders, who died 
at Munroe House, 24 April, 1884, born 12 May, 1809, a 
good officer, friend, son, and brother." 

" Charles Wm. Wise died 21 May, 1880 aged 42. His son 
Wm. Quin Wise who died 14 Oct., 1879, aged 14 yrs." 

"Peter Carson, of Upper Ballyneety, died 31 Jan., 1891, 
aged 74, and several children." 

"Elizabeth Sloane, wife of John Carson, of Lower Ballyneety, 
died 17 Oct., 1854, aged 36, and their infant child." 

"John Carson, of Lower Ballyneety, died 7 May, 1878, aged 75/ 

u Dr. David Trotter, of Dublin, died 8 July, 1847, aged 26." 

"Patrick Delaney died April 12, 1863, aged 59" 


"hoc monumentum, CLAUDE CROMELIENSI 
DIRUTUM, tandem restauratum est ab eorum 




* The above is on the sides of an altar tomb ; the old stone on top htm 
an inscription, which might with trouble be made out, beginning '. — 

"hic jacet DERM ICy S O'HALU prop pia- 
uxor KATHER1NA ROCHE, &c." 

* Konore integro contemno fortunam ' 

"This burial ground was enclosed by Richmond Allkn [r.on 
of Maurice] and Maurice and Abraham [sons of Philip] 
and grandsons of Gerard FitzGibbon, of Castle Grace, who 
was great grandson of David FitzGibbon, Governor of 
Ardhnnan Castle for Charles II. when besieged by the forces 
of Cromwell in February, 1649, in memory of their ancestors 
the Fitz Gibbons of Knocklong, called The Old Knight, being 
an elder branch of the family of the White Knights, with 
them descended from Gibbon, second son of John FitzGerald 
(surnamed of Callen), Lord of Decies and Desmond." 

"In memory of Maukick FitzGibbon, of Castle Grace, Esq., 
who died in A.D. 1817, and also is here interred." 

'And of : — 

** Lieut. Philip FitzGibbon, R.N., his next brother, who died 
in A.D. 1826, and is interred in the Churchyard Ma crony, 
near Kil worth, Co. Cork, also of Maurice (?) FitzGibbon, of 
Crohaua, near Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny, Esq., the White 
Knight, and Mac-an-t'sen Pidderv, eldest son of the above 
Philip. He died on the 2oth of Feb., 1881, in the 63rd year 
oi his age, and is buried here.'* 

" Here lies the body of Maurice FiizGibbon, of Castle Grace, 
who died Dec. 1796, aged 67 years. Also of Gerald 
FitzGibbon, of said Castle Grace, who died May 16, 1794, 
aged 64 years" [then, in later characters], 

1 These two brothers, as well as Maurice FitzGibbon, of Castle Grace, 
eldest son of the above Gerard, as also Captain Kichmond Allen Fitz- 
Gibbon, eldest son of said Maurice, and who died in London A.D. 1871, 
boned in Hampstead Parish Churchyard, were successively White Knights, 
&c, and Mac-an-t'sen Kiddery.' 

1 Ardfinnan Castle, the residence of Po! ert K. Prendergast, Esq., dates 
from the time of King John, who before his accession to the throne of 
Fnuhmd built it, and Lismore Castle, and a castle at 4 \ewcastle-on-the- 

4 Adjoining the castle is a large circular tower originally of great strength, 
erected at a date anterior to that of King John's Castle.' 



A rd finnan. 

Succession of clergy - .' 

'Edward Douglas, 1807; Leslie ' Battersby, cl. 1819; Burke ? 
Vf. Both old ? Madden ? Metes? Cooke, 1845-1873.' 

4 Rev. John Cooke, 11. of Ard., ord. deacon in 1817, and P. 1818, 
living in Tramore 1887, aged 92. 

' St. John's Church, Tubrid, consecrated 13 April, 1820.' 

P. D. V., March, 1897. 


* There are the ruins of an ancient church within this parish.' 

" William Quin Wise, of Rochestown, aged 14, buried at 
Ardfinnan 18 Octr., 1873, son of Charles Wm. \\ Ise, of 
Rochestown, aged 42, buried at Ardfinnan, 24 May, 2 880." 

1 N.B. — The Rev. John Cooke entered on his duties at Ardfinnan 21st 
October, 1849; resigned Oct. 1873.' 


[From the late Kev. R. H. Long.] 

4 Pp. 15-35 from end, contains a registry of deaths, births, and 

4 1829, July 20th, Joseph, son of Rev. George Peacock, ofCranagh, 
born, bapt. Augt. 16th. 

4 1834, Dec. 5. — Charles IIlly, 2nd son of late Geokge Helt, of 
Violet Hill, Co. Kilkenny, to Selina, eldest daughter of Rev. Mongo 
Noijle Thompson. 

4 1825, Nov. 2nd. — Buried the Flevd. Patrick Kennedy for upwards 
of 40 years curate of this parish by me the Rev. Wm. Falkner. 

4 1852, Oct. 16th — Buried the Rev. W. K, Thompson, rector. 

*Pp. 35-78. — Almost quite blank. 

4 Pp. 79-86.— Baptisms. 

4 1843, Jan. 19th. — O'Neill Robert, son of the Rev. Samuel 
Furgusson, and his wife Harriet Furgusson, of Aloyne GK*be. 

* 1845. — 111 Mm a Harriet, daughter of Rev. S. Furgusson, born April 
3rd, baptised April loth by Rev. Henry Smyth, Curate of Fennor. 

4 1846, Oct. 16th. — Robert Barlow, son of Rev. S. Ft rgusson, 

4 1851, Jan. 22nd. — Jessie Maria Jane, daughter of Rev. S. Fergus- 
son, bom. 

4 1806, May 19th. — Jane Christiana, daughter of Rev. Giohge T. 
H. Barton and Jane Letitia Barton (formerly Leslie), born. 



1 Pp. 87-102.— Blank. 

'Pp. 103-110. — Marriages and Burials. 

1 1861, July 30. — O'Neill Eob£iVt, son of Rev. S. Furgussox, buried. 

'1877, Feb. 6th. — Luke Gardiner Tomkins, son of Rev. Patrick 
Folly, buried, aged 6 years and 3 months, by the Rev. Mr. Irish, 
Curate of Templemore. 

4 In the centre of the book are S6 blank pages. I began at the end 
on account of the list of rectors being there. — R. H. L. 

4 There have been pages torn from the beginning of the book. 

4 P. 1. — Easter Monday, April 15th, 1816. — The Vestry Assessment 

amounted to £50 18s. 6d., 3-2-d. per acre, portion of which was for 

" enclosing the old churchyard of Moyne with a wall at the rate of 6 

shillings par perch, 6 feet high and with a gate and piers." 

'John Tore ens, Minister. 

*H. Langley, of Brittas Castle. Esq., ] ^, , 

» A r c o n 3 x t- f Churchwardens. 

Matt. Mjncekn, of BallydufF, Esq., J 

'Parishioners were John Ardan, Wm. Runt, Frl. ^Alexander, 
John Lanqley, John Cjlsgg, John Caswell. 

' P. 5, Easter Tuesday, 181S " That the enclosure of the new church- 
yard be completed." 

'Easter, 1 S 1 9- — Thomas Cambie, of Kiloran, Esq., made a church- 

'Easter, 1S21 — Stephen TKoifas Ardah appointed churchwarden in 
place of Henry Langlly. 

'P. 22, 1824, April 20. — -John To miens, minister, signs for the last 

'P. 24, 1S25, January 31. — Pat. Kennedy signs as minister. 

'P. 28, 1825, April 4. — Signed by "William Holmes, Rector of 
Moyne and Killeuagh. 

'P. SI, 1825, June 25. — Votes, "That an agreement be now and is 
hereby entered into with the Rev. William Anthony Holmes, our rector, 
to take proceedings under the Act of the 4th of George IV'., chap. 9'J, 
and to carry into execution purposes of said Act relative to a com- 
position of the tithes of this Parish. 

' For, 10 votes. 
Against, 21 votes." 

• 1826, March 1st. — 2nd Resolution — "That an offer be now and is 
hereby made to the Rev, William A. Holmes of the annual sum of 
£46 10s. 9jd. [£406 10s. 9id. ?], continued invariable for the space of 
21 years as a composition for the tithes of the Parish of Moyne." 

' 1826, Septr. 27. — At a special Vestry of the Parish of Kilclough- 
noagh, — " The Rev. Mr. Holmes returned an answer from the Arch- 
bishop that the- sum offered as composition would not be sanctioned." 

* 1826, Nov. 27th. — Resolved that — "The sum of £479 17s. 5-§d. for 
21 years to remain invariable be offered to the Rev. W. Holmes as a 
composition for the tithes of this parish " {Moyne}* 

'This Mr. Holmes accepted. 



< 1826, Novr. 28th..— Resolved—" To give to the Kev. Wm. A. 
Holmes, Rector of Killclonagh, the annual sum of £45 sterl., as a com- 
position for the tithes of this parish," , 

' Also accepted. 

* That the sum of £5 be laid on for the purpose of paying the expenses 
of printing the Memorial to the Judge of Assize, concerning the Repairs of 
the Roads in the Parish, Jan. 5th, 1827. 

1 1828, May 5 lb. — Henky Armstrong signs for the Key. Mr. 

' 1829, April 21st. — Rev. Henry Buneury acts for the Rev. W. A. 

* 1832 June 12th. — Mr. Holmes signs for the last time. 

* 1833, April 9th. — Benjn. To. Bkadshaw, A.M., acting Curate. 
' 1834, April 1st. — Saml. Fergusson, Rector. ^ 

1 1835, May 13th.— A letter from the Archbishop appointing John 
Lloyd and Vernon Russel, Ch : wardens. 

4 Baptisms 1852-1879, the rest blank. S. Fergusson signed up to 
1870 as rector.' 

< BOOK V. 



'May 23rd, 18/0. — The first Vestry Meeting after the first Meeting of 
the General Synod (Feb. 15th — April 2nd, 1870). About 25 persona 
were considered eligible to be vestrymen, nine of whom made their claim, &c. 

'Kev. D. Foley produced the contributions at the Offertory since the 
26th of Sept., 1869, the first oecasion on which it was stated that- the 
sums thus contributed were to be appropriated to church expenses, deducting 
about Is. 6d. per week usually appropriated to the poor. The gross 
amount already realized thus exceeded £10, which Dr. F"olet was ordered 
to retain until it was required for church expenses. 

1 Rev. D. Foley then came forward and put down his name for a con- 
tribution of one hundred and fifteen pounds to the Church Body, being the 
sum required for the purchasing of the glebe house, cartilage, offices, and 
garden, &c, after 1st January, 1871, on condition that the Representative 
Body purchased the glebe house, £c., for a residence for all future ministers 
of the parish of Templetuohy, rent free, and with liberty to the said Church 
Body, in case no minister was kept in the parish in future that the 
Representative Body should be at liberty to sell or rent to a Protestant 
owner or tenant the said glebe house, curtilage, garden, &c, and to place 
the amount of purchase money or rent, to the General Sustentation Fund 
of the Church of Ireland. 

* Kev. Dr. Foley promised to subscribe annually to the General Sustenta- 
tion Fund from 1st January next a sum of £10; Chaeli s.11. Lloyd, Esq., 
promised £10 annually to be paid half yearly, beginning from the 1st of 
Kovr. next; John Thomas Bkadshaw, Esq., and Richard Bkadshaw, 
Ksq., promised £5 each annually ; John Jesse LlmYD, Esq., promised £100 
for use of Templetuohy Parish, at the discretion of Kev. Dr. Foley, who 




advised it to be expended on the purchase of the glebe land; luv. 
Christopher Alderson also offers £50 in two instalments for purcW« 
of glebe land, and £5 annually %o the General Sustentation Kami; 
Naihaniel Browne, Esq., offers to subscribe £1 annually to Sustenu- 
tion Fund. (The underlining is mine. — R. D. L.) 
' Septr. 25, 1870. " ' 

* Charles H. Llotd, Esq., Lisheen Castle 
John T. Bkadshaw, Esq., Ballyknockan House 
Thomas Crawford, Esq., Fortfield 

* 1872, Feb. 5 Templetuohy and Moyne united. The £52 lis. lid. 

presented by Mr. Thoms. Browne to the parish as the proceeds on his 
part of the composition for his office of parish clerk, be invested with the 
Representative Body for the purchase of the glebe land. 

4 Rev. D. Folet reported that he had already received and transmitted, 
or had promise of receiving on demand in addition to the £115 which he i.-< 
to pay himself for the purchase of the glebe house, the sum of £300. 

* 1873, April 14 That an application be made to the Representative 

Body in that the interest of £414 or whatever the amount be 

saved for the parish by the purchase and sale of the Glebe aud Rectory of 
Moyne, be appropriated to pay the curate. 

'Oct 19, 1874. — That the sum — about £480 — got for the sale of 
Moyne Glebe, be used for the purchase of Templetuohy Glebe. 

4 1875, March 29th. — An application made to Rev. Alex. M'Loughlin, 
the Rev. Dan. Foley's executor, for the £115 he promised to purchase 
the glebe house. 

'1877, April 2nd. — "That the amount £186 16s. 9d. necessary to 
complete the purchase of the glebe house and lands of Templetuohy, be 
taken out of the amount lodged to the credit of [Templetuohy from the clerk 
and sex touship, and placed in the hands of the Representative Body, ami 
that the interest of the £100 lodged to the credit of Moyne be divided 
equally between Templetuohy and Moyne to help to pay the sextons. 

* 1883, J any. 15. — Kxtract from a letter written by the Rev. P. Folet 
to the Bishop to persuade him not to make Templetuohy a curacy : — 

"'My late dear brother collected close on £500 to purchase the glebe 
house and lands of Templetuohy, and the parishioners during my incum- 
bency struggled hard to make up from various sources the balance to pur- 
chase the house and lands — total, £950." 

1 With this letter Rev. P. Foley sent in his form of resignation, 
and the Rev. T. L. O'Flahertv was appointed rector; he resigned in 
April, 1893, in which year Templetuohy Union was joined to Templemore. 

* Templemore has been practically in the parish of Templetuohy, but I 
am not sure if the nominal rector, a Mr. Power, is still living.' 

Killenaule Parish. 


The annexed Plate, reduced from one of the late Mr. G. V. 
DuNoyer's drawings (R.I. A., Vol. vii., 99), is stated to be over 




the door of St. Johnstown Castle in this county, not far from 
the town of Fetiiard, and is thus described by him :— 

" A shield of XVlth century type bears quarterly, 1 aud 4, three fish 
proper [haiiriant] ; 2 and 3, Ermine (or six escallop-shells, 3 and 3 
[Hackett] ) ; and this inscription ' : — 



Mr. Garstin, F.S.A., says : — 

1 This inscription seems incomplete (and was doubtless intended to read 
" Robertas de Sancto Johanne ") ; but if Du Noyer's transliteration can be 
depended on, I would render it : — / 

"Robert Saint-John, Lord of Scadanstown, 

Lismainan, Cuolagh, and all its [not their] inhabitants, made me." 

'There is no date, but the shield is not ancient. The place names are not 
in the Irish Townland Judex ; but all were found by Lord Walter Fitz- 
Gerald in the Fiants of Elizabeth, 1-566-88, and Kobert and John St. John 
were, in the former year, of Scadanston. 

* Of the many coats-of-arms assigned to St. John in " Burke's Armory," 
only one has a field ermine, and none escallops or fish of any kind. The 
family of St. John (pronounced in England " Sinjon ") evidently gave its 
name to the place. The will of Piers St. John, of Johnstown, Go. 
Tipperary, is recorded in Dublin. The Duke of Manchester represents 
another Irish family of the name.' 

We think it a little difficult, from the way the words are cut 
on the stone, to say with any degree of certainty if they should 
be read as above. 

Scadanstown was the ancient name of St. Johnstown. If 
this is derived from the Irish word scadan, a herring, the 3 fish 
in the arms may refer to it. 

Three fish hauriant [pale-ways], but different in shape from 
these here shown, are to be seen on the fine Hackett and 
Hoket tomb [1508] in the neighbouring Church of Fethard. 
They were probably meant for " Hake" [for Hackett]. 

Lewis, writing in 1837 (Top. Diet.), says : — 

'The Castle, then consisting of "a high square tower in good preser- 
vation's the property of James Millet, Esq." 

* It is about 3 miles from the village of Killenaule on the road to Fethard/ 





Stratihally Parish. 

[From Mr. Richard O'Flynn, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A.] 

' D WYEE.' 

" Erected by James Dwyer, of | Kahcen, in memory of his father | 
. Daniel Dwyer who departed this | life Fely. 28, 1802, aged 
70 years." 

i Dynan/ 

" Erected by John Dynan, of Carrick-on-Suir, in | memory 
of his daughter | Bridget Dynan, who died | March 27, 3 824, 
aged 4 years. | Also it being | the burying place of Henry 
Gibson and family/' 

< Denn/ 

" Edmd. Denn Deed. | Norr. 29, 1772, | aged 70 years." 

4 Davy.' 

" Sacred to the memory of Captain Martin Havey Davy | of 
Knockraahon Mines, j who died 21st April, 1832, | aged 18 
years. | Also of Edith Wilmot, | niece of the above | daughter 
of Captain Francis Bennett, | of Kuockmahon JSdines, who 
died 12th Oetr., | 1858, aged 2 years and 3 months." 

* Carter/ 

"Wife of Major Sampson Carter, | obit 1 November, 1869." 

1 Cleary/ 

" Erected | by Andkrw | Cleakt, also his daughter Ellen | 
Cllary, who deptd. this | life Feb. 16, 1812, aged 19 years." 

* Crotty/ 

M Here lies the body | of Thomas Crotty, who | depd. this life 
Jany. the | 15, 1789, aged 69 yrs." 

" Here lies the body of John Crotty of | Stradbally, who 
died Feb. 10, 1810, aged 55 yrs. | Also his daughters Mart 
and Johanna who died young." 


< Hallt.' 

" Erected by William Hally | of Lissane, in memory of his 
daughter Mary, | who departoG'this life Sept. 11, 1811, 
aged | 16 yrs. Also John Hally, died Kovr. 26, 1813, aged 
21 yrs. May they rest in peace." 


" Here lies the body | of John Hearn, who deptd. this life 
April the 18th, 1786, aged 35 yrs." 

« Hern.' 

" Here lye the body of | Kjchd. Hern, formerly of Brlnane, 
who departed this | life August 27, 1785, aged | 80 yrs. 
His daughter Honora died October 29, J 1 765, aged 27 yrs. 
Also ] AJagt. died March 16, | 1788, aged '29 years." 

< Hoyes.' 

" Here lieth the body of ] Michael Hoyes, | who deptd. | 
this life March 24, | 1 806, aged 63 yrs. May he rest in peace." 

« Hunt/ 

" Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hunt, j who died March 
17, 1860, | aged 87 years. | Also | of Elizabeth, | his wife, 
who died | Sept. 6th, 1867, | aged 70 years. 
4 1 have heard of thee by the hearing of | the Ear | mine 
eye seeth thee.' Erected by their | sons as an humble | but 
grateful tribute | to the memory of | their parents." 

' Hunt.' 

" In loving memory | of | Thomas Hunt, | died August 1 2, 
1890. | Elizabeth Mildred Hunt, | died Feb. 21, 1891. | 
Charles Hunt died April 3, 1S92." 

"In affectionate remembrance of | Thomas Hunt, of Rockmoimt, | 
born May 23, 1815, | died Feb. 3, 1872. | Ellen, | wife of 
Thomas Hunt, | died Oct. 9, 1892. | * To me to live is Christ 
to die is gain. — Philippians x. 21." 

* Crowlet.' 

" To the memory of Charles Crowley, ] who died Nov. 1, 
1867, aged 31 years. | Also Catherine Crowlet, [ his 
mother, who died May 24, 1869, | aged 70 years. | 'Jesus 
wept.' — John xi. chap. 26." 



* Crowlft/ 

4 In affectionate remembrance of John Crowley, | who died 
March 22, 1869, | aged 77 years. And of Arabella, his 
youngest daughter, | who died July 15, 1872, | aged 26 years. 
Also of Anne, his | wife, who died May 2, 1861, aged 80 year*.' 

* Crowley/ 

** In memory of "William Crowley, | who died August 30, 
1868, aged 65 years. 1 1 am the resurrection and the life.' — 
John x. chap. 26." 

' Flannery/ 

" May the Lord have mercy on y e sou! | of Timothy Flannery | 
who dept. this life j y e 4 day of Jan j uaryy 1759, aged 55 yrs. 

* Foley.' _ 
" Rev. John Foley, i Et Martha Uxor Ejus." 

* Fleming/ 

Here lieth the body | of David Fleming, who died | Jany. 5, 
1808, aged 52 yrs." 

* Flahavan.. 

" Erected by | John Flahavan in memory of his father | 
Edmund Flahavan, | who died March 23, 1866. | Also 
his mother J Anne Flahavan, | who died Dec. 12, 1871." 

* Flaherty/ 

"Erected by James Flaherty, | in memory | of his wife 
Margaret Flaherty, | who dept. Jany. 28, 1818, aged 
57 yrs. Also his father died Aug. 9, 1812, aged 79 yrs." 

* Flahavan/ 

" Here Lieth the body | of Maurice Flahavan, | who | died 
December 27, 1796, j aged 24 yrs." 

* Evans/ 

" To the memory of f George Evans, | Late Lieut. 50th Kegt., 
who | served through the Peninsular War, | died April, 1849, 
aged 72 years, | and Susan his wife, | who died July, 1867, 
aged 97 years." 


" Here Lye th | the body of Nicholas | Pwyek, who depd. 
this life | 4 Sept., 1766, | aged 19 years." 



* Hanlon.' 

"In loving remembrance | of Thomas Hanlon,] who died | 
Sept 29, 1878, | aged 21 yeafs: | Also Isabella Kanlon, | 
died 23 April, 1882, | aged 2 years 4 months." 

4 Hunt/ 

" Sacred | totlie memory of | Thomas Hunt, Esq., | who died 
January 15, KS40, aged 64 years- | Also of Catherine his 
wife, | who died July 16, 18.35, | aged 46 years.' 'I will 
redeem thee from the powers of j tiie grave, | I will ransom 
thee from death.' This monument is erected by their children j 
&s a tribute of sincere afiection." 

* Humble.' 

"To the glory of God and in memory of Elizabeth Phillippa 
Lady Nugent Humble | This cro^s has hej/n erected by her 
children, Sept. XXV II., MDOCCLXXXVL Be faithful to 
the end I and 1 will give thee a crown of Life." 

* Halliday.' 

" Here lieth the remains of | Margaret Halliday, | youngest 
daughter of the late Charles Halliday, Esq., | of Carrick- 

* Hawfky.' 

" Here lies the body | of Edmm. Hawfey who died | Deer, 
the 12 1785, | aged 55 yrs. Willm. Hawfev | died Jany. 
the 2, 1786, aged 19 yn* 

4 Griffin.' 

'* Erected by Patrick Griffin, in memory | of his daughter 
Magt. Gp.iffin, who | deptd. this life March 24, 1811, 
aged 36 yrs." 

1 Galvin.' 

<{ Erected by Thomas Galvin, | in memory of his Father Philip | 
Galvin, who died Feb. 1, 1813, | aged 59 yrs.* 

Ballygtitiiier Parish. 

[From C. Perceval Bolton, Esq.] 

** This monument was erected in the year of our Lord 1823, 
In memory of Moses and Patrick H. Devereux, Attornies 
at Law, Sons of Nicholas Deveuecx, of the City of W'ateiTord, 
Merchant, who were drowned between Passage and Bailvleack 
in company with Captain Devkreux and Mr. Henry Smith 




in a pleasure boat, the 8th Sept., 1 822. And here lie the 
remains of their two Brothers John and Henry, who died . 
young, and their two Sister^' Mrs. Mary Konayne and 
Catherine Devereux." 

' Some verses follow here, but are very badly cut and are hard to make 

'The Crest and Coat-of-Arms are very deeply cut and are very sharp, 
except the motto ou the ribbon at the bottom 1 : — 

" [ba] sis virtutum cons[tantia]." 

1 Crest — -Out of a ducal coronet, or, atalbot's head.' 
' Arms — 

' This monument is outside the old Church Ballygunner Teampnl. It is 
one of these altar tombs, and has urns very well cut on the panels round/ 

' At Ballygnnner-Teampul Churchyard, near ghane, a Nicholas 
Devereux was Mayor of Waterford in 1470.' — 

I. U.S. 

" Here lyeth the body of Thomas Wyse, of Tycon, near the 
Citty of Waterford, who died December ye 7th, 1754, aged 
75 years. The Body of Ellen Wyse alias Conner his Wife, 
April ye 27th, 1747, aged 60 years. The Body of Catherine 
"Wyse their Eldest daughter, Anno 1734, aged 2G years. 
The Body of John Wyse their eldest son, Anno J 739 aged 
22 years." 

* This monument is in the ruins of the old Church, Ballygunner Team- 
pul, about 3-^ miles from Waterford, and near Callaghane Police Barrack. 
The lettering is deep and very well cut. This is also an Altar tomb. 

Jlungarvaii, Diocese of Ltsinore. 

[From Surgeon Lt.-Colonel Greene.] 
*st. mauy's churchyard.' 

* Crest — A buck's head couped. Arms, for Greene — Per chevron 3 
bucks trippant, in chief an etoile. For Townsmen d — Four escallopes 
between rive crosses moline. 

* Motto — Kec Timeo, nee Sperno.* 

" Sacred to the Memory of | Hannah Greene | alias Tovtn- 
shend, | Wife of Major Josh. Greene, ] of Shandon, | who 
departed this life j May the 7th, 1797, j aged 40 years." 



1 Note — Major Joseph Greene, 40th Regt., was" the 4th son of John 
Greene, of Greenville, Co. Kilkenny^, and is buried in the family vault 
at Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny. He married Hannah Townshen'd, in 
America. Shandon was the name of bis residence ; it is close to Duu- 

'Note — The Arms are wrongly marshalled, the wife's coat being on the 
dexter side instead of the sinister. 

* The tomb was repaired by Surgeon Lt.-Colonel Greene, in 1893.* 

c Sacred | To the memory of j Josephine Farran, | who died 
August 5th, 1877 | Aged 22 years j ' Blessed arc the dead 
which die in j the Lord.'- — Rev. xiv. 13. j 'Jesus said (o her 
I am the I Resurrection and tiie life.' — John xi. 25." 

* Note — She was the only child of Dr. Farran and of his vvife, Eliza 
Farran nee Greene.' 


" Erected by | Mrs. Lucre/ha Ei. steed, | hi beloved remem- 
brance J of her father } William Greene, j who died June 1, 
1836, | aged 58 years. | Also to the memory of | his wife | 
Margaret, | and in beloved remembrance of her husband | 
Edward Elsteed, | died May 12th, 1849, | aged 49 years, 
it LP." 

(l Erected by | Mrs. Kate Greene, | of Rallylarkin, Co. Kilkenny | 
In memory of her fond j husband, j Mr. John Greene, j 
who died 1st January, j 1870, aged 44 years. | Pure he the 
Earth above thee, | Consort of my happy days ; | None knew 
thee but to love thee, | None named thee, but to praise. | 
liequiescat in Pace." 

"hi memory of | Edward Greene, M.D., | M, Ch. R.U.L, 
L.M., K. & Q.C.P.I., j Late Medical Officer of j Bonmahon 
Dispensary District, | Died March 5th, 1892, aged 29 years. 
This Monument was erected by j The personal friends of j Dr. 
Greene, as a tribute of Pespect | To the memory of a faithful, 
zealous, j and efficient Public OlScer, j an esteemed and loyal 
friend, j a sterling and sincere lover of his country, j a thoughtful, 
kind-hearted, | and devoted friend I to the poor and suffering I 
P. LP." 




'Inscription on a tomb in Kilrush "Churchyard, near Dangarvan 



11 Here lieth the body of Jeremiah Foley, j who departed 
this life the 18 of April, 1815, | aged 65. Also the body 
of Michael Foley, departed | this life May the 10th, 1815, 
aged 68 years. | Also the body of Patrick Foley, who | 
departed this life January the 20th. 1817, | aged 56 years, j 
Also the body of Ellen Foley alias Morrisey, | who departed 
this life January 5th, 1820, | aged 32 years. | Mere lies the 
remains of Catherine Greene, j otherwise Foley, who 
departed this life | in which she suffered mmh persecution, | 
soi row, and >voe, on the 9th day of January, 1822, aged 36 
years, lamented by the friends she would be acquainted with." 

'new cemetery, st. John's hill.' 

[From J. H. Leslie, Esq.] 

' Till He Come,' 
"In loving memory of Pierce English, Esq., of Rockfield, 
Cappoquin, Died September 2nd, 1891. Erected by his 
Sorrowing Sister." 

Carrick lies. 

[From the Rev. Edward Canon Quinn, 1898.] 

'In the churchyard of the ancient Franciscan Church, now R. C, Parish 
Church, on a horizontal stone ' : — 

"Hie jacet quod mortale erat Ill mi et Rev mi D,D. Petri Creagh 
Kpiscopi Waterfordiensis et Lismorensis Qualis ille fuerat, 
triste sui desiderium quod apud successorem, clerum, populum, 
exteros domesticos fidei, morieus reliquit Milissimns prcesul 
vivis demonstrat, posterls testatnr. Natus anno 1707 obiit pridie 
Id ns Februarii anno 1774, Episcopatns anno 30. Requiescat. 
in pace. Amen." 

* From Dr. Renehan's MSS.' 

* Dr. Creagh was appointed coadjutor to Dr. Sylvester Lloyd, 1745; 
succeeded on deatli of Dr. Lloyd, about 1750.' 

'The Arms of James O'Sultevan, of Ballylegat, are in the old 
Church) ard of Reesk, in this county, the son of" Robert O'Sullevan, 
descended Irom the ancient race of Beerhaveu. — Du N., vol. 8, p. 34. 



« Crest — A Bird.' 

1 Motto — " Modestia Victrix." ' 

1 Arms — 1st and 2nd Qr. 2 lions 'rampant ; a snake wound round a 
sword held in a hand between them. 3 Qr. a wild pig. 4th Qr. a stag 



• From Du Noyer's notes ' : — 

4 The following inscription is from the noi th wall of the small church, 
called the Anchorites Church, at Fore. It is about 150 feet from St. 
Fecbiu's Church — 

' An Earl's Coronet and Crest. 
1 (A Dragon).' 

DOMINI 1680." 

' Raised letters, all capitals.' 


auonis This Return 
was erected by 
Chr s Muldune of 
Foare For The use 
of himselfe his 
successrs in The 
year 1747. 

Memento More (sic) " 



* The above is in the north wall of the R. C. Chapel of Fore, May, 

'The following is taken from a fragment of a stone in the south wall of 
St. Mary's, Fore': — 

Emm m 

Wmi 0333 


* The following inscription is from a monument on the east wall of St. 
Mary's Church, as given by the late G. V. Du Noyer, about 1864 : — 

4 Nugent Arms and Motto.' 


MARCH • 1589 - AND - 1 WAS " HERE ■ ERECTED ■ AT ' 
1689 • GOOD • XFiANS • PRAY ■ FOR ■ THEM 1 HERE 



Athlone Parish— -St. Mary's Church. 

(Continued from vol: til, page 173.) 

[From Notes contributed by the late Rev. G. T. Stokes, D.D.] 

"To the memory of Anna Wilson, aged 15 months, antl her 
sister Gkougina Wilson, aged 13 months. [Anne Georgina 
Wilson, Registered 25 .May. 1850.] Erected by their 
affectionate parents Thomas and Mary Wilson, June, 1850." 

" Sacred to the memory of Catherine Keely, who Deptd. 
this life the 11th of August, 1851, aged 30 years. [Kegistered.] 
She rests in hope of a glorious Resurrection. Erected by her 
affectionate sister, Elizabeth Thompson." 

" In the vault beneath lie the mortal remains of James Caulfeild, 
Esq., Commander fi. N., who departed this life on the 22 day 
of October, 1851, aged 56. [Registered James Caulfeild.]" 

*' The mortal remains of AnmI French, relict, of Lt.-Col. John 
French, and of their daughter Mrs. Frances Lanaeuz also 
repose in the vault beneath. [Registered.] " 

** Sacred to the memory of Peter Birch ell, who died at Athlone 
on the 8th of July, 18GO, aged 75 years, lie received a 
pension for his services in the Peninsular War, and was Sexton 
of the Parish Church of Saint Mary's, Athlone, for the last 
35 years of his life. This small tribute to his integrity aud 
faithful services is erected by the Rev. James It Mufeatt, 
Rector of the Parish." 

" Sacred to the memory of Robeut English, the Elder, of 
Irishtown, Athlone, who departed this life in full assurance 
of immortality through our Lord Jesus Christ, on the Pith 
day of October, 18G0, aged 95 years. Erected by his son 
Kobert English. [Registered.] " 

" Erected by Jamks Taylor, to the memory of his beloved 
wife Rebkcca Taylor, who departed this life 17th Jauy., 
1863, aged 35 years. [Registered.] Also their infant child 
and their son Joseph, who died 2nd Novr., 1865, aged 7 years. 
[Registered.! And her husband James Taylor, who died 
2nd July, I860, aged 53 years. [Registered.] 

4 Go home ye friends and shed no tear, 
For we arenot dead but sleeping here. 
When Christ comes 
We shall have a joyful rising from the grave. Amen." 



" Sacred to the memory of William and Emily, the beloved 
children of Robert and Eleanor Smith, of this town, who. 
departed this in the years 18rj3 and I860. [Registered.] 
' The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessi d be the 
name of the Lord.' " 

" Erected by Elsie Clarke, In memory of her husband James 
Clare e, who died 28th Deer., 1864, agd 32 yrs. Also his 
two children, Maxwell and Elizabeth, who died in the same 

M Erected by Thomas and Rachel Coriugan, to the memory 
of their beloved niece, Elizabeth Jane Coe, who departed 
this lite 15th Feby., 1866, aged 1 1 years and 8 months. 
* For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.' " 

" George Fleming fell asleep in Jesus at Snrock House, October 
the 28th, 1866, in his Sixi^eight year, [Registered.] 
* Redeemed with the precious blood of Christ.' — 1 Pet. i. 19-' 

M Sacred to the memory of Wm. Armstrong Poyntz, Esq., M.D., 
who died June 3Uth, 1868, aged 45 years. [ Registered.] '' 

"Henry Alexander Raillie, died June 19th, 1866, aged 
4 mouths. [Registered.] Also Anna Sophia, died S 1st 
August, 1868, aged 7 weeks. [Registered.] The beloved 
children of Major James Baillje, Staff Ufrieer at A.thkme." 

" Sacred to the memory of William Burns, who Departed this 
life 2nd June, 1&69, aged 74 years. [Registered.] Erected 
by his beloved wife, Mary Burns." 

"In memory of Mary Kate, the loving and gentle child of 
Matthew H. and Kate James, who departed this life August 
25th, 1869, aged 3 years and 9 mouths. [Registered.] " 

4 Inscriptions without date, arrauged alphabetically ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Waitman Hillyard, Senr., of 
lrishtown, who lies interred here, and Jane Hillyard alias 
HeKUY his wife. Also their daughter Eliza bkth and son 
Thomas, both of whom died in the prime of life. 4 Blessed 
are the dead who die in the Lord.' This stone is erected by 
Waitman Hillyard, Junr., and his sister Jane, as a small 
monument to departed worth." 



" Here Lyeth the Body of Honor Williams." 

[Stone very rude.J 

"L C. M. R. 

1. H. S. C. R. 

J. H. S. M. R." 

" Heare Lyeth the body of 

" HereTieth the body [rest illegible]. 1 

" The IIaxdcock Vault." 

"Longworth Vault." 

* This portion of the graveyard contains 32 tombstones recording 39 
deaths, all unregistered. 

' The next portion contains 163 stones (omitting the Castlemaine and 
Longworth vaults), recording 256 deaths, and those of 45 children, whose 
names are not recorded, besides several on one stone. 96 registered in 
Parochial Hegisters ; 155 unregistered. 

4 Total No. of tombstones, 1^5. 

4 Total No. of names recorded, 295. 

* Children, names unrecorded, 45 " Several " on one stone. Total 
unregistered, 194. 

* The railing along the street is divided into 1 J sections of about 12 feet 
each by the sta\s supporting the railing. The stones within euch of those 
sections running down to the church are numbered 1, 2, or 3, &c. The 
first section commencing at the Longworth vault is numbered 1 ; the 
second 2, and so on down to the wall. All the tombstones can thus be 
easily found, in one or other of these sectious.' 


IMocese of Ferns- 

* Extracts from the Reports of the Commissioners for Collecting and 
Arranging the Public Records of Ireland.* 


* Extracts from the Regal Visitation iiook in the Prerogative Office * : — 

"The Bishop of Ferns (Rain's) detailed account of the value of his See, 
and of the various livings therein, during the Rebellion, and 4 in tempore 



pacis,' stating also the qualifications of each of his clergy. It is to be 
lamented that this curious Document is much mutilated, and part of it 
en tire! j destroyed." 

** 2. I have continually resided either in the Diocese of Femes or of 
Leighlin, sometimes in the one, sometimes in the other, and in wchsoover 
myself have been I have exercised the ecclesiasticall jurisdiction in person, 
when I was not, mine officiall supplied my roome. 

" 3. Having been about til years Bishop, I have, everv yeare once visited 
each of my dioces in person, and have called before me my clergy in each 
Deanery, and two at the lest of the laity out of every parish for sidesmen, 
upon their oaths to detect all the offences and defects of ecclesiastical! 
cognisance committed wth in ther several Parishes, and have accordingly 
proceeded therein." 

* Here follows a list of the Priests in the Diocese of Ferns, and then of 
those m the Diocese of Leighliu. 

i In the Diocese of Leighliu — 

" 1. Sir Laghlin Oge, keeping for the most part either at the House of 
John Browne, in the Towne of Caterlogh. or at the House of Marga. 
Archer, widow, or at the House of Walter Butler, of Caterlogh, merchant. 

" 2. Sir Murtogh O'k'owling, a Vicar General of the Dioces of Kildare 
coming by starts is harboured at the House of William Dun, of Binnekerry, 
neere Caterlogh. 

"3. Luke Archer, Vicar General for the Dioces of Leighlin, keeping for 
the most part in Kilkenny, at his coming into the County of Caterlogh, 
resotg unto the house of Edmond M'Tirielogh, of Haville. 

" 4. Sir Christopher, Priest, sometimes keeping at the House of Nicholas 
Caffoy. of nere Leighlin, but I heard not of his resort thither of late. 

" o. Sir Thomas Heugh, priest, keeping about a xii month since at the 
House of Garrat M'Teg, of Pateilick, in the parish of Killabban : wiser 
(his arm being broken) he lay at cure, but since I have not heard of him. 

** 6. Sir Murtogh Dun, priest, coming by starts into this Dioces, but 
residing ordinarily wth his brother James Dun, at Dunmaimock, in the 
Dioces of Kildare. 

" 7. One GillodufT, a young priest, reaving hether and thether. 

"8. Sir Patrick Oge, keeping hear and ther in about the parish of 

**9. Sir Thomas Oge O'Hiunagan, frequenting the House of Garratt 
M'Kilpatrick, in the Hahen in the Parish of Clonemore. 

** 10. Sir Molrony M'Grew, priest, keeping in the Parish of Raville in 
no certain place that 1 can yet I erne, but as his 'occasions lead him. 

"7. No Popish Priest hath ever been admitted either to Church living 
or cure, wth in either of my Diocoss during mine Incumbaucy ; nether 
(Go>! willing) during my time ever shall. 

* 8. All the Churches wth in both my diocess are builded accord inge 
the Country fashion or bonds taken for the Building of those few that are 
unbuilded, except some tew Parishes, wherein ther is yet little or no 
Habitation, and except the Cathedral Church of Femes, which having 



ken Burnt by Feagh M'How in the time of Rebellion, is so chargeable to 
reedify, that the Deane and Chapter are not able to compasse that work ; 
neither is it indeed fitt, that the Catheihal Church shold beat Femes, 
being now but a poor country village, but either at Wexford, or at New 
L'osse being both incorponit towues, very populous of themselves, especially 
Wexford, and of much resort by strangers ; yet there is an ile of the 
Cathedral Church buikled, wherein Divine Service is duely celebrated. 

" 9. There is in each of my Dioces a free schoole, the one in the Towne 
of Wexford for the Diocese of Femes ; the other in the Towne of Mare- 
borogh for the diocess of Leighlin. The Schoolmasters are maintained by 
myself and my clergy aecordinge the statute. Nether have I ever licensed 
any schoolmaster to teach, but such as have first entered bonds to teach 
none other books but such as arc agreeable to the King's injunctions. 

" The. humble an s were of Thomas Bishop of Femes and Leighlin, to his 
Mtys. Instructions and Interrogations lately sent unto the Archbishops 
and Bishops of this Healme : — 

M 1. Touching the first article, I have answered particularly unto each 
branch thereof in my former certificate. 

" 2. Concerning the treue valew of the Benefices of each diocess afore- 
said, and the names and qualities of the present Incumbents, they are (so 
neere as I can lerne) worth communions annis as followetli. 

[Here follow^ an account of the Diocese of Ferns.] 

" The Bishopricke of Leighlin Fpiscopatns Leighiinensis. The present 
Incumbent thereof, Thomas Bam, holdyngeit bynnyou with the Bishopricke 
of Femes ' durante vita,' by vertue of His Maties Lres patent. The 
annual rent thereof is £24 ster., besides the Demeasues wch are very large, 
if the Bishop might enjoy his right. But in respect they are almost all 
moiintany grounds, and much of them is witholden by the neighbours 
thereof, yeld very little profit. The deteyners oi the demeasnes of Old 
Leighlin are Sir Richard Butler, of Polestone, Knight; Bichard Comber- 
ford, of Ballerloghna, Ksqr. ; Willyam Fannynge, of Ballerloghna, Gent., 
who taking advantage of Bebellion in theis parts, and of the often and 
long vacancy of this poore Bishopricke, have deteyned (and still so doe) 
almost three miles of land belonginge unto it. The Incroachers of the 
Manor of Shanecourt als Woodstocke in the Queen's County, are Sir 
Bichard Greame, of Ballylehan, Knight, and Peers Ovington, of Amors- 
town, Esq., who have the one of the one side, and the other of the other 
side so encroached uppon the sayd mannor, that whereas it cons^ted of 
eight score acres arable land in the fift yere of Edward the first, as by the 
Kxchetor then beinge his accompte appeareth in the King's rowles, and so 
much hath been in possession with the Bishop of Leighlin his tennaunt within 
fiftie years last past ; they have left with the Hou^e but one acre of laud. 
If I hoped that theis lands could be recovered in lawe by any reasonable 

charge .." • (The remainder of this sheet 

destroyed.) ' 




Vicaria de 
Qj pi ©litis. 

Vicaria de 



Vicaria de 
Prebeuda de 
. liiard. 

Vicaria de 
Prebeuda de 

Prebenda de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Robert Cleeke, a Reading Minister, 
borne In hvlande having the 
English, Irish, and Lattin 

The same Cleeue holding the same 
with the Treasureship by unyon 
durante vita ob fructnum exili- 
tatem, accordinge to the antieut 
custom of this Diocese 

The same Cleeue ... 

Piers Gouse, an auntient minister, 
borne in Ireland, skilful in the 
English, Irish, and Lattin 
tongues, keepinge Hospitality 
accordinge to his meanes 

The same Gorse holdinge the same 
by unyon durante vita ob fructum 

The same Gokse 

David Ready, a readings minister 
of Irish birth, baviuge the 
English, Irish, and Latteu tongues £viii ster. 

V erus enjus hbet 
eoru vallor commuui 
bus anno Tempore, 

£vii ster. £iii ster. 


£x ster, 

£y ster. 

£x ster. 

£vi ster. 
£vxs ster. 

The same Heady 

John Parke it, Batchelor of Arts and 
a Preacher, who was lately 
admitted thereunto, residinge yet 
at Dublin 

PacHARD Thompson, Batchelor of 
Arts and Student in Trinity Col- 
ledge neere Dubiiu, dispensed with 
all studii gratia 

Thomas Manly, a readinge minister 
of English birth, haviuge the Eng- 
lish and Lattin tongues 

The same Manly, holdinge it by 
unyon ob fructaum exiiiiatem 

James Waddingk, a readinge minis- 
ter of English birth 

£vi ster, 

£xii ster. 

£vii xs 

£vii ster. 
£viii ster. 
£viii ster. 



Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 
Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 
Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 


Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 
Corel one. 

Vicaria de 
lieetoria de 
1'eniogi cum 
Vicaria uuita 
durante in- 
Hectorm Sen 
Capella de 

The same Waddinge united " dur- 
ante vita " ob fructuif exilitatem, 
residing within the epish of 

The same Waddinge 

John Bkadish, residing in Minister 

The same Bkadish 

[The rest of the sheet decayed.] 
The Bishop of Kerry holding it in 

Arthur Bladesmitti, an English 

minister, having sou e skill in 

the Lattin tongue, residing 


The same Bladesmith holding all 
three by unyon ob locoru vicini- 
tatem et fructuu exilitatem 

The same Bladesmith 

Oliver Keating, an antient readingc 
minister of Irish birth, skilful in 
the English and Irish tongues, 
residinge thereon 

The same Keatiage, holdinge it by 
unyon ob locoru vicinitatem et 
fructuu exilitatem 

Will yam Hilton a readinjre minis- 
ter of Knglish birth, having some 
skill in the Irish tongue, and 
residinge thereon 

The same Hilton, holding them by 
unyon ob locoru vicinitatem, et 
fructuu exilitatem 

John AIoouen, a readings minister 
of Irish birth, very ready in the 
English and Irish tongues 

The same Mooren, holdinge it by 
unyon and residinge thereon 

Walter Eullan, an antient read- 
inge minister of Irish birth, hav- 
ing the Knglish, Irish, and Lattin 
tongues, residinge thereon 

The same Fullan, holdinge it by 
unyon ob locoru vicinitatem, et 
fructuu exilitatem 

£viii ster. i£iiii ster. 
£v ster. Nihil. 

£xls ster. Nihil. 

£iiii ster. Nihil. 

£xii ster. vii ster. 

I £vii ster. 

£iii ster. 
Is ster. 

£vi ster. 
£v ster. 

£vi ster. 

£vi ster. 

£ix ster, 
£xviii stei 

£x ster. 

xls ster. 

£iii ster. 



£iii ster. 


£viii ster. 

£iii ster. 




JRectoria de 

Rectoria Sen 
Capella de 


Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de j 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 


l'rebenda de j 



Barnabre Ashton, a -readinge minis- 
ter of English birth, residinge 
thereon, and teaching schoole 
there ... 


Walter Skelton, a scholler 

dispensed with all ratione studii 

[The remainder of the sheet decayed.] 

Tege O'Ccjrren, a readinge minister 
of Irish birth, havinge the Eng- 
lish, Irish, and Lattin tongues ... 

Piers White, a readings minister 
of Irish birth, havinge the Eng- 
lish, Irish, and Lattin tongues, 
residinge on some Image in Mini- 
ster by Dispensation, out of the 
Office of Faculties 

IIenuy Welsh, a readinge minister 
of Irish birth, having the Eng- 
lish, Irish, and Lattin tongues, 
resident in the Diocese of Dublin 
by Dispensation, out of the Office 
of Faculties 

Thomas Smyth, Sir. of Arts, and 
a preacher, residinge with in half 
a- mile of the same 

Derby O'Houragham, an old read- 
inge minister of Irish birth, hav- 
inge the English, Irish, and 
Lattin tongues 

The same Houuaghan, holdinge 
them both by unyon ob locoru 
vicinitatem et fructuu exilita- 
tem, residinge thereon 

David Goode, an auntient readinge 
minister of English birth, skilful 
in the Irish tongue 

The same Goode holdinge them by 
liny on ob locoru vicinitatcm et 
fructuu exiiitatem 

Robert Uam, a Batchelor of Arts, a 
Student at Trinity CoIIedge, neere 

Xvi ster. 
£iii ster. 

£vi ster. 

£vii ster. 

£vii ster. 

£ix ster. 
£ix ster. 

£vii ster. 

£viii ster. 
£viii ster. 



£ix ster. | £iiii ster. 
£v ster. Nihil. 



Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

Vicaria de 

licctoria de 
Kilskowren. I 
Keetoria de i 
lloslare cu 
de Balle- 
Rectoria de 

Vicaria de 
RosJare. I 

Vicaria de 

Rectoria de 

Rectoria de 
Rectoria de 

Rectoria de 

Patrick, an anntient church- 
man of Irish birth, sklVtYill in the 
Knglish and Irish tongues, resi- 
ding thereon ... 

The same Kklly, holdynge it by Dis- 
pensation out of tiie Office of 

James Stafford, an aim dent read- 
inge minister, residinge on the 
same, and havinge the English 
and Lattin tongues 

Adam Hay, as yet but Deacon resid- 
inge thereon ... 

Thomas Gallamore, a Mr. of Arts 
and a preacher, residinge thereon 
and keeping good Hospitality ... 

The same Gallamore, holding by 
Dispensation out of the Office of 
Faculties ,< 

Richard Reigk, an auntient church- 
man, keepinge residence and j 

MuNToGii Mackapaesons, a reading 
minister of Irish birth, having the 
English, Irish, and Lattin 

J/mes Lee, a Mr. of Arts, and a 
preacher, lately admitted there- 
unto, and to reside thereon ve»-y 

Vacat — it was leased, long since, with 
a reservation only of 

Willyam Underwood, a scholler, 
of xvi years of age or there- 
abouts, dispensed with all gratia 
studii ... 

John Batison, a schollar, aged 
xvii years or thereabouts, dis- 
pensed with all gratio studii ... 

£x ster. 
£xv ster. 

£ix ster. 
£xx ster. 

£xxx ster 

£xx ster. 
£xv ster. 

£vii ster. 

£xii ster. 

xxs ster. 

£v ster. 

£x ster. 
£xv ster, 

£ix ster. 
£xx ster. 


£v ster. 
£xv ster. 

£v ster. 

£v ster. 

xxs ster. 

£iii ster. 

£v ster. 1 Nihil. 



Vol. i., 1810-1815, Report of the Public Records of Ireland. 

'answeks of deputy registrars to questions of the 

4 (1). — The Records in my possession, as Register of the Diocese of 
Leighlin, are all Wills, of which probate has been granted from the year 
1690 to the present period; Administration Bonds from 1651 to the 
present period ; Marriage Licence Bonds from the year 1702 to the present 
period. There does not appear any chasm in these records. 

' (3). — The Records are in a good state of preservation since the year 
1792, at which time the present Register was appointed. Before that 
period the Register always resided in Dublin, and appointed a Deputy. 
A number of the Records were lost, by the office being kept near the 
River B arrow, in consequence of a great flood. 

■ H). — Every exertion has been made by his Grace the Archbishop of 
Dublin, when Bishop of this Diocese, to procure such books and records 
as could not be found, but without effect. 

* Additional Quere. — The number of Parishes in the Diocese of Leighlin 
is 88. There are 14 parishes episeopaUy united, viz. : Grague united with 
Uilard ; Lorum united with Kiltenuell, Clonagoose, Slyguff, and Ball vellin ; 
Carlow united to Killeshin ; Staplestown united with Ballvcrouge and 
- Bally nacarrigg; Kilianelagh united with Killegan, Aghade ; and Ardristeu 
united with Ballon and Gilbertstown ; Hacketstown united with Harolds- 
town ; Kathvilly united with Rathmore, >traboe, and Rathill ; Aghold 
united with Mullinacuff, Crycrim, and Liscoleman ; Stradbally united with 
Moyana, Tuliowmoy, Kilconbrooke, and Ti malice ; Corclone united with 
Killeny ; Maryborough united with Straboe and Kilcolemanbaue ; Bally- 
adaras united with Ballintuhbert ; Tecohne united with Dysart, Enos, and 
Kiltail ; Dunleckny united by Act of Council with Augher ; Stradbally, 
Moyannoa. and Tuliowmoy part of the Episcopal Union, united by Act of 
Council — : BaItinglass and Baliynure held by the same Incumbent by dis- 

' The Parochial Registries were delivered to the Register, from the year 
1782 to the present period. They are irregular from the neglect of seme 
of the Clergy, in not bringing at the Visitation, the Returns required by the 
Archbishop of Dublin (when Bishop of this Diocese), who exerted himself 
to procure regular Returns. Such Registries as have been given to the 
Register are carefully kept and preserved. 


Regr. of the Diocese of Leighlin.' . 

* Leighlin, 

Carlow 18th, November, 1810. 

« Sir, 

4 1 had the honour of your favour, and should have answered same, 
but waited until I saw the Reverend Mr. Waller, who is Economist and 
Treasurer to the Chapter of Leighlin. 

'There is no Librarian or archives, or any office, or any Records of any 



kind, belonging to the Dean and Chapter except one Chapter Book in 
which the accounts are kept, and in the possession of Mr. Waller, who is 
Treasurer and Economist of the Cathedral, and lives near the Town." of 
Carlo w. And have the Honour to be Sir, &c, &c, &c, 

4 T. Gurlt, Register.' 

* Wit. Shaw Mason, Esq.' 

Ferns Parish Pro-Cathedral. 

[From Canon Gibson.] 

« This monument is erected by the Clergy of the Diocese of Ferns 
to the memory of Thomas Elrington, D.D., Bishop of 
Leighlin and Ferns, to testify their admiration of his character 
as a Bishop of the Church of Christ, of his Virtue as a Member 
of Society, and of his learning as a Scholar and Divine. Died 
July ] 2th, 1835, aged 74/' 
' The above is a transcript of the inscription. There is neither crest nor 
arms, only a bust of the Bishop resting on a sarcophagus, with a full-length 
figure of a female mourning.' 

* Emiington living in 1713 = wife living in 1713. 

4 Thos., b. in London, 1688. One of a numerous family, succeeded his 
father-in-liw as Steward of the King's Inns, Dublin; died 22 July, 1732 ; 
admon. 4 Sept., 1732; m., 1713, Frances, dau. of Josef-h Ashbury. 

' His eldest son Josefk, m. Cath. Deoporici, of Drumcondra, spin; 

'2nd son Richard, Will 25 Deer., 1709; prvd. 11 April, 1770. 
His wifed. at the Palace, Ferns, 20 April, 1833, aged 99- 

' Their eldest son, Thomas, was the Bishop of Leighlin and Ferns, b. 
in Dublin, 1760; ent. T.C.I). , 1 May, 1773; m. Charlotte Pluxket, 
of Cantin, Castlerea, Co. Limerick. Dr. Elrington became Fellow and 
Provost of T.C.D. ; he died in Liverpool from the effects of sea sickness on 
a passage from Ireland, 12 July, 1835, aged 74. He left 2 sons and 3 
daus. : — 

1 Charles Richd., D.D., b. 1786. 
f Henry Preston. 

* 1 Dau., Caroline = John W. Stokes, Vicar of Cloydagh, Co. 
Carlow, June, 1 827.' 

Wexford Parish. 

* The names of the following clergymen appear in the Vestry Book of 
this Parish ' ' ^ • 


'1666. — Thos. Gelliver, Minister ; his last sig. is on the 2 June, 


"WEXFORD. 146 

* 1673, Feb. 24. — 1st signature of Earth Vigors; his last signattsr* 
is 15 Septr., 1681.' 

' Alexander Allen signs 1st 7 August, 1677. (In the absence <,f 
B. Vjgoks, he signs subsequent meetings also.') 

' Allen signs as Rector of St. Mary's on 30 Jany., 168^; his signa- 
ture is under Vigors's last, on the 15 Sept., '81. Allen's last sig. 
dated 26 Aprill, 1709.' 

* Will : Allen signs 27 June, 1710.' 

4 William Stephens, Mr, [Minister], signs 24 Mar., IJ-JJ/ 

'Geo. Allen, Curate, signs 24 April, 1753, and again later santt 

' Wm. Stephen's last sig. is on the 2 Novr., 1756.' 

* J . T o tte n ham, M ay o r. 

'Geo. Allen signs 29 March, 1757, and Chas. Huson, Minr., c:i 
tie 4th October, 1757, 1st.' 

'Jos : Miller, Curate, March 3, 1763, and subsequently July, 177 

1 Huson's last sig. is on the 3rd April, 1771.' 

'Jos. Miller succeeds hirn and signs as " Minister." ' 

' A Kathl. Huson signs as one of the Vestry on the 18th April. 

' Miller's last sig. is on the 29 April, 1777.' 

' The Proceedings of the Vestry, April, 1778, are signed by Will: 
Boyd, Minr.; his last sig. is on the 22 April, 1794.' 

4 John Elgee signs 20 May, 1794, for the first time.' 

'A Ralph Botd signs 10 May, 1803. 

'John Ei.gee's last sig, is 10 June, 181-3, and under it is Hichabs) 
Elgke, Curate.* 


<"Fichd. Waddt Elgee " signs 1st on the 24 June, 1813, as 
** Minister." 

'Geo. Richards, Curate, 30 April, 1816, up to 1821/ 
<R. W. Elgee signs as u Curate," 4 April, 1820/ 

'John Elgee signs April 5, 1821, Minister/ 

' Rich. W. Elgee's last sig, is 10 June, 1823/ 

'Charles Strong, Minister, signs 13 A pi., 182-1/ 

*J. R. Robinson, Curate, April, 1832/ 

* The proceedings are generally signed first by the Mayor, and under his 
signature is that of the clergyman/ 

'Wu. Hickey, Rector, signs first 12 June, 1832/ 

'J. R. Robinson appears again in 1842 : and Richd. Waddy Elgee 
as'Minister in April, 1S43, up to 1861/ 

4 1862. — Saml. C. Elgee signs as Curate/ 

* Abraham Hutchison signs April, 1865/ 

* James Reed sigus in 1866, April/ 

' Thomas Mooney, Curate, and Henry De Bcrgh Ridley, April, 


Baltinglass Parish. 

[From Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster.] 

* Here follow a few inscriptions accurately copied from slabs inside the 
Abbey of Baldnglass, the half of the old abbey which was till recent years 
roofed in as the church, but lately unroofed aud arches opened out, &c., 
since new church built ' : — 

M Here Lyeth the Body of | John Smitkers Who Depar | ted 
This Life Novemr. ye 7th 1747 j in The 63 : year of his Age." 



" Mrs. | Anne Saunders | wife of | Rich. Saunders Esq. j 
died Nov. 21st 1808 | aged 38 years." 

Bally mi re Parish— Diocese of ILeighlhi. 

1 On north wall of Ballynure Church, inside' : — 

" Krected to the memory of James Wall, of Knoclmgg, who 
died 18th December, J 855, aged 79 years. Elizabeth Wall 
his mother, died 3rd August, 1852, aged 95 years." 

Parish of Dallynare — ItaHyeore Churchyard. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.P., R.S.A.I., 1897.] 

'This churchyard is situated out in a field, and is now surrounded by 
iron paling ; there is no trace of any church ruins.' 

4 The following inscription is copied from a fiat slab ' : — 

" Here lie the Body of Mrs. Mary Keightly who depd. this 
Life the 14th J any. 1818 aged 50 years with three of her 
^ children who died young." 

i The remainder of the inscriptions are taken from headstones ': — 

" Here lieth the Body of Richard Hart who departed this 
Life 2nd day of J une 172S aged 75. Also one of his grand 
children James Hart." 

11 Here lieth the Body of Robert Hart who Departed this Life 
Sepr. ye 2 1729 aged 53. Also his Wife & Grandson." 

11 Here lieth the Body of Robert dinill who departed this 
Life the 21st of Octobr 1706 Aged 52 years. Also his wife 
Mary dinh.l deceased ye 15th of Xouembr 1734 aged 81 
years & their sou Thomas dinill." 

<4 This Stone was Erected by Patrick Headen in Glaancania 
In Memory o! his Father tows Headen who departed this 
life January 15th, 1729 age 72 yrs. And also his Mother 
Else H laden who departed this Life Octor. 10th 1766 aged 

[From Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster, 1897.] 

I. H. S. 

86 years.' 



paHynure Churchyard. 

' In the east end of this churchyard is a slab, broken in two, and lying 
git ; tiie inscription was originally lightly incised and is now hard to 
decipher ; it runs as follows ': — 

"This Stone is Erected by James Dcjffby in Memory of his 
Father Laughlix Duffey who departed this Lite July the 
18th 1771 aged 56 years. Also the l>ody of Pktek Duffey 
who departed this Life September the . . 1772 aged . . years. 
IVIay they rest in peace. Amen. Here also lie the Remains 
of the above James Duffey who departed this Life the iOth 
day of August 1792 aged . . years." 

'Near the east end of the Protestant Church is a portion of a fractured 
slab, with on one side a bevelled edge, now used as a headstone. On it 
are letters, two inches in height broadly and deeply cut ; a short way off 
is a plain unlettered slab of the same class of stone, and with bevelled 
edges measuring the same as the lettered fragment ; it too is being used as 
a headstone, and if raised might reveal lettering. Tins portion, 1 suspect, 
belonged to the same tomb, which must have been of the class known as 
char or box- tombs, and formed its lid or upper portion ; its breadth is 2 ft. 
'^2 indies, whereas the lettered fragment is, at broadest, only now 22J 
inches. What letters remain are as follows' : — 


* ILIA « IS 

S ■ IHAVE = 
ER ■ OF « GR 
D ■ BY - ASV 
N ■ THE 
DIE ■ TO - ■ THA 
AN ■ 1632." 


[Contributed by the Rev. K. S. Maffctt, 1897.] 

(Continued from vol. in'., page 53 1.) 

* A grey stone leaning agaiust the east wail of the chancel has the 



To the Memory of a 
True and Humble 
The benevolent Friend of 
The I?ev d John Middlfton Scott, 
Eldest son of John Pendred Scott £sq r , 
>vas born in India the 7th of February, 17^3. 
He died of Typhus Fever 
Can glit 

In the discharge of Parochial 
October the 6th, 1818, 
Aged 37. 
This poor tribute to his Memory 
is raised by his afflicted and 

affectionate Widow* 
Henry Kearney Scott, 
died October 10th, 1847, 
He died in Christ." 

1 The next is an interesting old square stone in a similar position. The 
letters A and H have sometimes ornamental cross strokes ' : — 

" Here Lieth the Body of Hopton 
Scott Esq 1 of Ballynerrati who Depart 
ed this Life in the Year of 17 16 Aged 63 
Years Also Randelia wife of the Above 
Hopton Scott Also William Scott and 
Edward Scott Sons of the Above Hopto n 
Scott Also iohn Scott Esq r of Balyganu on 
who Departed this Life November the 
9 th 1767 Aged 77 years Also Mary Scott 
wife of the Above iohn Scott who De 
parted this Life the 23 of iuly 1 772 
Aged 69 Y'ears Also Sir Hopton Scott 
Son of the Above iohn And Mary Scott 
who Departed this Life February the 12 th 
1788 Aged 52 Years with three of his 



' On the south wall of the chancel is a tablet with the following inscrip- 

" To the menfory of 
who died March 12th 1819 Aged 68. 
Also of CATHERINE his Wife, 
Daughter of 
who died July 23rd 1817 Aged 54. 
Also of JAN E HARVEY, their Daughter, 
who died March 23rd 1850 Aged 68. 
Also WILLIAM who died 
March 1818 Aged 13 Months. 
And of CATHERINE, his Sister 
who died April 11th 1824 Aged 8 Years, 
both Children of 
their only Son, surviving at their death. 
The said 
died at 

Barcelona in the Kingdom of Spain 
August 27th 1839 Aged 50, 
leaving Two Daughters, 
by whom, this 'Tablet was erected 
* in affectionate commemoration." 

* Returning to the nave we find at the right-hand of the entrance to the 
church two modern headstones close to the west wall. Un the first is 
inscribed, in italics : — 

" Gloria in Excelsis Deo/' 

below which is carved a lamb lying on a recumbent cross, and at each side 
of this symbol are pedestal-shaped devices surmounted by crosses ' : — 


in memory of his beloved Daughter 
who departed this life May 2 d 1872 
aged 25 years." 

* The stone beyond has similar devices between the following inscrip- 
tions ' . 


lamb of god have mercy on them. 
Erected by 
James*' Kearns 

in memory of lils beloved Father 
Joseph Kearns 
who died 3 rd Dec r 1864 
aged 77 years." 

' At the other side of the entrance, and leaning against the north wall of 
the nave, are four upright stones ' : — 

I H S 

cApere ' Lieth * the BoDy s • of * 

GArret : WaIsIi • DeceAseD * 

iflArch * the * 25 th 1764 * AGeD • 4[8] yr 

c^he Body of John Walsh 
dec : d May 27th 1/81 aged 
29 years." 


J The next stone has the usual I 11 S, with a heart (?) beneath, together 
.with ornaments somewhat the same as on the Dudley Bykne stone 

" Erected by her Mother 
C M in Memory of 
Margret Maguire dep d 
this life 27th March 1825 Ag d 
19 Years. 
Bequiescant (sic) in pace Amen." 

1 The third stone has the following inscription ' :- 



om txb • Lieth * the * Body ' op 

Elizabeth ' Walsh • receas D Marc b 
28 - 1761 • AgeD • 66 y rs 



Here ' Also * Lieth ■ the • 
BoBy ■ of • M r * John ; Walsh 1 
DeceaseD ■ Novem 1 2& th 1765 
AgeD * 78 * years 
Here * Also * Lieth ' the ' 
Boi3y • of * M 1 ' • RicharD • 
Walsh • Who ' DeparteD • this i 
LiFe ■ ivLy * the r 10 * 1771 ? 

AgeD 48 years. 
Also the Body of John 
Walsh died July the 10th 
1778 Aged 17 Years." 

'The stone nearest the railing is to a " ByrnV: — - 

" Here lieth the Remains of M r 
Mark Byrn, who departed this Life, 
February 13th 1791. Aged 92 Years. 
Lord have Mercy on his Soul." 

* Out in the middle of the nave is an upright stone, with the following 
inscribed on it. At each side of the circle enclosing the 1 H S is a 
pendent branch with flower (rose ?), and beyond these branches there are 
devices similar to those, at each side, on the sione ** erected by Kdward 
Sherlock ' : — 



I H S 

" Erected by M r Dudley 
Byrne, of Baly crone in Memo 
-ry of his Beloved \vife M ,a Mary 
• Byrne, departed this life 22 d 
Dec r 1818 Aged 49 Years. 
Also his daughter Maria 
Doyle, who departed this life 
the 27 th of December 
1858, Aged 55 years." 

4 (A young man of the farming class (Doyle) was buried at this grave 
" two or three years ago.")' 



* Nearer to the chancel than this last stone is a slab on supports, the 
inscription on which faces the west ' :— 


Memento I H S Mori 

Gloria in Excdsis deo. 

" Here Lieth the Body of the Rev d 
Thomas O Reilly * who Departed 
this life November • y e • 28 th 1791 
Aged 63 years.' 5 
' The above inscriptions were taken in 1893.' 

"Wicklow Parish. 

[Contributed by the Eev. Canon Henry Rooke.] 
{Continued from vol. in , p. 538, 1897.) 


* A large gravestone raised on low pillars over the tomb, and railed in ':— 

"This Monument was Erected by 
Mrs. Mary Bos well, 
to the Memory of her clear Son, 
John Boswell, Esq., of Ballycurry, 
^ "Who died the 18th of duly, 1757, aged 

28 years. 
And of her Dear JIusband, Robert 
Boswell, Ksq., of Ballycurry, w ho 
died the J 8th of Feb., 1 760, aged 71, 
Both of whom are interred here. 
Also the remains of the said Mrs. 
Boswell, who died the 18th of 

April, 1797, aged 86 years. 
Here also are interred the mortal 
remains of Frances Maria Tottenham, 

The youngest daughter of 
Charlfs Tottenham, Esq, of Ballycurry, 
And Catherine, his wife. 
She died in the faith and hope of a Christian, 

on the -2nd day of July, 1829, 
aged 16 years, one month, and sixteen days." 

1 Walls' Tomb/ 

* A large gravestone, raised on low pillars over the tomb, and 
railed in ' : — 



*' This tomb is erected by Mrs. Elizabeth Walls, of Wicklow, 
to the memory of her dear and much-beloved husband, John 
Walls, D.D., Hector of Wicklow for about forty years, and 
Prebendary of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, lie departed 
this life the 8th day of January, in the year of our Lord 1795 , 
aged 85. His exemplary character rendered him deservedly 
and universally lamented. Here also are interred the remains 
of four of the children of the said Mrs. Elizabeth Walls. 
Beneath it is likewise deposited the body of .Mrs. Elizabeth 
Walls, who deceased on the 6th day of April, 1799, a^ed 
soventy-nine years. Her humane, steady, benevolent disposition 
procured her esteem and will insure her reAvard. The poor of 
Wicklow will receive an annual testimony of her attention. 
Her daughter Anne, the wife of Nicholas Morresson, Esq., 
who deceased on the fourth day of May, 1799, at the age of 
forty-seven years, is also here interred. The poor in her likewise 
had a steady friend, and may with gratitude deplore her loss." 

' Ancketill (Asketill) Monument.* 

* A stone column, round, with three inscriptions. The column is sur- 
mounted by a vase; the grave is railed in.' 

* Facing west ' : — 

u ,§>arreti to tl)t iilcmorjj of 

youngest daughter of 
^ M. Anketill, Esqre., 

of Ankitell Grove, Co. Monaghan, 
The beloved wife of 
Augustus Amtatt, Esq., 
Son of the late Rev. J. Amyatt, 
of South Brent, Co. Devon, 

Obiit 3rd October, 1817, JEtzt. 20." 

* Facing east ' : — 

" Sacred 
Also to the Memories 

of her two sisters 
Matilda Anketill, 
Obiit June 28th, 1819, ^Etat. 23, 

Maria Anketill, 
Obiit April 28th, 1822, ,Etat. 29. 
Whose remains are likewise deposited 

C. Papworth, 



1 Facing south ' : — 

" All that language could convey wotatlel but imperfectly express 
the irreparable loss of one who possessed every virtue that 
could adorn her sex. It was the will of Divine Providence to 
remove her to another and a better world in the short space 
of three weeks after becoming a wife. An afflicted husband 
vainly attempts to do justice to her exalted character in this 
just tribute to her adored memory." 

* Eaton Monument.* 

* This is a large white marble monument in Wicklow Church, with a 
bust of Tannat Eaton. It original!)- was on the wall of the north gallery, 
but was removed to the east end of the same gallery. On a tablet at the 
base of the monument is the following inscription ' : — 

" Here lyeth ye bodys of 
Thomas and Martha Eaton, 
and of Tannat Eaton, 
their son, who departed 
this life the 30th day of 

Sep., 1 7-55, to whose 
Memory this Monument 
is erected." 

* Tiiuell Monument/ 

' A large white marble urn, raised on a granite foundation, and sur- 
rounded by high railing.' 
« SoiTih side' :~ 

" Co tin Vernon) of 

Benjamin Wooley, of Eastsheen, 
in the County Surrey, Esq., 
"Whose remains, with those of his son Charles, 
and of bis daughter Katherine, are here deposited. 
This Monument was Ekectld 
At the desire of his daughter Mary, 
By her husband, Kobert Marshall, Esq., 
For many years one of the Justices of the 
Court o/ Common Pleas, in this Kingdom, 
in the year 1 70S." 

' North side ' : — 

" Underneath. this Monument are deposited the remains of 
Rev. Host* Truell, D.D.. of Cionniannon in this County, who 
entered into his rest the 26th of June, 1^30, aged 76 years. 
Also those of Edetha, his beloved wife, v>ho departed this 
life the 25th day of March, 1843, aged 74 years ; 



And also those of Patience, their fourth daughter, "who died 
the 1st of July, 1828$ aged 28 years. 
" Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." — ■ 
Ps. cxvi. 15." 

u Here are deposited the remains of Barbara, their grand-daughter, 
and daughter of R. H. Tkuell. Died August 3rd, 1848, aged 18. 
Also other 2nd Brother, George Vesey. Died March 10th, 1849, 

aged 17. 

Also of her eldest Brother EobMt. Died Feb 27th, 1867, 

aged 39 years. 

Also of his infant son, Robert Holt. Died April 14th, 1867, 
aged 3\ months. 

Also of Robert Holt Tkuell,. Died March 7th, 1870, aged 72 years." 

* Magee Grave.' 

* White marble headstone with inscription ' :— - 

" Sown in Dishonour 


" fax iHemorj) of 

In a Anne, 
The beloved and youngest child of 
William and Constance Magee, 
v Died 14th Julv, 1878, aged 10 years. 

'Also of 
Elizabeth Frances 
Widow of 
Venble. Archdeacon Magee, 
Formerly Prebendary of Wick low, 
"Who died 21st of January, 1893, 
Aged 87 years." 

* Mrs. William (Mary Frances Constance) Magee was also in- 
terred here, Oct. 30th, 1895, aged 67 years. The Ven. Archdeacon 
Thomas Percival Magee was interred in 1855 in the burial-grouud of 
the old Church oi Rathfarnham (now closed), where his father, William 
Magee, Archbishop of Dublin, had been interred in the year 1831.' 

'* This Stone and Bural Plaise 
belongeth to TIenery Bryan 
and his Posterity he Departe d 



this Life August the 4 th 1785 Ag d 
82 year* also JMahy his 
Wife Dep d this Life Septemb ye 
1 st 1791 Aged 68 y ls " 

Height of stone 3 feet 7 inches ; width 2 feet 1 1 inches.' 

"ALEXAnder 2 Jan ry . 7 . 1721 . 63 
mary g AUG st 5 th 1736 > 

S §32 

* Height 3 feet 3 inches ; width, 2 feet 2 inches.' 

DECASED (s/c) : 28 : SEP 
TEMBER : 17 18." 
' Height 2 feet 2 inches ; width 1 foot 8 inches.' 

MARCH Y* 1st 

* Top of stone broken and chipped. Height of stone 1 foot 6 inches ; 
width 1 foot 5 inches.' 


1696 " 

' Top of stoue chipped off; height of stoue 1 foot 6 inches ; width 1 
foot 4 inches.' 





* A large stone laid flat on ground, top broken off and near the break 
much chipped, so that it is very difficult to make out the letters near it. 
This would seem to be the grave of tjie Swingfield Family, several of 
whose names appear in the Kegisters. The Lev. Nathaniei. Swijsg- 
field wa3 a School-teacher and Lecturer at Wicklow/ 

OF JVNE 1670 " 

' Height about 2 feet ; width 1 foot 9 inches.' 



prestrbattON of tl)t JHlemortais of tlje Statr, 



VOL. IV. No. II. 





No. II. 



_ w 

&=3^. ^r^^^i^: r- • -r-^- i=s 









Extra copies of this Journal can be had by application to Colonel 
P. D. Vigors, Holloden, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow ; also copies of 
the Indices for Vols. I, II, and III. * 

The Editors beg to draw ffie attention of those who kindly 
furnish Notes for publication to the importance of the following 
points : — 

1 . To write on one side only of the paper. 

2. To use sermon-size paper. 

3. To leave a margin on the left edge, from 1 to 2 inches in 


4. All names of persons and dates should be written with 

extra care. 

5. All Inscriptions should be copied verbatim et literatim, and 

as nearly as possible in the same form of letters as the 
original, each line being separated by a stroke, thus | . 
The Editors wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not 
responsible for errors in copies of Inscriptions sent them ; to avoid 
such, they trust the writers will take extra care before forwarding 
their MSS. 

They also beg that their friends will read the wise words of 
" Weever," in the annexed paragraph, and further, that they will 
act on them — more they cannot say : — 

"Now, generous reader, let me intreafc your furtherance thus farre, that in 
thy neighbouring churches, if thou shalte finde any ancient funeral inscriptions, 
or antique obliterated monuments, thou wouldst copie out the one. and take so 
much relation of the other as tradition can deliver ; as also to take the inscrip- 
tions and epitaphs upon tombes and grave stones, which are of those [or later] 
■ times : and withall to take order that such thy collections, notes, and observa- 
tions may come safely to my hands : and I shall rest ever obliged to acknowledge 
thy paines and curtesie.'"'— Weever. 

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. 

Life Subscription . . . £5. 

Annual .do. . . . . 5s. 
Or £1 may be sent to cover four years' subscription. 

Those who are interested in the continuance of this work are 
requested to use their influence with their friends in getting 
additional subscribers. The work has now so increased in size 
that it becomes absolutely necessary to have additional subscrip- 
tions, to enable the Editors to continue to issue Reports like those 
of this year, the expense of w T hich is considerable, even without the 
illustrations, which latter they are most desirous not to have to 
discontinue. There is no lack of materials. The only difficulty is 
the insufficiency of the Fund, for want of additional subscriptions. 

X.JJ. — It will save the Editors a considerable amount of 
trouble, and also economize the Fund, if those ladies and 
gentlemen who Jiace not as yet paid their SubscrijHions will 
forward them on receipt of tliis Notice, without further 
application. Subscriptions are due on 1st January in each 


" Let it bo remembered that this wor^k-is intended to be, not a mere temporary 
vehicle of amusement, but a permanent storehouse of authentic information, to 
which reference may hereafter be confidently made." — Anon. 

" Jam paroe sepulto 
Parce pias scelerare manus." — Virgil. 

Translation. — Now deal reverently with my dust. Forbear to pollute thy 
holy hands. 

" Every stone that we look upon in this Repository of past ages is both an 
Entertainment and a Monitor. " — Plain Dealer. 

. . . " Tu mihi terrain 
Injice namque potes 

Sedibus ut saltern plaeidis 
In morte quiescam." 

Translation. — Do thou, since it is in thy power so to do, sprinkle the earth 
over my remains, that at least after death I may rest in an undisturbed grave. 

"Time corrodes our epitaphs, and buries our very tombstones." 

" Away from the tumult and passion ; 
Away from the care and the strife ; 
Away from the folly and fashion 
Pervading the city's gay life." 


' Tell me, grey-haired sexton.' said L 
4 Where in the field are the wicked folk laid ? 
I have wandered the quiet old graveyard through, 
And studied the epitaphs, old and new, 
But on monument, obelisk, pillar, or stone 
I read no evil that men have dona' 

The old sexton stood by a grave newly made, 
With his chin on his hand, his hand on a spade : 
* Who is the judge when the soul takes its flight? 
Who is judge 'twixt the wrong and the right ? 
Which of us mortals shall dare to say 
That our neighbour was wicked \vliQ V died to-day?' 

4 In our journey through life, the farther we speed, 
The better we learn that humility's need 
Is charity's spirit thai prompts us to iind 
Rather virtue than vice in the lives of our kind. 

'* Therefore good deeds we record on these stones ; 
The evil men do, let it rest with their bones ; 
I have laboured as sexton this many a year, 
But I never have buried a bad man here.' 


Itoscrbafion of tijc iElnuorfals of tijt Sea», 

VOL, IV, No. Ii. 


' : %J^EFORE our next number reaches the hands of our Sub- 

1899, but not without our thanks to those 250 kind friends who 
have given their support to our work, which, though small in 
itself, we believe to be of much importance to our country ; and 
if, besides putting on record memorials of those who have gone 
before us, it arouses even a small spark of interest in the 
improvement of the state of some of our sadly neglected burial- 
grounds, it will have done much. 

Our work has survived to the last year of the century, and 
we trust that the new year will see us more firmly planted, and 
that those counties that have hitherto taken no part in the work 
will no lunger permit it to be said of them that they care not for 
such things. There is no denying the fact that our Association 
has hitherto not received the support it undoubtedly deserves 
from all sober-minded and educated men and women ; and it is 
strange that out of all Ireland only about 250 men and women 
are found to support it by an annual subscription of Jive 
shillings ! 

There is a way our friends can help us. If only half our 
subscribers were to send us in the name of one extra subscriber 
each, which he or she had taken the trouble to obtain for us, out- 
numbers would reach nearly 400, which would enable us to carry 
on the work with more energy, and without the anxiety that at 

scribers we shall have bid a long farewell " for ever" to 


present presses on us. Wo doubt if there is any other society in 
Great Britain that turns out a JpuriYal like ours for anything like 
the small annual subscription we receive. 

We have to lament the death during the past year of several 
valued supporters, amongst whom we must mention the Eight 
Rev. Dr. C. Graves, late Bishop of Limerick (a warm supporter); 
Charles Tottenham, Esq., a life member ; Henry M. Pilkington, 
Esq.; the Rev. B. C. Davidson-Houston; Lieut.-Col. Dr. J. J. 
Greene, A.M.S.C. ; Rev. J. Hopkins, and J. M. Chesney, Esq. 

On the other hand, we have the great pleasure of recording 
the accession to our ranks of the Library of Congress, 
Washington, U.S. A. ; and the Free Library, Limerick ; the 
Right Rev. John B. Crozier, Lord Bishop of Ossory, Leighlin, 
and Ferns ; George Ormsby, Esq., Count} 7 Sligo ; H. F. Berry, 
Esq., Public Record Office, Dublin ; James McCarte, Esq., 
Mrs. S. F. Stoney, County Westmeath ; Mrs. Walter Persse, 
County Cailow ; the Rev. J. Lindsey Darling, Kingstown, 
County Dublin ; the Dublin Cemeteries Committee ; the 
National Museum of Edinburgh ; the " Mitchell Library, 
Glasgow;" &c., &c, 

Before closing our remarks we would draw the attention of 
those of our readers who do not at present belong to any of the 
Irish Historical and Archaeological Societies to the good and 
most interesting work done by the Royal Society of Antiquaries 
of Ireland, whose Journals are replete with papers on subjects of 
interest to students of the past history and archaeology of our 
country ; and, in like manner, we must point out the scarcely 
less valuable country organizations, such as " The Ulster 
Journal of Archaeology/' the Kildare, the Waterford and South- 
East of L-eland, the Cork, and other societies' Journals, which 
are working in their respective localities with the same objects 
in view. 

W e would tender our best thanks to the writer of a lon£ 
review of our last volume which appeared in. the " Belfast 
News-Letter " of the 2Sth November last, and which has already 
borno good fruit by bringing us additional subscribers— which 
we much require. 


The writer of the review referred to, to whom we feel much 
indebted, says : — '•■ '*» 

u Having in this article allowed the Association and Journal to 
speak so largely for themselves, the writer would only further 
earnestly press on his readers the great necessity of immediate 
and greatly increased support of this excellent work through a large 
addition of enrolled members." 

"The Irish Times," writing on the same subject, on the 

12th of August, 1899, says :— 

" The Journal for 1898 has just been published. It is a record 
which will greatly interest the public. It is finely illustrated, and 
is of the highest historic value." 

While our eminent historian, the Eight Hon. W. E. H. Leaky, 

LL.D., Member for Dublin University, writes : — 

" You are doing an excellent work, and all who are interested 
in Irish history should be grateful to you." 

Mr. Garstiu, of Braganstown, still continues to give us his 
valued assistance. 

There is one other matter that we would wish to bring 
before our readers, and that is the difficulty that there is in 
obtaining subscribers to the Index. The value of our Journal 
to the historical student must greatly depend on its being 
accompanied by a sufficient index. And even to the ordinary 
reader, who is only interested in particular names or localities, 
an index must be most valuable. Yet, owing to subscribers not 
applying for the last Index published, there has been a loss of 
over £1T. The Index cost <£80, and receipts up to the present 
for it have been £18 16s. It is urgently requested that those 
members who have not as yet written for copies of the Index 
will do so without further delay, as, unless the sale of the Index 
for each volume clears the expense of producing it, it will 
become very questionable if the Editors can continue to charge 
the funds of the Association with the expense of such publica- 

Members wishing for an Index to Vol. IV will be 
good enough to send their names as soon as possible to 
Colonel Vigors. The Index will be put in hands when the 
names of 200 Subscribers of 2s. Gd. each are received. 


Almost on the point of going to press, we received from a 
kind friend — who knew how much we were interested in the 
preservation and better ordering of our burial-grounds through- 
out the whole of Ireland — a copy of the Primary Visitation 
Charge of the Most Rev. James B. Keene, D.D., Lord Bishop of 
Meath ; and in it, under the heading of " churchyards," we find 
the following weighty words, which we trust the clergy of the 
Church of Ireland will bring under the notice of the church- 
wardens and select vestries of their various parishes, and remind 
them that, under the forty-fourth Canon of their Church, they 
are bound to keep their churchyards "well and sufficiently 
repaired, fenced, and maintained/-' We now quote the portion 
of the Bishop's Charge to which we refer : — 

Extract from Biskoji Keene' s Charge, 1899. 
" Churchyards. 

11 While we may, I think, justly congratulate ourselves on the 
general improvement manifested in the state of our churches, I fear 
we cannot speak with equal satisfaction of the state of our church- 
yards. With some notable exceptions, the condition of the burial- 
grounds throughout Ireland is discreditable, and compares very 
unfavourably with the thoughtful care bestowed upon them in 
other countries. 

"I take this opportunity of commending to your notice the 
objects of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of 
the Dead. They demand a better attention to the general state of 
our burial-grounds, and provide a printed record of the inscriptions 
and devices on all existing tombs or monuments of any interest. 
Copies of such inscriptions, as well as accounts of ancient fonts, 
bells, church plate, and memorial glass, if sent to Colonel P. D. 
Vigors, Holloden, Bagenalstown, County Carlow, will be gladly 
welcomed, and, if of sufficient interest, will be published in the 
Journal of the Society, and thus permanently placed on record. 
The investigation would prove of interest to parishioners in almost 
every parish, and it would be well to enlist their co-operation in 
promoting the objects of the Association." 

We heartily tender our grateful thanks to the Lord Bishop 
of Meath for his interest in our Society, and for the kind words 
he has spoken in behalf of its objects ; and we have no doubt 
that, now that he has called attention to the subject, a much 
greater interest will be shown in the good ordering of our 



churchyards in the future than there has been in the past. In 
those instances where churchyards vested in the Representative 
Church Body are not kept in good order, we feel sure that it is 
often want of thought that prevents those burial-places from 
being put into a better condition ; and we think that the same 
may be said of the large number of places of burial vested in the 
representatives of the various other religious bodies, and the 
Boards of Guardians, or their substitutes under the new Local 
Government Act ; and that, if proper representations were made 
to those in charge, a better state of things might be brought 
about. And, with this object in view, the Committee of " The 
Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead " 
would feel obliged to the members of the Association and others 
if they would report to them any graveyards which come under 
their notice that are badly fenced or present a neglected or 
uncared for appearance, and if they would mention at the same 
time whether such graveyards are vested in the Representative 
Church Body, the representatives of the Roman Catholic 
Church, the representatives of other religious bodies, the 
Board of Works, the Boards of Guardians, in private 
individuals, or otherwise. 

In the case of neglected tombs, would our members and 
friends kindly mention the present addresses of the representa- 
tives of the families buried there? The Committee, on the receipt 
of such reports, will be only too glad to use any influence that 
they may possess to induce the legal owners to put those burial- 
grounds in more suitable order. All reports on the state of 
burial-grounds and tombs should be sent to Colonel Vigors, 
Holloden, Bagenalstown, County Carlow. 

We confess that the number of graveyards in Ireland that 
are vested in private individuals presents a difficulty that it 
is hard to grapple with. The owners will say that we are calling 
on them to perform a duty to the public without placing any 
funds in their hands to perform that duty with ; all we can say 
is, that when they got possession of Church lands, a trust was 
implied that the burial-places of the dead should be decently 
cared for ; and we hope that they will see it in that light. 




Notices ... ... ... ... ... ... v 

Preface ... ... ... ... ... ... vii 

Contents ... ... ... ... ... ... xiii 

List of Subscribers ... ... ... ... ... xvii 

List of Illustrations ... ... ... ... ... xxiv 

Accounts for the year 1899 ... ... ... ... xxv 

Description of the Coats-of-Arms given on the Frontispiece of 
this Journal — Plate IV. ... ... ... ... xxvii 


ANTRIM— Ballinbeeey Parish ... ... ... 1G1 

'Dor an Tombstone, Portmore Churchyard ... ... 161 


MacDonnell Monument ... ... ... ... 162 

Daniel McKay Monument ... ... ... 163 

Arthur Kes Monument ... ... ... ... 164 

Daragh and Mac Michael Monuments ... ... 165 

Layde, Cushendall ... ... ... ... 165 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 166 

ARMAGH — The Franciscan Abbey, Armagh ... ... 174 

CAR LOW — Leighlin Diocese — The Royal Visitation of 

1615 ... ... ... 174 

Fenagh — Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 179 

Staplestown — Monumental Inscriptions ... .... 183 

Tullow or Tullowphelim — Monumental Inscriptions ... 186 
Urgun Parish, Killerig Church — Monumental In- 
scriptions ... ... ... ... ... 189 

Wells Parish Register ... ... ... ... 191 

CAVAN — Drumlane Parish ... ... ... ... 195 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 196 

Parish Notes ... ... ... ... ... 196 

Trinity Abbey ... ... ... ... ... 200 


Reports from Counties — continued. 


Kilmore Old Cathedral^ '&c. ... ... ... 200 

K i lle s ii an dr a Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 201 
CLARE ... ... ... ... ... ... 205 

CORK — Buttevant Parish (Cahirduggan) ... ... 205 

Cloheen Churchyard — Monumental Inscriptions ... 205 
Innishannon Parish and Church — Inscriptions, &c, &c. 208 
Templemartin Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 211 
DONEGAL — Cloncha — Extracts from old Vestry Books ... 212 
Raphoe — Monumental Inscription to Bishop Barnard 
(1744) ... ... ... ... ... 214 

DOWN — Y/aringstown Parish — Monumental Inscriptions 215 
Ballee and Bright Parish ... ... ... 219 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 220 

Bright — Inscriptions ... ... ... ... 221 

Inch Parish — The Abbey of Inch — Monumental In- 
scription ... ... ... ... ... 223 

Kilmegan Parish — Monumental Inscription ... ... 223 

DUBLIN — Clondalkin Parish — Vestry Books ... ... 225 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... ... 22G 

Crumlin Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... ... 228 

Kinsaly (Swords) Parish — O'Hara Inscription ... 233 

Rathcoole Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 233 

St. Ann's Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 234 

Table of Fees, &c. ... ... ... ... 238 

St. Catherine's Parish — Bagot Inscription, 1613 ... 238 
„ Brabazon Inscription ... ... 238 

St. James's Parish — Ranford Inscription ... ... 239 

St. Michael's Parish — Inscription ... ... 240 

St. Michan's Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 240 

St. Peter's Parish — The Cabbage Garden Burial 
Ground — Monumental Inscription ... ... 241 

Stillorgan Parish — Monumental Inscription ... 246 

FERMANAGH ... ... ... ... ... 247 

C A L W AY — Tu am Parish, &c— Monumental Inscriptions... 247 
KERRY — Aghadoe Parish, tic. — Monumental Inscriptions 250 
Feaghna — Kilcaskan Parish — Monumental Inscriptions 251 
Valencia Parish — Ktlmore Church — Monumental In- 
scriptions ... ... ... ... ... 253 


Reports from Counties — continued. 


KILDARE — Great Connell*" Parish — Ladytown Church- 
yard — Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 254 

Kilmead, Narraghmore Parish — Monumental Inscrip- 
tions ... ... ... ... ... 256 

Newbridge Parish, Old Connell Burial-ground — 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 258 

Castledermot Parish, Franciscan Abbey — Very curious 

Inscription ... ... ... ... ... 259 

KILKENNY — Kilmacow Parish — Monumental Inscription 260 

Gaulskill — Inscription ... ... ... ... 263 

Kilkieran — Inscription ... ... ... ... 263 

KING'S COUNTY ... ... ... ... 264 

LEITR1M ... ... ... ... ... 264 

LIMERICK ... ... ... ... ... 264 

LONGFORD — Abbeyshrule and Tashinny Parishes ... 264 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 265 

Church Plate, Tashinny ... ... ... 270 

Moydow Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 272 

LOUTH — St. Peter's Parish, Drogheda — Monumental 

Inscriptions ... ... ... ... ... 273 

Golding Monument ... ... ... ... 276 

MAYO — Kill ala Parish — Cathedral of St. Patrick — 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 2S0 

Ballinrobe Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 283 
MEATH— Ballyboggan Parish and Abbey — Monumental 

Inscriptions ... ... ... ... ... 284 

Clonard Parish, &c. — Monumental Inscriptions ... 285 

Macetown ... ... ... ... ... 287 

Morechurch Old Church — Disgraceful state of ... 288 

Morechurch — Inscription ... ... 288 

Robertstown — Inscriptions ... ... ... 288 

MONAGH AN— Errigal— Trough Parish — Monumental 

Inscriptions ... ... ... ... ... 289 

Killeevan Parish, Drumswords — Monumental Inscriptions 293 
QUEEN'S COUNTY— Arless Parish— Monumental In- 
scriptions .. .. ... ... ... 294 

TIPPERARY— Parishes ... ... ... ... 299 

Barnanelly, &e., &c, ... ... ... ... 300 


Reports from Counties — continued. 

* < PAGE 

Parishes in Eliogarty Barony ... ... ... 801 

Inch Church, &c. ... ... ... ... 301 

borrisoleigh ... ... ... ... ... 302 

Galbooley, Fertiana, Moycarkey, Ballymurreen ... 303 
Holy Cross, Rahetty, Thurles — Monumental In- 
scriptions ... ... ... ... ... 304 


Athnid, Moyne, Killclonagh, Kilfithmore, and Lough- 

moe Parishes ... ... ... ... 307 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... .. 308 

Drom Parish ... ... ... ... ... 308 

Ballycaiiill Parish ... ... ... ... 808 

Templemore Parish ... ... ... ... 809 

TYRONE — Clonoe Churchyard — Monumental Inscriptions 810 
Termon Churchyard, Carrickmore — Monumental Inscrip- 
tions ... ... ... ... ... 311 

Cookstown — Inscription ... ... ... ... 312 

Killdross Old Burial-ground ... ... ... 312 

WAT ER FORD — Stradbally Parish — Monumental In- 
scriptions ... ... ... ... ... 312 

WESTM E ATH — Taghshinny Parish — Monumental Inscrip- 
tion ... ... ... ... ... 315 

WEXFORD— Dcncannon Fort ... ... : ... 318 

New, Ross Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... 320 

Culcupe and Cooper Tombstone ... ... , ... 327 

Id an Tombstone ... ... ... ... 328 

The Bambino Stone .. ... ... ... 329 

Ancient Anglo-Norman Inscription ... .... 332 

Stone Coffin Lids ... ... ... ... 335 

Selsker Abbey — Inscriptions ... ... ... 338 

WICK LOW — Baltinglass Parish — Baltinglass Abbey — 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 840 

Church Plate .. ... ... ... ... 343 

Market-house of Dunlavin ... ... ... 343 

Rathdrum Parish ... ... ... ... 344 

Wicklow Parish — Monumental Inscriptions ... ... 347 



[The names, of " Life Subscribers " are printed in " heavy-faced " type.'] 

Alcock, Alexander M., m.d. 
Armstrong, Rev. William B. ... 
Antiquities, National Museum of 
Atkinson, Rev. E. D., ll.e. 
Aylward, Mrs. Toler ... 

Bagwell, Mrs. Richard 
Balfour, B. R. T. 
Ball, F. Ellington ... 
Barry, J. G., j. p. 

Barton, Rev. Luke, p.p. 
Belmore, Rt. Hon. Earl, k.c.m.g. 
Beresford, D. R. Pack- 
Berry, II. F. 

Bigger, F. Joseph 
Bolton, C. Perceval ... 
Bowen, Miss Alice E. Hartpole 
Bowers, Thomas 

Brophy, Sergt, M. [late R.I.C.] 
Browne, Rev. R. L. ... 

Buckley, M. J. C. ... 

Buick, Rev. G. R., v.p.,e.s.a.i 

Burke, Rev. Edward, p.p. 
Burke, H. Farnham ... 

Burnett, Rev. R. 
Burrowes, William B. 

Cary, G. S. ... 
Campion, R. G. 

Innishannon, Co. Cork 
Tulnashane, Caledon, Co. Tyrone 
Queen Street, Edinburgh 
Waringstown, Co. Down 
Shankill Castle, Co. Kilkenny 

Marlfield, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary 
Town ley Hall, Drogheda 
Mopoon, Dundrum, Co. Dublin 
Sandville House, Grange, County 

Castletown, Co. Westmeath 
Castle Coole, Co. Fermanagh 
Fenagh House, Co. Carlow 
Public Record Office, Dublin 
Ardrie, Belfast, Co. Antrim 
Brook Lodge, Waterford 
Rathleigh, Bally brack, Co. Dublin 
Cloncunny House, Piltown, Co. Kil- 

76 Tullow Street, Carlow 
Franciscan Convent, 4 Merchants' 

Quay, Dublin 
Montmorenci, Youghal, Co. Cork 
The Manse, Cullybackey, Co. Antrim 
Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow 
Somerset Herald, Heralds' College, 


The Rectory, Graig, Co. Kilkenny 
2 Albany Terrace, Ballynafoigh, 

Laurel Lodge, Tercnure, Dublin 
Midleton, Co. Cork 


Carrigan, Rev. Wm., c.c. ... Rathdowny, Queen's County 

Carroll, Rev. Jas., p.p. Howth, Co. Dublin 

Castletown, Lord, of Upper Ossory Doneraile Court, Doneraile 

Chesney, Joseph M., the late ... Anna Ville, Holywood, Co. Down 

Clark, Mrs. Godfrey ... Tal-y-Gam, Llandrissant, Wales 

CliiTe, Captain Edward ... 4 Adelaide Street, Kingstown 

Clhle, Miss ... ... ... 4 Adelaide Street, Kingstown 

Clonbrock, Lord ... ... Clonbrock, Ahascragh, Co. Galway 

Cochrane, Robert, c.e., f.s.a. ... 17 Highfield Road, Eathgar, Co. 


Coleman, James ... ... 11 Manchester Street, Southampton 

Colley, Miss Pomeroy ... Mount Temple, Clontarf, Co. Dublin 

Conlan, Very Rev. Canon, p.p. ... Presbytery, St. Michan's, Dublin 

Connellan, Lieut. -Colonel, d.l.... Coolmore, Thomastown 

Cooke, J. Ormsby ... ... Kilturra, Ballymote, Co. Sligo 

Cooke, John ... ... 60 Morehampton Road, Dublin 

Cosgrave, E. M'D., m,d. ... 5 Gardiner's Row, Dublin 

Cooper, Lt. -Col. Edward, v.p.,r.s.a. Markree Castle, Collooney 

Cooper, Colonel Joshua ... Dunboden, Mullingar 

Crofton, Miss Henrietta ... Rushington Manor, Totten, Hants 

Crossle, F. C, m.b. ... .. The Chestnuts, Newry, Co. Down 

Crozier, Right Rev. J. B., d.d., 
Bishop of Ossory, Leighlin, 

and Ferns ... ... The Palace, Kilkenny 

Cuffe, Major Otway Wheeler ... Woodlands, Waterford 

Cust, The Lady Elizabeth ... 13 Eccleston Square, London 

Dames, Longworth-, R. S. 

Daniel, Robert 
Darling, Rev. J. L. ... 

Day, the Rt. Rev. M., d.d. 
Day, Robert, f.s.a., f.k.s.a.i.... 
Deane, Thomas M. ... 
Des Barres, Lieut.- Colonel 

Dix, E. R. M'C 

Dix, Henry T: 

Dodge, Mrs. George Pomeroy ... 

Dooley, Henry 
Douglas, M. C. 
Duguid, John 
Duke, R. A. 

Eden, Rev. Arthur ... 
Ewart, Sir William, Bart. ... 
Eyre, Miss... 

21 Herbert Street, Dublin 
Newforest, Tyrrell's Pass 
Mariners' Church Parsonage, 

Greystones, Count v Wicklow 
Myrtle Hill House, Cork 
15 Ely Place, Dublin 
Conna, Co. Cork 
17 Kildare Street, Dublin 
17 Gardiner's Place, Dublin 
Saddle Rock, Great Neck, Long 

Island, New York, U.S.A. 
9 St. John's Mall, Parsonstown 
Burrin Street, Carlow 
1G Waterloo Crescent, Dover 
Newpark, Ballymote, Sligo 

Ticeluirst, Hawkhurst, Kent 
i) Bedford Street, Belfast 
Maydown, Benburb, Co. Tyrone 


Finlay, Yen. George, d.d. 
FitzGerald, Lord Walter, v.p.,r.s.a.: 
FitzGerald, Rev. Wiliiam ... 
Fitzsiinon, Henry K. . . . 

Fitzsimon, Mrs. M. ... 

ffrench, Rev. Canon J. F. M., 

V.P., 11. S.A.I. 

ffreneh, Mrs. 

Fuller, J. F., f.s.a. ... 

The Rectory, Clones 
:. Kilkea Castle, Co. Kildare 
' Grange Cod, Co. Wicklow 
11 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, 
Co. Dublin [port 
St. Michael's Lodge, Stoke, Devon- 
Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, 

Co. Carlow . 
Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, Co. 

179 Gt. Brunswick Street, Dublin 

Garstin, John E., d.l., ll.b. ... Braganstown, Castlebellingham 

Gorman, Yen. Archdeacon William Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny 
Graves, the Rt. Rev. C, d.d., the 

late Bishop of Limerick 
Greenwood, Mrs. ... ... Doninga,.Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny 

Greene, Lieut. -Col., the late ... Dublin 

Hade, Arthur, c.e. 
Hamilton, Rev. R. J. Shaw, d.d. 
Hannay, Rev. J. 0. ... 
Harman, Miss Marion 
Healy, Rev. John, ll.d. 
Healy, Rev. William, p.p. 

Hewat, S. M. F 

Hewson, Rev. Canon E. F. 
Hibbert, R, F. 
Hibbert, Mrs. 
Hill, Arthur 
Hobson, C. J. 

Hopkins, Rev, J. W., the late ... 
Huband, Rev. H. R. 
Hughes, Benjamin ... 
Hunt, Mrs. Helsham 
Hutchinson, J. 

Ingram, Thomas Dunbar, ll.d. 
Irwin, Rev. Alexander 
Iveagh, Lord 

Dublin Street, Carlow 
The Rectory, Tynan, Co. Armagh 
Westport, Co. Mayo 
Barrowmount, Co. Kilkenny 
The Rectory, Kells, Co. Meath 
Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny 
Rathlee, Ballisodare, Co. Sligo 
Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 
Woodpark, Scariff, Co. Clare 
Woodpark, ScarifT, Co. Clare 
22 George Street, Cork 
323 W 7 est 124th Street, New York 

Killiskey, Ashford, Co. Wicklow 
Independent Office. Wexford 
Kilfeara, Kilkenny 
Rosbercon Castle, Co. Kilkenny 

13 Wellington Road, Dublin 
2 Cathedral Terrace, Armagh 
Farmleigh, Castleknock, Dublin 

Kane, R. R., ll.d. ... ... 4 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 

Keene, Most Rev. James B., d.d., 

Bishop of Meath ... ... Bishopscourt, Navan, Co. Meath 


Kehoe, Rev. Paul, p.p. 
Kelly, W. E., c.e., f.k.s.a.i. 

Kelly, Mrs. W. E 

Kelly, Miss Dorothy ... 
Kelly, Miss 
Kelly, Bi chard 
Kelly, T. A. 
Knox, Miss P. J. 

Langrishe, Richard, f.k.s.a.i. ... 
La Touche, Miss C, ... 
Lecky, VV. E., li,.d., m.p. 
Le Hunte, the late Rev. Canon 

Francis ... 
Leveson-Gower, A. F. G. 
Library, Free 

,, Linen Hall ... 

,, Marsh's 

„ New York Public 

,, Public Free ... 

The Mitchell . ... 

,, The National 
Long, Mrs ... 
Lynch, P. J., c.e., f.r.s.a.i. 

Maffett, Rev. R. S. ... 
Mahony, J. J. 
Mayo,' The Earl of 
Mavler, J. E. 

Meade, Rt. Rev. W. E., d.d., 

Bishop of Cork 
Meares, Major-General Devenish 

M'Clintock, Rev. P. G., f.e.s.a.i. 
McCarte, James 

McGrath, Rev. J. R., d.d. ... 

Moffeti, Sir Thomas, ll.d. 
Molioy, William R., f.s.s. 
.Moore, Rev. Canon C. 
Moore, Henry 
Moore, llm II. S. ... 
Mulholiund, Miss M. J. 
Murphy, Rev. Hugh, d.d. 

Bridgetown, Wexford 
St-. Helen's, Westport, Co. Mayo 
St. Helen's, "Westport, Co. Mayo 
St. Helen's, Westport, Co. Mayo 
Ciareville, Westport, Co. Mayo 
St. John's, Fahan, Londonderry 
64 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 
Cranmore, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo 

Dundrum House, Dundruru, Co. 
27 Clyde Road, Dublin [Dublin 
38 Onslow Gardens, London 

New Ross, Co. Wexford [London 
4 Sussex Place, Regent's Park, 

Donegal! Square, Belfast 

St. Patrick's, Dublin 

Astor Library Building, New York 

City, U.S.A. 
Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 
Miller Street, Glasgow 
Kildare Street, Dublin 
16 Appian Way, Dublin 
8 Mallow Street, Limerick 

17 Herbert Road, Sandymount 
2 Fort Villas, Queenstown, Cork 
Palmerstown, Co. Kildare [ford 
Harristown, Ballymitty, Co. Wex- 

The Palace, Cork 

Meares' Court, Ballynacargy, West- 

Drumcar, Dunleer, Co. Louth 
5 St. George's Hill, Ever toil, Liver- 

Queen's College, Oxford 

Royal University, Dublin 

78 Kenil worth Square, Dublin 

Mitchelstown, Co. Cork 

Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 

7 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 

Eglantine, Hillsborough, Co. Down 

15 Mountcharles, Belfast 


Nicholson, Eev. James N. 

0' Conor Don, The, President, r.s.a. 
O'Hanraban, T. W. ... 
O'Leary, Patrick 
O'Neill, Lord 
Ormsby, George 

Paterson, William H. 
Perrin, Mrs. 
Persse, Mrs. Walter ... 
Pigott, William Jackson 
Poer, Count de la, d.l. 
Pollard-Urquhart, Lieut.-Colonel 
Ponsonby, Hon. Gerald 
Potts, Eev. John ... 
Power, Eev. George ... 

Pratt, Mrs. Fitzmaurice 
Pratt, Eev. P. C, r.n. 

Quinn, Eev. Edward, p.p. 

170 Osborne Eoad, Forest Gate, 


, Clonalis, Castlerea,Co. Roscommon 
Parliament Street, Kilkenny 
Graig-na-managh, Co. Kilkenny 
Shane's Castle, Antrim 
Ballinamore House, Kiltinagh, Co. 

Garranard, Strandtown, Co. Antrim 
Knockdromin, Lusk, Co. Dublin 
Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow 
Dundrum, Co. Down 
Kilsheelan, Co. Waterford 
Castlepollard, Co. V/estmeath 
3 Stratford Place, London 
Grange Sylvre Rectory, Co. Kilkenny 
Kilfane Rectory, Thomastown, Co. 

Glenheste, Manor Kilbride, Dublin 
St. Anne's Hill, Cork 

Ballybrack, Co. Dublin 

Rainsford, Eev. J. G., d.d. 
Eapmond, Eev. Joseph, c.c. 

Beynell, Eev. William 

Eice, Mrs. C. J. 

Eice, Lieut. : Colonel E. 

Robertson, Herbert, m.p. 

Roche, P. J. 

Eooke, Eev. Henry, a.m. 

Ryan, Eev. John, o.p. 

The Vicarage, Dundalk, Co. Louth 
St. Mary's, Clontibret, County 

22 Eccles Street, Dublin 
Durrus, Bantry, Co. Cork 
Bushmount, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry 
Huntington Castle, Co. Carlow 
Woodviile, New Boss 
The Parsonage, Wicklow 
St. Thomas's College, Newbridge, 


Scott, Yen J. G., d.d. 
Sindall, Alfred 
Searight, Graves E. ... 

Seymour, Mrs. ... 

Sheehan , Most Eev. Dr., v.r. , r, s.a.i., 
, Bishop of Waterford 
Smith-Barry, Arthur H., 

m.p., f.r.s.a,i. ... ... Fcta, Cork 

Smith, Eev. Canon E., d.d. ... The Vicarage, Clyde Eoad 

The Eectory, Bray, Co. Wicklow 
27 Lombard Street, London 
Springfield, Shankill, Dublin 
c/o Eev. A. Nesbitt, Hollvmount, 

[Co. Mayo 
Bishop's House, Waterford 



Smythe, Yen. G. C. ... 
Stack, Right Rev. C. M., d.d. v : . : 
Bishop of Clogher "... 
Steele, Rev. J. H. ... 

Stewart, Andrew W. ... 
Stoney, Rev. Canon, d.d. 
Stronge, Miss E. 
Stubbs, Henry, f.k.s.a.i. 
Stubbs, Miss Lucy C. 
Swanzy, Rev. Henry B. 
Synnofc, Nicholas J. ... 

Taylor. Rev. J. Wallace, ll.d. ... 
Tempest, William 
Tenison, CM. 
Tisdall, Mrs. 

Tottenham, Rev. Canon G. 
Townsend, Verv Rev. Wm„ d.d. 
Trench, T. Cooke ... 

Vernon, Mrs. M. E. ... 
Vicars, Sir Arthur, f.s.a., Ulster 
Vigors, Col. Philip D., f.k.s.a.i. 
Vigors, Mrs. Philip ... 
Vigors, Rev. Richard W. 

Wall, Lieut. -Colonel J. 
Walsh, Lady 

Walsh, Rt. Rev. W. Pakenharn, 

D.D., F.K.S.A.I. 

Watson, Rev. Charles 
Watson, John 
Watson, Mrs. 

Weldon, Rev. P. S 

Westropp, Thos. J., m.a., f.k.s.a.i. 
Welland.Rt. Rer. Thomas J., d.d., 

Bishop of Down ... 
Wheble, Mrs. E. M. ... 
White, Major J. Grove, 57th Regt. 
White, W. Grove 
White, R. P. 

White, Very Rev. George P. ... 
Whitley, Rev. A. W 

Coole Glebe, Carnmoney, Co. Antrim 

Knockballymore, Clones 
The Cottage, Crom Castle, Pel- 

1 Cremorne Villas, Belfast 

Sandymount, Dublin 

Tynan Abbey, Tynan 

Danby, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal 

Rathmacknee, Wexford 

Stanley Terrace, Monaghan 

Furness, Naas, Co. Kildare 

Emyvale, Monaghan 

The* Club, Dundalk, Co. Louth 

Hobart Town, Tasmania 

4 Churchill Villas, Ball's Bridge, 

Benmore, Enniskiilen 
1 Leeson Park, Dublin 
Millicent, Sallins, Co. Kildare 

Castlepark, Kingstown, Dublin 
Office of Arms, Dublin Castle 
Holloden, Co. Carlow 
Holloden, Co. Carlow 
Newport Hall, Erdisley, Hereford 

Knock-a-reagh, Grange Con, Co. 

W T icklow 
Ballykilcavan, Queen's County 

Inveruisk, Kiiliney, Co. Dublin 
The Rectory, Newcastle, Co. Down 

22 Portland Place, Dublin 

The Rectory, Nurney. Co. Carlow 

77 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 

Culloden, Holywood, Co. Down 
Monasterevan, Co. Kildare 
Kilbyrne, Buttevant, Co. Cork 
13 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 
Wood view, Stillorgan, Dublin 
The Palace, Cashed 
Templemartin, Bandon, Co. Cork 


Williamson, Rev. C. A. 
Willcocks. Rev. Canon 
Woodhead, Miss 

Woodhead, Mrs. 

Woollcombe, Dr. R. L., ll.d. ... 
Woods, Cecil C. 
Wright, Dr. E. Perceval 
Wright, Rev. E. A. ... 
Wynne, Miss F. S. .. 

Carnew, Co. Wexford 
Qunle'ckney Rectory, Co. Carlo w 
Heathfield, Forest Drive, Ley ton- 
stone, London [Sussex 
Heathfield House, Heathfield, 
14 Waterloo Road, Dublin 
21 Mardyke Parade, Cork 
5 Trinity College, Dublin 
64 Springbank, Hull, England 
Corris, Co. Carlo w 

Young, Robert M. 

Rathvarna, Belfast, Co. Antrim 




L Plato IV of Monumental Coats-of-Arrns ... Frontispiece 

2. MaoDonnell Monument, County Antrim ... ... 162 

8. McKay Monument, County Antrim ... ... 163 

4. Ker Monument, County Antrim ... ... ... 164 

5. The MacDonnell Cross, Layde, County Antrim ... 168 

6. Stone with Armorial Bearings, County Antrim ... 169 

7. MacDonnell Arms in Layde Churchyard, County Antrim 170 

8. Bigham Arms, 1749, Bailee, Co. Down ... ... 220 

9. Bagot Tombstone, 1613, St. Catherine's, Dublin ... 238 

10. Ranfold Tombstone, 1691, St. James's, Dublin ... 239 

11. Curiously Carved Tombstone, Feaghna, County Kerry ... 251 

12. Curiously Carved Tombstone, Feaghna, County Kerry ... 252 

13. Skeleton Tombstone at Castiedermot, County Kildare ... 259 

14. Gore or Annaly Monument, Taghshinny Church, County 

Longford ... ... ... ... ... 270 

15. Golding Monument, St. Peter's, Drogheda ... ... 276 

16. Knowles Arms, &c, 1642, Ross, County Wexford ... 320 

17. Butler Monument, 1599, Boss, County Wexford ... 321 

18. Butler Monument, 1599, Ross, County Wexford ... 322 

19. Arched Canopy, and Piscina, New Ross, County Wexford 325 

20. Culcupe and Cooper Monument, New Ross, County Wexford 327 

21. Idan Tombstone, St. Mary's, New Ross, County W r exford 328 

22. The Bambino Stone, St. Mary's, New Ross, County 

Wexford ... ... ... ... ... 330 

23. Coffin-lids and Tombstones, St. Mary's, New Ross, 

County Wexford ... ... ... ... 335 

24. Portion of an Ancient Tombstone, Now Ross, County 

Wexford ... ... ... ... ... 836 

25. Broken Tombstones (Ancient), New Ross, County Wexford 337 

26. Inscription, &c, Selsker Abbey, Wexford ... ... 338 



Association for tfje preservation of fHemorials of tf)t 
©cafc, felantr. 



January h& to December 31st. 

To Subscriptions, Donations, and sales of back numbers £74 1 10 
Balance due ... ... ... ... 7 11 

£74 9 9 


January 1st to December 31st. 

By Printer's Accounts, Illustrations for Journal, 

Postages, and Sundries .. ... ... 74 9 9 

£74 9 9 

E. R. M'C. De, 

Hon, Treasurer. 







1. KNOX, 1820.— Baloo, County Antrim. 

Crest — A cubit-arra, grasping a battle-axe bend sinisterwise. 
Arms, ... a battle-axe between three boars' heads, 

2. GLASGOW, 1799.— Larne, County Antrim. 

Crest — A dove with olive-branch in its bill. 
Arms, ... on a mount an oak-tree suspended from a 
branch to the sinister, an ancient bell, in dexter fess, a 
fish naiant, with a ring in mouth. 

3. MARTIN, 1786.— Larne, County Antrim. 

Crest — A lion rampant, holding a crescent. 

4-rms, ... a chevron between three crescents. 

4. McNEAL, 1757.— Lame, County Antrim. 

Crest — An arm vambraced embowed, holding a dagger. 
Arms, . . . on a fess between, in chief a dexter hand, 
couped and appaumee fesswise, and in base a lion 
rampant, ... a fish naiant impaling . . . 
on a fess between in chief, a lion rampant, in base a 
galley, sails furled, three mullets. 


5. MANFOD, 1750.— Lame, County Antrim. 
Crest — A garb. 

Arms, ... a lion rampant double queued. 

6. CRAIG, 1739.— Raloo old Church, County Antrim. 

Crest — As in No. 4. 

Arms, . . . on a fess three crescents, a chief indented, 

7. CAMPBELL, 1823.— Lame, County Antrim. 

Crest — A horse's head erased. 

Arms, ... a boar's head couped, in base two swords in 
saltire points downwards, on a canton a mullet, all 
within a bordure engrailed* 

8. SNODY, 1807.— Lame, County Antrim. 

Crest — A bird with a snake (?) in its bill. 
Arms, . . . cheeky — and — a chief vair impaling three 
horses' heads erased within a bordure. 

9. FISHER, no date. — Lame, County Antrim. 
Crest — -A horse's head couped. 

Arms, . . . three fishes naiant fesswise in pale. 
Motto — Gaudiam adferro. 

10. MONTGOMERY, 1780.— Larne, County Antrim. 
Crest — A ship in full sail. 

Arms, . . . Quarterly first and fourth . . . three 
fleurs-de-lys, two and three . . . three amulets, 
over all a sword in pale. 

Motto — Garde bien. 

11. BLAIR, no date. — Raloo old Church, County Antrim. 
Crest — A buck courant. 

Arms, , . . on a saltire between in chief a mullet, in- 

fess two increscents, and in base a garb five mascles. 
Motto — Amo probus. 


12. LOUGHRIDGE, 1815.— Lame, County Antrim. 
Crest — A bird. *" 

Arms, ... a buck trippant, in chief three mullets. 

13. HOUSTON, 1755. -Larne, County Antrim. 
Crest — A book closed. 

Arms, ... a chevron erm, between three quatrefoils. 

14. BRYNAN, BRENAN, BRANNION, 1802.— Island Magee, 
County Antrim. 

Crest — an esquire's helmet. 

Arms, . . . two swords in saltire, points upwards, and 
a bordure. 

15. ALLEN, 1770.— Larne, County Antrim. 
Crest — A swan. 

Arms, . . . a bend engd. between in chief two 

crescents, and in base a mullet. 
Motto. — Virescit vulnere. 

16. HOLMES, 1799.— Larne, County Antrim. 
Crest-r-A buck's head couped. 
Arms, ... a lion rampant. 

We greatly regret to be obliged to bring under the notice of 
our readers that, from a letter received by us since these Arms 
were printed, it appears that Mr. G. V. Du Noyer's drawings, 
from which these and the three previous sheets published by us 
have been taken, are full of errors, and cannot be considered as 
accurate illustrations of the originals, at least so far as those of 
the County Armagh are concerned. 

Not only has the quaint shape of the shields in some cases, 
but also the mantling, wreaths, helmets, mottoes, &c, have been 
neglected. In support of what we have here stated we give the 



following to show the errors in this year's sheet of sixteen 
[No. 4.] :— 

1, Knox, has as motto — " Courage sans peur ; " boars' mouths 

open, ears cocked ; double line around shield ; two upper 
boars' heads higher up shield ; large wreath on shield ; 
crest larger. 

2. Glasgow, dates 1738 & 1799, wings on crest extended ; mottc 

above — " I await my time ; " bordure. 

4. McNeill, 1757; motto above — " Virescit vulnere." 

5. Date, 1751; bordure; motto above — " Audacia et industria." 

6. Crajg, 1739 ; shield has bordure, ermine above, and below 

crescents ; no helmet ; wreath takes place of upper line of 
shield — ? dagger crest ; motto — " Pro rege in tyrano." 
8. Margaret Ann Snody. 

10. Rings have jewels ; three lines around shield ; flags on ship ; 

motto above. 

11. Blair, date, 1751; motto above, not below, crest; not at 

speed, but reclining ; no above on saltire. 
13. Arrow T s on chevron ; motto above — " In time; " bordure. 






Hallinderry Parish. 

[From F. J. Bigger, Esq.] 
o'doran tombstone, portmore churchyard. 
By Herbert Hughes. 

In the interior of the ruins of the Old Church of Portmore, 
in the Parish of Ballinderry, and close to the west wall, there is 
a tombstone erected to a former Vicar of Killead. In front of 
the stone a rude tomb has been built, with an altar-slab, now 
broken. As the name and date of this vicar are not fully given 
in Lavens M. Ewart's " Handbook of the United Diocese," I 
annex a full copy of the inscription, which is surmounted by a 
cherub and some mantling. It would be interesting to know 
where the Reverend Bernard O'Doran came from, and to what 
family he belonged : — 

" Sacred to the memory of the Revd Bernard O'Doran 
late Vicar of Killead who departed this life on the lGth 
October 1815 This stone is erected as a small tribute of 
affection by his son James O'Doran also Susanna Relict 
of the above Aged 81 years Obiit 2nd February 1837 also 
James O'Doran son of the above late Captain in the 59th 
Regt Aged 51 years Obiit 17th January 1S42." 

Kumianiarg-ie, Ball.veastlc 

[By Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.I.A., Editor of " The Ulster 
Journal of Archaeology.' 5 ] 

The following notes are taken from a special number of the 
. "Ulster Journal." 

* There are only three stones in this graveyard having heraldic 
bearings upon them. They bear the names of MacDonnell, MacKay, 


ANTRIM. 162 

and Ker, families long connected with the district, and all of 
Scottish origin. The first or MaeDonnell stone is close to the south 
wall of the church, and bears the full family arms with supporters, 
cut on the east side, the date being 1764. The MacKay stone is 
dated 1736, and bears the arms boldly cut on the west, the inscrip- 
tion being on the east side. The Ker stone is dated 1738, and has 
the shield cut on the east side, with a portion of the inscription, the 
remainder being on the west side.' 






* The inscription on the following stone is on the east face, whilst 
the arms are cut on the back. 8>he stone is 3 inches thick, 24" inches 
broad, and 25 inches high, and lies, like the remaining ones 
described, east of the church ' : — 





< The following stone of the Ker family is 5^ inches thick, and 
24 inches broad, sunk in the earth.' 



1 On the back is cut the following inscription ' : — 

i ft s 

1 YEAR." 

[See also vol. i, page 131, for another Ker mouurnent and 
arms, date 1616.] 

1 There are two other monuments — large, flat slab-stones — with 
inscriptions worthy of recording. The first belongs to the Daragh 
family, and has a (paint semi-heraldic device with death emblems 



at the bottom of the inscription. This stone has been wrongly laid 
facing the west, having been cafelessly transposed at the time of 
some burial. The stone is 6 feet 3J- inches long, 8 inches deep, 
and 2 feet 6 inches wide. The following is a copy of the inscrip- 
tion': — 


1 The MaeMichael monument is also a flat table-tomb, the 
inscription being almost obliterated, and only transcribed alter 
considerable difficulty. It is 6 feet 4 inches long, 2 feet 11 inches 
wide, and 7 inches thick. A cherub, all head and wings, surmounts 
the inscription, which reads as follows' : — 


' It will be noted how very young some of the persons above 
recorded died, and it will also be observed how Scotch the names are. 
This is, however, very common in the Antrim glens, where all the 
peasantry bear such names, clearly denoting them followers of the 
Clan MaeDonnell, lords of the Isles and the Glynns.' 

For additional notes on this place, see vol. ii, p. 405. — [Eds.] 
Oar thanks are due to F. J. Bigger, Esq., Belfast, for permis- 
sion to reproduce the following notes of the Parish of Layde, 
from the " Ulster Journal of Archaeology t : — 

J>av<!<\ Cti*1i<>n<liill. 

[By Francis Joseph Bigger and William J. Fennell.] 
'Layde Old Church seems to be but little known, and less 



cared for, and, like many others we .could mention, slowly but 
surely dropping out of existence, Almost forgotten, and well-nigh 

4 The church is 56 feet 9 inches long, by 18 feet 3 inches wide 
inside, and the existence of a piscina and ambry about 33 feet 
from the west wall, would naturally lead to the idea that at one 
time the chancel wall was only a few feet eastward of them, and 
that it was removed and the chancel extended. 

1 The south doorway has a semi-circular arch, of poor workman- 
ship, over which has been inserted a stone with the more modern 
date of 169G, cut in raised figures. This stone had been originally 
in the east wall. It was lying for many years on a gravestone, 
against the interior west wall, and was inserted over the doorway 
about eight years ago, by the late Rev. Dr. Johnston, of Belfast. 
The old church was used for service until about 1790. It had a 
thatched roof. 

' The last clergy who officiated in Layde Old Church were the 
McArthurs, pater et jilius. Their graves are close to the piscina, 
against the south wall in the interior of the church. They were 
curates in charge ; Layde and Ardclinis being then held in comm en- 
dam by the rectors of Agherton (Portstewart). as treasurers of Connor. 
For well-nigh the whole of the seventeenth century the McArthurs 
faithfully ministered in the old church, and are still spoken of with 
affection by the older inhabitants of Layde. The Reverend John 
Mc Arthur must have been interred in the nave of the church when 
it was used for worship, whilst the Reverend Dennis McArthur was 
interred in the same grave about the time it was given up. 

1 The following is the inscription upon their gravestone ' : — " ;: 

"Here lies the remains of 
The Revd John M°Akthur 
Conspicuous for Universal Benevolence 
unstained integrity and private worth 
He departed this life on the 
27 th day of Feb r 1716 Aged 65 Years 

* Mr. Bigger says : " I am indebted to the Heverend Wiliiam Thompson, A.M., 
Rector of Layde, for this inscription. It is very much worn, and unde- 
cipherable in many places, and will in a few years be quite so, as it is much 
trodden upon. It is. therefore, very pleasing to be able to preserve it even in 
print; but I wish to do more. A very small sum will re-cut the inscription, and 
thus preserve for many more years, to come the memory of two worth v men in 
their old church ; and tor this purpose several sums have been promised to me. 
A few more will sumce, and I will have the work done under the supervision of 
the rector. The amounts contributed, and the work done, I hope to record in a 
subsequent part of this Journal." The money has been subscribed, and the 
work will be done before this is printed. 




Margaret Boss his wife 
who died Oct 1 16 th 1761 Aged 75 Years 


their son the Rev'd Dennis' ; M c Arthur 
He departed this life 
on the 11 th of Jan. 1796 in the 82 nd Year of his age 


his sister Mrs Elizabeth M c Arthur 
who died on the 15 th of Feb. 1796 Aged 77 Years 

disjoin whom Christ hath join'd in Love 

h(ear)ts to death and death to life above 

In Heaven's a happier place frail things despise 
Live well to gain in future life the prize. 

This monument is erected by Mrs. M c Arthur 
Widow of the late Col. M c Arthur, son to the 
Eev d John M c Arthur as a memorial] of her 
affection and their (virtue) 
Mar 1 st 1797 " 

4 The internal faces of the walls appear to have been plastered at 
one time. No trace of the original floor or roof remains. The 
present door- sill is a little higher than the ground inside, while 
successive burials outside have raised the ground-level in some 
places to nearly half the height of the walls. The whole eastern 
end of the interior of the church is now occupied by a modern, ugly, 
slated vault of the Macaulay family. 

1 Layde was, next to Bunnamargie, the favourite burial-place of 
the MacDonnells, and is still used by the descendants of that 
princely race. The west end of the church is sacred to their dust, 
and many quaint armorial stones record their name and lineage. 
These armorial stones bear three mottoes : Semper paratis, Tout 
jours pret, and Sword in hand. The last motto is attached to the 
arms on the western face of the stone, recording the death of the 
son of "Alex. M'Donald, Major- Generall and Knight of the Field,'* 
and the fourth quarter of the shield bears a sword. The eastern 
face has the ordinary arms, with the motto Tout jours pret, and no 
sword on the shield, and records the death of other sons of this 
Knight of the Field. 

This Alexander, or Master, MacDonnell was a man of great 
prowess, and fought as Major- General under Montrose in the 
Scottish wars. Montrose knighted him on Bothwell Field, after 
expressing the most flattering approval of his conduct. He escaped 
the subsequent horrible slaughter by the Covenanters, only to fall 



at a place called Cnocnanos, in the County Cork, on the 18th of 
November, 1647, at the hands of*' one Major Purdon, who shot him 
in the head. It is said that Purdon had to right a duel every year 
for seven years for this act. Sir Alaster was buried in the 
O'Callaghan tomb at Clonmeena, in the Parish of Kanturk. 

* His sword had a ball ten pounds weight, with a wheel through 
it and a rod at the back, which, running from hilt to point, gave a 
fearful impetus to his blows. This is the sword depicted upon the 
shield carved on his son's tomb, and accounts for the unusual motto, 
Sword in hand. 




* There are in all five MacDonnell armorial stones in the church- 
yard, four of them showing the„, usual supporters of a man and an 
eagle, and one (the Rev. Daniel MacDonnell' s) void of the supporters. 
The latter is on a table-tomb facing the west, as is customary with 
the gravestones of priests. To the west of the tower, and quite 
close to the fence, a beautiful cross [see Plate] has been erected to 
the memory of Dr. James MacDonnell, of Belfast. It rather mars 
the value of this cross when it is known to be made of metal, with 
a covering of some cement-like material in imitation of stone. Some 
excellent Celtic ornament is depicted upon it ; but there are some 
figures and symbols quite out of keeping with ancient Irish art, such 
as the winged figure of St. Michael, with a shield, upon which is 
depicted a Saint George's cross. Shamrocks are also shown grow- 
ing out of the ground in a representation of the Good Samaritan. 
These incorrect details are, however, compensated for in the noble 
appearance of the cross when viewed from a distance, forming, as it 
does, the distinctive feature of the graveyard. Close to the east end 
of the MacDonnell burial-ground, and partly buried in the earth, is 
a very rude stone with no decipherable letters, but having armorial 
bearings cut deep upon its surface. These are now much worn, 

but are fairly depicted in the annexed drawing made from a 
rubbing. Concerning these arms nothing is known, nor can John 
Vinycomb, M.R.I.A., throw any light upon them.- It any reader of 
this Journal could elucidate this knotty question, he would be doing 
good work. In other portions of the ground, particularly in the 
vicinity of the gate, there are many burial-places built around with 
walls and pointed entrance arches, which give an antiquated air to 
the place ; but these structures are not of ancient date.' 



The following are complete copies of all the MacDormell inscrip- 
tions in Layde churchyard : — » 

" To the memory of McColl McDonnell late of Kilmore 
& family who is here buried aged 7-1 years Died the 
23 Day of March 1719." 

" Here lieth the remains of Coll McDonnell of Kilmore 
GlenarifF who died 25th March 1719 Son to Major Gen- 
eral Sir Alex rd McDonnell (MacCollcitta) by his wife d tr 
of McAlister (late) of Laup Sir Alex 1 ' celebrated in the 
wars of Montrose in Scotland was slain loth November 
1617 while 2 nd in comm d of the Royal Forces at 
Knocknanees and is buried in Clonmeen, C° Cork" 

" Here lyeth the body of Cap tn Archd McDonnell, Son to 
Alex McDonnell Major Gen 1 & Kn td on ye Field ; who 
departed this life Sep r 23th 1720 Aged 73 Also Ann 
Stewart Spouse to y e said Capt n who departed this life 
April 6th 1714 Aged 68. Likewise their son Coll McDon- 
nell of Glasinullin who departed this life June 6th 1737 
Aged 49 & also his Alex r McDonnel who died July 26th 
1782 Aged 48 years also Alexander McDonnell Son to 
the above named Alex* who died the 11th day of Oct r 
1791 Aged 16 years also his sister Rachel who departed 
the 19th March 1805 aged 23 years." 


" Here lyeth the body of Archd McDonnald who departed 
this life Sept 28 th 1720 Aged 73 years son o[f] Alex 
McDonald Major Generall and Knight of the field. 



Here also lyeth the body of the said Arch* His wife 
Anne McDonald alias Stewart who departed April 19th 
1714 Aged 68 years." 

" Here lieth the Remains of John McDonnell late of 
Kilmore who departed the 25th Dec r 1603 aged 75 years 
Also Rose Savage his wife who departed ' this life the 
24th of July 1814 aged 78 years Also his son John 
Alexander McDonnell Rathlin. Aged 60 years who 
departed this life the 18th February 1820 Also to the 
memory of said John's eldest son Coll lost at sea 
24th June 1820 Aged 63 years Also said John's 
4 lb son Arch 1 late an officer Royal Navy died 21st 
February 1840 aged 77 years Also said Johns 6 th son 
John died 1[] Feby 1841 aged 69 years Also the first 
named John 5 th son Randall of Kilmore Glenariff 
died 11 Augt 1854 aged 82 years Also Margaret Ann 
daughter of Alex 1 McMullan Esq r J.P of Cabra House 
Co. Down and wife of Alex r McDonnell Esq A B & 
F.R.C.S.I. of Dublin & Kilmore." 

tC Also said Alex k McDonnells d r Ann wife of Aech d 
McElheran Esq r of Glassmullan & Cushendall died 
18 th Dec 1825 aged 61 years also Ann Black wife of 
said Alex 1 * died 30 th April 1835 aged 93 years also Rose 
Ann grand dt r of said Ann McElheran & 2nd dt r of 
Randal McDonnell Esq r Kilmore Glenariff died 18 th 
May 1850 aged 31 y rs also said Randals 3rd dt r Rachel 
died 30 th Deer 1854 aged 33 years Also Mary McDonnell 
wife of Randal McDonnell Esq of Kilmore Glenariff 
and dtr of Arch 1 McElheran esq r of Glassmullin died 
7 th July 1870 aged 38 Years r. i. p. Also the Honbl 
Madeline McDonnell dtr of Thomas first Lord O'Hagan 
and wife of Colonel J. McDonnell of Kilmore Glenariff 
she died 14th October 1877 r.i.p." 

" The grave of Charles third son of the late John- 
McDonnell of Ballenlig Glenariff who departed this 
life aged 60 years also his 3 sons James Randal & John 
also his wife Serah Black who died the 4 th of March 
1866 aged 76 years." 

" Here lieth the body of James McDonnell aged 80 years. 1 ' 



' The following inscription is on a .large slab inside the vault 
of the western tower 1 : — *\ / 

" Ann McDonnell of Glassmullan departed this life 18th 
Deer. 1825 aged GO Wars Daughter to Alexr 
McDonnell and Sister to the last Alexdl\ and Speuse 
Akchd McElheean, who departed this life May 81 st - 1884 
Aged 78 years Also their son Akchd., who departed 
this life March 1st 1889 aged 4G years." 

To mark the grave of John McDonnell of Cushendal] 
and of Annie his wife and their sons Randal Daniel & 
John also in remembrance of their Grandson Charles 
youngest son of Captain Thomas Paer 45 th Regiment 
w r ho died at Calcutta aged 21 years also his brother 
Heney who died at New Orleans aged 88 years Here 
also lieth the remains of Alicia McDonnell wife of the 
before mentioned Randal McDonnell died at Cushendall 
on the 25 th February 1842 John McDonnell Mackenzie 
who died at Ballycastle on the 22 m! October 180-3 aged 
45 years. Rachel Pare widow of the before mentioned 
Captain Thomas Pare who died at Cushendall on the 2 T " i 
of April 1870 aged 72 years May they rest in Peace." 

" Erected by Patrick Donnell of Cairns, to the memory' 
of his Wife Betty Scuoolin who departed this life 
September, .ad. 188-j Aged 82 Years." 

(It will be observed that the above name is given 
as O'Donnell, although amongst the MacDoniiell 
' tombs.) 

" Underneath are deposited the remains of Rev. Daniel 
McDonnell, P.P. of Lavd and Ardclmis, who departed 
this life the 8tli day of June, 1828, in the 84th year of 
his age, G8rd of his Sacred Ministry, and 53rd of his 
parochial appointment. This monument has been 
erected by Daniel M'Cambeidge, to the memory of his 
venerable uncle. Requiescat in Pace." 

' The following inscriptions are on the base of the High 

" Erected in Memory of James McDonnell of Belfast and 
of Murlough of this County a physician whose great 
abilities & greater benevolence made him venerated in 
the glens where he was born & in Belfast w T here he died 



a.d. 1845 in his 82nd year. Also in Memory of Eliza, 
daughter of John Clarke E$qr of Belfast & wife of the 
said James McDonnell : she died a.d. 179S also of ■ 
Penelope, daughter of James Montgomery esqr of Larne 
& second wife of the said James McDonnell, she died a.d. 
1851. Also in memory of Michael, Father of the said 
James father of Alexander .'& son of Major Genl. Sir 
Alexander McColl McDonnell, Knight of the Field, 
whose other son Captain Archibald McDonnell likewise 
rests in this Churchyard." 
"Enter not into Judgment with thy Servants Lord for 
in thy sight shall no man living be justified." 

* The Macaulay vault in the interior of the church, at the chancel 
end, has a door in the centre, and on either side two large slabs are 
built into the wall, with the following inscriptions' ; — 

"Issue of Alex Macauley and J. H. Acheson Alexander 
born 30 th Jan y 1768 Archibald Major & Capt 44 Regt 
He died aged 74 and here buried Hugh Captain of an 
Indian Chinese Ship, foundered with him at sea Mary 
wife of Major Jas Higginson She is here buried and 
Louisa her sons wife George Captain 17th Foot and 
here buried, he married Jane daugh 1 of George Hill 
Larne, they left four daughters and one son Arthur 

• John Lieut 68 th Regt died at sea aged 24 Harriet wife of 
Rev d R. S. Dobbs They are here buried & three Children 
Anne — died Jany 30th 1870 aged 86 Alexr Macau lay 
junr. (only son of George & Jane) born 14th Feby 1819 
He married Maria Martin, they had 1 Son Alex* born 
22 d Augt 1849 to the Great affliction of his Survivors 
He died of Consumption 4th Deer. 1849 He is buried 
in the North East Corner his eldest uncle ; Revd. Alex 
Macaulay who survived him died on the 8th Feby 1855 
aged 87." 

" In the Scotch Army of Charles 1st in Ulster was Major 
Alex Macaulay from Ardincaple Dumbarton Shire He 
married Alice Stewart of Ballintoy they had one Son 
Alexander who married Mildred Daughter of Rev Adam 
Reid They had one son Alex Macaulay Kings Council 
& Member of the House of Commons He married 



Margaret daughter of Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle Their 
eldest son Alexander was |}igh Sheriff of Co Antrim for 
1766 He married Julia Henrietta Daughter of Sir 
Archd Achesox Bart (Afterwards Vist. Gosford) He 
died 18th June 1817 She died 28th May 1829 Both 
in their 83rd years And here hurried Alexander 
Macaulay son of the late Alexander Macaulay and 
Maria Martin who died 19th November 1880 aged 
32 years." 


[From Francis Joseph Bigger, M.B.I.A., Editor of " The Ulster 
Journal of Archeology."] 

Within the grounds of the Lord Primate at Armagh the 
ruins of the once famous Franciscan Abbey still remain. This 
was a favourite burial-place of the O'Neills, but now all evidence 
of the existence of graves has been obliterated, and only a 
picturesque scene remains — a few crumbling walls, an arch or 
two covered with much ivy, and overhung with spreading trees. 
Two gravestones alone remain, one in the interior of the church 
at Jhe choir end, and the other outside, on the south side. 

Note. — The inscriptions on these tombs we have already 
published. [See Vol. iii, p. 202. — £ds.] 


We give the following additional information of the clergy of 
the churches in the Diocese of Leighlin to supplement Bishop 
Ram's return, printed in last year's Journal. The extracts here 
given are taken from the " Royal Visitation Book" for 1615, 
Leighlin Diocese. — P. D. V. 

' royal visitation of 1G15 — LEIGHLIN diocese. 

[In Public Record Oihce, Dublin, 1894.] 

1 Thomas Ram, Bishop of Leighlin.' 
1 John Harris, Archdeacon.' 

* Randolph Barlowe, Angl. Minis 1 "., Dean ... val. £10 




« n \ Precentor, M.A. ... ... val. 

1 George white, j ' - 

1 Thadeus Dowling, aged 71, Chancellor ... „ £10 

Clever in teaching Latin and Irish, resident.' 
' Robert Cleere, Treasurer, "a reading. minister " £7 

* John Harris, A.M., reading Archus ... ... ,, £17 

« John Parker, Preb. of Tullomagimah, min. and 

preach. ... ... ... ... „ £20 

« David Reddy, Preb. of Ullard, a reading minister 

both in English and Irish ... ... ,, £10 

< Thomas Manley, min. and pr., Preb. of Aghold ... £7 
' NOURNEY. — David Reddy, Curat Cancella ruinosa 

ecclia, do. a reading minister.' 
' AGHA. — William Peppard, firmar ; Thady 

Dowlinge, Vicar ; Cur. D. Reddy.' 
' DUNLECKNEY. — Improp. idem Peppard, firmar £80 14 

Vicar, idem Reddy.' 
' LORUM.— Improp. Pat k . Peppard.' 

1 CARLOW. — Walter Dongae, firmar. No books. val. £20 

Vicar Peter White, Curate same, Master R.A. 

Church and chan. in repair. No books.' 
4 BALLYELLEN. — Edw s - Butler, firmar ; Vicar, 

Jacobus Waddinge, a read g min. ; Vicar idem 


* CLONE GAL. — Improp. Pat k - Peppard, firmar ; 

Vicar, Edward Carter > read. min. No books ; 
but the curates owne, ch. and chan. bene.' 

* KILTENNELL. — Imp., idem Peppard, ch. and 

chan. bene ; Vicar idem Carter, habiles ad 

docendam in linguam hibernicam.' 
<S T MPLIN GE . — Rect . imp. Tho s - Colclough, 

miles firmar ; Vicar, Rob t - Cleere, a reading 

min., resident ... ... ... ... £10 

Ecc. and chan. in repair — a common book.' 
' SLEGUFEE. — Vicar, idem Cleere, ch. and chan. 

in repair ; Curate, David Ready, min.' 
' ULLARD.— Corpus prebenda curat idem, Cleere 

and D. Ready, ecc et can in bono statu.' 
« POWERSTOWNE.— Rect. improp. ... ... val £5 

Ec. and can. bene, Vicar, Andreas Rafter, a 

reading minister.' 
1 GRANGIA-SILVA. — Rect. improp. ecc et can 

repata, Edwardus Butler, firmar ; Curat, 

Tadeus OCurrin, an Irish minister.' 


idem Butler, firm. ... ... ... val. £40 

No Curat, no books.' 



' SHANKILL. — Eect. improp., books both English 

and Irish ; Vicar, Tadeus Gukrin ... ... £4' 

' KILMOCAHILL. — Eect. 'improp., cli. and can. 
both in repair ; Curat, idem Currin.' 

' UBGLIN. — Eect. integra. vacat ... ... £20 

Curat, Oliver Keatinge, sequest in manus.' 

* CLONMULSKE.— Eect. improp., Anthony St. 

Leger, firm. ; Curat none. Sequest.' 
' KILLOBGE ? — Improp. Geealdus Elmore, mil. 
firm. ; Curat, Maurice 'Currin ; ch. and can. 

* WELLS. — Corpus Decanatus annexa ; Curat, 

David Eeady, a reading minister.' 

< COBEOGHSTOWNE. — Eect. integra, vacat, 

parcha vast a.' 

< TULLO COYNE [Tullocrine] . — Idem Eeady, 

mster. legens.' 
1 KILLENANE. — Corpus cancellariatus inservit 

cura Curat ipse Caneellarius.' 
' TULLOPIIELIM.— Jacob Browne, et Walter 

Arthur, firmar nulla cancella, eccles vasta, 

Thomas Eogers, a reading min., Curat, Currin.' 
'BATHMOliE. — Curat idem Currin cur. sequest 


< HACHETSTOWN.' — Eect. impr. William Sars- 

field, miles fir. curat, Jacob Malone, a reading 

'CLONMOBE. — Corpus Archidiaconatus curat 

idem Malone.' 
• «" MOLENOCUFFE . — Curat idem Malone.' 

c BABBAGE ? [Barragh.]— Oliver Eustace, firmar, 

Vicar, John H(?)eughes, a reading minister, 

Curat, Thomas Eogers.' 
1 ABDOWIN ? [Ardoyne] .—No curat, sequest.' 
' AGHADE. — Imp. sequest, and in the hands of 

Thad O'Goemagan, no curate.' 

* ABDBISTAN. — Eect. imp. firmar idem Gormagan, 

Curat. Mor s - O'Ccbein.' 
« BALTINGLASS. — Imp. W M - Harrington, am. fi., 

Curat, Edward East. Ecclie et cancella repata. 5 
' MYS ALE.— E. & V. Jacob Malone ... ... V aL £10 

Ch. and chan. well, books good.' 
'Ff ENOUGH. — Imp. idem Eustace fir. sequest.' 
4 TE M PL E PE E TEE .— E. vacat, sequest, Curat, 

Mor. O'Currin/ « 

* BALLYGILBEET. — Imp. Will m - Sarsfield, nr., 

Cur., nullus. cancell. ruinosa.' 



< KELLIESTO WNE.— Comes Ormonde, fir. ; Vicar, 

Hen. Walsh, depriv' 1 , seamiest, can repata et 

' BALLEN. — Pat k - Peppard, fir. ... ... val. £5 

Vicar, Thomas Rogers, a read, minister in 

English and Irish, ch. and can. in repair.' 
' GRANGEFORTE. — F. O'Gormagan, no ch., no 

books, secmest, Curati nullus.' 
' CASTBUM MAGNUM.— Imp 1 - Oliver Eustace, 

firm.,.sequest, Curatus, nullus.' 
1 BALLYKEALY. — Firmar idem Eustace, cur. 


' GALLEIN. — R. imp. Richard S T - Lawrence Leixf, 
Vicar, Tho 3, Manley, min r & preacher, can 

< CLONEKYNE.— Comes Ormonde, fir., Vicar, 

Thomas Smith, m r & p r , resident.' 
1 DOMUS LEGIS DEI. — Imp. firmar idem Comes, 

Vicar, idem Smith, resident, ch. and chan. well, 

Bible, com. book, and table all well.' 
' CLONEKYNE. — Peter Crobye, fir., Vicar, Dermot 

Horaghan, curat, Jacobus Walker, a reading 

minister, resident.' 
' BURRESSA. — R. imp. idem Crosbye, Vicar, David 

Good, resident. Docet Hibern, en. & c. bene.' 

< STRBO.— Idem Croby, fir. ... ... ... val. £<l 

Sir John King, fir, Vicar, idem Wood.' 
' KILLAINEY ? [Killeanyl. — R. Nich s Geernige, a 

reading minister, ecc. £ can. bene cum booke (20 nobles) ' 

< TULMACIMA ? [TullomagrinaghJ.— Curate, 

Morris O'Currin, a reading minister of Irish. 

Ecclic ruinosa cancella — cepta ab. Edw d - Byrne, 

a common booke in English . . . . ? ' 
' PAYNSTOWNE. — Rob*- Meredyth, fir., Cur., 

Oliver Keatinge ecclia ruinosa, cancella in 

bene repata ... ... ... ... val. £xv ■ 

* The Curate hath no allowance. We have ordered 

that Mr. Hara shall detayn him until the Rec 

come before us.' 
' AGHOLD. — Cur., Donnit Brennan, min leget hib. 

et inservit ecclia. Dyvine Service celebrated 

in a house. Eccl a - vasta.' 
1 RATHILL. — Sequest, no curate, no book. 

Robtus fir. ... ... ... val. £2 ' 

'KILBAGAN? [Killeban].— Ger. Elmeri, fir., 

Cur., Walsh, ecc. Sc can. bene.' 

< LESCOLMAN.— Cur., Donntty Brennan. Dyvine 

Service celebrated in a house, ecclea vasta.' 



' BAEEAGH. — Oliver Eustace, firmar, Vicar, John 
H(?)eughes, a reading minister, Curat, Thomas 
Bogers. Ecclia slat m loco inaccessibile 
idem cutu celebratur in domo assignata apud 

< CAEEOIGSTOWNE.— Robert Meredith, fir., 

Curate, Sam 1, Mosley, min r et p. decator.' 
'KILLEEONY. — David Hetherington, fir., Vic, 

Thomas Manley.' 
CLONENAGH.— Peter Crosbye, fir., Vie, Dee. 

Horagan, Cur., J. Walker.' 
' DESEETEN OS.— Egbert Pigott, miles fir. ... val. £15 

and John Walker, mill, and preacher.' 
' KILTEALE, — Firmar, idem Pigott, Vic, idem 

Walker, omnia bene. D. of Amboye.' 
«MOYANNA.~-Tiio s - Berrie, EecL, m. & p. ... £20 

Vicar, Will m - Hilton, a re. min. and catacbyser, 

ch. & com. bene.' 

Berry, Vicar idem Hilton, can. et ecclia in 

bona statu.' 

1 COE-CLONE.— Will m ; Hartroole, miles firm., 
Vic, John Morcon, a reeding (sic) min. fro. 
the Irish. Can. et ecc. bene statu, books.' 

< FONTE STO WNE. — E. , Rob. Po, in Art, M r -, Vic, 

Arth. Bladesmith, a reed, min., ch. and chan. 
in good state.' 

' BALLYQUILLAN.— Aub. S t - Leger, fir. ... val. £8 

Vic, idem Bladesmith. Can et eccl u - ruinosa, 
no book but of his own. Bond taken for re- 
pay ne bv hallotyde,' 

« TYMOGE.—Eect.; Walter Fullan val. £8 

Vic, idem Fullan, a reading min. in E. & L 
An Eng. & an Irish com. book.' 

< TULLONOY.— Kcct,, idem Fullan .:. ... val. £7 

Ch. and chan. well booke.' 

< TIMAHOE.— Tiio s - Loftus, miles fir. ... ... val. £10 

Vic, Eichard Meredith, M.A., a preacher, 

* KILCLON BLO CKE .— E ect. , Tho s - .Haslam, a E. 
min., ch. & chan. in repayre, no booke but his 

< KILC LM A N B A N E . — Imp . , Aub. S t - Leger, fir. val. £7 

Vic, idem Haslem. No booke. D. of Margie 
als Bargie.' 

4 TEC A LIN A. — E. imp., John Kings, miles fir., no 



< RATHASPUCK. — Imp. Civitas Wacerfordenses 

fir., Vic, Anth. Bladesmitii ... ... .val. £S 

a read, min., Ecc in b. statu.' 
1 KILLABBAN.— Eect. imp., Vic, John Moras, a 
B. min., desirous of further preaching of the 
Gospel hath upon our advice undertaken to 
give out of his Lyving the sum of £x yearly to a 

' KILLE SHIN.— Tho s - Underwood, min r - ... val. £7 

•legis, Vicar, Oliver Keatinge, a reading mini- 
ster, ch. & chan. & pr. Booke.' 

' L 1 DA (x.H .-—Beet, imp., Eleno Butle (fir.), 

Vic, John Keatinge ... ... ... val. £6 

ch. & chan. well, an Irish com: booke.' 

' SLE TIE.— Beet., Walter Skelton ... ... val. £S 

Cur. idem Keating.' 

? SH . — Corpus thesauriates, Curatus, Samuel 

MoSLEY, ' 

' G BANG I A MGNACORUM.— Improp Wilielmus 
Heartpoole (sic) miles fir., Curat idem Mosley.' 

TOWN, and Bacheratt Killaban. — William 
Blower, min r - & preacher, now ordered to hold 

there ... ... ... ... ... [f261]' 

< 28 Oct. 1896.' 

The writing in the original book is vile ; it may be that of 
Bishop Bam himself! 

Compare the above with his printed return in the Fifteenth 
Report of the Commissioners on the Public Records of Ireland, 
dated 1810 ? Vol. i, p. 263. 

FeiiagrU l*arisli. 

[From Denis B. Pack-Beresford, Esq.] 
(Continued from Vol. IY, p. 6.) 

" Here lieth the body of Samuel Corragon late of Balina- 
crea who dep d this life February the 16 th 1785 aged 72 

"Erected, by Charles Corrigan of Kildreenaugh in 
memory of his father John Corrigan who died Novem- 
ber 23 rd 1858 aged 88 years Also his mother Margaret 



Corrigan who departed this life February lG th 1868 
aged 82 yrs Als his son Thomas who died young. 
Also the above Charles Corrigan who departed this 
life February 4 th 1870 aged 50 years." 

" Beneath this tomb lies the remains of Ann Keppel 
otherwise Brown who departed this life the 8 th of De- 
cember 1825 aged 83 years. Also the remains of 
George Keppel husband of the above Ann Keppel who 
departed this life March the 16 tL 1831 aged 83 years 
Also the remains of Ann Keppel who departed this life 
February 26 th 1841 aged G2 years. Also the remains of 
William Keppel of Ballyvale who dep (1 May G rU 1848 
aged 70 years. Also here lieth the remains of John 
Keppel of Ballyvale son of the above George Keppel 
who dep d this life May the 31 st 1862 aged 79 years." 
* This name is sometimes spelt Kepple.' 

" Here lies the remains of George Keppel late of Killane 
who departed this life Sep r 1 st 1867 aged 36 years He 
was the loved father of Charles . Henry . James . 
Eobert . & Alice Keppel U.S. America. 

Though ocean waves between us roll 
And where our father lies 
Earth has no barrier for the soul 
Weel [sic] meet him in the skies. 

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God 
Matt. v. 8." 

" Erected by Peter Salter Knocknegan in memory of 
his beloved wife Jane Salter alias Lee who dep d this life 
23 rd Oct 1883 aged 58 years Also their son Peter 
Thomas who dep d this life 13 th May 1861 aged 4 years." 


BOdY OF • MARY.... 



(Stone broken.) 



" Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Keppel otherwise 
Hayse who depa d this life Nov ,)r 21 st 1778 aged 66 years 
Here lieth the body of James Keppel Husband to the 
above Elizabeth Keppel who depart this life the 21 th 
of September 1789 aged 77 years Also the remains of 
William Keppel son of the above James and Elizabeth 
Keppel who dep a this life March the 17 th 1837 aged 81 

" Here lieth the body of Robert Kepple of Bally vale late 
of Spa hill who departed this life December 28 th 1844 
aged 59 years." 

" Here 
lieth the body of Anne 
Lummax who departed this 
life the 1 st of May 1758 aged 81 
years Also her husband John 

Lummax who departed this 
life the 15 th of June 1788 aged 
88 years." 

The Lummaxes are said to be descended from a Cromwellian 
soldier of that name. — [Eds.] 

" Here lieth the body of Richard Smyth late of BathdufT 
in this county who departed this life January the 13 th 
1771 aged 58 years Also his wife Sarah Smyth other- 
wise Wilkinson who departed this life January 15 th 1799 
aged 98 years Also their son Joseph Smyth who dep d 
August the . . . 1822 ag d 76 yrs and their son Richard 
Smyth who dep d July 21 th 1838 ag d 102 years." 

" Here Lyeth the Bodys of James Witier(?) and Anne his 


wife He depart'd this life in the 49 year of his age 

th th 

November the 28 Anno Domini 1734 And She the 7 day 

of February 1741 aged 16 years Memento Mori." 

* This name is almost impossible to read, but is probably Witier.' 
— D. R. P.-B. 

14 Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Cooke alias Gregory 
who dep' 1 this life at an advanced age Also Edw d Cooke 
Sradufie died 19 th June 1833 aged 87 years." 



u Erected by Samuel Atkinson of Belbow in memory of 
his beloved father John Atkinson who dep d this life 
Janr y 2 ud 1849 aged 86 years." 

" Erected by James Swain in memory of his son William 
Swain who departed this life the "9 th day of May 1797 
aged 19 years." 

" Here lieth the body of Thomas Corragan late of Rath- 
dufT who dep' 1 this life Sep 1 19 th 1775 aged 09 years 
Also his wife Eleanor Couragon who dep d this life 
Apriel ye 24 th 17S2 aged 85 years Also there daughter 
Ellanor Corragon who departed, this life the 2 nd of 
January 1783 aged 84 years Also their daughter 
Elizabeth Smyth alias Corragan w T ho departed this life 
the 20 th of December 1783 aged 83 years. Also their 
son John Corragan who departed this life July the 1 st 
1803 aged 59 years/'' 

" Erected by Elinor Elward of Bagenalstown in memory 
of his beloved wife Martha Elward alias Robinson who 
departed this life June the 19 UI 1838 aged b2 years 
Also to the memory of* the above named Elinor 
Elward who departed this life March the 28 th 1839 
aged 71 years." 

" Here lieth the body of Mary McGill w T ho departed this 
life Dec b ye 25 1775 aged 20 years." 

t! Here lieth the body of Margaret Salter who departed 
this life June the 29 th 1749 aged 52 years Also her 

daughter Elleno Salter who departed this life Decem- 
ber the 1 st 1758 aged 22 years Also her husband 
Peter Salter who departed this life March the 25 th 


1762 aged 92 year Also their son John Salter who 
departed this life December the 25 th 1788 aged G8 years 
Here lieth the body of Margaret Salter daughter of 
the above John Salter who departd this life August 
the 3 rd 1793 aged years. Underneath this tomb is 
interred the body of their son Thomas Salter who de- 
parted this life Sep the 8 th 1789 aged 57 years." 
* This stone is divided by a line down the centre of the slab into 
two equal parts.' — D. R. P.-B. 



Stnplesfowi* IFarisli. 

[Kindly contributed by Mass A. G. Vize, 1898.] 

1 The following tablets are erected inside Staplestown Church. 
On the south wall are placed these three, viz.': — 

" To the memory of Henry Faulkner Esq r of Castletown 
Co. Carlow, who departed this life 3 rd May 18-15. rctat 
72. In him were blended a kindness of heart, a steadi- 
ness of friendship and a Christian Nobleness of prin- 
ciple which ever influenced the course of his useful life. 
Living and dying in the faith of the Gospel lie has left 
to those who mourn his loss an humble but lively hope 
that while his memory is cherished here on earth his 
spirit dwells with Christ in glory. This tribute of 
affection has been erected by his bereaved wife." 
(Crest and motto underneath.) 

" In fond remembrance of Sarah Newell of Kilmeaney. 
By her sorrowing Husband W. H. Newell Esq. ; C.B., 
J.P. this tablet Is erected. Died 18 th February 1885 
A woman gifted by nature with a quick wit and a warm 
heart, By grace with the calm confidence of Christian 
Faith. Of many and varied accomplishments, consi- 
derate and kind, a loving daughter, an affectionate 
sister and a devoted wife. 

" Cold in the dust the perished heart may lie 
But that which warmed it once can never die." 

" Sacred to the memory of Thomas Gurly, Esq. of the 
County Carlow who departed this life on the 14 th April 
1816 in the 56 th year of his age universally regretted. 
This tablet is erected by his son Tho3ias Gurly Esq. as 
a small tribute of respect to his memory and esteem for 
his worth. Also to Elizabeth McDonough his beloved 
wife, who died on the 31"' December 1821. Aged 01 

(Surmounted with motto and crest) on N. wall ': — 

" In memory of Philip Bagexal of Benekcrry, Co. Carlow. 
Died at Boulogne sur-Mer, France, June 24 th 1856, 
aged 64 years, Job 16. 22. And of his daughter Lucy 
Isabel Died at Benekerry February 3 rd 1815 aged 2h 
years, Mark 10. 14. Also to his sons Walter Philip 



Cap Ul H.M. 16 th Lancers Died at Fort St. George, 
Madras November 25 th 18£8 aged 27 years. Epb 6. 13, 
14. And James Philip Ass 1 Slip* Staff of Indian Tele- 
graph Died at Allahabad June 4 th 1869 aged 21 years. 
Mark I'd. 85." 

1 (Surmounted with figure of officer in high relief)': — 

" In memory of Captain "Walter Philip Bagenal, 16 th 
Queen's Lancers, who died at Madras Nov 1 ' 25 th 1868. 
aged 27. Deeply regretted by his Brother officers by 
whom this Tablet was erected in affectionate remem- 

1 On the W. wall are the three following tablets (surmounted by 
flame, urn on pedestal in high relief) ': — - 

" Sacred to the memory of Walter Bagenal Esq rc of 
Dunleckney in this County who departed this life on 
the 18 th of June 1814 in the 52 nd year of his age. This 
Monument is erected by Elizabeth & Maria Bagenal 
his disconsolate Widow & Daughter to perpetuate the 
Memory of a Husband c% a Parent Beloved, Honoured & 
respected. His mortal remains lie entombed beneath 
the adjacent stone." 

' (Surmounted by canopied urn ': — 

" Sacred to the memory of Major Beauchamp Colclough 
of Mount Sion, County Carlow, who departed this life 
on the 26 th of November 1858 in the 71 st year of his age 
This monument is erected by his Widow to perpetuate 
the memory of a Beloved and Honoured Husband. 

" I am the resurrection and the life He that believeth in 
me though He were dead yet shall he live. John xi. 25." 

(Crest and motto.) 

• Tablet on W. wall (surmounted by crest, coat of arms, and 
motto. Lyre, viola & bow. Statue, head and bust on pedestal in 
high relief) ': — 

" Sacred to the memory of Sir Arthur Brooke Faulkner, 
who died at Evington, Gloucestershire, the 23 rd of May 
1845, youngest son of Hugh Faulkner Esq r of Castle'- 
town, In this Parish, By Florence Cole, daughter of the 
Kev d Henry Cole Brother of the First Earl of Ennis- 
kilien married Ann, Daughter of Donald McLeod Esq' 



of Lewis. Sound Learning, Refined Wife, Classic 
Elegance, Love of Freedom, and Benevolence of Spirit 
characterised His Published Sentiments and Public 
Conduct That gentle Simplicity and amiable modesty, 
which accompanied his virtues and accomplishments 
endeared him to all in private life and adorned those 
fine arts in which he excelled. He loved his Father- 
land with Filial affection, and w r as the eloquent and 
powerful advocate of its rights and liberties. The 
charm of his Frank and polished manners brought Him 
into intimate connexion with the Princes and Eminent 
Men of His time. The purity, piety, and humility of 
the Christian adorned his life and consecrates his 
memory. This monument is erected by her to whom 
his memory is hallowed by boundless and unceasing 
devotion and w T hose union of 35 years appeared as the 
happy vision of a lengthened Bridal day." 

* The following Tablets and Tombstones are in the burial-ground 
attached to Staplestown Church. There is a large vault wherein 
are deposited several coffins containing the remains of members of 
the Faulkner family. Its iron door bears their crest and motto 
(the latter is crumbling off)': — 

" In memory of William Hone, Rathcrogue, Carlow 7 , who 
died November 17 th 1890 aged 42. 
Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden 
and I will give you rest." 

" In loving memory of Jane Anne Henzell Entered Into 
Rest 27 th April 1892 aged 80 years. 
Until the day dawn." 

" In loving memory of Georgie wife of William Hone 
Died 7 March 1890 God is love, Jesus wept." 

« Eliza Hatchell Died 5 th Dec. 1887." 

11 In memory of George Phelan Esq who departed this 
life June 22 nd 1827 aged 30 years." 

" Mary Verena Bagenal B. April 4 th 1871 D. February 
13 th 1889." 

" Jessie Dunne Died 3 rd March 1897, Aged 73 years." 



Sacred to the memory of The Eev d Henry Scott For 
10 years Rector of this Parish' who died 15 th March 
1877 aged 77 years And of his wife Elizabeth who 
died 22 nd Feb y 1881 Aged 74 years. 
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." 

(To be continued.) 

The Parish oi*TuIl€wi*l*eiiiii-— Tullow Churchy aril* 

[From Lord Walter Fit z Gerald.] 
The town of Tullow contains three burial-grounds — 
St. Austin's Abbey, the Mullaun, and the Protestant Church 
burial -ground. 

In the latter there are two ancient limestone slabs, much 
weather-worn, and very similar in size, design, and inscription : 
one is erected to the Byrne family, and the other to a family 
of the name of Mottly. 




TERRA Fai Que/KVj^ KUR$tt$.£u T£Rf?A NiHtL SUM X 





33 J ^L^L^y^QLs^.^ 



1 2 — 

2 ^ H 

* The date of her death was never filled in. 
t The " Edmundus Garoli Byrne," I would read 

Edmund, son of Charles Bvrne." 

The Byrne slab measures 6 ft. 8 inches in length, 3 feet 
inch in breadth, and 6 inches in thickness. 



The measurements of the Mottly slab are 6 ft. 5 inches long, 
3 feet broad, and 6 inches thick. * 

Down the centre of both slabs runs an ornamental five-armed 
cross with an interlaced stem ; the arms end off in the fleur-de- 
lys, and the head consists of three concentric circles. On either 
side of the stem can be traced emblems of our Lord's Passion 
and Crucifixion; but the devices, originally in low relief, are now 
so much worn that it is very difficult to distinguish the emblems. 
In each slab, one end and one side are bevelled underneath ; the 
other end and side rough. The sculptor of these slabs was one 
Murtagh Murray, whose name appears on the Byrne slab. 

The inscriptions have already appeared on page 445, vol. ii, 
of the " Reports on the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland/' copied 
from Ryan's " History of the County Carlow but as they are. 
incorrectly and incompletely deciphered, I now give them in 
full. I am able to do this, as a large portion of the epitaph on 
one is given word for word on the other slab, so that what is 
undecipherable on one slab can be made good from the other. 
The lettering is in low relief, and on the Byrne slab varies in 

< LVETER ECVBO 1626 < 

u < 

*j A five-anned cross runs down the centre oj the slab, and (J) Q 

^ on either side of the stem are the emblems of our Lord's Z 


> ' > 



? < 

voaqvo vaaai wasiihin vaaai was sao) 

(Bevelled edge.) 

The literal translation of the epitaph (for which my thanks 



are due to the Rev. J. L. Jesson) occurs on both the slabs, and 

is as follows : — 

Terra fui quondam, == I once was earth, 

Eursus sum terra, — I am earth again, 

Nihil sum, — I am nothing else. 

Terra caduca vale, = Farewell, frail earth ! 

Vermes salvete, recubo. = Hail, Worms ! I lay me 


According to a County Carlow Chancery Inquisition (No. 60 of 
Charles I.), Gerrald mac Murtagh Kavanagh and Edmund mac 
Gerrald Kavanagh mortgaged Castletown, als Bally knockane, for 
the sum of £203 15s. to Teige O'Gormagan of Newtown, in 
the County Carlow, and to Walter Mottley of Tullow, merchant. 
These premises were redeemed by Moriarty oge Kavanagh (son 
and heir of the aforesaid Edmund), of Garryhill, in the year 1686. 

We find a Thady O'Gormagan named in the Kegal Visita- 
tion Book, 1615, under Aghade and Ardristan. 
. In one of the volumes of Funeral Entries in Ulster's Office, 
I have come across the following extract : — 

" Walter Motly of Tullaphelim in the County of Catherlagh 
gent., deceased, 3 rd sonn of Thomas Motly of A thy. 

.The said first mentioned Walter tooke to wife Johan daught r of 
Thomas Wise of Catherlagh gent., by whome he hath issue 4 sonnes 
'and 6 daughters vidz. : — 

James eldest sonne, who tooke to wife Uny daughter of Teige 

Gormogan, of Newtowne in the said county, Esq r . 
Thomas the 2 V sonne ; William the 3 v sonne ; Patrick the 4 V 

sonne ; all as yett unmarried. 
Ellyn, eldest daughter, married to Richard Knowles of 

Catherlagh, gent. 
Catiierlxe, 2 v daughter, married to John Smith of A thy, 


Anne, 8 v daughter, married to Matthew Kelly of Wells in the 
said county of Catheragh, gent. 

Ellan, 4 v daughter ; Ellinor 5 v daughter ; and Mary 6 v 
daughter ; all as yett unmarried. 

The said first mentioned Walter departed this mortall life 
at Tullaphelim aforesaid the 11'-' day of January 1638, 
and was interred in the. cbaunceli of the Parish Church of 
Tullaphelim aforesaid the 14 v of ihe same monneth." 



Killcrig' Clmrclt— Urglin Parish. 

[Kindly contributed by A. Vize, 1899.] 

The remains of this ancient edifice consist now of the 
eastern wall and window and part of south wall. It dates about 
a.d. 700. The burial-ground contains a very few monuments ; 
others have disappeared, such as those to the Bunbury family. 
At the north side is a walled-in enclosure, capped with cut stone, 
about G feet high ; the ground measures 12 or 15 X 12 
or 15 feet, and at the west side of which, in the wall, are the 
evidences of some monumental structure that had been at one 
time inserted, for the cut stone, top, and base are built into the 
wall. At its foot lies a large broken, inscribed stone, with 
the following inscription thereon (the entrance to this en- 
closure is through a gate-way; the gate has loug since been 
wrenched off! The gate to the outer burial-place around the 
churchyard has also been taken away) : — 

" This Burial place was enclosed by John Humfrey of 
Dublin Esq re for the use of his Family in the year of 
our Lord 1806 (?) The Remains of an amiable and 
Beloved wife and five of their children are here intered 
to whom he hopes to be united in happiness (... ) " 

"Killer ) ( min Bunbu .'...) 

( ) ( )*• 

I found the above on a piece of smashed stone, and surmise 
it is to the memory of one of the Bunbury family, very possibly 
the Rector of Rutland, whose name appears on the Latin Tablet 
of that church over west door (which see). 

" Here interred the Body of S v (or S*) John Brewster 
January 1 1709 (?) ac^ed 80 years & Mary His Daughter 
Octob r 21, 1770 Aged ( ..) 80 years." 

*' Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Erected by William Nowlan in 
Memory of his father Jam" Nowlan who dep J this life 
Jan r * y e 21 th 1782 aged 50 y" Also live of his children. 
Requiescant in pace Amen." 




I.H.S. This stone is Greeted by Leauglin Doyle here 
lieth 2 of his children Also himself who Departed this 
life July the 11th 1772 aged 

(Remainder under ground.) 



" Erected by Winefrtd Doyle in memory of her Husband 
Denis Doyle who departed this life ll l!l June 1822 aged 
62 years also of his children who died young. May they 
rest in peace. Amen." 

Here lieth the Body of James Rafter who Departed this 
life May the 29 1770 aged GO years also of his brothers." 

" Here lieth the Body of Thomas Mahon who Departed 
this life April the 28 th 1782 aged 80 years Also his 
wife Bridget Byrn who Departed this life January the 
2G th 177G aged G2 years. May the Lord have mercy on 
their souls." 

" This stone is erected by Bart" Hughes for himself and 
his Family Here lieth the Body of his mother 
Margrett Hughes alias Connor who dep tJ this life 
April the 10 th 1784 aged GO years Also his Father 
John Hughes who dep 1 this life June 8th 1785 aged 70 
years. The Lord have mercy on their souls." 

Here Lyeth y e Body of Timothy Donovan aged G3 Also 
his wife Catheein Bryan who Departed this life ( 


" Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Erected by James Dowling of 
Ballyhaclvett in memory of his Father Patrick Dowling 
who dep d this life February the 6 th 1829 aged 65 years." 

1 The walls surrounding this burial-ground are in a bad state 
of preservation, in some places falling out ; there is no gate, the 
gateway being merely tilled in with loose boulders.'' 




■ BAPTISMS ... From 13 June 1802 to 24 Dec r 187G 

« MAKRIAGES ... „ G 'Nov 1 1803 to 28 March 1861 
« BURIALS ... „ 29 Dec r 1802 to 19 Sept 1 1876 " 

' Note on the 1st page by the late James Lyster [Dean of 
Leighlin] : — 

"Present church built in 1807 and changed from 'Wells' to 

Ballyknockan by Act of Council." 
1 A list of the succession of Deans follows. Another entry is : — 
'Richard Boyle Bernard D.D. appointed to the Rectory of 

Wells, Corps of the. Deanery of S l Lazarian, Leighlin, Sept r 27 th 


' James Lyster, Rector & Vicar of Tashinny Dio of Ardagh, 
instituted to the Rectory and Vicarage of Wells (the Corps of the 
Deanery) Dec r 1 st 1854. 

< Installed Dec r 3 rd 1854 by Precenter J. Bredin. 

1 William Bernard Lauder LL.D. Dean of Ontario Canada, 
instituted to the Rectory of Weils (the Corps of the Deanery) Sept 1 ' 
14 th 1864 installed 17 Sept r 1864 by Rev d Rob* M c Gee, Rector of 

' Francis Metcalf Watson, M.A. Rector and Vicar of Donadea, 
Diocese of Kilclare and Prebendary of Kildare instituted to the 
Deanery of Leighlin and Rectory of Wells May 2 nd 1868 and in- 
ducted and installed the same day by the Eev d James Richards 

* Note in the beginning of the book. 

' This book was substituted for ihe former Parish register [on 
paper] by order of the Bishop [ ] and granted by the 

Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland in July 1835. 

' All Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths connected with the Parish 
of Wells previously (sic) to June 1602 were entered in the Registry 
Book of Old Leighlin. 

4 Leighlin Bridge September 4 tb 1835. 

' Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Wells in the County of 
Carlow, Diocese of Leighlin, in the year 1802 : — 

* 1802, June 13. — Jane, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Booth, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 
[The " quality " and " by whom performed " columns are blank.] 

1 March 3. — Maria, dau. of William and Anne Treacy, of Leighlin 

' May 30. — John, son of William and Maegt. Rainsford, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' June 29. — Patrick, son of Patrick and Francis (sic) Breen, of 

CARLOW. 192 

' Sep tr 19. — George, son of Hugh and Martha Gregg, of Do. 

* Nov 1 '- 30. — Mary, daughter of Edward and Alicia Wynhs, of Do. 

* 1805, Jany. 18. — William, son of William and Margaret 
Wynne, of Leighlin Bridge. 

'Feb. 18 th . — Mark, son of Mark and Jane Wilson, of Leiglilin 

' July 28. — Anne, dau. of Jacob and Anne James, of Leighlin 

* Sep tr - 29 th . — Abraham, son of Abraham and Anne Wynne, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' Dec r - 22 nfl . — Anne, dau. of William and Anne Treacy, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' 1806, Jany. 5 tb . — Catherine, dau. of Thomas and Margaret 
Booth, of Leighlin Bridge. 

'May 24. — Samuel, son of Mark and Jane Wilson, of Leighlin 

1 August 1 st . — Mary, dau. of Abraham and Jane Wynne, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

'Oct r - 10 th . — Anne, dau. of Edward and Alicia Wynne, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

* 1807, Jany. 31 st . — Honoria, dau. of Patrick and francis (sic) 
Breen, of Leighlin Bridge. 

' 1807, March 20. — John, son of Thomas and Mary Shirley. 
'•1807, 22. — John, son of Abraham and Martha Wynne, 

' 1807, June 5. — Jane Theresa, dau. of Edward and Mary 

' 1807, June 7. — Elizabeth, dau. of Peter and Eliza White. 

' 1S08, Jany. 12. — James, son of Thomas and Margaret Booth, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

* ' 1808, August 18. — Catherine, dau, of Wm. and Anne Treacy, 
of Leighlin Bridge, merchant. 

' 1809, Jany. 13. — Anne, dau. of Will" and Margaret Wynne, 
of Wells. 

' 1809, June IS. — Joseph, son of John and Anne Maguinnes, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' Sep tr - 3. — Francis, son of Patrick and Frances Breen, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

'Aug^G. — Edward, son of John and Ally Styles, of Leighlin 

' Oct. 4. — Catherine, dau. of James and Ruth Dwyer, of Parish 
of Dunleckney. 

' Oct. 8. — Margaret, dau. of Edward and Mary Journeaux, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' October 29. — William, son of John and Mary Wood, of Leighlin 

' Dec r - o. — John, son cf William and Ellen Shirley, of Leighlin 

193 CARL0W. 

4 1810, July 15. — Mathew, son of John and Mary English, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

'Aug. 15. — Thomas, son of JonN and Mary Agar, of Leighlin 
Bridge. *; 

1 Sep 1 - 9. — Eliza, dau. of Abraham and Martha Wynne, of Wells. 

* Sep tr - 23. — William, son of John and Margaret McKesy (sic) 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

' Nov r - 11. — Mary Eliza, dau. of Edward and Mary Journeatjx, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

'1811, July 27. — Matilda, dau. of Edward and Ellenor Payne, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

' Oct. 27. — John, son of William and Anne Treacy, of Leighlin 
Bridge, merchant. 

' ' Nov r - 3. — Henry, son of Henry and Ellen Watts, of Leighlin 

' Dec r - S. — William Theop""" son of Ambrose and Sophia Baker, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

' 1812, Jany. 18. — Will*" son of John and Ally Styles, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

4 May 24. — Jonathan, son of John and Mary Murray, of Leighlin 

/April 15. — Thomas, son of John and Mary Woods, of Leighlin 

' June 9. — Martha, dau. of Abraham and Martha Wynne, of 

' June 11. — Anne, dau. of Thos. and Mary Booth, Ln. Bridge, 

4 1813, Sep. 5. — Margaret, dau. of Wm. and Anne Treacy, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

4 Sep. 7. — Benj m » son of Thomas and Susanna James, lock-keeper, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

4 1814, Feb. 9. — Anne, dau. of John and Anne Swayne, of 
Leighlin Bridge, clerke. 

4 March 13. — Thomas, son of Joshua and Catherine Wright, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

4 May 29. — William, son of Peter and Elizabeth White, Ln. 

4 June 19.— Mary, dan. of John and Ally Styles, of Leighlin 

4 August 20. — Henry, son of William and Sarah Clear, of Dun- 
leckney, painter. 

4 1815, March 22. — Margaret, dau. of William and Margaret 
Eainsford, of Ln. Bridge. 

4 April 5. — Jane, dau. of Humfrey and Eliza O'Neil, of Ln. 

4 May 14. — William Bennet, son of Thomas and Anne Clear, of 
Ln. Bridge, 


CAftLOW. 194 

' June 20. — Nathaniel, son of Will 1 *'- and Mary Bueges, of Ln. 

* July 23. — Robert, son of Thomas and Mary Booth, of Ijeighlin 

' 1815, Oct. 31. — George Maunsell, son of Robert and Jane 
Beatty, schoolmaster and clerk, of Leigblin Bridge. 

4 July 26 (sic). — Andrew, son of William and Anne Treac*, of 
Ln. Bridge. 

1 Oct r - 12. — Joseph, son of William and Mary Downes, of 
Leigblin Bridge, soldier 16 ta Reg 1 - 

' Oct. 2G. — Joseph, son of Thomas and Mary Kidd, of Ln. Bridge. 

1 Dec 1 '- 30 th . — William, son of John and Mary Murray, of Ln. 

4 181G, Jany. 19. — Henry, son of John and May Agar, of Ln. 

4 Feb. 1. — Elizabeth, dau. of William and Anne Condle, of 

4 Feb 25. — William, son of Patrick and Frances Breen, of 
Leigblin Bridge. 

4 Mar. 20. — Elizabeth, dau. of John and Mary McEyoy, of Cool- 
nakish (a). 

* April 15, — Eliza, dau. of George and Jane Agar, of Coolna- 
kish (a). 

April 20. — Bridget, dau. of Joseph and Mary Murray, of 
Leigblin Bridge [soldier 15th Dragoons]. 

4 July 28. — Robert, son of Robert and Jane Beatty, of Leigblin 

4 1817. 

'Jany. 7 th .— James, son of Samuel and Mary Jones, of Killenane. 

4 Feb. 4 th . — James William, son of Tho s - and Margaret Rooke(V), 
of Leigblin Bridge. 

4 Feb. 28. — James, son of Charles and Mary Hendrington, of 
Leigblin Bridge. 

4 Feb. 28. — William, son of Tho 3 - and Jane Worthtngton, of 
Leigblin Bridge. 

4 March 23. — Richard, son of William and Margaret W 7 atchorn, 
of Leigblin Bridge. 

1 April 8 th . — Henry, son of Henry and Anne Mathewson, of 
Leigblin Bridge. 

4 April 10. — Jane, dau. of John and Mary Payne, of Leigblin 

4 April. 13. — Jane, dau. of William and Ann Treacy, of Leigblin 

* Bep tr - 16. — David, son of Maurice and Sarah Loyd, of Leigblin 

4 Sep 11- ' 16. — John, son of Edward and Ellen Payne, of Leigblin 

195 cavan. 

* Sep tr * 20. — Jane Beauchamp, dau. of James and Elizabeth 
Butler, Esq., of Burgage. 

'Oct. 24. —James, son of John and Alicia Styles, of Leighlin 


* Feb. 22. — Thomas, son of James and Anne Hill, of Augharoo. 

' Mar. 8. —Jane, dau. of the Rev*- William and Henrietta Hickey, 
of Stewart's Lodge. 

' Sep 1 - 9. — Anne, dau. of James and Mary Shields, of Leiglilin 

« Dec r * 27. — Sarah, dau. of James and Eliza Butler, Esq 1 -, Bur- 

[Burgage was let to Mr. Butler at this period.] 

'Feb. 14. — Fr\ncis, James, John, sons of Robert and Jane 
Beatty, schoolmaster and clerk, of Leighlin Bridge. 

' Feb. 23. — William, son of Joshua and Catherine Wright, of 
Leiglilin Bridge, clerk. 

' April 7, — Catherine, dau. of William and Anne Teeacy, of 
Leighlin Bridge, merchant. 

'.May 9. — Richard, son of Peter and Elizabeth White, of 
Leiglilin Bridge. 

' May 15. — Thomas, son of John and Mary Payne, of Leiglilin 
Bridge, farmer. 

' 1820. 

♦ ' Jany. 16. — Robert, son of William and Mary Watchorn, of 
Leighlin Bridge, farmer. 

'Feb. 20. — Samuel, son of John and Sarah Watson, of Coolna- 

(To be continued.) 


Ifrruiiilaiie JPariVSs. 

[Kindly contributed by the Rector, the Rev. Robert Leech, 1898.) 

The Abbey Church lay about a furlong, "a point east of 
north," from the old Abbey, and a subterranean passage, beauti- 
fully nagged on bottom and sides, and finely ceiled, led from 



the Abbey to the church, which was built on the Druim — i.e., 
the height of the ridge. — I passed through the greater part of 
this passage in 1874-5; but it has since been closed permanently, 
to prevent cattle going in, as the land about the old church is 
all a pastoral farm. 

Since the English Conquest, 1603, and especially since the 
Restoration, there are very few traces of good families, as 
evidenced -by their sepulchres, in this large and beautiful parish 
of Drumlane. There are no stones of a lasting quality to be 
found in the neighbourhood. Hence the tombs in the grave- 
yard of Drumlane last for a short time, crumbling and "skelfing" 
into pieces. 

The following inscription is on one of the most interest- 
ing :— 

"Here lyeth the bodies of Dakias Nestor and Mary 
Nestor, alias Abercromey, his wife, who departed this 
life on the 1 1 tlx and 14th days of January 1811. Aged 
73 years. This monument was erected to their memory 
by their children, Eugene, John, and James Nestor, 
Esq" 3 -" 

In the early part of the eighteenth century a fine youth 
named Abercromey, a native of this place, enlisted. Some time 
after, his name on the roll-call drew the attention of Colonel, 
afterwards, Sir Ralph, Abercromey, who befriended Mm. He 
subsequently became an officer, and made the four sons of his 
sister — three of them mentioned above — officers. They never 
married ; and, except some female descendants, have all passed 
away. This tomb, a flat, blue stone, lies on the left of the gate 
as you enter, near the Round Tower. 

Another tomb has the following inscription : — 

" This Stone was erected by Conor Rudden in memory 
of his father Patrick Rudden who departed this life 
1732 aged 50 years." 

The Ruddens (Rodens) have long been connected with 
Western Cavan and Connaught, and generally engaged in 
education. One of them was Archbishop of Tuam. 



" Here lveth the body of John Plunket who departed this 
life Dec. 23, 1779. Aged £0 years/' 

One of the family of Plunket,. originally Danish, settled in 
Heath and Eastern Cavan about the time of Brian Boru, and 
became Christian. Of this same stock are the four peerages of 
Plunket — Dunsany, Fingal, Louth, and Baron Plunket; the 
latter, descended from a Presbyterian clergyman of Enniskillen, 
was father of the great Lord Plunket, who was born near 

Another inscription is : — 


I. H. S. 

" This stone was erected by Hugh Magagharan of Derry- 
geeraghan to the glorious memory of his wife Anne 
Magagharan who departed this life June ye 22nd 1798. 
Aged 50 years." 

Close to this is another allied tomb : — 

" Pray for the soul of John Magagharan who departed 
this life Oct. 31st, 1781, aged 38. Also his father 
Edward Magagharan who departed this life May Cth 
1790 aged 82 years. Also his only daughter Marg t - 
wife of Hugh O'Reilly of Armagh, Esq., withdrawn at 
34 years of age to the irreparable calamity of her 

The Magagharans or Magaurans — for I believe they are the 
same — were people of considerable means, even after 1690. 
Hugh O'Pteilly of Annagh, near this, was considered as a prince 
by the Irish. He was a gentleman of great literary culture and 
consideration : had a very large collection of paintings, books, 
and articles of taste. Most of all these have been dispersed 
within the last twenty years. 300 of his oil paintings were sold 
in Belfast for £'100 ! The remainder — a considerable number 
— appear to me French paintings of little value. 

The O'Reillys and Fitzpatrieks are more in evidence as to 
the number of their graves than others, being always much 



more numerous; but there is nothing remarkable about them. 
Several have Masonic and oflier signs on their tombs, some of 
them having the full number, some a few. 

' " Here lies the body of John Morton who died Feb. 1G 
1731. Aged 46 years. Also his wife Matilda Morton 
of Esnult, June 13, 173S aged 33 years." 

This stone lies in the inside of the old church at the left- 
hand corner from the entrance- door. It is called the Freemason's 
tomb — having all the signs ; and the stone was finely carved, 
and good freestone. The descendants of this man now live in 
another parish, and had only a dim tradition till I told them of it. 

The following is interesting : — 

" Erected to the memory of Owen Eourke who departed 
this life Dec. 29, 1788. Aged 43 years. This monu- 
ment w r as erected by Humphrey Nixon, Esq., his late 
master, in gratitude for his most unexampled fidelity." 

One thinks of that most interesting monument Dean Swift- 
erected in St. Patrick's Cathedral to his own servant. 

In 1G66 the rectorial tithes of Drumlane (two-thirds of the 
income) were given to the Vicars Choral of St. Patrick's and 
Christ Church Cathedrals, Dublin. Henceforth, the parish was 
a poor one for a vicar, that being its title, from 1666 to 1874. 
Mr. Nixon, of a Fermanagh family, farmed the rectorial tithes 
for the Vicars Choral, and allowed fully one-half of the roof to 
fall out of repair long before the building of the new church. 
About 1818 one-half of the old church was shut off. Finally, 
the Nixon family went to decay, and sold Ardtonagh Lodge to 
Mr. Griffith, who had made money in the West Indies, and 
whose son lives in the place now. 

The Griffith family have a tomb here, surmounted by a coat 
of arms, crest, and motto, none of which I have been able to 

"This tomb was erected by Elizabeth Griffith, al 8 
Coulison ? in memory of her husband William 



Griffith, who died Juno 24, 1782. Also their son 
William who died Feb. 2-1,^783, aged 22 years." 

There is another, with same coat of arms, to a son, I think, 
who died 1823, aged 62. 

Another reads : — 

" Susannah Beooke entombed here, 
■Who died of age ye 13 year 
Xber the years 30 and three 
17 hundred added must be 
When ye virgin departed lamented by all 
And heavenly promotion was her earthly fall," 

The Bound Tower of Drumlane is one of the best in Ireland — 
although inferior to that in Devenish : it wants the " cap," and 
has been put in order a few years ago by the Board of Works. 
The lower half is formed of massive stones, freestone of splendid 
quality, chiselled to form the circle. These stones were laid in 
cement. I found this cement as thin as a sheet of silk or tissue 
paper : from the wear of time and weather almost all traces 
of it are gone ; but enough might be found to reward a skilful 
person with keen sight. 

' In the Parish of Drnmlane, townland of Ballyhugh, there is 
an old graveyard near a small but very deep lake called Dun- 
gimmon. Slabs were laid as floors and slabs for the sides of 
the graves, and they were covered with slabs. No inscriptions 
have been observed here, the stones being of that kind that soon 

There is a lake in Druiniane — we have above thirty — called 
" The Holy Lake." Bones have been found along its sides, and 
one can trace where the dwellings were ; but all is levelled now; 
only the name remains. Another lake is called Kilnacranogue, 
or " the church on or at the Cranogue." The remains of the 
Cranogue, the tops of oaken piles, are still visible. 

Up the Erne, some miles off, is Slanore, a monastery 
founded by the father of Columbkille's charioteer. (See Joyce, 
i, p. 12.) 




In Lough Oughter, founded by Clams Mac Maillin, Archdeacon 
of E]pbin, and Abbot of Trinity Abbey, in Lough Kay, County 
Roscommon, still exists, though its glory has departed. There 
are traces of two bells in the low gable tower of Trinity Abbey. 
The walls of the church remain ; the door and windows were 
beautifully carved. When the present handsome cathedral was 
being built in Kilmore, near Trinity Island, Bishop Beresford, 
late Primate, took the ornamental stones of the door from 
Trinity Abbey, and fashioned from them the exquisite vestry 
door, outer, of the new cathedral, 

Many of the great Sheridan family are buried in Trinity 
Abbey graveyard, which lies in the midst of their old posses- 

• Annagh Graveyard. — At the back of the old church wall, is 
the following inscription by the late Hugh O'Reilly, Esq., 
already mentioned : — 

" Beneath this stone old Michael lies - 
To Sheridan he brought no stain 
Faithful as he who in disguise 

With Charles left Cullodeifs plain. 

" Though poor was he, his mind was cast 
As his who made old Drury ring, 
In humble toils his lot was cast 

His grandsire fought for Stuart's King." 

The literary reader will at once see all that is implied in 
these friendly verses of Mr. O'Reilly, of Annagh House. 


This old cathedral, the same in which Bishop Bedell wor- 
shipped, has been preserved, and is used for Sunday School 
and religious meetings, and part of it, adjoining Bedell's ancient 
Episcopal palace — is remarkable for Bedell's tomb, and that of 
his wife ; overhanging which is the tree planted by the great 
bishop on the other side of the wall. 




should be Killeighter, or the tower, situated on a hill some dis- 
tance from Red Hills. It is well known for some good tombs of 
the O'Reillys, which are fairly well kept. 

These are only a small part of the interesting tombs and 
graveyards in Western Cavan. 

I£i llosli iimlia Pari *Ii . 

[From the Rev. H. F. Martin, Rector of Killeshandra, in 1898.] 

Monument to the memory of the late Dr. Hales, who was 
the immediate predecessor of my late father, Yen. J. C. Martin, 
in the incumbency of Killeshandra Parish : — 

N.B. — The whole of this inscription is in capital letters, 
except the quotation from Scripture, which is in Italics. 

"In memory of | William Hales, d.d. | Formerly | 
Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, | And Rector of 
Killeshandra | During a period of 43 years, j He died 
on the 29th of January 1831 | Aged 83 years | — l I know 
that my Redeemer liveth.' 

11 In the year 1769 he obtained a Fellowship as a 
Junior Bachelor | , and was distinguished not merely 
for sedulity in the instruction of Youth | but by his 
active and successful labours in the highest branches 
of abstract science. | As a Parish Minister | , his life 
was marked by a simplicity of fervour, | which shed 
a peculiar and Apostolic grace over his words and 
actions ; | while his inquiring and indefatigable mind, 
looking beyond the | precincts of his parish, and the 
limits of his age, | found ample range in the composition 
of a work | in which solid learning and profound chrono- 
logical research appear as the | handmaids of true 
Religion, and which, until time shall be no more | will 
constitute his undying memorial." 

The following is from a handsome monument which once 
stood in the old church, but was brought up to the new church 
soon after its consecration in 1812. In 1882 the lettering was 

CAf AN. 


done over so as to render it legible. Under a coat- of- arms 
with crest, like that of the Abercorns, is this inscription : — 

" Viri undique egregii Franeisci Hamilton!, de Castro 
Hamilton in Com. Cava|nensi, Baronetti, prisca et 
foecunda Nobilitatis prosapia, nempe Hamiltonorum 
Innervici j domorum apud Scotos oriundi, sanguine 
et amnitate comitibns Angusia), Marriae, | et Douglassii 
proxime devincta ; 

"Quorum Claudius, inquilinus, primum, in, Hibernia, 
sedem posuit ; cujus filius j Franciscus, ejus nominis 
prior, hreredem primogenitum reliquit Carolum qui | 
in matrimonium duxit Francesinarn, filiam unicam, et 
ex esse haredem Guliel j mi Semplei de Litterkennia 
in Com. Donegalensi Equitis aurati; hisce paren | tibus 
natas est Franciscus secundus, et proh dolor ! stirpis 
tantaa Mas ultimas. | Yixit, et Patriae, et Ecclesia3 dulce 
decus et tutamen ; Decessit utriusque triste desi | 
derium : probitatis exemplar in improba temporum 
scena lucide refulgens : \ prisiinre fidei vir : Apostolica; 
doctrinal et politeia?, in Ecelesife Hibernicai j stability, 
contra haoreticos et schismaticos assertor strenuus, 
et cordatus, | Ecclesiao et Cleri patronus benignus et 
munificus. | 

"Avitas inter [t]erras, et patrimjonia amplissima divitias 
fastidio habuit. Elemo | synaruni assiduus, et sine 
teste largitor ; qui thesaurum indigis prolixa | et eoecu 

• maim erogavit. 

"Cui cor sine felle, vel fraude sincerum ; conscia recti 
simplicitas ; insons | lingua niinime maligna mentis 
integral index ; qui fidem datam, veluti juramentum 
nusquam non pra?stitit. 

" In Deum pietas nec ficta, nec superba. In Mon- 
archiam Regiam Sobolem et Coronas dignitatem, pro- 
genitorum more, fidelitas intaminata. j In proxirnos 
benignitas munifica, interminata. In omnes consuetu- 
dinis | suavitas humana ; ne vel imos injuria, sed et 
summos beneficiis affecit : om | nibus perquam charus , 
maxime de omnibus meruit : de se autem minime | 
sensit, excelsus simul, et immillimus : consulto et 
semper rectus et bonus ] Nec minus digne publicis 
muneribus perfunctus est : Turnue equestris, j Dux 
laudatus ; comitatus Irenarches, Comitatus, miles sine 
femulo, ac | Prases perpetuus et exoptatissimus. Du- 
plices contraxit nuptias : Pnmum duxit Uxorem 
per illustrem Dominam | Catherinam Montgomeriam, 
honoratissimi Montis alexandrini Comitis | filiam : 



qua?, unicarn enixa puellam. Catherinam hie sepultam 
fatis cessit j Jan : 6 : 1692 ; setat : 29. Secundam 
ascivit thalami sociam, Mar. 26 1695, Honorabilem 
Domi | nam, Annam Harniltonam, patruelem snam, 
pientissimam, amatissimam j simul et amantissimain 
Conjugem : e cujus grernio, et amplexibus, valetudi- 
narius et diutiuo morbo, non tain suo quam publico 
[desiderio ?] suecutnbens, inter duros | omnium luetus, 
mortalitate exuta, ad ccelos convolavit, 4 t(J die Feb : 
1713 : fetat 58. | 

" Memorise cujus 
Merito dilectre desideratissimi Mariti 
Superstes conjux moestissima 
hoc doloris et honoris ergo 


The following translation has been supplied by Mr. Garstkt, 
.a. : — 

M The monument of a man distinguished in every respect, 
[Sir] Francis Hamilton, Baronet, of Castle Hamilton, 
Co. Cavan, descended from an ancient and fruitful 
family of the nobility, namely the Hamiltons of the 
lords of Innerwick in Scotland, nearly related by blood 
and affinity to the Earls of Angus, Mar and Douglas. 

" Their [relative ?J Claud first settled in Ireland, whose 
son, Francis, the first of that name, left an eldest son 
and heir, Charles, who married Francescina only 
daughter and eventual heiress of [Sir] William Semple 
of Litterkenny, Co. Donegal, Knight. To them was born 
a second Francis, but, alas, the last male of so great a 

" He lived a delightful ornament, to and protector of his 
Country and his Church. He died a sad loss to both. A 
brightly shining example of probity in a reprobate age ; 
a man of the primitive faith ; a strenuous and hearty 
maintainer of the Apostolical doctrine and polity in 
the Established Church of Ireland against heretics and 
schismatics ; a beneficent and munificent patron of the 
Church and clergy. 

" Amidst his ancestral lands and with an ample fortune 
he set little value on his riches, but was a lavish and 
ungrudging bestower of charity, who dispensed relief 
to the poor with no niggard or close hand. 



" He had a heart sincere and free from bitterness or 
dishonesty, candour springing from conscious recti- 
tude, and a harmless tongue never unkind : Evidence 
of an upright mind. He adhered to his word once 
given as if it were an oath. 

" His devotion to God was neither feigned nor vain- 
glorious. His loyalty to the Monarchy, the royal 
family and the dignity of the Crown was untarnished. 
To his neighbours his kindness was munificent and 

" Towards all there was kindly sweetness of disposition. 
He did not treat his inferiors with unkindness but the 
highest with kindness. Beloved as he was by all, he 
deserved it. Of himself he thought but little. Though 
exalted he was humble. Ho was scrupulously and 
always upright and good. 

" Nor did he less worthily perform his public duties. He 
was a highly approved officer of the yeomanry corps [?] 
A Justice of the Peace [?] , Knight of the Shire [?], 
unopposed, and perpetual and popular President [?] . 

" He was twice married. His first wife was the very 
illustrious Lady Catherine Montgomery, daughter of 
the Plight Honourable the Earl of Mount- Alexander, 
who bore him an only daughter, Catherine, here buried. 
She died Jan. 6th 1692, aged 29. He married secondly, 
March 26th, 1695, his paternal cousin the honour- 
able Lady Anne Hamilton a most devoted, loving as 
well as beloved wife, from whose bosom and caresses, 
an invalid and succumbing to a lengthened illness, not 
so much to his own as to the public loss, amidst the 
lamentations of all, having put oil mortality, he lied to 
heaven on the 4th of February 1718, aged 08. 

" To the memory of which deservedly beloved and 
regretted husband his sorrowing widow erected this 
Monument in testimony of her grief and respect." 

Mr. Garstin remarks : 

* Some of the words are of doubtful meaning. " Turnim 
Equestris JJiw, 7 ' might be the equivalent for High Sheriff; but no 
Hamilton appears to have held that office before 1847, when James 
H. of Castle H. served. ' Comitatus Irenarches might indicate 
a higher office than J. P., but D.L.s did not then exist. " Comitate* 
miles sine amuln " may refer to the militia. What Praxes means 1 
know not. A word seems wanting after " publico " — probably 
" desiderio." 

1 The Hamiltons of Innerwick sprung from the same stem as 
the noble house of Abexcora 




' There are several allusions to Castle Hamilton in the letters of 
Dean Swift to his friend Dr. Sheridan, who was Master of the 
'Royal School, Cavan, and who ofte» -stayed at Castle Hamilton. 

1 From the Sir Francis H. of the monument, the property 
passed to his son or nephew, Mr. Arthur Hamilton, whose daughter 
and co-heiress Margaret married, in 1741, the 1st Viscount South- 
well. The property was inherited by their grandson, Robert Henry 
Southwell, b. 1789. He married twice, but d.s.p. 

1 Another daughter and co-heiress of the Hamilton of C. H. 
married Richard Jackson Esq., of Forkill, Co. Armagh, and part 
of the endowment of the Jackson-Forkill Charity came from that 

' The present Hamiltons of C. H. acquired the estate in 1844.' 



No inscriptions sent in from Clare. 


Ifurtovant JParisIi (Calilrcf Mjrjraii). 

[From Major Grove White, 57th Regiment, Kilbyrne.] 


The churchyard is on the south side of Cloheen demesne, 
which is about three miles east of Buttevant. There are the 
ruins of the old church in the churchyard, the whole surrounded 
by a stone wall in good condition. 

Also the following monumental inscriptions : — 

"Erected by John Sweeney to his father d. 17. Feb. 81. 
(1781) aged G9. And to his mother Meary. d. 9 Nov. 
1787. aged 60." 

" Erected by Denis Murphy to his uncle Daniel Collins 
d. 6. Sept. 1705. etc." 



" Mary O'Connor to her husband Jeremiah O'Connor of 
Buttevant. d. 28. Mar. 1868. aged 45." 

" Burial Place of Maurice Shanacy and Family 1796." 

4 'Anthony Kearney to his brother John Kearney, aged 39. 
(wooden cross)." 

" Mrs. Mary Nugent, Doneraiie to her husband Daniel 
Nugent, d. 10 Nov. 1852." 

" Mich l - Sheehan of Imogane to his daughter Honora 
Sheehan. d. 28. Oct. 1805. aged 20." 

" Denis Piggott to his father Bartholomew Piggott d. 
24. Sep*- 1818. aged 70. and to his brother Daniel, d. 
20 Dec. 1800. aged 19. and to his sister Mary. d. 22. 
Dec. 1827. aged 20." 

" Mary Coghlan to her mother and father. James and 
Mary Curtin. d. 7. May. 1776. and the rest of her 

" John Flemming d. 15 Mar. 1792. aged 4." 

A monument is attached to the outside wall of the old church 
with the following inscription : — 

"Here lieth the Remains of John Hennessey of Fort 
William * Esq r - who departed this Life July the 12 th - 

1817 aged 5P ta - Also his wife Mary died March 11 th - 
1807 aged 40*™- his Daughter Barbara died March 24 th - 

1818 aged 23 yra - the same year his son John. Apr 1 25 th - 
aged 20 yrs - and his son Nich" the 4 th - May aged 19 yra - 

" Thomas M c Daniel to his father Thomas (oldj." 

* One and a-half mile west of Doneraiie on main road to Mallow , on town- 
land of Kilmacoon. 

207 . CORK. 

" Jeremiah Doolan to his father William Doolan, aged 
56. (wooden cross)." 

" Johanna Brady, d. 1791. etc." 

" Margaret Nagle to her daughter Mary Nagle d. 1819." 

" W M - Keleher to his father and "brother Daniel and 
James Keleher, etc. (old)." 

" Owen Brady, d. 1783." 

" Michael Roche of Ballykoscrea to his mother, d. 1839." 

" Daniel O'Keefe to his son Michael, d. 1829. etc." 

" Peter M c Donnell to his father William d. 1787." 

" Mary Neenan to her son Thomas Neenan. d. 1870." 

" Timothy M c Donnell of Inchki veQ to his son Timothy. 
d. 1799." 

" Mary Hynch d. 16. May 1891. aged 20 (wooden cross)." 

" Cornelius O'Byrne. d. Oct. 1780." 

"Daniel O'Connor to his father Edmund d. 13 Feb. 

" Thomas Harrington of Brough. to his father John d. 
6. June 1811 aged 75. his mother Ellen d. 1820 
aged 59. his daughter Mary. d. 25 Mar. 1818 aged 3. 
Thomas d. 29 Oct. 1855 aged 8." 

"W M - Harrington to his father Dan 1 - d. 8. Ap. 1797 
aged 81." 

CORK. 208 

" W M Sankey to his daughter Catherine d. 19 Jan y 1843. 
aged 21." ■ - 

" N. Begley to her mother Ellen Begley d. 21 July 
1870. aged 64 (Irish stone cross)." 

" Katjk Morrissey. d. 24. Dec. 1893. aged 19. Also to 
Mary, James, Bessy and Jeremiah Morrissey (wooden 

'* Marg t - Connell to her brother John, d. 1807 aged 25. 
and her sister Julian d. 1815 aged 21." 

"Timothy Holey d. 23 July 1878. aged 56. Daniel 
Holey d. 18. Ap. 1876. aged 17. Annie Agatha 
Holey, d. 6 May 1878, aged 80." 

" Also to names of O'Connell, Bourse, Coughlan, and 

Imiisliaiiiioii Parish and Cltiivcli. 

[From Dr. Alexander Mann Alcock, Innishannon, 1898.] 

Architecture — Gothic. The East Window, with four Lancets, 
and Tracery on Top. Subject — " Cornelius and the Angel." 
It bears the following inscriptions: — 

u He saw in a vision an angel of God coming unto him. 
Can any man forbid water, that these should not be 
baptized ?" 

" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of 

1 ' Captain John Meade R.N. General Fredrick Meade 
and other members of their families 1851-1883. 

" Thomas Stawell Qcinn of Firgrove in this Parish, 
who departed this life on the 26 th day of September, 
Anno Domini 1886. These lights are placed here by 
his widow and only surviving child. 

" Louisa Mavnsell Eyre, Frances Catherine Longfield, 
and Letitia Conner, Daughters of lieverend Richard 
Longfield Conner, of Downdaniel in this Parish." 




The South Wall of Chancel has Two Windows. Window 

next Communion Table bears the inscription : — 

11 Until the day break and the shadows flee away. 

" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Tho s - 
Christopher Cole J. P. of Woodview Ob 20 th Jan. 
1877 and of his son Cha s - Christopher Cole Capt. 
80 th Foot Ob 26 th August 1888. Mt 44 years." 

There is also a mural brass — subject, " Angel of Death " — 
with the inscription : — 

"There shall be no more death neither sorrow nor 
crying." — Rev xxi. 4. 

" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of George 
Frend Cole son of the Rev d - J. H. Cole Ob 5 th April 
1881. M 14 years." 

The Second Window has as a subject the " Angel of Life," 
and bears the inscription : — 

1 These two windows on the south side of the Chancel are the 
gift of HfVRRiET H. Cole, H. M» Cole, Rev d J. II. Cole, Elizabeth 
Warren and Thomas Willoughby Cole A.D. 1892.' 

In the Nave the Window next Chancel, South Wall, has two 
lights. Subject — " Raising of Lazarus." Inscription: — 

" I am the Resurrection and The Life."— St. John xi. 25. 
"In loving memory of Tho s Qurx Meade Col Royal 

Marine Artillery, who departed this life 17 th March A.D. 


The Window No. 2 in the Nave has as a subject, " The 
Marys at the Tomb," with the inscription : — 

" Now is Christ risen from the dead and become the first 
fruits of them that slept. 

" To the Glory of God and to the dear memory of 
Matilda Rowena widow of Rev d David Henry 
Elrington Vicar of Swords County Dublin formerly 
Lieut 6 th Royal Warwickshire Reg 1 and daughter of 
late Rev Pierce William Drew of Heathfield near 
Youghal in this county. She died 12 th April, 1886." 



Window No. 3. 
Subject — "Raising of Jairus' Daughter." 
" To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Mary 
Frances Meliaor Quick who died Dec r 18 1891 wife of 
Re vd George Pring Quick M.A. Rector of Douglas, 
Cork, daughter of Tno s Stawell Quin of Firgrove in 
this parish. This window is erected by her devoted 

The following inscription is on a Marble Tablet 
in Transept : — 

" The Parish Church of Innishannon (*&) was erected with 
funds provided by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and 
Christian friends on this new site conveyed by Thomas 
Turner Frewen Esq. with covenant that the ground 
surrounding the church should not be made a Burial 
place for ever. Consecrated July 17 th A.D. 1856 by 
James, Lord Bishop of Cork Cloyne and Ross." 
(To be continued.) 


Robert Hedges Maimsell Eyre, Rector & Vicar. 

Fredrick Meade, Col. 

Thos. C. Cole, J.P. 
Earl of Bandon 
Thomas T. Frewen 

Cuthbert Kearney 
Francis Sealey 
Thos. S. Qurh 
Elizabeth Meade 

> Churchwardens. 

Jas Corcor 
Lady C. Maunsell 
Anne, Countess of Listowel 
Richard L. Conner, Clk 
Richard Quin, J.P. 
Lady C. Guest 
Samuel Godsell 
Architect — Joseph Welland. 
Builder — James Hunter. 

The following inscription is on two Brasses on North Wall 
of Chancel : — 


<{ The marble steps and tessellated pavement of this 
Chancel are the gift of M ls - Stawell Quin of Firgrove, 
in this Parish. A.D. 1892. 


" The Reredos, Candalabra and Communion Rails are 
placed in this Chancel "In Memoriam" Letitia 
Ormsby Hanlon of Portarlington by her Son. A.D. 




11 To the Glory of fiod and in loving memory of Rev d 
Robert Hedges Maunsell Eyre for more than 85 
years Lector of this Parish. Presented by his Widow, 
A. M. Maunsell Eyee 1889." 

" Transept." Three Lancet Windows. Tracery on Top 
Figure of " Charity." 
'"To the Glory of God and in loving memory of 'Mary,' 

Widow of Thomas Stawell Quin of Firgrove in this 

Parish 1892." 

Tciu i>I v us aria n S.*a r j $1* . 

[From the Rev. Alfred W. Whitley, 1898.] 

M Those who sleep in Jesus, God will being with Him." — 

1 Thess. 

" In the family vault is laid the mortal part of 
ELIZA, the beloved wife of HENRY BALDWIN, 


eternity upon the 11 th day of december 1833, at the 
age of 30 years, after a lingering and painful illness, 
which she bore with faith and patience, trusting in 
the merits, and sustained by the promises of her 
Redeemer. In mind and disposition, she was amiable 
and cheerful, in her domestic circumstances happy, 
useful, and beloved; as a daughter and sister, dutiful 
and kind ; as a wife and mother, affectionate and 
tender. yet in herself she did not glory, but seemed 
to count all earthly things but loss for clirist ; and 
in the calm and holy brightness of her last hours she 
enjoyed the comfort, and displayed the serenity, of a 
Christian's hope. This tablet is consecrated to her 
memory, as a small tribute of unchangeable affection, 
by her afflicted husband." 

" In memoriam, JOHN CARROLL, eldest son of Rev. D. 
E D and Anna Carroll, who died Jan y 25 th 1874 
aged 13 Years. — ' Of such is the kingdom of (rod.' — 
St. Luke, xviii. 10. 

" Here thus we leave him ; not alone, 
But in safe keeping blest, 
With Christ, who loves that sleeping dvst. 
And watches o'er its rest/' 



" In memory of the Rev. Thomas Biggs, ll.d., Perpetual 
Curate of Templemartin Church, from July, 1847, to ' 
1860. Presented by his daughter, Jane Biggs." 

St. Mark xiv. v. 25. 
4 This inscription is on a handsome brass Prayer Book desk, 
jewelled and embossed, placed on the Communion Table.' 


[From the late Dr. Robert S. Young, 1898.] 

Acts of Vestry in the Parishes of Culdaff and Cloncha from 
1693 to 1707, afterwards in the Parish of Culdaff only up to 

< At a Vestry held for the Church of Culdaff the 17th day of 
July 1693 the ministor Churhwardens and sevrall of the parish 
being present. 

' Ordered at the said Vestry y*- the sum of six pounds str be 
equally applotted on the sevrall inhabitants of the parish to 
discharge all Lawfull Pious res ess belonging to they Church and 
whatsoever person or have paid of the last applottmen only should 
in. Quartter or trownland in the said parish for the first Part 
of .payment of the said six pounds and that the presants Church- 
wardens shall Indevor to get the doall boards from of the said person 
that them on payment for them who are indow and that James 
Lorn James Lay on John Vasy John Boll for so the Maior part of 
them with the presants Churchwardens and shall 12 pens in the 
pound to acound Coldettors of the same money 

' Cha Davenport 

« Robert M'Nitt 

< Thomas M 

4 At a Vestry held for the Church of Cloncha the 28th day of 
May 1G91 Memorandum of the wages asked at the sd Vestry by 
Hugh McLoughline should Receive so two pounds five shillings and 

three pens str out of with the aforesaid parish of 

Clonca of the applottment the 9th day of April 1G91 Ordered at 
the sd Vestry Churchwardens and side man^for this half year like- 
wise it was agreed y 1 Hugh M'Loughlin doe loke up the above 
named applottment and be aCountable to the parish for y e money. 
1 Owen McLoughlin Robt Younge 

his Cal Corton 

' John D Douglas his 

mark Hugh H M'Loughlin 

mark ' 



4 At a Vestry held for y e parish of Clonca the 25th of June 1G94 
y e minstor & churchwardens being present It is order y e 
Archbald Watson & Alexander Moore be Churchwardens for this 
yeare in y e parish of Clonca 

1 Alexander Moore Robert Younge 


Hugh H McLoughlin 
mark ' 

Referring to Cloncha (vol. iv, p. 13), a correspondent 
writes : — 

'The MacAlian Stone has been rightly described as " exquisite 
and unique." In these days of golf, the representation of the 
canum and nayg are especially interesting. The stick may, how- 
ever, be the indigenous " hurley." 

4 The letters in which it is inscribed are not Irish, but Lom- 
bardie, and should be represented in that type ; not in Roman or 
Irish, as has hitherto been done. 

' Mr. Doherty's Paper was published in the " Proceedings of the 
Royal Irish Academy, 1891 " (3rd s., ii, 109). The readings he gave 
were very inaccurate, and the espold, which you make espdhld 
(from the right aim of the cross, "further lettering "), is simply 
ridiculous : being the clachsa turned upside down and misread. 
Mr. Doherty in this literally turned up a reading to rival the 
famous one in " Archaiologia," dated 1711, which puzzled anti- 
quaries who did not take the trouble to see that they read it when 
turned the right way ! Dr. Joyce and Dr. Sigerson are happy in 
their reading ot this puzzling inscription included in Mr. Doherty's 
Paper. It, however, deserves further investigation.' 

The following note, respecting the Cloncha Stone, was sent - 
us by the late Dr. R. S. Young : — 

'I was wrong, and Doherty w T as right, about the "h" in 
Clazh ;" the rubbing deceived me. I have got the Cloncha Stone 
placed on a suitable bed. It was about 10 in. thick, and about 8 
cwt. in weight. Hence I think it would have been too heavy for 
the ballast of a fishing-boat, as the late Archdeacon Hamilton sup- 
posed. It was probably brought over in one of the sloops which 
used to bring " mull ,: ponies from the Hebrides, and exchanged for 
whiskey, as I said in " Ulster Journal of Archaeology," vol. in, 
pt. 3, 1896-7, in my account of it. My grandfather alludes to it in 
a letter to Clerk of Union, permitting the Board of Guardians to 
keep the place in repair. His great-grandfather, Robert Young, 
who died 1747, is buried under it.' 



We have found an almost precisely similar sword and 
ornamentation on a stone in the, north of England, but un- . 
fortunately without name or date. — [Eds.] 

[From R. M'Nulty, Esq.] 

The annexed inscription is from the monument of Bishop 
Barnard in the Islip Chapel in Westminster. He was a native 
of Clapham, Surrey ; educated at Westminster School, and at 
Cambridge ; he became chaplain to the Duke of Newcastle, and, 
subsequently, to the King ; and, as will be seen from the 
inscription, was also Prebendary of Westminster, and Dean of 

In 1744 he was appointed Bishop of Raphoe in Donegal, 
and consecrated on 19th August, 1744, by Primate Hoadley in 
Dublin. He only remained a little over two years in Raphoe, 
and has left no memorial there of his connection with it. In 
1747 he succeeded Bishop Stone in Derry, where he built the 
Bishop's Palace and a Chapel of Ease. 

Mrs. Bennett, wife of Dean Bennett, of Raphoe, has written 
an interesting pamphlet on " the Barnards," from which these 
facts and the inscription have been extracted. 

" Beatam Resurrectionem expectat 
Reverendus admodum in Christo Pater 
Guliemus Barnard S.T.P. 
Hivjusce Ecclesue Collegiatae 
Primo alumnus, deinde Prebendarius. 
Roflensis postea Decanus, 
Hinc ad Episcopatus in Hibernia 
Rapotensem 1744, Derriensem 1747, 
Rege Georgio II. provectus. 
In pau peri bus sublevandis 
In Ecclesiis reficiendis, mstituendis, dotandis 
Quantum Exercuit Munificenfciam 
Diocesis ilia, cui annos plus vigenti pncfuit 
Diu sentiet et agrioscet, 
In Angliam Vaktudinis causa reversus 
Londini decessit 
Januarii x°, Anno Domini 1708 
-Etatis 72." 




Wariwgrst o\\ n X*ui*i$lt. 

[From Rev. E. D. Atkinson, D.D., Rector of Donaghcloney.] 

Inscriptions on Monuments in the Parish Church, Warings- 
town : — 


" Eebecca Pitt I 16 — . 
« Jane Waring j 169-1. 

"Henry Waring | 1716 | Arthur Waking | 1690, 
11 William Warin* | 1689 | Francis Waring j 1703." 

Tablets in South Aisle : — 

"To the Memory of | William Waring | who built this 
Church and presented it to the Parish of Donagh- 
cloney j He was born in 1619 and died 27 th July 
1703 | Also of Samuel Waring son of William | born 
August 1660 died 16 lh December 1739 | Also of his 
Sons Samuel Waring, born 11 th July 1710 ; died 25 th 
March 1793 ; | And Holt Waring, the Father of the 
Very Rev. Holt Waring, | born 15 November 1722, 
died December 1805." 

" To the Memory of the Very Reverend Holt Waring j 
Dean of Dromore | Born 2 nd January 1766. died 
30 Lh September 1850 | For 52 years Rector of the 
Parish of Shankill | He married Elizabeth Mary j 
daughter of the Reverend Averell Daniel | Rector of 
Lifford | By whom, along with the other members of 
his family, | this monument has been erected, | 
Beloved by his family | Esteemed and respected by 
his numerous friends | The Supporter of the. Poor | 
He died regretted by all to whom he was known | In 
sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal 
life | Through our Lord Jesus Christ." 

" To the Memory of | Thomas Waring of Newry Esq. | 
He was born 11 th October 1761 and died 1 th March 
1811 | Also | of Mary his wife, daughter of John 
Goduard Esq. | who died in January 180$. This 
monument has been erected by their sons | Major 
Henry Waring and Richard Waring." 



Window in South Aisle :— 

" In memory of Frances Grace Wife | of Major Henry 
Waring Daughter | of the Very Rv d Holt Waring- I 
Died 28 th Feby. 1860. Aged 57." 

Inscription on Font : — 

"To Esther Wife of Thomas Waring. Born 1836. 
Married 1858. Died 1873." 

Tablet in Nave : — 

" To the memory j of | Lieu 1 Atkinson | late of the 74 th 
Reg 1 of infantry | who died the 13 th Oct r 1830 aged 43 
years, j This monument is erected | by his brother 
Officers | as a Testimonial of their high sense of his 
worth as | a Man and a Soldier." 


Inscriptions on Tombstones in Waringstown Churchyard : 

1 Erected | By Turner Brown ; and John Brown to the | 
memory of their Beloved .Parents | James Brown who 
departed this Life ] on the 12 th day of November 1813 
in | the 79 th year of his Age j and Mary Brown who 
departed this j Life on the 28 th day of March 1831 | 
• Aged 80 years. Henrietta Brown the Beloved Wife | 
of Turner Brown departed this life | on the B Td day of 
August, 1837 | Aged 37 years | Also Turner Brown 
who departed this j life the 12 th day of December 
1861 | Aged 71 years." 

" To the Memory I of | Margaret the Wife of | Samuel 
Brown | w^ho departed this Life 10 th July 1832 j Aged 
27 years." 

"HereLieth | The Body of j John Tagart who | Departed 
this Life February the 26 ltl 1789 | Aged 77 years." 

1 Here Lyeth The Body j of James Harrison Who j Dyed 
The 18*Day of May |. 179$ j Aged 73 Years j As Also 
The Body of | Elizabeth, The Wife of Jam | s Son To 
The Above James j Harrison Who Dyed the 23 | Day 
of May . . . o, Aged 58." 



fi Erected by | Anna Wilson | in memory of her Father | • 
John Robinson | AnagJaanoon ! Who Departed This 
Life | 1860/' 

"In Loving Memory | of | Jessie Mabel Lindsay | Who 
Died at Belfast | 20 th May 1894 | Aged 5 years & 7 
months.* 5 

" Erected | By | James - McKensie | In Memory of His 
Beloved Parents | Elizabeth McKensie | who Departed 
This Life 11 th Sep 1 1878 | Aged 66 years | Alexander 
McKensie who Departed This Life 25 Dec r 1878 | Aged 
72 years | Also Their Two Children Who Died In j 
Infancy Named Respectively | Thomas | Mark the 
Perfect Man, &c.' " 

" Erected | by | Thomas Gibson | In Memory of his 
Beloved Wife | Mary Jane | Who died 13 th Sept 1852 | 
Aged 37 years." 

" Erected | By | Mary Martin of New York | In Loving 
Remembrance of Her Father | John McComb Warings- 
town | Who died in 1849 Aged 67 years | And of Her 
Mother | Catherine M'Comb j Who Died June 14 th 
1852 ! Aged 65 Years j William McComb | Died 
December 15 th 1890 | Aged 70 years j Ann M'Comb Died 
Dec r 17 1885 | Aged 57 years | Margaret McCleary, 

" Erected | By | Robert McAllister to the memory | of 
his Mother Elizabeth McAllister | Who departed this 
life on the 15 th December 1824 Aged 37 years j And of 
his Father John McAllister j Who departed this life 
on the 4 th February 1857 Aged 71 years j Also of his 
Beloved Wife | Letitia McAllister who departed | 
this Life on the 30 th April 1868 | Aged 28 years." 

" Sacred | To ] The Memory of | Joseph Nicholson, 
Pensioner | Late Q r M r Serg* H.M. 8 101 st Regiment | 
Who Died at Lurgan Co. Armagh, Ireland | on the 23 rd 
Feb ry 1869. | This humble slab is erected by his | 
bereaved widow Jane Nicholson j As a small tribute of 
love and respect to him | ' He will swallow up death 
in victory.' " 


Here lieth the remains of | Mary Hampton | Wife of 
Thomas Hampton | who died,, October 4 th 1820* Aged 44 
years | Here lieth the remains of | said Thomas 
Hampton | Who died Janu y 2 lld 1*883 Aged 64 years." 

' Erected by | Thomas Hampton in memory of his Father 
John Hampton Who | departed this life 27 th October j 
1867 | Aged 82 years." 

' Here Lyeth ye Body of | Elizabeth | Williams Who 
Departed This Life The | 15 of April | 1709. /Etatis 
Suae Anno 58." 

'Here Lieth the Body of Ann wife of | John McNarey 
of Waringstown | Who departed this Life March 12 th | 
1788 Aged 69 years." 

' Underneath this Stone | are deposited the Remains of | 
John Hill Sharman | who died on the 15 th day of 
September j 1818 aged 25 years | Also | the Remains 
of | William Sharman | who died on the 17 th day I of 
February 1817 aged 10 years. 
" ' Utrum vivere an mori sit melius | Deus scit.'" 

' In this spot are interred the | remains of Robert 
Ruddock j who departed tins life 17 th j October 1806 
aged 87 years [ And Margaret his Wife who | departed 
this life 20 th October | 1806 aged 85 years. | 
Full fifty years as Man and Wife | 
This faithful Couple passed through life | 
And now we trust in endless rest | 
Their spirits dwell among the Blest. | 
Margaret Ruddock died 9 th Feb y 1808 aged 17 years | 
John Ruddock died 4 th Feb y 1810 aged 12 years | Also 
Lieut. Jacob Walker Ruddock | of the 8 th or King's 
Regiment of foot who | departed this life 27 th June 1816 
Aged 28 years." 

Erected j By Parker Dunscombe | In Ever Loving 
Memory | of His Dearly Beloved And | Affectionate 
Wife | Elizabeth | (Formerly Ruddock). Born 20 th 
Dec r 1832 j Died 7 th Muy 1894. | 

u ' Not gone from memory or love j 
But to our Father's Home Above.'" 



U Here lies the Body of | Nicholas Hamilton of Bally - 
lough | Who departed this life 11 th Jan. 1806 | Aged 65 
years." * fi 

u Here lieth the body of | John Huey Jun r who departed | 
this life on the 17 of July 1790 | Aged 55 years* As 
also 3 of ( his children." 

"Richard Waring | Born 11 th September 1799 | Died 31 st 
August 1875." 

« Holt Waring | Born 2 nd Jan* 1766 | Died 3 rd Sept. 
1850 j E. M. Waring | Born 20 th June 1810 j Died 1 st 
July 1866." 

" Henry Waring [ Born 26 th March 1795 I Died 6 th April 
1866 | E. G. Waring | Born 12 th June 1802 j Died 
28 th Feb. I860." 

" Esther Waring | Born 20 th July 1836 | Died 20 th March 

" Fanny Waring j Born 29 th Dec, 1839 | Died 13 th Nov. 

' " Here lieth the Body of Margaret McKecwn, Wife | of 
John McKeqwN of | Waringstown who departed j this 
life February the 21 | 1796 aged — 9 years." 

(To be continued.) 

Itnllec and Bright Parish. Co. Down. 

[From Francis Joseph Bigger, M.B.I.A., Editor of "The Ulster 
Journal of Archaeology."] 

' Ballee. — There is a stone built over the west door of this 
quaint old church bearing the following inscription : — 

" A /E C 1749" 
which doubtless means, although it is a puzzle to many, anno 
(Statu Christi, the year of the age of Christ, or anno Domini, 
17-19- There is only one stone, a table-tomb, in the churchyard 
having armorial bearings belonging to the Bigham family [see 



annexed drawing] ; and they are very small and rudely cut in a 
sunk oval panel at the base &f the inscription, of which the 
following is a transcript : — 



" Here lie the remains of John Bigham of Bally gilbert 
who died 22nd Augt 1759 Aged 66 years. Robert 
Bigham son of John died 22d Sept 1754 Aged 46 years 
Margaret Bigham alias Nevin wife of John died 1 May 
1772 Aged 88 years Hill Bigham son of Robert died 
27th Sept 1772 Aged 19 years Jane Bigham alias 
Laurie wife of Robert died 2d Jany 1791 Aged 72 
years Gordon Bigham son of Robert died 6th March 
1S00 Aged 51 years Mary Bigham alias Chambers 
wife of Gordon Bigham died 29 of September 1816 
Aged 59 years." 

' This stone is on the south side of the church, near the east 



' Near the Bighatn stone above described is a small upright 
stone with this inscription on it : — - 


October V Day | 1G79 " 


• Into the north wall of the church, near the porch, is built a 
slab with the following inscription : — 


which may be freely translated, that this church was made fit for • 
Divine Service by the Dean of Down in the year of the age of 
Christ 1745. The initials A M, C. being the same as at Bailee, 
and emanating from the same mind, the Very Reverend Patrick 
Delaney, D.D., the then Dean of Down.' 

' Two great sculptured mural tablets adorn the north and 
south walls of the interior of the church, and bear the following 
inscriptions : — 

4 1 To the Memory of 
The Right Honorable Charles James Baron Lecale 
3 rd Son of His Grace James 1 st Duke of Leixster and 
The Lady Emily Daughter of His Grace Charles 2 nd Duke 
of Richmond Lennox and Aubigny 
Born the 80 th June 1756 
Died the 16 tb Febr y 1810 

At an early age he entered into the Sea Service 
A Profession to which he was ever zealously attached 
And in which having served with distinction 
He rose to the Rank of 

Vice Admiral of the Red. 

On the 17 Ul 1795 when the Gallant Admiral Cornwallis 
with Five Ships of the Line and two Frigates 
Beat off a French Fleet of 13 Ships of the Line and 17 Frigates 
He commanded the Brunswick one of the -Five 

that shared the Honor of that Brilliant Action 
Inferior to none in the Annals of British Valour 
But on the spreading of the French Revolution in 1796 



From his manly Spirit conciliating Manners and known Loyalty . 
Government thinking his Presence necessary to the Peace of 
theif Kingdom 
He was called from the Service and Appointed 
Muster Master General and a Privy Councillor 
and created Baron Lecale in this County 
as a reward for his Services and Steady Attachment 
To His King and His Country 
Full of Honor Integrity and Truth 

Brave Generous and Humane 
As a Puhlic Man he was Respected 
As a Private Man Beloved 
This Monument is Erected by his afflicted Widow 
Julja Legale." 


" This Monument 

was Erected 
by the Rt. Hon We 
Lord | 1806 j Lecale 

To the Memory of 
My beloved Wife Mary Ann Smyth Baroness Lecale 
Who died at Ardglass 
on the 2G th of October 1803 
In the 29th year of her Age 

To the Memory of my Son, 
Henry Fitzgerald 
Midshipman on board his Majestys Frigate Phobe 
(The Honorable Bladen Capel Commander) 
Who was Killed 
On the night of the 2G th August 1803 
In Gallantly Boarding a French Ship of war 
Aged 19 years. 

The above is dedicated by an affectionate Husband and an 
affectionate Father." 

The stones in the adjoining churchyard are mostly rude, and 
none of them have armorial bearings. 



Incli l»ari$lt. (Tlte A**l*t k y of Inch.) 

[From •* The Dublin Penny Journal," June, 1838.] . 

' In this church was buried Sir James Melville, supposed to 
be a descendant of the famous knight of the same name, who was 
secretary to Mary Queen of Scots, and author of the Memoirs that 
pass under his name. The monument of the former, which is of 
freestone and placed in an arch on the north side of the altar, is, 
according to Harris, " thus set out." Over a scutcheon of arms, 
the supporters of which are two birds, the rest being defaced, you 
have this line, viz. : 

S anno. 1628. D 

£ Then on the top of the scutcheon in one quarter I.M. and in 

the other quarter A.R. At the foot of the scutcheon on one side 

are these words thus placed 

In Christo et cruce spero. 

and underneath this inscription : — 



Lewis, in his u Topographical Dictionary of Ireland," gives 
some interesting details of this place. „ 

[Continued from Vol. IV, page 29.] 

[From William Jackson Pigott, Esq.] 

" Erected by John McLlroy of Dun drum in memory of 
his daughter Mary Elizabeth McIlroy who died 28 th 
May 18G2 ; aged 14 years and 8 months." 

" In loving Memory of John McIlkoy who died 11 th 
December 1889 aged 84 years, also his daughter Maky 
E. McIlroy who died 28 lh May 18G2 aged 14 years." 

[See above.] 



(Crest, arms, and motto, as below.) 

"In loving memory of John "last surviving son of John 
Broun Mackintosh ancf Martha (McBlain) his wife 
formerly of Kutherglen Lanarkshire and third in de- 
scent from William Mackintosh Provost of Eutherglen 
in 1827— Born in Bridgeton Glasgow 28 January 1869 
Died in Dundrum 1. October 1884. 

f A rm s— Quarterly ; 1st, Or a lion rampant gu ; 2nd, argt, a 
dexter hand fesswise, couped at the wrist, and holding a human 
heart gu ; 3rd, arg. a boar's head couped or ; 4th, or a lymphad sa. 
surmounted by two oars in saltair gu. 

* Crest — A eat-a-mountain salient guardant ppr. 

1 Motto — " Touch not the cat but with a glove." ' 

" Here Lieth the remains of John McKay of Clarkhill 
who dep d this Life January 8th 181G Aged 82 years." 

" Here lieth the Body of Sisley M Kenny otherwise 
McCann who departed this life the 27th of August 
1782. Aged 65 years." 

1 Erected in memory of William Mason of Waterask 
whose Mortal Life ended the 11th day of November 
1871 aged 49 years. This is a faithful saying and 
worthy of all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into 
the world to save sinners 
1st chap. 15 verse Timothy." 

" Erected by Wm. Mathers of Castle wellan in memory of 
Thomas & Isabella Mathers who dep' 1 this life the 
Former the 24th of May 1825 aged 91 and. the latter 
the 10th of dec r 1814 aged 55. 
Wm Mathers was a shoemaker." 

* This is most likely McKeney or MeKenna. 

E • S • P. 

I. H. S. 

!. H.S. 

(An anchor and cable within a circle.) 



"Here lieth the Body of the Rev ml Mr Thomas Maxwall* - 
some time Minister of Dromore who departed this Life 
July the 10th the yeaf 1705 Aged 68 years." 

* Thos. Maxwall was Presbyterian Minister of 
Dromeaw. This old church has been in ruins 
beyond the memory of the " oldest inhabitant." 

Wii. Jackson Pic-ott. 


" Here Lieth the Body of James Megrehan of Ballylogh 
Who dep d this life the 3rd of December 1783, Aged 54 

" Here Lyeth the Body of George Miste Who Departed 
ye Life D.V 1742 Aged 22." 

ct Here Lieth the Body of John Mistee Who Dept. this 
life the 27th of Sep 1788 Aged 46 years Also his 
Mother Mabel Mistee Who Dep d this life the 18th of 
Jany 1788. Aged 72 years." 

" Erected by John C. Mitchell in memory of his father 
John Mitchell who departed this life 27th August 
1S60 aged 47 years also his mother Anne Mitchell 
aged 60 years and his sister Sarah L. Mitchell who 
died in infancy Reginald Mitchell died 29 May 1881 
A. W. Mitchell died 6th of Jan ry 1881 Lizzie Dearly 
Beloved wife of J. C. Mitchell. Died 17th Deer. 1884 " 


Clomiulliiii Parish. 

[From the Rev. C. T. M'Cready, D.D., 1897.] 
[Continued from Vol. ZT, paye 3 4. J 
vestry book. 

Vol. I, 1720 to 1820.— This book contains a few Baptisms, 
Marriages, and Burials, 1728-1779. 

Vol. II, Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1779 to 



Vol. Ill, a Vestry Book, 1820 to 1872. 

Vol. IV, Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1888-1875. 

Vol. V, Marriages, 1845 to present date, 18 ? 

* In a correspondence with the Ecclesiastical Commission, 1835, 
it is shown that the present church and tower were built in 1790, 
an old one being then removed for the purpose.'- 

4 In 1835 it was proposed to erect a gallery, and to get an 

* In 1854, Francis Trench, Esq., moves, and N. B. M'Intyre 
seconds, a resolution adopted in favour of the enlargement of the 

[A list of subscriptions is given.] 

' In 1835, carpets, clothes, &c, were stolen from the church by 

4 Richard Baldwin Falkiner, of Giasnevin (son of Nathaniel 
Falkiner) and Anne M'Intire, daughter of N. B. M'Intire, of 
Clondalkin, were married in Clondalkin, 28 August, 1851. 

' Frederick Baldwin Falkiner, of Taney, bachelor, son of 
Nath Falkiner, and Mary M'Intire, spinster, daughter of N. B. 
M'Intire, of Clondalkin, were married in Clondalkin, 5 Feb. 18G7. 

' Fredk. Richd. Falkiner, Recorder (widower), son of Richard 
Falkiner, married 3 Septr., 1878, Robina Hall M'Intire, dau. of 
Ninian Boggs M'Intire. 

* John Frederick Caldbeck, Rathmines, buried 28 June, 1847, 
aged 86 years. 

* Revd. JonN Reade, LL.D., buried February 8, 1848, aged 81 
(of Clondalkin Rectory). 

•Ninian Boggs M'Intire, Clover Hill, Clondalkin, buried 11 
August, 1SG6, aged 80 years. 

4 Anne M'Intire, of Clover Hill, buried 26 Feb. 1868, aged 78.' 

1 William Caldbeck, D.L., Moyle Park, buried 9th December, 
1879, aged 90. 

'Rev. J. W. Fin lay, Corkagh House, Clondalkin, buried 12 
December, 1879, aged 73.' 

'Inscriptions inside the church, 18 August, 1880. "East 
Window " [really north] 



" In memory of Hugh Wilson formerly of Collinstown in 
this Parish one of Hisr Majesty's Counsel who died A.D. 
1805 Erected by the request of his nephew, the late 
Thomas Mills of Dublin M.D. A.D. 1858. 

" Pro legibus ac regibus." 
1 Maker's name — William Warrington, London 1858.' 

< First Window, next the Chancel, on the " south " side [really 
the west] : — 

" In memory of William Caldbeck Esq K.C. of Moyle 
Park, who died Gth September 1803, erected by his 
grandson William Caldbeck Esq D.L. 1874. 

" Finern respice." 

4 Slab on wall of " south " side [really the west] of Chancel : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Frances Anne Beadk | eldest 
daughter of the Rev. George H. Reade. of Iuniskeen 
Glebe, County Monaghan unutterably dear | a gentle 
patient child of God | she fell asleep in Jesus j calmly, 
peacefully | on the 13th of February, 1859 | in the 
24th year of her age." 

[Two texts from Scripture follow.] 

* Slab on the u north " side of Chancel [really east]: — 

"In | loving memory j of j David John Reade, A.M. j 
25 years Prebendary | of Kilmackalway | and Rector 
and Vicar j of Clondalkin. He fell asleep | at Easter- 
tide 17th April 1873 | in his 65th year." 

1st Thess. 4-13. 

c Slab on the " south " [really west] wall inside the church : — 

" To the memory of William Armstrong Hodsos Esq r 
who died at j Middleton. County of Westmeath j on the 
23rd day of November 1841 | aged 51 years j Erected 
by his afflicted widow." 

1 Slab on the " north" [really east] wall inside church : — 

" Sacred | to the memory of j Henrietta Isabella | the 
beloved wife of the | Revd John W. Finlay | of Corkagh 
House, in this Parish j who fell asleep in Jesus j on 
the 2nd of March 1847 | aged 31 years. 

" Sorrow not as those who have no hope." 

DUBLIN. • 228 

' On a slab at " west " [really north] end of the church : — 

(Coat of Arms.) 

" In the isle | near this marble j is the burial place of \ 
Sir Simon Bradstreet of Kilmainham j in the County 
of Dublin, Baronet | Counsellor at Law | a.d. mdcclxi." 

' On the bell in the tower of the church : — 
M Presented by William Whitton, Esq. 1879." 

' On the font in the church, at the base : — 

|- To the glory of God —p in memory of —J— Arthur 
Beresford Cane | who died at Marseilles May 13. 


" Edith Caroline Isabella daughter of Arthur Beres- 
ford and Selina Cane of Collinstown, Gentleman was 
born 5 Sept 56 and bapd 4th Oct 185G." 

[To be continited.'] 

Criiutliii I*ari*!i. 

[From James R. Fowler, Esq.] 
[Continited from Vol. II, page 290.] 

Memento "j" Mori 
I H S 

" This Stone and Burial Place Belongs to Mr John 
Morrin of Cork Bridge Brewer and Mr Denniss Ken- 
nedy Late of Indian Ally Brewer and their Posterity 
Here Lyeth y e Body of y e above named Denniss 
Kennedy who Departed this life y e 11th of March 1773 
aged 40 Here lyeth y e above named John Morrin 
and 2 of Denniss Kennedy children [Rest below 
ground.] " [An upright stone.] 



M This stone was erected by Walter Teeling of Earl 
Street Grocer, in memory of George Caldwell of 
Mary bone Lane, who departed this life August 1st 1774 
Aged 54 Here lieth three of said Walter Telling's 
Children." [An upright stone.] 



" Charles Nowlan of Cork Bridge Clothier &c Here 
lyeth the Body of said^&c 28th March 1774 aged 50 

[An upright stone.] 

" This stone is erected here by Robert Shaw Esq r late 
Captain in the 43" d Reg' to the Memory of his beloved 
Wife Mrs Elizabeth Shaw who died the 28th of Sep 
1781 Aged 45 years." 

[Plat stone.] 

" Our days upon earth are a [s a] shadow To the 
Memory of Mr John Thompson of the Coomb Dublin, 
who died 11th Novem r 1789, and. his Remains are here 
watered. This Stone and Burial place belong to his 
Family. Here also lie the Remains of his Father, 
Mother, two Brothers, two Sisters, & Nephew. 
Tis GOB that lifts our Comforts high 

Or Sinks them in the grave 
He gives and (blessed be His Name) 
He takes but what He gave." 

[Upright stone.] 

" Slandon Carp r 1790 to 1794." 


" 1767-1786 Reed Family Father Wife Son.'"' 


" This Stone was Erected by John Jones of Ash Street, 
Cotton Manufactorer, for him and his Posterity, 1792." 
* Above this, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, I. H. S. and heart in sun on 
circle Memento Mori.' 

V S D and in the 

City of Dublin, who departed this life the 19th of 
March 1796 aged 54 years. Here rest the Remains of 
His Son William Keegan who departed this life, the 
27th of August 1793 aged 25 years. This Stone was 
Erected by His Son Michael Keegan, of Stephen 
Street in the City of Dublin, Shoemaker Bequiescant 
in Pace." 
(A flat stone.) 

* The top, unfortunately, is gone, and I could find no trace 

of a: 



" This Stone was erected by M rs - Eliza Jones, in Memory 
of her well-beloved Husband M r * Joseph Jones. Mer- 
chant of South. Earl. Street, in the City of Dublin, 
who Departed this life the 26 th - Day of August 1797. 
aged 40 years." (Upright. ) 

" This Monument was Erected to the Memory of George 
Thwaits Esq 1, of the City of Dublin Brewer, who 
departed this Life May 25 1782 aged 66 years. Here 
lieth the Body of Elizabeth his Wife who died Dec 1 19 
1789 aged 43 years. Here also lies three of his Children 
Maria, Grace, Emilia." 

' Beneath this is an oval containing the Thwaits' coat of arms.' 
' Crest— A Cock, Armed, Crested, and Jellopped on a wreath.' 

* Arms— A Cross.' 

* This Monument is beside the Gerrard tablet, and is of the same 

" This Stone was Erected to the Memory of William 
Ross a Native of Glasgow and late Merchant in Ayr 
Scotland who Departed this Life 26 th March 1806 aged 
28 years. Here also lieth the Family of M r W M 
Richardson of Crunilin." 

(Against Ch. wall.) 
"Heogh of Crumlin, Barrister at law 14 March 1814." 

" Underneath are deposited the Remains of M r Daniel 
Walker &c who died 7 tlJ October 1801 in the 33 year 
of his Age." (Flat.) 

* Lily severed from plant.' 

"Burke 29 th August 1S76, aged 19 days." 

" Anne Walsh to her husband Robert "Walsh who d. 

July 16 1810." 
" Carpmills 1S66-1892." 

" Sparrow family 1805-1811." (Upright.) 
*« Scully family 1 808-1857." 

" Delany of Dolphins Bam in year of Our Lord 1801." 
" Fatrbrotiier 1796-lslS." (Upright.) 
" M c Creery Family, one of whom died in the Island of 
Ceylon, another of Shangauagh Co. Dublin 1791-1851." 


231 DUBLIN. 

4 On the north side of the church, near the disused entrance, is 
a stone simply inscribed ' : — k . 

" Mary Fibbs." (Upright.) 

" This Stone and Burial Place Belongeth to M r> William 
Latimer of Newmarket Clothier an.d his Posterity : 

Here lieth the Body of Mrs ". 

[Rest below ground.] 

' Near the Warneb headstones is a flat granite slab to members 
of the same family ; but I could only make out this inscription ' : — 


(I H S) 4 ' This Burial Pleas (sic) Belongeth to John 
Warner. . . ." 

i On a flat stone near it is this inscription ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann Mawbey wife of 
Captain Charles Butson Bennett of the 64 th Regiment, 
v/ho Departed this life on the 2 nd of July 1829, in the 
41 st year of her age, After having Giving Birth to a still 
born child." 

* A flat slab records that ' : — 

" Beneath this stone are Deposited | the mortal remains 
of [ Mary Dixon &c 1860-1876." 

« A railed-in burial-place has a flat slab, recording that ' : — 

" This Stone and Burial Place Belongeth to Will* Jackson 
of Mill Street Tanner and his Posterity 1772." 

' These next two upright stones are remarkable, though modern,' 
since they record the same person's death on (seemingly) two different 
occasions ; :— 

u SftCt*C$ to the memory of Mary Jane only & beloved 
Daughter of Edward and Mary j Getting s of Crumlin j 
who departed 11 th day of Janr y , I860 aged 7 years. 
* And all wept and bewailed her; but Jesus said weep not ; 
she is not dead but sleepeth.'' — Lure chap r 8 verse 52." 



"Sacred | to the memory of -John Joseph Gettings died 
3 rd August 1866 aged 85 years. 


Also to 
Mary Jane 
only Daughter of 
Edward Gettings of Crumlin 
and sister to the above 
Died the 11 th Jan 1861 
aged 7 years." 

— Jjuke 8 chap. 

" Tristram 1880-1887." 

"Armstrong family 1876-1 881. 1 Safe in the Arms of 
Jesus.' (Upright.) 


(At foot of inscription.) 

" Elliott. 1831-1865." (Upright stone.) 

" Oscar Hayes October 11th 1857." 

tl Peake 1875-1881. (Upright stone.) 

" Kelly of Skinner Row 1825." 

" In loving | memory of Bernard James Redmond | who 
died the 10 th September 1889 Aged 4^ years. Saved 
from a life of toil and woe he sleeps beneath the church- 
yard sod. Tis wrong to weep for him I know the gentle 
child is with his God." 

' On a black wooden cross in white paint ' : — 
"John Arthur Ord June 1 st 1816." ■ (Flat.) 

' There are no more inscriptions copyable in the graveyard 
There are two which 1 could not do anything with.' 



Parish of Kinsaly, Union of Swords. 

[From Austin Daitfer Cooper, Esq., 1898.] 

1 The following is the inscription on an ancient tomb in the 
Chancel of old Kinsaly Church ' : — 

"Charles O'Hara of Kinsaly, Esq., who died 24 May 
1741, also Sherlot O'Hara, daughter of the above 
Charles, who died 25 Sept 1 1728, aged 22. Likewise 
M" Ann O'Hara wife to Kane O'Hara (son to the above 
Charles O'Hara), who departed this life 18 th November 
1735, aged 22 years/' 
'The coat of arms of this family, with crest, are sculptured on 
the tomb, and are as follows : — Arms : A Lion rampant (sa). Crest : 
A Demi-Lion [Rampant], holding between his paws a chaplet of 
oak leaves.' [pp r ] 

'The above Charles O'Hara purchased, in 1698, part of the 
townland of Kinsaly from Paul Davis. Viscount- Mountcashel, of 
St. Katherine's, Co. Dublin, and resided in the old mansion house 
of Kinsaly to the time of his death. 'The family seem to be a 
branch from the 0' Haras of Annaghmore. near Colooney, Co. 
Sligo. There was a Kane O'Hara, born in Dublin 1733, who was 
an eminent musician, and a companion of all the wits and literati 
of his day. He died at his house, near Dublin (I presume Kinsaly), 
17th June, 1782/ 

4 PS. — I may also mention that there is in the graveyard an 
old vault, at one time surrounded by iron railings, erected by the 
Right Honourable John Beresford when he resided at Abbeyville 
House, and in which some members of his family were interred. 

'A. D. C 

Itatheoolc Parish. Ratltcoole Churchyard. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

A Protestant church stands in this churchyard. In the 

south wall of it, and on the outside, is a small mural tablet with 

this inscription : — 

" This Burial place belongeth to In° Lowe of the Earl of 
Meath R Lib y and his Posterity. Here lieth his son 
Iohn who died Iuly 22 nd 1704 aged 10." 

Lying at the east end of the churchyard, in a hollow, is a 
table-tomb, on which is inscribed : — 

u To the Memory of Richard Adkins £sq r of Athy who 
was killed near this spot bv a blow from a Jaunting 
Car on the 11 th of Feb r 1827 aged 56 years " 



On a flat slab, at the south side of the church, is the 
following inscription : — $f , 

" Sacred to the Memory of the Reverend Gerald 
Fitzgerald Vicar of the Parish of Ballymore Eustace 
in the County of Kil&are who died after a short illness 
in this Town on the 9 ta day of Octob r 1810 in the 3u 
year of his Age. In Spe Requiescat." 

Near the last-mentioned tombstone is a massive rude granite 
cross, deep sunk in the ground, on one side of which some 
sculpturing is discernible. 

Near the southern boundary wall of the churchyard is a large 
flat slab, with a long inscription in large incised letters. It 
reads as follows : — 

" Underneath is the Body of Miss Harriet Purchas, the 
tender Female Friend of her bosom Layeth this Stone 


not to ennumerate her Virtues but to tell survi- it is in 
human nature to become perfect, thro' the means of 
Religiou & Application she attained at an early period 
All that w T as Good, All that was Lovely, At the Age of 


22, enfolded in the arms of her sorrowing fri- she 
departed June 9 th 1782, Comforting her Comforters & 
edifying all about her. 

Soon not surprising death his visit paid 
Her thought went forth to meet him on his w T ay 
nor Gaily (?) forgot it was to die." 

St. Ami's l*arisli and Cluirelt.yarci. 

(Continued from Vol. IV, page 49.) 

* v. CL v. :— 

" Sacred to the memory of John Turner, Esq., late of 
Mount Street, who departed this life the 16th of Octo- 
ber A.D. 1801 ; in the 89th year of his age. In the 
faithful and honorable discharge of a public situation 
few have equalled him : and in the more humble but 
social walks of private life he will be long remembered 
with the sincerest regret by the numerous friends he 
has left behind. He was a good and affectionate 
husband, a tender father, and a steady friend. As a 
grateful tribute to the memory of departed worth, his 
sorrowing widow T hath caused this stone to be erected." 



' CLI :— 

" Here lieth the body of lip* Sarah Hamilton relict of 
the late Colonel Hamilton, who departed this life 27th 
November, 1805, aged 06 years. Here also lieth the 
body of her sister, Miss Elizabeth Meares, who de- 
parted this life December 6th, 1805, aged 75 years." 

' CLII :— 

" This stone and burial place belongeth to Thos Grother 
(appr) and his posterity for ever. Here lieth his 
father, two of his sisters, and four of his children. 
An. Do. 1758." 

' (The next — a granite sarcophagus, railed in — has no inscrip- 

* OLIII (on a raised sarcophagus) : — 
" Here lieth the body of General Anthony St. Leger, 
who departed this life the 19th of April, 1786, aged 50 
years. He was late Governor of St. Lucia, Major Gene- 
ral on the Staff in Ireland, Lieutenant Colonel in his 
Grace the Duke of Rutland's Regt. In every station 
of life He merited the highest approbation. This tomb 
was erected by his nephew and heir, Lieut Col 1 John 
St Leger." 

< CLIV :— 

<k To the memory of Margaret Keap.ns, who departed this 
life at Hanelagh, on the 28th of May, 1822." 
' Mem.— This stone lies in the "gutter" along the side of the 
south wall. There are at least one or two others along the same 
wall, which I have been unable to copy. — C. M'C 


"This stone is erected to the memory of Mr. William 
Samue(ls), who departed this life, March 6th, 18(12 ?) — 
stone broken), aged (7 ?) 2 years." 


" Here lieth the body of Dixie Coddington, of Old Bridge, 
in the county of Meath, Esq., Representative for the 
Borough of Dunieer in the two last Parliaments. He 
departed this life the 29th (20th ?) of July, 1777, in the 
60th (appr) year of his age. Five of his children, who 
died young, are also interred here." 



< CLVII :— 

"Here lie the remains of the Rev. Fowler Comyngs (?), 
Prebendary of Swords, descended from a respectable 
family in Derbyshire. Ingenious, learned, eloquent, he 
commanded the admiration of the wise ; polite, candid, 
communicative, he attracted the respect of the great ; 
humane, benevolent, hospitable, amiable, affectionate, 
sincere, he was endeared by sympathy to the good. 
Having enjoyed for 18 years the most perfect conjugal 
happiness with Ann, sister of Sir Henry Harts tonge, 
' Bart, Sept 1 30 th (?), 1732, (?) aged 39 (59 ?), he suddenly 

" Within this vault are placed the remains of Mrs. Ann 
Weld Hartstonge, wife of Edmond Weld Hartstonge, 
She died the 14th day of January, 1803, aged 80 years." 

14 Here within this tomb, and next to his wife's remains, 
rests the body of the late Edmond Weld, Esq., husband 
to Anne Weld Hartstonge. He closed a long and pious 
life, beloved by his friends, and respected by all who 
knew him, upon the 3rd day of Sept 1 , 1817, in the 76th 
year of his age." 

4 CLVIII :— 

" Here lyeth the body of Peter Bracken, w T ho departed 
this life the 8th of November, ] 7G0 (appr), and three of 
his children ; also the body of his wife Lucy Bracken, 
died Oct. 30th, 1790. 

" This stone was erected by their affectionate daughter, 
Eliz th Gatfnby." 

4 CLIX :— 

44 This stone and burial place belong to Mr. Michael 
Perrot, Here lies the body of Mrs. Margaret Perrot, 
wife of the above Michael, who departed this life June 
the 5th 1774 (appr), aged 36 years." 

4 CLX :— 

44 This stone was erected by Samuel Smith, of Nassau 
Street, Thomas Smith, died May 5th, 1826." 

4 CLXI :— 

44 Mrs. Mary H. Peacock, wife of Price Peacock of the 
City of Dublin, Esq" died 28th June, 1786, aged 20 



■ CLXII :— 

" Here lieth interred the bo$y of Pryce Hartstonge, Esq. 
eldest son of Sir Standish Hartstonge, Bart, who 
departed this life the ... th day of February 1791 (?) aged 

18(?) years 

Here lieth also the body of Alice, his wife, daughter 
and co-heiress of Henry Widenham (?) Esq..., who de- 
parted this life the (?) of November, 1781 (?) 

• aged ...(?) years. Here lie interred also the bodies of 
their children, John Ormsby, Esq., only son of Henry 

Ormsby, Esq, (?) eldest daughter ; 

Pryce and Alice his w T ife, a youth adorned with every 
virtue, who departed this life '. " 

(The remainder illegible.) 

" Here also lieth the body of the above mentioned Mrs. 
Mary Ormsby who departed this life the 29th of Janu- 
ary, 1792 (?), aged 68 years." 

1 The foregoing tombstones, all copied this day, 30th July, 1S67, 
lie to west of the entrance to the vault, and include all that lie 
there. When resuming, commence w 7 ith the railed-in tombstone 
opposite the entrance to the vault, and proceed eastwards. — 
(C. M'C.) 

4 In a " Registry of Monuments (St. Ann's Parish)," taken in 
October, 1867, and preserved at St. Ann s, there are 2b0 entries, 
but not with particulars in full. An alphabetical index is prefixed 
to the volume.' 

This finishes Mr. Blacker's note-book — a most valuable re- 
cord of these monuments, many of which are, no doubt, now 
(1899) much more illegible than they were when copied some 
thirty years since. 

The following entries also occur in Mr. Blacker's book. On 
the Widows' House, fronting Schoolhouse Lane : — 

"St. Anne's Charity School, 1757." 

On the Lodging-house : — 

" Saint Ann's Charity School built A.D. 1791." 



A table of fees charged for. burials, tombstones erected, 
monuments, headstones, marriages by licence and by publica- 
tion, and for the churching of women, dated 17th December, 
1721, is also entered. 

St. Catherine's JParisfft, Thomas Street. 

[From Mrs. Long. Drawn by Miss C. L. Long.] 
In the Churchyard : — 
"HEAR ■ VN • DER ■ LIETH • T • HE 
1613 ■ AND ■ HIS ■ WIFE • ELLENOR - BATHE ■ 

' Near the head of the stone is a cross and the letters I H S, 
and in the lower half the letters WEB, with a sort of true lover's 
knot round thern. 

* Why the letter W is here, and not the letter R, for Robert, we 
are at a loss to understand.' 

Our special thanks are due to Miss Long for the beautifully 
executed drawings done by her of this inscription, and that of 
the tomb in St. James's Church. 

[From the " Irish Builder," 1898.] 

' The following inscription was on a monument in the old 
Church of St. Catherine's, which had become so ruinous that it 
had to be taken down [in 1765], and the monument "was 
destroyed," being in a very bad state. A new church was built, 
but " there is now neither monument nor inscription to the 
family ! " ' 


" Sub hoc tumulo in Christo obdormit GULIELMUS 
BRABAZON, Eques Auratus, qui triginta amios Belli 
Theraurarius et quater Dominus Justiciarius lmjus Regni 

[To face page 238. 




Prom a Drawing by Miss C, L. TiOifg. 

[To face page 239. 


£>AY OE j U ME J63 1 ^pEO 63 YEARS I'M 






Hiberna? florit. Athlon Castrum primis expugnavit, unde 
Provincia Conachtia et ejusdem Incolo Civilibus Insti- 
tutes facilius jam inde exculti fuemnt. — Vir ob. justi- 
ciam Benignitatem et Liberalitatem laudastissimus. 
Elizabetham Cliffordiam ex illustri Comitum Cumbrio 
stirpe oriundam in uxorem duxit e qua duos Filios 
totidemque Filias suseepit. Edvardam Militem et 
Kegni Censiliarium Antlioniam quondam Conaehtias 
Profectum. Annam Gulielmi Thwaits Armigeri 
uxorem, et Elizabetham primum Johanni Gifforde 
Arinigero postea Henrico Duco Equiti Aurato enuptam. 
Obiit apud Knockfergus Anno Salufcis 1548 — die. — 
Optimo Patri Edwardus films mostissimus posuit.'" 

* Under the above was ' : — 

" Here lieth the Body of Sir William Bbabazon Kn* who 
continued Tresoror in this Kindom XXXII years, in 
which time he was Lord Justice V several Times, lie 
was the first Englishman that planted in Conoght and 
wan the Castle of Athlone. He served irs the Reigne of 
Kings Henry the VIII and King Edward the YI. His 
son Sir Edward Braeazon Ku* Lord Baron of Ardee 
purposeth to be entombed by his Father and Mother." 

'The date of death, as above stated, is not correct. 1552 (July) 
appears to be the correct date.' 

He died in Ulster, as before mentioned, having his heart 
interred with his ancestors at Eastwell, and his body buried in 
the chancel of St. Catherine's Church, Dublin, where a monu- 
ment is erected to his memory with the preceding inscription, 
which, as already observed, in some particulars is erroneous, and 
contradictory to the account before given of him. 

St. James's I*ari*It. 

The illustration here given of the PiANFOPJD monument in 
this Parish Church is from an exceedingly well-executed drawing 
by Miss C. L. Long, to whom our best thanks are due. 



St. Hficlaael's l*ai-isl*. 

* Lodge says that their " Arms engraven in Brass" was on this 
stone. We doubt if they could'iiow be found.' 

'* Here lieth interred Ursula,* Lady Fielding, late Wife of 
the Honourable Sir Charles Fielding, who Departed 
this Life the 30 th of October 1720. Together with the 
said Sir Charles Fielding, Knt. who died the 24 th of 
April 1722." 

' By his will he bequeathed to the Charity Schools of the 
Parishes of St. Michael, St. Michan, and St. Mary, £20 each ; to 
the Poor of the two former Parishes, £5 each ; and to the Blue 
Coat Hospital, £10.' 

I*arisli and Clfewrel* oi* St. Mielaaai's. 

[Kindly contributed by Mrs. S. Long.] 


" This testimonial is inscribed to the memory of Samuel 
Rosborough Esqre One of the Founders of The Sick and 
Indigent Pioomkeepers' Society A.l). 1790. And for 
many years treasurer of the same, who departed this 
life the 3 rd of Nov. 1832. In the 75 th year of his age. 

" ' When the ear heard him, then it blessed him, 
And when the eye saw him, it gave witness of him, 
For he delivered the poor that cried, the fatherless, and 
him that had none to help him.' 

" This tablet has been erected by order of the Committee 
of the Society, as a mark of respect and esteem for the 
deceased. A.L. 1SG2." 


" Underneath this stone are buried the mortal remains of 
Matthew Johnston Esqre. He departed this life the 
10 th of June 1809, in the 79 th year of his age. Here 
also lieth his wife M RS Anne Johnston and her mother 
and sister M KS Jane Simcock and M R3 Jane Allen." . 

I*ari*Ii of St. S*etvr— Calilnairo Garden Graveyard. 

[From the Rev. Pv. S. Maffett, B.A.] 

1 The Cabbage Garden Graveyard, as it is called, lies to the 
south of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Adjoining it is a French grave- 

* Daughter of Thomas Stockton, Esqre., Justice of the King's Bench, and 
widow of Sir William Aston. Knt., 2nd Justice of the said Court. 

C 241 


yard, both being situated at the end of Cathedral Lane. The 
ground is, roughly speaking, a rectangle. The " north " end, in 
which is placed the entrance, is, however, somewhat narrower than 
the " south" end. According to information derived from the care- 
taker (May, 1898), this graveyard was closed in 1878 to all except 
fourteen families. The most recent interment (the inscription 
referring to which is to be found below) took place in 1896. The 
ceremonial of the consecration of the Cabbage Garden is recorded, 
it seems, in a MS. volume in the Library of Trinity College. 
Several references to this graveyard are to be met with in 
Monck Mason's " History of St. Patrick's Cathedral," where we 
read that, in consequence of a mandate, dated 4th March, 1GG6, 
from the Lord Lieutenant and Privy Council — alluded to in a 
resolution entered on the Chapter minutes of 1G92 — the Lean and 
Chapter demised to Henry Price, Minister, and to the Church- 
wardens of the parish of St. Nicholas Without, three stangs of 
ground in the parish of St. Kevin, to be used for the interment of 
the parishioners and the inhabitants of the Close. According to 
Mr. Blacker, this ground was long a favourite place of burial with 
the Wesleyans. The Corporation of Dublin have lately granted 
permission to Lord Iveagh to lay out the graveyard as a public 

' On the " north " side of a coped tombstone (limestone), which 
lies not far from the " west " wall, nearer to the 4i south " end of it 
than to the other extremity, is the following inscription in block 
capitals ' : — 

" In Memory of Wilhelmina, widow of the late Rev 5, 
Richard Legge Tyneb | 

who died at Reads Road, Ranelagh, C 0, Dublin, on 
the 17 th of January 1867, aged Go years. | She was 
daughter of the late Rev d - Walter Blake Kirwan, Dean 
of Killala, | whose remains were also laid here." 

1 On the opposite, sloped, side is ' : — 

" And now, Lord, what is my hope : truly my hope is 
even in thee." | 

Psalm xxxix. 8 verse. 

1 A limestone slab, on granite supports, stands slightly to the 
south of the above, and somewhat nearer to the west than the east 
wall. The inscription, facing the east, is in ordinary characters, 
the heading being chiefly capitals ' : — 

' THE 


" This family, so named from Luuvyche in Shropshire, 
removed to the Palatinate of Chester, and from thence 



6 242 

came with De Burgo ancestor of the Clanricardks, to 
Ireland about 1280. The De Burgos conferred on 
them large possessions in Westmeath and Longford, 
where [t]he y [sic] were Barons Palatines, as appears 
by Camden's Annals, at the end of his Britannia. A 
Branch settled near Drogheda. The last of it was 
Col. Ledwich who suffered the misfortunes of James II. 
His son Edward was bred to the Leather trade, and 
followed it extensively in Patrick Street in this City. 
He had by his Wife, Eliz. Arthur, three Sons. 
• Edward, Dean of Kildare and Prebendary of Christ 
Church ; John who followed his Father's business in 
the same Street, and Christopher, who died at Sea. 

" John Ledwich, before, [sk] was born the 27 th Nov. 
1714, and died 22 d May 1794 : he left by his Wife, 
Eliz. Davis, two Children. Lettice, Wife of the Eev. 
James Whttelaw, Vicar of St. Catherine's,* and 
Edward, Vicar of Aghaboe in the Queen's Co. at 
whose sole expence, this Memorial of his Ancestors 
who lie here interred has been made, 

" Richard, son of said Edward, died an Infant, and is 
here buried. 

" Charles, son of said Edward, died 17 th June, 1795 : 
Aged 8 Years, and a half. 

"Here lieth the body of the above named Reverend 
Edward Ledwich, who departed this life on the 8 th day 
of August 1823 at the advanced age of 84 Years.f 

" Here also lieth the body of Lydia, the Wife of William 
third Son of the above named Edward who departed 
this life on the 26 th of June 1816. Aged 28 Years. 

" And also Peter Wilkinson Ledwich Eldest Son of the 
above Lydia who departed this life on the first day of 
January 1839. Aged 28 Years." 

1 On a flat stone, not far from the east wall towards its south 
end, is the following in ordinary characters ' : — 

" Here lieth the Body of the Bev d Allen Morgan late 
Prebendary of S l Audeons Dublin who Departed this 
life September y e 2(8?) th 1763 Aged 58. 

"Here also lieth the Body of M" Elizabeth Morgan 
Relict of the Above who died January the 20 1798 
Aged 87. 

Author and philanthropist. f The Antiquary. 


" Here also lieth the Body of M rs - Hannah Morgan Relict 
of the Rev d - Hamilton Morgan Prebendary of S 1 - Patricks 
and Son of the above Allen and Elizabeth who died 
March the 28 th 1803. Aged 74, 

" Here also lie the bodies of the Very Rev 5, Allen Morgan 
Dean of Killaloe, who died Aug st 7 tb 1830. Aged 69. 


" John G Morgan Esq re , Nephew to the above and Son of 
the late Rev d H Morgan Prebendary of Leighlin died 
Jan r >- 9 t!l 1869. Aged 67." 

' Adjoining the above stone, on the north side, is a space 
enclosed by wire work, to which is attached, at the west end, a 
metal plate, with the following inscription painted on it ' : — 

"Mary Morgan, died, November 3 rd 1S8G. Catherine 
Morgan, died, October 10 th 1896. Daughters of the 
late Rev d Hamilton Morgan, M.A. Prebendary of 

[From the Rev. H. R. Huband, Killiskey Rectorv, 
Co. Wicklow, 1898.] 

Inscription on a large horizontal stone, supported by four 
upright pillars, three of which have fallen, on the east side 
of the burial-ground known as the " Cabbage Garden/' 

Discovered and copied by Mr. Edward Evans on February 
22ud, 1898. 

"This stone hath been placed here An. Dom. 1797 by 
Joseph Huband, Grandson of Edmund next under- 
named, in the place of a stone much decayed and 
broken whereon were the two next following inscrip- 
tions : — 

" This Stone and Burial Place belongeth to M r Edmund 
Huband and his Posterity An. Dom. 1690. Here lie 
Sixteen of his children. 

" The above named Edmund Huband died An. Dom. 1719 
and was buried in a Vault under the Church of the 
Parish of S T Luke. 

"Here lieth Edmund Huband son of the above named 
Edmund Huband and Father of Joshua Huband Joseph 
Huband which Edmund, Father of Joshua and Joseph 
died An. Dom. 1757." 



The following inscriptions are also from the Rev. R. S. 

Maffett:— ■ 

1 At the north-east corner of the ,c Morgan " memorials is a very 
low headstone, arched at the top. On it is carved a Latin inscrip- 
tion, the third word of which is probably " corpus." If so, the 
ending of the next word is wrong. The illegible portion might, 
however, be a prior Christian name, or the word " Domina." The 
" E " in the surname is not wholly legible ; the " Q " following is a 
reversed "P"' :— 


IACET (C ?) 


' At the north-west of the " Morgan" tombstone there is a small 
upright stone with the following inscription. There seems room 
for, but no trace of, a letter at the end of " Bilan " ' : — 

MAY 1681." 

'To the south-east of the "Morgan" tombstone is a rather 
small upright stone, facing the west, with a deeply-cut inscription, 
as follows, no fourth figure in the year having been carved. The 
lettering here, as in the two previous inscriptions, is in capitals ' : — 


ABY Y 22 168 (sic): 1 

1 To the south-east of the last memorial there is a somewhat 
curious-looking headstone, white in colour, with cherubs' heads 
carved on it. The inscription, vrhich is very illegible, is to 
" lohn Hutchinson." A flat stone below it is to " Maria 
Hutchinson." Behind it is a stone to " Geo Grant late of 
Hilton Park in the County of Dublin Esq r (1787)." 

■ A small headstone, considerably to the north of the " Ledwich " 
tomb, and close to the south side of two " tombs " alongside one 
another, has the following inscription in small italics ' : — 


" Here ly. y body of Heneky (sic) — Neale who deceased 
Sep (or ? ) 7 . 1685 & p i?J £ his children." 



1 Slightly to the north-west of the " Ledwich " tomb is a head- 
stone, slanting eastwards, whicji, attracts attention from its colour 
being red. The stone at each side is formed into pillars, and at 
the top of a sort of pediment there is carved, in relief, the inside of 
a scallop-shell between two roses (?) also in relief. The inscription 
is in small letters, the initials of the first name being ornamental, 
and the word " years " placed over 34. There may have been dots 
between some of the words ; but such are now all over the stone, 
the sandstone, or freestone, material being greatly eaten away, 
except, curiously, down the sides of the memorial ' : — 

" This Burial Place Belongeth to Isaac Freae of the City 
of Dublin Slater and his Posterity who caused this 
Stone to be Erected To the Memory of Jane his wife 

• who dep d this Life Sept br the 9 th . 178 (5?). Aged Si 
Also Two of their children." 

1 A flat stone, lying under trees, not very far from the entrance, 
and still nearer to the east wall, has, in relief (in a hollowed circle 
bounded by a leaf -like edging), I H S surmounted by a cross, and 
under the H a reversed " block " V. In another hollowed circle 
below there is, in relief,' a crown or coronet with a bird standing on 
it, the combined height of these being o\ inches. I may mention 
here that the crest of the " Sullivans," as given by Sir B. Burke, 
is : " On a ducal coronet a robin, in the beak a sprig of laurel." 
This stone has a crack across it extending from below the seventh 
line, at the left-hand side, across the D of " Dublin " in the second 
line; of this word no more seems to have been carved than Dubl, 
nor does there seem to have been any " t " in <£ belongeth " above 
it. The inscription is in small letters ' 

" This stone and burial place belonge h | to Daniel 
Sullivan of the City of Dub 1 | merch 1 and his posterity 
| Here lyeth the body of M r Timothy Sullivan late of 
the City of Dublin | merch* who departed this life the 
| second day of Decern 1 1755 in the | 61 3t year of his 
age | as also the body(e)s of his son James | Sullivan 
and his daughter Elenor Tighe with many more of his 

{ Near the above tombstone are memorials with the names of 
" Sinnett " and "Medcalfe" on them, and still nearer to the 
entrance than the " Sullivan " stone is a slab on low supports, 
with the following inscription : — 

u Under this stone lie the remains \ of | Edward Litton 
esquire | He died on the fourteenth day of July | Anno 
Domini 1808 | Aged fifty four | He is justly and greatly 



[From Sir Arthur Vicars (Ulster).] 
Stiilorg'an IPiii'isI* and Cliureli. 

- Interior of Chancel : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Louisa Lady Muskerry, wife 
of Matthew Fitzmaurice Lord Muskerry, who de- 
parted this life on the 25 th day of September, in the 
year of our Lord 1846, in the fortieth year of her age. 
This monument has been erected by her bereaved hus- 

" By humble charity in life 

Endeared to all within her sphere, 
As daughter, mother, and as wife, 
Her walk was exemplary here. 

" And do we mourn that she has gone, 
Who long upon her Saviour leant ? 
He called her gently to His throne ; 
She, crying £ 1 am happy,' went." 

[Psalm xvii, v. 15.] 

' Interior, north side : — 

" In memory of Charles James Taylor, who fell asleep 
February 8 th 1867, aged 58 years. Erected by his 
deeply mourning widow. 

" What I do thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know 

* Interior, north side : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Deane Grady, of Still- 
organ Castle, who died the 13 th December, 1858, at her 
house, Merrion Square. This tablet is erected by her 
surviving and sorrowing children, Captain Deane 
Grady, Amelia Lady Ed. Chichester, Olivia Vis- 
countess Massereene, and Cecilia Lady Eoche. Her 
end was peace.' ' 

* Interior, north side : — 

" This tablet is erected to the memory of the Rev d John- 
Grant, A.B., late Hector of this parish, who departed 
this life at Santerengo, Gull of Spezia, Italy, on the 6 Ui 
day of April, 1858, aged 58 years. In that peace of 
mind which passeth all understanding, he experienced in 
his last moments the power, truth, and comfort of the 



doctrines lie had taught so fervently. Faithful to his 
charge, his latest thoughts were for his congregation ; 
praying that every member'thereof might be filled with 
the knowledge and love of God, and with implicit faith 
in the all-sufficient merits of His Son Jesus Christ. 
His remains lie in the Protestant cemetery at Leg- 

[1 Cor. xv. 57.] 

" And to his eldest son, Henry aged 17, 4 th officer of the 
London, which foundered Jan ry 11 th 18G6. During the 
storm he exerted himself to the utmost, and met a 
sailor's grave in the intrepid discharge of his duty. 
' The sea is His, and He made it.' * I believe in the 
resurrection of the body.' " 

* Interior, north side :— 

" In memory of Julius Alexander Sartoris, Captain in 
the 16 th Lancers. Died 3 rd of August, 1863, aged 82 


[No return.] 


Tuam— §t. Mary's Cathedral Clmreliyartl. 

[Contributed by Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.-P.R.S.A.L] 

' All the inscriptions here given are copied from tombstones 
lying on the south side of the burial-ground ; a few of them are 
mentioned on pp. 129 and 506 of Vol. II of the Journal A.P.M.D. 
as being impossible to decipher — nearly impossible would be more 

' Just below the south wall of the old portion of the Cathedral 
are three large flags, fitted together, which mark the burial-plot of 
the Blakeney family ; on the first is incised : — 

" In this Tomb, Erected in Memory of Tho s Blakeney 
Esq k , the elder, the worthy Man to whom the following 
Psalm is justly applicable, are deposited the remains of 

gaitway. 248 

said Tho s who died 27 v May 1762. Of Sarah bis wife 
who died 15 v Feb ry 1763 and of Tho s and Simeon Two 
Sons of Simeon Blakeney the Founder hereof." 

' Then follows the above-mentioned Psalm on the two flags 
below the inscribed one, as given above, which reads book-fashion. 
The left-hand " page " commences — 

44 Lord whos the happy man that may 
to thy blest courts repair." 

' And finishes — 

" Nor listen to a false report 
by malice whisper 'd round.'' 

1 The right-hand il page " begins with — 

" Who Vice in all her pomp and power 
can treat with just neglect." 

* And ends — 

" "Whom no rewards can ever bribe 
the guiltless to destroy." 

1 The Psalm is a long one, and much of it is illegible. Beside 
the above tombslabs lies a small flag, at the top of which is a crest — 
an arm couped at the elbow ; in the hand a sword. Below which 
follows this almost defaced inscription in relief : — 


' The remainder of the inscriptions are all from the south side 
of the burial-ground : — 

c Aflat slab with lettering in relief — 


THE : 10TH : 1672." 



1 On a flat slab : — 

An animal's head. Un foy un roy. 

y e Kev d (sic) 

" Here lies the bodv of Arth" Gruber who Depart' 1 this 
Life the 24 th of March 1708 in the 34 41 y r of his Age." 

4 A headstone against the south wall, incised : — 
Crest and 
17 Coat of 44 

" Of age y e Glory is to wish to die, 
That wish is Praise and promise 
It applauds past life 
& promises our future bliss." 

" On the 27 th day of Oct r 1817 departed this life Jasper 
Surridge aged G8 y rs " 
1 This stone is in two parts ; and, though the upper fits on the 
under, they appear to be erected to different families, as the arms 
on the upper stone do not correspond with the Surridge Coat of 
Arms as given by Burke. 

1 On a flat granite slab, lightly incised, and hard to decipher, 
is : — 


* Beside $he above, on another slab, is : — 


JOHN BRADLEY of galway who depart" this life 

Y* 15 V OF MAY 1785 IN THE 34 YEAR OF HER AGE." 

A bird with a branch in its beak. 

* In the Synod Hall, at the east end of the old Cathedral, and 
at the west end of the room, is a mural tablet, with large raised 
letters, each about six inches long : — 

IAC . 2-.REGE 
A R C H I E P 





Parislt o** A.;rHa<Ioc*— A yltsidoe Oeitr<*li.vai*«l« 

• [From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.-P.R.S.A.L] 

* This churchyard is famous for its church ruins (having a 
Romanesque western doorway) and the stump of a Round Tower, 
now. in charge of the Board of Works. Lying on the south wall of 
the chancel, where it was placed for safety, is an Ogham stone ; 
but the inscription is imperfect.' 

* Except this Ogham stone, there are no sepulchral monuments 
of a date earlier than the last century now visible.' 

' The first two inscriptions given below are copied from head- 
stones ; the remainder are all from flat slabs ' : — 


" Here lies The Body of Humphry Lynch the Lord Be 
Mercifull to his Soule 7* K y e 6 th 1701." 


1. H. S. 

" This Tomb was Erected by Cornelius Murphy 1791." 

" Here lies Ellen second daughter of Lieut. Col l - William 
M c Carthy who died Deeemb r 15 v 1S23 Aged 17 y r \" 

I. H. S. 

" Here lyes the body of the REV 
DAN : MAHONY who died y e i st - ofmar c1 
1772 agd k 40 y rs " 

" Anastasia O'Connell died May . . 1801." 

of the 
of Dunloe." 



* On this stone are seen the tower and cock, a deer, a bell, hand, 
&e. [See plate, opposite.] ' 

1 The above two inscriptions are on quaintly carved stones 
against the outside of the east wall of the old church. The carving 
is semi-heraldic, with religious symbols, and is accurately depicted 
in the accompanying sketches made from rubbings by me.' 

" In memory of Timothy Moynihan who died 5th Feb y - 


' E. Colles. Kilkenny." 

" This Tomb was erected by Jeremiah Sullivan And 
Dan l Sullivan in memory of their Father Timothy 
Sullivan Who died Dec r 4 th 180S Aged 72 years. 
A.D. 1808." 

4 This is on a broken fragment lying against a tomb.' 

" Sacred to the memory Francis Moynihan Who died at 
Kenmare the 18th day of January 1880 May he rest 
in peace 

Healy Bro s , Tralee " 

" Erected in memory of the Eev d Arthur Moynihan, 
Administrator of Listowel who died 80 th August 1882 
aged 41 years. 

E. L P. 

E. Colles Kilkenny." 

"In Loving memory of John 0' Sullivan National School 
Teacher who died 5 th March 1894 Aged 68 years 

E. I. P. J. A. O'Connell, Cork.' 

I. H. S. 

" This stone was erected by John Sullivan in memory of 
his two sons Dan*- who died in the y r 1820 Aged 30 y rs 
& Tim* died in 1820 Aged 40 y rs and for the use of 
himself and his Posterity. May their souls rest in Peace 
Amen. A.D. 1827." 

"Erected by Michael 0' Shea In memorv of his Father 
Michael O'Shea, Who died March 28* 1848 Aged 88 
years Julia Shea who died April 20 th 1849 Aged 3 years 
Cornelius Shea who died March 4 th 1859 Aged 15 years 
And his Mother Julia O'Shea who died August' 20 th 
1884 Aired 69 years. 

E. Colles Kilkenny " 



[Kindly lent by E. P. Wright, Esq., M.D., 1898.] 



"Erected by Mary Shea in memory of her husband Denis 
who died 13 th July 1874 Aged 51 years And her son 
Jerry who died 21 st January, 1890 Aged 26 years." 

I. H. S. 

" Erected by Cor 3 Shea T. in memory of his Father and 
Mother and beloved Wife Johanna alias Sullivan D. who 
died Dec r 9 th 1840 Aged 4G y rs Requiescant in pace." 

Va I cnci a— 'ft i 1 more Ob ws*ela . 

[Copied by C. Perceval Bolton. J.P., 1898.] 

{ In the ruins of the old church are the following inscriptions to 
the FitzGerald family : ' — 

" Maurice FitzGerald eldest son of The Fit Honble the 
Knight of Kerry, who died at Goblenz on the 9th of 
May 1830 Aged 35/" 

This stone is against the tower. 

" Sacred to the memory of Sir Peter FitzGerald 19th 
Knight of Kerry Born 15 Spt. 1808 Died 6 Aug. 1880 
and of Julia Mary his wife Born 28 August 1819 Died 
5th November 1896." 

Flat stone on ground. 

" Sacred to the memory of Maurice Son of Robert and 
Marian FitzgeraUI Born 2 Sept 1882 Died 29 Ap 

Flat stone on ground. 

" Sacred to the memory of Arthur Maurice The infant 
son of The Knight of Kerry and Lady Fitzgerald 
Born 5 June Died 21 June 1883." 

Flat stone on ground. 

" Francis Peter Son of the Honble Francis & Elizabeth 
Spring Rice, Born 18 Aug Died 2 Dec 1883" 

Flat stone on ground. 




Ifari&Ii of <*i*eat fConiiell— TI*« I&<*liK'<.»<»ii <31*ifs-<*Ifc« 


[From Lord W. FitzGerald.'] 

. 'A hundred and fifty yards from the ruins of Great Connell 
Ahbey to the north-east is a burial-ground containing a small, plain 
Protestant church. This graveyard is known as " the Eeligeen." 

1 On the south-west side of the graveyard is a small bit of a stone 
wall into which are built two portions of what appears to have been 
an old altar-tomb ; they are in height about 20 inches, by 14 inches 
wide ; both have carving in relief on them. 

1 One stone has the figure of a saint holding in his right hand a 
battle-axe, and in his left a long carpenter's saw. 

! The other stone is a panel containing a cross upon which are 
five fan-shaped objects, It is probably intended for a coat-of-arms. 

£ Near the above is a headstone bearing the following inscrip- 
tion : ' — 

" This Stone was Erected by Malachy Dimpsey in 
Memory of his Wife Ann Dimpsey who dep d this Life 


Dec the 2 nd 1805 Aged 37 years his Father Dep d Sep* 
20'-' 1795 Also his Mother May they Rest in Peace. 

I<u fly town lis firclayai'tl— Same parish. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

' This churchyard lies three miles to the south-west of the town 
of Naas. None of the walls of the chapel are now standing. 

' The churchyard is surrounded by a wall, the gate being on the 
east side of the ground. Just inside the gate is a small modern 
stone house, with a fireplace and chimney at one end. The doorway 
faces the churchyard, and has holes on either side for barring the 
door. The roof is an arched stone one, and the walls have no 
windows, but are pierced with four loopholes for firing through. 
This is a watch-house, built in former times when exhuming and 
stealing a newly buried corpse for surgical purposes was a common 
practice. I have not met with any other instance of a watch-house 
still standing in a burial-ground. 

' The inscriptions given below are all from headstones standing 
in this cburehyard : ' — 

" Muktagh Hanlon died April y 3 rd - Aged 63 years 
Also Kickakd his son Aged 23 years Feb. 17, 1800 " 



" This Stone was Erec d by Eichard Cokmick in memory 
of his beloved Father Fakrel Cormick who died July 8. 
1812 Aged 53 years." 

" Here lies y Body of Giles Rigney Abas Toole Wife to 

le e 

David Too who died April y 27. 1734 Aged 34 years 
Also 4 of her sons viz : Peter." 

• (The rest of the inscription is under ground.) 


1748 AGED 30 YEARS 

(The remainder is under ground.) 

* This inscription faces the east, and so the H Clergyman " 
must have been a Protestant.' 

" This Stone & Burial-place belong 
to Thady Henegan who departed 
this Life the 1 st day of November 1738 
Aged 88 years." 

(The rest of the inscription is under ground.) 

" This Stone was Erected by John Mecab* of New Hall in 
Memory of his Wife Mary Mecabe Als Wheeler who 

Departed this life y 2lf Feb^ 1758 Aged 86 years." 

" This Stone was Erected by Morris Doyle in Memory 
of his Son Morris who dep d this life March (?) 178G 
aged (?)." 

This last inscription is hard to decipher, as the headstone 
is a * granite one.' 



[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

1 The old churchyard of ^iilmead is of very small dimensions ; 
it lies in a field a quarter of a mile to the north-east of the Roman 
Catholic chapel of that name, between Athy and Narraghmore. It 
is now almost disused, and only contains six inscribed tombstones. 
The first four inscriptions given below are to a family of FitzGeralds, 
of Kilmead House, and afterwards of Geraldine, near Athy, which 
name was given to the latter place by them instead of its old cue of 
Tuliaghgorey. All trace of any building has disappeared from this 
churchyard ' : — 

" Here lieth the Body of Rose Fitzgerald Alias Lacy 
wife of Thomas Fitzgerald of Kilmeed Esq'- who 
departed this life the 19 th of Nov 1 - in 1762 Aged 84 
Here lieth Tho s Fitzgerald Esq- of Kilmeed Who died 
Sept; 17 th 1801. Aged SI. Lord have mercy on him." 

[This is a large slab lying fiat.] 

4 The next three are altar- or table-tombs ' : — 

" Here lieth the Body of Mary FitzGerald Daughter of 
Thomas FitzGerald Esq r> , Born 1 st July 1780, Departed 
3 rd August 180G, Lived Beloved, Dyed most sincerely 
lamented. Lord have mercy on her soul Amen." 

" Here lieth the Body of Thomas FitzGeeal* of Geraldine 
Esq r - who departed this Life the 21** of August, 1808 
Aged 55 years may the Lord in his Mercy Receive 
his Soul Amen. Here also after a venerable Widow- 
hood of 37 years are laid the remains of his Wife 
Elizabeth who in a long and holy Life Exhibited a 
rare pattern of Christian Excellence and departed this 
Life on the 10 March 1845. Aged 91 years. Requies- 
cant in pace. Amen." 

" Here lieth the Mortal Remains of 
Colonel Thomas FitzGerald, of Geraldine 
who departed this Life on the 28 th March 1835 
In the 58 lh year of his Age 
A benevolent landlord, an enlightened and impartial Magistrate, 
And a sincere Lover of his Country, 
his Influence and exertions were ever devoted to the 



service of his fellowmen, and his death was 
lamented as a public loss. 
In domestic life he was affectionate 
amiable a*tid exemplary. 
His attachment to the Religion of his fathers 
was sincere and practical 
and he reposes in the hope of a Glorious 
Resurrection through the mercy and merits of 
our Divine Redeemer. 
" Here also rests the Body of his brother Francis 
FitzGerald Esquire who died on the 22 nd of April 
1810 at the town of Dawlish in Devonshire in the 
26 th year of his Age. 

1 Eternal Rest give to them, Lord, 
And Jet perpetual Light shine unto them.' " 

" ' Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord.' 

." Here are laid the Mortal Remains of Anne, Sister to 
the late Colonel FitzGerald of Geraldine, who after 
living through Life a most faithful servant of God, the 
best of Daughters and of Sisters, Expired on the 2 nd 
June 1841 in the 48 th year of her Age." 

11 Of your Charity pray for the Repose of Miss Elizabeth 
FitzGerald who departed from this Life on the 14 th 
day of Jan. 1856. In compliance with her request her 
remains lie with those of her beloved sister Anne. 
Intelligent, Active, and Prudent, she was lamented 
by all Classes, and was much endeared to the poor, 
for whose sake and the advancement of Religion, she 
left a handsome Bequest to the Convent of Mercy in 

" She hath opened her hand to the needy and stretched 
out her hand to the poor." 

Proverbs, 20 th v, 31 st chat* 
" May she rest in Peace. R.I.P." 

' The next-mentioned Fitz Geralds do not seem to be of the same 
family as those of Kilmeed and Geraldine ' : — 

" Here lies the Body of Richard Fitzgerald of Athy who 


departed this Life y 15 th day of July 1747 aged 63. 

e e 

Also y body of Ursula his wife dep d this Life March y 
25 Ul 1758 aged 77 Also their son Gerald's wife Eliza 
Fitzgerald otherwise Con an who died April 1 st 1765 



Aged 42. Eequiescant in pace Amen. Also Anne 
Conrahy second wife of Gerald Fitzgerald "who died 
1773 Also Edward son of Gerald and Eliza Fitz- 
gerald who died 1790. 'Also Gerald son of Gerald 
and Anne Fitzgerald who died March 28 th 1792. Aged 
20 years. Also Gerald son of Kichard and Ursula 
Fitzgerald otherwise Moore who died October 1793 
aged 75. May the Lord have Mercy on their Souls." 

[This is a slab lying flat.] 

' The next is a modern class of monument. On one side is 
inscribed ' : — 


' On another side is a panel let into the monument, on which is 
recorded ' : — 

" John Goold, of Athy, died 1 st August 1833 aged 60. 
His Wife Ursula, Daughter of Gerald FitzGerald, 
Athy, died 8 tb May 1845 aged 75 Their son William 
died 11 th December 1823 aged 20. Their Daughter 

- Mary Ursula died 30 th April 1824. May the Lord 
have Mercy on their Souls. Their children Gerald, 
Gerald junr, John, and Catherine died young. Anna 
Maria Goold, died 18 Jan. 1870. Aged 64. 1U.1V 

OI<! Count!! II— Parish, of 3tfew&rI<Ij2re. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

* About a mile to the north of Newbridge (on the G. S. k W. 
Eailway) lies the burial-ground of Old Connell, close beside which 
to the west is a large moat. 

4 There is little of interest in the place ; but the two inscriptions 
given below catch the eye, as they face the west, denoting the 
graves of priests ' : — 

Memento Mori 

" This Stone was Erected by Tho 8 Staunton. Here lies 

y Body of y!B d Tha Staunton P.P. of Great Connell 

& Y.G. of y diocese Kildare who departed this Life y 
2 nJ of February 1762 Aged 69 " 



' The next inscription is off a stone lying flat in a low enclosure 
in the middle of the graveyard ' 

*" if. 


" Here lieth the Body of the Rev. M c Dermott P P 
of Connell who departed this life the 21 st day of Feb- 
ruary 1777 in the 48 th year of his Age. Requiescat in 
pace . Amen " 

We have to thank Lord Walter FitzGerald for having kindly 
placed the block from which the annexed curious plate is 
engraved at our service for the pages of this J ournal. In vol. ii, 
No. 6, page 879, of " The Journal of the County Kildare 
Archaeological Society" for 1898, will be found a description of 
the tombstone here represented, from which we extract the 
following : — 

"Lying in one of the side chapels, off the Lady Chapel 
attached to these abbey ruins, is a thick slab, 6 feet 4 inches in 
length, and 2 feet 5 inches in breadth, having on it, cut-in low 
relief, a handsome eight-armed cross ; while on one side of the 
shaft is a male skeleton, and on the other the skeleton of a 
woman in a shroud. 

"The slab is broken into four pieces, and, except for three 
portions of different cross-inscribed flags belonging to ecclesi- 
astics, it is the only tombstone now visible in the precincts of 
this abbey. 

" As is shown in the accompanying illustration, there are 
traces of an incised inscription ; but it is very doubtful if they 
are contemporary with the sculpturing on the slab ; all that 
is legible are the names Iames Tallon and Ioane (i.e., Joan) 
Skelton. [who died 21 of ] 

"A curious feature in connection with the male skeleton is 
that alongside of it is a four-legged reptile of the ' dartloocker } 
(or lizard) type, which has the skeleton's left foot in its mouth. 

"In the shrouded figure, a portion of the grave-clothes are 



open, revealing the ribs of the skeleton within, intertwined 
between which are apparently worms. The probable date of- this 
slab is the first half of the sixteenth century." 

There is a similar tomb in the city of "Waterford; also at 
St. Peter's Church, Drogheda ; and also one at Kinsale, erected 
by the Galwey family, and dated 1627. 

For notes on the Waterford tombstone [Rice's] see our 
Journal for 1892, vol. i, page 224, and for that at Kinsale the 
Journal for 1895, vol. iii, page 47, where a description and 
illustration are given. 


Kilmacow Cfenrcli— Diocese of Ossory. 

[From the late Surgeon Lieut.-Col. J. Greene, A.M.S.] 

< Inscription over entrance ' : — 

" Jos H Greene of Greenville 
Jos H Power of Dangan Esq e 
C h Wardens 1818." 

' Note. — Joseph Greene was the only son of John Greene of 
Greenville by his second wife, Letitia, widow of William Greene of 
Kimianahon Castle, County Waterford, and only child and heiress 
of Nuttall Greene of Low Grange, County Kilkenny. Born 
4th May, 1783 ; High Sheriff, County Kilkenny, 1808 ; Mayor of 
Kilkenny, 1825 ; B.M., 1831-58. He resided at Greenville from 
1811 to 1820, as he had been appointed guardian to his nephew, 
John Greene, then a minor, who afterwards was M.P. for the 
county from 1848 to 18G5. Joseph Greene built Lakeview, near 
Kilkenny, in 1842, and resided there till his death on 28th 
February, 1858.' 

1 Tablets in the interior of the church ' : — 

4< Sacred to the memory of Major William Greene who 
departed this life on the 4 th June l!S29. This Monu- 
ment is erected by his disconsolate Widow the Hon 1 '" 
Jane Greene as a . small testimony of his departed 



"In the family vault of the Greenes of Greenville in this 
church lie interred the remains of Robert Rochfort 
late of Clogrennen iaa- County Carlo w Esq. He dyed at 
Bishapp Hall on the 14 February 1757 in the 81 year 
of his age." 

"Sacred | to the memory of [Margaret | Wife of the 
Eev d Edward Hunt of Jerpoint | aud daughter of | John 
Greene of Greenville Esq | who departed this life j the 

' 14 February 1810 in the B0 th year of her age." 

" Sacred | To the Memory of The Honourable and Keve- 
rend George Theobald Bourse for 32 years Rector of 
this Parish He was the youngest son of j Joseph Deane 
Bourke Third Earl of Mayo | And died on thy 22 ad 
December 1847 aged 72 years Also to the Memory of 
Augusta Geoegina Bouke;; wife of the above who died 
the 15 January 1847 aged 85 j " 

' The following is on a brass tablet placed on the wall between 
. two stained-glass windows ' : — 

"In loving Memory of their Mother Clementina Bartolucci 
who died at Greenville Park in this Parish IB June 1867 
These two windows are erected by their children August 
1883. | " 

' There is only one vault, that of the Greenes, formerly of 
Greenville. It is under the chancel, the entrance being outside, 
on the north side. Inscription cut on the champer of the string 
course over the entrance ' : — 

" The Family Vault of the Greenes of Greenville restored 
by Surgeon-Major J. J. Greene A.M.S. 1892." 

* Inscriptions copied from the coffin-plates : — 

1. " Eleanor Greene born Novem r the 11 th 1816 died Febru- 
ary 26 lHTSr 

2. " Mrs. Eliza Ryland died 24 th of February 1823." 

8. " Mrs. Frances Green aged 77 years died 6 May 1824." 

4. " Willlym Greene Esq of Janevilie died June B rd 1829 
Aged 81 years." 



5. "Major Joseph Greene | died November 23 rd 1830 aged 
83 years." " . ' 

6. " Died 4 th June 1848 the Hon ele Jane Greene aged 80 

7. " Lt* t Godfrey Greene late of the 48 Bengal Native 
Infantry Departed this life 13 August 1857 aged 51 

8. " Godfrey Green died May 4 th 1859 aged 83." 

9. " Mary Greene died 5 th January 1875 | aged 75." 

10. " William Hastings Greene died | 9 th June 1881 aged 8G 

11. " Greene 1807." 

4 Notes on the above : — 

No. 1. ' One of the daughters of Joseph Greene, of Lakeview, 
born and died during his temporary residence at Greenville. 

2. 1 Mrs. Elizabeth Ryland, the wife of Burton Ryland, of 
Waterford, and only daughter of James M'Nab, M.D., of Water- 
ford, by his wife Elizabeth, only daughter of John Greene, of 
Greenville, by his second wife, Olyrnpia, widow of George Birch, 
Birchneld, and daughter of Robert Langrish, Knocktopher, Co. 

3. "Frances Greene, daughter of John Greene, of Greenville, 
by his first wife, Frances Reynett, widow, the daughter of J. 
Nicholson, Waterford. 

4. 'William Greene, fifth son of above-mentioned John and 
Frances Greene, Major H. E. I. Company, of Lota, Co. Cork ; 
afterwards of Janeville, near Tallow, Co. Waterford, M.P. Dun- 
gar van, 1802-6. 

5. 'Joseph Greene, fourth son of John and Frances Greene, 
Major 40th Regt., specially mentioned in the House of Lords for 
his defence of the Star Fort, South Carolina, 21st May to 19th 
June, 1781. (See " Historical Records 40th Regiment.") Port 
Surveyor, Waterford, 1799-1822. 

6. 1 Honorable Jane Greene, third daughter of Hugh, 2nd Lord 
Massy. She married, October, 1789, the above Major William 

7. ' Godfrey Greene, Lieut. 4Sth B.N.I. , fourth son of above 
Major William Greene. 



8. 'Godfrey Greene, formerly of Greenmount, Co, Kilkenny, 
second son of John Greene, of Greenville (who was the third son of 
above John Greene and Eranees Eeynett), by Mira, widow of 
Christopher Musgrave, of Templemichael, Co. Waterford, daughter 
of Thomas Boyce, of Bishop's Hali, Co. Kilkenny, 

9. ' Mary Greene, wife of William Hastings Greene, only 
daughter of Dominick Sarsfield, of Dough cloyne, Co. Cork. 

10. ' William Hastings Greene, of Lota, Co. Cork, eldest son of 
Major William Greene, of Janeville. 

11. ' Eev. Thomas Greene, Rector of Glonkeen, Co. Tipperary, 
1789-1807, youngest son of John Greene, of Greenville, by his first 
wife, said Frances Eeynett. Buried 16th January, 1807.' 

iniXUlHliiU . 

[From the late Surgeon Lieut. -Col. J. Greene, 1897.] 

{ Inscription on a tombstone in the old church of Gaulskill, 
Diocese of Ossory ': — 

" Here lyeth the Body of John Bisiiopp | late of Bishopp 
Hall Esq, who departed | this life A prill the 7 th 1717 in 
the 80 year | of his age j This tomb was erected in the 
year 1750 | by his disconsolate widow Ann Bishopp | 
alias Soutiicoat in grateful Memory | of their mutual 
love and tenderness for | each other." 

. ItilUieran Chitrclnyard. 

[Copied by C. Perceval Bolton, J.P.] 

11 Sacred to the memory of Simon Osborne of Ansborough 
Esq r who was born A.I). 1750 A: Died 7 June 1792. 
His remains with those of his children and a number 
of his ancestors and Family are interred Beneath This 
Tomb Which as a tribute of respect is Erected in this 
Burial Ground by his only Surviveing Son Bichard 
Boyse Osborne Born 22 of August, 1791." 

Smyth Sculp. ° March 181G. 

' The above inscription is on a panel within an enclosure, with a 
coat-of -arms and crest above.' 





[No return from this County for 1899.] 


[No return from this County for 1899.] 


[No return from this County for 1899.] 


Parisli of A1»l>cyftlirule and Ta.^liiiiii.y. 

' On the south side of St. Mary's Chapel, Abbeyshrule, the 
following inscription is on an ancient stone 5 : — 

M Pray for the soul of Father Ferrall parish priest of 
Abbeyshrule, descended of the family of Bacon, who 
caused this monument to be erected in Memory of his 
Father & Grandfather, being both Lewis, and also his 
Mother Mabg 1 Ferrall alias Fox " 

Memo. — ' An extremely old coffin- shaped stone in burial-ground 
highly decorated, containing allegorical figures.' — (Dean Lyster's 

* The following is a copy of the inscription on the old stone in 
nave of church alluded to in Dean Lyster's note above written in 
1S48 ' :— 

" This stone covers the opening into a vault under the chancel 
of the church in which the old sexton remembers having seen about 


I. H. S. 



5 or 6 lead coffins, and over this vault in front of the very east 
window stood the large Annally monument until removed 'by the 
Rev. E. S 1 George to its present position." 

On top are the Pettit arms. 

" Here Lyeth The Body of Pierce Pettit who was . . . 
re d By . . . obert . . . y e 1 th of August 1684 
and likewise y e body of Jane Pettit daughter to the s d 
Pierce who was Married to y e Rev 1 Alex. Knox and 
died y e 17 th of De br 1703 : Likewise of Barbara Knox 
Davghter to the s e Jane & Allso y° body of J ohn Black 
who was married . . . Marg- t daughter to the said 
Pierce Pettit : and Dyed y e 28 Ul of Avgusfc An : Dom : 
1707 : and Allso Two sons of y e s d Johns." 

[Death's head and crossed bones.] 

Where the blanks are in the above inscription, the stone is 
injured, and the letters are illegible. 

[From Rev. F. S. Stoney.] 

' The following is a note from an old Vestry book by the late 
James Lyster, Dean of Ontario, and formerly Rector of this 
Parish ' : — 

.(Note) • " 1848. 

'* It appears the Parish Church at Present in use was built by 
the Annelly family of Tennelich (somewhere about 16 — ), there 
being an old tombstone in the aisle of the church to Mr. Pierce 
Petit, who was murdered by 1 Robt. Sands,' — 16 (shot, I under- 
stand, in a duel). The name is chizzled [sic] out, which was done, 
I understand, by an old clerk named Ayres, about forty years ago, 
not wishing to have the name appear. 

" The Parish Church appears to have been in the Parish of 
Taughsbinod, to which it was united (now in ruins). The Rectory 
of 4 Tessenny' belonged, with several others in this diocese* to the 
Abbey of Bailymore at dissolution (see Archdali's ' Monasticon '). 
"I find it spelt Taghshynie in * Down Survey,' 
Taghshinnie ,, 
Tashinnie „ 
Taughshiney [Sec] on plate, 
Tashinny in ' Composition Book,' 
the name by which it is now generally written. 

" It is in the Barony of Abbeyshrule, and partly in Ratbcline. 
It contains eighteen townlands. 




" Length, westward, 3J miles ; breadth, from 1 to 24. 

" Area, 4,875a. 2i\ 25p. Value, £3,950 15s. 8d. (Griifith,-1842). 

"Population in 1841, 2,33,3; houses, 391. 

" Church repaired in 1836, Lady Ross giving £150, Mrs. Jessop, 
£50. Pews, as at present, sold to the Parishioners. 

" Memo. — Glebe land at Carraboola exchanged with Anthony 
Jessop for the present glebe of Taughshinod — year I know not. 

fi The succession of Rectors, and Vicars, and Curates of the 
Union, as far as I can make them off, are : — 

" 1684. — The Revd. Knox, Rector and Vicar ; Boecott, 

do. (held this with Killashee) ; the Ven. Sir James Hutchinson, 
Bart., do. (died) 1812 (held this parish with Killashee). 

" 1813. — Rev. R gleet Mokfett, Curate for forty years ; Robert 
Moffett, Rector (died) ; Robt. Lockwood, Curate ; Feeds. Holmes, 
Curate ; Peter Lewis Langley. Curate. 

" 1821.— Hon. Rev. David Curry, Rector (died). 

" 1824. — Hon. and Rev. J. G. Handcock, Rector (removed). 
House built this year. 

"1831. — Rev. R. St. George, Rector (removed). 

" 1834. — Rev. Nicholas Gosselin, Rector (died 1848) ; Rev. 
Essex Edgeworth, Curate ; Rev. Thos. R. Little, Curate ; Rev. 
James Martin, Curate. 

" 1848. — Rev. James Lyster, Rector, afterwards Dean of 
Leighlin and subsequently of Ontario, Canada. 

" The Parish is charged Crown rent. 

" An abbey founded here (Abbeyshrule), and it appears they 
had the rectorial tithes and large possessions in the parish. By 
lease, dated 7th March, 1567, 9 Eliz., there were demised to R. 
Byam, Esqre., for twenty-one years, the site, Sec, of the Monastery 
of the B. V. M. and the Rectory of the Church of Shrule, alias 
Urre, saving the Vicarage. 

"2nd May, 1569. — Granted to Sir R. Dillon, Knt., the tem- 
poral possession of the Monastery of Strowell, at the yearly rent 
of £8. Os. 9d., late Irish currency. 

" 19th June, 1611. — Rectory granted to Robert Nangle for 
eighty years, saving the Vicarage, subject to £1 13s. 3d. Crown 
rent. Lease dropped in 1691 to Crown, and, under the Act of 
Settlement, became vested in the Bishop of the Diocese, subject to 
£1. 10s. 8*d. Crown rent, 

" Memo. — I cannot exactly ascertain when it was episcopally 
united, but most probably at that time. The Church of the 
B. V. M. has fallen to ruins. The burial-ground is very ancient, 
and several of the tombstones are of a great age — one to an abbot 
near the south door ; also in the burial-ground what appears to me 
to be the cover of a stone coffin. It is a curious fact that the Irish 
name (scnut^in), Struher, a stream, has been generally changed 
to Struel, or Shrule. 



" The seal of the Benedictines who possessed the Abbey, was in 
possession of Very Rev. Dean Butler, of Trim, an impression in 
my hands. *" 

"It would appear the Abbey of Shroule was founded in 1150 
for monks of the Order of St. Bernard by O'Ferral of Analy. — 
" Ware, de Antiq. Hib.,' c. xxvi. 

" 'Allernand, Hist. Monast. d'lrlande,' p. 180. 

u 'Ingelinus : ' It was not founded till 1200, and a branch of 

f Memo. — A monument erected in the Parish Church of 
Tashinny, changed by the Rev. R. St. George to its present 


Georgij Gore et Brigettae uxoris ; 
Haec Henrici Sankey de Tenelick Arm. 
Cohaeres : 
Qui, e partibus Regijs, 
Bum Bellum Civile flagrassei, 
re fortiter gesta 
Agros quos vides hie eircum jacentes 
Virtutis militaris stipendia 
Obtinuit ; 

Nec in minori apud populum quam principem gratia 
Hujusce Comitatus sufiragijs 
In militum, ui vocant, numerum cooptatus est. 
In Comitjs 
Quae primis edixit Carolus II. 
Octo quum peperisset liberos, Brigetta 
Triste fui desiderium reliquit 
Sept rii 13° 1727, annos nata 39. 
Hie, Arthuri Gore de Newtown-Gore Baroneiti 
Filius natu minimus, 
A Georgio regnum feliciter auspicante, ob merita in patriam nuper 

Attornatus Generalis constitutus fuit : 
Valetudine ad id muneris exequendum jam parum sufficiente 
Ad Bancum Communem evectus, 
Judicis Prudentissimi Integerrimi, per annos 25 

Emeritus tandem AJD. MDCCXLV, 
Praedijs hisce Dotalibus, 
Semper delicijs suis, 
Colendis, exornandis 
Senex totus vacavit. 
Gravis annis 




E vita decessit 
A.D. 1753 ; MUtis suae 79 no . . ' • 

Prgtpe jacet Arthurus, 
Patri Georgio brevi superstes, 
Qui, anhelafcione fere perpetua. laborans, 
A.D. 1758 occidit, 
Cuinam non flebilis. 
luxta etiam jacefc, jacet hen ! ijsdem Georgio et Brigettae. 
Filia superstes unica, 
Brigetta Harm an, 
Eccl. Cath. Waterfordiensis Decani, nullis non artibns melforibus. 

exculti Conjux, 
Quae suis carissima quain meritissimo Carissima, vixit, 
Festina, non praematura, 
morte erepta, 
Novembr. 22° 1762, 
Vix annos nata 39 
Nun quam satis defienda, 

" Peacefull Sleep out the Sabbath of the Tomb, 
And Rise to Raptures in a Life to Come." 


translation of inscription. [Revised by J. R. Garstin.] 

" Sacred to the memory of George Gore and Bridget his wife, 
GO-Heiress of Henry Sankey of Tenelick, Esq., who, having acted 
with energy cm the side of the King when civil war had raged, 
obtained the lands which you see lying around as the reward of 
his military valour. Being in no less favour with the people than 
with the prince, by the suffrages of this county, was elected one 
of the Knights [of the shire == M.P.], as they call them, in the first 
election which Charles II appointed. 

"After Bridget had given birth to eight childreu she died much 
regretted Sep. 13th, 1727, aged 39 years. 

" This George, the youngest son of Arthur Gore of Newtown - 
gore, Baronet, was, on account of his services to his country, lately 
in peril, appointed Attorney-General by George, then happily 
entering upon his reign; his health being now unequal to the 
discharge of this office he was advanced to the Court of Common 
Pleas, and for twenty-five years performed the part of a most 
prudent and incorrupt judge; at last being retired, A.D. 1745, his 
entire old age was spent in cultivating and adorning these lands 
which he obtained as a dowry, always his delight. Borne down by 
years, he departed this life, A.D. 1753, in the 79th year of his age." 

" Near lies Arthur, having survived his father a short time only, 
who, suffering from almost continual asthma, died A.D. 175*8, 



universally lamented. Also near lies, alas lies ! the only surviving 
child of these same George and Bridget, Bridget Harm an, wife of 
the Dean of the Cathedral Church of Waterford : a husband adorned 
with superior accomplishments. Daring her life, most dear and 
deservedly most dear to her friends, she was early, tho' not un- 
prepared, removed by death — Nov. 22 1762. Scarcely 39 years of 
age she departed never sufficiently to be lamented." 


"Geo. Gore, Atty GenL, Dee E 3 1714 [ ; Justice C. P. 1720; 
His son.] 

"John Goee, after Lord Annaly, C. Jus 4 KB; from 1764 to 
1784, also buried in Vault," 

Examined & Compared 

James Lyster." 

Mr. Garstin, F.S.A. (who corrected the above translation), 
supplies the following note : — 

'The Judge Gore of the epitaph is stated in the "Complete 
Peerage " and Burke's " Extinct Peerages " to have married 
Bridget, daughter, and at length sole heiress, of John Sankey, of 
Tenelick, Co. Longford ; while the inscription says she was co- 
heiress of Henry S., of same place, M.P. Henry S., of T., was 
elected M.P. for Co. Longford, 11th April, 1661. His will was proved 
in Dublin in 167-5 (he being described in it as " Captain, Esquire "), 
.and that of John S., of same, " Esq.,' 1 in 1092. Bridget, having 
been born in 1728, could not be daughter of either of these, though 
she might be heiress. The only other will of a Longford Sankey 
is that of John S., of New Park, proved 1768. Was she his 
daughter ? 

1 These Gores descend from a common ancestor with the Earl 
of Arran. The first Judge Gore — the " George " of our inscription 
— had two sons, who were raised to the peerage of Ireland as 
Barons Annaly. The first, who became Chief Justice of the King's 
Bench, held the title from 1766 till his death s.p. in 1784, when 
he was buried at Tashinnv. His widow was buried 16th August, 
1791, at Marylebone, Middlesex. This Lord Annaly was twice 
elected Speaker of the Irish House of Lords in the absence of the 
Lord Chancellor, 1767 and 1769. After an interval of five years 
(during which Arehdall's edition of Lodge's " Peerage of Ireland " 
was published), the title was revived in favour of his brother and 
heir, Lieut. -Col. Henry Gore ; but on his death without issue in 
1793, it again became extinct in four years. In 1863 it was given 
to Henry White, of Woodlands, Co. Dublin, who acquired large 
estates in Longford. Chief Justice Lord Annaly, of Tenelick, was 



one of the characters in " Baratariana." See " Notes and Queries," 
3rd s., viii, 211. 

4 Cults Harman, b. 1706, was Dean of Waterford, 1759 to his 
death in 1784. He was 'head of the family in the County Long- 
ford. See Burke's ''Landed Gentry." 

1 The " Lady Ross " mentioned towards the beginning of the 
Lyster memo, as having giveii £150 towards the repair of the 
church in 1886, seems to have been widow of Sir R. Gore, who was 
created Earl of Ross in 1772, at whose death s.p. in 1802 that 
title expired. Lewis (" Top. Die") calls her " Countess Dowager " 
(1837). He adds that Tenelick, once the residence of the Lords 
Annaly (two), has long been in ruins.' 

We are informed that the only remains now visible of this 
once handsome residence are the stables and the old garden. — 

' The Annaly monument is very large, reaching from the floor 
almost to the roof of the church. It is executed in white and grey 
marble, and bears the name of "I. Van Nost Fee 1 " as sculptor, and 
was brought here from Italy. It represents a white figure rising 
from the ttSfflf "whilst above are three white angels with golden 
(wood) trumpets and one holding the medallion of the predeceased 
wife, on which is written " Bridgittae Gore." 

Church Plate. 

' The communion plate is of old beaten silver, and is comprised 
of one flagon, one chalice, and one paten. All are impressed with 
the hall-mark. The inscription on the flagon is as follows ' : — 

The donor was Henry, only surviving brother of Lord Annaly. 
That title was revived in his favour 1789, but on his death, 1793, 
again became extinct. 


1 The inscription on chalice ' : — 

" Qhe Gj^L o| Co lonel G^oAe o| 



To face page 270. 




* The inscription on plate runs all around on hack ' : — 
"3 he (ffit of Jib* Joune 0<MU unm. 
iBlcLcfo to the GJxwlch <?| d<X'Cjhd<iriey JL-ay, 

1 The paten is without inscription or rim, and just fits into the 
hollow of the plate.' [chalice ?] 

1 The offertory plate is brass, and hears the following inscrip- 
tion ' : — 

{< tflcbemieci io the Qkulck o| SJa^h^tiny h*^ 
ike diolt j. (W i&t " 

1 The following is on a tablet erected in the church : — 

" Sacred 
To the memory of 
The Reverend Nicholas Gosselix 
late Rector and vicar of the united parishes of Tashinny 
and Abbeyshrule, who died at Tashinny Glebe, the 80th 
of July 1848. This tablet is erected, as a testimony to 
his worth, by his widow, Helen Gosselin, in the 
Church where for thirteen years he preached the Gospel 
with earnest and affectionate zeal : that blessed Gospel 
which by his life, and conversation, he proved his own 
firm trust and confidence in to the end. 
" Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from hence- 
forth : yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from 
their labours ; and their works do follow them." 

* There is a large stained-glass chancel-window erected in east 
end of church, in memory of the late Rev. William Ng&le, who died 
in January 1890.' 

1 The following is a copy of the Jessop tablet * : — 

[A coat-of-arms, with the Latin motto, '* Pax et Amor."] 

" Sacred to the Memory of 
John Hakwaed Jessop Esquire. 
Who died at Doory Hall on the 1 st of August, 1825, 
Aged forty-five years. 



" This tablet is not intended to recount the many virtues 
of this truly amiable man, as husband father Landlord 
and friend as well as the protector of the oppressed and 
distressed, nor to record that widely extended liberality 
kindness and charity which so eminently distinguished 
every action of his benevolent and unostentatious life. 
They indeed want no monument to perpetuate them. 
The remembrance of them will live long and deeply in 
the grateful hearts of his afflicted family and tenantry, 
to whom his loss is almost irreparable. But it is placed 
here as a simple and humble testimony of tender love 
and gratitude by his sorrowing widow who is left to 
deplore the loss of the most indulgent and affectionate 
of husbands." 

' This ends the monuments and tablets in the church.' 


1 On the left-hand side of the yard, going towards the church, 
there is a stone with the following inscription ' : — 

" Here lieth the body of Ann Eyrs Who dep d this Life the 
22 d of June 1776 aged G8 y r * also the Body of Henry Eyrs 
Who dep (1 this life in the 94 th y r of his age He was 
Clerk to this Church 33 y rB An honest man the Noblest 
work of God." 

* This stone is evidently in memory of the Eyrs mentioned in 
Dean Lysters note as the man who chiselled off the letters from the 
old Pettit stone in nave of church.' (See above, p. 26G.) 

Moydow Parish. 

[From Mr. J. F. Fuller, F.S.A., &c] 

" Here lie the remains of Alicia Greer, an affectionate 
wife and a tender mother, who departed this life on the 
14 th day of March, 1832, in the 42 year of her age. 
This monument was erected by her sorrowful husband 
Henry Greer of Cooleny." 

4 The crest on this monument appears like a cask pierced with 
an arrow. 

• The arms, if there ever were any on the shield, are now 





St. I»eter*s I»arisli— iDrogrlaecia. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, 1899.] 

' An ancient churchyard surrounds the Parish Church of 
St. Peter's in Drogheda. On the north side of the church, enclosed 
by an iron railing, are two limestone slabs, one with the upper end 
broken oft. and missing. In the middle of this slab are two shields 
bearing coats-of-arms impaled. On one shield are the Elcock and 
FitzWiiiiams Arms, viz.' : — 

(1) u Gules, a chevron argent, between three cocks of the 

last, each standing on a mound. For Elcock. 

(2) " Gules, on a bend cotised argent, three popinjays 

vert. For FitzWiiiiams." 

' Below it are the initials G : E : & K : F : W ; i.e., George Elcock 
and Kaiherine FitzWiiiiams. 

' The other shield impales the Elcock and another coat-of-arms, 
consisting of a chevron between three fleur-de-lys ; below it are the 
initials N : E : & E : D : — while below this again are the letters 

FE. I H S EB. These letters are all incised, though the coats-of 
arms are in relief. 

1 Pound the edge of the stone, in incised Gothic lettering, runs 
the following (incomplete, owing to the missing top portion of the 
slab) inscription ' : — 


• Beside this slab is a smaller one ; at the top of it are the 

letters N. I H S E. ; then comes the Elcock coat-of-arms, in a 
circular panel, in relief, followed by this inscription in incised 
Gothic letters ' : — 

MENSE . JUNI . 1594 . 
AMEN ." 


LOUTH. 274 

* At the east end of the church, lying in the pathway, is a slab 
greatly worn by being walked over ; all that is now legible is ' : — 

"Here lieth the Body the Eev. Isaac Goldsmith, 
Dean of Cloyne. He departed this life in the GO year 
of his age on "the 21 st day of March, 17G9." 

* On the south side of the burial-ground is a limestone slab, 
lying sunk in the ground; round the edge in incised Gothic lettering 
is the following inscription ' : — 

" [p>fe ♦ facet « l\o] ijertus . €l\\k\i . 
(niotJ I a . btcewmes . tst ♦ 
fcragfretia . qui . otyt. % ♦ 
Rotating . a.ti. 1589 ] tt . 
I\atfjmnr . ^Iunfeet . uror . 
ems ♦ | qui , olutt" 

(Never finished.) 

* At the upper end of the slab is a coat-of-arms in relief, im- 
paling the Quick (?) and Plunket arms ; below this is a more 
modern inscription, which reads ' :— 

OF MARCH 17089 

1 Near the above slab is another, rapidly becoming illegible. The 
inscription reads ' : — 


" Here lies Rev. G eorge Down Parish Priest of Dromiskin 
departed this Life 16 Feb. 1806 aged 66 Piequiescant 
[sic] in pace . Amen. " 

4 At the north-eastern end of the churchyard is a group of lettered 
and sculptured slabs ; one of the former lies flat on the ground, and 
the remainder are built into the boundary-wall of the churchyard, 



where they have been for over a hundred years, as Austin Cooper, 
the antiquary, saw them in this position in the year 1784. * 

'The slab lying flat has inscription in raised Gothic letters 
running round the edge : the centre is plain ; it reads ' : — • 

" * |)tc iacct Jltcalaus 1 53arjDtt> 
quo nD a tints bilk tst tnoofytia 
q oimt 10 fchrt 1516 1 et WBilW 
Uartfttj fiW | et ? q outtt 18 Spits 
1556 et irlattroa net b^lt ujror 

1 This slab is 5 feet 10 inches in length and 2 feet 10 inches in 
breadth. The material is limestone.' 

1 The next slab, described below, is built into the churchyard 
wall ; it measures 6 feet in length and feet in breadth. The 
material is a limestone, speckled with small fossils. At the upper 
end of the stone is a crest over a helmet ; below is a shield (with 
" mantling n falling down the sides) impaling the Cadell and 
Waring coats, viz. : — 

1 Argent a fret gules. For Caddell. 

* Quarterly per fesse indented argent and gules, in the first and 
fourth quarters a cinquefoil of the second. For Waring or Warren. 

1 [This last coat does not much resemble on the slab what it is 
intended for.] 

'Below are the initials R. C. & R. W. Round the edge in 
raised Gothic characters (with Roman capitals) runs the following 
inscription (three lines deep at the upper end) — 




LORD I GOD 1637." 

* Mr. Austin Darner Cooper, of Drurnnigh House, Portmarnock, County 
Dublin, some time ago kindly lent me his ancestor's portfolio of sketches of 
antiquities in various parts of Ieland; in one volume these Drogheda sculptured 
stones are drawn. 



1 The next monument to be described is one that originally 
formed a box, or altar, tomb ; the covering slab, and the four sides, 
are now all built in detached portions into the churchyard wall. 
In a complete state it is said to have formerly stood inside the 
church. The covering slab measures 8 ft. by 5 ft. ; the long sides 
are 7 ft. in length, and the ends 4 ft. 2 in.; in height they are 2 ft. 
8 in. The material is limestone, full of small fossils, and much 
weather-worn. On the covering slab are sculptured two skeleton 
effigies, side by side, one of a man, and the other of a woman ; these 
effigies lie on their shrouds, which are open and tied at the head 
and foot by a cord. An incised, much-worn inscription (in places 
looking as if it was intentionally defaced) runs round the edge in 
Gothic letters ; it reads along the head of the stone, apparently, to 
begin with, then down the left-hand side, along the bottom, and up 
the right-hand side ; what is now legible reads ': — 

" 5 for Ctmtuno #olonng of 
;penstoUmIauri5p* ant? €t;> | 
^ai)ft|)e iflcmjmcj (? \)\& | Uuu) 
anli Daughter of tfjc Baron of 
^lanc tijat lictlj (? or ijatlj)... 

1 Between the two skeletons is a more modern inscription, 
saying that J : — 

" This is the Burial Place of " 

(The remainder has been obliterated, seemingly intentionally). 
There is now no date visible on this slab ; but for the following 
reasons I would fix the date at the latter half of the fifteenth 
century : — 

1. ' Burke, in his " Extinct Peerages," states that David Fleming, 
10th Baron of Slane, who died in 1462, was married to Alicia, 
daughter of Sir Eobert Dillon, by whom he had issue — Thomas, 
his successor, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, and Margaret, 
who married John Darcy of Platten. 

* Now Piercfctown in the Barony of Upper Duleek, Co. Meath. 

[To face page 27(5. 


The above is now (1899) built into the waTl of the Churchyard of St. Peter's, 
Droghecla, Co. Loiv%. 



1 The eldest daughter Elizabeth, I suspect, was the wife of the 
Edmund Golding of Periston Laundy in question. 

2. ' In the subjoined pedigree of the Golding family, as far as I 
have been able to trace it, tbei'e is no Edmund married to Eliza- 
beth Fleming, so that he must have been of an earlier date than 
the first-mentioned, who was living in 1511 ': — 

" Edmund Golding of Peirstownlauudy living in 1511 mar- 
ried Elizabeth Darcy of Platten (" Archdall's Lodge," 
vol. in, p. 14), by whom he had a son 

" Richard. Golding of Peirstowulaundy who in loll married 
Margery, daughter of Sir William Darcy of Platten 
(Morrin, vol. i, p. 490), by whom he had a son 

" Walter Golding of Peirstowulaundy, who married Matilda 
sister of Walter Bathe of Eathfeigh (Co. Meath Chanc. 
Inquisn.) by whom he had a son 

" Edmund Golding who died about the year 1539, and was 
succeeded by his brother, then a minor, 

" Walter Golding of Peirstownlauudy, who died on the 12th 
of January, 1573 ; he had a son : — 

"John Golding of Pierstownlaundy who died on the 3rd of 
October 1586 ; he had a son : — 

" Walter Golding of Peirstowulaundy who died on the 28 of 
November 1626 having married (I believe) Margaret 
Dowdall (she died on the 20 June 1632) by whom he had 
a son 

" John Golding, who died without male issue on the 20th 
March 1628, and was succeeded by his brother 

" Christopher Golding at Peirstownlauudy, which was formerly 
called * Lecknoe "' (vide Co. Meath Chancery Inquisition,. 
No. 83, of Charles I). 

* We now come to the four sides of the tomb. Each side con- 
tains a shield bearing two coats-of-arms impaled, with angels for 
supporters, and with an incised Gothic inscription round the edge ; 
a description of each slab will be given in the order they are in- 
serted into tho wall. 



1. ' An end Inscription ' : — 

"fmitu JStnmm&t ©oltijmg tt 

1 The coat-of-arms— The dexter shield consists of three birds 
(two and one). According to Burke's " General Armory " the 
Golding coat-of-arms is : — Azure, five martlets on saltire or. 

' The sinister coat appears to be a chief chequy, and below it 
three bells ; but this, like the other coats-of-arms, is due to the 
ignorance of the stone-cutter ; what it is intended to be is : 
" Vair, a chief chequy or and gules.'* For Fleming. 

2. 1 A side Inscription ' : — 

"Htutu €tnmmtit BoXftpng tt 
Mmxtljt €vutt" 

f The coats-of-arms : — 

1 The dexter coat is similar to that described above in (1). 

* The sinister coat is represented as a bend sinister, and in the 
right top corner a "mullet," or star. 

4 The Cruise arms are : — Azure, two bendlets, between six 
escallops argent. 

.3. 1 A side Inscription ' : — 

" Jctutu Ctnmm&t <!Mtymcj tt 

The coat-of-arms : — 

* The dexter shield is as described in (1). 

* The sinister shield bears a double fleur-de-lys. 

4 Burke gives the Finglass arms as — "Per pale sable and 
argent, a fleur-de-lys counter-changed." 

4. * An end Inscription ' : — 

" fmttu [2Haltcit] #0^)13 tt 
Cl^afcctl) 33aro." 



' Coats-of-arms : — 

* The dexter coat on this shield varies from (1), (2), and (3) by 
showing three martlets one above the other. 

' The sinister coat has a mixture of three little crosses, and three 
cinque foils ; the Darcy coat-of-arms is : — Azure, semee of crosses 
crosslet and three cinque-foils argent.' 

* In the paragraph numbered (3) the name " Fynglass " in the 
inscription is quite illegible, and has been supplied from Austin 
Cooper the antiquary's sketch made in 1784. From the same 
source was taken the name " Walteri " m paragraph (4), which 
is also now quite illegible.' 

1 The last of the slabs inserted in the churchyard wall has no 
connection with the Golding monument. It is of a fossiled lime- 
stone, G feet in length and 26 inches in height. It is divided into 
three fiat arched panels, each containing a shield ; the centre shield 
is now hard to decipher, but appears to represent the resurrection 
of our Lord, as a human figure holding a cross-topped staff is seen 
stepping over an obstacle, below which lies a human figure ; on 
either side a human figure is seen standing. Over the shield, on a 
scroll, are the letters I.N. R.I. nearly defaced. The other two shields 
have arms impaled on them. The dexter shield on both is the same, 
viz. : — a bar, above it three birds in a row, and below it two birds. 
The sinister shields are impossible to decipher without knowing the 
families they belong to. Above the left-hand shield are the 
letters : — P.D. & A.D. on a scroll ; above the other can be traced 
the letters P.D. & T.W., though they are now all but worn away. 

.'Just inside the entrance at the west end of the church is the 
head of a large octagon- shaped font, much broken ; each of the eight 
sides (except one) is divided into two panels, each containing the 
figure of a saint. The side without the two saints is sculptured 
with a shield impaling two coats-of-arms, with angels for supporters. 
The dexter coat consists of : — Two bendlets dexter, and above them 
a five-pointed star. 

' The sinister coat is : — Three lions (?) rampant, two and one. 

* Originally this font may have had the twelve apostles in six 
of the sides, an inscription on a seventh side, and the above 
described coat-of-arms on the eighth. 

' There is a cast of this font in the Science and Art Museum in 





Inscriptions from the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick's. 



4 A mural monument on the north wall records that' : — 


ANNO DOM 1703." 

c Under this are the Gore arms : gules, a fess between three 
crosses crosslet or, impaling per less az. and arg. a lion rampant ; 
gules, ducally crowned or,' 




KJllala.— St. JL*ati*icU's GatHeclral. 

We have already given m Vol. I, page 455, the inscription 
on the early monument to Bishop Henry Hall, dated 1GG3. "We 
are now enabled to add that of Bishop John Smith : — 

[Kindly sent us by the Venerable Archdeacon William 0. Jackson, 



1689. S.P. 

Mr. Garstin, F.S.A., says that the above inscription was on 
a flat stone to the south-west of the Communion Table, under a 
shield, surmounted by a mitre, and with the earliest known 
representation of the arms of this See. He says it was fully 
printed in Cotton's " Fasti," iv, 71, where the break after 
"sperant" and the final " S.P." are omitted, but "D.D." 
inserted after the name of the Bishop. He translates it 
thus : — 

" Here, awaiting [at the resurrection] their owner and his 
soul, are deposited the remains of the very venerable 
in the Lord John Smith [Doctor of Divinity] late (alas !) 
Bishop of Killala and Achonry, a vigilant pastor, a most 
fruitful preacher, and a most upright man. He died on 
the 2 ud of March in the 76 th year of his age and of Christ 
1689, without issue." 

Mr. Garstin adds that it is remarkable that Bishop Smith 
and his namesake and successor both filled the See for less 
than a year, and both were consecrated at Tuam, and by the 
same three bishops — all corn-provincial. 


Near this Place Lyeth Interr'd y e Body of Francis 
Palmer late of Farrow in y e County of Mayo Esq r who 
Departed this life y e 4 th day of June Anno Dom* 1721 
About the 66 th year of his Age he was Married to 
Charity Annesley by whom he had no issue and left 
his Estate to his Brother Roger Palmer Esq r " 
Near, this Place Lyeth also the Body of his Father 
Boger Palmer late of Farrow afore s a & Anne Breasey 
his wife Mother to the said Francis Lieth also y e Body 
of y e s d Roger Palmer Brother of y e Above named Fran s 
who departed this life y e 15 th of Oct bl 1724 in y e G0 th year 
of his Age 

Arms — Or, three palmers scrips around a chevron sa." 

[A Mural Monument.] 

Near this Spot are Deposited the remains of the Right 
Rev' 1 James Verschoyle LL.D. Lord Bishop of Killala 
and Achonry over which Diocese He Presided for Nearly 
24 years. He Departed this Life on the 15 th Day of 
April 1834 in the 85 th year of his Age In the same 
grave Also lie the remains of His Beloved wife Frances 
This Tablet is erected to the memory of their revered 
and Beloved Parents By their two sons. 

Temperans et Constans." 

' Hebrews x Chapter Verses 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, & 25 
In memory of the Very Rev d James Collins D.D. Dean 
of Killala who for 24 years Laboured abundantly in 
this Parish and unto whom utterance was given * To 
make known the mystery of the Gospel' His last 
address from this Pulpit May the 3 rd 1866 from the 
above verses was strong in exhortation and in glorious 
Anticipation of the ' day approaching ' He entered into 
the joy of his Lord on the 19 th day of June 1866 in the 
68 th Year of his Age This tablet is erected to the 
memory of their beloved Father by his sorrowing 
children. Also to the memory of William Erskine 3 rd 
son of the Dean of Killala Who died on March the 3 rd 
1S62 Aged Nineteen ' As in Adam all die, even so in 
Christ shall all be made alive ■ Also to their beloved 
Mother Elizabeth Collins who died on the 5 th of 
August 1879 * Her children arise up and call her 
blessed ' 1 Thess iv. 14. 'Colens deum et Begem 'V 

[To face page 283, Vol. tV 

[For inscription, see Vol, IV, page 283, 1890.] 


Arms: Arg. a cross and bordure engrailed sa. [Holcroft], impaling sa., three chessrook 
arg., a chief or [Ormsby, Lincolnshire]. 

Crest : a Raven, wings elevated, holding in the dexter claw a sword, all ppr. 
[From a drawing by the Rev. William Falkiner, Killucan Rectory, 1900 ] 

283 MAYO. 

Italliiirolw l?ai*is1i Cliurcli. 

[From Miss Philiupa Knox, of Cranmore, 1898.] 

1 No. 1 inscription is built into the outside of the north wall of 
the church. The letters, small and raised, " Cloonigalnel," ought to 
be " Cloonagashel," the name of a farm two miles from Baliinrobe, 
belonging to the Earl of Lucan. There is a ruin of an old castle 
where Sir Richard Bingham had a small garrison towards the latter 
end of the sixteenth century.' 

(Skull and cross-bones in high relief.) 
" Wright, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." 

(On a ribbon.) 


(Here come the coat-of-arms, helmet, crest, and mantling.) 
" Fide et constantia." 

(On a ribbon.) 

" Weari'd of th' earth to heaven blest soul th' art gone 
Angels rejoyce here wee our losse bemoane." 

IUN : THE 18TH - 1754 : AGED 62 YE." 

(A flat tombstone.) 

" Here Lyes the Body of Mary Brown, allias Dor" mono 
died luly 29 177G aged 28 ye." 

(An upright stone.) 

MEATS. 284 

M Here lieth the Body of Peter Euttledge, of Cornfield 
Esq r who Departed this life the 17 tu of March. 1798 
Ag[ed] 40 [?] years,;' 

(A flat stone with a piece broken off.) 


Pari&Ii off Hallj*l»©g*g , ai».-- ISall.vfrosrg-aii Alrftey. 
[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

4 Though there are rather extensive remains of this abbey still 
standing, yet they have no features of any particular interest. A 
small portion is used for burial, but no monuments of any antiquity 
now exist in it. The remainder of the building is open to cattle, 
and consequently the interior resembles a dung-lough. The burial- 
ground outside, and attached to the abbey, is uncared for ; so that, 
owing to a heavy crop of gigantic nettles (July, '98), I was unable 
to search for any tombs of interest. 

' The three following inscriptions are copied from stones inside 
the walled-oif part of the abbey ruins' : — 

(A headstone.) 

"Here lies y e Body of Michael Teaf who departed this 
life 10 ber y e 2 nd * 1695. Aged 35 years & Nicholas 
Halligan who depart pa 7 ber y e 17 1710. Aged 35 years. 
This Stone was Erected by Mary Hollagan wife to y e 
said Nicholas & daughter to y e said Michael." 

(A headstone.) 

" Here lyeth y 6 Body of Edward Lynaugh who Departed 
this life May y e 14 1719 Aged 70 y™ Also y e Body of 
Mary Gilgan Alias Lynaugh who depa* 3 this Life 
December y e 13 1732 aged 39^ This Stone was 
Erected by Iames Lynaugh in mem ry of bis D r Father 
& Sister. Here lies y e Body of Patrick Gilgan son of 
Mary Lynaugh who died Feb ry y° 21 1775 Aged 45 y* 8 ." 



285 HEATH. 

I H S 

(A table-tomb.) 
" Here lies the Body of Garrett Fitzgerald son of 
Pierce Fitzgerald of Park Aged 50 years 26 May 
1775 he departed this Life 3 rd of August 1775 this 
Stone was braught [sic] here and paid for by his Wife 
Ellinor Higgins Alis [sic] Fitzgerald." 

1 Near the entrance to the burial-ground, from the boreen lead- 
ing to it from the public road, is a table-tomb, on which is the 
following inscription 5 : — 

<£ Here lies the Body of The Eev d Iohn Hoey who died 
March 15 1732, Aged 90. Also the Body of the Eev d 
Tho s White, who died Iuly 24 1752, Aged 40. Also 
the Body of the Rev d Daniel Enis who died Iune 26 
1765, Aged 80. This Monument was Erected by the 
Rev d Thady " 

' The above inscription was continued for a few more hues, but, 
owing to the difficulty in deciphering it, I had not time to wait, 
having a train to catch.' 

Parish of Clonartl— Clonarrt Cliurcliyard. 

' This churchyard lies two miles to the south of the Hill of 
Down railway station. All trace of its former greatness has dis- 
appeared, except a fine specimen of a Pagan burial moat, not far 
from which is the churchyard with its Protestant church. Deep 
sunk in the ground near the western end of the church is a large 
squarish block of limestone, in which an oblong trough has been 
cut. It is 18 inches deep, 36 inches long, by 24 inches wide. Its 
object is puzzling, as the trough is too big to serve for the socket 
of a cross-shaft. The stone itself appears to be undressed on the 
outside. Inserted in the church-tower are two little tablets thus 
inscribed' : — 

11 Oliver Barke 
C. W. 

Ja Bell, Bailde" 

The other tablet has, in relief, the date* : — 

" A.D. 

MEATH. 286 

' The only slab with raised -letters is one lying near the north- 
west corner of the church. The inscription is almost un observable, 
and could only be deciphered with the help of young elder-leaves. 
It runs as follows ' : — 


1 The letters in the above inscription are 2^ inches long ; several 
are conjoined, and there is no space left between the words.' 

1 Near this slab is another, with the following incised, unusual, 
and undecided sort of inscription ' : — 

"Anno Domini Dei octodecim 
cent nove m [sic] E D [sic] vaedus 
Heme Lennan O'Mulryan Pater 

Mater [sic] 
Jacobi & Joannes Maria o'Kennedy." 

c At the western side of the churchyard is an insignificant-looking 
little headstone; but on closer inspection it will be seen that it was 
originally a mural tablet (20 inches by 26) of sandstone, probably 
removed from the interior of the church, and now put to its 
present use. The lettering is incised, very small, and very hard to 
make out, particularly as many of the letters are conjoined, as, for 
instance, the word SIR, which appears on the stone as SR ; and in 
the word KNIGHT the N and I and H and T are conjoined ; when 
in full, the inscription reads ': — 

17 . DAY . OF . IVLY . 1692 . AGED . 3 x 


287 MEATH. 

1 On a headstone at the east end of the burial-ground': — 

M Hear Lies *the Body of M R 
Tho s Colgan of Scunoxtow 11 * 
who departed this Life the 29 th 
day of Nov r 17G5 aged 59 y rs to 
whos [sic] memory this Stone 
was Erected by his son James 


" Near the doorway of the church-tower is a flat slab with this 
inscription ' : — 

' Here Lieth the Body of Tho" 3 Copperthwaite who departed 
this Life y e 26 Inly 1692, Aged 85 years. Also the 
Body of Eliza th Copperthwaite Daughter in law to the 
Above Tho s who depa d this Life y e 21 Oct r 1702 aged 
37 yea 1 " 8 Also the Body of Iam r Copperthwaite Husband 
to the Above Eliza th who depa' 1 this Life y e 27 Sep 1736 
Aged 82 yea* 3 Also his son Sam l Copperthwaite who 
. depa d this Life y e 16 Aug 1 1768 Aged 68 y rs Also Mary 
Copperthwaite wife to the Above Sam 1 who depa d this 
Life y e 16 Sep r 1769 Aged 68 y rs Also Tho s Copper- 
thwaite son to the Above Sam 1 and Mary who depa d this 
Life Iuly y e 25 1776 Aged 54 y T6 This Done in Memory 
of the Above by Jam s Copperthwaite in the y r 1777." 


* Augustine Chevers was born at Killyan, County Gal way, about 
the year 1686. He was descended from the ancient family of 
Chevre, of Normandy, a branch of which accompanied William the 
Conqueror into England, and a descendant of which invaded Ireland 
with Strongbow. 

1 In course of time this family extended its ramifications through 
various parts of the country, but the elder or senior branch -settled 
at Ballyhaly, County Wexford. Sir Christopher Chevers, of Bally - 
haly, married Anne Plunket, of Macetown, an heiress, and thus the 
Mace town property passed into the family.' 

*The " n " in the middle of ibis name is doubtful; it might possibly be a 
double " t," or a double " r. M In the Ordnance Survey Map Index, no townland 
resembling it nearer than " Scurlockstown" occurs. 


MEATH. 288 


Cogan, writing in 186^, says : — 

\ There is a cemetery on the north side of the sanctuary, now a 
mass of filth from the free access of cattle, on the wall of which was 
placed a stone, at present lying in the body of the church, which 
has on it inscribed ' : — 

"Here imoer Inetljc tljt hotip of 
©ante §mtt |?arsfiel&, iafcg 
i&tea&flr of Bunsang., Mjo 
ty&s il)t ffjHBr of jtoruarg 
3n. Mnl 1597/' 

Cogan, in a note, and with reference to the state of this 
church, See, says : — 

" The Boards of Guardians of Droghcda, Navan, Kells, &c, 
have been adopting means to enclose the graveyards, and protect 
the sleep of the dead from desecration. It is hoped they shall also 
prosecute the defacer of our monuments, and punish the sacrilegious 
robber who dismantles our ancient churches, and carries off tomb- 
stones and other materials for building purposes.' 

In this we heartily join. [Eds.] 

H obertstown. 

1 This church [Cogan says] was dedicated to St. Bridget. The 
walls have been torn down. The ruin measures 46 feet by 22. 

'There is an old tombstone here with the following inscrip- 
tion' : — 

"Here Inctf) tije eorpse of 

sometnme of ixobcrtstoUm, to&o 
oeeeaseo tfje 7 tb of ^obemoer 1596. 

1 . 


ins totfc, mmtt tfjts monument 
to ot matoe Snno 1618. 
©rate pro ammaints. 
monument renemeo og x\orj r - 
j$ttjKa|m> for fits posterity, 
ixesptec finem." 

'There is a portion of a stone cross at the entrance to the church- 
yard, the inscription on which is now illegible. 

' There is a flat stone here with the following ' : — 


(erased) Qfj WHOSE SOUL (erased.) 


Errigral— TroiigJi Parish. 

[From the Rev. J. W. Taylor, LL.D.] 
(Continued from Vol. IV, p. 113.) 

« CXXVI :— 

" This monument is erected by Edward Connolly j of 

Esker & John Connolly his son for | the " 

'This stone is very curiously carved.* 

[An upright stone.] 

< CXXYII :— 


<c HERE lieth Patrick | A Kelly late of Grange who 
depar 5 | ted y 2 nd of March 1707." 

[An upright stone.] 



" Undecipherable." 

« CXXIX :— 
" Undecipherable." 


[A flat stone.] 
[An upright stone.] 


" Here lieth the body | of James McFarland of Kilty - 

hornan who de \ parted this life 

| 1751 Aged..' " 

[A fiat stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

< CXXXII :— 

[A flat stone.] 

HERE lyeth the body of Robert Robinson who 

departed this life 1780 Aged 

75 " 

[A flat stone.] 


11 HERE lyeth | Mary Mulony wife of John Cavanagh 

who | departed this life 30 1760." 

[A fiat stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

« CXXXV :— 

" Undecipherable." 

1 CXXXVI :— 

[An upright stone.] 

[An upright stone.] 

" Here lieth the body of Robert Dunlop son to W* 
Dunlop descended (! !) from Scotland who departed 
this life Feb 20 1711 Aged 57 years Also his wile 
May " 

[A flat stone.] 



' CXXXVI1 :— 

"Buried." r . 

[An upright stone.] 


[An upright stone.] 

• CXXXIX :— 

" HERE lieth. | ye body of Hugh McCluskey who 
departed this life | 1781 " 

[An upright stone.] 

" Undecipherable." 

[A flat stone.] 

< CXLI :— 

• " Here lyeth the body of j Edward Conghan & | Tommy 

Finegan who departed this life August 15 17S5 Aged " 

[An upright stone.] 

' GXLII :— 


u Here lyeth the body | of Catherine M'Culloch 
who departed this life Jan | 6 th 1805 Aged 22 years 
Owen M'Culloch of- | 

[An upright stone.] 

< CXLV1I :— 

" Erected by James Cassidy | of Killarney to perpetuate 
the memory of his father | Patrick Cassidy who 
departed this life j Jan 6 1834 Aged 75 years''* 

[A flat stone.] 


" Erected by Tho 9 Hall of Lenagh " 

[A flat stone.] 

< CXLIX :— 

" This stone is erect | ed by Owen Murphy of Crush ? ? ?" 

[An upright stone.] 



" Luke Connolly. | of Dromore 

[Ad upright stone. 

« OXLIII :— 

"Here lyeth the body | of Terence M'Kenna who 

departed this life | December 26 th 1764. Also " 

[An upright stone. 1 

' CXLIV :— 

"Here lyeth the body of Patrick McKenna of Mullanderg 

who departed this life 178-1 Aged 72 

years." [An upright stone.] 

' CXLV :— 

" Undecipherable." [An upright stone.] 

" THIS stone - | is Owen | McKenna's for hirn | self and 
| Children 1777." ' [An upright stone.] 

< CXLVI :— 

" This stone is erected by ] Peter McElinne of Golar in 
memory of hrs father n 

CLI :— 

" This stone | is erected by Bryan Murphy of Trgany 
in memory j of his daughter Margaret Murphy who 


" This stone is erected by James | Burke of Buries in 
memory of his wife Mary Burke | Who departed this 
life 12th Bee 1845." [An upright stone.] 

' The graveyard was enlarged, the added part consecrated in 
1805 by the Lord Primate. By an entry in old vestry book, it 
appears, also, that at some earlier period an addition was made on 
the north side, and here Thos. Anketell, of Dungillick, built a 
vault, and enclosed it. The tombstones within the enclosure are 
inscribed as follows : — 

u Jane Anketell of Dungillick died August 1st 1860 Aged 
40 years." 

11 Thos. Anketell of Dungillick who died June 8th 1867. 

departed this life | 

12th 1817 

[An upright stone.] 

Aged 75 years. 5 

[A flat stone.] 



'II :— 

" Underneath are interred the remains of Eleanor 
Anketell otherwise Genus — Wife of W M Anketell of 
Dungilluck who died the 8 th day of July 1790 aged 40 
years And of Elizabeth her daughter wife of Mr. W m 
Peingle of Glasslough Tvho departed this life the third 
day April 1811 in the 28 th year of her age." 
"William Anketell of Dungillick died 5 th January 
1828. Aged 7G years." 


"Roger Anketell of Ivy hill— Who died 12 th March 
1824. Aged 88 yrs." 

[A fiat stone.] 

f^arisli off JEiCilloevan.— ©rumsworils. 

[From the Eev. J. Wallace Taylor, LL.D., F.R.S.A.L] 
{Continued from Vol. Ill, page 829.) 


Nov 18th 1721 Aged. G4 years. Also his wife 
ELIZABETH YOUNG who departed this Life ye 
6 Jany. 1741 Aged. 73 years. Also the Body of 
MARTHA YOUNG her 3d sons wife JOHN YOUNG 
of Guard Hill who departed this life 27 Feby. 1748 
Aged ..." 

" This stone was erected by Mr. Johnston Eagan in 
memory of his mother Mrs. Richard Eagan who de- 
, parted this life October 11, 1770." 

" Underneath this stone are the remains of John Wallace 
Esquire Sen. late of Clover Hill who departed this life 
Feby 17 1830 aged 80 years. Also the Body of John 
Wallace of same Place son of the above named, who 
died Oct 26 1835. Aged 42 years. Also Annabella 

widow of the latter. Born Bredin. died 

Aged 92 years." 

" This stone was erected By Jane Wallace in memory of 
her affectionate sister Mary Wallace w T ho departed this 
life G May 1851 Agef3 74 Here lyeth. Jane Wallace. 

late of Cooie Hill Died 1S6 Aged 

90. Also Anna Bella Wallace of Clover Hill Died 
1877. Aged. 47/* 

queen's county. 



* The ancestral home of this family was in Corragarry, which 
they owned with Tullynample. Amongst its members were : 
Quigly Wallace, Master of the Custom House, Dublin ; Samuel 
Wallace, Surgeon ; Dr. Robert Wallace, Indian Service ; and Sir 
Robt. Wallace, K.C.B., both of Corshallon, in Surrey.' 

" HERE lyeth ye body of THOMAS ARMSTRONG 



Fuvi.^s of Arless— Arless Churchyard. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, Y.-P.R.S.A.L, 1898.] 

* A handsome large modern Roman Catholic church now stands 
in this burial-ground ; a short way to the south of it is a mauso- 
leum erected by the Grace family, of Gracefield (formerly called 
Shanganagh), in the year 1818. It is a handsome Gothic building 
of cut limestone, which was built on the site of, and to replace, the 
Grace Chapel erected in 1G87, and which formed the south wing of 
the former church. * 

' Over the doorway, which is on the north side of the mauso- 
leum, is a mural slab, on which is inscribed ': — 

11 Hoc sepvlchrvm Alicia Kavanagh filia Michaelis Grace 
de Gracefield Arm. Gvuelmvs Grace Baronettvs, et 
fratres ejvs Sheffieldvs, Jvris Consvltvs Percievs, 
Regias Classis Pr^fectvs, poni CYravervnt. a.d. mdcccxviii 
sibi posterisqve : qvo loco fvit olim avstralis ala £edis 
Arlesiana?, ab Oliverio Grace de Shanganagh, sive 
Gracefield, Armig. Anno Salvtis mdcexxxvii, aadirlcata, 
jamdiv vetYState collapsa, vna cvm sepvlcris farniliaa 
Gracefteldianaa ibi extrvctis. 

" Hie, vbi lapsa jacent gentis monYmenta vetvstas, 
In dominosqYe rvYnt bvsta cadvea svos, 
AYSpiciis favstis, et spe meliore, sepvlcrvm 
Jam refieit fratrvm consociatvs amor. 
Sit sacrvm pietatis opvs ! — servetvr et ipsis 
Morte obita, proavis qvam tribvere gvies. 

" S. G." 


queen's county. 

1 This has been translated thus ': — 

" Alicia Kavanagh daughter of Michael Grace of Grace- 
field Esqr, Sir William- Grace, Bart., and his brothers 
Sheffield, Barrister-at-law, and Percy a Captain in the 
Royal Navy, caused this tomb to be made Anno Domini 
1818, on the site of the south wing of Arless Church, 
founded in the year of Christ 1687, by Oliver Grace of 
Shanganagh, or Gracefield, Esqr., for the cemetery of 
the Grace family, but long since fallen into ruins. 

" Lo ! where those fallen monuments recline, 
The lords o'erwhelming of an ancient line ; 
With omens good, and hope of lasting days 
This pile fraternal love unites to raise. — 
Hail, pious work ! and mayst thou shelter those 
In death, who reared thee for their sires' repose." 

' Inserted in the south end of the mausoleum is a stone on 
which is sculptured the Grace coat-of-arms, quartered (as far as I 
recollect) thus : — 

1 1st. " Gules, a lion rampant, per fesse argent & or." For 

1 2nd. 11 Gules, a saltire argent between twelve crosses crosslet 
or." For Windsor. 

' 3rd. " Or, a chief indented azure, three escallop shells in bend 
.counterchanged." For Butler, Lord Dunboyne. 

' 4th. " Argent, a chevron between three garbs (i.e., wheat- 
sheafs) gules." For Sheffield. 

' Above the shield are two crests : — 

' 1. " A demi lion rampant argent." For Grace. 

* 2. " A boar's head and neck erased or." For Sheffield. 

* Over the crests, on a scroll, is the Grace motto : — 

* " En grace affie " (i.e., " on grace depend "). 

* And below the shield, also on a scroll, the motto : — 

ltt Concordant nomine facta " (i.e., "our deeds agree witli our 
name "). 

« On either side of the shield are the letters S & G (i.e., Shef- 
field Grace), and the date 18 — 18. 
1 Below all is the sculptor's name : — 
1 " Rich d Dowling, Sculp 1 , Kilkenny." 

'Into the east and west Avails of this building are inserted 
monumental slabs, which formerly marked the graves of the dead ; 

queen's county. 



there are two on either side ; those on the east wall bear the 
following inscriptions ': — 

" Here lies the body df Madam Frances Walker widdow 
to Colonel Thomas Dalzell and late wife vnto M R Iohn 
Grace who depart £d this life the 2G th of Ivly in the five 
and thirtieth year of her age and in the year of our 
Lord 1709. 


" Qvi vagvs ohscvrvm • fidei sectari 
Ad vrnam 

Francesco accedas inspice 
Lvmen babes 

In tvmvlo lvcet evnetes qvo 
Lvxit in orbe 

Lvmen * et • setherea • lvcet • in 
Arce * Deo." 

4 Translation of the latter portion ': — fi 

" Lo ! stranger, thou who wand'rest through the gloom, 
In faith unsettled, haste to Frances' tomb ; 
There, there the light, th' unerring light, you '11 find 
Pursue each virtue that adorn'd her mind. 
E'en from the tomb these brilliant virtues glow : 
They '11 light your footsteps through this world of woe ; 
They shine a torch to all that wander here ; 
She shines an x\ngel in th' exalted sphere." 

" Here lies the Body of M KS Mary Grace late wife of 
Oliver Grace Esq 1 who departed this life the 14 th of 
Nov r 1765 in the 55 year of her Age Also the Body of 
Oliver Grace of Gracefield Esq r who departed this 
Life the 24 tb of August 1781 in the 77 th year of His Age 
May they rest in peace. Amen." 

' On the west side of the mausoleum are the following two in- 
scriptions : — 

" Here lyes the body of OLIVER 
GRACE late of Shanganagh 


THE 8 th day of Iyne 1708 



queen's county. 



1 Translation — 

(< His name above — beneath his virtues trace, 
His actions noble as the name of Grace ; 
Pious and just, to spouse and offspring kind, 
Frank to his neighbour, and in death resign'd.' 

I. H. S. 

" Here lyes the Body of M r3 Mary Grace, Late wife of 
Michael Grace Esq. She was Beligious without Osten- 
tation, Pious without Hypocrisy, Friendly without 
Flattery. To the District a Support. To the Orphans 
a Mother. In her Life attended with many Blessings, 
In her Death with many Tears. She was Faithful to her 
Husband, Tender to her Children, Forgiving to her 
Enemies. 6 Passenger ! how soon shalt thou resemble 
Her In her mortal part God knows ! Do thou labour 
to resemble Her in that which is Immortal. 

" She liv'd, she dy'd, she ran the Happy Race, 
She won the Glorious Prize Immortal Peace. 

" She dy'd Nov ber the 28 th Anno Dom. 173G in y e 55 year 
of her Age. 

"Jacobus Ward, Sculpt 1 " 

* I was told that the interior of the Mausoleum had inscribed 
mural slabs ; but as the door is kept locked I was unable to copy 
them ; they are, I believe, given in Sheffield Grace's " Memoir of 
the Grace Family " (London, 1823), in which is an illustration of 
the Mausoleum, and a view of the old church and Grace Chapel ; 
and from this source I have copied the translations of the Latin 
portions of the inscriptions given above. The Graces of Gracefield 
(which lies a couple of miles from Arless) are descended from the 
Graces of Ballylinch, in the County Kilkenny. The first of the 
name here was the Oliver Grace who died in 170S (as mentioned in 
one of the inscriptions). His father was William Grace of Ballylinch 



queen's county. 298 

Castle, and his mother was Ellinor, sister of Edward Butler, 2nd 
Viscount Galmoye. Oliver Grace's wife was Elizabeth, daughter of " 
John Bryan of Bawnmore, Co. Kilkenny. An account of this 
family is given in Burke's " Landed Gentry," under Grace of 
Mantua, Co. Roscommon. 

' About half-way down the south side of the burial-ground are 
seven large slabs lying flat, and side by side ; they all bear inscrip- 
tions to the memory of priests, most of which are hardly legible 
The inscriptions face the west, and, commencing from the left, they 
read as follows : — 

' 1st slab : 

1H S 

" Here Lieth the Body of the Rev d Patrick Lalor who 
departed this life Jan y the 14 1773 Aged 35' years." 

" Also y e Rev d Felix Nowlan of Ratow County Carlow 
Dep d this life Angus 1 y e 31 8t 1794 Aged 42. Lord have 
Mercy on their souls. Amen." 

" Here lieth the Body of the Rev. Michael Flemmtng 
who departed this Life the 30 th day of January 1823 
Aged 30 years. May he rest in peace. Amen." 

'2nd slab : 

" Here lyeth the Body of the Rev d Will* Keating who 
died Nov r 12 th 1764 Aged 44 years Requiescat in pace. 

' 3rd slab : 

" Here lieth the Body of the Rev d William Keating who 
departed this Life November y e 12 th 1755. Aged 74 
Requiescat in Pace. Amen." 

4th slab : 

" Here lyeth the Body of the Rev d Bryan Moore who de- 
parted this life August 174G. Aged ... years." 

" Here also lieth the Body of y e Rev. Will m Taaffe P.P. 
of this Parish who departed this life y e 17 of April 1766 
in the 66 th year of his Age. Requiescat in Pace. Amen." 

' 5th slab : 

u Here lyeth the Body of the Rev d James Taaffe who de- 
parted this Life y e 10 th of Feb 7 1763 Aged 35 Requiescat 
in Pace, Amen." 



6th slab : 

" Here lieth the Body of the Eev d James Wall who de- 
parted this life Aprill the 27 1771 Aged 29 years 
Requiescat in Pace Amen." 

7 th slab : 

" Here lie interred the Remains of the Rev d Patrick 
Murphy Parish Priest of Castle Carberry County Kil- 
dare who departed this life the 27 of March 1794 Aged 
52 years. May he rest in peace. "* 

1 The two following inscriptions are copied from flat slabs lying 
sunk in the ground near the east wall of the Grace family mauso- 
leum ; they read as follows : — 


OF 8KEHANAGH WHO J nruinrnvirFncr-OTr -i 

• I692 AGED 67 YEARS." < flNN0 MMl 1712 ' 


[From the late Rev. R. H. Long, Templemore.] 

' I. The Barony of Kerrin derives its name, doubtless, as do many 
other places in and about the barony, from St. Kerrin : it means 
" the Country of Kerrin." Six of the most northern parishes in the 
Diocese of Cashel are in it, namely : — 

'1. Kirloskehan (meaning perhaps "The Wood or Church of 
the Water). 

«2. Barnanelly (" The Little Gap of Ely," i.e., "the Devil's 
Bit," "in the territory of Ely"). 

1 3. Killea ("Aedh's [or Hugh's] Church"). 

* 4. Killavinoge (" The Church of Avin the Younger"). 

1 5. Templeree, or Templerry (" The King's Church "). 

* I received great assistance in deciphering these (in places) almost obliter- 
ated inscriptions, from Mr. Puredl, publican, of Arkss, who had in his 
possession a note-book with these and other inscriptions, copied into it some 
twenty years ago. 



< 6, Templetouhy (" The Church of the District"). 
'1. In Killoskehan 'I could find no remains of an ancient 
church. ^, 

Barn smelly. 

<2. The ruins of Barnanelly Church are in the demesne of 
Barnane. The surrounding graveyard is the burying-place of 
a branch of the Carden family, and is kept by them. Barnane, 
or Barnanelly, and Killoskehan, together with Killnthmone, have 
for a long time been united. The church is in Killnthmone, 
but the old Turkish bathroom at Barnane is also used for service. 

' 3. Ktllea Church is almost entirely demolished. It is sur- 
rounded by an ancient graveyard, the barial-place of the Lloyds, 
&c, which is enclosed ; but there are no antique tombs. 

'4. Killavinoge, or Clonniore, old Church is in an exceedingly 
ruined condition ; portion of its walls form the burial-place of the 
Lidwells. The graveyard is surrounded by a good wall ; it contains 
no antique tombs. I am told that the old cross that decorated 
the church is still in the graveyard, St. Aven may have been 
buried at Rathnaveoge. There is another old church in the parish 
which seems to have been attached to the demesne of the castle : 
it is only 36 feet long. No graveyard. 

' 5. Templeree. — The church has all but disappeared. There 
are a few modern monuments in the graveyard, which is not 
enclosed. The Archbishop was the former patron. 

' 6. Templetouhy. — I' could find no trace of the old church, 
though, no doubt, there was one here, for Roman Catholics bury at 
the south side of the present church, and Protestants only on the 
north side, In the north wall of the church there is a tablet with 
this inscription ' : — 

u This church and eleven more & nineteen glebe houses 
were built, and twelve glebes procured for this diocese, 
by Charles Agar, the Good Archbishop. 1801."* 

* There are no antique tombs apparent ; but the large graveyard 
is full of monuments, and is enclosed by a good wall. 

' On the ordnance survey map another old church is marked by 
the road from Templetouhy toCranagh ; it is an utter ruin without 
any graveyard. In Cranagh garden bones have been dug up. They 
are said to be the remains of persons buried there during the famine. 
The Archbishop was formerly patron of Templetouhy. It was this 
year united to Templemore. There is also a church at Quileene 
(Templetouhy parish), built by Archbishop Agar (?), which for the 
last few years is unused, and is falling to decay. 

* Charles Agar v> T as Archbishop of Cashel in 1779 ; the Hon. Charles 
Brodrick in 1801. 



'The churches in use in this barony are — (1.) A portion of a 
disused Turkish bath at Barnane ; and (2.) Teinpletouhy Church. ' 

« II. The Barony of Eliogarty derives its name from the sept of 
O'Fogarty — Fogarty's Ely. One Eile was eighth in descent from 
Olioll Olum ; he was ancestor of the tribes called Ely, of whom the 
chiefs were 0' Carrol and O'Fogarty. 

' In Eliogarty there are twenty-one parishes : — 

1 1. Inch, or Incheanly (? the Bottoms* of Ely). 

4 2. Borrisoleigh, or Two-aule-Borris (a village two miles 
from it was once probably in the old parish Leugh). 

1 3. Galbooley, Galooly, or Boly (The Englishman's dairy- 

' 4. Fertiana (a place of graves near a river). 

1 5. Moycarxey (the bog-swamp) ? 

; 6. Ballymurren (Ryan's Town) ? 


' 8. Rahetty, Eath-eilte (the fort of the doe). 

1 9. Thurles, formerly Durlis. 

1 10. Templeshyan, Ounshayne, or Shyane. 

* 11. Adnith ? Athnid, or Anhid (the ford of the bird's nest). 
'12. Moyne (a little plain). 

'13. Killclonagh, or Kilclony (the church of the meadow). 

' 14. Kilfithmone, or Fithmone (the church of Muganias' wood). 

* 15. Loughmoe, or" Loughmore West (the great lough). 

* 16. Loughmore East, or Caelabeg. 

* 17. Drgm, or Dromsperane (the ridge ?) 
1 18. Baixycahtll (Cahill's town). 

1 19. Templemore (great church). 


* No. 1.— The old church at Inch is something longer than the 
ordinary country parish church. It is in a ruinous condition ; but 
the east wall is almost perfect. The window is an ordinary double 
Gothic ; but the entrance doorway on the south side is a Norman 
arch. The graveyard is large, well filled with tombs, and sur- 
rounded by a good wall. The oldest tomb I saw was on the ^ 
floor inside the church, having in the centre a cross like this ~" ~ 
and round the bottom, in raised characters, this inscription' : — 

" R.F. DIED THE 17 DAY OF IVNE 1710." 

1 There is another graveyard in this parish, near Aimfield, called 
Ileigh, a little round enclosure on the side of a hill. I hear there 
are no remains of a church in it.' 


'2. The Old Parish of ^wo-mile-Borris. In this parish there 
are the remains of four churches : — 

' Leigh (pronounced Lehigh) appears to be the oldest of the four. 
It is situated near the bog. It has no enclosed churchyard. 
I could find no tombstones, save one fragment, with the words : 
H Here lieth ye," but it is said that there are many ancient monu- 
ments covered by the clay formed by the dropping of cattle, which 
are in the habit of spending their time within the walls of the 
church. It is said that in times past many antiquarians used to 
resort to the ruins in order to read the inscriptions. The present 
east window is formed of decorated gritstones and limestones. On 
gritstones in the chancel arch there are decorations, including the 
representation of a monkey ; over the south doorway there are 
human heads cat in gritstones ; and other carved pieces of the 
same stone, built into the limestone walls, testify that a more 
ancient and more beautiful building once stood here. The walls of 
the church on the whole are in a fair state of preservation, and 
seem to have been used in modern times. The tower that is over 
the chancel was probably much higher than at present. There is 
one old woman living who, they say, is the last to be buried at 

' The second of the four churches is only a very small building 
to the north-east of Leigh, not many yards off. 

1 The third, the old - parish church, near the village of Borris, is 
about the same size and shape as Leigh, but there is no gritstone 
and no tower. The chancel is smaller than that at Leigh. The 
people seem to have no particular superstitious feelings about 
it ; but in Leigh, in the shelf over the piscina, may be seen 
numerous buttons, pipe-covers, &c. The oldest tomb at Borris 
Church has a human head carved on the top, and beneath it a cross. 
The head of the cross is so formed that it looks like four horse-shoes,* 
which has given rise to the story that it is the tomb of a man 
who was killed by a fall from his horse ; but others say it is the 
tomb of a bishop. It is a rather unpretending stone. There are a 
great number of other tombs. The churchyard is surrounded by a 
good wall 

4 Of the fourth church, Bathmanna (or, as the people call it, 
Bafanna), only a fragile-looking gable remains. There are no 
monuments or graveyard ; still the fairies are "very plenty" there, 

* A cross of this description will be seen in the Cathedral of 
St. Canice, Kilkenny, Figure No. 41, page 144, in the history of 
St. Canice's by the late Bev. James Graves and J. G. Prim, 
1857.— [Eds.] 



and it is said an underground passage exists from it to the Castle of 
Bahetty. Bonis Drom, Gallbooley, and the chapelry of Leiugh, 
form the corps of the treasifrership of Oashel, have been united 
time out of mind, and were in the patronage of the Archbishop. 


' 8. In the small parish of Galbooley there -is one old church. 
Its walls are massive ; but the wall dividing off the chancel is the 
only one nearly perfect. In the graveyard I counted twenty-two 
headstones and one altar-stone, surrounded by a wall erected to 
Thomas Walpoie, Esq., of Killenaule, who died on the 11th 
November, 1857. The yard is well kept, and surrounded by a good 


1 4. In the parish of Fertiana there is no graveyard. The old 
church called Key blefcrican is a perfect ruin. Only two pillar-like 
portions of the walls remain. It is considered an ancient place. 
It is near the river Suir. It formed part of the mensal of the 

' This church lies about 200 yards from this castle. — J. D. W., 

1 5. The old church in the parish of Moycarkey is surrounded by 
a high but broken wall. The churchyard and church are full of 
tombs. The walls of the church are not much ruined. The 
chancel arch was a rather neat construction ; is built up. There 
is a door into the chancel in the south wall. I sa w no tomb older 
than about 1750. There is a curious ruin in Moycarkev parish called 
" The Old Stone of Graigue." It is similar to " The Old Stone of 
Cloughmartin " and u The Old Stone of Galbertstown," in the 
parish of Fertiana ; but I cannot find out what they were built for. 
This parish, in union with Clogher, is in the corps of the Chan- 
cellorship of Cashcl, and in the patronage of the Archbishop. 


The late Mr. J. D. White has a notice of this church, and 

of the monumental inscriptions about it, in his " Anthologia 

Tipperariensis," 1892, p. 100. 

4 6. The old church of Ballymurren is very similar in size and 
shape to those of Two-mile-Borris and Moycarkey. The chancel wall 
is broken down, and the other walls are far from perfect. I noticed 
no tomb older than 1750. There is a good wall round the grave- 
yard. Former patron, the Archbishop. The Union of Borris is now 
Borris, Ballymurren (Littleton), Galbooley (part of), Moycarkey.' 



lEoly Cross. 

1 7. In the parish of HolyjOross, I think, there is no old grave- 
yard or church save those of the well-known Abbey. The Union 
of Holy Cross lies chiefly outside this barony.' 

' 8. In the parish of Rahetty, the churchyard is surrounded by a 
good wall. There are numerous modern tombs in it. The chancel 
wail of the church has disappeared, and the other walls are much 
broken.- The neighbouring castle is a splendid specimen of a 
strong, round-cornered keep. Two arched stone floors remain in 
it. It seems to have been a four-storied building, the top story 
having been the chief apartment. It was apparently built on the 
site of an old rath.' 

Tlturles 3ParisIi (Durlas O'JPograrty). 

[See " Anthologia Tipperariensis," J. D. White, 1892.] 

4 9. So far as I could ascertain, there are at least five old burial- 
places in the old parish of Thurles : — 

' (1.) About the present parish church, which is surrounded by a 
good high wall, the oldest tomb is one commonly called " Archer's 
tomb," dated 1520. Archerstown is called after this family, the last 
of whom is said to have been killed in a fight near Thurles. There 
are two stones, lying flat, south of the church, rather illegible, 
which seem to be to the Mathiews family. The last of this family 
among the aristocracy of the neighbourhood was Lady Elizabeth 
Mathiews, who lived in a large house near Two-mile-Borris, of which 
.house nothing but the foundations now remain. Another old tomb 
inscription is mentioned in the " Anthologia." The Union of Thurles 
is now Thurles, Loughmor West, Atlmid, Sheyane, Kahetty, 
Fertiana (part of), Bally cahill (part of), Galbooley (part of), Drum 
(part of), and Inch. 

' The following are some of the old tomb inscriptions ' : — 

W. "fmt tUS [broken] £t X} ( Q VOt 
Ut [broken corner]. 

s. " [ft] ttmw&us Jmw$«uts 
tie fcurlrs tt ijomtmts 3&et$= 

fclttrsif) j5fllQfjU\ 

e. "uiistc KgUtenart qttt ointt 



n. " jftensts J^cptcmims anno 
mttctsrj* tsXr culucijou mc 

fiert/' [SeeW.] 

With regard to the "Archer" tomb above mentioned, we 
have received the following particulars, for which we feel 
indebted to H. 0. Langley, Esq., of Archerstown House, 
Thurles. He says : — 

' In 1893 my old friend, the late Rev. E. H. Long, and I took 
rubbings of this tomb, which stands near the east window of our 
church. It is an altar- shaped tomb ; six apostles are cut in relief 
on the north side of it, and six on the south; they bear the symbols 
with which they are said to have been martyred. St. Peter bears 
the keys, and St. Andrew the cross, formed with two oars. 

' On the west end of the tomb there is a representation of the 
Crucifixion ; and on either side of it, in separate panels, two people 
stand clad in long robes. On the east end an ecclesiastic is repre- 
sented in the act of episcopal benediction ; and on the left and 
right respectively are the arms of a gentleman and his wife. 

' On the top of the tomb, in high relief, are the effigies of the 
couple interred, the gentleman in armour, with his sword buckled 
around the body. The lady's dress we do not venture to describe ; 
but I suppose it was orthodox according to the fashion of her day. 

* Around these effigies, at the edge of the stone, is the inscrip- 
tion ; but the stone is so broken away that we find it impossible to 
take a good rubbing. The letters are in raised old English 
characters in contracted Latin. I enclose a copy and translation 
so far as we were able to make it out : — 

" [i^tc jacet &]et»tmto[us 3rc] 
Ijtvm Bunjensts tic Burks et 

Stemtmuf tit i\atl)Wttc3l) • 

i^ello [fffteurlale] 3Xplltcnanc 
qui €>bi\t rMi sir [ffi] *nsts 
Iscptcmlms anno 
mcccccrr istr #utn$an [?] mc 


fieri ftctt [cujus amine [?] pro= 
mctur 33cus/*'- 

* Translation : — 

"Here lies Redmond Archer Burgess of Thurles and 

Lord of Bathitfcy Killinan, who died 

September the 18* 1 in the year of our Lord 1520. 
[M K (?) Cuinehan made [this stone On whose soul 
may the Lord have mercy." 




THIS BODY AG. : 28 ... GOD HIS SOVLE . 9 : Y 28. 
E. "ST 1682 LORD BE IT SO." 

* 2. Archbishop Croke says there are several old tombstones 
buried near the Cathedral (see '* Anthologia.") 

' St. Bridget's burial-ground (see " Anthologia") is near the rail- 
way station. There is no trace of the ruins. ' 


*4. A somewhat broken wall surrounds the burial-ground of 
Killinan. The monuments are numerous but none older than the 
middle of last century could I find. There is no church apparent. 
There are the foundations of an old castle in the graveyard which 
seems to be referred to on the " Archer tomb/' ' 

1 5. Brittas graveyard and church, in the Brittas demesne, is 
the burial-place of the Langleys. A slab that had been stolen from 
one of their monuments, when found was not put in its place, but 
is kept at Archerstown House. The graveyard, surrounded by a 
high wall, is locked and well kept. 5 

Shyane I*ari*ii and Clmrcli. 

■ 10. The old parish church of Shyane, called Templeshyane, is 
considered by the natives to be very old. An old woman told me it 
was "the second oldest church in Borne;" adding that they have an 
account of all the churches at Borne. The north and east wall is 
gone, but the south wall stands, in which are the piscina in the 
east end, and the place for holy water to the right of the doorway. 
The west wail also stands. There are some seventeen monuments 
in the graveyard, of rather modern date.' 




'11. From Templesheyne the church of Adnith (pronounced 
Anhid) can be seen in an elevated position ; but 1 did not go to it. 
There probably are monuments about it, though I could see none 
from Templeshyane. It was a prebend of Limerick Cathedral. 
Shayne, Athnid, Rahelty, and Thurtes since 1682 formed a union, in 
patronage of the Archbishop. To this union is now added Lough- 
more West.' 

Moyne Parisli.— Quileen CI»ui*cIi. 

< 12. The new church (Quileene) in the Parish of Moyne was, 
I believe, built by Archbishop Agar. The old church at the village 
of Moyne has several peculiar features : there are no remains of a 
chancel arch, though it may have existed, for the north and south 
walls have almost disappeared. The eastern portion of the south 
wall still remaining contains the piscina; also there is a square hole 
through this wall into a vault. This vault forms a raised platform, 
about the height of an altar, inside, under the eastern wall, and is 
entered from the church by a narrow opening at the south side. 
In the north side of the west gable there is a chimney-like hole 
down through the wall from a small chamber in the wall. On the 
tops of the gables there are turrets. I examined that on the east 
gable : its eastern wall extends beyond the church wall, and is 
supported by corbels ; it has above the corbels small square holes 
as if for drainage ; but how the insides of these turrets were built I 
cannot think. The graveyard is in good repair ; no ancient tombs 

ICillolonau'li Parish. 

'13. There are no remains of an old church in the small parish 
of Kilclony. Former patron, the Archbishop.' 

Kilfithinore Parish. 

* 14. The church in Kilfithmore Parish is modern'and in use. 
There are only a few tombs in the graveyard, which does not appear 
to be ancient : two of the tombs are those of rectors, the Eevd. 

Foresayeth ( ) and the Rev. H. Thomas ( 

1889). All the monuments are to Protestants. The Garden family 
have monuments inside the church. A good wall surrounds the 
yard. The parish was united in 1789 to Barnane and Killokehan. 
Former patron, Archbishop. 5 

JjOiijrhmoe Parish, ilnst and West. 

< 15 and 16. The Parishes of Loughmoe, East and West ex- 
tend for some five miles along the banks of the Eiver Suir. The 
old church in Loughmoe West is a monastic one, at the east end 



of which there is a strange-looking, low, long, stone-roofed build : 
ing, which may have had another story in former times.. This was 
evidently the monastery^., I believe it belonged to St. Thomas' 
Abbey, Dublin. The Patron was the Archbishop. 

' The graveyard is large and surrounded by a good wall. Among 
the antique tombs one or two are illegible, and two or three date 
from the seventeenth and early part of the eighteenth centuries. 5 

"ifcrc ipct!) fl)t Ijoop of & $ur= 
cell Baron of &ouc$morc, Mjo 
otrU 4tb jHarc, 1722 acrco 71 

" Cfjts monument mas trcctco 1m 
i)ts mite $Uas Broionc oauc$tcr 
of tl)t Earl of l&enmau." 

The Rev. Mr. Healy says : — 

'The tomb is, as far as I recollect, in the nave of the church, 
on the flat, covered with grass, near the south-side wall. The arms 
of the Purcells are on it.' 

lou^Iiinoe East. 

4 The church of Loughmoe East has no graveyard or wall about 
it (?). It chiefly consists of a gable (?) 

I)r<»m Parish. 

4 17. Drom was part of the corps of the treasurership of Cashel. 
Former patron, the Archbishop. The old church of Drom is a 
building of some size, but the walls are not very massive. In 
the graveyard are numerous tombs, and one or two large burial 
enclosures of Cahills and others, Butlers being in the chancel. The 
graveyard is surrounded by a good wall. The Union of KUfahmone 
consists of parts of Glankeen, Drum, Kilea, Aughnameadle 
(Killaloe), the whole of Barnane, Kiloskehan, and Kilfithmone. 

I&allvcahill I'aiisli. 

4 18. The parish of Ballycahill is partly outside the barony of 
Eliogarty, but the old parish church is within it. The walls of the 
building stand. 



Mr. White says the burial-ground is crowded with head- 
stones. Near the east window is the burial-place of the Arm- 
strong family. 

Tcmplemorc Parish. 

1 19. The old parish church of Templemore appears to have 
been the church of military monks, who resided in the large castle 
across the lake in " the park." The graveyard is surrounded (ex- 
cept on the north side, occupied by the church,) by a deep ditch and 
a wall about X% foot across the top, and about \ foot deep. There 
is no trace of the church that is said to have existed there. Chil- 
dren of the neighbourhood are sometimes buried in this churchyard. 
An old man living near said he never remembered any grown 
person to have been buried there ; but that a family of Lahees 
are said to have been the last to bury there. It contains numerous 
tombs : the oldest, dated 1632, to a rector, Edmond Delanye. 

1 In the north-east corner of the parish there is an old grave- 
yard called Killoge, or Killock ; it contains no cut stones, except, 
perhaps, what the people call " the old holy water trough," a large, 
square-shaped lump of hard sandstone, with a bowl, &c, in the 
centre, which is about 6 inches deep and 15 inches across. The 
stone is about 30 inches at one end by 20 at the opposite, and with 
sides about 30 inches long. Depth of bowl, 6 inches ; across top 
of bowl, 15 inches. 

4 The Union of Templemore now consists of: — Templemore, 
Killea (part of), Killevanoge, Templeree, Templetouhy (1893), 
Moyne (united to Templetouhy), Loughmore East (Templetouhy), 
Kilelony (Templetouhy). 

We regret we are obliged to hold over till next year our notes 
on the Parish of Tubbrid, for want of space. — [Eds.] 

* Eathitty (now Raheatty) is the parish in w T hich Archers town 
is situated. Killinan is the name of an old castle now in ruins, 
about two miles west of Thurles, where there is also an old burying- 

TYRONE. 310 


[Contributed by Rev. -J. S. Monck, Incumbent of Clonoe.] 

1 From the old churchyard of Clonoe, near Coalisland. This is 
a pre-Reformation church, and very old. Tablet in the porch.': — 


£ On a grey oblong stone set in the wall of the church, on the 
left-hand side ' : — 

" A coat-of-arms in colours. 
<{ Thomas Morris Esqre - He & his ancestors -Burying place 
for 142 years -Anno 1700 .Laus Deo Addi Soli Gloria. 
Here lyeth the Body of Tnos. Morris of Mount joy 
Esqre -Who depar -d this life the 4 day of September 
Annoe 1712 Aged 62 years." 

c On a similar stone in the opposite wall ' : — 

M Laus Deo Addi Soli Gloria. 
* Then a very large head with thick hair on each side ' : — 
"Fear God , Honour the King, Love your neighbour - 
Pray alwyes. The gift of Thos. Morris Esqre, 1700. 
God is our portion & inheritance." 

* On the south side of the church wall, outside ' : — 

" Here lies the body of Cornet Wm. Clements & Lettice 
his Wif e , his Mo r ,- & Grandmo* er ,- 2 Bro th - 2 Sis trs ,- & 12 
Children all since 1700. Y 8 was set up 1752." 

* In the church yard ' : — 


* Round the top of the stone ' : — 

" Omne Capax Mo vet Vrna Nomen." 




" Beneath this stone lie the remains of -the Rev. 
Doctor Edward Ltll -who departed this life the 29th 
of May 1791 -Aged 7% .years -He was 52 years the 
Rector of this parish in which length of time -He 
uniformly sustained the character of the good shepherd - 
And in every other relation of life he was -the Good 
man. -Go reader and do thou likewise." 

1 On same stone ' : — 

" Also underneath lie the remains of -Rev. William- 
Erskxne Attwell, d.d. -for thirty-seven years Rector 
of this parish -Born 26th November, 1807 Died 27th 
March, 1880-." 

1 On a mural tablet in the church ' : — 

" The Reverend William Erskine Attwell, d.d. for 
thirty- seven years Rector of this Parish of Clonoe -who 
died 27th March, 1880 - He was born 2Gth Nov 1807 - in 
the County Longford and educated at Trinity College 
Dublin where amongst other distinctions, he - obtained 
a Classical Scholarship, Law's Mathematical Premium 
and the Madden Prize - He bequeathed the sum of Five 
hundred pounds in trust -for the maintenance of the 
future ministry of- the Parish of Clonoe - but his most 
enduring monument is his work on the Pauline theory • 
of Inspiration- Psa, XVII, 15." 

* From Termon Churchyard, Carrickmore ' : — 

" Beneath this stone -are deposited the mortal remains- 
of Amelia the beloved wife of the -Reverend Charles 
Cobbe Beresford -who departed this life March 14,- 
1839 in the 66th year of her age -Also- the remains 
of her beloved husband the Reverend Charles Cobbe 
Beresford - who departed this life-on the 13 day of 
December 1859.-in the 80th year of his age-having been 
43 years-rector of this parish-." 

" The Rev. Samuel ALEXANDER-Late Rector of this Parish- 
Born 12th April 1808-Died June 3rd 1889-After a 
ministry of 47 years and a residence of 57-Also Charlotte 
Frances - his beloved wife- born January 14th 1812- Died 
January 27 th 1898 - St, John. 14 chapter. Heb, 4 chapter, 
9 verse." 



Coolest own. 

4 From the old churchyard at Cookstown, on a flat stone near 
the chancel window, the letters very large and deeply cut, going 
round the edge j a coat-of-arms is also on the stone, but cannot be 
made out ' : — 


Jtiliclross.— OliFClnii'cliyarrt of— 

I. H. S. 

. " Here lyeth the B-ody of Patrick McGoirk Who-Died 
March the -7 1737 aged 49 -Years." 


{Continued from Vol. IV, jiage 129.) 

[From Mr. R. O'Flynn, U.S.A.] 

" Erected by John McGrath of Ballyristeem | in memory 
| of his father k mother | who dept J this life in 1752 
aged 52 yrs also ! his wife Ealar McGrath who dept* 1 
this life 1748 aged 32 yrs.'' 

" Lord have mercy on Michael Leyden of Gurteen Co 
Mayo who departed this life the 16 August 1877 aged 
85 years." 

" Erected by Michael Leahy | in memory of | his daugh- 
ters Mary and Honora who died young | also in memory 
of Patrick Kenneally | his wife Honora their son John 
| and daughters J Ann and An astasia." 

" Erected by James Kennedy in memory | of Emi B 
Kennedy who died June y e 16 1775 aged 45 years." 

" Erected by Mr John Kinneally in memory | of his sister 
Anne Kinneally j who died April 20, 1850 | aged 33 
years | and his mother Anne Kinneally | died Sept 16, 
1855 aged 65 years | also his niece Mary Leahy died 
Jan 7 30, 1860 aged 4 years." 



il In memory of William Keily | who died June 29 1813 
| aged 52 yrs | Mary Walsh | died March 17, 1S06 | 
aged 60 yrs Thomas Keily | died Sept 5, 1809 | aged 72. 
Margaret Hearns buying place." 

" Here lies the body | of Robert Keily | who departed 
1812 aged 31 yrs." 

" Erected by | Edmond Navin of Kilmininon in memory 
of his father | Patrick Navtn who dept this life Nov. 4, 
1821 aged 55 years also in memory of his grandfather 
and grandmother Edmond Coaney and Bridget Coaney 
alias McGrath May the Lord have mercy on them." 

" Here lies the bodies of John and Anne Martin who de- 
parted this life in their infancy 1739." 

" Erected by Tho s Molony | in memory of his mother 
Mrs Marg t IIeffernan who | died July 10 1795 aged 
G2 | yrs also his father Barthol w Molony who died July 
17 1796 | aged 79 yrs May they rest in peace. Amen." 

" Erected to the memory of | Dorothea Alice | the be- 
loved child of Bichap.d | and Dorothea Moore | born 
May 21, 1836 | died March 2, 1842." 

' Here lyeth the body of Michael | Martin who dept d this 
life December | 17, 1717 aged 44 years." 

{ Here Lieth the body | of Margaret McGrath | who 
died Nov r | 29 1794 aged 32 | yrs." 

' Erected by Maurice McGrath of Lacldn | in memory of 
his Son | Patrick McGrath died December 12 1854, | 
aged 26 years." 

' In memory of | John Kjely | of Brenane | who died | 
April 19, 1890 | aged 42 years | also his mother 
Margaret | died March 17 1888 | aged 75 years | " 

1 Here lies the | body of Thomas Kerwick who died 10 
day of July 1776 aged 11 yrs." 




" Here lies the body of | George Boate Kirby | the eldest 
son of James Kirby | and Lucy Anne his wife | he de- 
parted this Life on the third day of April 1823 | aged 
two years and four months The Lord giveth and the 
Lord hath taken away, Blessed he the name of the 

" Here lies the body of James Keane who died March 24 
1813 aged 35 yrs." 

" Erected by Peter Keily | of Bedmondstown to the 
memory of his son | James Keily who died Dec 1 st 1825 
aged 21 years." 

" Here lies the body of Nicholas II ally | of Baglough 
who dep* this life July | 6 1797 aged 5G yrs also one of 
his children." 

4< Sacred to the memory of | James Harney who died 
Jany 8, 1839 aged 21 years." 

" Erected to the memory of Michael Hearn who departed 
this life January 4, 1815 aged 70 years Requiescat in 
pace Amen." 

" Erected by Thomas Butler, of Kilmagrange | in 
memory of his wife | Anastasia Butler | died Feb 23, 
1875 aged 65 yrs j also his daughter Johanna | died 
March 28 1867 (' aged 15 | and two of his children | 
died young." 

" In affectionate remembrance of John Beeres | Born 12 
November 1817, died 1 st May 1898 | also his son Wm 
born 23 Feb. 1845. | died 11 Dec 1868." 

" Here lieth the bodey | of Charles Connor | who dept d 
this life | Decemb r 16 1777 | aged 80 yrs | here lieth 
the | bodey of John Connor j who dept July 1, 1812 
aged 80 yrs | Edmond Connor died | Decemb r 7 1782 
agd 67 yrs | also Margaret Whelan alias Connor I died 
November 10 1846." 

" Erected by Davtd Connor in memory | of his father 
and mother J ohn Connor | who departed this life Dec 
12 1792 aged | 60 years also his wife Mary Connor who 
| dept d this March the 6, 1820 aged 78 years j also 
their son Thomas Connor who dept d this 3 rd Feb 1624 
aged 35 yrs." 




"David Connor of Clenen | whose remains are here died 
the 1 st day of | Novembe r 1797 aged 68 years." 

" Erected | by Peter Connor of | Garricloone in memory 
of | his wife Honora Connor | alias Morrissey who 
dept d | this life April 14, 1832 | aged 50 years | also his 
daughter | Bridget Casey alias Connor | died Feb 12 
1845 aged 85 yrs." 

" Erected by Peter Connor | in memory of his mother | 
May Connor alias | Dwyre died November 10 | 1813 
aged 77 y" John Connor | died May 2 1800 j aged 44 
yrs Will" Connor died Jany 9 1817 | aged 17 y." 

" Erected by James Cunningham in memory of his father 
John Cunningham of Dromlohan who depp a this life 
July 4, 1821 aged 35 yrs. 

"5o 5oonili -jte tin -\i)okc\v\x)" 
[" May you rest in peace."] 


Tagrlisliiimy Ifarisli.* 

We have to thank the Rev. F. S. Stoney, Rector of Tagh- 
shinny, for the following : — 

1 These inscriptions are on three slabs enclosed by an iron rail': — 

" To the memory of Jema the beloved wife of John Huggins 
Esq r M.D. of Richmount and Daughter of the Rev d 
Rob Moffett of Park Place in this County died on the 
8 th of March 1847 in the 65 year of her age also of the 
above Named John Huggins Esqr M.D. who died on 
15 th Oct. 1877 And also To the memory of Anne relict 
• of Arthur Richardson Esq r of Richfort died 15 th of 
March 1848 aged 82 years having survived her husband 
30 yr s - 

" death where is thy sting 
grave where is thy victory." ' 

The above Dr. John Huggins was an army doctor at the 
Rattle of Waterloo. 

* This Parish is wrongly placed : it should appear under County Longford. 



41 This memorial of his daughter Jane who died the 12th 
Octb r 1777 & of Alice who died the 20th April 1783 & 
also of his beloved child Mary Moffett who died Nov r 
the 10 th 1805. is erected by the Eev d Egbert Moffett 

♦* Sorrow not for them that sleep in the Lord. For they 
rest from their labours." 

11 Sacred to the memory of the Rev d Eobert Moffett 
For thirty years curate of Tashinny and twenty years 
the Rector During that time faithfully making known 
the Gospel of Christ as the only way of salvation He 
was a tender and affectionate husband and one of the 
best of fathers He was a kind & affectionate Pastor and 
a sincere friend Also to the memory of his beloved 
wife Jemma Moffett This trifling mark of duty and 
affection is left by their affectionate daughter^ Jane 

The two following are inside an iron railing ': — 

" Elizabeth Ull\na Richardson the beloved wife of A. J. 
Richardson Eichford Died 16 th April 1855 Aged 24 
years and Ahmuty James Richardson her husband the 
last and beloved child of James Eichardson and Sarah 
his wife who was removed From his sorrowing Parents 
Feb ry 6 th 1862. Aged 37 years." 

Job 1. 21. 

" Here Lieth the Body of Jam 5 Eichardson of Richm* in 
the Count y of Longford Esq 1 " who Depart d this life the 
14 th of Oct 1 1785 Aged 31 years Also^4 of his children 
Also his son Ahmuty Richabdson who departed this life 
the 2 nd day of May 1814 aged 33 years." 

" James Ahmuty Richardson Esq Born Oct. 10 th 1802. 
Died May 20 th 1864. Sarah Richardson wife of J. A. 
Richardson Esq Born April 6 th 1805. Died November 
14 th 1872." John 14 19. 

" To the memory of Thomas Lennon Late of Colehill 
County of Longford Esq r A tender husband & affec- 
tionate Parent A faithful Friend & honest man His 
Disconsolate widow has Erect d this monument Obeit 
X ber XVI A.D. 1814 ag d 60 years. 

" Tis not this stone his virtues shall Record 
This but bespeaks a widows fond Regard 
The last sad gift a widow can impart 
And frail memorial of a Bleeding heart." 



" Beneath this tombstone is also intered the Body of his 
son Landon Lennon who died on the 6 th Day of June 
A.D. 1815 Ag d 17 years." 

" John Lennon Smyth Esq r Died 27 th March 1829 Aged 
33 years Erected by his loving wife." 

" This monument was erected by James Christie to the 
memory of his beloved wife Alice Cheistie Alias 
Hewitt who died on the 6 th July 1830 aged 45 years 
Also his daughter Mary Dimon d Alias Christie died 22 nd 
October 1828 aged 22 years Also the body of Catherine 
Hallam his beloved daughter who depart' 1 this life 20 th 
of October 1834. Aged 26 years and also the above 
James Christie died the 28 th of Feb y 1814 aged 68 years 
And his son Thomas died March 3 rd 1866 Aged 45 

" Here lye the Body of M r Tno s Robert 55 late of Abysh- 
rule in the County of Longford who depart 11 this life 
Janr y 2 nd 1814 Ag d 74 years also Elizabeth his wife 
who departed this life July 11 th 1820 Aged 82 years. 

" He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall 
he live." 

" This inonum* was erected by Mrs. Mary Tresham to y e 
mein ry of her Beloved Husb d Casper Tresham who dep d 
this life y e 25 th of April 1775 ag d 64 y rs & also to the 
mem ry of her Belov d sister Elioner Langford who dep d 
this life y e 16 th of Nov br 1784 Ag d 88 y rs & to ye mem 13 ' of 
France s Tresham wh° Died ye 20 Jan y 1788 ag d 3 y rs 
And for sepulchral memorial of her Family." 

This stone is sunk about a foot below the level of the surface. 

" Here lieth the body of Anne Eyrs who dep fc this life the 
22 d of June 1776 ag d 63 y re also the Body of Henry 

Eyrs who dep d this life : 

in the 94 th y r of his age He was dark to this Church 
33 y r ) An honest man is the noblest work of God." 

The above is a small headstone standing upright/ 



" Underneath Lie the Remains of M rs Elenor Roberts 
Who departed this life on the 27 th day of February 1849 
aged 45 years She was greatly beloved and esteemed 
in all the relations of life and died sincerely regretted 
This stone has been erected since his death at the 
direction and request of her dear son John whose filial 
love and tenderness towards his beloved Parent whilst 
living desired even after death to shew itself in this 
small tribute of his undying affection for her He 
followed her to the grave on 12 th day of November 1857 
Aged 23 years. 

14 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 

" Erected to the memory of A Beloved Husband affec- 
tionate father and faithful friend Henry William 
Butler By his sorrowing widow as a frail memorial of 
an undying affection, lie Died after years of suffering 
which He bore with Christian fortitude on the 22 nd July 
1866 Aged 56 years." 

"Sacred to the memory of Georgina third daughter of 
Robert and Catherine Belton died June 28 th 1868 
Also her sister Matilda Died Dec. 26 th 1877. 

" The Lord hath given and the Lord hath taken away. 
Blessed be the name of the Lord." 

' " This stone was erected by his Affectionate wife to the 
memory of Edward Hoop Macquillen who departed 
this life July 31 st 1833 Aged 35 years also their 
.Daughter Sarah Pem Macquillen who departed this 
life February 6 th 1831 Aged nine months." 


Bnnciuinon JPort. \ 

The Rev. R. D'O. Martin, All Saints' Rectory, has kindly 
sent us the following about an inscription now in this Fort : — 

* The stone about which you wrote to me was found in an old 
house near the foot of the street of this (Duncannon) village, and 



was removed by Lieut. -Colonel Wray Palliser, commanding the 
Waterford Artillery Militia, to its present position at the sergeants' 
quarters in the fort. This removal took place in 1856.' 

We gave Du Noyer's version of. the inscription in vol. iii, 
page 527, but as there are errors in it, we repeat it here : — 


1 Above this stone is another with the following inscription on 

< " 15 th July 185G This stone restored by Lieu* Col Wray 
Palliser Coram 8 . Waterford Artillery Militia." 

Mr. Garstin, F.S.A., says : — 

' The meaning is that whatever building it was on, was [erected] 
A.D. 1724 under the governorship of George Robert Stearne. The 
Castle w T as fortified by Queen Elizabeth, and lands for keeping it in 
repair assigned, which were regulated by an Act 14 & 15 Charles II, 
2,102, modified by one of the 15th of William III. An abstract of 
the latter will be found in the Liber Munerum (II, vi, 28). In the 
same book, I, ii, 123, is given a list of the captains, commandants, 
or constables from tmnp. Elizabeth to Charles II. At II, vii, 151, 
we find there was in 1815 a governor, appointed 1795, with salary 
of £365, and a Fort-Major, 1797, with £73 per annum. 

We have also to thank the Rev. Mr. Martin for the follow- 
ing :— 

1 On the hearthstone of the Garrison Chapel there is a large 
coat-of-arms taking up nearly half the stone, and the following 
inscription ' : — 

M Here lyeth the body of Major William Ans 1 

of Duncannon who departed this life the 29 th October 
1703 2 aged 3 " 

1 Two or more letters not legible. 

2 The is uncertain ; 6 is possible. 

3 A considerable po r tion of the inscription is here quite obliterated by the 
traffic across it. 



1 On a stone near the entrance of the Artillery Store, beside 
the Garrison Chapel, there is the following inscription ': — 

"Under (lyeth the tiody of?) Elizabeth Thomson wife of 
Capt n Thomson, who died y e 24 th May 1736 aged 31 

" God bless y e hands that lay'd this stone, and curs'd be 
the hands that moves her bones." 

* Local tradition says that this lady went up to Waterford on a 
report that her husband was unfaithful, and that finding the story 
true, she died immediately on her return to Duncannon.' 

I*arisli of lew ISoss. 

t f 

u ....... - _■ 


' The above is copied from a stone (size, 3 feet by 2 feet) at 

Mr. Gannon's farm at Annestown, near luiockmullen, in this 

parish, about one mile from the town of Ross, on the road to 

4 The initials at the top appear to stand for Thomas Knowles, 
Sovereign of Eoss in ]G33. 



1 The small shield in the left-hand corner is probably that of 
— Dormer, 1638. 

1 The motto — " Virt . .*is labor ?" 

£ The curious device over the pelican — what is it meant to 
represent ? 

1 The motto was too indistinct to be read with certainty. I 
found the arms covered with a heap of mortar, which had got into 
every hollow part of the carving, and required a considerable length 
of time to clear it away, even partially. I represented the matter 
to Mr. Gannon, and asked him to have this fine stone built into the 
wall of the yard to preserve it. 

<P. D. V.' 


* The plate here given represents the top slab of the line altar- 
tomb of Peter Butler in the ruined north transept of this church. 
It is from a rubbing taken by me in 1898. The following is the 
inscription ' : — 

"Hit Jaccnt pctnts inttlcr films 
i\u])aitit too rami buccmmtts tic 
iHountcrarrct quondam tic 
doar$ndipraeI) 3nmtj qui okiit 
4 tstc Sunn S° ti l 1599 & 
jilarcrarita ticrjcrcur. ujcor cms 
q |)cc jBomtmcntu. fieri fcctt 
to mcnse trcscmfcris 3° U° 1607 
& cjc Ijac scculo mtjjrautt . " 

* Translation ' : — 

" Here lie Peter Butler, son of Richard, Lord Viscount 
of Mountgarret, formerly of Cloaghnekyrach, Esquire, 
who died on the 4 th day of June A.D. 1599, and his wife 
Margaret Deyereux who caused this monument to 
be made in the month of December A.D. 1607, and 
departed from this world . . . 

Note.— In 1547 pardon was granted to Sir Eichard Butier, of Rosse, in the 
County of Wexford, Knight.— See Chancery Bolls, Ireland. 



' Mr. Garstin, F.S.A., who furnished the reading, remarks that 
the lettering of this fine inscription deserves attention. Observe 
the curious capital letters, anc] how capriciously they are used and 
omitted. Eleven occur: — A (three — twice in Anno with small 
H, J (2), M (8), E (two— once in middle of " "). The 
names of the husband and surname of his wife are not capitalized. 
Only one small s occurs. The long s is in place of c, and at end of 

1 The Richard Butler of this inscription was second son of the 
eighth Earl of Orrnond. He performed great service to the Crown, 
in recompense for which the Lords of the Council in England trans- 
mitted the directions of Edward VI, 5 th August, 1550, for his 
creation as Viscount Mountgarret, being the first creation of that 
rank in Ireland. In 1558 he w r as joined in a commission of martial 
law with Sir Nicholas Devereux. He w T as buried in St. Canice's, 
Kilkenny, having died in 1571. According to Archdall's "Lodge's 
Peerage," he was married three times, and had five sons and four 
daughters. Of the latter, Margaret married Sir Nicholas Devereux 
the younger, of Balmagir, County Wexford, Knight. 

' His third son, who is called Pierce by Lodge, is evidently the 
person in this inscription named Petrus, which is, doubtless, the 
Latin form and equivalent of Pierce. 

' Archdall's " Lodge " (iv. 27, note) says that by deed, dated 
2nd- June, 15G8, his father (the Earl) enfeoffed John Devereux, 
Dean of Ferns, in the manor and lands of Cahir, alias Clough- 
negeragh (the place named on the tomb) to the use of his said son, 
Pierce, and Margaret Devereux, wile of the latter (the Dean's 
daughter?), for life, and the remainder, in which Caher was in- 
cluded, to his heirs male. Lodge says he died 30th (not 4th) June, 
1599, and gives a list of his children. 

* Mr. Garstin points out that in the arms carved on the tomb, 
the first and fourth quarters are assigned to Devereux and the 
others to Butler — the reverse of what should be the case. This 
arose possibly from some confusion with the other marriage above 

' He also adds that the widow, who had this tomb made eight 
years after her husband's death, left a blank for the date of her own 
death, which has not been filled in. This has not been shown in 
a copy of this inscription — otherwise fairly carved — which was 
published in the " Dublin Penny Journal." 

1 The above gives a general view of this altar-tomb, one side of 
which rests against the ruined wall of the north transept of the 
abbey. It is broken transversely right across the centre of the stone 
near the head of the cross. The letters are raised. At one end of 
the tomb there is an immense interlaced I H S, about 2 ft. G in. by 
2 ft in., and at the other end of the tomb are the arms of 
Devereux [of Ballmagir'?] and Butler [3 covered cups], with a 
crescent for difference. 


[To face page 322. 

MSI « ? i 





General or Front View. 



« In the front are the emblems of the Crucifixion in good pre- 
servation, and two large iron rings near each end. 

' Mr. Eichard LangrisliQ- -notices that the Mountgarret f amily 
used the Fitz Walter coat, viz. : Or a chief indented azure, and 
not the three covered cups which are the cognizance of the " Chief 
Butlers." How, then, did the covered cups come to be on this 
Mountgarret tomb ? ' 

Close by this fine Butler tomb is that erroneously stated 
to be that of "Rose Macroom." There is no inscription. A figure 
in a long robe occupies the centre of the stone. The feet rest 
on an animal — lion ? dog ? otter ? The head is ornamented (?) 
with long flowing hair, curled up at the ends. The right hand 
is gloved, and the left rests on the breast. The face is womanly. 
It is more probably the representation of a worthy merchant of 
Ross than of the mythical being to whom it has been attributed. 
In the north trausept are the following inscriptions : — 

' On the floor — To Doctor Alcock's vault ' : — 

FEBRUARY 1699." 

Why do my Living friends grieve at my early end 

Since Death them very soon hereunto me wili send 

I did not step before to this expected place 

The happy period of my now well runn pace 

Where I give to y<* earth that which ye earth can 

And render Heaven back what heaven did me lend. 

" Within this vault lie the remains of Edward Kavanagh 
Surgeon, who died Oct 11 1836 aged 90. And of his 
son Geokge Kavanagh M.D. who died on the 28 of 
January 1810 aged 70." 

A mural stone fast chipping away :-— 

I H S 

"Here lyeth the Bodv of M" MARY KAVANAGH alias 
who departed this life the 27 of March Anno Domi 1712. 
Also here is interred the body of Mr MICHAE 
KAVANAGH March 1 who departed this life 31 
January Anno Dom. 1777 (?)" 

( . 


For further notice of the name of Raggett see Thomastown 
inscriptions, Co. Kilkenny, Robert Roth and Ellen (?) Ragged 
(sic). *■' 

" Here lies the Body of William Stephens of Chilgomb 
Esq r M.D. F.R.S. who departed this life the tenth day 
of February 1761 aged G8 years. Also the body of his 
daughter Anna Maria Stephens who departed this life 
April the 13 th 1813 aged 57 years." 

11 Sacred to the memory of Anne French alias Foulkes, 
of New Ross wife of Anthony French Esq r Burgess, 
who departed this life on Monday the 2 day of May 
1831, aged 70 years. 

4< This tomb is placed here by her' afflicted husband and 
children gratefully to record the Virtues of one who 
had been a fond & faithful wife a most kind and affec- 
tionate parent and the common friend of all who knew 

"Beneath also are interred the remains of ber beloved 
husband Anthony French Esq r Burgess, exemplary in 
the discharge of every Domestic and Public duty and 
one of the most upright and kind-hearted of men. He 
died sincerely and universally regretted, on the 7 of 
October 1836 aged 84 years." 

Next it is the following : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mary Minchin who died in 
the prime of life the 19 of May 1800, possessed of 
every grace that could adorn a Christian or exalt her 
sex she exhibited as a daughter, sister, wife & mother 
an example of worth rarely equalled, Perhaps never 
excelled, she now inherits fulfillness of that promise, 
Because I live ye shall live also." 

" Here lieth the body of George Cunningham Esq} who 
departed this life Dec r the 10 th 1813 in the 90 year of 
his age." 

" This is the burial place of Robert Carpenter and his 
family, underneath is interred the Rev 4 Robert Carpen- 
ter Rector and Vicar of New Ross, he fell asleep in 
Jesus February 8th 1847 aged 47 Years. 

[I Thess 4 ; 13-14.] » 


[To face page 325. 


NEW ROSS, 1899. 
From a Photograph by Mr. William Condell. 




The above completes the tombstones in this transept, except 
the Dormer monument which we have already given [see Vol. 
Ill, p. 179]. 


In the north wall there is an arched canopy, which probably 
stood over a handsome tomb, let into the thickness of the wall. 
The arch and sides still remain, but the tomb is gone, and 
remains of colouring may be seen on the interior of the recess. 

The annexed engraving represents this recess. 

In the corner near it is an "ainbay," and close by an upright 

stone, inscribed : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Eliza Anne Evans wife 
of Mr. Frederick Evans of Deptford in Kent, who died 
22nd May, 1849, aged 39 years — Affectionate wife and 
tender mother." 

Next it, also an upright stone, is the monument of : — • 

" William Green, Esq* late officer of Customs died 7 th of 
Febry 1852 aged 70 years." 

The next is a mural monument, inscribed : — 

" Near this stone are deposited the remains of M IIS Adams 
daughter of Thomas Hackett, Esq late of the County 
of Tipperary and niece of the late Mrs Counsellor 
Alcock of the City of Waterford died March 14 th 1819 
Act 3 xvi c. 13 verse." 

The piscina, in the south wall, is in good preservation [see 
plate]. In it is a stone inscribed :— " The Nappers Burial place." 

Under a recess in the wall is the following : — 







On the ground, in the centre of the chancel : — 

"This stone was laid by F. W. BASSETT Son of 
FRANCIS BASSETT who died 27 May 1874 aged 73 
years EMMA his wife who died 10 July 1878 aged 77 
years RICHARD their son who died Sept r 15 th 1855 
aged 19 years." 

[From notes taken by me in 1898. — P. D. V.] 

In the south transept (unroofed) : — 


[A flat stone.] 

On another tomb, in same transept : — 

" John Carroll Surgeon died November 7 th 1856 aged 65 
years, also Sarah his wife died Nov r 13 th 1878 aged 91 

On a small mural stone : — 


[No dates given.] 



On another mural stone, same place : — 

" The family burial place of William Graves of New Ross". 
The remains are here inferred of his beloved wife Mary 
Bealy Graves who in perfect peace passed from Death 
into Life on the 27 th of April 1847— And also of 
William Graves who died 10 th March 1859 aged 72 

Near this last is a stone inscribed thus : — 

"This stone is erected by their children, in loving 
memory of Anthony Elly Graves of Rosbercon Castle, 
born 6 Aug. 1816, died 1G May 1890. and of Harriette 
his wife born 81. Oct 1827, died 7 Nov 1864." 
[1 st Timothy VI. 14.] 

Next it, on the wall, is : — 


[Romans III. 23.] 

In the corner, and within an iron railing, is a mural 
•monument, covered with ivy : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Jane Jones who departed this 
life on the 2 day of May 1848 aged 2 years & 6 months, 
Daughter of Richard and Susan Jones of Margate . Isle 
of Thanet in the County of Kent — Also Matilda Jones 
1 daughter to above, who departed this life Sep* 4. 1856 
aged 8. years and 4 months, and Richard Millar Jones, 
Master Mariner, Father of the above, who departed this 
life July the 15 th 1869 aged 50 years." 


* This stone is about 8 ft. 6 in. long and 3 ft. 6 in. wide. The 
inscription is in raised letters. The upper left corner is broken 


GENT : WHOE : DYED : THE : 29 DAY OF SEPT : 1619 




[stone broken] 1630 TOG'KER I WITH EDWARD COOPER 

* Near the head of the stone is a shield, with the letters E C 
in the upper corner ; no arms. 

' Below this is cut a quite modern inscription to Shepherd French, 
of Russelstown, Co. Kilkenny, who died 22nd March, 1840.' 

1 The plate is from a rubbing made in 1898/ 


A writer — C. D.— in the " Dublin Penny Journal " of 1836, 
mentions the cross cut on this tombstone, and says, " It is not 
in as good preservation as that on Patrick Conway's tomb- 
stone " (an illustration of which we hope to give in next year's 
Journal), and that the stone bears the following inscription in 
old English characters: — 

"Htc jactt Bents Jrtiam antr |ns 
totfc, jo an fDanrclie, hnjosc 
families tins tomb mcunij, 


* The word " Idam " is disputed.— 0. D., Sept., 1834.' 

"Where on earth C. D. found any words to represent the 
English, he has given here, viz. : ' ' Whose families this tomb 
received," I am altogether at a loss to discover, except they are 
the production of the highly imaginative brain he must have 
possessed ; and in 1334 the stone must have been in a far more 
legible condition than it is now (1899). 

We give here the inscription as deciphered by us this year, 
and also a plate of the covering-stone. 

* This tomb stands in the churchyard. On the south side of 
the church, down the centre, is a floriated headed cross ; and the 
following inscription, in raised letters, runs along the head and left 

[To face page 328. 


DATED 1577, 



side. The stone is " chipped " at the edges in several places, and 
the inscription much worn, rendering it difficult to read.' 

"Hie Sacrt Wmte (?) &an ants 
|)tS) knit Joan fjanroltc luijose 
soullcs t|)us talte to mcrct. 


' Under the latter part of the above inscription is what appears 
to read : — 

"Waltmts fjettg dfafcruabtt 
fitrant Comijam. - 

4 A mixture of Latin and English. The Christian name of the 
husband and wife begin with ornamental capital letters, while the 
surnames commence with small letters. This will be observed also 
on the tomb of Peter Butler (see page 321). 

* The beautiful and elaborate I. H. S. on the left of the cross is 
specially deserving of notice. 

- 1 This is the onlv instance I have yet met with of the use of the 
above expression, » IHUS TAKE TO MERCI." 

1 In North-fleet Church, Kent, there is a brass cross with 
foliated ends to arms, and the words "IHU MERCY" and 
11 LADY HELPE " inscribed on the cross-arms, date circa 1400. 
It was dug up in the churchyard in 1869. 

' At Littleton, Middlesex, on a brass to Lady Blanche Vaughan, 
about 1460, are two roses inscribed "IHU-M'CY." A similar 
inscription is to be seen on a brass to a Sheriff of London and his 
wife, date 1425, at Higham Ferrers, same county. 

* At Hastings, in Sussex, on a fine brass to Thomas Goodworth 
and wife we find the word " IHESUS," date circa 1520. 

* It is the first case I have as yet found in Ireland of the use of 
the word, " IHU " for JESUS. — [P. D. V.] ' 






In reference to the annexed drawing, a unique stone, brought 
to light in St. Mary's Churchyard, New Ross, and which will in 
future be known as " The Bambino Stone of New Ross." We 
feel sure that not only the members of our own particular 
Society, but also those of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of 
Ireland, and other Irish antiquarian societies, will be glad to 
hear that we have got over all the difficulties that surrounded 
this matter, and have had the Bambino placed under a recessed 
arch in the north wall of the ruined chancel (see page 325 for a 
drawing of this arch), where it is under " lock and key," and 
comparatively safe from injury and weather. 

I have to thank the Prior of the Augustinian Convent at 
Ross, the Rev. John Condon, for the kind help he gave me in 
.securing the preservation of the Bambino Stone, and for the 
interest he took in the matter. 

Mr. Buckley considers this " Bambino " to be of quite a 
different character to the " Swathed Child " on the Chichester 
tomb in Carrickfergus Church. There is, he says, a similar one 
to this latter on Lord Boyle's tomb in Youghal ; but they have 
no accompanying figures of coroneted angels on either side, as 
the Ross Bambino has, in Mr. Buckley's opinion. 

'Mr. Michael J. C. Buckley in his Paper on this Bambino, 
read before the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 18th 
June, 1698, says it is a representation of the " Infant Christ." 

4 The dimensions given by Mr. Buckley require correction. 
The length of the slab is only 3 ft. 4 in., and not 6 feet in length, as 
stated in his Paper ; width, 1| ft., and nearly 8 in. thick. The 


[To face page 330. 

* - -. « 

1 ! 

V ' : /! 


From a Photograph by Mr. William Condell. 




body is completely covered by bandelettes. The face of the Infant 
was rotund and chubby, with a smiling expression ; the hair, which 
seemed to be bossed up, with a flight curl all round the head, was 
cut round in a peculiar " basin-cut" style of coiffure, so peculiar 
during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. 

' On either side of this infantine figure, and on a level with its 
face, are carved two other youthful heads, without any bodies, 
somewhat resembling the heads which so often terminate the dip- 
mouldings of arches. 

1 These two heads — which bear the same joyous expression as 
the Infant — had their hair falling in thick tresses on each side of 
the face, whilst a " corona," or diadem, raised in the centre, 
encircled their foreheads — exactly in the same manner as we see 
coronets on the figures of cherubim in mediaeval, sculptures and 

Mr. Buckley draws attention to the very reprehensible 
practice that exists in Ireland, of persons appropriating the 
tombstones of others, and even portions of the ornamental 
carved stones of our ancient churches and abbeys, as tombstones 
for their families, without leave or licence. 

I do not think this stone was originally intended for a 
"tombstone;" and the distinct absence of all traces of inscrip- 
tion on it strengthens this opinion. The edges of the stone are 
certainly suitable for lettering, had such been wished. From the 
rough back of the stone, I am inclined to believe it was origi- 
nally built into a wall. 

As, to Mr. Buckley's theory that this carving was meant to 
represent the Infant Saviour attended by two angels, I must 
leave it to those who are better fitted than I am by the study 
of such questions to determine. 

The theory that it represents simply an ordinary child with 
the heads of its parents on either side, appears to be at variance 
with the size, expression, dress (?), &c, of the two side figures, 
which to me, as to Mr. Buckley, represent children's heads and 
faces with a happy expression. 

I cannot recognise the " corona " named by Mr. Buckley ; 
but the hair of the two side figures is certainly not " dressed " 
in the same way as that of the Bambino. 





The inscriptions on the page opposite are taken from the 
late Rev. W. G. Carroll's book about Ross, published in 1875. 
The only description he gives of them is as follows : — 

1 Note. — Inscriptions on certain Tombstones of ancient date, 
found • in the Abbey orchard, Meeting-house Lane (also Friary 
Lane), New Ross, copied from the stones by James (George ?) Alex- 
ander, Esq., and traced from copy after a comparison of the only 
one now (1875 ?) to be seen, by James O'Sullivan.' 

There appear to be at least two separate inscriptions. 1 
would make the first end with the word ONVR [line 4], and 
that the second begins, like the first, with the cross m \ i, same line. 

With reference to these inscriptions Mr. Garstin, F.S.A., 
V.P.R.I.A., supplies the following note : — 

'This is a most interesting and perplexing inscription, and invites 
special attention, as one of the few in Ireland in old French. It is 
in letters which are styled Lombardic, and the entire alphabet, 
except X and Z, will be found. The letters A, D, M, N, and T 
•appear in different forms, as was not uncommon. J does not 
appear as distinct from I, but U is represented as occurring in one 
of the portions remaining, though V elsewhere does duty for it, as 
usual in such inscriptions. 

' The transcript by Mr. Alexander seems carefully made ; yet, 
when compared with Colonel Vigors's drawings from the two re- 
maining fragments, containing 15 + 11 letters and 3 + 1 word- 
separating points, the following variations appear : — (1) The MS. 
omits final I of ^lERCI, and (2) gives the divider following as a 
semicolon, or two points only; (3) as it also does after the next 
word but one. (4) That word it reads SERYI, whereas the drawing 
has the second letter of that word C ; probably by an oversight, the 
middle horizontal line was omitted. On the other hand (5), the 
drawing has a letter between the R and B of the next word, which 
the MS. has not. So that, in addition to the difficulty of the 
language, we probably have to work on a doubtful transcript. This 
emboldens me to hazard conjectures I would otherwise be more 
chary of offering. 
























The MS. probably represents two inscriptions from two distinct 
tombstones, one of which — that given first, and partly shown in the 
drawings — doubtless was, according to the note, used for comparison 
by James 0' Sullivan, being then (1875) apparently perfect. Even 
without reference to the cross which indicates the beginning of 
such inscriptions, they are easily separable, and I shall treat them 
as distinct. There are some differences in the formation of the 
letters (and but for the drawing, I might add in the word-dividers), 
as well as in the spelling (e.g., ALMA and ET), which suggest 
that, even if the work of the. same hand, they are not of the same 

They include the formula generally used in such inscriptions, 
and, as usual with them, gave no date. In simplicity and prayer- 
inviting they resemble the early inscriptions in Irish. For com- 
parison, it may be well to cite from "Bouteli's Monumental Brasses 
and Slabs" (1847, p. 29) the inscription which he gives us from the 
earliest brass known to be in existence, and which is said to be of 
about the year 1277 : — 

"•f Hire : §o\)M\ : IDaobentoun : 
cinualet* : tjtst : tep ; XjcXs : tie : 
sa : alme : ept : merep." 

1 1 propose now to give my reading of the inscriptions, appending 
the translations which I venture to offer. I am sensible that part 
of these may be deemed rather wide of the mark; but they are 
offered only as conjectural, and I shall welcome any well-founded 
corrections. The portions as to which I am doubtful I include in 
brackets, and also some suggestions or explanations, not in 

" -f- #ap4arti S*ri[n]se st[s)t 
tet pries pur (=pour) I'alme 

ftt (=CUtC?) Hcb % , . t [? see note) 

tit (=att) mcrct fet (=qut) 
serin Cerelmti 23c=3U=Cbr (= 
Be 3La Com) murut (?) en 
&os 00 ejrarto ontor (=I)onneur). 



* Translation ' : — 

Gaylard De Einse [or Gay (= Guy ?) Lard of 
Eise (Rinse?)] lies £ere. Pray for the [his?] soul, 
that God [on it?] may have mercy. Who served 
Cerebrid De La Tour. [He] died [?] in Ros[s]. [He] 
had [?] great honour." 

' Second inscription': — 

" f Uttnati Uc Canvas *c mtiUx 
8ns gist let frcu tic sa alma cr 
incrti 3 nun." 

1 Translation ' : — 

" -j~ Hunad De Gambas of [names of place. See note] 
lies here. God on his soul have mercy. Amen." 
1 The proper names present considerable difficulty, and I am 
very doubtful as to the readings I offer. As to the first I leave it to 
others to determine the Christian name. If the practice of leaving 
out M and M, which at a later period became so common, is here 
admissible, there seems warrant for the name I have given. The 
family of De Einzy, which w T as till lately seated on the banks of the 
Slaney, descended from Sir Matthew De Eenzy, to w T hom (Ciobemon, 
Co. Wexford) was granted by Charles II ("Burke's Landed Gentry"). 
His monument, preserved in Athlone, says he was born at Cuilen 
(Cologne), in Germany. Could he be of the same stock? 
. < The second person mentioned has a somewhat Celtic-sounding 
Christian name prefixed to a surname well knowm in France and 
Germany. The family of De La Tour also obtained a large share 
of Nova Scotia, in the New World, and I happen to possess an 
elaborate MS. pedigree of that branch. 

* The names in the second inscription present curious combina- 
tions. Though " Hunad " seems doubtful, " De Cainbas " may 
possibly be admitted ; yet it seems not to have survived. His 
location in " Altibii aris," or " Alti Byaris," I must relinquish to 
the local antiquaries. It has a suggestion of Latin, which has 
been found to appear occasionally in such inscriptions. 

44 After the first " DAY " are four (?) letters which need elucida- 
tion. Further on I have given MUEUT with great doubt. The 
tw r o Us, which here alone supersede the usual Vs, appear in the 
drawing, and I am eouvineed it should give T as the final letter. 
The OD, I have reason for supposing, may be represented by 
"had." * 

* It is to be hoped more light may be thrown on these inscrip- 
tions and their history.' 




Of the second inscription, which was on the stone marked C 
[see below], there is nothing whatever to be found, either stone 
or inscription. But this rtf'uch is legible on the head of this 
stone : -J- h : VNAD, as given in Mr. Carroll's book. See 
Fig. C. 

A ^ C 


The drawing here given represents three coffin- shaped tomb- 
stones, as shown in the above book by Mr. Carroll. Of that 
marked (A) I failed to find any trace (unless Fig. IV, opposite, 
-represents it), and Mr. Carroll does not mention whether he 
found any inscription on it. 

(B) is still in existence near the well in the old Priory Garden, 
now forming the yard to Mr. Roche's malt store in " Priory 
Lane." An enlarged sketch of this stone is given opposite 
(Fig. III). There is not a single letter now to be seen on it, if 
it ever had any. 

(C) . This appears to have been perfect about twenty-five 
years back. It is the stone on which what we have called the 
second inscription, given at page 331, was cut. 

We greatly fear that the major part of the first and third of 
these stones has been utilized by the masons in building Mr. 
Roche's fine malt stores. 

Mr. Roche, of New Ross, kindly made search for the missing 
stone coffins, which there is but little doubt at one time existed 
in this town, and also for the Anglo-Norman tombstones of 



which we give copies of the inscriptions as recorded in the Hoy. 
W. G. Carroll's memoir of the late Bishop J. T. O'Brien, 
published in 1875, but^.now out of print, judging from the 
difficulty I experienced in obtaining a copy. Mr. Roche made 
due search in the Priory Garden, but failed to discover any of the 
above, either coffin or tombstone, though he got several trenches 
cut across the ground where report said some of them were 
buried. He found a quantity of human bones, but no coffins. 

The three small carved stones shown on page 336 are now 
built into the old Priory Garden wall. 

For convenience of reference I have numbered the lines of 
the inscriptions from I to VI ; and the stones themselves, A, B, 
and C [page 335]. 

On the same sheet as the above inscriptions, are given the 
three tombstones, or coffin-lids, which we give at page 335. 

Of the first inscription, all I could find, after diligent search 
on two or three occasions, was what I have given below, viz. — 
CI : KI : SERVI : DARBRI [stone broken] ; and on what 
evidently formed the foot of the same stone — [M]URUT : 



The drawing below represents part of a broken tombstone, 
which has recently been made into a " heel-stone " to hang one 
half of an entrance into Mrs. Cherry's garden in Priory Lane in 
this town. The other half of the gate, or door, is also hung on 
another portion of a tombstone ! ! and all this is quite recent 
vandalism ! When will people in Ireland have a proper respect 
for burial-grounds and tombstones ? Let us hope it will come 
in the next century, as it certainly has not come in this. 



Wexford.- Sclskei* Al>l>cy. 

[From " The Dublin Penny Journal " of 1834.] * 


No. 1. 

No. 2. 








4 Sir, — The above are correct copies of two flags at present 
among the ruins of St. Peter's and Paul's Abbey, commonly called 
Selsker, in the town of Wexford. The first is evidently to represent 
a shield, bearing on the right side a lion rampant over a crocodile 
[?], and, on the opposite, a tree, both surmounted by crescents : it 
bears the date 1623, but as to the inscription, I am perfectly at 
a loss to conjecture what the object of it was. The second is in 
old English, and I have transcribed it, as it is no easy matter to 
read : — 

' No. I is a sepulchral flag, which, no doubt, covered the grave 
of Richard Stafford, of Wexford, and Anstace, his wife, who was the 
daughter of Leonard Sutton, of Bally keroge, in the County of 
Wexford : they died in the year 1622, and were buried in the 
Abbey of St. Peter and Paul. The Stafibrds were descended from 
John Stafford, a third son of a Buckinghamshire family, who 
acquired the estate of Ballymachrane, in the County of Wexford, 
about the reign of King Henry VII, and from him descended the 
families of Ballyconnor, George Stafford, who built the castle and 
hall of Wexford ; Richard Stafford above-mentioned, who was 
descended from a second brother of Ballyconnor ; and two other 
branches who possessed considerable property in Wexford in the 
reign of James I and Charles I. The family of Sutton were also 
of very ancient residence and respectability in Wexford and the 
adjoining counties : they possessed Old Court, as well as Bally- 
kerogmore, and were of the same original stock as the Suttons of 
Tipper, in Kildare. The arms on the stone are empaled, baron 
and femme : — 

* 1. Argent, three staffs of oak, ragulee, two and one for Staf- 

* 2. Or a Lion rampant gules, treading on a lizard, vert, for 
Sutton. The lower of the staves is joined with the first in the 
stone, but that is but a clumsy error of the stone-cutter. The 
name, Richard, was probably followed by Stafford, on the broken 
part of the flags, as was A N with Sutton. The other flag prob- 
ably stood in the wall of the Abbey under a mural epitaph.' 

f [W. B. V.] 



'The Venerable Archdeacon J. K. Latham informs me that 
both these stones are now in a recess, under the old tower, or 
belfry. He says the figure under the lion appears to be intended 
for a lizard.' f 

[P. D. V.] 

* This Church of Selsker, with six others, -was demolished by 
order of Oliver Cromwell in 1649— St. Patrick's, St. Mary's, 
St. Bride's, St. John's, St. Peter's, and St. Maud's, commonly 
called Maudlin Tower. He took away the church plate of Selsker, 
and a very line ring of bells, shipped to Chester, and said to be now 
(1834) in the old church near River Street, Liverpool.' 


I*arisli of ISaltiii^lass— 3$altiiig*lass Al>bey. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, 1897.] 

'This Cistercian Abbey is said to have been founded in 1151 by 
Dermot MacMurrough, King of Leinster, and was dedicated to 
St. Mary. A portion of the west end, and a row of arches, with 
richly decorated capitals, on the south side, are still standing. The 
chancel was converted into the parish church, and has been disused 
since 1884, when the new church was erected. The removal of 
some plaster and laths has lately revealed a portion of the sedilia. 
On the removal of the wooden floor, several inscribed slabs were 
exposed to view. The first three inscriptions given below are 
copied from them, and there are probably two or three more now 
covered by fallen plaster ' : — 

" Here Lieth the Body of Elizabeth Lawkenson Alias 
Goodwin who departed this Life on Thursday, the 27 th 
Iune in the year 1734. Aged 30 years." 

8 th DAY OF SEP BK 1716 & IN Y E 66 TiI YEAR OF 



THIS LIFE THE 27 th OF FEB 8 ? 1727 & IN Y E 
32 D YEAR OF Biff AGE." 

* The next slab lies near the sedilia, and, owing to the bad, slatey 
nature of the stone, the inscription is all but illegible. At the top 
of the stone are the family arms, crest, and motto of the Stratford 
family, viz. : — 

1 Arms — Barry of ten argent and azure, a lion rampant gules. 

* Crest — A dexter arm, embowed in armour, holding in the hand 
a scimitar. 

* Motto — Virtuti nihil obstat et armis. 

* The inscription (when completed) runs as follows : — 

OCTOBER 1699." 

' Robert Stratford's will is in the Record Ofiice, Dublin. It is 
dated the 8th of November, 1698. A codicil was added on the 25th 
of October, 1699, and the will was proved on the 29th January, 
1699 {recti- 1700, as the legal year ended on the 24th of March till 
the year 1752). By the date of the codicil we are enabled to fix 
Robert Stratford's death on the 26th of the month. 

* Burke, in his " Peerage" (under Aldborough, a title now 
extinct), does not give the date of Robert Stratford's death, nor the 
names of his brothers and sisters, which are thus named in the 
will :— 

1 His brothers — John, Edward, William, and Francis. 

* His sisters — Abigaile Trotman, Grace Rushton, Elizabeth 
Harlowin (? and Katherine Gealand). 

* The coat-of-arms are in relief, and the inscription is incised. 
The Robert Stratford here mentioned was of the house of Mere- 
vale, and was ihe first of the name to settle in Ireland, whither he 
came in 1660 (according to Archdall's " Lodge's Peerage"). He 
married a daughter of Oliver Walsh, of Ballykilcavan, in the 
Queen's County, and was ancestor to the Earls of Aldborough and 
Barons of Baltinglass. 

* In the south transept of the new church is another monument 
in connection with this family, which was removed from the old 

His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Vaughan Pendred, 



church when it fell into disuse. It consists of a smallish piece of 
sculpture representing a woman standing beside a pedestal, on the 
top of which is an urn. On the pedestal is incised ' : — 

Earl of Aid* 
ob r 29 lh Iune 

of Aldbo* 
ob T 10 May 


' Below the sculpture is incised' : — 

" This Monument has been Erected 
to the Memory of John and Martha 
Earl and Countess of Aldborough 

1 This John was a grandson to Eobert Stratford, whose tomb- 
stone has been described o.bove. He was created Baron of 
Baltinglass in 1763, and Earl of Aldborough in 1777. His wife 
was Martha, daughter and co-heir to the Eevd. Benjamin O'Neal, 
Archdeacon of Leighlin. The Aldborough title became extinct in 

' There are no other monuments (now visible) to this family, 
except a great granite pyramid on a broad, square base in the 
burial-ground, below which is the family vault. It is not inscribed.' 

* On a box-tomb, at the east end of the abbey burial-ground, is 
the-following inscription, now hard to decipher, as it was originally 
only lightly incised ' : — 

AUGUST AN N DOMIN 1 1737 & IN Y E 18 th YEAR 
. . . . ? & IN YE 67 YEAR OF HIS AGE." 

' Near the above-quoted box-tomb is a rough headstone bearing 
this inscription : — 

" Here lieth y 6 | Body of W^illi am dunkley decea 8ed | April 
y 6 24 th | 1741 Aged | 33." 

* A portion of the inscription is hid by the drapery forming the female's 



1 A large plain round font-head belonging to the Abbey is now 
kept in the Eector's garden, which also encloses at its lower end a 
holy well (now desecrated with a pump), possibly dedicated, like the 
Abbey, to St. Mary.' 


* The church plate consists of three pieces- : a chalice, a large 
and a small paten. Through the kindness of the Rector, the Rev. 
John Usher, I was enabled to copy the inscriptions on them. 

* On the chalice is : — 

"ZJke Cpl^t o| CtlwalcL tfilai^otel io ike 

1 On the small paten the same inscription runs round its rim, 

* On the big paten, round its centre, is inscribed : — 

11 5 he Cpijjb o| c&i\<le?i6.<yon if<juu/rwLe\6. £a<j/l. io 
ike Gkuleh o| SBctltvn-cjsl a.&6.. Jinn. 470/f." 

' The above Edward Stratford was the son of Robert, and by his 
wife Elizabeth, daughter of Euseby Baisley, of Ricketstown, Co. 
Carlow, was father of John, 1st Earl of Aldborougb. He died on 
the 23rd February, 1740. 

4 Anderson Saunders was of Saunders' Grove, near Stratford-on 
Slaney, Co. Wicklow.' 


[From « The Dublin Penny Journal » for 1835.] 

*This building is remarkable for the classical elegance of its 
architecture, and the commanding situation on which it is built. It 
was erected at the close of the sixteenth century by Robert Tynte, 
whoso family were the proprietors of a large district surrounding 
the town — a part of which his descendants are still in possession of. 
The building is constructed of mountain granite, very neatly cut. 

* The bell attached to the Market-house clock has been made 
the subject of many a legendary tale in the neighbouring country. 
It has a fine tone, and bears on the rim the following inscrip- 
tion : — 




* We shall probably in a future number have occasion to notice 

some of the antiquities of Dunlavin, with its principal historical 

*" ' Enna.' 

The second figure in the date is read by some as 6, by 
others as 0. It is almost self-evident it could not be an 0. 
We have received a copy of this inscription from the Rev. J. C. 
Ryan, O.P., the same as that given above, except that he gives 
the date as 1644, and he omits the word Kilken^s in the inscrip- 
tion. The weight of the bell, he says, is about 7 cwt.— [Eds.] 

I&atlitlruiii Parisli.— 

[From the Rev. R, S. Maffett, B.A.] 

'Rathdrum derives its name, according to Lewis, from the 
fortified residence, once situated there, of the ancient chieftains of 
the territory in the north-east of the County Wicklow, then known 
by the name of Crioc-Cualan. The Byrnes' afterwards held it, but 
in 1595 it was taken from Pheagh Mac Hugh Byrne by Sir William 
Fitzwilliams.* The old church in Rathdrum is said by the same 
writer to have been erected in 1796, the funds for the purpose 
being increased by the sale of the materials of the former building ; 
this edifice does not seem to have had a long existence, as he tells 
us (1837) that it had been " lately taken down and rebuilt." The 
inside of the present church has been quite recently renovated, and 
presents a light and attractive appearance. The pulpit is a memo- 
rial one (" Leeson"), and there are four tablets on the east wall, 
including memorials to the Rev. W. S. Guinness fa former rector 
of the parish), Mr. Hayes of Avondale, from whom that property has 
come to the Parnell family, and Mr. Tate, whose name survives 
through his charitable bequests. We are told in the ''Topographical 
Dictionary" that one of the bells, with an ancient inscription, is said 
to have belonged to Glendalough ; as to this bell I forgot to inquire 
when taking the inscriptions given below (June, 1898). The living 
in olden times was the property of All Saints' Priory, Dublin 
(" Register of All Hallows', Dublin," edited by Rev. R. Butler, 

* This would seem to be a mistake on the part of Lewis, for " Sir William 
Russell." See Ware's and Harris's Lists of Chief Governors — also extracts 
from Russell's Diary, 1504-1597 (State papers, Carew collection), -to be met with 
in a " History of the Clan O'Toole and other Leinster Septs," by the lute 
Rev. P. L. O'Toole, O.C.C. (1890). This author also gives an interesting 
reproduction of a contemporary map and plan of the 41 Battle of Rathdrum," in 
which Sir Henry Harrington was defeated, a.d. 1599. He adopts, however, 
the role of a partisan— not that of an impartial historian.' — R.S.M. 



1845). I have recently seen a statement that a Mr. John Edge 
(an Englishman, who held some townlands near Glenealy), who, 
with some others, was saved by Mr. Garret Byrne, of Baliymanus, 
at Ballinderry, temp. James ft, is buried with his wife under the 
"present chancel" of Eathdrum Church. I did not find out 
anything further in the locality as to this ; some stones, however, 
without inscriptions were found, in the present rector's time, near 
where the pulpit stands in the nave/ 

1 The grass in the churchyard is cut twice a year ; the railings 
of the enclosed plots look in much need of painting, and a low wall 
between the ground and the back of some buildings seems to have 
partly fallen down. Among stones suggesting some point of 
interest is a headstone (centre of east end) with Masonic emblems 
on it ; the date of this stone I could not discover. The back of 
another, which is also of granite, I believe, is curiously covered 
with marks (apparently intentionally carved), suggestive of a flam- 
boyant ornamentation, or the branches of a tree ; the inscription 
on the latter is recent, and not of any particular interest. A third, 
at some distance, has an hour-glass carved on it. "Manning" is 
a name frequently met with in this churchyard, and I was told that 
Lord Congleton has ground here.' 

' The following inscription seems to contain the only record of 
a death of the seventeenth century now to be found in the church- 
yard. The letters are capitals, some of which are conjoined, and 
the "Ns" have the cross-stroke reversed. The stone is an upright 
one, and stands between the northern boundary of the graveyard 
and the church, which occupies the south-west corner of the ground 
— a rectangle extending to a considerable length from west to 
east ': — 

* [MERE : LYETH : [T3HE : BODY : OF : MARY : TOM- 
LINSON : DECEASED : IVNE : Y £ 26 : 1689 : AND : 
MARCH : Y E : FIRST 1717." 

'In the angle between the south boundary of the graveyard 
and the vestry, at the east end of the church, is a space of con- 
siderable size, surrounded by handsome railings, within which is 
an altar-tomb of slate. Above the head of the tomb, against the 
vestry wall, is a pointed slab of the same material, bearing the 
following words, which are a combination of the opening sentence 
in the Burial Service of the Church of Ireland and the Scripture 
text :— 

"I am | the | Resurrection, | and the life : | saith the 
Lord | He that believeth in me | though he were dead, J 




yet shall he live ; | and whosoever liveth, ! and believeth 
in me, | shall never die. | Believest thou this? | John 
xi c xxv. | " 

1 On the tomb itself is as follows : — 

" Sacred | to the memory of | William Lee Guinness | 
accidentally drowned 6 th Aug 1 1844, | in the Avonmore 
near this Town. | being then nearly 14 years of age. | 
Son to the Rev d W M Smyth Guinness | Rector of this 
Parish. | Also of Edward his Son | who died 15 th Dec 1 
1834 aged 2 years. | The Lord gave and hath taken 
away | Blessed be the name of the Lord. | " 

1 The Rev. W. S. Guinness (a younger brother of whom was 
Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness) became the patron of this living by 
purchase, the right of appointment having belonged to the Corpora- 
tion of Dublin when he himself was made Rector in 1824. Accord- 
ing to Burke, Mr. Guinness assumed, in 1S56, the surnames of Lee 
and Grattan before his own. 5 

'A slab on supports, within railings, somewhat more to the 
east than the centre of the churchyard, bears the following inscrip- 
tion — 

" Here lieth the Body of Charles Jones late | of Killin- 
carrick in the County of Wicklow | Esquire who de- 
parted this life on the 20 th | July A D 1828 aged 62 
Years. | Also | Here sleep in Jesus | Emma and Ellinor 
Frances, | the two eldest daughters of | Arthur and 
Catherine Jones. | Emma born July 19 th 1834 died May 
18 th 1841. | Ellinor Frances born July 25 th 1835 died 
aprel 9 th 1834 [sic] | — In His love and in His pity | 
He redeemed them. Isaiah lxiii. 9. | He shall gather 
the Lambs with his arm | and carry them in his bosom. 
Isaiah xi. it | " 

« The last year in the inscription should perhaps be " 1843 " ; 
the whole date is crowded in at the end of the line. " Arthur 
Jones " is presumably tbe person mentioned by Lewis, under 
" Killincarrig," as residing at Killincarrick House, near which is an 
old castle. " Jones's Hill" (so called from a member of this 
family) adjoins, and is now the site of the Greystones golf links. 
Near this tomb are several older stones to members, I was in- 
formed, of the same family.' 



'Not far from the above is another slab on supports, within 
railings, which bears the following inscription *: — 

" Here rests | (but not ,for ever) | the sacred dust of | 
Charlotte | wife of the Reverend | James Currib; | 
Having washed her robes and made them | white in the 
Blood of the Lamb she ascended | out of much tribula- 
tion into glory on the 23 rd | Deer, 1826 aged 22 Years. | 
Header ! ! whosoever thou art, Believe on the | Lord 
Jesus Christ and THOU shalt be saved ; | Acts ch. xvi. 
verse 31." 

WieMow l»arisli. 

[From the Rev. R, S. Mafiett, B.A.] 

1 According to Lewis, the old name of Wicklow was " Wykinglo," 
or " Wykinglogh," the Danes having called it "Wiggmge Lough," 
or " The Lake of Ships." The ancient Irish name, however, 
was " Kilmantan " (Ware), or the " Church of St. Mantan." The 
grounds of Wicklow church, which is in the old parish of Drumkey, 
are a rectangle bounded on the west by the public road or street, 
the edifice itself being situated at the northern end. The large 
gate next the town is at the south end of the ground, and the path 
from it leaves a narrow strip on the west, and on the east a large 
plot which extends, round the church. 

1 Somewhere about the centre of this plot there is a very large 
and handsome monument, surrounded by railings, the flagged space 
■within being about a foot higher than the level of the churchyard. 
This memorial is in the form of a marble sarcophagus, resting on 
lions' paws. On a sloping portion of the sarcophagus, over the 
inscription on the south side, are carved a sword, and axe, and 
fasces, and on the north side a sword and scales. At each end of 
the memorial are the same arms, carved in relief, which, I believe, 
were : — Quarterly, first and fourth, an eagle displayed ; second and 
third, a fess between six martlets. From beneath the shield appear 
the head and extremities of a lion rampant. In relation to the 
Truell inscriptions, I may add that Edrtha, wife of the Rev. R. 
Truell, died, according to Burke, on the 21st of March, and that 
Patience is reckoned by him as their third daughter. 

* The inscription on the south side of this monument is in 
capitals, as follows ' : — 

" To the memory of | BENJAMIN WOOLLEY of East- 




MARY, | by her husband ROBERT MARSHALL, 


Court of Common «Pleas in this Kingdom | m the 
year 1768." 

4 The inscription on the north side, in small letters, with the 
exception of the names, is as follows ' : — 

il Underneath this Monument are deposited the remains 
of the | Rev d Rob t Truell, D.D. of Clonmannen , in this 
'County, who | entered into his rest the 26 th of June 
1830, Aged 76 years. | Also those of Editha his beloved 
wife, who departed this | life the 25 th day of March 
1843, Aged 74 years. | And also those of Patience their 
fourth daughter who died | the 1 st day of July 1828, 
Aged 28 years. | ' Precious in the sight of the Lord is 
the death of his Saints.' Ps. cxvi, 15. | Here are 
deposited the remains of Barbara (sic) their grand 
daughter | and daughter of R. H. Truell, Died August 
3rd, 1848. Aged 18. ) Also of her 2nd. brother George 
Vesey, Died March 10th, 1849, aged 17. | Also of her 
eldest Brother Robert, Died Feb. 27th, 1867. aged 39 
years. | Also of his infant Son Robert Holt, Died April 
14th, 1867, aged 3^. months. | Also of Robert Holt 
Truell, Died March 7 th 1870 Aged 72 yea rs | " 

' Closer to the church, and near the path, is a slab on low sup- 
ports, leaning very much to the north side, on which is the following 
inscription in small letters ' : — 

''This Stone | Was erected by Esther Gray, | to the 
^ memory of her beloved Husband | John Gray | Who 
departed this life, the 8 th of January 1813 j aged 34 
Years. Likewise to the memory | of her beloved 
Daughter, and only Child | Jane Gray | Who departed 
this life, the 6 th of August, 1818, | Aged 18 Years. | " 

" A tender Father left one shoot, 
Round widow'd love t' entwine ; 
But soon forsaking Earth's dead root, 
She sought the living Vine. 

" Transplanted now in Heaven to bloom, 
She sin and death defies ; 
And bids a weeping Mother come, 
To join her in the skies." 



4 The above stanzas were given on page 404 of Volume II of this 
Journal, as an epitaph from a tombstone in a small churchyard in 
the County Wicklow. Having, suggested, in an article on the work 
of the Association, written for the " Wicklow News-Letter," that 
some reader might perhaps be able to give the name of the grave- 
yard, I received a letter from Mr. Halpin, Market Square, Wicklow, 
informing me that the verses were to be found in the parish 
churchyard, and kindly giving me particulars contained in the 
upper portion of the epitaph. The whole of this inscription I took 
verbatim, along with the others, when down in Wicklow, later on 
during the same month (June, 1895). The first date, for which 
the writer of the letter suggested two others, is, no doubt, 1813 ; 
the verses present some slight variations, "transplanted" for 
"translated," &c.' 

* Nearer to the church than the last memorial a square pedestal 
or pillar of granite stands on a flagged place within railings ■ on 
the four sides are slabs of white marble, on which inscriptions are 
carved in "block " capitals. 

1 1. West-side, facing the walk — 

" In memory of | Anna Matilda Brownrigg | the fond 
and fondly loved | wife of the | Rev d Henry Brownrigg 
A.M. | late Prebendary of Wicklow j died 20 th Feb y 
1878 | aged 73. | Also her husband the | Bev d Henry 
Brownrigg A.M. | late Bector and Rural Dean of 
Wicklow | who died 23 rd Bec r 1881. aged 83 years. | In 
happy married life j they fondly loved each other | And 
now in death they are | not divided. | " 

<2. South side':— 

" Lieut. Colonel | Latham Coddington Brownrigg | late 
60 th .Rifles | who died October 20 th 1882 | aged 50 
years. | the much loved husband of | Emily A. Brown- 
rigg | 1 I shall go to him | but he shall not return to 
me.' | " 

4 3. North side':— 

" Emilie Gertrude Flora | eldest child of | John and 
Bessie Nott | born Jan* 10 th 1870 | died July 11 th 1870 
| 1 Of such is the | Kingdom of Heaven.' | In memory 
of my darling husband | John Nott | Captain Royal 
Navy, | who died March 25 th 1888 | aged 57 years, j 
' Blessed are the pure in heart.' | " 



'4. East side':— 

" In loving memory | in the grave adjoining the | north 
side of this vault* ] lies the body of | Elizabeth 
Catherine Nott | widow of the late | Captain John 
Nott, E.N. | who died | the 30 th day of November 
1893. | ' And God shall wipe away | all tears from their 
eyes | and there shall be no more death.' | Revel tDS 
21. 4. | V 

\ There is an old upright stone (somewhere in this large plot, 1 
believe), the surface of which, at the upper part, is broken off in 
flakes. The inscription, in small letters, which remains, reads as 
below — 

Keoghe | 

...ed May lG th 1710 (or 1718 ?) | " 

* On the west side of the path previously mentioned, and 
nearly opposite to the " Brownrigg " memorial, there is a slate 
headstone, close to the boundary which separates the churchyard 
from the road, the inscription on which is suggestive of economy 
or some peculiar fancy. The stone has a star and some ornamental 
carving at the upper part. The inscription records the death of two 
persons of the name of " Marks," in two horizontal lines with. three 
perpendicular lines interposed. With respect to the latter, the 
surname, with the word " died," comes after the Christian names, 
."the" (with the last letters conjoined) after the months, and 
" aged " after the years — the two latter words merely crossing the 
second horizontal line. The lettering is a mixture of capitals and 
small letters — 


ALeXAnder . I> . \An r .y . 7 th 1721 . 63 

mary ? AGUft|l 8th 1736 | O 72 

I D a . 


1 Nearer to the gate is a stone to the wife and son of the Rev. 
Robert Porter.' 



« On a line with the " Marks " memorial, but nearly opposite 
tho " Gray " tomb, is a headstone of polished stone, of green colour, 
within a coping. The lettering is gilt, the first four words being 
in old English characters, and' the rest in " block " capitals ': — 

" In Loving Memory | of | Matilda McPhail | who died 
23 rd July 1892, aged GS years. | ' Blessed are the dead, 
which die in the Lord.' | Also of her children | Eliza- 
beth, Matilda, Mary & Alexander. | " 

* A headstone to the south side, partly behind the coping round 
the grave-space of the above memorial, has the following inscrip- 
tion, in which " MacPhail "is in smaller characters, having been 
apparently originally omitted': — 

<{ Reginald Wicklow Fowden | MacPhail j Born, 11 
February 1819 ; | Died, 30 May— 1819. j " 

1 A flat stone of a reddish colour lies quite close to the south 
wall of the church, a little nearer to the east end than to the other. 
It is broken in two below the inscription, and wants the upper left- 
hand corner. The gravel of the walk or space round the church 
encroaches on the last words of the lines ; the epitaph is in small 
letters, facing the west ': — 

" [Here 1] yeth the Body of Ele n | [Act] on Junior , 
Daughter of | [W]illiam and Jane Acton of | [t]he 
City of Dublin Esq r who | died the [— ] 8 th of February 
1739 | aged 8 months | " 

• * The small mark before "8" is not the remains of a previous 
figure. This stone is, I think, one belonging to the family of 
Acton, of West Aston, in the parish of Dunganstown. William 
Acton, according' to " Lodge's Peerage," was Joint-Keeper of the 
Writs of the Court of Common Pleas with his father, Thomas 
Acton, who died in 1750. This William Acton married, in 1736, 
Jane, daughter of William, eldest son of Sir William Parsons, 
Bart. The ancestor of the Actons of West Aston, who came to 
Ireland in Cromwell's time, was of the same stock, it seems, as the 
ancestors of Lord Acton. I have been told that the name " West 
Aston " is derived from that of a friend of (I believe) the Mr. Acton 
who had the present house erected (seventeenth century) — this friend, 
in turn, calling his residence " East Acton" (Eedcross parish). 
The place is now generally known as Kilmacurragh.' 

v. W, Gieps & Son, Pbiaters, Dublin. 

preservation of tijc immortals of tijt Beao, 


VOL. IV. No. III. PART 1. 









(if: mm <. Wbms^m mm 



ii I * II 

•r ^V, ^c^. ^^^^ ^^>> 


t* n ?; I™* F - R - SXL ! L0ED WALTEB FITZGERALD, V.-P.,E. S.A.I 




Extra copies of this Journal can be had by application to Colonel 
P. D. Vigoes, Holloden, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow ; also copies of 
the Indices for Vols. I, II, and III. 

The Editors beg to draw the attention of those who kindly 
furnish Notes for publication to the importance of the following 
points : — 

1. To write on one side only of the paper. 

2. To use sermon-size paper. 

3. To leave a margin on the left edge, from 1 to 2 inches in 


4. All names of persons and dates should be written with 

extra care. 

5. All Inscriptions should be copied verbatim et literatim, and 

as nearly as possible in the same form of letters as the 
original, each line being separated by a stroke, thus | . 
The Editors wish it distinctly understood that they are not 
responsible for errors in copies of Inscriptions sent them ; to avoid 
such, they trust the writers will take extra care before forwarding 
their MSS. 

They also beg that their friends will read the wise words of 
" Weever," in the annexed paragraph, and further, that they will 
act on them — more they cannot say : — 

. "Now, generous reader, let me intreat your furtherance thus farre. that in 
thy neighbouring churches, if thou shalte rinde any ancient funeral inscriptions, 
or antique obliterated monuments, thou wouldst copie out the one. and take so 
much relation of the other as tradition can deliver ; as also to take the inscrip- 
tions and epitaphs upon tombes and grave stones, which are of those [or later] 
times : and withall to take order that such thy collections, notes, and observa- 
tions may come safely to my hands: and I shall rest ever obliged to acknowledge 
thy paines and curtesie." — Weever. 

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. 

Life Subscription . . . £5. 

Annual do. .... 5s. 
Or £1 may be sent to cover four years' subscription. 
Those who are interested in the continuance of this work are 
requested to use their influence with their friends in getting 
additional subscribers. The work has now so increased in size 
that it becomes absolutely necessary to have additional subscrip- 
tions, to enable the Editors to continue to issue Eeports like those 
of this year, the expense of which is considerable, even without the 
illustrations, which latter they are most desirous not to have to 
discontinue. There is no lack of materials. The only difficulty is 
the insufficiency of the Fund, for want of additional subscriptions. 

X.B. — It will save the Editors a considerable amount of 
trouble, and also economize the Fund, if those ladies and 
(]cntlemcn who have not as yet paid their Subscriptions will 
forward them on receipt of this Notice, without further 
application. Subscriptions are due on 1st January in each 
year. ^ 


"Let it be remembered that this work is intended to be, not a mere temporary 
vehicle of amusement, but a permanent storehouse of authentic information, to 
which reference may hereafter be confidently made." — Anon. 

"Jam parce sepulto 
Parce pias scelerare manus." — Virgil. 

Translation. — Now deal reverently with my dust. - Forbear to pollute thy 
holy hands. 

" Every stone that we look upon in this Repository of past ages is both au 
Entertainment and a Monitor." — Plain Dealer. 

. . . " Tu mihi terrain 
Injice namque potes 

Sedibus ut saltern placidis 
In rnorte quiescam." 

Translation. — Do thou, since it is in thy power so to do, sprinkle the earth 
over my remains, that at least after death I may rest in an undisturbed grave. 

"Time corrodes our epitaphs, and buries our very tombstones." 

" Away from the tumult and passion ; 
Away from the care and the strife ; 
Away from the folly and fashion 
Pervading the city's gay life." 


' Tell me, grey-haired sexton.' said I. 

* Where in the field arc the wicked folk laid ? 

I have wandered the quiet old graveyard through, 
And studied the epitaphs, old and new, 
But on monument, obelisk, pillar, or stone 
I read no evil that men have done.' 

The old sexton stood by a grave newly made, 
With his chin on his hand, his hand on a spade : 
' Who is the judge when the soul takes its flight ? 
Who is judge 'twist the wrong and the right '? 
Which of us mortals shall dare to say 
That our neighbour was wicked who died to-day?' 

* In our journey through life, the farther we speed, 
The better we learn that humility's need 

Is charity's spirit that prompts us to find 
Rather virtue than vice in the lives of our kind. 

* Therefore good deeds we record on these stones ; 
The evil men do, let it rest with their bones ; 

I have laboured as sexton this many a year, 
But I never have buried a bad man here.' 



[The names of " Life Subscribers 11 are printed in " heavy -faced " type.'] 

Alcock, Alex. Mann ... 
Antiquities, National Museum of 
Atkinson, Rev. E. D., ll.b. 
Aylward, Mrs. Toler ... 

Bagwell, Mrs. Richard 
Balfour, B. R, T. 
Ball, F. Elrington ... 
Barry, J. G., j.p. 

Barton, Rev. Luke, p.p. 
Beresford, D. R. Pack- 
Berry, H. F. 
Bigger, F. Joseph 
Bolton, C. Perceval ... 
Bowen, Miss Alice E. Hartpole 
Bowers, Thomas 
Brophy, Sergt. M. (the late) ... 
Browne, Rev. R. L. ... 

Buckley, M. J. C. ... 
Burke, Rev. Edward, p.p. 
Burke, H. Farnham ... 

Burnett, Rev. R. 
Burrowes, William B. 

Campion, R. G. 
Gary, George Sydney 
Carrigan, Rev. Win., c.c. 
Clark, Mrs. Godfrey 
Cliffe, Captain Edward 
Cliffe, Miss... 
Clonbrock, Lord 

Cochrane, Robert, c.e., f.s.a. ... 

Innishannon, Co. Cork 
Queen Street, Edinburgh 
Waringstown, Co. Down 
Shankill Castle, Co. Kilkenny 

Marlh'eld, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary 
Townley Hall, Drogheda 
Mopoon, Dundrum, Co. Dublin 
Sandville House, Ballyneety, 

Castletown-geoghegan, Mullingar 
Fenagh House, Co. Carlow 
Public Record Office, Dublin 
Ardrie, Belfast, Co. Antrim 
Brook Lodge, Waterford 
Rathleigh, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin 
Cloncunny House, Pilfcown 
7G Tullow Street, Carlow 
Franciscan Convent, 4 Merchants' 

Quay, Dublin 
Montmorenci, Youghal 
Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow 
Somerset Herald, Heralds' College, 

London, E.C. 
The Rectory, Graig, Co. Kilkenny 
Ballynafeigh House, Belfast 

Midleton, Co. Cork 
Laurel Lodge, Terenure, Co. Dublin 
Durrow, Abbeyleix, Queen's County 
Tal-y-Gam, Llandrissant, Wales 
4 Adelaide Street, Kingstown 
4 Adelaide Street, Kingstown 
Clonbrock, Ahascragh, Co. Galway 
17 Highfield Road, Rathgar, Co. 


Coleman, James 

Connellan, Lieut. -Colonel, d.l.... 

Cooke, J. Ormsby ... "... 
Cooper, Lt. -Colonel Edward H. 
Cooper, Colonel Joshua 
Cosgrave, E. M'D., m.d. 
Crofton, Miss Henrietta ... 
Crozier, Eight Rev. J. B., d.d., 

Bishop of Ossory, Leighlin, 

and Ferns 
Oust, The Lady Elizabeth 

11 Manchester Street, Southampton 
Coolmore, Thornastown r Co. Kil- 

Kilturra, Ballymote, Co. Sligo 
Markree Castle, Collooney. 
Dunboden, Mullingar 
5 Gardiner's Row, Dublin 
Rushington Manor, Totten, Hants 

The Palace, Kilkenny 
13Eccleston Square, London, SAY. 

Dames, Longworth-, 

Daniel, Robert 
Darling, Rev. J. Lindsey 

R. S. 

Day, Robert, f.s.a., f.e.s.a.i.. 
Deane, Thomas M. ... 
Des Barres, Lieut.- Colonel 
Dix, E. R. M'C. 
Dix, Henry T. 

Dodge, Mrs. George Pomcroy , 

Dooly, Henry 
Douglas, M. C. 
Duguid, John 
Duke, R. A. 

21 Herbert Street, Dublin 
Newforest, Tyrrell's Pass 
Mariners' Church Parsonage, 

Myrtle Hill House, Cork 

15 Ely Place, Dublin 
Conna, Co. Cork 

2 Pembroke Road, Dublin 
17 Gardiner's Place, Dublin 
Saddle Rock, Great Neck, Long 

Island, New York, U.S.A. 
9 John's Mall, Parsonstown 
Burren Street, Carlo w 

16 Waterloo Crescent, Dover 
Newpark, Ballymote, Sligo 

Eden, Rev. Arthur ... 
Ewart, Sir William, Bart. 
Eyre, Miss... 

Ticehurst, Hawkhurst, Kent 

9 Bedford Street, Belfast 

May down, Benburb, Co. Tyrone 

Finlay, The Ven. George, d.d., 

Archdeacon of Clogher ... The Rectory, Clones. 
FitzGerald, Lord Walter, v.p.,r.s. a. i. Kilkea Castle, Mageney, Co. Kildare 
FitzGerald, Rev. William ... Grange Con, Co. Wicklow 
Fitzsimon, Mrs. M. ... ... St. Michael's Lodge, Stoke, Devon- 


ffrench, Rev. Canon J. F. M., Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, 
v.p., r.s.a.1. ... ... Co. Carlow 

ffrench, Mrs. ... ... Ballyredmond House, Clonegal, Co. 


Fuller, J. F., f.s.a. ... ... 179 Gt. Brunswick Street, Dublin 

Garstin, John R., d.l., ll.b. ... Braganstown, Castlebellingham 


Gorman, Ven. Archdeacon William The Rectory, Thomastown, Co. 


Greenwood, Mrs. ... ... Doninga, Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny 

Hade, Arthur, c.e. 

Hamilton, Eev. R. J. Shaw, d.d. 

Healy, Rev. John, ll.d. 

Healy, Rev. William, p.p. 

Hewat, S. M. F. 

Hewson, Rev. Canon E. F. 

Hibbert, R. F. 

Hibbert, Mrs. 

Hill, Arthur 

Hobson, C. J. 

Huband, Rev. H. R. ... 
Hunt, Mrs. Helsham 

Iveagh, Lord 

Kane, R. R., ll.d. 

Keene, Most Rev. James B., d.d., 

Bishop of Meath ... 
Kehoe, Rev. Paul, p.p. 
Kelly, W. E., c.e., f.r.s.aj. 

Kelly, Mrs. W r . E 

Kelly, Miss Dorothy ... 
Kelly, Miss ... 
Kelly, Richard 
Kelly, T. A. 
Knox, Miss P. J. 

Dublin Street, Carlow 
5 Charlemont Place, Armagh 
The Rectory, Kells, Co. Meath 
Johnstown, Co. Kilkenny 
Rathlee, Ballina, Co. Mayo 
Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 
Woodpark, Scariff, Co. Clare 
Woodpark, Scariff, Co. Clare 
22 George Street, Cork 
323 West 124th Street, New York 

Killiskey, Ashford, Co. Wicklow 
Kilfeara, Kilkenny 

5 Grosvenor Place, London, S.W. 

4 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 

Bishopscourt, Navan, Co. Meath 
Bridgetown, W T exford 
St. Helen's, W r estport, Co. Mayo 
St. Helen's, Westport, Co. Mayo 
St. Helen's, Westport, Co. Mayo 
Clareville, Westport, Co. Mayo 
St. John's, Fahan, Londonderry 
64 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 
Cranmore, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo 

Lecky, W. E., ll.d., m. p. ... 38 Onslow Gardens, London 

Leighton Warren, The Hon Lady Knutsford, Cheshire 

Library, Free Public ... Lower Glentworth Street, Limerick 

„ King's Inns ... Henrietta Street, Dublin 

„ Linen Hall ... ... Donegall Square, Belfast 

„ Marsh's ... ... St. Patrick's, Dublin . 

New York Public ... Astor Library Building, New York 

City, U.S.A. 

„ Public Free ... ... Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. * 

The Mitchell ... Miller Street, Glasgow 

„ The National ... Kildare Street, Dublin 

Long, Mrs ... ... ... 16 Appian Way, Dublin 

Lynch, P. J., c.e., f.r.s.a.i. ... 8 Mallow Street, Limerick 

Maffett, Rev. R. S. ... ... 17 Herbert Road, Sandymount 


Mayo, The Earl of ... Palmerstown, Co. Kildare 

Mayler, J. E. ... ... Harristown, Ballymitty. Wexford 

Meares, Maj or- General Devenish Meares' Court, Ballynacargy, West- 

« ' meath 

M'Allister, C. B. ... ... Bank of Ireland Office, Droghcda 

M'Carte, James ... ... 51 St. George's Hill, Everton, 


M'Clintock, Rev. F. G., f.r.s.a.i. Drumcar Rectory, Danleer 

McGrath, Rev. J. R., d.d. ... Queen's College, Oxford 

Moffett, Sir Thomas, ll.d. ... Yew Park, Clontarf, Co. Dublin 

Molloy, W. R. J., j.p. ... 78 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar 

Moore, Rev. Canon C. ... Mitehelstown, Co. Cork 

Moore, Henry ... ... Gowran, Co. Kilkenny 

Nicholson, Rev. James N. 

O'Carroll, Rev. Jas., p.p. 
O'Conor Don, The, f.r.s.a.i. .. 
O'Hanrahan, T. W. ... 
O'Neill, Lord 
Ormsby, George 

Patterson, "William H. 

Perrin, Mrs. 

Persse, Mrs. Walter ... 

Pigott, William Jackson 

Phibbs, Owen 

Poer, Count de la, d.l. 

Ponsonby, Hon. Gerald 
Pratt, Mrs. Fitzmaurice 

Pratt, Rev. P. C, r.n. 

Quinn, Rev. Canon Edward, p.p. 

Rainsford, Rev. J. G., d.d. 
Rapmund, Rev. Joseph, c.c. 

Reynell, Rev. William 
Rice, Lieut.-Colonel R. 
Rice, Mrs. C. J. 
Robertson, Herbert, m.p. 

Roche, P. J. 

170 Osborne Road, Forest Gate, 

Skerries, Co. Dublin 
Clonalis, Castlerea 
Parliament Street, Kilkenny 
Shane's Castle, Antrim [Mayo 
Ballinamore House, Kiltinagh, Co. 

Garranard, Strandtown, Belfast 
Knockdromin, Lusk, Co. Dublin 
Leighlin-b ridge, Bagenalstown 
Manor House, Dundrum, Co. Down 
Lisheen, Sligo 

Gurteen-le Poer, Kilsheelan, Co. 

3 Stratford Place, London, W. 
Glenheste, Manor Kilbride, Co. 

St. Anne's Hill, Co. Cork 

Ballybrack, Co. Dublin 

The Vicarage, Dundalk. 

St. Mary's, Clontibret, County 

22 Eccles Street, Dublin 
Bushmoimt, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry 
Durrus, Bantry, Co. Cork 
Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Co. 

Car low 
Woodville, New Ross 


Rooke, Rev. Henry, a.m. 

Scott, Ven. J. G., d.d. ... , 

Sindall, Alfred 
Searight, Graves E. ... 
Seymour, Mrs. 

Sheehan, MostRev. Dr.,v.p. , r. s.A.i. 

Bishop of Waterford 
Smith-Barry, Arthur H., 

M.P., F.R.S.A.I. 

Smythe, Ven. G. C. ... 
Stack, Right Rev. C. M., d.d., 

Bishop of Clogher 
Steele, Rev. J. H. ... 

Stewart, Andrew W. ... 

Stoney, Rev. Canon, d.d. 
Stubbs, Henry, f.r.s.a.i. 
Swanzy, Rev. Henry B. 
Synnot, Nicholas J. ... 

Tempest, William 
Tisdall, Mrs. 

Town send, Verv Rev. Wm., d.d. 
Trench, T. Cooke ... 

Vernon, Mrs. M. E. (the late) ... 
Vigors, Col. Philip D., f.r.s.a.t. 
Vigors, Mrs. Philip ... 
Vigors, Rev. Richard W. 

Wall, Lieut. -Colonel J. 

Walsh, Rt. Rev. W. Pakenham, 

D.D., F.R.S.A.I. 

Watson, Rev. Charles 

Weldon, Rev. P. S 

Westropp, Thos. J., m.a., f.r.s.a.i. 
Wheble, Mrs. E. M. ... 
White, Major J. Grove, 57th Regt. 
White, Robert P. 
White, W. Grove 
Willcocks, Rev. Canon 

The Parsonage, Wicklow 

t ,The Rectory, Bray, Co. Wicklow 
27 Lombard Street, London 
Springfield, Shankill, Co. Dublin 
c/o Rev. A. Nesbitt, Hollymount, 
Co. Mayo 


Bishop's House, Waterford 
Fota, Cork 

Coole Glebe, Carnmoney, Belfast 

Knockballymore, Clones 
The Cottage, Crom Castle, Bel- 

1 Cremome Villas, North Parade, 

The Vicarage, Killiney 
Danby, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal 
Stanley Terrace, Monaghan 
Furness, Naas, Co. Kildare 

Douglas Place, Dundalk 

4 Churchill Villas, Ball's Bridge, 

1 Leeson Park, Dublin 
Millicent, Sallins, Co. Kildare 

Castlepark, Kingstown 
Holloden, Bagenalstown 
Holloden, Bagenalstown 
Newport Hall, Erdisley. Hereford 

Knock-a-reagh, Grange Con, Co. 
W T icklow 

Inveruisk, Killiney, Co. Dublin 
The Rectory, Newcastle, Co. Down 
Nurney Rectory, Bagenalstown 
77 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 
Monasterevan, Co. Kildare 
Kilbvrne, Buttevant, Co. Cork 
Woodview, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin 
13 Upper OrmondQuay, Dublin 
Dunleckney Rectory, Bagenalstown 


Woodhead, Mrs. ... ... Heathfield, Leytonstone, London 

Woodhead, Miss ... ... Heathfield, Forest Drive, Leyton- 

stone, London 

Woods, Cecil C. ... 21 Dyke Parade, Cork 

Woollcombe, Dr. R. L,, ll.d. ... 14 Waterloo Eoad, Dublin 

Wright, Dr. E. Perceval ... 5 Trinity College, Dublin 
Wright, Rev. E. A. ..: ... 61 Springbank, Hull, England 

Wynne, Miss F. S. ... ... Corris House, Bagenalstown, Co. 



The foregoing Subscribers have all paid the subscription for this 
year, and will receive both Parts of The Journal for 1900 as each 

In the Second Part the names of all further or additional Sub- 
scribers will appear, who will receive Part I of The Journal upon 
payment of this year's subscription. The Subscribers will kindly 
notify any change or correction of address to Colonel Vigors or 
Mr. -Dix. 


Brunskill, Rev. K. C. ... Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone 

Browne, Michael ... ... Bridgetown, Wexford 

Buckley, James ... ... 154 Portsdown Road, London 

Eason & Son ... ... Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 

O'Connor, P. ... ... 25-D'Olier Street 

Truell, H. P., m.d. ... ... Clonroannon, Rathnew, Co. 


Ledoux, Rev. L. P. ... ... St. Peter's Rectory, Drogheda 





Billy Parish. 

[Kindly contributed by Mr. Thomas Camac of Derry Keighan.] 

" Here | lyeth the body ] of james m c oaa wh | o 
departed this | life noy er y e 8, 1748, aged 72 


* The late Dr. Macaw, J. P., Bushmills, was of the same 

NOVEMBER 6 1758." 

' Rev. Dr. Nevin, Woodside, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., is a descendant.' 


* It was one of the Anderson family who established the Bush- 
mills Distillery.' 


"8 Butpimj paw for tl)t famtlp 
of Boijn 1 3tatt0i)Xttt of Clunttcc 
| to&tron Ijas alvcaop | htm 




fttterttH ins | ifovcfatlKvs ant; 
famtlp | Connmons since tljc| 
pear 1690/* 

" Died at Clogher in the year I 1738 the late Rev 4 
Devout & | sprightly Orator of -his age | John Porter 
•Aged 58 y s | Dissenting Minister for | Many years in 
the Parish | of Dunluce Here are also | intered the 
late Rev 4 learned | singularly good & unaffected | 
William Douglass | who departed this life May j 29 
1791 Aged 39 years 11 Years Dissenting Minister | in 
the Parish of Billy | in greatful remembrance | of these 
worthy men this | stone is erected to their | Memory. | 
And here are interred | Mary Stewart wife of ye | above 
named Mr. Douglass | She died July the 10 1797 | 
Aged 27 years." - 

« Porter was Presbyterian minister of Bushmills from 1713, and 
Douglass from 1783.' 

DECEASED THE | MAY | 1721." \ 

11 here lyeth | the Body of I Robert Hill who | Departed 
this life the | 20th of July 1753 Aged G3y" | Also his 
son | John Hill who | Departed this life the | 20 th 
day of February 1803 | Aged 78 years." 

1 The above are all ancient, reaching to the middle of the last 
century ; but I give the following, of a recent date ' : — 

u Sacred | To the Memory of | Hugh and Cathrine | 
M c Collam | Late of Bally lough | who Both departed 
this | Life 3 X> June 1847 | Hugh Aged 57 years His | 
wife | Cathrine 48. | Agreeable in life, in death | They 
were not Divided." 

" here lyeth I the body of John | M c Neile who de | 


Also his son | Daniel M c Neile who J departed April 
the 21 th | 17G3 Aged 48 years." 




18 th OF DEC 15 1766 I AGED 74 YEARS." 


BER | ANNO DOM. | 1684." 


" Here lieth the | Body of Cristin Taylor who died ye 
10 th of June 1755 Aged | 18 months." 

23 | YEARS 1737." 

AGED 70 YE | ARS." ' ' : 1 - 

Carncastle Parisli. 

The plate we give here of Carncastle Church is from an 
excellent photograph by that eminent photographic artist and 
ardent antiquary, Mr. R. Welch, of Belfast, which he kindly 
placed at 'our disposal." 

It is reported that this burial-ground has in it some old 
tombstones brought from Scotland by the early Scotch settlers. 
It is situated on the coast between Larne and Glenarm. 

The late Mr. L. M. Ewart, in his " Handbook of the 
United Dioceses of Down, Connor, and Dromore," includes 
" Kilwaughter " with Carncastle, and says that the foundation- 
stone of the present church was laid about 1800, and replaced a 
church built about the year 1600. 

JPoi'tg-lciionc Parish.. 

[By Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.LA,, and Herbert Hughes, 1899.] 

* The following two inscriptions are on monuments inside the 
church ': — a 

"In a vault under the Communion Table Lye the re- 
- s mains of D r Francis Hutchinson late Bishop of Down 



& Connor at whose expence chiefly this church was 
erected He was born at Carson in Derbyshire & was 
Minister of S l James's in S 4 Edmundsbury. He was a 
careful diligent charitable Pastor a learned Prelate & an 
honest good man He departed this Life June 23 rd 1739 
aged about 80 years. 
" In the same place is interrd Anne his Widow who 
survived him 19 years." 

* The above is inscribed on a marble monument at the east 
end of the Church. 7 

" To the memory of John Hamilton O'Hara Esquire, of 
Portglenone and Crebilly Co. Antrim, Born in 1757, 
Died in 1822. Whose mortal remains are interred in 
the vault under the communion table of this church, 
near those of his great-grandfather D r Francis Hutchin- 
son Bishop of Down and Connor, and other members 
of his family. This tablet is dedicated by his only 
daughter Mary, widow of General Wardlaw, C.B." 
Ps. xxxvii. 37. 

* The following three inscriptions are cut in raised letters on 
small stones in the little crowded parish churchyard at Port- 
glenone ': — 

| DIED OCTO | BER THE 6 1766 | AGED 64 YRS | " 

LIFE FEBY THE [ ] 1786." 

[Raised letters.] 


Ilusliuivkin Pnris1i. 

[Copied by Francis Joseph Bigger and Herbert Hughes.] 

* The following is one of the few Latin inscriptions in this 
county. The stone is built into the interior south wall of the old 
church, adjoining the present parish church of Rasharkin ': — 

" p|tc taret wfjan's Bpnto . tier 
qui Cnris in Cclum imcjrabtt 

[To face page 35(3. 



♦ 28 tuc . 7 Brts anno Bint 

4 The following eight inscriptions are all cut in raised letters in 
the same style on small upright stones. The word " the " is 
usually composed of joined letters ': — 


THIS | LIFE OCTOBER | THE 25 1768 | AGED ... YEAR." 

" Here layeth th | e bodie of Eob I ert Kilpatkick | who 
departe | d this life Octo | ber the 11 1721 | " 

AGED | 82 YRS." 



I H S 

NO | VBR THE 24 1752 | AGED 78 YEARS." 

" Here lyeth | the body of ( Neele McNedle | son to 
Hecto I r McNeile of I Darlachan w | ho departed 
t | his life Feber | wary 4 1716 | V 

PARTED TH | IS LIFE MAY THE | 10 1743 AGED | 37 
YEARS | " 

* The three first lines are in raised letters, the four others have 
sunken letters.' 



' The following inscription is cut on a stone built into north 
wall of old church, and is given in Vol. I, page 12, 1895,- but not 
correctly lined ': — 

ft ' 

" Here lyeth y e body | of Margaret McNeile ] wife to 
Capt. Daniel M c Neil who departd | this life March the 
, ' | 17 the year 1723 I As also Rose Mary | Arch e and 
Margaret | M c Neile hir children | " 


[Nothing received from this county.] 

Ballinacai'i'is* Otirrcii. - • -• - 

[Kindly contributed by Miss A. Vize, Benekerry, Co. Carlow, 1899. J 

'This church, which now can only show about 3 ft. high of its 
walls, dates about the tenth century ; its burial-ground is not 
enclosed with a wall. There are two upright grave-stones in the 
west end of the ruined edifice to the Brophy family ' — 

: : - t 

I H S 

" This stone is erected by Michael Brophy for himself 
and his Family Here lieth the Body of Eoger Brien 
, who Departed this life April the 7, 1770 aged 101 years 
the Lord have mercy on his soul Amen Here lies the 

- body of the above Michael Brophy and the body of his 
Wife Elinor Brophy She departed tbis life the 21 6t of 
December 1804 aged 64 years and he departed this life 
the 16 th of December 1811 aged 78 years May their 
souls rest in peace Amen this Inscription has been done 
by their son Michael Brophy." 

" This stone has been erected by Michael Brophy of 
Carlow in Memory of his daughters, Elinor departed 
this life April 16 th 1811 aged 11 years and Mary died 
Dec r 11 th 1808 aged 9 years and five more of his 
. children whom died young. 

" Innocents you 're changed to everlasting bliss 
From the cares attending such a World as this." 



" Here also lies the body of his Wife Catherine Brophy 
who departed this life the 1 st of April 1815 in the 44 th 
year of her age May the Lord have mercy on their 
souls. Amen." 

" Will m Ryan." 

" Catherine Lennon Died Nov 9 1891." 

" Mary Doyle Died Dec 1 ' 1G 1890 aged 18 yrs. R.LP. 

"IHS Gloria in Excelsis Deo I H S 

Erected by Pat k Largan of Paupish in memory of his 
beloved Daughter Elinor Largan who dep d this life 
March 17 th 1847 aged 17 years." 


" Erected in memory of Mary Lyons of Brownes Hill 
who died 10 th Dec r 1857 aged 76 years Also her 
Daughter Eleanor Byrne who died 12 th May 1858 aged 
44 years." 


I H S 

" Erected by James Coleman in memory of his Father 
James Coleman who dep d this life May 12 th 1873 aged 
57 years Also his mother Catherine Coleman who 
dep d this life March 29 th 1874 aged 72 years late of 


" Of your charity Pray for the soul of Martin Sheridan 
Died 10 th May 1888 aged 43 years. R.I.P." 

" Died 24 th May 1888 a'g 8 years Ellen Mary Cantwell 



Stairlcstown Ifarisli. 

[Kindly contributed by Miss A. Vize, 1899.] 

" In memory of Richard ^Purser of Castletown who died 
March 27, 1883 aged 77 years." 

" Erected by Mrs. Margaret Watchorn of. Augharue to 
the memory of her Beloved Husband Eobert Watchorn 
who dep this life March 10 th 1851 aged 55 years Also 
one of their children who died young." 

" Erected by his sons in memory of their Beloved Father 
Henry Watchorn Died June 2 nd 1897 Also his son 
John Died May 19 th 1875. Gone but not forgotten." 

" This stone erected by Osborn Oakes to the memory of 
his Father and Mother 'Randal Oakes Died y e 19 of 
Aug 1 1750 aged GO yrs Elizabeth Oakes Died y e 11 th 
Feb 1756 aged 55 years." 

" Sacred to the memory of M r Bartholomew Watters of 
Tinryland who departed this life 25 th of October 1851 
aged 36 years Also his daughter Mary Watters who 
departed this life Jany 2 ud 1859 aged 7 years Also to 
the memory of Mrs. Mary Watters the Beloved wife of 
Bautholemew Watters who departed this life May 4 th 
1866 aged 46 years." 

" In loving memory of Susan the Beloved Wife of John 
Watters Tinryland Died 11 th April 1891 aged 46 years 
also their infant children John, Constance, & Dora.'* 

" Here lieth the body of Thomas Hard who departed this 
life May the 3 1778 aged 34 years." 

" Here lieth the body of Mr Ralph Chrichley Deceased 
April 20 1779 aged" 62 years." 

" Erected by Jacob White in Memory of his Mother 
Anne White Al 8 Malone she Depar d this life February 
the 20 th 1797 Aged 45 years." 



" S. N Y. 1797." 

u Erected by James Rose of Cunicare in memory of his 
beloved wife Alisha Rose who departed this life 19 
February 1857. Aged 44 years. 

Here also are interred the mortal remains of the above 
James Rose who died Jan. 28th 1884 aged 78 years." 

Here lyeth the body of M r Tho s Mosse who departed 
this life the ninth day of Sept r 1773 in the 20 th year of 
his age, also Mary Elizabeth eldest daughter of Petek 
Benjamin Mosse of Rutland House, who fell asleep in 
JESUS on the 21st July 1832 aged 14 years rejoicing 
in the full assurance of the Blessed exchange she was 
about to make 

Happy soul the day is ended 
All thy mourning days below 
Go by angels guard attended 
To the sight of Jesus go. 

u This stone Erected By James Agar of Clogrinnan For 
him and his posterity." 

"This stone erected by John Agar Jun : Coolapih for 
him and his posterity." 

" In Loving & Affectionate Memory of Anna Maria Stone 
of Ballickmoyler Queen's County who fell asleep in 
Jesus February 1 st 1889. In the 53 rd year of her age. 
Also of her youngest and Beloved child Isaac Stone 
Whom God claimed for his own and took unto Himself 
on the 3 rd Sep 1 1889 In the 13 th year of his age 
Both gone to be for ever with the Lord 

Erected by those who have lost a loving Mother & 
a Beloved Brother." 

"This stone erected by John Agar of the boghous in 
Memory of his wife Mary Agar alias Wright who Dep d 
this life June y e 20 th 1753 aired 50 y™ Also his son 
Thomas Agar who Dep d this life l)ec br y e 19 th 1787 aged 
80 y n Also his second Wife Mary Agar Alias Jenkin- 
son who Dep d this Life July y e 9 th 1793 aged 60." 



"This stone Erected by Luke Agar in Memory of his 
three children Jane aged 8 y rs Christopher Wright 
aged 14 months & Wright aged 10 months." 

" William Purser one of Christ's little ones died June 
8 th 1834 aged 2^ years." 

1 Surmounted by a dove holding a scroll on which are inscribed 
the words " God's Will be done." * 

" In Loving Memory of William Elliott Esq r J.P. who 

fell asleep in Jesus March 1st 1880 aged 57 At Kil- 


" I know whom I have believed " 2 ud Tim. 1 st ch. 12 ver. 

" Beside his remains rest those of his loved Widow, Sarah, 
afterwards wife of W. H. Newell, Esq r C.B., & J.P. 
She was beloved by a large circle of friends. Her 
virtues are briefly referred to on a Tablet Within the 
church. She died on the 18th February 1885." 

" Sarah Newell. Among her last words were these. 
1 The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin." ' 

" In Memory of Ellen Widow of The Rev d William Scott 
Rector of Hacketstown who died 9th March 1877 Aged 
82 years And of their Eldest son John Rosborough 
William Scott who died 10th September 1881 Aged 
67 years." 

M Sacred to the Honoured memory of a Beloved Husband 
Beauchamp Urquhart Colclough of Elm Grove departed 
this life April the 8th 1845 aged 51 years And he was 
not for God took him." 

41 Erected by A. M. Thackaberry in loving memory of her 
aunt and uncle John Lawrence who died 18 th Nov r 1888 
Aged 77 years Also his wife Jane Lawrence who died 
24 th Jan* 1889. Aged 74 years. Thy will be done." 

** Sacred to the memory of John Hall from Newcastle 
upon Tyne died 17 th of Dec br 1856 aged 27 years." 



" Here Lieth the Body of George Payne son to John Payne 
of Leighlin Bridge who Dep d Feb y the 1 st 1791 aged two 
& half years." *• 

4 Sacred to the Memory of Henry Colclough Esq of 
Mount Sion County Carlow who departed this life on 
the 11 th May 1836 In the 74 th year of his age And to 
Anne his wife who died on the 1st Jan ry 1831 Aged 
65 Also to the memory of Margaret the Beloved 
wife of McCarthy Colclough Esq who died 17 th March 
1851 In memory of McCarthy Colclough Esq who 
departed this life at Wexford on the 21st Dec r 1860 
aged 66 years." 

1 Caroline Margaret the dearly Beloved Third daughter 
of William H. F. and V. H. Josephine Kelly She 
fell asleep in Jesus on the 14 th October 1877 Aged 
1 year and 9 months " Safe in the arms of Jesus." 
Also Louise Frances Maude Died 17th November 1880 
Aged 1 year and 8 months Mark x chap. xiv. ver." 

In Loving Memory of V. H. Josephine, the dearly 
beloved wife of Wm. H. Ferguson-Kelly Kilballyhue 
Park, Co. Carlow. Died 3 rd September 1880." 
Only gone before. 

Lord not my will but Thine be done." 

Erected by James Glynn of Lough in memory of his 
beloved son William Glynn who died 24 th Aug st 1864 
Aged 24 years." 

Sacred to the Memory of Robert Stewart Reid who 
died at Carlow May 25th 1872 aged Two months ' 
Second son of Captain Robert Reid S. 0. P. Carlow." 

To the Memory of U Col. W m Fred k Harvey Staff 
Officer of the Carlow District for 12 years Died 2 nd 
Dec r 1862 Aged 52 

I will both lay me down in peace 
And sleep, for Thou Lord only 
Makest me dwell in safety." • ■" ! 

Psalm iv. v 8. 



"In Memory of Maky Emmeline who died on the 13 th 
day of August 1858 Aged -17 years Eldest daughter 
of James Palmer., Manager of the National Bank, 

" Sacred to the Memory of James Palmer Esq who died 
on the 5th Jan 1876 Aged 61 years He is not dead 
but sleepeth This monument is erected in affectionate 
remembrance by his children." 

" Here lieth the mortal remains of Abraham Foorde 
Royse Esq r Second son of Nicholas Foorde Eoyse Esq r 
of Nantenar Co. Limerick formerly Lieutenant 87 th 
Reg 1 and for many years the Inspector of Constabulary 
for C° Carlow, died 10 th September 1852 aged 58 years 
This small tribute of affection is erected to his memory 
by his afflicted widow M* s Jeannette Royse also to the 
memory of their only child Henry Abraham Royse died 
16 August 1846 Aged 22 months. 

Henry Abraham Royse The beloved and only child of 
Abraham Royse Esq re and Jeannette his wife of 
Summerville Carlow Died 6th August 1846 aged 22 

I will fear no evil for Thou art with me. Ps. 23. 4. 
To the memory of Georgina T. Bagenal wife of the late 
Philip Bagenal of Bene Kerry House who died March 
1 st 1897, aged 82 years. 

liCig'lilin IParisH— Cathedral of St. Lazerian. 

We are indebted to Richard Langrishe, Esq., Kilkenny, for 
a clever interpretation of the word li)llblllOnC5l0 t which 
occurs twice on the sixteenth-century tombstones in this cathe- 
dral, and of which drawings have already been given in our 
second volume, pages 24 and 32. 

The late Rev. Denis Murphy and others failed to fix the 
locality represented by this word, and it was reserved to Mr. 
Langrishe to give what appears to us to be the true interpreta- 
tion of it. He identifies it with "Ballyrnoon" — a seat of 
the Clan Kavanagh in this county, about one and a half 



miles east of Bagenalstown, and rendered famous in the tenth 
century as the supposed ^site of the great battle where King 
Cormac was slain. Mr. Langrishe reads it as " Villa- 
monesis." Joyce refers to the late Bishop Reeves on the word 
" Bally," and shows that it was invariably translated " villa," 
which Latin word is cognate, Mr. Langrishe says, to the 
Irish " Baile," " B " and " V " being commutative letters. 

We give a drawing taken from a recent rubbing of this word. 

Wells I*arisli. 


[Continued from Vol, IV, page 195.] 
; 1820. 

1 March 2G. — John, son of John and Alicia Styles, of Leighlin 

June 25.-— Elizabeth, dau. of James and Eliza Butler, Esq., 
.of Burgage. 

1 July 4. — James, son of John and Margaret Cardiff, of Powers- 
town, Garryhunden. 

* Aug. 6. — Sarah, dau. of William and Susan Kerwin, of Leighlin 

' Nov'* 19. — Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Robt. Henry and Barbara 
Boughton, Esq., of Leighlin Bridge. 

*Nov t, 24. — Calib, son of Jerm ia and Anne Murray, mason, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

■ 1821. 

' April 16. — Eliza, dau. of Will* and Anne Treacy, of Leighlin 

'May 30. — Rebecca, dau. of Joshua and Catherine Wright, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

1 June 3. — Mary, dau. of Robert and Jane Beatty, of Leighlin 

4 June 10. — Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Watts, of Leighlin 

CARLOW. 866 

WilL-J c : .■■ , 1822. . w# 

* Feb ry - 24. — Eliza, dau. of George and Jane Hughes, of Eoval 
Oak. - '" 1 

' Sep tr - 8. — Easter Graves, a deserted infant found in the church- 
yard on Easter Sunday. 

'' Sep tr - 15. — John, son of Edward and Mary Styles, of Leighlin 

* 1823. .. • ' • 

. 1 Feb ry - 9. — Ellen, dau. of Thomas and Hannah Young, late of 
Pintown (?) 

' May 25. — Maryanne, dau. of Jeremiah and Anne Murray, of 

' Aug*- 11. — George, dau. of William and Ellen Armstrong, of 
Burgage, in Wells Parish. 

Oct r * 12 (?) — James, son of Eobert and Anne Byron, of Leighlin 

* Oct. 19. — Maryanne, dau. of Joshua and Catherine Wright, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

'Oct. 26. — Anne, dau. of Robert and Jane Beatty, of Leighlin 


'Feby. 15. — Maryanne, dau. of Peter and Eliz th - Watts, of the 
Parish of Dunleckney. 

'Mar. 81. — Marg t - dau. of Thomas and Mary Watts, of Wells 

1 April 11. — Emelia, dau. of Edward and Mary Styles, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

1 June 4.— Rebecca, dau. of John and Alicia Roberts, of Leighlin 

' August 8. — Eliza, dau. of John and Mary Leeson, of the Parish 
of Killinane. 

1 Nov 1 ; 14. — Harriet, dau. of William and Anne Treacy, of 
Leighlin Bridge. - 

1 1825. 

1 Feby. 9 th - — Edward, son of William and Margaret Watchorn, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

'June 7. — John, son of .William and Katherine Frances 
Tyndall, of Leighlin Bridge. 

* July 10. — William, son of Caleb and Dorothea Tyndall, of 
the Parish of Dunleckney. 

' August 28. — Jane, dau. of Robert and Mary Semple, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' 1826. 

* Jany. 1 st — Philip Doyne, son of the Rev d - Thomas M. Vigors 
and Anne, of Burgage, Wells Parish. 

367 CARLOW. 

'July 5. — Sarah Sempill, dau. of the Rev d - Samuel Thomas and 
Sarah Roberts, of Eavindon. - - 

' March 19. — Edward, sdh' of Edward and Mary Styles, of the 
Parish of Dunleckney. 

« May 7. — Ellen, dau. of William and Jane Payne, of Leighlin 

1 May 28. — Ellen, dau. of William and Mary Town send, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' August 13. — John, son of William and Eliza Henry, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

4 August 20. — Rebecca, dau. of Philip and Mary Butler, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

* August 27. — James Macartney, son of Robert and Jane Beatty, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

* Sep tr - 18. — George Francis, son of James and Mary Sutcliffe 
(postmaster), of Leighlin Bridge. 

'Nov r - 10. — Edward, son of James and Mary Kearns (servant), 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

'Nov r - 12.— William, son of John and Mary Leeson, of the 
Parish of Killinane. .... 
. _ . . 1 1827. 

* Feh ry< 12. — Maria, dau. of Benjamin and Margaret Mc William, 
of the Parish of Killinane. 

' Feb" 7 - 20.— Mary Madeline, dau. of the Rev* 1 - Samuel Thos. 
and Sarah Roberts, of Ravindon. j 

'Mar, 10. — Ellen, dau. of Peter and Elizabeth Watts, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

1 March 25. — William, son of William and Margaret Watchobn, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

' March 25. — Rachel, dau. of John and Margaret Mackessy, of 
the Parish of Dunleckney. 

* May 8. — Born June 30 (!) James, son of Robert and Mary 
Semple, of the Royal Oak. 

'July 26. — James, son of James and Newton, of Wells 

Parish, Co. Kilkenny. 

■ Aug*- 5. — Anne, dau. of John and Mary Payne, of the Parish of 
Old Leighlin, farmer. - 


1 Jany. 27. — John, son of Caleb and Dorothea Tyndall, farmer, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

* Feb. 11. — Samuel Joshua George, sons (?) of Joshua and 
Catherine Wright, clerk. 

'April 6. — Jane, son. of John and Catherine JKinsella, of 
Leighlin Bridge. 

' May 4. — Michael, son of John and Elizabeth Young, of Tallow 



1 July 6. — Jane, dau. of John and Maby Leeson, of the Parish oi 

1 July 18. — Alicia*Jane, dau. of James and Mary Sutcliffe < : 
Leighlin Bridge, postmaster. 

' July 18. — Anne, dau. of Jerm a * and Anne Murray, of Leighlin 
Bridge, mason. 

1 July 27. — John, son of William and Maryanne Watchorn, oi 
Wells Parish. 

'Aug'- 10. — Christopher Joseph, son of Patrick and Susanna 
Breen, of the police, Leighlin Bridge, Dunleckney Parish. 

*Aug*-31. — Born August 2G, Arabella Eliza, dau. of George 
and Eliza Sutcliffe, Ensign, Kildare Eegt., Leighlin Bridge. 

Sep tr - 14. — William, son of John and Fanny Burrowes, labourer, 
of Leighlin Bridge. 

1 Octf- 12. — Sarah, dau. of Isaac and Mary Jackson, of Killinane 

' Oct. 19. — William Bernard, son of James and Emma Treacy, of 
Leighlin Bridge, merchant. 

*Nov r - 10. — Born April 16, Henry Toler, son of Eobert and 
Anne Byrn, Lieut, in the Carlow Militia, Leighlin Bridge, Dunleck- 
ney Parish. 

*Dec r -28. — James John, son of Henry and Sophia Morris, of 

* Dec r - 28. — Maryanne, dau. of Henry and Mary May, servants, 

< 1829. 

* Jany. 12. — Mary, dau. of Tho s - and Susanna Sutcliffe, Parish 
of Abbcyleix. 

* Jany. 20. — Thomasine Jane, dau. of Rev 4 * Sam 1 " Thomas and 
Sarah Eoberts, Wells Parish, Eavindon, Leighlin Bridge. 

* Jany. 22. — Eobert, son of Eobert and Catherine Condell, 
Ballyknockan, Wells Parish. 

* Mar. 1. — Penelope, dau. of George and Esther Hanlon, of ■ 
Wells Parish, Leighlin Bridge, 

1 Mar. 10. — Jane, dau. of Eobert and Mary Semple, of the Eoyal 

'Mar. 15. — May, dau. of John and Eliza Meden, of Bally- 
knockan, labourer. 

* April 5. — Sarah Anne, dau. of Eobert and Jane Beatty, of 
Parish of Wells, schoolmaster and clerk. 

' May 19.— Mary, dau. of Peter and May Eaton, labourer. 

'May 28. — John (eldest) and Wm. Henry, twin sons of Henry 
and Mary Eainsford, of Leighlin Bridge, merchant. 

1 August 9. — Eliza, dau. of Edward and Mary Styles, of Leigh- 
lin Bridge, farmer. 

1 Nov r> 29. — Born Nov 1, 17, Johanna, dau. of Michael and Jane 
Murphy, Wells Parish, sexton. 



* Dec r - 31. — Maria, dau. of James and Mary Bland, of Kilkenny. 


'Jany. 3 rd - — -Robert, son of Peter and Elizabeth Watts, of 
Leighlin Bridge, labourer. 

1 Jany. 13. — Born Dec r - 14, Annette Georgina Mary, dau. of the 
Eev d - Edward and Fanny Groome, of Killinane Parish (a clergy- 

' Feb. 27. — Nicholas Bernard, son of Bichd. and Emma Devine, 
of Ullard Parish (Co. Kilkenny). 

4 April 4. — Thomas, son of John and Maria Leeson, of Killinane 

' July 4. — James, son of Caleb and Dorothea Tyndall, of Leigh- 
lin Bridge, farmer. 

'July 29. — Mary Sherrington Elizabeth, dau. of James and 
Mary Sutcliffe, of Leighlin Bridge, postmaster. 

'July 29. — Born August 19, Margaret, dau. of Kichard and 
Margaret Watson, of Leighlin Bridge, servants. 

' July 29. — Susanna, dau. of Christopher and Maria Ellis, of 
Wells Parish, Leighlin Bridge, servants. 

(To be continued.*) 


[Nothing received from this county.] 


I*arisli of Eimis.— Ennis Abbey. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, 1899.] 

1 On p. 35, Vol. Ill, of the Report, in the inscription on the 
O'Neill Creagh Monument, after the line — 

"junior Percii et Lavinias Pennefather, ob l 1814" — 

there should be added : — 

" Dora Macnamara uxor ejus, 
& Neptis Elizabetha Creagh alias 
Davoren supradicta, 
ob 1881. 




Piers Creagli nepos Simonis Piercii 
& filius Piercii Creagh et Belinda 
Butler' uxoris. ob. an. set. 2 nd 
. A.D. 1841. 

' On page 37, the name Diermitivs Considin should rea l 
Diermitivs. Mac Considin. 

On the " same page the letters (which are in relief) on the 
fragment of the O'Brien slab should be placed as follows : — 



EIG . M C T 

:/ :". H . M c . M 



• Built into a house adjoining the abbey burial-ground, and 
facing the street, is a mural tablet with the following inscription in 
raised Roman capitals : ' — 

OF . OVR . LORD | GOD . 1G58 . BY | IOHN . 

[From T. J. Westropp, Esq., 1899.] 
JSniiis (I*ai*isli of JDroiucIift'). 

' Hall of the County Infirmary.' 

" This tablet was erected by public subscription | in 
honour of the memory of | Thomas Mahon Esq r0 | who 
was for many years actively and zealously engaged | in 
the management of all the Public Charitable Institu- 
tions | of the County of Clare. As Chairman of the Belief 
Commissioners | of the Town of Ennis he assiduously 
laboured to mitigate | the suffering which pestilence 
& famine | had produced around him. His valuable life 

. was terminated by typhus fever | on the 3 rd day of 
June 18-47. In the 58th year of his age. Blessed 
are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy." 

KJllom* Convent Clianet 1 !. 

1. «'Here lies the body of Roger | M c Inekheny who 
departed this | life Aug. 5 th 1777 aged 10 years | 
Erected by his father John M c Inerheny | for him & his 
family God rest his soul | In pace." 



2. "Cornelius M c Inerheny d: July 1 st 1803 aged 48 

Erected by his wife Catherine alias Clarey." 

3. " Patrick Cusack d : 3une 18 th 1780 aged 41 Erected by 

his -wife Bridget O'Keefe." 

4. "Dennis O'Keeffe d: Sep 2 nd 1797 aged 62. Erected by 

his son Patrick." 

Killceeily Otureli Sacristy. 

"IH S 1706 This turabe is | made by Fa : Con : | Mullan 
For him & his family | in his ancestors | chaple To 
whom God be merciful" 

TCilmaley Clturcli. 

" I H S. This humble and affectionate | Tribute of 
Filial Piety was | Erected over the Remains of | Francis 
M c Namara of Lispacan | by his son James — With a \ 
Philanthropic hart (sic) he possessed | every Social & 
endearing | quality & forsook a corruptable (sic) for an 
incorruptable life 20 th March | 1789 Aged 69 years." 

2. "John Donnellan 1791." 

KJlcorney l*arislt Cluircli. 

- * In Chancel ' : — 

11 OF JULY 1714." 

'Plain slab.' 

Abbey of S^. Peter anil l*anl of tlte JFersrus, alias 
Clare Abucj . 

* In Nave' : — 

1. * A slab with plain Calvary cross and no inscription.! 


2. " I H S | Here lyes ye Body | of Charles | Hallinan 

Dyed | ye 15 iune 1692." 
8. " James Hassett 178G." 
4. * Old slab without inscription.' * 

CLARE. 372 

5. "Anne Costello 1788." 6. "Margaret Haugh 1751." 

7. " Michael Hallinan 1746." 

■ ■ 

^, 'Laffan tomb on site of altar.' 

9. " Death's Our end and | to the grave We go | but Where 
or When | No man can tell or kno w | Here lies ye 
Body of | Denns Flin who Depart* 1 | This life ye 27 of 
June 1755 | aged 71 years | Erected by his son | 
John Flin." 

10. " Dennis Doomly 1777." 

* Under Belfry ' :— ■ - 

11. 'Ancient and neatly moulded tomb in N. Becess. No 


12. " Timothy Darcy 1758." 13. Owen OIIaugh 1726." 

14. " James ODea." 

' Nave ' :— 

15. " God rest the soul of Honora Haw 1787 by Mathew 


16. "Daniel and James Foeb 1771." 17. "Jane Lillis 1832." 
'In Cloister':— 

18. " Luke Wall Esq re d : 9 th April 1790 aged 71 erected 

by his wife Mrs Catherine Wall also Mrs Catherine 
Wall Ma (sic) 20 th 1826 the relict of Bichard Wall 
of Ennis Esq re ." 

19. " James Macnamara to his wife Catherine MacInerney . 
. died Jan 7. 1797 aged 19." 

20. "Miss Eliza Darcy died Oct 22 nd 1813 aged 39 by her 

brother Tom Darcy of Knock." 

21. "Pall (sic) O'Dea died 18 Dec 1837 aged 27 by his 

father Dennis and sister Margaret." 

22. " Daniel Cleary of Ennis died 3 May 1834 aged 32 also 

his daughter Mary died 6 Sep 1852 aged 19." 

23. " Joseph Cullinan in memory of his daughter Anne dieo. 

April 1830 aged 2." . r 

24. "'Johnny' Fahy of Deerpark to his wife Johanna d: 

Nov. 17. 1885 aged 39." 

1 This interesting ruin has been recently conserved, and tb 
interior cleared of bushes and rubbish.' 

" Jubilate 1 " [Eds.] 



Quiii X*arisli -(Franciscan Friary, elicits). 

* Tiie following monuments lie in the walks of the cloister 
sonie being much defaced by the tread of passers-by and by grave 

■ In the North Walk, commencing at the west end ' : — 

1. " Michael Scanlan died 3 rd Aug 1771 aged 63 erected 

by his son." 

2. M Martin Nowlan in memory of his wife Briged alias 

Carroll she d : 8 th Feb, aged 60, 1767. (This curious 
* arrangement ' is common.)" 

3. " Gloria in excelsis. The Kev. John Clune in memory 

of his father James Clune who d : May 21 st 1857 
aged 77." 

4. "James Hendrick d: May 1772 aged 68. Erected by 

his son Charles." 

5. " Rev Alice: Crone." (No date. Defaced.) 

6. "Kev Charles Hickey w T ho d: the 15 th day." (Rest of 

date not cut.) 

7. " Rev Mi cell Hallor 1 * " (No date.) 

8. " Rev John Hog an of Drim the last surviving Friar of 

the convent d. 1820 aged 80 (see Vol. II, p. 279) ' qui 
seminat in lachrymis exultatione metet/" 

9. " Rev Daniel MacNamara erected by Rev Richard 

Brigdale 1789." 

1 East Walk, from North ' :— i> 

10. "Here lies the Body of Marg t j Finucane wife of And w 

Hicky | w T ho Dyed the year 1740." 

11. " John Stamer d : March 1 st 1799 aged 60. Erected by 

his wife Ellen Purcell " (see Vol. II, p. 279). 

12. " This Tomb w ? as erected | by Daniel Lynchy in 

mem | ory of his wife Honora Lyn | chy alias Custeilo 
who die d | 7ber ye 4 th in ye 27 th year of j Her Age 
Anno Domini 1758." 

13. " I. N. R. I. I. H. S Erected by James Hall | oran and his 

wife Bridget Halunan who died De ber 4 th 1794 Aged 
21 years." 

* South Walk, from East ' . — 

14. " John Kendall in memory of his wife Anna Kendall 

alias Hore d : 12 Aug, aged 22 yeare of her Age, 

CLARE. 3?4 

15. " Thomas Kendall and his son and daughter Thomas 

and | 1 (partly covered) 1763." 

16. " Thomas Molony Erected 1748." 

17. " Andrew Murphy d 1 st Feb 1825 erected by his sou 


18. "Thomas Molony (fitz Roger) in memory of his wife 

and son Margret (sic) Molony alias Hore d 13 May, 
in the 27th year of her age 1752." 

19. " Penelope Hore alias Kerin died March 1760." 

20. " Thady Liddy in memory of his brother Rev. Patrick 

Liddy died 29 June 1757 aged 42." 

21. "I, H. S. Hie Jacet Rev. Cornelius | Hehir nuper 

parochius de | Quin &° obijt 4° die Junii 1759. | 
Requiescat in pace Amen." 

' West Walk, from South 9 :— 

22. " Patrick O'Gorman d 30 June 1856 aged 70 erected by 

his wife Mary & son Patrick." 

23. " J s Corbett in mem of his father Michael d 8 July 1822 

aged 58 & his Mother Han or a (sic) Corbett alias 
Heiher d 19 May 1822 aged 56." 

In JFriary Clitirclt, Qtiin. 

1 Nave ' : — 

* In sedile in North Wall (incised capitals) ' : — 

"Here lies the j Body of Edmon.-.Ma.nemaea gra(nd | 
s) on to Hugh | ...nemara of Co (r) | (b) ally deceased | 
who departed this | life May the 7 th Ag... 21 years 

* In Chancel Floor ' :— 

"Here lies ye body of | Peter M ac namara who | Died 
March ye 16 th 1764 | Aged 73 years Erected j by his 
sonnes Conner & Michael Ano Dom j j " 

*' Erected by Francis M c Namar : | of Durree in mem y of 
his | Brother James M c Namara | who dep B this life the 
9 th | March a d 1833, May his ] soul rest in peace 

S75 cork. 

1 Mediaeval tomb to right of Altar (see Vol. II, p. • 453). 
Dr. George Macnarnara, of Baunkyle, reads the black-letter inscrip- 
tion differently from what i» there given ' : — 

''Hie jacent ©in filtus Xaurs 
enttt filtt jHatln in eomara et 
eousttna mcomara uror tfq 
me fieri fecerut." 

Itatliblait&aic Cliurcli. 

" Cfje to mi) itnUcr tins Viauit toas 
inttlt i>g Christopher tije son of 
Brian jHac jHurroutjI) #'£rten 
in tijt pear of our $.orti #oc 

1697." ' 

[Copied in 1840 by Mr. John Foster of Einroe.] : 


liiisliuiiiion X*ari6lt. 

(Continued from Vol. IF, page 211.) 

[Kindly contributed by Dr. Alexander Mann Alcock.] 

'The Nave (North Wall). Window (Baptistery). Subject— 
"Christ Blessing little Children.'" 

" He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon 
them, and blessed them." — St. Mark x. 16. 

" To the dear memory of Frances C. Payne wife of lvev' 1 
Somers H. Payne of Upton House who died March 14 



' Stone and Marble Tablet, Regimental Crest of 24 th RegV 

" In affectionate remembrance of Richard Rye Coecoe of 
Cor Castle late Lieutenant and Adjutant in II M 24 th 
• Regiment who died at Gibraltar on the 6 th day of March 
1873 aged 28 years. This tablet is erected by his 
brother officers past and present as a token of their 
esteem and regard." 

'Marble Tablet with Conner Family Crest ': — 

" This memorial was erected by his afflicted parents to a 
most amiable and beloved son Cap 1 Robert Connee 
formerly of her Majesty's 66 th Reg fc and late of The West 
Cork Artillery who departed this life at Charles Fort 
Kinsale on the 8 th of July 1856 in the 31 st year of his 

. 1 On a Brass in Baptistery ' : — 

" The Pavement Step, Ewer, and Desk are placed in 
this Baptistry In Memoriam M. W. Hanlon m b of 
Portarlington by his son." 

< The Pulpit ' 

" This Pulpit is erected in memory of Thomas Feewen 
last patron of this Church by Richaed -and Katheeine 
Feewen ad 1891." 

* The Great Western Window, of exceptionally fine glass, th 
Lancets and Tracery. Subject — " The Resurrection.' " 

* Mural Marble Tablet ' 

< Crest/ 

" In loving memory of General Sir Richard John Meade, 
k c s i...c i e. Eldest son of Captain John Meade e.n. 
This window and Tablet are placed in the Parish Church 
of Innishannon his birth place by relatives and friends 
who mourn his loss. Born on the 25 th September 1821 
be entered into Eternal life on the 20 th of March 1894 at 
Hyeres in the South of France w^here his mortal remains 
have been laid. A Gallant Soldier and wise administrator 
he served his country for 48 years in many and varied 
capacities taking part in The Burmese War of 1853-1854 



and in the Indian Mutiny where he raised a Eegiment 
of Cavalry ' Meade's Horse ' afterwards merged in the 
well known ' Central,, India Horse ' with which he was 
engaged in the actions about Gwalior in June 1858, and 
captured the notorious Rebel leader ' Tantia Topee ' the 
perpetrator of ' The Massacre of Cawnpore.' Subse- 
quently he held several high offices as the Representative 
of The British Government at the native Courts of 
Gwalior, Indore, Mysore, and Baroda, being specially 
selected for the important post of Resident at Hyderabad 
where under trying and critical circumstances he fully 
maintained the high reputation he had already acquired 
in other places. His name will ever stand high and be 
remembered among those who have won and maintained 
our Empire in the East. « Heaven's Light Our Guide' 
This Church is chosen as the most fitting place in 
which to perpetuate his memory as he munificently 
assisted in its Erection and Endowments and never 
forgot his connection with the Parish." 

[From Mr. James Coleman, Southampton.] 

Ifcatlicooney Cliureliyarcl. 

4 Rathcooney Churchyard lies about three miles north of the 
City of Cork ; and, for an Irish rural churchyard, presents a fairly 
good appearance. It contains a great many inscriptions ; but I had 
only time to copy those on the Sain thill gravestones, which lie side 
by side. That of George A. Sainthill to the right has the lettering 
plainly legible ; but in the other it is difficult to decipher it. 
Richard Sainthill, the numismatist, and his wife were, no doubt, 
buried here ; but there is no inscription to that effect.' 

Sainthill Arms. 

" Sacred to the memory of George Augustus Sainthill, 
Esq Born at Blackrock, 23 November 1795 Died at 
Valebrook 25 April 1817 (sic: 1847 ?) He entered the 
Royal Navy At an Early Age And Attained the Rank 
of Post Cap tain A.D. 1S38 His Distinguished Abilities 
And Indefatigable Zeal Established His Character As 
one of the Best Officers in His Majesty's Service. But 
when Those Acknowledged Qualifications were likely 
To Have Been Again Called Into Active and More 
Important Exertion He was By a Fall from a Horse 
suddenly Removed From this Transitory State To 



Receive what we may Humbly Hope The Reward that 
awaits Those who with an Entire and Steadfast 
Reliance on thp. Free and unmerited Mercy of Heaven 
Have Like Him In Their Private As Well as Their 
Public Walk of Life Habitually Exercised An Active 
and Benevolent But Judicious Consideration To Promote 
The Welfare and Happiness of All Around Their 
Relatives, Friends and Dependents." 

" Sacred to the Memory of Lucy Second daughter of 
Richd. Sainthill of Valebrook Esq re who Died Sept 7. . 
1813 In the 23rd year of her age. Pious, Cheerful, 
Benevolent & Affectionate, as a Friend, a Sister, 
Daughter, She was Beloved, Respected, and Lamented." 

" Captain Riciiaud Sainthill r.n. Born at Topsham, 
Devonshire July 1739 Died at Valebrook, Co. of 
Cork June 1829 Distinguished for His zeal and Ability 
As an Officer and who through the Grace of God 
adorned his Christian Calling during a long life of 
Honorable Integrity By the Exercise of Every Social 
and every endearing quality." 

" Charlotte widow of Capt. R. Sainthill Died 10th 
April 1838. Aged 77 years, A Pious humble Christian 
An Exemplary Wife and Mother." 

[Remainder of Inscription illegible.] 




[From R. S. Longworth-Daines, Esq., 1897.] 


" This stone was erected by M K John Hume in memory 
of His son M R Thomas Hume [who] departed this life 
the 28th day of September 1751 at the Age of 20 Years." 

' Above the inscription are Hume Arms, Crest, and Motto : 
"True to the end." 



[From the late Doctor Robert S. Young, Culdaff House, 1898. 
Clouclia CIi ui-eli, ,ait<l X»liutli of" tlie Cross. 

Clonca and Culdaff' Parishes. 

[From the late Doctor Robert S. Young, Culdaff House, 1898. j 


'At a Vestry held for the Church of Culdaff, the 17th day of 
July 1693, the Minister, Churchwardens, and genrall of the 
parish being present: — - 

4 Order'd at the said Vestry y* the sum of six pounds be equally 
applotted on the several inhabitants of the parish to discharge all 
Lawfull Pious respects (?) belonging to the said church ; and what- 
soever person or persons have paid of the last applottment, shouM 
in Qartter or townland in the said parish, for the part of pay- 
ment of the said six pounds, and. that the presants Churchwardens 
shall indevor to get the deall (?) baoed (?) from of the said persons 

that bought them on payment for them whoe are indow (?), 

and that James Lorn, James Layon, John Tafy, John BeUfor 

the Maior part of them, with the presants Churchwardens 

and shall 12 pens in the pound be aloued the Collectors of the 

same money. 

1 Cha: Davenport 4 Robert Younge 

4 Robert McNitt 4 Thomas MacLachline (?) 

1 (?) Coulter 4 Robert Younge 


4 Edward MacLachline 4 Hugh X MacLachline 


* At a Vestry held in the Church of Clonca, the 26 day of May 
1694 :— 

1 Memorandum y* it was voted at the said Vestry y* Hugh 
McFarlin should keep (?) me (?) two pounds, four shillings, and 

three pens sterlg. wh part of with the aforesaid 

parish of Clonca of the applottment the 9 day of Aprill 1694. 

* Ordered at the said Vestry Churchwardens., 

sidsman, and (?) for the insuing year, likewise it was agreed that 
Hugh MacLachline do take up the said applottment and be ac- 
countable to the parish for the said money. 

* Edward MacLachlin ' Robert Younge 


1 John X Douglas 4 Gilbert Alcorn (?) 

mark His 

1 Hugh X MacLachlin 


[To face page 380. 


t ■ .... .-: m 





4 At a Vestry held for ye parish of Clonca the 25th of June 
1G94, ye Minister, & Churchwardens being present : — 

1 It is order yt Arehbald Watson, & Alexander Moore be Church- 
wardens for this yeare in ye parish of Clonca. 

1 Alexander Moore ' Robt. Younge 


1 Hugh X MacLachlin 


* At a Vestry held 

Thr 28 day of May 16 (?) .' 

Churchwardens and genrall of the parish & parishioners being 
present :— 

' Ordered at the said Vestry that James Lorn (?), and James 
Layon be Churchwardens for the insuing yeare— 

' It is likewise agreed by the said Vestry, that the sume of five 
pounds (?), 5 shillings ster. be equaly aploted on the sourage 
[? several] inhabitants of the aforesaid parish for repairing ye 

church, mantainge the poor 

these Pious uses belonging 

said parish church, and that 

Alcorn, James Lorn, Alex. Smith, and Joh Gill doe applot the 
same forthwith. 

• ' Cha: Davenport ' Robert McNitfc < Robt. Younge 
* John Gill 1 James Lome ' James Lyon 


. < Patrick X Hudy 


. 'It is further agreed by the said Vestry yt John Doydell do 
get upe three bridge (?) of oull broken soals (?) and a new Pone (?) 

and what boord be Left lie is to make part of them posts 

in the ground with two shutters to the windows they Laying all the 
thing to his hand necessary for the said worke ; and the said John 
to have ninety shillings for his paynes. 

John Dazett (?) 

c At a Vestry held at the Church of CuldafT the 25 day of March 
1695, the Minister, Churchwardens, and genrall of the parish 
Being presant : — 

'It was agreed at the said Vestry that John M&cCandles at 

Edward GrifTen should serve as Churchwardens for this 

presant year. 

' Ordered at the said Vestry that the sume of six pound str., 
should be apploted and roased of the (parish for the) support (?) of 

the said parish for the Church, mantainge the poor, and 

other pious uses belonginge to the said Church of Culdaff, and that 



: sirhorland (?) should serve of the said 

parish of Culdaff the (?) shillings for his panes 

1 Robert MeNitt * Robert Younge 
4 John Gill 1 James Lorn ' James Lyon (?) 

4 Ther is deu to J ames Lorn 2 pound 9 shilling ye sd paris 

* At a Vestry held for 

on 2nd (?) day of March 1695, the Minister," Churchwardens, and 
genrall of the parish being presant : — 

* It wa3 agreed at the said Vestry yt Hugh Moor and William 
Barrett be Churchwardens for the present year. — 

'Ordered at the said Vestry that the sum of 4 pound str. bo 
reased and applotted on the several Inhabitants of the said parish, 
for repairing the Church, and maintaininge the poor, and all other 
pious uses belonginge to said parish Church It is further agreed at 
the said Vestry that Chardles Sutherland should serve as sexton 
for the present year ad ther be allowed to the said Chardles 5 shil- 
lings for takinge Care of the said Church of Clonca. 

1 Owen McLachline Robt. Younge 


4 Thomas Richey 4 James X Roden 

His mark 

4 Arth: X Watson 


1 Memorandum, that the said parish is indebted to James Roden 
two pound, three (?) shillings, and three pens. 

* At a Vestry held for the Church of Culdaff, on the 13 day of 
Aprill 1696, the Minister, Churchwardens, and generall of the 
parish being presant : — 

^ ' Ordered at the said Vestry yt the ould Churchwardens do con- 
tinue untill they Clear the accounts. 

'It was further agreed at the said Vestry that James Colhoun, 
and Andrew Medcafe (?) be applotters for the parish of Culdafie 
for this presant year 

• Robt. MeNitt 4 David Colhoune « Robert Younge 
' Jas. Colhoune 4 James Lorne 4 Edward Griffith 

* It is further agreed at the said Vestry, yt James Lorn be roner 
(?) for the said parish of Culdalfe for this present year.' 

* At a Vestry held for the parishes of Clonka and Culdaff 1st day 
June 169G ;— 

4 Ordered at said Vestry that twenty shilling sterl : should be 
aplotted on each of the said parishes, and raised off the inhabitants 



of the said parishes, and paid to John Denyston, Scole-master of 
the said parishes towards his Incoragement and montaineang for 
this presant yeare 1696. 

'Cha. Davenport John Bunbury Gilbert Alcorne his mark 
Alex. Demiiston Eobt. McNitt Robert Mclntyre his mark Hugh 
McLaughlin his mark Alex. Longe his mark John Gill Alex. 
Brohy James Lome Robert Younge Edward Griffith George 
Robinson his mark James Rodan his mark.' 

1 At a Vestry held for the parish of Clonka, the 13 day of Aprill 
169?, the Minister, Churchwardens, ..and generall of the parish 
beinge presant : — 

' Ordered at the said Vestry that the sume of six pound ster. 
should be equaly apploted on the generall inhabitants of the said 
parish, for repairinge the Church, mantainge the poor, and all other 
pious uses belonginge to ye said Church of Clonka. It was likewise 
agreed at the said Vestry that Alex. Moore of Gooery and James 
Roden serve as Churchwardens for this presant year. 

4 It was further agreed at the said Vestry that Alex. Brihey and 
Gilbert Alcorn be applotters for this present year, and whatsoever 
mony be reazed or taken up by the said Churchwardens, shall not 
be disbursed or laid out without the consent of the said Alex, Brihey 
and Gilbert Alcorn It is further agreed that Hugh Moore and John 
Hamilton be adinge and assisting (?) to Alex. Brihy and Gilbert 
Alcorn the said applotters have thought fit (?) yt Alex. Methdl (?) 
reaser (?) for the said parish, James Craford to assist hime The 
former Churchwardens have geven up ther acountt, and ther is 
on pound, 12 shillings, four pens, halfpenny due to them. 

' Alex. Brohy ' * Robert Younge ' 

his his 

4 Samuel X Coulter ' ' William X Barrett* 

m«k mark 

cjohn Elt (?)' 

1 At a Vestry held in the parish of Cloncatho 5th Aprill '97, the 
Minister, Churchwardens, & generall Inhabitants of the parish being 
present : — 

'Ordered at the said Vestry that James d (?) Roddey, Hugh 
McLaughlin shall serve as Churchwardens for the present yeare. — 

* It was likewise agreed by the said Vestry that there should be 
the sum of five pound ster. equally applotted on the generall 
Inhabitants of the parish of Clonca for repairing the Church, main- 



taining the poor, and all other pious uses belonging to the said 
Church. .' 

\. ,~:'' [ his ( : V.:,'\ .. ,"5 

4 John X Douglas 'Robert Younge 


' William JEEulton <T x i v tut t it 

. .'John Hamilton 'Hugh X McLaughlin 


' James X Roden (?) 


' It is further agreed by ye said Vestry that the sum (?) applotted 
on the aforesaid parish is to be raised (?) oft" (?) the (?) inhabitants 

by the married(?) Keepers. 

Robert Younge.' 

'The applotters for this year 

The Churchwardens asks (?) given up their offerings (?) and the 
parish is in arrears with them the sume of one pd., five shillings.' 

1 At a Vestry held in the Church of Culdaffe ye 5 day of Aprill 
1697, the Minister, Churchwardens, and generall of the parishioners 
being presant : — 

' Ordered at the said Vestry that John Patrik Huey, Smith shall 
serve as Churchwardens for this presant year. 

' It was Likewise agreed by the said Vestry that ther should be 
4 pound str : Equaly apploted on the generall Inhabitants of the 
parish of Culdaff, for reparinge the Church mantaininge the poore, 
and all ither piouses usess Belonging to the said Church. 

• ' Robert Bunbury, John Bunbury Robert McNitt Pa : Roe (?) 
James Allcorne John Gill Robt. Younge Edward Griffith 

'It was agreed by the said Vestry that James Colhoun and 
Andrew should be apploters for the year 169 (?) 

1 John Bunbury 1 Robert Younge 

' Pa: Roe (?) ' Edward Griffith 

1 William Willson 
1 James Allcorne 
■ John Gill 

.'It is further agreed by the said Vestry that the money applot- 
ted on the aforesaid parish is to be raised married 

longsters (?) and landkeepers of the Inhabitants thereof. 

' Robert Younge.' 

' At a Vestry held in ye Church of CuldafTe, ye 26 nay of 
Apprill 1698, the Minister, Churchwardens, and genrall of ye 
parishioners being presant : — 

' Ordered at ye said Vestry that ye sume of four pound str. be 



eqaaley applotted on ye generall Inhabitants of ye said parish, 
for Keparinge ye Church, mantaing ye poor, and all other pious 
uses belonginge to ye said parish. It was likewise agreed at ye 
said Vestry that James Eoe and William Wilson should serve ase 
Churchwardens for this inshuing yeer. William Calwall and Alex. 
Smith applotters. 

1 Robert McNitt 1 John Gill < Robert Younge 

1 Alex. Smith ' Will: Gillrigt 1 Jas: Roe 

« Pat: Moran 

{ The Churchwardens gave in ther account and shoew in arrears 
three shillings and four pens. 

' Ordered at the said Vestry that the sum of 3 pound str. be 
equally applotted on the seuerall Inhabitants of the said parish, for 
the repairing of the Church, the maintaining of the poore and all 
other pious uses belonging to the parish church. 

' It was alsoe agreed at the said Vestry that Hugh McLaugh- 
line & Gabriel (?) Faconer should serve (as) Churchwardens for 
this ensuing yeare 

'W 7 illiam ffullton Patrick Lenecer Roger McPolle Thomas 
Ricky Robert McTeyer Robert Younge Gabriel Eanegaer 
Gabriel Fauconer Patrick Linegar John Douglas 

' Churchwardens gave up their account and is in arrears ten 
shillings and five pence.' 

' At a Vestry held in ye Church of Clonea ye 10th day of 
Aprill 1G99, the Minister, Churchwardens, and severall of ye 
parishioners being present : — 

{ Ordered at ye said Vestry that ye sum of Two pound, fourteen 
shillings sterling, should be equally applotted on ye severall inhabi- 
tants of ye said parish, for repayring the Church, maintaining ye 
poor, and all other pious uses belonging to ye said Church. It is 
also agreed at ye said Vestry that Gilbertt Alcorn e, and Hugh 
McLachlin should be Churchwardens for this present yeare. 

'Alex. Richy Thomas Richy Alex. Mitchell Roger Poule 
Robt. Younge Gilbert Alcorne Hugh McLachlin Andrew 
Mitchell, sexton. 

* Hugh McLachlin gave up his accounts Clear for ye year past 
but is to be given to Knogher Cole.' 

c c 



' Att a Vastry held In ye Church of Culdaif, the tenth day j 
Aprill 1699, the Minister, Churchwardens, and severall of ye par. . 
ishioners being present :— 

1 Order'd att the said Vestry that ye sum of four pounds sic r. 
should be equally applotted on ye severall Inhabitants of ye sai 
parish, for Repairing Church, maintaining the poor, and all othi r 
pious uses belonging to ye said Church, and if any Remains of y« 
said £4 inlaid out, 3s-9d to be paid to Charles Sodderlan for his 
fees. It is alsoe agreed att ye said Vestry that William Wilson and 
Pat : M. Moran should be Churchwardens for this present year. 

' Geo : Davenport Robert McNitt Alexander Wilson Kobt 
Younge Patrick Moran Gilbert Alcorne W. Wilson 

' Churchwardens gave up their accounts Clear for ye past year, 
but eight shillings to be given to Knogher McAwly. 

1 Alex Brohy James Lome James Lyon Geo : Davenport. 5 

[From the late Doctor Robert S. Young, kindly copied from the 
originals by Miss Julia Harvey, 1898.] 

Malin Pari&li. 

1 Burials. In the " Rock Vault" in Malin-IIall Demesne : '— 

" Robert Harvey died 1 st Dec r 1820. 
Barbara Gage (his wife) died 23 rd Aug. 1857. 
John Harvey (son) died 9 th July, 1868. 
Emily Miller (his wife) died 22 nd June 1839. 
Robert Harvey (son) died 5 th Feb ry 1855. 
Rev. Robert Harvey, died 10 tb March, 1875. 
Anne Smyth (his wife), died 17th March, 1865. 
Barbara Harvey died 2 ntl Dec r 1868. 
Mary Harvey died 18 th Nov r 1890. 
Florida Lyne died 15 th Feb ry 18S6. 
Elizabeth Lyne (daughter) 23 rtl Jan^ 1888.' 



Comber Parish. 

[From Francis Joseph Bigger, Esq., M.E.I.A.] 

« The report (Vol. Ill, p. 425) contains some notes on stones 
at Comber Parish Church, but no reference is given to one of 
the most interesting of them, still carefully preserved, and built 
into the west wall of the nave at the north corner. It is the only 
old stone now to be seen having armorial bearings. The annexed 
drawing is a rude representation of the arms which surmount the 
inscription, of which the following is a copy': — 

CO. DOWN, 1899. 

[From F. J. Bigger, Esq.] 

" Here lyeth the body of Isaac Meredith of Kilbreght 
Gen 1 who departed this life the 10 th day of July 1723 
aged 27 years." 




[From W. Jackson Pigott, Esq., Dundrum.] 

[Continued from Volume III., 'page 432.) 

'* Sacred to the Memory of John Moore Esq r late of 
Clough in this County Descended from the Muires of 
Eowallen in Scotland During a long life He Deservedly 
possessed the Esteem of all who knew him Endowed 
with every virtue which adorns the Human Breast 
Humbling imitating his great Master in Works of 
Charity & Benevolence He lived beloved and died 
lamented February 25 th A.D. 1800 jEtat 74 The Rev* 
Chas Will 111 & Hugh his two sons erected this small 
Tribute of their affection to the Memory of the Best of 
Fathers and of men whose mortal Past is here entombed 
with the Remains of his Father Capt. Hugh Moore who 
died 23 d of August 1777 iBtat 72." 

* The above inscription is inside of the Church on the south 

• On the top of this stone, on its south face, are cut the Moore 
crest, arms & motto, " Duris . non . frangor." 

" Sacred to the Memory of Hugh Moore Esq re Late of 
Eglantine House Hillsborough and formerly Captain in 
the 6 th Dragoon Guards who departed this life July 29 lh 
1848 Aged 8G years and to Pricilla Cecilia Armitage 
of Kensington his wife who died April 12 th 1849 aged 79 
Their children have erected this monument to the 
memory of their beloved parents as a token of grati- 

" For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be 
made alive I Cor. 15 ch. 22 ml v." 

• On east face of tomb.' 

" Here lie the remains of John Moore Esq re late of Clough 
House Many years treasurer of the County of Down 
who died February 5 th 1800 Aged 74 and of Debora 
Isaac his wife who died February 5 th 180G Aged 7G 
Also of their eldest son The Rev. Charles William 
Moore Rector of Moira and late of Mount Panther 
who died Dec r 3 rd 1807 Aged 46 years." 



« On north face of tornb.' 

"Here [sic] the remains of Captain Hugh Moore 
Descended from the j$uires of Eowallan, Ayrshire 
Scotland and late of the 9 th Dragoons who died 23 rd 
of August 1777 Aged 81 years and of his wife 
Elizabeth Clarke of the County of Fermanagh also of 
Egbert Isaac Esq re Late of Hollywood House who 
departed this life 21 st April 1771 aged 76 years also of 
Anna Baillie of Innishargie his wife who died 17 th Dec r 
1781 aged 86 also of Eev a Eoger Blackball many years 
Curate of Kilmegan who died June 26th 1799 aged 62 
also of Anne Isaac his wife." 

1 On the west face of this tomb.' 
"Here rest the remains of Jane Ada Moore the dearly 
beloved wife of W M A. Moore of Arnmore Cavan She 
departed this life rejoicing in her Savour on the 19th 
October 1867 also of John Egbert Moore of Eowallan 
Sainthfield Born 4 Oct 1803. Died 5 April 1888." 

" Infra quiescit cum Ofsibus Parentum atque Proavorum 
quod mortale fuit Caroli Gulielmi Moore cierici Mount- 
pancheriensis Parochia Moine Pastoris In Illo omnis 
Virtutes Virescebant tarn Fide atque Honore quam 
Pietate ac Benevolentia per insiguis Fato subiit 
•3 rd Decembris 1807 /Etat 45 Monumentum hoc quale- 
cunque Desiderii atque Armoris (Testimonium quam 
bene meritum) Fraternus Ceneri superimposuit Hugo 

1 The above Latin inscription is on a tablet inside the Church 
and on the south side.' 

" Mary Morgan wife to Thos. Morgan of Clanvaraghan 
interred here aged 62 years." 

I H S 

11 Here lieth H the body of Charlie Murphy of Fain fad 
who departed this life'Oct the 19 th 1808 aged 61." 




I H S 

" This stone is erected by Patrick muiiy of Clanvarraghan 
in Eemembrance of his wife honor murry or otherways 
Kelley who Departed this life the 20 th of March isi i 
aged 57." 

I H S 

" Here lieth the body of Edward Murray of Clarkhill 
who died 18 th Jan 1822 Aged 88 year. 

* Go home my friends & dry your tears 
I must lie here till Christ appears 
Eepent in time whilst time you have 
There's no repentance in the grave. '" 

I H S 

" Here lyeth the body of John Murray of Slevniskey who 
dep d this life July the 6 th 1807 Aged 26 Also Cisley 
Murrey who dep d this life March 7 1806 aged 25." 

" Erected by Joseph Newell Ballybannon in memory of 
his father William Newell and family." 

" Sacred to the memory of John Newsam sen late of 
Castlewellan also Margaret his wife and Mary 
Hamilton alias Newsam their daughter also Sarah wife 
of John Newsam Jun r who departed this life the 15 th of 
December 1801." 

" To the memory of Jas Nicholson Esq late of Castle- 
wellan who dep the 18 Dec 1808 aged 64 years." 

" Erected by James Nixon of Clough In memory of his 
son James Nixon who departed this life 22 nd March 
1878 aged 25 years. Also his wife Margaret Nixon 
who Departed this life 21 th March 1879 aged 62 years." 

** The O'Neills of Castlewellan their buryin ground." 

" Here lieth the Eemains of James And Hariat Oxford." 



" pfm IjJtti) tljt hoop of SLcft 
i^enrt pring Clor ...» m* 
tofjo ocpavtcS tf)fs [«>]t|)c 12 tiaj> 
of Jscpn* in rljc pear of our 
Com 1678/' 

1 This slab is now under the flooring of the Church on the left 
of the Communion rails.' 

" Here Lyeth the Body of Eliza Green wife to 

Robert Quaile who Departed this life in the 

year of her age April 1702." 

" This is the Burying ground of the late John Quaile of 
Castlewellan 17 th October 1829." 


" Here lieth the body of John Ranaghan." 

" Erected By Thomas Eea of Belfast in memory of his 
daughter Matilda who died 6 th March 1868 aged 3 

" Erected by James Robinson of Bally kinlar In memory 
of his wife Sarah Robinson who died 11 th March 1861 

1 aged 54 years Also the above named James Robinson 
who died 2G Feb 18G7 aged 59 years." 

[A dove descending with an olive branch in its mouth.] 

" Erected by Richard Robinson of Waterask In memory 
of his daughter Catherine Robinson who died 19 tu 
August 1866 aged 8 months." 

" Erected by Ellen Robinson Waterask In memory of 
her husband Richard Robinson who died 13 Nov 1869 
aged 68 years Her son Alexander died 21 Nov 1879 
aged 15 years Her son William died 29 Dec 1889 
aged 25 yrs. Jesus said he that believeth on me hath 
everlasting life." 

* Cloughram, no doubt, in this parish. 



" Erected by Mary Russell. Ballybannon In memory of 
her husband Davjp Russell who died 22 nd Sep. 1889 
aged 39 years." 

" Also her father Andrew Montgomery who died 5 th Nov. 
1879 aged 77 years." 

" Also her mother Mary who died 29 th Oct 1889 Aged 82 

•* Here lieth the Body of Catherine Sands of Moneylane 
who dep d this life July the 18 th 1804 Aged 70 years 
Also her son Daniel Sands who dep d this life March the 
27 th 1809 Aged 38 years." 

" Erected By Edward Scott of Waterask In memory of 
his daughter Elizabeth who died 29 th March 1868 Aged 
13 years Also his son William who died 14 th May 1871 
aged 22 years and his son John who died 2 Ild October 
1878 aged 26 years." 

I H S 

[An open Bible.] 


Drumeomlru Parish. 

[From E. R. McC. Dix, Esq.] 

" Here lieth y° body of | Samuel Fisher who died y e 6 th I 
of April 1718." 

Glasiicvin Parish. 

[Contributed by E. R, Mc. Dix, Esq., 1899.] 




" here l [illegible] the | body of william gen j net 

1705 | " 

" This stone and burial | Place belongeth to | Simon 
Williams | here Lieth y e body | of William Williams | 
who departed this | Life May y e 15 lh 1716. | Aged 7 
years | " 

KJnsalcy Parisli.— Cliureli of St. Nicholas. 

' The graveyard, less than a quarter of a mile from the Mala- 
kide road, has up to the present been protected only by a ditch. 
Now, since strangers, to save their pockets, have buried their dead 
here, a wall is to be erected round it, and a caretaker's cottage 
built. The inscriptions are as follows ': — 

1. " Elizabeth Eeilly 31 st August 1883 Aged 50." 

2. " Wynne family 1883-1886/' 

3. " Patrick Beggs March 1 1891 Aged 48." 

4. " H. Ardiff of Old Kilmainham." 

5. " Owen of Clogbran 1818-1872 (family)." 

6. „ „ Drumnigh Oct, 10 1826 Aged 52." 

7. „ „ Swords 1813." 

8. " Rooney 1826." 

• 9. " Beresford 1779 (July 12) Aged 77." 

10. " Hore of Ballybough Bridge 1767-1771." 

11. "Hore 1814." 

•12.' " Brady of Bailey Bough Bridge, Merchant." 

13. " White 1789." * 

14. " Gorman 1803." 

15. „ 1892." 

16. " Maguire 1884." 

17. " Thomas Townly Dawson E 1794." 

18. " of William Barre Beresford | 

Son of | John and Barbara Beresford j who De- 
parted this life | August y e 29 th 1782 | Aged two Years 
and four Months | " 

" This Stone was Erected by Mr. John Rice of Cook 


I H S 

u Gloria in Excelsis Deo. 
" Memento Mori. 

" A.D. 




Street in the City of Dublin Currier in Memory of his 
Father and Mother Bryan and Mary Rice and his 
posterity." *" 

20. *A brick vault, ruining the appearance of the ancient Choir 
Arch, with a shield and coat-of-arms. The latter is illegible : all 
that is visible is something like a bull facing dexter. On the 
shield is the following': — 

" Sacred 
to the memory of 
F.S.A. M.R.LA. 

of Merrion Square 
and Abbeville C° Dublin 
Second son of W m COOPER Esq 
of klllenure castle c° tlpperary 
He was a learned Irish antiquary 
and lover of art and literature 
owning the lands of klnsaley in fee 


He died 30 Tn Aug t 1830 Aged 73 
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord 
He will redeem them from the power of the grave 
He will redeem them from death." 

21. " This Stone and Burial place Belongeth to Tho b 
M c Keoan of the City of Dublin Currier son to Michael 
M c Keoan of Kinsealy Farmer Deceasd to whose 
Memory and Posterity it is Erected Anno Domini 
1760 Here lies Interrd Five of said Tho s Children 
who died young." 

* N.B. — This stone, and Nos. 5-7, are inside a railing in the 
west end of the ancient church.' 

22. [Cherub.] 

" This Stone and burial Place belongeth to Elias 
Reynolds and his posterity and also here lieth five of 
his Children who dyed young Oct br the 27 th 1751 Also 
Here lieth the body of Margr t Reynolds who departed 
this life No br the 1 st 1754 aged 3 years (?) " 

[Death's head and crossed bones.] 

* P.S. — Am not certain about " 3 " years.' 



23. " This Stone and Burial Place is the property of Patrick 
and Catharine Kogers of ye Parish of Kinsaley who 
hath two children Burried Herein 1747." 

§agsrart Parish (Sagfgart ClmrcUyai'd). 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

' There is little of interest in the Saggart churchyard, and, 
except for the trace of its foundations, none of the old church now 
exists. At the east end of the churchyard, deep sunk in the 
ground, is a stone hollowed out, in which water has lodged : this, 
from its cure, is known as t( the Wart-stone ;" but, according to the 
caretaker, Mrs. O'Toole, for the cure to be efficacious, it is necessary, 
first of all,> to bring ten pins, nine of which are dropped into the 
Wart-stone, and the tenth thrown over the left shoulder, after 
which the water is applied to the wart. 

* At the south-west corner of the older portion of the burial- 
ground is standing a granite pillar- stone, in height about 4 feet 
above the ground. On one side there is carved in relief a ringed 
cross, a portion of which is below the ground-level ; it appears to 
be very ancient. 

* Near the pillar-stone is a flat slab marking the grave of a 
priest, and bearing the following inscription ' : — 

" Here lieth the Body of the Rev d Simon Barlow 
Eoman Catholic pastor of the united Parishes 
of Saggard, Ratheoole, and Newcastle ; 
who departed this life the 25 th day of September 1794 
Aged 76 years. 
In the vigour of youth he renounce* 1 the world 
and its prospects, to embrace the Rigour and 
Severity of the Clerical State ; during a 
Period of 32 years he edified the Flock 
committed to his care, by his Punctual 
Discharge of every Christian & Social Duty. 
To a primitive Simplicity of Manners 
he joined the most solid Strength & Penetratio 11 
of Mind. Charitable without Ostentation, and 
always feeling for the Distresses of his 
People, he carried with him to the grave no other 
Riches than those of their Tears and Affections. 
Requiescat in pace.*' 



1 The following names and c 

1 Murphy, 1850-1867. 

2. Lahey, died 11 Feb. 1773 

aged 65. 

3. Duffy, of Powerscourt 


4. Whelan, 1890 and 1867. 

5. Cannon, 1858. 

6. Alton, 1774. 

7. Farrell, 35 Rialto Cot- 

tages, 1890. 

8. «|» Megan, 1875. 

9. Dillon. (No date.) 

10. Hanlon, 1872. 

11. „ 1873-1883. 

12. ,, Bleacher. (No 

13. Lyell, 1783. 

14. „ 1787. 

15. Walsh, 1823-1850. 

1-6. Keafeery. I H S. (No 

17. Hamilton, 1789-1790. 

18. Chalice Agnus Dei. 

Byrne of Usher Street, 
' 1829-1846. 

19. Kelly of Boherboy, 

occur ' : — 

20. Nugent, 1847. 

21. This is to a Mrs. Mooney, 
of Clayton Park, Kath- 
coole, who died 30 Sep- 
tember, 1839, aged 52. 

22. Walsh, 1760. 

23. „ 1887. 

24. This is to one " Russell, 
late teacher of Saggart 
and Eathcoole School, who 
died in 1886." 

25. Flanagan, of Ptathcoole, 

26. Doyle, of Saggart, 1814. 

27. Kelly, of Brittas, 1862. 

28. „ Lug, 1868 from 1821. 

29. Cullen, of Clondalkin, 

80. Golding, of Ann Street, 

31. Flaherty, 1849-1858. 

32. Farrell, of 3 Dolphin's 
Barn, 1891. 

33. The inscription has been 
erased on this stone. 

34. Conlan, 1821-1854. 

35. Hayden, 1892. 

36. Leavy, 1806. 

87. IHS 

TOMS | TH | R I P." 

1 This is on a cross of granite. The cross was first set up 
uninscribed. The owner of the grave afterwards cut this beauti- 
fully spelled inscription, which I copied carefully.' 


88. "This Stone and Burial Place Belongeth to William 
Broaders of Dolphins Barn Dairyman and his Posterity 
here lyeth 9 of his children 1776." 



39. 1 Of this tomb D'Alton says' : — " In an enclosed burial-place 
is a monument to Mr. Edward Byrne of Mullinahack." 'It has 
railings at the top, and the inscription is on a white marble slab on 
the W. side, thus ' : — 

" Within these precincts lies interred all that was mortal 
of Edward Byrne Of the City of Dublin Merchant His 
active & useful life exhibits a memorable example How 
men should acquire & use the good things of the world 
Endowed by Nature with a sound & penetrating judge- 
ment And great strength of Mind He soon raised himself 
to the first rank among his fellow citizens in Wealth, 
Honour & Esteem In the use he made of money he 
never forgot The hand that gave them nor the end for 
which they were designed His heart was particularly 
pleased in the practise of all humane & charitable 
virtues [?] He married when young Mary Devine a 
woman of exemplary piety By whom he had a numerous 
family [?] In the year 1793 he was chosen with four 
others to present a petition to our gracious Sovereign 
George the Third On behalf of the Boman Catholics of 
Ireland Thro which many constitutional Privileges were 
restored to the people of this Country professing that 
ancient Faith He died in the 65 ch year of his age 
Having discharged his duty in an eminent & con- 
scientious manner To his family and his country & as 
it is humbly hoped to his God May he receive the reward 
promised in the gospel to the faithful servant And may 
he be greeted with those joyful words Well done good 
& faithful servant thou hast been faithful Over a few 
things I will make thee a ruler over many things Enter 
thou into the joy of thy Lord." 

* Note. — Mr. Farran is responsible for this inscription.' 

40. I H S 


■ This is on a similar stone to No. 37.' 

St. Mielian's Parish, 

[From Mrs. Long. J 

" Sacred to the memory of the late William Conolly. Of 
Camden St. in this city, Who died June 20th 1S33. 
Aged Gl years. This stone has been erected by his 
Daughters as a tribute of their love & respect." 



" This stone was erected by W. Bayne Esqre. in memory 
of his beloved wife M. Janet Bayne, beneath which her 
remains are deposited.- she died 9th of Nov, 1813, in the 
52nd year of her age. 

" All, all on earth is shadow, all beyond 
Is substance, the reverse is folly's creed, 
How solid all where change shall be no more. 

" Be ye not slothful, but followers of thorn who through 
faith and patience inherit the promises. — Heb, G. 12." 

" Here lieth the remains of Mr John Hughes, who died 
21st Dec, 1827, Aged 26 years. 1 month & 2 days. Also 
his father Mr William Hughes, And his wife Mary 
Anne, aged 66 years. Also Eliza Wright aged 36 

" This stone was erected by James Pritchard for the body 
of his dearly beloved wife Catherine Pritchard who 
departed this life on the 2nd day of Jan y - in the year 
of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & twenty 
eight, aged thirty years." 

'At top a star, I. H. S., and Gloria in Excelsis Deo, and 
Memento Mori.' 

- «' Here lieth the body of Mr Alfred Howard who died 
6th July, 1776. Here also lieth the body of Mr Alfred 
Howard his second son, who departed 2nd March 1799, 
in the 27th year of his age. Sincerely regretted by a 
numerous acquaintance & deservedly regretted by an 
afflicted family." 

" This stone was erected by William Fisher of New 
Church Street, in memory of his son William Fisher 
who died on the 11th of Sept. 1817, aged 8 years & 10 

" John Whitty aged 11 months Died Feb. 13th 1825." 

" Erected by Samuel & Sarah Vincent in memory of 
their beloved children Thomas Died January 1820 Aged 
2 years, John, Died December 1824, aged 2 years 
Thomas, Died December 1825, aged 4 years, Milner, 

399 DUBLIN. 

Died November 1830, aged 5 months, John, Died March 
1838, aged 5 years, Milnek, Died November, 1832, aged 
4 years, James, Died August, 1849, aged 10 years 
Phoebe, the beloved wife of Wm. Kitchener of White- 
haven, Died 10th of July, 1851, aged 35 years Samuel 
Vincent Junior Died 2Gth of April 1855, Age 27 years. 
Sarah Vincent, Mother of the above children Died on 
the 4th of Dec, 1857, Age 65 years. Mr Samuel 
Vincent Who departed this life 29 th of June, 1862. 
aged 72 years." 

" Erected to the memory of her beloved husband JonN 
Hayden Crozier Music master to the 85th Eegfc. late 
King's Light Infantry, who departed this life 27th 
March 1848, aged 50 years." 

[I. EL S. between two flowers or stars.] 

" This stone was erected by Mr. John Green in memory 
of his beloved brother Christopher Green, who de- 
parted this life December 29th, 1802, Aged 22 years. 
Here also lie the remains of M. Marian Green who de- 
parted this life the 22nd of August 1804, Aged 34 years." 

" As a small tribute of conjugal affection This stone w T as 
erected by H. Y. Ebling, to the memory of his beloved 
wife, Eliza Sarah Ebling, who departed this life the 
21st day March 1815, aged 36 years. Also their child 
Eliza aged 2 years, Also his father, Henry Ebling, 
Who departed this life 1819, aged 78 years. Also his 
child Samuel Ebling Who died April 27th 1819, aged 
8 years. Here also lieth the body of the above Henry 
Ebling who departed this life July 21st, 1819, aged 
39 years." 

"Gloria in Excelsis Deo, I. H. S. Memento Mori. This 
stone has been erected by Anne Rooney of Greek Street 
in memory of her beloved husband, Patrick Rooney, 
bricklayer, who departed this life the 16th of Dec, 
1823, aged 48 years. Also one of his grandchildren 
Anne Fogarty. Who departed this life the 4th of 
August 1822, aged .2 years." 

" Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth w r ife of James 
Leishman, who died loth of May 1826 & with 4 of 

DUBLIN. 400 

their dear offspring & other near relatives are herein 
interred. This memorial .was renewed on the subsequent 
death of their eldest daughter Lillie Who departed this 
life 13 of Oct, 1850 much esteemed & regretted, by all 
who knew her. Also the remains of the above James 
Leisiiman Esq re - of Blackball St in this city. Who died 
on the 23rd of May 1855. In the 76th year of his age. 
He was the fondest & best of fathers, A kind master 
& faithful friend, & throughout a long & consistent 
life His daily endeavour was To do justly & to love 
• mercy, & to walk humbly with his God, Mic, G, cp, 
8 v. 

" This stone was erected in memory of Mr. John Ramsay 
who departed this life the 4th of November 1822 aged 
70 years. Also his beloved wife Mrs. Helen Ramsay 
Who departed this life the 15th of September 1829 
aged 66 years. Also of Janet Margaret Faerell, their 
grandchild, & daughter of Mr. Isaac Farrell of this 
city, who died the 13th of June, 1836, Aged one year 
& 14 days." 

" This burial ground for Mr. Daniel Finn, Of the city of 
Dublin, Hatter, and family, where 14 of his children lie 
interred. Here lieth the wife of the above Daniel Finn, 
who departed this Life Oct, 15th, 1788, in the 46th 
year of her age." 

" Thi3 burial place" belongeth to James Barry, of the 
Upper Coombe & his Posterity, Here lie interred 6 of 
his children who died young. Also the above James 
Barry, who departed this life October the 6th, 1823, 
Aged 51 years. Mark Barry son to the above James, 
who died November the 24th, 1825, Aged 29 years. 
And James Barry son of the aforesaid James, Who 
died April 11th, 1828, aged 28 years." 

" Underneath this lie the remains of Mr. W 7 illiam AVhite 
of Church St, He departed this life 4th of April (date 
illegible) He was (illegible) .... a tender 

" This stone erected by Joiin.H. Ball. of North Anne St. 
in memory of Mrs. Catherine Dudley, Who departed 


401 DUBLIN. 

this life the 27th of April, 1795, aged 75 years, Interred 
here with 9 of his children who died young. Here also 
lieth the remains of bis heloved wife Mrs. Elizabeth 
Ball, who departed this life October, 21st, 1821. Aged 
54 years. Here also lieth the remains of the above 
John H. Ball who departed this life 15th of November 
1824, aged 59 years. Here also are interred the 
remains of his son William Ball, who departed this 
life the 2nd of January 1828. Aged 28 years." 

" This stone was erected by James Rooney of Francis St. 
in the City of Dublin to the memory of his beloved wife 
Anne Rooney, who departed this life 28th of Feb, 180G. 
aged 42 years, also 4 of her children who died young." 

[From the Dublin " Evening Telegraph " of 12th Feb., 1898.] 

Tlie Ca&I*a$re Garden Iturial Ground, item* St. 
Patrick's Cathedral. 

4 the origin of the name. 

• This burial-place, although no special name is given it in the 
lease of the ground, is popularly called the " Cabbage Garden," 
and also the " Capuchin Garden ; " but why it obtained the latter 
appellation, there is no better foundation than an old, but 
erroneous, tradition that some friars of the Capuchin Order were 
buried there. This tradition, as far as I have learned, is as 
follows : — -It is said that early in the fourteenth century (circa 
1320) a community of Franciscan Friars, known as " Capuchin " 
(so called because they cover their heads with a capuchon (— capuce), 
or cowl), had a convent in St. Patrick's Close. At the usual time 
for electing a Prior by the monks two candidates offered themselves 
for election. As usual at elections, then as now, party spirit ran 
very high, and each, candidate claimed to be duly elected. Hence, 
for about sixty years after, the monks were governed by two 
rival Priors, which was looked upon as a grave scandal in the 
Church. At length a Provincial of the Order was sent from Rome 
to inquire into the origin of the dispute, and endeavour to effect a 
reconciliation ; and after hearing each party's story, he decided in 
favour of the choice of the majority. But the Prior who was of the 
minority refused to obey the judgment of the Provincial, and a 
tumult being likely to be the result, the contumacious Prior and 
his adherents were excommunicated, after which the bodies of their 
deceased brethren who were interred in the old churchyard (on the 
north side of the cathedral, between the steeple and north transept), 
were ordered to be exhumed and cast on the roadside. This being 



done, some of their lay sympathisers gathered up the remains, and 
buried them in a field on the south side of St. Kevin's Street, which 
from henceforth was 'balled the "Capuchin's Garden;" but in- 
course of time the name Capuchin was vulgarly rendered into that 
of Cabbage, hence the name Cabbage Garden. 

1 So far the tradition about the Capuchins, which, needless to 
say, is both absurd and untrue. The Order of the Capuchins is a 
reformed branch of the Friars Minors, or Order of St. Francis, 
They are also called Grey Friars, from the colour of their habits. 
This order was founded in Tuscany in the year 1525, and approved 
of by Pope Clement VII in 1528 ; but they did not come over to 
Ireland until the year 1623, and in 1629 they established them- 
selves in Dublin in St. Audoen's Arch, off Cook Street ; and, con- 
sequently, they had no religious houses in Ireland until after the 

* But the more probable reason why the new burial-ground is 
called the " Cabbage Garden " was, as I have been informed by the 
late Mr. William Domville Handcock, m.a., that during the usurpa- 
tion of St. Patrick's Cathedral by the Cromwellian Commissioners 
(1647-1660) some of Cromwell's soldiers rented a garden from 
Philip Fernley for the purpose of cultivating cabbage, their favourite 
vegetable, which, until that time, was entirely unknown in tins 
country. Mr. Handcock's version seems to be the true origin of the 
name, as all the ground lying south of Upper Kevin Street^ as far as 
the present South Circular Eoad, was, at that time, laid out in 
vegetable gardens ; hence the minute books of the Dean and 
Chapter contain several references to them as such, viz. : — " Fern- 
ley's Gardens," the " Chancellor's Gardens," " Alderman Tighe's 
Orchard," " Mr. Kinshelagh's Garden," " Mr. Ford's Garden," 
" Mr. John Cormack's Garden," &c.' 

[From the Dublin " Evening Telegraph " of 19 February, 1898.] 

66 th YEAR OF HIS AGE." 











APRIL, 1803, AGED 67 YEARS." 

AGE. 1798." 






Amicus siriis. edvardus Hudson. r.m.d." 



" hic jacet corpvs ISABELLA HVNT quae obitt h jan 
varii 1704." 

" here lieth the body of john paine who departed 
this life the 15 t " day of april anno domini 1703 like- 

is MAKTHA GREEN who departed this life the 25 t " 


'In the south centre stands a large vault belonging to the 
Ledwich family. It was erected by the Rev. Edward Ledwich, 

DUBLIN. 404 

Vicar of Aghaboe, the eminent antiquary and historian. I 
is surmounted with a, very large horizontal stone, ' with thi 
inscription ' : — 

" The Cemetery of the Ledwich Family. This family, 
so named from Lanwyche, in Shropshire, removed 
to the Palatinate of Chester, and from thence came 
with De Burgo, ancestor of the Clanricards, to Ireland 
about 1280. The De Burgos conferred on them large 
possessions in Westmeath and Longford, where they 
were Barons Palatines, as appears by Camden's Annals 
at the end of his * Britannia.' A branch settled near 
Drogheda. The last of it was Colonel Ledwich, who 
suffered the misfortunes of James II. His son Edward 
was bred to the leather trade, and followed it extensively 
in Patrick Street in this city. He had by his wife, 
Eliza Arthur three sons, Edward, Dean of luldare 
and Prebendary of Christ Church ; John, who followed 
his father's business in the same street. John Ledwich, 
before mentioned was born, 27th Novr, 1714, and died 
22 May 1794. He. left by his wife, Eliza Davis, two 
children, Lettice, wife of the Kevd. James Whitelaw, 
Vicar of St. Catherine's, Dublin ; and Edward, Vicar 
of Aghaboe, in the Queen's County, at whose sole 
expense this memorial of his ancestors who lie here 
interred has been made. Richard, son of said Edward, 
died an infant, and is here buried. Charles, son of 
said Edward, died 17 June, 1795, aged 8 years and a 
half. Here lieth the body of the above named Rev. 
Edward Ledwich, who departed this life on the 11th 
day of August, 1823, at the advanced age of 84 years. 
Here also lieth the body of Lydla, wife of William, 
third son of the above named Edward, who departed 
this life on the 26th June, 1816, aged 28 years, and 
also Peter Wilkinson Ledwich, eldest son of the above 
Lydia, who departed this life on the 1st of January, 
1839, aged 28 years." 

St. Teeter's J»aiisli. 

[From Notes taken by the late Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, and 
contributed by Sir Arthur Vicars, F.S.A., u Ulster."] 

[Continued from Vol. Ill, page 70, 1895.] 

St. I»eter"s Clnneli. 

(' Interior — west end.') 

* In the chancel of this church are deposited the remains 
of John Scott, first Earl of Clonmell, and Lord Chief 


405 DUBLIN. 

Justice of Ireland, who departed this life 23 rd of May, 
1798, in the 58 th year of his age. His daughter Char- • 
lotte, Countess of Beauchamp, caused this monument 
to be erected to his memory." 

(« Interior — The following are in the north transept : — ) 

" Sacred to the memories of Mary, the wife, and of 
Catherine, Anne, and William Samuel, the children of 
the Eev d John Torrens, d.d., Archdeacon of Dublin, &c. 
A husband grateful for the happiness he experienced ; 
a father thankful for the purity and innocence of his 
offspring, erects this monument, a small tribute to 
unassuming worth, and to virtues which might have 
been equalled on earth, but could only be surpassed in 
heaven. Mary, the daughter of Samuel Ball, Esq r and 
of Catherine Chichester, died on the 16 th of April, 
1825, aged 47 ; Catherine died on the 17 th of October, 
1822, aged 18 ; Anne, on the 15 th of September, 1822, 
aged 16; William Samuel, on the 9 th of September, 
1825, aged 18. These several members of a happy and 
attached family each departed this life in peace, trusting 
•in the merits of a crucified Redeemer for a joyful 

"Near this place lyeth, in the hope of a resurrection to 
glory, the body of Laurence Siangan, Esq. formerly 
one of y e Farmers of y e Revenue of this Kingdom, who 
departed this life the* 19 th day of Feb- V 172^, in the 82 nd 
year of his age. His afflicted widow, who was married 
to him above 55 ve years, caused this small monument 
to be erected in memory of his exemplary piety, patience, 
and many other Christian virtues, as likewise of his 
constant tender affection to her, and of their mutual 
happiness in each other." 

u To the memory of M rs Grace Coote, daughter of Thos. 
Tilson, Esq r and wife of the Rev d Charles Coote, Dean 
of Kilfenora, who departed this life in the 4G lh year of 
his [sic] age, December 20 th 176G. A loving wife, a 
tender mother, and a devout Christian." 

M To the memory | of | Robert Downes, D.D., | late 
Bishop of Raphoe, | the most affectionate | husband, 
father, friend, | whose piety, probity, benevolence, | 


DUBLIN. 406 

complacency of manners, | and lively vein of inoffensive 

wit, | commanded the esteem | and rendered him the 

delight | of all who knew him. | This tablet is in- 
scribed | by | his affectionate* son, j Andrew Downes. I 

" Near this place lieth the body of Lieutenant General 
Archibald Hamilton, who was an officer in the Siege of 
Londonderry, in the year of our Lord 1G88, where he 
distinguished himself in the defence of the religion and 
libertyes of his country, and served abroad with reputa- 
tion during all the wars of King William and Queen 
Anne. He died the 15 th day of July, 1749, aged eighty 

{ The following are in the south transept': — 

" Sacred to the memory of George Westby, First Lieu- 
tenant in his Majesty's 95 th or regiment, who was 

killed at the battle of Fuentes D'Honor in Spain, on the 
5 th of May, 1811, aged 20. Also of Edward Westby, 
Cornet in his Majesty's 2 nd or Boyal N.B. Dragoons 
who was killed at the battle of Waterloo on the 18 th of 
June, 1815, aged 20. This monument was erected by 
their father, William Westby, of Merrion Square, Esq r 
as a tribute of respect to the memory of two beloved 
sons, who thus untimely fell in the service of their 

rt Sacred to the memory of Anne Letitia, daughter of 
David Babington, Esq r , and wife to Charles B. Elring- 
ton, D.D., who departed this life on the 25 th of April, 
1828, in the thirty-sixth year of her age. This tablet 
is erected by her afflicted husband, not in the vain hope 
of being able to express the great loss which he and five 
orphan children have sustained, but in grateful remem- 
brance of her, whose never-failing affection soothed, 
and whose animating cheerfulness enlivened, every hour 
of a laborious life. ' The Lord gave, and the Lord hath 
taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.' " 

* { Sacred to the memory of Colonel John Shelton, who 
died in command of her Majesty's 44 th regiment, on the 
16 th of May, 1845, aged 51 years, whose remains are 

* " Afflicted," as given by- Archdeacon Cotton, Vol. Ill, p. 357. 

407 DUBLIN. 

deposited in the vault at south side of the church. This 
distinguished soldier served in the battles of Rolcia," 
Vimiera, the retreat 'to and battle of Corunna, the 
expedition to Walcheren in 1809, including the siege 
of Flushing : he afterwards returned to the Peninsula, 
and was present at the siege and capture of Badajos, 
the battle of Salamanca, the capture of Madrid, the re- 
treat from Burgos, the battle of Vittoria, and the siege 
and capture of St. Sebastian, where he was severely 
wounded and lost his right arm. Subsequently he 
served the campaign of 1814 in Canada ; in 1822 he 
embarked for the East Indies, where he served 21 years, 
and was employed in the campaign in Ava, and the 
taking of Arracan. He served as second in command 
under General Elphinstone in the disastrous retreat 
from Cabool in the winter of 1841-2, This tablet is 
erected by his nephew William Shelton, formerly of 
the above reg* and Capt n of the 9 tl Foot." 

" To the memory of Matthias Scott, brother of John 1st 
Eabl of Clonmell, who died the 4 th of January, 1799." 

[From James R. Fowler, Esq., 1894.] 
The following list of seventeenth-century tombstones, &c, in 
some of the County Dublin burial-grounds has been sent us by 
Mr. Fowler : — 

'CHAPELIZOD.— 1 to the Low family, and two Mural Tablets 
on the W. wall of the Modern Church.' 

* CRUMLLN.— 2 of the Deane family (in Lathi). 1 of the 

Purcell family.' 
« DONABATE. — 1 of the Barnewall family.' 

* HOWTH. — 1 Tomb of the Lawrence family. 4 Cross-inscribed 

slabs, all without inscription.' 
< FINGLAS. — 2 of Treswell family. 1 other.' 
1 LUSK. — 1 to Barnewall (already printed.) 1 to Bermingham 

(already printed).' 
'RUSH.— 1 of the Strabane family/ 
' PORTMARNOCK.— 2 of the Barnewall family.' 
' SWORDS. — 1 in the Churchyard. 5 in the Church.' 
'ST. MARGARET'S.— Ruined Mortuary Chapel. Plunket 

family, a Latin 17th century inscription.' 
'TALLAGHT. — 1 of Colonel John Talbot. 1 of Syneall (?), 

1 of Murphy family.' 

* RATHFARXIIAM. — 2, I believe/ ^ 

' There are others in the above burial-grounds of which I have 
not taken notes.' 



St. Mary's Parish, Crmnliii. 

1 Succession of Church Wardens of the Parish of St. Mary, 
Geumlin, Co. Dublin, 1757 to 1830. 

[Kindly contributed by G. S. Gary, Esq., 1899.] 

' Mr. Wm. Smith and Mr. Robert Eccles. April 11th, 1757.* 
t Mr. John Jones and Mr. Bobt. Eccles. March 27th, 1758. 
'Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. John Jones. April 17th, 1759. 
« Mr. Tiios. Smith and Mr. Thomas Scott. April 8th, 17G0. 
' Mr. Thomas Flemming- and Mr. Thomas Byrn. March 21th, 

f Mr. Thomas Flemming and Mr. Edward Handcock. April 
13th, 1762. 

(' Page here missing, so that there is no way of ascertaining who 
the Churchwardens for 1763 were ; but Thos. Reed and John 
Reynolds signed a minute, April 9th, 1765, as Churchwardens for 

[• Thos. Reed and John Reynolds. 176-1.] 

* George Thwaites, Esq., and Mr. Samuel Collins. April 
9th, 1765. 

' George Thwaits, Esq., and Joseph Verscoile, Esq. March 
81st, 1766. 

* Geo. Thwaits and Jos. Verscoile, Esqrs. April 21st, 1767. 

* Geo. Thwaits and Joseph Verscoile, Esqrs. April 5th, 1768. 

1 Francis Purcell and Thomas Andrews, Esqrs. March 28th, 

'Francis Purcell, Esq., and Mr. Thomas Smith. June 21st, 

' Francis Purcell, Esq., and Mr. Thos. Smith. April 16th. 

4 Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. Thos. Smoke. April 21st, 1772. 

[< Mr. Thomas Smith and Mr. Thos. Smoke. 1773.] 

(' Messrs. Smith and Smoke appear to have been re-elected in 
1773, as they signed the minutes of 1774, though the notice of their 
election has been omitted.') 

'Mr. Thos. Smith and Mr. John West. April 5th, 1774. 

' Mr. Thos. Smith and Mr. Wm.. Ord. April 18th, 1775. 

'Mr. Thos. Smith and Wm. Ord. April 9th, 1776. 

'Messrs. Thos. Smith and James Plant. April 1st, 1777. 

' Messrs. Thos. Smith and James Plant. April 21st, 1778. 

' Messrs. Thomas Smith and James Plant. April 6th, 1779. 

* The date is, in each case, that of the meeting of the Vestry at which the 
elections of Churchwardens for the ensuing year took place, as recorded in 
the Minute Book of Crumlin. (1757 is the elate of the first entry in the Vestry 
Book ; but the date printed on the cover is 1755.) — 1757-1830. 

409 DUBLIN. 

' Messrs. James Plant and Rich d Crowe. March 28th, 1780. 

* Messrs. George Sall and John Richardson. April 17th, 1781. 
'Messrs. Thos. Smith and 'William Maher. April 16th, 1782. 
'Messrs. Thos. Smith and Wm. Maher. April 22nd, 1783. 

' Mr. John West and Mr. James Toole. April 13th, 1784. 
1 Mr. Nicholas Donagh and Mr. Robert Stubs. March 28th, 

* Mr. Robert Stubbs and Mr. Nicholas Donnagh. April 17th, 

'Michael Keogh, Esq., and George Sall, Esq. April 10th, 

** TheHon bl ° Joseph Lysaught and Richard Thomas Crowe, Esq. 
March 25th, 1788. 

' Mr. Lysaught and Mr. Smith. April 14th, 1789. 

' The Hon ble Joseph Lysaught and Tho s . Smith. April 6th, 

' Mr. Smith and Mr. Verscoyle. April 26th, 1791. 
' Mr. John Blackham and Mujor Purcell. April 10th, 1792. 
c ' John Blackham, Esq., and p Edward Jones, Esq. April 2nd, 

c Mr. Waldron and * Mr. Blackham. April 22nd, 1794. 
c ' Mr. Waldron and p Mr. Blackham. April 9th, 1795. 
c ' Mr. John Waldron and p Michael Keoch, J r ., Esq. March 
29th, 1796. 

c 'Mr. John Waldron and p Michael Keogh, J r . April 18th, 

c ' Mr. Waldron and p Councellor Keogh. April 10th, 1798. 

' Mr. Smith and Mr. Porter. March 26th, 1799. 

' Mr. Richardson and Mr. Orre. April 15th, 1800. 
' 'Mr. Richardson and Mr. Orre. Re-elected. April 7th, 1801. 

' Mr. Richardson and Mr. Orre. Re-elected. April 20th, 

' Mr. Richardson and Mr. Orre. Re-elected. Easter Tuesday, 

c ' Mr. Ord and p Mr. Joseph Smith. April 2nd, 1804. 
c « Cap*. Ord and p Joseph Smith. April 16th, 1805. 
c * Captain Ord and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. April 8th, 1806. 
c 1 Cap n . Ord and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. March 31st, 1807. 
c 1 Arthur Ord, Esq., and Joshua Nunn, Esq. April 19th, 1808. 
c * Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. April lbth, 

c 1 Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn. April 24th, 1810. 

* Second son of John, First Lord Lisle. 

t In the above list, " C " indicates those nominated by the Curate j 
u P u those nominated by the Protestant Parishioners. 

DUBLIN. 410 

c< Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. April IGtlj 
1811. " • 

c ' Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. Marcli 29th, 

c 'Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Jos. Nunn, Esq. April 20th, 1813. 
c< Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. April 12th, 

c ' Arthur Ord, Esq., and p Joshua Nunn, Esq. March 28th, 

' Joshua Nunn and Thos. M. Bates. 1816. 

(' There is no minute of an election in 181G, but on March 
18th, 1819, the minute is signed by Joshua Nunn and Thos. M. 
Bates as Churchwardens.') 

c 1 Mr Nunn and p Thomas Morton Bates.* April 8th, 1817. 

c ' Joshua Nunn, Esq., and p Bobert Smith, Esq. March 24th, 

c 1 Joshua Nunn, and p Robt. Smith, Esq. April 13th, 1819. 
c ' Mr. Nunn and p Mr. Smith. April 4th, 1820. 
0< Patrick Richardson, Esq., and p Robert Smith, Esq. April 
21st, 1821. 

c 'Mr. Frederick Shaw and p Robert Smith, Esq. x\pril 9th, 

c< Frederick Shaw, Esq., and p Robert Smith, Esq. April 1st, 

4 George Oakley, Esq., and p Wm. Collins. April 20th, 1824. 
'George Oakley, Esq., and Wm. Collins, Esq. April- 25th, 

f Late Churchwardens re-elected. March 28th, 1826. 
c< Mr. John Richardson and p Mr. John Blackham. April 17th, 

c 4 Mr. Wm. Hayes and p Mr. Patrick Richardson. April 8th, 

c ' Mr. Franby, or Flenley,| and p Mr. Brady Richardson. April 
21st, 1829. 

c< Mr. John Richardson and p Mr. John Blackham. April 13th, 

' Mr. Philip George and Mr. John Davis appear from the 
inscriptions on Church Plate to have been Churchwardens in 

' Mr. J o nathan Gerrard and Mr. John Reynolds signed, as 
Churchwardens, a note on the front page of the Parish Register in 

* Probably a printer and publisher of 89 Coombe, Dublin, 
f Name very indistinct. 

411 DUBLIN. 

Parish of Tallag'ht.— Tallag'ht Church.var<l. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.P., R.S.A.I.] 

'By the side of the Talbot slab (vide Vol. Ill, p. 456, of the 
Report) lies a fractured slab Bear the entrance gate of the church- 
yard, on which is inscribed ' : — 

11 This Stone & Burial-place belongeth to William 
Everard of the city of Dublin and his Posterity. Here 
lyeth the Body of M r3 Ellis Everard Wife of said 
. ' William Everard who departed this Life y e 10 th of 
February 1748 aged 46. Here also lyeth the Body of 
the above William Everard who died the 9 th day of 
June 1754, Aged 66, with two of his Children Dillon 
and Mary." 

1 A flat slab sunk in the ground ' : — 

" here lyetii y e body of M k Timothy Emerson who 
departed this life the 2 of October 1711 aged — 7 
years & 17 of his children." 

« A flat slab ' :— 

"This Stone and Burial place Belongeth to M R John 
Murphy of Newtown in the Paris h of Tallow for him 
& his Posterity Here underneath lyeth the Body of the 
above said M R John Murphy who departed this Life the 
12 th day of August 1789 in the 64 th year of his Age. 
Here also lyeth the Body of M** Barbara Mukphy 
wife of the above M E John Murphy, who departed this 
Life the 14 th day of April 1743, in the 74 th year of her 
age. Henry Murphy Esq r of Sporting Hall, Co. 
Dublin, departed this Life Oct. 27 th 1793 Aged 82. 
Eleanor Murphy, wife of the said Henry Murphy 
departed Dec. 19 th 1814 aged 71 years." 

4 In Vol. Ill, p. 457, of the Report, there are given a couple of 
dates, which I read differently, viz. :— 

* Thomas Lyneall's death is given as taking place on the 
19 th of July, 1692. I read it the 9 th of May, 1692. 

'Nicholas Reaily (which I read Really) is stated to have 
died on the 10 th of December, 1672, whereas I make it out 
to be the 10 th of October, 1673.' 




[Kindly contributed by Canon George Tottenham, Benmore, 
Enniskillen, November, 1899.] 

1 Inscription on the Fidler's tombstone ' : — 

" To the memory of Denis M'Cabe, Fidler who fell out of 
the S 4 Patrick Barge belonging to Sir James Caldwell 
Bar 1 and Count of Milan, and was drowned off this 
Point Aug. 18, 1770— 

" Beware y e Fidlers of y e Fidler's fate 
Nor tempt the deep lest you repent too late 
You ever have been deemed to water fols 
Then shud you take till it with whiskey flows 
On firm Land only — Exercise your skill 
There you may play and safely drink your fill." 

1 This stone was at one time at Castle Caldwell under the 
drawing-room window, and was afterwards on the roadside near the 
Castle Caldw 7 ell railway station.' (We much regret our failure to 
obtain a photograph of it.) 


I»ari*li of* jteiUereren.— C-rcevaglilmwn Clntrelt- 

[From Lord Walter Fitz Gerald.] 

' Creevaghbawn Churchyard lies four miles to the south-east 
of Tuam. Some remains of the church ruins, which are featureless, 
are still standing. Over a vault entrance inside and at the east 
end of the ruins is a mural slab with this inscription* : — 

+ + 

"IHS. This tomb was I H S 
Erect* For The Rev? F rs of Criuaughbane by y e Rev. 
"Will* Barry Grand Nephew to y e Rev d Iames Barry 
Found" of s d Convent Anno Domini 1780." 

1 Close beside the churchyard, and in the next field, is a Holy 
Well, and a small, low, oblong windowless building of stone and 
mortar, measuring externally 11 feet in length, by 10 feet in 

413 GALWAY. 

breadth ; the wall is 28 inches in thickness. A square-headed 
doorway faces the Well; it is 3 feet high by 19 inches in width. 
A hermit is said to have lived here. 

4 The Holy Well is surrounded by a wall of loose stones some 
8 feet in height ; in a couple of niches are deposited pins, buttons, 
rags, worsted threads, a few copper coins, &c. 

' In that portion of the wall which faces the entrance is inserted 
a limestone slab, 32 inches higli by 25 inches in width. In the 
centre is carved in relief either a female figure or a clean-shaved 
ecclesiastic. Above and below is an incised inscription, which 
reads ' : — 

HUB : T)om>6K5 



There is some difficulty in determining the correct reading 
of this inscription, and also regarding the name Alb;e IivBua: ; 
or, as it is given in the second line, TP jON<DeR3- 

The division of the first two words (?) of the Latin inscrip- 
tion at foot also raises a question. They have been read as one 
word — Cvra, and also as two, thus — Curante Admodum. 
Lord Walter FitzGerald, to whom we are indebted for the 
inscription, is quite positive as to the words being divided by 
stops, as given in the inscription. 



The first word of the second line is evidently intended for 
tub [Tubber, a well], ami the first letter may possibly be a 
conjoined th. In the saint's name the al seemed to be con- 
joined. It has been suggested that this is a saint's name. 
A friend has kindly searched the Martyrology of Donegal, the 
Felire of Aengus, and the Martyrology of O'Gorman, but has 
failed to find any such saint named therein. The translation at 
foot he gives as "By the care of the Rev. Father Edmund 
Burk, Parish Priest of Killererin." I have written to the locality 
for further information as to the " Pattern" day, should there be 
one, and hope, in a future Journal, to be able to add to our 
present knowledge of the subject. [P.D.V.] 

Obituary of'Meeliclt AJbbej. 

[Kindly corrected and translated by the Rev. T. A. O'Reilly, O.B.F.] 
[Continued from VOL. IV, page 69, 1898.] 


"1. Obiit 1638 Generosus Dnus Eugenius Maddin vir 
valde devotus et amicus fratrum nri ordinis et legavit 
huic conventui." 


" 1. Died 1838, Eugene Maddin, a man of good family, 
very devout, and a friend of the Friars of our Order. 
He left a bequest to this convent." 

" Julia & Maryan Harton, benefactresses, R.I.P." 

" Thomas Bennett, Esq r - Died in Dublin the l 8t of Oct. 
1795 was buried here on the fifth." 

" Rose Butler, alias Laler, a benefactress R.I.P. 
"Jane Butler Flanagan do. 
*' Nany Madden." 

" Ned Moony, John Hollander, Thomas Holander, Nany 
Walsh, John Hollander, mass each." 



" Juny Devery, Philip Lyons, Modely Donnelly, Loughlin 
Lyons, Hugh Gaffy, Dolly Donely, John Eagan, Jane 
Claffy, John Lorcan.",. 

" Obiit hac die 1723 Venerabilis Pater f rater Franciscus de 
Burgo rnunitus Ecclesiasticis sacramentis agens 38 
annum sepultusque est in nostra sacristia. Requiescat 
in sancta pace. Amen." 


"Died, this day, 1723, in his 38th year, the Venerable 
Father (brother)* 'Francis de Burgo, fortified with the 
sacraments of ,the Church, and was buried in our 
sacristy. May he rest in holy peace. Amen." 

" Hac die 2° Octobris obiit Maria Callanane virgo devota 
qua? suscepit habitum tertii ordinis Sti. Fran" sepulta 
est apud nos in sacristia, 1636, requiescat in pace." 


" This day, 2d October, died the devout virgin Maria 
Callanane, who had taken the habit of the Third Order 
of St. Francis. She was buried in our sacristy, 1G3G. 
May she rest in peace." 

u Hac die 2° Octobris quievit in Dno dnus Jacobus Dillon 
benefactor noster optimus, 1711, rnunitus sacramentis 
Ecclesiasticis, legavit huic Conventui, et sepultus est in 
nostra Ecclesia ; requiescat in sancta pace." 


" This day, 2d Oct. 1711, Mr. James Dillon, our excellent 
benefactor, fortified with the sacraments of the Church, 
went to sleep in the Lord. He left a bequest to this 
Convent, and was buried in our church. May he rest 
in holy peace." 

" Michl. O'Mara, Jams Kelly, Mary Reedy, Ned Fox, 
Ony Archy, Catherin Mara." 

<l 3° hac die acceperunt habitum nri ordinis anno 1632 fr. 
Joannes Horan, fr. Eugenius Maddin et Ffargussius 
Molgey, professi erant anno sequenti, mutatis norni- 
nibus in Ffranciscum Horan, Antonium Madden et 

* Pater, J'rater, is used of the same person as priest and religious, i.e., 
member of a regular order. 




"This day, 3d 1632, brother John Horan, Brother 
Eugene Madden, and (Brother) Fergus Molgey, received 
the habit of our Order, and in the following year were 
professed, their names being changed to Francis Horan, 
Anthony Madden, and Paul [Molgey]." 

(To be continued,) 

Moyruss Parish, Mwecnisli. 

[From T. J. Westropp, Esq., 1899.] 

* The little cemetery among the sandhills of Mweenish Island 
contains the following inscribed stones : ' — 

1. ' Penny Hyne 1873 aged 50 erected by her husband 

Richard Hyne.' 

2. ' Laurance Cloherty 1876 aged 76 erected by his wife 


8. ' Sally Gorham alias King 1827 aged 30 erected by her 

husband Mark Gorham.' 
4. ' Barbara Gorham 1898 aged 92 by her son John.' 
"5. ' Matthias Gorham 1850 aged 82 and Michael Gorham 

1873 aged 59.' 

6. « John Coin 1826 aged 55.' 

7. ' Mary Conely 1820 aged 35 " by her brother Pete' 

Con'ey & posterity/ " 

8. ' Patrick Ridge 1887 aged 46.' 

* 9. * Bartholomew King lb23 by his father William King.' 

10. ' John Madden 1869 aged 67 by his son Patrick.' 

11. 'Margret Green alias Madden 1891 aged 51 by her son 


12. ' Michael MacDonogh 1866 aged 54 by his wife Margret.' 

13. * Michael Clerty [sic] aged 32 Ellen Cloherty aged 24 

1812 by their parents Michael and Mary Clerty [sic]." 

14. 1 James Bidge 1896 aged 56 by his daughter Mary (cross 

moline under a square).' 

15. 'Enclosure and handsome cross — John Casey 1894 

aged 78 by his son Rev. C. J. Casey, P.P. of Nyngan 
N.B.W.— Australia.' 

16. ' Michael Cloherty 1834 aged 55 by his wife Ellen and 

daughter Barbara.' 

17. 1 Anthony Rich 1674 aged 50 by his wife Barbara.' 

18 'Peter Lea 1825 aged 31 by his father, Redmond Lea.' 

'With the exception of 15, all these tombs are very plain — one 
has a " hooker " in full sail incised below the epitaph.' 

417 KERRY. 



[From Francis Joseph Bigger, 1898.] 

1 In the old churchyard of Aghadoe, not far from the beautiful 
western Romanesque doorway of the church, there is a large square 
altar-tomb upon which the arms here illustrated are carved. The 
inscription on the west end of the tomb is very rudely cut, and reads 
as follows ' : — 

" This was repaired by 
Jas Cotter Jun and 
- J Eln Mecruscran of Knuckmann 

da ed Fe y 23 rd MDCOCLVII 

* On the top of the tomb is inscribed in well-cut characters': — 


I H S 

" Erected by Daniel Cotter of Rathonenn and his 
brother Patrick of Lixliaw for their Posterity A.D. 

'On a piece of broken slab the following inscription can be traced' : — 

" Erected in m 

Daniel Cotter w 

Rathonenn who dep 

13 of Oct 1 A.D. 1804 age..." 

KLenmare JParisli* 

[From Francis Joseph Bigger, M.R.I.A., Editor of- "The Ulster 
Journal of Archaeology."] 

* The old parish church of Kenmare is now roofless ; but the 
square tower at the west end is still perfect. The new church is 
built in the town. On the south side of the old church there is one 
stone with heraldic bearings belonging to the Williams family. 

E E 

KERRY. 418 

There is no shield depicted ; but the crest is shown, and it is difficult 
to say whether the four charges — the cock, the dexter- hand, 1L : 
castle, and the stag — afe' entirely heraldic or not. Both the cock 
and the hand are depicted on the O'Shea tombs in the old ruin of 
Seampul Fearna in a somewhat similar way. The motto is — " Dm 
hec otia fecit." The following is the inscription on the stone': — 

" This Monument was erect d by Thomas Williams for 
use of himse lf and his family. 

Anno Domini 1795 
Michael Connelly 

fecit " 

From a sketch by F. J. Bigger, Esq., 1898. 

[To face page 41{). 



1 1 > I 



f £ 

^■'■■ ~%r-: \UW\\ lull: It j 


[From Loi ; (l Walter FitzGoraH.1 




Ballyiftatlrumny JParisIi.— Bally nartrumny Clmrcli- 

[From Lord Walter FitzGeralcl] 

' Lying flat, side by side, in the middle of the Ballyuadrumny 
Churchyard (which lies a mile and a half to the west of the Moy- 
valley Railway Station, on the M. G. W. line), are two slabs, with 
incised inscriptions, which are now all but illegible. 

' On one, as far as can be deciphered, occurs the following : ' — 






Also Thomas Ashe of Kilen | agh Disceased June the 
4 th | 1792 Aged — years." 

* The latter part of the inscription is in different lettering from 
the former, which probably belongs to the seventeenth century.' 

* On the other slab is : ' — 



Cell»riclg"e Parlfclt (Kilclrouglit Olrt Churchyard), 

The fine plate here given is from a block kindly lent us by 
Lord Walter FitzGerald, and which has been printed and 
described in " The Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological 

* ? Pitchfobdstovtne, County Kildare : a family of Whites was seated here 
in the seventeenth century. 


Society" for 1900, Vol. Ill, page 112. For the inscription on 
this beautiful monument tQ,,the Bight Hon. William Corioily, 
Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, we refer our readers to 
Vol. I of our own Journal, page 414. 

^arrag'Inniore JParisli— I£jle Cliurcliyaril. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, V.P.E.S.A.I., 1897.] 

* Kyle Churchyard is situated in the townland of Blackrath, near 
the Kilcullen Road, and two and a half miles from Ballitore. There 
is no trace of the former church- buildings. The headstones, as a 
rule, are rough slabs of a local green stone. The following inscrip- 
tions are copied from a group of stones in the east end of the 
burial-ground : ' — 


I H S 


[A rough headstone flag.] 



[A rough upright flag.] 


' The remainder of the inscription is sunk deep in the ground/ 

421 KlLkAEiJ. 


" This Stone was Erected by patri ck | Toole in Memory 
of bis Son | Timothy Toole who departed | this Life 
Janu y the 2 nd 1792 Aged | 42 years. Lord have mercy 
on | bis soul. Amen. 

Also Catherine Toole daught er | who departed this Life 
May the 16 th | 1793 aged 15 years." 

1 The next inscription is copied from a large, flat limestone slab, 
now broken into several pieces. The upper portion is ornamented 
with the Crucifixion, chalices, angels, all inside a round halo, a 
faced sun and moon, and a bird, holding a shamrock in its beak. 
An M and a G are carved at the top ' : — 


A faced sun, 
bird, and trefoil. 

" Erected by Thomas Toole in Memory of his Father 
Patrick Toole who departed this Life November the 
27 th 1796 Aged 80 years. Also his mother Mary Toole 

■ who departed January the 30 th 1796 Aged 75 years 
Lord have Mercy on their souls. Amen. 

" All you spectators that passeth by 
As you are, so once was I. 
As I am now so will you be 
Good Christians all pray for me." 

1 A headstone ' 

" Here lieth the Bodv of Thomas | Toole who dep d this 
life 12 th Feb. 1821 | Aged 66 years. May he rest in 
peace. Amen." 

* A headstone, broken in two pieces ' : — 


I. H. S. 

Erected in Memory of Timothy | Toole of Naas who 
dep? this life | January 18 th 1822 Aged 50 years, j " 



r-s § -2 g A faced half-moon, 

60 3 |p 

< 6 '§ d < bir3 ' an<3 trefoil - 


1 A mural tablet, inserted into the base of a granite cross ' : — 

" Erected to the Memory of Patrick Toole died 17 th April 
1844 Aged 40 years. His Mother Ann Toole died 1 st 
Jan y 1860 Aged 90 years His sister Catherine Toole died 
1 st Oct. 1880. Aged 58 years.' 1 

JLarag*hhryaii Parish.— Mayiiooth Church. 

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

1 The three following inscriptions are taken from mural tablets 
at Maynooth Church. The first inscription given is copied from a 
slab now lying at the foot of the church tower : it reads ' : — 



* The next inscription is on a slab below the east window on the 
outside ':— 

" James, Duke of Leinster, | having at his sole expence | 
repair'd and beautified this Church j and also built the 
adjoining | Vestry Room and School House, ] the 
Parishioners have erected | this Memorial of their 
gratitude. | 


The last inscription is as follows ' : — 

"In the year of our Lord 1828, this Church, the Vestry, 
and School-house, erected by the munificence of his 
Ancestors, have been completely repaired, and judiciously 
improved, under the immediate directions, and at the 
sole expense of His Grace Augustus Frederick Duke of 
Leinster. In grateful testimony whereof the Minister, 
Churchwardens, and Parishioners have caused this 
tablet to be erected. 

Gilbert Austin, Vicar. 

423 ' K1LDABE. 

Jloyie AJbhey Churchyard. 

[From Lord'Walter FitzGerald.] 

1 This churchyard is close to the roadside, a mile and a half to 
the north of Ballitore, in the townland called Moyle Abbey (" the 
bald abbey"), though no trace of an abbey exists to account for the 
name. The burial-ground is a small one, and only contains three 
headstones bearing inscriptions. About the middle of this church- 
yard is a plain square granite font, with the perforation in the 
centre ; on one side it has two small square sockets, and on the 
opposite side one socket, used probably for fitting a lid (?). There 
are no signs of any building. The three lettered stones bear the 
following inscriptions — 


" This Stone is Erected by Bridget Doyle of Moyle 
Abbey in Memory of her Husband Hugh Doyle who 
Dep d this Life the 10 th day of August 1820. Aged 45 

May he rest in peace." 

[A headstone.] 

* On a very small headstone — 


" To the Mem | mory of Elizabe 1h | Keough who | Dep' 5 . 
this life Oc' 10 th 1855 Aged 15 5IS - | " 

' On a small white tablet, let into a pillar : ' — 


I H S 


WHELAN | who died 23 rd may 1858 -f aged 53 
years + | Engraved by] r.i.'p. [her son ^p^" 

1 Her son is named John Whelan ; he is now a deaf old man, 
who travels the district renewing letters on old tombstones;* he is 
locally known as " Whelan the Poet." Several of the churchyards 

* A veritable Hibernian " Old Mortality." — [Ed.] 


about have no gateway : instead there is a flat slab on the top of 
the surrounding wall (with steps below), on which the coffin is 
rested; on this slab John^Whelan has carved the above hiero- 
glyphics, which he says a clergyman taught him was his name in 

Iffaas Parish.— St, David's Churchyard, Maas. 

[From Lord Walter Fitz Gerald.] 

* The four following inscriptions are all copied from slabs lying 
flat on the south side of the burial-ground: ' — 

" Sacred to the Memory | of Serjeant George Moore of | 
His Majesty's 34, or North Cork, Militia, | Aged 26 
years | He fell by the hand of an Assassin | when in 
the act of apprehending | a desperate Banditti of 
Bobbers, | at Mainham on the night | of the 10 th of 
September 1799 | This Monument was Erected | by 
the Officers of his Eegiment | As a mark of their 
Esteem | He fulfilled his Duty I As a Soldier and a 
Man." " ' 

■ 1 1.H.S. A Coat-of-Arms in relief, viz.: — 

* Argent, a lion rampant between three dexter hands couped at 
the wrists gules.' 

" Here lyeth the Body of M rs Honour geoghegan | who 
departed this Life y e 27 th day of Ia r - V | 1749. Aged ... 
. ' years | Here lyeth Mr. Ioe Geoghegan | who depr d y e 
28 th of February | 1769 Aged 93 years. | Also the 
Body of his Father M r Bryan | Geoghegan son of Mr. 
Charles Geoghegan' of | Ballinagore W 8t meath who 
dep d May the 15 | 1776 Aged 80 years." 

h H. S. 

" This Stone & Burial Place Belongeth to | Gerald 
Archbold of Naas | Here lieth the Body of said Gerald 
AiiCHJiOLD | who departed this Life the 9 th of December | 
1775 Aged 65 years." 

" Here lieth the Body of Garrett O'Reilly who departed 
this Life the 9 th of June 1778 Aged 58 years." , 




Kiliuaoow Parish. 

With reference to the notice of an inscription in this church- 
yard against the east wall, which the Bev. Mr. Manning sent us, 
and which we noticed in our Journal for 1897, page 480, we 
have to thank C. Perceval Bolton, of Waterford, for the wording 
of the inscription, which he says reads thus : — 

"C&ts oonc TEtnxutmt Butler 

ant? ty> U% totfe. &imc 4 
• mcccccuV 

There is nothing to show to what it refers. 

[Copied by C. Perceval Bolton, J.P.] 



[Sic in MS. sent us.] 

' This stone is flat on ground, has a large cross in centre, and 
the inscription is partly on the four edges.' 

. jacct ; Bits . ivufmrtms . 
Camerfotfj , quontiam . to . 
Banijmmore . <&ut . oUit . 

(Nodates given here.) (£t WB. , JoaiUta 

|5t. . 2,cfltr . uvov tim . pa . 
$tospttaus . et . atimoimm . 
in . <£nmes ••♦ mtsmtors . 



matnma . quae . <BUit , 4 . 

' mt . #Ct6b . a. 1662, 

* This inscription is on an altar-tomb, and on the long panels in 
the front are the emblems of the Passion.' 

The Comerfords appear to have been a very important County 
Kilkenny family, and allied by marriage to distinguished families. 

There was a Richard Comerford, Knight, of Bally bur, married 
Mary Purcell, circa 1600 ? and died in 1637, aged 73 ; and 
others belonged to Callan and its neighbourhood. (See Mr. 
Burtchaell's book, " The Members of Parliament of the County 
and City of Kilkenny/' for further notices of this family.) 

P. D. V. 

Powerstown Parish. 

[From Colonel P. D. Vigors.] 

* This Parish Church has been unroofed since 1871. The. walls 
are all still standing, and the brick base of the pulpit where my 
father preached for many years. The black marble communion 
table, and the font, also of black marble, have been removed to 
Goresbridge (Grangesilvae) Church, with which parish Powerstown 
has been united. (See Journal for 1888, p. 21.) 

* The total number of tombstones in the burial-ground surround- 
ing the church is sixty, of which forty-four are upright ones, 
fifteen flat, and one mural. 

' There are also a number of graves marked by small stones. 
'On the outside of the west wall of the church is the 
following ' : — 

I H. S. 

M Here lies the Body of James Maker of Mount Loftus 
who departed this life on the 3 rd day of December 1815, 
aged 56 years. This stone was erected by his Landlord 
Sir Edward Loftus Bart as a mark of respect to the 
memory of the deceased whose fidelity and good con- 
duct whilst living, entitled him to his regard and the 
good wishes of all his neighbours 
R. L P. Amen." 


4 Near this is the Loftus Vault, the sloping roof of which is 
overground, and covered with flags, many of which are loose ; and 
the whole is getting much out of repair, and needs attention.' 

' Below the above mural monument is a stone partly covered by 
another. This much only is legible ' : — 


11 Here lieth the dy of John Aughci Died [JJuly 

the 27 th 1764 [AJged 19 years." 

" Here lies the body of Thomas Maher died 27 July 1773 
aged Gl years Also Bridget Maher alias Summers his 
wife who departed June 27 th 1794 aged 77 y™ Also 
Hester Maher who dep d the 10 th Feb ry 1794 aged 41 ye t8 . 
Also John Maher who dep d July 27 1764 aged 19 years. 

Also the body of Michael Maher who departed 

October the 6 th 1822 aged 69 years. Also the body of 
Patrick Maher who dep ed this life July 4 Aged 72 years. 
Lord have mercy on their souls." 

[A flat stone.] 

' Next it is one inscribed ' : — 

I. H. S. 

" Here lies the Body of James Summers of Gurteen who 
dep d this life May the 12 th 1796 aged 78 y' 3 . Also his 
daughter Ann Somers [sic] who dep J this life 11 th of 
NovJ 1767 aged 20 y rs ." 

I. H. S. 

" This stone and burial place belongeth to M r Patrick 
Muray [sic] and is erected to the Memory of his 
daughter Mary Murray who departed this life April 2S 
1777 aged 18 years." 

[A flat stone.] 

" Interred here are the remains of M* Nicholas Blanch- 
ville who departed this life April y e 5 ih 1775 aged 87 
years, and also of his mother Mary alias Gorman Jany 
[?] 11 th 1776 aged 65 years." 

[An upright stone.] 
These dates are totally irreconcilable. — P.D.V. 


'Near the last is an upright stone' : — 

"Erected by Anastasia Burtchael in Memory of her 

' On a flat stcne next the Summers one ' : — 

" Gloria in Exeelsis Deo. 
" Here lyeth the body of Mary Tracy alias Summers who 
departed this Life March 8 1765 aged 56 years." ^ 

" Erected by W. M. Tracy. The body of William Tracy 
died June 19 1782 aged 80 years." 

" Edmond Walsh died 1 Jany 1764 aged 60 years. Also 
his son Pierce 4 Nov 1 . 1763 aged 34 years." 

* On the south side of the church is an upright stone, 
inscribed ' : — 


1 1 Here lyeth the body of M R Ed. M. Butler son to Wl m 
Butler Bart of Racoon, aged 95 years & his son James 
Butler who died October ye 2 ud 1745 aged 86 years." 

4 At the end of the church (outside) is a table-tomb 1 : — 

" Here Lyeth the Body of M rs Susanna Harper wife of 
M R Alexander Harper of Gowran and [in] memory to 
the late Nuttall Green Esq of Low Grange who 
departed this life on the 8 th of April 1784 aged 35 

*' Her just life k virtuous actions gained her the Esteem 
of all her acquaintances, as did her death their sorrow." 

' Near the last is a flat stone inscribed ' : — 

" Here lyeth the Body of Mary the wife of Charles Doyle 
• . of Bramblestown Esq r who died the 1 st of June 1764, 
aged 46 years. 

" In her the poor have lost a friend. " 


"Here tyttb tf)t boty of jlltss 
JHtllep sister 'of fofmBople, 
bnjo tJtei? tlje 11 of $ouemijer 
1691 arjeti 55 pears." 

" John of Courtnaboughla who died June 5 
1793 aged GO years, also his wife Mary Corcoran died 
Nov r 1814 aged 70 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

' Next this is another to the same family.' 

" Erected by Patrick Deneson of Courtnaboughla in 
memory of his wife Mary Deneson alias Murphy who 
died Feb. 25. 1808 aged 49 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

U M r Timothy Murrey who died 21 Nov r 1741 (?) aged 60 
years. Also M r John Murray who died Oct 1. 1789 
aged 38 years." 

[A flat stone.] 

* Near this is another stone, but the inscription is illegible from 
moss and lichen. The date is 17G7.' 

" Bridget Lawler alias Tallon died 27 June 1792 aged 
23 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

M Michael Currin and his wife Cathorne Currin she died 

[An upright stone.] 

" Mary Dennis (?) died April 17G8 aged 25 years." 

f An upright stone.] 


" Erected by M rs Murpi^t of Mountloftus in memory of 
; her mother Masy. Carroll who departed this life Oct 1 . 
81. 1835 ag d 67 years. Also her son Joseph Murphy 
who died July 10 th 182G aged 3| years & her Grand 
Mother Margaret Carroll who "died July 16. 1800 
aged 72 years." 

[An upright stone.] 


" Here lyeth the Body of W m Dunn who Departed this 
life April y e . 25. 1734. Aged 41 years. Also his wife 

Joan Dunn alias Mansfield 

1 The rest of the inscription is under ground.' 

[An upright stone.] 


" Michael Knavin of Bramblestown 1788." 

[An upright stone.] 

" Erected by James Kays of Pow Low* (?) to his Father 
William Kays who died 1798 aged 30 y rs . 

[An upright stone.] 

" Erected by Thomas Butler of Boherkile in memory of 
his wife Anne Butler alias Brown, who dep d this life 
Decr r l 6t 1860 aged 73 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

' Next this is another Butler stone of older date.' 

" Thomas Walsh died July 11. 1798 aged 20 years, 
&c, &c." 

[An upright stone.] 

" John Eaton died the 7 of August 1794 aged 70 years, - . 
also his wife Catherine Eaton, alias Barry who dep d 
ye jifth f j une a g e a 47 y^ A j so son Thos. 

Eaton who dep d Feby 7 y e 7 th 1801." 

[An upright stone.] 

'At the east end of the burial ground.' 

Poulongh ? 



u ^|rs Margaret Byrne of the County Wicklow died June 
18 th 1811, aged 40 years." 

[An upright stone.] 

Besides the above, there are a number of modern tombstones 
to persons in an humble position of life, which the time at my 
disposal did not permit of my copj'ing. 

The Edens, who were formerly owners of " Mount Loftus," 
or Mount Eden, as it was then called, are, I am told, buried in 
a vault in this burial-ground ; but there is no inscription or stone 
to mark its position. 5tf> 

Sir Edward Loftus, Bart., and his brother^ Sir Nicholas, 
Bart., and Miss Loftus, as well as other members of the family, 
are buried in the Loftus Vault ; but there is no inscription, at 
least externally. 

I am informed that people of the name of Low held Mount 
Loftus before the Edens. 

P. D. V. 

The following clergymen's names appear in the old vestry book 
between 1811 and 1850 : — 

* 1811. — Robert Sillitoe signs as Curate in April. 

' 1814. — Edward Bailey signs as Curate up to 1816. 
• ' 1817. — Thomas Handcock signs as Curate to March, 1819. 

1 1819, 12 April. — Thomas M. (Mercer) Vigors signs as Rector, 
and Mr. Handcock as Curate. 

'1822, Sept. — The Rev. Edward French appears as Curate, 

4 1825. — Thos. M. Vigors signs as 4< Incumbent," and Henry 
Scott as Curate. 

1 1829, April. — Norman Garstin, Curate. He was afterwards, 
I believe, Chaplain-General in Ceylon. 

1 1831. — Thos. M. Vigors and Robert Lloyd up to 1834. 

'1839, April. — John Judkin Butler signs as Curate to 1841, 
after which date there is no clergyman's signature, but that of the 
Rev. Thomas M. Vigors as Rector, until his death in April, 1850, 
after which date the book is blank ! 

' It also contains the applotment of the parish and extracts of 
Acts of Parliament for the collection of Church rates, appointment 
of Churchwardens, and Parish Schoolmasters. It appears that 
Roman Catholics were liable to serve as Churchwardens (0 Geo. IV) ; 
but this Act was subsequently repealed,' 



'Sir Edward Loftub, Bart., signs as Churchwarden in 1811, 
'12, '13, '14, and '15. In this last year we fmd Nicholas Loftcs 
and Michael Maher Churchwardens. 

1 In April, 1817, £2 5s. Gd. is ordered to be raised off the parish 
for the purpose of buying a " surplus' 1 [sic] for the church. 

* In 1818, this article is designated " The Minister's Surplus." 

'In 1819, Sir Nicholas Loftus, Bart., is continued as Church- 

. ' The Rev. Thomas M. Vigors's signature appears in the minutes 
of every Vestry Meeting from 1819 to 1825 ; and in 1827, '28, '29, 
'30, '35 to '38, and to 1849, except in 1817, when the minutes arc 
not signed by any clergyman, but only by " Timothy Murray." ' 

JRatliimti'iclt Parish. 

'C. Perceval Bolton, Esq., has kindly sent us the following 
notes on the churchyard of this Parish : — The monument here 
represented is built into the wall of the old churchyard ; it is at 
one side of the gate as you enter. There are two slabs, one having 
the inscription, and the other the emblems of the Crucifixion as 
here given. They appear to have formed part of an altar-tomb. 
Each panel is 36 inches long by 15 wide. 

1 The first reads — 

1 " Hie jacent Nycholaus : filius Thoma : fitz-Gerralde : 
de [stone broken] et Ellena Bourse [rest deficient, the 
stone being broken ; it is without date].' 1 

. • * A cross, with an enormous I.H.S., fills the upper part of the 
stone, having a sun and moon — with a human (?) face in each— in 
the corners. The inscription runs round the edge of the stone.' 

Shankill, or St. Kill, Parish. 

« [From Mr. C. J. Hcbson.] 

'Within a few perches of Shankill Castle, there is a quaint 

• old burial-ground now almost overgrown with laurel, containing 
the walls of an ancient ecclesiastical structure, for the most part in 
a fairly good state of preservation. 

« The Aylward Tomb is the most important monument, being oi 
the altar pattern, the sides being ornamented in a plain, simple way* 
The slab, from which I have with some difficulty copied the inscrip- 
tion, is broken into several pieces ; only a small fragment is missing 

• The tomb is placed in the south-eastern corner. Immediately 
above the tomb, and inserted into the wall, there is a slab on 

[To face page 43'2. 


[From robbings by C. Perceval Bolton, Esq.] 

[To face page 433. 

< o 

iu o 
-1 o 





< Q 
N w 



o £ 



X h 
H D 














whicb, in a rather primitive way, the Arms of Peter Aylward have 
been engraved. This slab is in great danger of falling at- the 
present time, owing to the growth of an adjacent tree.' 

' On a piece of loose stone, lying inside this ruin, there is this 
inscription, which evidently belongs to the Aylward family ' : — 

This is y e £1^2 entrance of y e Vavlt 1719/' 

On the south wall.of the old church is this inscription ' : — 
" The burial place of the Mulhallen family. 

This slab has been erected by Frances relict of the late 
John Gorges Hely Mulhallen, Esqre of Malcolmville 
in the Comity of Carlow who departed this life on 1st 
April, 1860, aged 60 years in the full assurance of a 
joyful resurrection through the all-sufficient merits of 
his Redeemer. Revel. 1'4, 13." 

P.D. V., 16, 9, 1879. 

• 'Near the eastern gable of the old ruin stands a headstone 
erected to the memory of Mary Cody, which gives her the unique 
distinction of having'died on the 31st of February. The following 
is the inscription ' : — 

"Here lieth the Body of | Mary Cody, Alias Purcell 
she | Dep td Feb ry the 31 st 1782 aged | 51 years, Lord 
have mercy on | her soul Amen. | " 

* The following inscriptions have been copied from different parts 
of this churchyard ' : — 


" May the Lord have mercy on .the | soul of Dennis 
Ryan who Departe* | this life May the 9 th 1800 aged 
70 | years. | " 


"Erected by Michael Cooke in j memory of his Father 
Thomas Cooke i late of Kellyraount who departed | this 
life the 16th day of December 1801 | aged 70 years. 
Lord have mercy on | his soul Amen. | 

F F 



' The carving on the above headstone is the most beautiful in 
the churchyard, and seems, from the inscription on the back, to 
have been the work of a 'local stonecutter named Brennan. The 
following is the inscription, and four lines of poetry appended ' 

"John Brennan Stone-cutter Royal Oak | 

" Stand here my friends wipe off your tears ] 
Here we must rest untill Christ appears | 
And when he comes we hope to rise | 
Unto that life that never dies." 

" Lyeth here the Body of Gregor* | Murphy who departed 
this | life the 29 th of April 1768 | Aged 21 years. | and 
the Lord have mercy | on his Soul." 

. . . [Headstone.] 

" Here lieth the Body of Micheal | Murphy who dep d this 
Life Jan 7 | 26 1771 Ag* 60 y ; s . lord have | mercy on 
his Soul. Amen. | Erected by his Son Michael | 
Murphy. Also his Son Joseph | who Departed Dec r 26 
1787 Ag d | 45 yrs " 


Tliomastown I*ai*isli. 

[From Colonel Vigors.] 

' In the churchyard, near the east end of the church, is a flat 
stone, defective in places, causing gaps in the inscription ' : — 






"AH Christian friends in passinge by 
Yovr prayers wee humbly crave 

That in fearde expect in Christ 

A resting place to have 

As for them that went before may surely yeald 
The like for those that are to come 
expect now have neede." 

1 At the foot is a shield, with arms, perhaps those of Davis and 
FitzGerald ? ' 


* A large flat stone, with shield, arms, &c, of Knowles and 

'In chief three arrows, points in base [Archer?] and in base 
two birds fighting ? and underneath the letters N K. A M. J 



"REQUTES.CAT in pace." 

u Mrs. Catherine Millia alias Archdekin wife of M r * John 
Millia late of Dublin Merch t who departed this life 

THE 23 rd DAY OF JULY 1809 AGED 58 YEARS. 

" May the Lord have mercy on her soul." 

[A box tomb.] 


I H S 


9 B « the 24 1742 age 10 years." 

[A flat stone.] 

' * On a flat stone at the east end * : — 


, WHO DIED II JUNE 1691." 

.'At the foot, in relief, are the Murphy and PitzGerald arms, 
and the letters I M.— G." 

" Here lies the Bodys of Patrick Lincollen who died the 
16 December 1606 and Mary Dobbin- his wife who 
ordered this monument She died the XI day of 
May 1709." 

' The above inscription is cut round the edges of the stone.' 



' The gun, spear, and two figures are near the head, and 


also chalice : ' — 

" Mea uidebo deu 


1 A lion rampant, a chevron — between 3. The letters PL. MD.' 

1 In Lombardic letters, running round the edges of a flat stone, 
is cut ' : — 

"$Ht jacct Corpus i\olmt [?] 
i>iotl) , qui Mtt . 7 Ut . mensta 
#ttoi)rts . ano . tmo [sic] 1625° 
it . (Slant I ixacjcjco . £?rnrts tt 5 
que ; onttt "* 

[A large cross runs down the centre of this stone.] 

1 A handsome fiat stone, with the sun and moon and I. H. S. 
on top, is inscribed in Old English ' : — 

"Iftc jacct Ktcprous arcfje&acon 
alias iliac . „ oc Banm 
jHore Granger sttt j^mmmis 

Capttancus q olutt tt 

Catijcrtna J^ljmtal filta ^tcljalat 
portal . dc Hppcr Clarajgft . 
grmujcrt . jSt* urnr tf ouitt 7 nit 
^pnlts 1609/' 

♦See St. Mary's, New Ross. William and Margaret Raggett, 1699. 


Hariot Butler Viscountess Mount Garrett died the 
16 th of June 1785 aged 34 years." 

[A very plain fiat slab.] 

" Sacred to the memory of Henry Butler Esq of Kil- 
murry born on the 21 st of June 1805 Died on the 13 th 
of April 1881 aged 75." 


[This stone is within a new enclosure.] 

" The R l Hcnb Ie Juliana Boyle first Countess of Carrick 
died at Kilmurry February the 22 nd 1801 in the 76 th 
year of her age, Beloved and lamented by her 
affectionate- and grateful husband Richard Alcock 

I. H. S. 

" Here Lyeth the Body of Father Tho s Forristal Parish 
Priest of Thomastown who departed this life the 15 
• of March 1761 aged 74 years." 

* On the north side, on a flat slab, much broken, are the 
emblems of the Crucifixion, and two shields. 
The dexter side has on it what appears to be 
a Catherine wheel. The sinister has three 
lions regardant.' 

4 Inside the present church, on the south wall, is a white marble 
monument with a man and horse cut on it, and the following 
inscription in small capitals ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant ROBERT 




1ST COR. XV. 55." 



* The following is a black marble monument on the north 

" Christopher Hewetson of Thomastown Esq* caused 
this Monument to be Errected in Memory of His first 
Wife Ellianor Bushe, his Father, Ms Grandfather, their 
wives, And many of their descendants who Are here 
Inter* Decem br y e 10 th 1743." 

" Sacred also to the memory of the late 
Sarah Hewetson alias Best Wife to Amyas Hewetson 
Esq who Departed this life 1758. aged 47. lik'wise To 
the memory of the above Amyas Hewetson Es q died on 
the 11 th of October 1771 aged 63 years." 

** In memory of Elizabeth Davis wife of John Davis of 
Summer Hill in the county Carlow Esq ob Octo decimo 
die Mar. a.d. 1824 jet. 72." 

(' Here follow some complimentary lines.') 

" Also Elizabeth Graham wife of Egbert Graham in the 
County of Fermanagh Esq r whom it pleased God to 
recall at the age of 21 years after having given birth to 
a son." 

('More complimentary lines.') 

' On the east wall ' : — 

' This tablet is erected by Major Feed c White of the 
Royal Irish Fusiliers and Harriett his wife to the 
memory ' of the Rev d Rich Cooke late Rector of 
Thomastown who died Nov r 5 th 1835 [Isaah 57-1]." 

" To the memory of Charles Kendal Bushe born the 
13 th Jany 1767 died 10 th July 1843 Quis disiderio sit 
pudor aut modus tarn cari capitis." 

1 On the south wall. 

' On top a coronet, Prince of Wales's plume, and a hawk (?) 
with extended wings. 

' Motto : " Depressus extollor ' " : — 

" In memory of Henry Butler Captain 1 st Batt" East 
Surrey Reg 1 [31 st ] who died of fever at Plymouth on 

the 9 th day of August 1881 aged 33 years 

Erected by his brother officers by whom he was 

deeply and deservedly regretted." 

R. Colles Kilkenny. 


kingV county. 

* The next is a very small white marble monument ' : — 

" Inmemory of 
Lieut. Gen 1 Henry Edward- Butler third son of 
Henry Thomas 2 nd Earl of Carbick and father of the 
3 brave sons whose monuments adjoin this. He 
departed this life Dec r 7 th 1856 having devoted his life 
and services to his Sovereign and his country." 
[Job. 1. 21.] 

The monuments [3] referred to are over this last. We hope 
to give them in our next Journal. 


[By Francis Joseph Bigger and Herbert Hughes.] 

• ' The following inscription and arms are cut on a large altar- 
tomb in the graveyard at Clonmacnoise. The religious motto is 
adopted as a heading to the shield, the family motto added below. 
There is one other armorial shield at Clonmacnoise, built over the 
door of one of the small churches ; but it is too worn and lichen- 
covered to be " rubbable." ' : — 


1 Crest— A Stag's Head (erased). 
'In hoc signo vinces. 
(Armorial bearings.) 
1 Arms — A Lion rampant between three rose (?) leaves. 


"In your charity pray for the soul of Catherine 
Sheridan alias O'Reilly widow of the late James 
Sheridan of the Cranagh parish of Drummard County 
of Longford who died on the 13 th of November 1866 
aged 73 years. 



" Love for the sanctuary of the ancient Worship, the 
. reliquary of many of the Sainted children of St Kieran, 
inspired the choice of this last resting place. 

" This monument was erected by her sons Rev Patrick 
Sheridan Adm r of Moate, Farrel and James Edward 
Sheridan and her sons in law Francis Kelly, William 
M'Namee and Edward Donohue." 


[No return from this County.] 


Kilpeucon Clturcfi. 

[From T. J. Westropp, m.r.i.a.] 
* In Transept ' : — 

" Sacred to the memory of | Emmeline Maria | the 
beloved wife of | John Brooke Blennerhassett j by 
whom this memorial is erected in | remembrance of a 
true and | undivided affection which endeared | her to 
him to whom her loss is irreparable. | To that Saviour 
in whose service she | lived she commended her spirit j 
falling asleep in full assurance | of awaking to a 
glorious resurrection April 14 th . 1865." 

'Arms — Sa : a lion ramp, erm : ducally crowned — 

Erected by c. l. w. and t. j. w. j In loving memory 
of | Bessie Anna Westropp | daughter of the late | 
John Westropp Esq re j of Attyflin | Died February 9 th 
1889 | Aged 47 years | God's loving kindness | is better 
than life." 



'East window. Same arms impaling for Whitehead of 
Uplands, Lancashire. Azure, between three bugle horns stringed, 
or a chevron of the second/ with three martlets. On a chief ' 
embattled erm, a celestial crown gules between two wreathed 
swords ' : — 

" This window was erected to the memory of John West- 
fcOPP Esq | of Attyflin who died March 2 M -1866 by his 
sorrowing | widow c*l*w & six younger children | r-h*w ; 

H'M'W, T\TW, M'J'O'C, A'E'W & A'J'W." 

' South window ' : — 

" Massy and Westropp Arms 'In memory of (Lady) Mary 
Dillon Massy' (1890)." 

' North window ' :— - 

"Arms of Westropp and Wilson ffrance 'In memory of 
Margaret Massy Westropp ' (1885)." 

" H S C Gulielmus King Eques | Urbis Limerici srepius 
praetor | arcis prsfectus comitatus locum tenens | cujus 
mens generosa et Larem et vultum et pectus | Bonis 
' Omnibus aperiri solita | coslum sibi pariter ac terrain 
devincat | proprio sumptu templum hoc erigendum 
curavit | et adorandum fecit Numen Hospitem | Manns 
juvenis senis consilu valuit | Et utriusque revi virtutes 
perpetuis condidit temporibus | ultro quaerentibus ca^sit 
tandem honoribus | (De) functus 4° die Sept ad mdccvi | 
postquam sub eodem hoc monumento j In beats re- 
surrectionis spem | Pra?stantissimae et conjugis dilec- 
tissima? | Dominai Barbara King | saeros reposuit 
cineres | Una cum feticissiinay decern lustrorum con- 
jugis | Pignoribus duobus Johanna? et Barbara? King. 

[On plinth of monument.] 

" Hujus etiam ejusdem marmoris hospites | sepulchri 
nsurum habentes jacent | Reliqui Stephani Moore 
Armigeri | et Brigida3 uxoris de Glonmell | qui morie- 
bantur apud Kilpeacon mdcciii." 

' Over church door in north face of tower ' : — 

" Templum hoc euiturum | re.edificari oancellium 
augeri j turrimqtfe hanc propriis | sumptibus erigi 
curavit | ED WARD US VILLIERS | de KIL- 
PECAN j Armiger. anno Domini | 1759." 



* In the graveyard ' : — 

" Dorothea Jane | twite of | The Eev : Geo : Gough 
Gubbins m.a. | Chancellor & Eector of | Kilpeacon died 
28 th Feb 1883 | Aged 72 years. Nothing in my hand I 
bring | simply to thy cross I cling." 

" Eev. George Gough Gubbins died Ap 5th 1891 aged 85." 

" Margaret Massy Westropp died Jan l 8t 1885 Aged 50. 

" Erected by Margaret Gabbett & Elizabeth Dorathea 
Jones in memory of John Tuthill of Kilmore Co Lime- 
rick & his children Eobert Dorathea George & John 

' Vaults east of church ' : — 

" George Fosbery Junior of Clorane, died Dec 1 st 1858 
aged 28." 

" Eev Edward Herbert Eector of Kilpeacon died Dec 
25 th 1858. Aged 28." 

" Vault erected by John Westropp of Attyflin 1889 in 
which are interred his father John Westropp died 
Ap 10 th 1839 aged 72. The said John Westropp died 
March 2 nd 1866 aged 52 His first wife Georgina 
Wilhelmina Stamer died June 3 rd 1852. His second 
wife Charlotte Louisa Whitehead died Oct.' 31 1891. 
Bessie Anna Westropp died Feb 9 th 1889 & three 
infant sisters Helena wife of Hugh Massy W t estropp 
died June 12 th 1882." 


Hortli-west Liberties of f lie City of Londonderry . 

Extracts from Tesiplemore Parish Register. 
[Kindly contributed by Tenison Groves, Esq., Co. Dublin, 1899.] 

? Born, April, 165G. — Henry, son of Mr. Basil Brooke. 

• Baptized, 29 March, 16G1. — Mari, daur. of Mr. Basil Brooke. 

* Buried, 25 May, 1GC7. — Dr. Charles Vaugiia:;. 



' Buried, November, 1656. — Ellen wife of William Grave. 

* Born, Dec, 1657. — A child of William Grave. 

' Buried, 26 March, 1692-3 (?). — Alexander, son of Christopher 
and Eliz Gifford. 

' Buried, 9 April, 1695. — Alexander, son of same Giffords. 

* Buried, 27 Aug., 1678. — Bridget, daur. of Thos. Poor Slater. 
4 Baptized, Jany., 1663-4. — Christian, daur. of Wm. Slater. 

* Baptized, Jany., 1663-4. — Hannah, daur. of Wm. Slater. 

' Baptized, 18 February, 1668. — Jane, daur. of John Greer and 
Eleni his wile. ..... 

' Baptized, 16 Sep., 1705. — Jennet, daur. of George Delap and 
Jane his wife. 

'Baptized, 17 June, 1681. — Wm., son of James and Eliz. 

' Andrew, son of Andrew Cunningham of this city, born 17 th and 
bap. 1 Dec, 1653. 

' Buried, 4 April, 1680. — Mrs. Joan Cuningham, widow. 

' Married, 3 Sept., 1697. — Fred Cuningham and Cath. Eaton, 
both of this city. 

4 Buried, 10 April, 1695. — Michael, son of Alex, and Mary 

' Buried, 24 August, 1612. — Peter Benson (Alderman). 

4 Buried, 24 August, 1642. — Mary, wife of Wm. Norman. 

' Buried, 25 February, 1642-3. — Cap. Wilkinson. 

' Married, June 1682. — James Wilson and Eliz. Benson, both 
of this parish by Banns, by Mr. Forrester, Curate. 

' Married, May, 1660. — John Benson, son to Cap. Sandy, and 
Mary Philips of this city. 

'Married, 24 Sept., 1663. — Paul Benson and Eliz. Liviny by 

'Baptized, 5 Nov. 1682. — Frances, d. of John and Mary 

'Baptized, 14 Jan 7 ., 1683-4. — Charles, son of John and 
Florence Buchanon. 

'Buried, 5 June, 1684. — Frances, d. of John and Mary 

'Baptized, 20 Jan 7 ., 1685-6. — Joan, d. of John and Mary 

'Baptized, 27 Oct., 1691. — Joan, d. of John and Eliz Buchanon. 

* Buried, Aug., 1687. — Joan, d. of John and Mary Buchanon. 

* Buried, March, 1667. — Margaret, d. of Mr. Buchanon. 
'Married, 5 Jan y ., j Bobert Buchan of Conwall parish 

1685-6. ( Joan Glen of this parish (by Banns). 

' Married, 2 April, (Henry Farhasco (or Fearbosco) and 

1684. (Mary Buchanon (by licence). 

' Buried, 9 Nov. 1684. — Mathew, son of Cap. Mathew Coceen 
and Prudence his wife. 


' Buried, Sep., 1686. — Ezekiel, son of Cap. Mathew Cocken 
and Prudence his wife. ^ 

'Baptized, 14 July, 11SS5. — Thomas, son of Cap. Mathew Cocken 
and Prudence his wife. 

'Buried, Sept., 1687. — Thomas, son of Cap. Mathew Cocken 
and Prudence his wife. 

8 Baptized, Aug., 1686. — John, son of Cap. Mathew Cocken 
and Prudence his wife. 

1 Baptized, Nov., 1687. — Elizabeth, daur. of Cap. Mathew 
Cocken and Prudence his wife.' 



In our last number we gave an account of the Gore monu- 
ment in this church : we have to thank the Bev. F. S. Stoney, 
the Bector, for the following additional note connected with the 
family : — 

' On the base of a large pillar, standing over what is known as 
the Annaly vault in this churchyard, is the following inscription:' — 

" Of piety and of Love 
: To his dear and much 

Lamented Brother 
Performed by Henry Gore 
A.D. 1788 (?)" 




Carling'forel Parish and Cliurcli. 

[By Francis Joseph Bigger and Herbert Hughes.] 

1 The following inscriptions are copied from tombstones in this 
old churchyard. Many of them are curious, and the names of some 
uncommon : — 

" Here lyeth the body of Marjory Peirce the davghter of 
William Yarrae of the citty of Londonderry She was 
born there and lived there dvring the late siege She 
departed this life May the 10 th day 1784 in the 90 th year 
of her age and the body of Hener y e Peirce her hus- 
band who departed this life March the 27 th Anno dom 
1744 aged 84 years." 

1 The sexton informed us that Yarrar was in Cromwell's army, 
and received a grant of the lands of Leminigh for his services.' 

" Here Lyeth y e Body Elizabeth & Ann Children to Geo. 
Young of Leminigh 1709." 

" Here lyeth y e body of Patrick McBride husband to Ann 
Reason who departed this life April 10th 1758." 

"Rob t Thomson depd. Novr. y e 1715 Henry Thomson 
Robt Thomson, Matthew Thomson." 

* The sexton informed us that this inscription related to'de- 
scendants of the Rev. George Walker, Governor of Derry during 
the siege 1 : — 

" To the Memory of Ann Walker of Carlingford deceased 
26 th April 1858 aged 24 years Also George Walker 



her Father who departed this life 13 th June 1889 Aged 
86 years Also Sarah Walker his beloved -Wife who 
departed this life Feb y 27 th 1893 aged 75 years." 

" Here lyeth the body of Jean Toomes who depd. this life 
March y e 21st 1724." 

"Here lyeth the body of Ann Toomes who depd. Novr. 
1703 aged 9 years." 

" Here Lyeth the body of Ann Simpal who departed this 
life the 21 of Feb 1705." 

"This engraving represents a stone which was evidently the 
base of an inscribed cross, and now stands upside down at the 
head of a grave. It is cut on a rude pillar-stone ; : — 


C. W. Gibbs & Sok, Printers, 18 Wicklow Street, Dublin. 


Thomas M. Steele, Esq., 37 Belgrave Square, Rathmines, 
Co. Dublin, having been appointed Assistant Treasurer, I shall 
feel obliged by all future Subscriptions to the Journal being sent 
direct to him, and he will send the usual receipts for the same. 


• The Index to Vol. Ill being ready for issue, those members 
who wish for a copy (price 2s. Gd.) will apply to me for it, the price 
of it to bo sent to me. 

The Printer has received directions to forward .a copy of this 
Journal to all Subscribers whose Subscriptions are paid. 

ggf* The attention of the Subscribers is specially requested to 
the paragraph at the bottom of page ix of the Journal for 1899. 
As the Index to Vol. IV is at a standstill, only about forty-five 
names having as yet been sent in to me, no time should be lost 
in attending to this matter. 

Philip D. Vigors, Col. 

Holloden, BagenaUtoion, 
February, 1901. 



prestation of tijt jBtmorials of tl)t Beat?, 

VOL. IV. No. IV. PART 2. 


1 ■ ■ ' 






L. IV. No. IV. PART 2. 







Extra copies of this Journal can be had by application to Colonel 
P. D, Vigors, Holloden, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow ; also copies of 
the Indices for Vols. I, II, and JII. 

The Editors beg to draw the attention of those who kindly furnish 
Notes for publication to the importance of the following points : — 

1. To write on one side only of the paper. 

2. To use sermon-size paper. 

3. To leave a margin on the left edge, from 1 to 2 inches in 


4. All names of persons and dates should be written with 

extra care. 

5. All Inscriptions should be copied verbatim et literatim, and 

as nearly as possible in the same form of letters as the 
original, each line being separated by a stroke, thus | . 
The Editors wish it to be distinctly understood that they are not 
responsible for errors in copies of Inscriptions sent them ; to avoid 
such, they trust the writers will take extra care before forwarding 
their MSS. 

They also beg that their friends will read the wise words of 
" Weever," in the annexed paragraph, and further, that they will 
act on them — more they cannot say : — 
" " Now, generous reader, let me intreat your furtherance thus farre. that in 
thy neighbouring churches, if thou shalte fiiide any ancient funeral inscriptions, 
or antique obliterated monuments, thou wouldst copie out the one, and take so 
much relation of the other as tradition can deliver ; as also to take the inscrip- 
tions and epitaphs upon tombes and grave stones, which are of those [or later] 
times : and withall to take order that such thy collections, notes, and observa- 
tions may come safely to my hands : and I shall rest ever obliged to acknowledge 
thy paines and curtesie." — Weever. 

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year. 

Life Subscription . . . £5. 

Annual do. .... 5s. 
Or £2 may be sent to cover four yea rs' subscription * 

Those who are interested in the continuance of this work are 
requested to use their influence with their friends in getting 
additional subscribers. The work has now so increased in size 
that it becomes absolutely necessary to have additional subscrip- 
tions, to enable the Editors to continue to issue Reports like those 
of this year, the expense of which is considerable, even without the 
illustrations, which latter they are most desirous not to have to 
discontinue. There is no lack of materials. The only difficulty is 
the insufficiency of the Fund, for want of additional subscriptions. 

N.B. — It will save the Editors a considerable amount of 
trouble, and also economize the Fund, if those ladies and 
gentlemen who have not as yet paid their Subscriptions will 
forward them on receipt of this Notice, without farther 
application. Subscriptions are due on 1st January in each 

* See page xxi. 


''Let it be remembered that this work is intended to be, not a mere temporary 
vehicle of amusement, but a permanent storehouse of authentic information, to 
which reference may hereafter be confidently made." — Anon. 

"Jam parce sepulto 
Parce pias scelerare manus." — Virgil. 

Translation. — Now deal reverently with my dust. Forbear to pollute thy 
holy hands. x 

" Every stone that we look upon in this Repository of past ages is both an 
Entertainment and a Monitor." — Plain Dealer. 

. . . "Tu mihi terram 
Injice namque potes 

Sedibus ut saltern plaeidis 
In morte quiescam." 

Translation. — Do thou, since it is in thy power so to do, sprinkle the earth 
over my remains, that at least after death I may rest in an uuddsiurbed grave. 

"Time corrodes our epitaphs, and buries our very tombstones." 

" Away from the tumult and passion ; 
Away from the care and the strife ; 
Away from the folly and fashion 
Pervading the city's gay life." 


'Tell me, grey-haired sexton.' said I. 
'Where in the field are the wicked folk laid? 

I have wandered the quiet old graveyard through, 

And studied the epitaphs, old and new, 

But on monument, obelisk, pillar, or stone 

I read no evil that men have done.' 

The old sexton stood by a grave newly made, 
W 7 ith his chin on his hand, his hand on a spade : 
• Who is the judge when the soul takes its flight? 
Who is judge 'twixt the wrong and the right ? 
Which of us mortals shall dare to say 
That our neighbour was wicked who died to-day? 

•In our journey through life, the farther we speed, 
The better we learn that humility's need 
Is charity's spirit that prompts us to find 
Rather virtue than vice in the lives of our kind. 

4 Therefore good deeds we record on these stones ; 
The evil men do, let it rest with their bones ; 
I have laboured as sexton this many a year, 
But I never have buried a bad man here.' 



[The names of " Life Subscribers •' are printed in " heavy -faced 11 type. 

Academy, The Royal Irish 
Archdall, The Et. Rev. Mervyn, 
d.d., Bishop of Eillaloe. 

Blake, J. R. 


Brunskill, The Rev. K. C. 
Buckley, James 
Bimbury, Rev. H. 

Castletown of Upper Ossory, Lord 
Coyle, The Rev. James, p.p. ... 
Crossle, F. C, m.b. ... 
Crozier, John G. 

Douglass, M. B. 

Falldner, Rev. W. F. 
FitzSimon, H. R. ... 

Hore, P. H., Captn. ... 
Hughes, Benjn. 
Irwin, The Rev. Alexander 
Langrishe, Richard ... 

Library, The 

Levenson-Gower, A. F. H. 

Mahony, J. J. ... 

Meade, The Rt. Rev. \V. E., d.d., 

Bishop of Cork 
Moore, Mrs. H. S. 
Mullin, Charles 

Dawson Street, Dublin. 
Clarisford House, Killaloe. 

Louie Villa, Belmont Avenue, 

Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone. 
154 Portsdown Road, London. 
Killeen Glebe, Dunshaughlin, 

Co. Meath. 

Doneraile Court, Doneraile. 
Leighlinbridge. Co. Carlow. 
The Chestnuts, Ne wry. 
Gortra House, Newtownbutler. 

Glamnore Castle, Ashford, Co. 

Killucan, Co. AYestmeath. 
15 Bridgefoot Street, Dublin. 

41 Bath Road, Bedford Park, 

London, W. 
Tlie Independent Office, Wexford. 

5 Charlemont Place, Armagh. 

Dundrum House, Dundrum, Co 


c/o Foreign Office, London. 

Fort Villas, Queenstown. 

The Palace, St. Finbarre's, Cork. 

7 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin. 
John Street, Ornagh. 

O'Connor, P. 

O'Leary, Patrick ... , ... 

Pollard -Urquhart, Lieut. -Col. T. 
Potts, The Rev. John 

Power, The Rev. G. B. 

Radcliffe, John \j 

Rushe, D. Carolan 

Ryan, The Rev. John C, o.p 

Shelly, Thomas 

Stubbs, Miss L/C. ... 

Smith, The Rev. Canon Travers, 


Taylor, The Rev. J. Wallace, 


Teeling, Luke 

Vicars, Sir Arthur, Lister 
Vigors, Miss E. A. 

White, The Very Rev. G., Dean 

of Cashel 
W T hitley, The Rev. A. W. 
Williamson, Rev. C. A. 

Younge, Miss K. E. ... 


25 D'Olier Street, Dublin. 
Graigue, Co. Kilkenny. 

Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath. 

Grange Sylvae Rectory, Gores- 
bridge, Co. Kilkenny. 

Kilfane Glebe, Thomastown, 
Co. Kilkenny. 

Farlane, Greenfield, near Oldham 

College of St. Thomas of Aquin, 
Newbridge, Co. Kildare. 

Callan, Co. Kilkenny. 
Rathmacknee, Killinick, Wexford. 
The Vicarage, Clyde Road, Dublin. 

Emyvale, Monaghan, 

32 Upper Mount Street, Dublin. 

Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 
Holloden, Bagenalstown. 

The Palace, Cashel. 

Templemartin Glebe, Bandon. 
4 India Street, Belfast. 

Upper Oldtown, Rathdowney, 
Queen's Co. 

These subscribers paid after the 31st of July, 1900, when Part I was issued. 

ijh-fjttrbatfott of tt)t 0ltmotia\$ of tljz ©eat), 

VOL. IV. No. IV. PART 2. 

" Where would have been the history, the art, the philosophy of the past 
ages, had there been no provident conservators, wise for all generations, to 
transmit these precious relics to their descendants ? " — Allibone. 


Qj'iW4/E have much pleasure in presenting to our Subscribers 
U Oj the Second Part of our Journal for 1900, which com- 
pletes our Fourth Volume, making a total of over 2,000 
pages of letterpress since we started on our work in 1888. Many 
of the remarks we have made in former Prefaces still apply. We 
regret the paucity of our Subscribers, and the consequent inability 
to do more, both as regards the letterpress and engravings. If 
the number of our Subscribers had been largely increased, we 
would not be obliged, as we are now, to go to our friends and to 
ask them to increase their subscriptions from 5s. to 10s. a year. 
Our present rate of subscription leaves us not only unable to 
assist in the preservation of monuments of interest and impor- 
tance, but even unable to pay the expense of the publication of 
our annual Journal. Up to the present not one shilling has 
been paid for working expenses, and our work has been done 
gratuitously by gentlemen who were not only busy, but some of 
them overworked in other ways. This assistance our friends 
find themselves unable to continue to give us to the same 
extent ; consequently we have been obliged to seek help else- 


where. The Rev. Hugo R. Huband, m.a., Killiskey Rectory, 
has very kindly joined our small band of gratuitous workers, and 
Mr. Thos. M. Steele has kindly consented to act as Assistant 
Treasurer, to which post the Committee have unanimously 
appointed him. We trust that our friends, for whom we have 
been working gratuitously for the last twelve years, will now 
come forward and help us to put the Association on a firmer and 
more lasting basis. 

- Several counties in Ireland give us but little help. We would 
ask our supporters to bring our Association under the notice of 
their friends in such neighbourhoods and elsewhere. 

We have again to thank the gentlemen of the Press for their 
great kindness and the material help which they have always 
given 'us. From among the many notices of our Journal for the 
year 1899 we cull the following extracts : — 

Sub-leader in " The Irish Times " of June 9th, 1900. 

" The annual Journal of the Irish Association for the Preservation 
of the Memorials of the Dead, which has just been issued, is a publi- 
cation of strange interest. Despite the solemnity of its object, and, 
what many would consider its gloomy and sombre contents, it 
exercises over the reader a wonderful fascination, reminding one of 
the feelings of exalted delight and profound reverence with which 
Addison surveyed the tombs in Westminster Abbey. The Society 
•has for its aim improvement cf the state of our burial-grounds, in 
some instances sadly neglected, and the collection into successive 
volumes of descriptions of our churchyards, and the memorials of 
the departed, which love and admiration have raised over their last 
resting-places. 1 Time corrodes our epitaphs, and buries our very 
tombstones;' but it is the work of this Association to copy and pre- 
serve them as records of the past and of the present, and to transmit 
them as a heritage for the care and instruction of future generations. 
The task is carried on by a small band of zealous and cultured asso- 
ciates, 250 iii number, who interest themselves in drawing attention 
to the decay of tombs in our widely scattered graveyards, and in 
transcribing and printing facsimiles of their records. The work 
has won the admiration of so eminent a historian as Lecky, and so 
distinguished a scholar and divine as the saintly and cultured 
Bishop of Meath. If the volume before us be read as widely as it 
deserves, the membership of the Association, hitherto comparatively 
little known, is certain to be largely increased, and a work which 
so far has depended upon the select few will be gladly shared by 
the many," 


" The Freeman's Journal" contains the following notice : — 

" The Journal for 1899 of'the Association for the Preservation 
of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland is a most interesting 
volume. It contains descriptions, with illustrations, of monuments 
in twenty-five Irish counties, and in as many as fourteen parishes 
in some of those counties. There are twenty-six full-page engrav- 
ings, and numerous smaller illustrations. There is, besides, the 
reproduction of sixteen monumental coats-of-arms on tombstones in 
Ireland. Some of the monuments described and illustrated are 
very ancient ; others are of the present century, not a few of them 
belonging to the present decade. All of them are interesting 
memorials ; and though those dealing with a remoter age will 
attract most attention, much can be said for the inclusion of descrip- 
tions of monuments of our day. How valuable it would be if such 
a society existed in the past to hand down to us descriptions, with 
explanation of the meaning and purpose of remains, the history of 
which antiquaries are now endeavouring to rescue from obscurity. 
The Association, which takes steps to preserve from decay and 
injury all that is valuable amongst these monuments of the past, is 
doing a good work. Its Journal is full of interest to the student 
of history, of genealogy, and of antiquity ; and the general tourist 
will find much in it to help him in attaining a knowledge of the 
interesting remains in many of the localities that lie in his way." 

"The Daily Express" of the 16th of June, 1900, says :— 

" The annual Journal of the Irish Association for the Preserva- 
tion of the Memorials of the Dead, just issued, is a publication of 
intense interest, appealing, as it does, very strongly not merely to the 
antiquary and the devotee of heraldry, who find sermons in stones, 
but to that class who, though less cultured perhaps, and less closely 
appreciative of all that such memorials convey, is rapidly becoming 
one of the most important factors in life — we mean the tourist. 
This book, apart altogether from what we may call its technical 
value, is in itself a very complete guide-book to the monumental 
stones of the places dealt with, though, needless to say, being a 
continuous publication, it places before us but an instalment of the 
innumerable antiquarian treasures of Ireland. " 

" The Church of Ireland Gazette " of June 8th, 1900, tells its 

readers, in the Antiquarian Notes : — 

" I would like to bring under the notice of our readers the 
Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, 
the annual volume of which has just been issued. It is a Society 
that is worthy of much larger support than at present it enjoys. 
When I mention that the subscription is only five shillings a 
year, and that each member receives for this a bulky volume, full 


value for the money, it will be seen that the members are parti- 
cularly well treated. Indeed, as an investment in a small way, one 
might do worse than join the 'Association, for twenty years hence. I 
venture to say, these Journals will have increased in value. May 
I express the hope, therefore, that many of our readers will forward 
their names to Colonel Vigors, Hoiloden, Bagenalstown, County 
Carlow, with a subscription of five shillings ? " 

In the issue of " The Northern Standard " of the 14th of 
July, 1900, we find the following : — 

<{ The Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials 
of the Dead {Ireland)* 

" The second part of the fourth volume of the above has just 
been issued. Respecting its merits generally we need only say it is 
fully as interesting and as complete as any of its predecessors ; nay, 
it seems to us improving as it grows older. There are in it £00 
pages of closely printed letterpress, every page, every line, in truth, 
bristling with information, most valuable to the antiquarian, 
genealogist, and historian. There are twenty-six pages of engrav- 
ings, all interesting, accurate, and well done, several of them 
of great artistic excellence and beauty." 

"The Down Recorder" of September, 1900, thus notices 
our work : — 

u The Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the 
Dead in Ireland have just issued Part III of their Journal for the 
current year. It is illustrated with facsimiles of curious tomb- 
stones, ancient mural tablets, and photographic reproductions of 
historic churches. It contains a mass of reading of a most inte- 
resting character, put together in a manner which reflects the 
highest credit on Col. P. D. Vigors and the committee of manage- 
ment. It has been said, and truly, that to arrive at a proper 
appreciation of present-day events and present-day surroundings, a 
knowledge of what has gone before is indispensable. We know 
Ireland to be a country teeming with historical associations. Owing 
to internal disorders at various times, many Irish public papers and 
private documents were unhappily destroyed. But, short of volcanic 
convulsion, there is nothing which can annihilate the stones which 
mark the resting-places of the dead, though time in a great 
measure may efface the inscriptions. The Association are doing a 
national work, and should meet with the material support of all 
who have a thought to spare from the doings of our busy world.*' 

We have also to thank " The Belfast News-Letter" for a very 
long and ably written notice of the Association, which has been of 


much advantage to us, as it has brought us several new sub- 
scribers. Our supporters will see that, instead of issuing an 
annual volume at one time, we are now publishing the volume 
in two parts — the first in June, and the second in December, or 
as near to those months as circumstances will permit — in the 
hope that the issue of our publication at shorter intervals will 
stir up and keep alive a more active interest in our work among 
our members. We cannot allow this number to be issued 
without expressing our deep sense of the great loss our country 
has sustained by the death of Miss Margaret Stokes, who may 
well be called one of Ireland's most gifted daughters ; and when 
we look around us, we do so in the vain hope of finding anyone 
to fill her place. We believe that the last time she appeared in 
public was when she read a paper in the rooms of the Royal 
Irish Academy, before the Royal Archaeological Institute of 
Great Britain and Ireland, on the 23rd of last July; and we fear 
that the fatigue of that evening, together with her late journey 
home, were not without their evil effects on her delicate con- 
stitution ; and that consequently she may be considered, in 
some measure, a martyr to her devotion to Irish art. There 
are two other names added to our death-roll that must not be 
passed over in silence — the Rev. T. Olden, d.d., the ripe scholar 
and historian, who has enriched the proceedings of the Royal Irish 
Academy with so many valuable papers on subjects historical 
and antiquarian relating to Ireland ; and Mr. W. F. Wakeman, 
whose name occupies a high place as an archa3ologist, and whose 
writings are too well known to require any special notice from 
us. The fruits of his pen and pencil will long occupy a pro- 
minent place in the libraries of Irish antiquaries, and will prove 
to be his most lasting monument. 

November, 1900. 

The Committee of this Association having had under their 
careful consideration the laborious work of the Society in 
obtaining information regarding monuments and tombstones, 
neglected burial-grounds and the other objects of their work, also 
the great amount of correspondence entailed in the collection of 


subscriptions and issue of the journals, &c, find that, it i3 neces- 
sary to elect an Assistant-Treasurer, the work absorbing too 
much of the time of those who have hitherto conducted it. 

The Committee believe that no other society in Great Britain 
issues such a journal as they do annually for the very small 
subscription hitherto given ; and as they feel it is now absolutely 
necessary to make better provision for the future conduct of the 
Journal, and for the general work of the Association, they have 
unanimously agreed that the " Annual Subscription" shall in 
future be ten shillings, in place of five shillings, as at present, 
and that the '■' Life Subscription " shall be <£7, instead of £5. 
This increase they hope will enable them to include the 
publication of the Index, which has hitherto had to be made a 
separate charge, the cost being considerable — in one case over 
£30. ) 

The annual subscriptions hitherto received have not been 
sufficient to cover the expense of printing and illustrating the 
Journal ; and nothing is available for the repair of monuments 
or other work of the Association. 

It is hoped that the members will give their kind support to 
the Committee in this matter, and so enable them to carry on 
work which they trust has met with the approval of the members, 
and the necessity for which in this country is patent to all. 

Those members, if any, who object to this change in the 
subscription will be good enough to notify the same, ivith as 
little delay as possible, to Colonel Vigors. 

^g 1 " As many of our readers are probably unaware of the 
facts mentioned in the following five or six pages respecting 
the extraordinary damage that has been committed in our Irish 
and English churches and burial-grounds to the monuments 
and tombstones of by-gone generations, we reprint them here 
(with some slight alterations from those we issued in 1888), and 
they should require no further notice from us to convince all 
who read them of the urgent and absolute need' there is for the 
work of our Association and for its financial support. .. 



Established, 1883. 

No. 1. 

In forwarding the accompanying papers on the above subject, 
may I beg that you will not only join this Association, but be land 
enough to use every effort in your power to obtain subscriptions for 
our work, and endeavour to enlist the sympathy and support of the 
clergy and laity of all denominations in your neighbourhood and 
elsewhere to the object we have in view? 

There are many ways in which you can further our proposed 
work, such as by sending to me, direct, descriptions of any Monu- 
ments^ or Tombstones of interest you may know of, and if accom- 
panied by sketches and other particulars their value will be 

All inscriptions should be copied 1 1 verbatim," great care being 
taken as to dates and names. Coats-of-Arms and Crests should be 
noted, and, if possible, copied. 

Any. printed or MS. description or accounts of early tombs, &c, 
should be quoted and extracts made. 

As it is proposed to publish, at the end of each year, an account 
of what money has been subscribed by each county, and of the 
reports received from counties throughout Ireland of work done, or 
required to be done, for the Preservation of Tombs and Monuments, 
I hope that your county will bold a prominent place in the report. 

In conclusion, you are earnestly requested to give your support 
to this undertaking, and to keep it before the public as far as you 
possibly can. 

I shall be glad to supply you with more circulars for distri- 
bution should you wish for them, and also to send you any further 
information in my power that you may desire. 

The following are the Subscriptions : — 

To constitute a Life Member...'. Five Pounds. 

„ „ an Annual Member ......Five Shillings. - 

These, as well as "Donations" will be thankfully received and 
acknowledged by 


Holloden, Bagenalstown, 
Co. Carlow. 


-No. II. 

The chief objects of our Association are : — 

I. — To endeavour to preserve and protect the Tombs, Monuments, 

and Memorials of the Dead in our Churches and Burial- 

II. — To secure a record of existing Tombs and Monuments of 

interest, with their inscriptions, &c, and to obtain such 
information as is possible regarding others that may have 
been removed or destroyed. 

III. — To watch carefully works carried on in and about Churches, 

&c, so as to prevent injury to Monuments and Tomb- 

TV. — To repair such Tombs and Monuments as the Committee 
approve of, and that the funds at their disposal admit of. 

Y. — To print annually a report of work done, and requiring to be 
done, and also such other matter connected with the 
ancient Memorials of the Dead in this country as may be 
thought desirable. 

VI. — The printing of Extracts of interest from Chapter Books, 
Parochial and other Registers and Records, is thought 
very desirable, and the Clergy are earnestly requested to 
furnish them, as well as any other information they can 
give connected with their Churches and Parishes, and 
disused Burial-grounds. 

VIL — Accounts of Antient Fonts, Bells, Church Plate, and 
Memorial Glass are also requested, and papers on them 
may be read at the meetings of the Society. 

VIII. — A description of the Monuments of the "Huguenots" and 
other foreign refugees in this country would be very 
interesting, and will be thankfully received. 

Subscriptions and Donations, to enable the Committee to carry on 
the work, are earnestly requested. 


No* III. 

In order to show the necessity for the work of our Society, the 
following few cases may be quoted as some amongst the many that 
exist; and first on this list may well stand the burial-place of our 
patron saint at Downpatrick. Here it is stated that at present 
(whatever memorial formerly existed) not a vestige' of a tombstone 
or memorial of any kind whatsoever marks the spot where this 
great and good man's remains were interred.* 

At Clare Island the tomb of Grace O'Maliey, the " Queen of the 
West," " a handsome cut-stone canopied one, in the chancel of 
St. Bridget's Abbey, has the lower portion of it embedded in the 
earth, and covered with manure, the place being used as a shelter 
for cattle " ! 

The writer adds — " It is sad to think the good sense of the 
people would not dictate more reverent treatment of the graves of 
their ancestors." 

At Ballintubber Abbey, County Mayo, the tomb of " Tibot-na- 
lung " (<•' Theobold of the Ship " ), son of Grace O'Maliey, and First 
Earl of Mayo, is subject to the same disgraceful treatment ; it is a 
beautiful example of the transitional style of art where the newly 
introduced classic or Italian mouldings in general outline have been 
carried out by native workmen, who have introduced Irish or 
Hibernianesque detail into the composition of the sculptured human 
figures," &c. 

" The stone altar serves as a rubbing-post for cattle " ! 
The ancient tombs at Bannow, County Wexford, are another 

At Lusk Church, County Dublin, the fine raised tomb of 
Sir Christopher Barnewall and his wife, with coats-of-arms on it, 
and two full-sized recumbent figures, stands exposed to the destruc- 
tive effects of heat and cold, sun, rain and frost. £6 is said 
to be required to have it put into a place of safety, and of this 
£2 has been promised ; but the tomb still remains unprotected for 
the small sum of £4.f 

At Kilfane old church, County Kilkenny, a splendid thirteenth- 
century full-length and mail-clad knightly figure of one of the 
De Cantvilles is half-buried in rubbish, and at any time liable to 

* Through the exertions of Mr. F. J. Bigger of Belfast, a great granite stone 
of several tons weight, inscribed with an ancient Irish cross and the name 
PATRICK, in Irish characters, has been placed over the above traditional 
grave of the saint. P.D.V., 1900. 

t We are happy to say that this fine tomb has been removed under cover, 
and is now safe from injury. 


At Graigue, Jerpoint Abbey, and Gowran, Kilkenny, broken 
and mutilated figures bear witness to the injuries done, and to the 
necessity for our protecting <hand. 

At Ardfert, Kerry, a tomb of one the Knights of Kerry is 
reported be ' 1 in a farmyard." 

At Buttevant, Mr. R. Brash, a few years ago, reported that the 
ancient Tombs of the Magners, the Prendergasts, the O'Caliaghans, 
the Donegans, the Meads, the Healeys, the Nagles, and the Supples, 
mentioned in Smith's History of Cork, no longer exist ! He adds — 
" Sculptured stones lie scattered about the churchyard in great 
confusion, apparently belonging to richly decorated tombs." 

At Kilrnallock Priory, a tomb of the " White Knight " " and 
many other tombs " are reported to be il ankle-deep in cow-dung." 
But space does not permit to enter here into further details : suffice 
it to say that everywhere throughout the length and breadth of the 
land, wherever there are or were the tombs of our great chieftains, 
warriors, divines, and even the tombs of ladies, they have been 
more or less injured, destroyed, removed, or misappropriated. This 
must be patent to all who have directed their attention to the 
subject ; but, alas ! the pity is — their names are few compared to 
the mass who pass them by unheeded. 

The reports of the English Society >;: describe a state of things 

quite equal to what we have before us. 

" Inter alia," the following cases are recorded : — 

"Two tons of brasses from Hereford Cathedral sold to a 


" Ancient tombstones, at Much Dewchurch, found forming the 
floor of the Rectory stable " ! 
The same thing at Farnham. 

" At Purton Church, the scullery floor of the Vicarage is laid 
with memorial slabs removed from the church." 

Architects' vandalism is recorded from Drayton Church, near 
Banbury, and 

From Nantwich, Cheshire, we are given the particulars of " the 
shameful destruction of monumental inscriptions which fill ten 
pages quarto "11! 

At Bowden, Cheshire, tombstones were found in the old vicarage, 
now a private residence. 

At Chew Magna, Somerset, "a late vicar had tombstones taken 
from the churchyard to pave his coach-house " ! ! ! 

At Monteith, in Scotland, a landing pier is reported to be 
partially built of tombstones. 

* Which existed for some years ; but which, we greatly regret to say, we 
believe no longer exists. 



In Devonshire, a seventeenth-century tombstone of one of the 
Earls of Devon has been quite recently used to form a pathway 
into a " restored" church at Exeter. 

At Rugby Restoration u much wanton destruction was effected." 

At Peterborough a " font" was broken up to "mend the roads"! 
and another was found in a stable-yard. 

In Suffolk, marble figures, from monuments, were found 
" adorning gardens." 

At Bishop Canning Church, ancient monumental slabs have 
been " buried under modern tiles." 

The Maltravers' tomb, 500 years old, was nearly destroyed, and 
had a bed of cement laid over it. 

At Horsham, Sussex, fifteenth-century brasses and other church 
things were found in the possession of a late vicar. 

In Herefordshire, " a beautiful incised slab was recovered from 
a stonemason's yard, who was just about to break it up." 

In Belgium the Government have established a Royal Commis- 
sion for the Registration and Preservation of Monuments. We 
badly want something of the kind here as well as in England. 


Established in 1888. 

The following Prospectus was issued some few years since, 
in place of that of 1888 ; we beg our readers' attention to it, and 
again appeal to our friends to give us t-heir active co-operaticn 
and support. 

The Objects we have in view, and hope to see carried out in the 
course of time, are : — 

L — To endeavour to rouse the attention of the Clergy and 
Laity to the present generally very disgraceful state of the burial- 


grounds in Ireland, and to enlist their sympathy and active aid in 
getting them into better order, and enclosed, where they require it ■ 
to strive to have them preserved and protected, and treated with the 
respect and veneration due to them, 

II. — To secure a record of all existing tombs and 
monuments of any interest — by having their inscriptions care- 
fully and accurately copied ; and to obtain information, as far as 
possible, regarding those that have been removed or destroyed. 

III. — To watch carefully works carried on in, and about, churches, 
&c, so as to prevent injury to monuments and 

IV. — To repair tombs of National interest where the 
present representatives of the deceased are not in a position to do 
so, and that the funds admit of it (as has been done in the case of 
Richard Millikin's tombstone at Douglas, Co. Cork — the author of 
" The Groves of Blarney " — and several other tombs). 

V. — To print annually a Journal, with illustrations 

and copies of inscriptions, and also such other matter connected 
with the Ancient Memorials of the Dead in this country as may 
be thought desirable. 

The Journals already printed contain about 200 pages each, and 
are issued free to Subscribers. 

VI. — The printing of extracts of interest from chapter-books, 
parochial and other registers and records, is thought very desirable, 
and the Clergy are earnestly requested to furnish them, as 
well as any other information they can give connected with their 
churches and parishes, and used and disused burial-grounds. 

VII. — Accounts of ancient fonts, bells, ^hurch plate, and 
memorial glass, are also requested,' with sketches, photographs, or 
rubbings; and copies of inscriptions thereon will be thankfully 

It is hoped that in course of time, through this Association, a 


and legible, may be formed, the great value of which it is 
unnecessary to enlarge upon here. 



To enable the Editors to carry on the above work, subscriptions 
are absolutely necessary, and are' earnestly requested. 

Life Subscription ... ... Five Pounds. 

Annual do. ... ... ... Five Shillings. 

From 1st of January, 1901, these subscriptions will be : — 

For Life Members ... ... Seven Pounds. 

For Annual Members ... ... Ten Shillings. 

(See page xiv.) 

Annual Subscriptions are due in January each year. 

N.B. — All Subscriptions to be sent to 

Colonel P. D. Vigoks, 

Holloden, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow ; 
E. R. M'C. Dix, Esq., Hon. Treasurer, 
2 Pembroke Road, Dublin ; 
or to T. M. Steele, Esq., Assistant-Treasurer t 
37 Belgrave Square, Rathgar. 

You are requested to mention this work to your f riends (both ladies 
and gentlemen), and to itse your influence with them to obtain their 
support and co-operation. 

P. D. V. 

N.B. — Copies of some few of the Reports for back years can 
still be had on application to Colonel Vigors. At present only 800 
copies of each Journal are printed. Back numbers are scarce and 
difficult to obtain. 





List of Subscribers ... ... 

Preface ... ..... 


List of Illustrations ... 
Account for the year 1900 


ANTRIM — Billy Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 353 

Carncastle Parish — View of the Church ... ... 355 

Portglenone Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 355 

Rasharkin Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 356 

.ARMAGH (nil) ... ... ... ... ... 358 

CARLOW — Ballinacarrig — Inscriptions ... ... 358 

Staplestown Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 3G0 

Leighlin Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 861 

Cathedral of St. Lazerian ... ... ... 364 

Wells Parish — Extracts from Parish Registers ... 865 

CAVAN (nil) ... ... ... ... ... 369 

CLARE — Ennis Abbey — Inscriptions ... ... ... 369 

Dromcliff Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 870 

Killone Convent Chancel — Inscription N ... ... 370 

Kilkeedy Church — Inscription ... ... ... 371 

Eilmaley Church — Inscription ... ... ... 871 

Kilcoeney Parish Church — Inscription ... ... 871 

Abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, alias Clare Abbey— 

Inscriptions ... ... ... ... ... 871 

Quin Parish (Franciscan Friary) — Inscriptions ... 373 




... xxii 
... xxvii 
... xxviii 



Reports from Counties — continued. 

* ' PAGE 

Friary Church— Inscriptions ... ... ... 374 

Rathblamaic Church — Inscription ... ... 875 

CORK — Inishannon Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 375 

Rathcooney Churchyard — Inscriptions ..." ... 377 

DONEGAL— Inver— Inscription ... ..." ... 379 

Clonca and Culdaff Parishes — Church, Cross, and 

Extracts from Vestry Book ... ... ... 380 

Malin Parish — Burials ... ... ... ... 886 

DOWN — Comber Parish — Inscription ..." ... ... 387 

Kilmegan Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 388 

DUBLIN — Drumcondra Parish — Inscription ... ... 392 

Glasnevtn Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 392 

Kin sale y Parish — Inscriptions ... - ... ... 393 

Saggart Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 395 

St. Michan's Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 397 

" The Cabbage Garden " Burial- Ground — Inscriptions 401 

St. Peter's Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 404 

Chapelizod — Crumlin — Don abate — Howth — Finglas — 
Lusk — Rush — Portmarnock — Swords — St. Margaret's 
— Tallaght — and Rathfarnham Burial-Grounds — 

Seventeenth-Century Tombstones ... ... 407 

St. Mary's Parish, Crumlin — List of Churchwardens ... 408 

Tallaght Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 411 

FERMANAGH— The Fidler's Tombstone ... ... 412 

GALWAY — Killereren Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 412 

Meelick Abbey Obituary — continued ... ... 414 

Moyruss Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 416 

KERRY — Aghadoe— Inscriptions ... ... ... 417 

Kenmare Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 417 

K1LDARE — Ballynadrumny Parish — Inscriptions ... 419 

Celbridge Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 419 

Conolly Monument ... ... ... ... 419 

Narraghmore Parish, Kyle — Inscriptions ... ... 420 

Laraghbryan Parish, Maynooth — Inscriptions ... 422 

Moyle Abbey — Inscriptions ... ... ... 423 

Naas Parish, St. David's — Inscriptions ... ... 424 


( • 


Reports from Counties— continued. 

*" PAGE 

KILKENNY — Kilmacow Parish — Inscription ... ... 425 

Kilree Parish — Inscriptions .... ... ... 425 

Powerstown Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 420 

Clergymen's Names ... ... ... ... 431 

Rathpatrick Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 432 

Shaneill, or St. Kill, Parish — Inscriptions ... 4S2 

Thomastown Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 434 

KING'S COUNTY— Clonmacnoise— Inscription ... 439 

LEITRIM (nil) ... ... ... ... ... 440 

LIMERICK— Kilpeacon — Inscriptions... ... ... 440 

LONDONDERRY — City of— Extracts from Templemore 

Parish Register ... ... ... ... 442 

LONGFORD— Tashinny Parish— Inscription ... ... 444 

LOUTH — Carlingford Parish — Inscriptions ... ... 445 



V, . xxv 





MAYO — Kilmaine Parish and Church ... ... ... 447 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 447 

MEATH— Duleek Parish ... ... ... ... 451 

Annsbrook Cross ... ... ... ... 451 

Duleek Bridge — Inscription ... ... ... 453 

Colpe Parish — Inscription ... ' ... ... 453 

Dunshaugulin Parish— Font ... ... ... 453 

Kells Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 455 

High Cross in Kells Town ... ... ... 460 

Moore church Parish — Inscriptions... ... ... 460 

MONAGHAN (nil) ... ... ... ... 463 

QUEEN'S COUNTY— Monk's Grange Parish, &c.~ 

■ Inscriptions ... ... ... ... ... 463 

Port Arlington Parish — French Church Inscription ... 465 

ROSCOMMON— Killukin Parish — Inscriptions ... 465 

SL1GO (nil) ... ... ... ... ... 466 

TIPPERARY— Thurles Parish— Inscriptions ... ... 467 

• The Archer Tomb ... ... ... ... 470 

Tubrid Parish — Churchwardens ... ... ... 473 

Extracts from Parish Registers ... ... ... 474 

Tombstones ... ... ... ... ... 474 

TYRONE — Coagh Churchyard — Inscription ... ... 476 

Donaghmore Upper Parish — Castlecaulneld Church ... 477 

Clinoe — Inscription ... ... ... ••• 477 

WAT E R FO R D — Carrick-Beg — Monuments ... ... 478 

Churchtown — Monuments ... • •. 479 

Churchtown — Everard Tomb ... ... ... 480 

Kilmeadon Parish — Monument ... ... 481 

Dungabvan — Castle and Abbey ... ... x ... 481 

Lismore Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 482 

Eenry Eeles's Tomb ... ... ... ... 483 

Stradbally Parish ... ... ... ... 483 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... 483 


Reports from Counties — continued. 

WESTMEATH— Athlone Parish— Inscription ... 486 

Castlepollard Parish — Font ... ... ... 486 

Fore, or Feigkan, Parish ... ... ... ... 486 

Nugent — Monument and Inscription .. ... 487 

Multifernam Parish — Inscriptions ... " ... ... 488 

Noughaville Parish ... ... ... ... 489 

Ardnacraney Abbey — Inscription ... ... ... 489 

Drumraney — Inscription ... ... ... ... 489 

Bunown Parish — Inscriptions ... ... ... 489 

Bunown Churchyard — Inscription ... ... ... 490 

Kilkenny West Parish — Inscription ... ... 490 

Eathconrath Parish — Inscription ... ... ... 490 

The D' Alton Monument ... .. ... ... 490 

The Abbey Graveyard, Athlone — Inscriptions ... 493 
Rathgraff Parish — Castlepollard Church — Inscrip- 
tions ... ... ... ... ... 494 

WEXFORD — New Ross Parish ... ... ... 497 

St. Mary's Church— Inscriptions ... ... ... 497 

The Conway Tomestone, 1487 ... ... ... 500 

The Gaunter Tombstone ... ... ... ... 500 

WICK LOW— Blessington Parish and Church... ... 501 

Archbishop Michael Boyle — Monument ... ... 501 

Belgany Parish — Kilcoole Church ... ... ... 505 

The Byrnes of Ballygannon ... ... ... 505 

Glendalough Parish ... ... ... ... 506 

Monumental Inscriptions ... ... ... 506 





1. Carncastlo Church, County Antrim ,.. 

2. Dunbar Monument, Rasharkin, County Antrim 

3. Hume Crest, Arms, and Motto, Inver, County Donegal 

4. Cloncha Church and Cross, County Donegal ... 

5. Meredith Arms, &c, at Comber, County Down 

6. Tombstone at 'Kenmare, County Kerry 

7. Conolly Monument at Celbridge, County Kildare 

8. The Ly Monument, 1022, County Kilkenny ... 

9. FitzGerald Monument at Rathpatriek, County Kilkenny 

10. Aylward Tombstone, Shankill, County Kilkenny 

11. Part of a Cross at Carlingford, County Louth.. 

12. Nugent Crest and Arms, &c, Co. Westmeath ... 

13. D'Alton Monument at Rathconrath, County Westmeath 

14. Curious Tombstone from the Abbey, Athlone, County 


15* Conway Tombstone, 1487, at St. Mary's, New Ross, 

< County Wexford 
16. Thirteenth-Century Tombstone, at St. Mary's, New Ross, 
County VYexford 







association for tfe ^rcserbatiou of fHcmorials of tijr 


Amount of all Life Subscriptions received prior to 1st 

January, 1900 ... ... ... ... £70 

Miss Vigors' Subscription, received December, 1900 ... 5 
Interest on Amount in Post Office Savings Bank ... 5 

£75 5 

By Amounts transferred from time to time to Income 

Accounts prior to 1st January, 1900 ... ... 17 

Amount so transferred in 1900 ... ... ... 30 

Balance in Post Office Savings Bank ... ... 23 5 

,, Hibernian Bank (Miss Vigors' Subscription) 5 

£75 5 

E. R. M'C. Dix, 
• 31 st December, 1900. Ho?i. Treasurer. 


January to December, 1900, inclusive. 

Cash Balance from last year ... ... ... £0 11 11 

Annual Subscriptions and Donations ... ... 59 7 6 

Sale of Journals ... ... ... ... 17 16 

Interest on Deposit Receipt ... ... ... 4 4 

Amount transferred from Capital Account ... ... 80 

£107 19 9 


Lewis & M'Dowall's Account (Engravers) ... ... 7 18 2 

Gibbs k Son, on Account for Printing ... ... 85 17 

Sundries ... ... ... ... ... 6 8 11 

£99 19 1 

Balance to Credit ... ... ... ... 8 8 

£107 19 9 
E. R. M'C. Dix, 
81s* December, 1900. Hon. Treasurer. 

N.B.— There is still due to Printers £2 7s. 5d., for Part I of 
The Journal for 1900, and the entire cost of Part 11. 




Parish Cltitreli of Kiliiiaiiie. 

[Contributed by George Ormsby, Esq., 1899.] 

' Opposite the west door there is an oblong slab which has 
evidently been moved from its original position. The top left-hand 
corner has been broken off. It bears the following inscription, cut 
in capital letters, the surface of which is flush with the surface of 
the stone ' : — 


...ox of ROBERT LEWIS j ...ent who departed this j 


' 1 On the south side of the church there is an enclosure to the 
Jenings family, containing four upright and two horizontal stones, 
with the following inscriptions ' : — 

1 (1) Upright headstone ' — 

" The memory of the just is blessed | In affectionate 
remembrance | of | Benjamin Jenings | of Mount 
Jenings | who died 10 th October 18G3 j aged 73 years | 
z\lso of | Haeriette Catharine his wife j daughter of 
Henry Bingham | who died 6 th October 1872 | aged 71 

Jude 21 
Erected by their children | " 

' (2) Horizontal slab ' — 

• " Sacred | to the | memory | of | -George Jenings | of | 
Mount Jenings Esq | who departed this life | the 22 nU 
day of March | 1822' \ aged 90 years" 

' (3) Upright headstone ' — 

"In | grateful memory | of | our beloved Aunt I 
Josephine Jenings j who spent her life for us | died 
24 th October 1884" ' 

O G 



* (4) Upright headstone ' — 

" Blessed are the dead which" die in the Lord | In loving 
memory | of | Benjamin Jenings | of Mount Jenings | 
who died 4 th of Sep 1 1873 | aged 49 years 

Colossians iii. 3, 4." 


1 (5) Horizontal slab ' — 

"Here lieth the body of Sidney | Jenings alias Willson 
wife of Geor I Jenings of Mount Jenings in the | 
Count v of Mayo Esq r who dep | arted this life on the 
24 th day of | September 1791 " 

4 (G) Upright headstone ' — 

"In memory | of | Lyndon Little M D | who died 17 th 
of June 1870 | aged 52 years | Also cf his wife | Anna 
Caroline Little | daughter of the late | Benjamin 
Jenings | died 24 th of September 18G6 | aged 38 years 

Komans vi. 5. 

Erected by their children " 

' There is also an enclosure belonging to the Miller family, 
- containing six monuments, the inscriptions on three of which are 
illegible ; the remaining inscriptions are as follows * : — 

* (1) High tomb with horizontal slab ' — 

" Sacred | to the memory of | Croas-daile Bowen Miller 
Esq 1 | of Milford | who on the 19 th of April 1837 | and 
in the 35 th year of his age | was suddenly called to enter 
upon a life | of glory having placed his whole trust | in 
the Finished work of his Redeemer | Underneath also 
lies the body of | his infant daughter | 

[John xi. 25] [John v. 24] 

Underneath also lie the remains | of his wife | Catherine 
Anne Bowen Miller | Born February 4 th 1808 | Died 
October 8 th 189G " 

'(2) Cross 

" In memory of | Elizabeth Mira | wife of | Orwsby 

Bowen Miller j of | Milford | Died 14 th January 
1886 " 



' (3) Headstone ' — 
" In memory of | Croisdaile Charles Bo wen Miller | of 
Milford Esq r J.P. D.L. | born Sep 1 ' 18 th 1S29 | died 
March 14 th 1880 

[Psalm cxxi. 2] u 

* There is a large table-tomb beside the path, which was moved 
from its original position when the path was made; it bears the 
following, inscription ' : — 

" Beneath are interred the | mortal remains of | Francis 
Elwood late of ] Strandhill in the County of | Mayo 
Esq r who died on the | 23 d of January 1822 | also | 
Elizabeth | his wife died at Strandhill | on the 6 th of 
February 1849 

[Matt v. 8]" 

1 The following inscriptions are also to be found in the church- 
yard ' 

" In | his heart was the | law of lovingkindness | To | the 
memory of | a most beloved | husband and father | 
George James Robinson | born 6 th February 1819 died 
January 1890." 

" In loving memory | of | George Rutherford | Turin 
Castle who died | on the 16 tb August 1893 | aged 91 | 
Blessed are the pure in | heart for they shall see God " 

** In memoriam | Geeshoma Hannah Wallace | Widow 
of the Rev d John Gifford | of Nen thorn N.B. | Died at 
f DalganPark | 1 st July 1875 | Aged 79 years | I am the 
resurrection and the life. 

"Rev | Richard D. Falkiner | born | July lG th 1818 | 
died I Nov 12 th 1877 | Late Rector of Kilmaine." 

" Here lies the body of | Lettitia Elwood wife of | Thomas 
Elwood of Castletown | Esq r who departed this life on | 
the 11 th day of October 1793 in | the 32 year of her 
age " 

" In i memory | of | M re Harriet Powles | for nearly 50 
years | a faithful servant in | the family of | M r9 Browne 
of Braeffy | She died at Grahan | 1 st Jan y 1872 | in her 
86 year " 



" Sacred to the memory of | John Thompson | whom [sic] 
departed this life | ihe 15 th day of June 1800 | aged 81 
years | his wife Margaret whom [-sic] | departed this 
life on the 10 th day | of December 1824 aged 81 years | 
This tomb AYas erected by their | son John Thompson 
for him and | his posterity March 1825." 

" 6lessed are the dead which die in the Lord." 
" Susan A. Gildea | Born Sep 1 14 1840 | Died Sep 1 21 th 
1860 " 

(t Sacred | to the memory of | Henry Jackson of Eath- 
grana hsr | who departed Oct r 27 th 1856 | aged 27 years | 
Louisa Jackson | youngest daughter of | Thomas Jack- 
son departed | March 28 th 1856 aged 4 years | Mary 
Jackson | Wife of John Jackson departed | March 9 th 
1819 aged 38 years" 

" Here lies the body of | Annie Sydney | . beloved wife of 
Gerald Barron M B | Hollymount | who died March 
8 th 1877 | aged 28 years " 

4 Inside the church, on the west wall, there are five memorial 
tablets to members of the Miller family.' 

1. " Sacred to the memory of | Brigadier General | Charles 
Croasdatle Miller | of Milford | who died on service 
in [ Portugal | the 4 th of February 1811 | Aged 39 j 
This humble tribute | In remembrance of him | is 
erected | By his affectionate | Widow | " 

2. " In memory of | Elizabeth Mira | Wife of | Ormsby 
Bowen Miller | of | Milford | Died 14 th January 
1886 | " 

3. " In loving memory | of our mother | Catherine Anne 
B owe n-M i ller I widow of | Croasdaile Bowen-Miller | 
of Milford | Born. Feb 5 ' 4 th 1808 Died Oct r 8 th 1896 | " 

4. "In memory of I Croasdaile Bowen Miller Esq T | of 
Milford | who died April 19 th 1837 | in the 35 ta year of 
his age | 



" Called upon at a moment, he j was not unprepared to 
- enter into | that rest ,which remaineth | to the people 
of God ; | having fully testified that he | believed in his 
Saviour | " 

[John viii. 12] 


5. u In loving memory of | Croasdaile Charles Bowen 
Miller | of Milford Esqre | Eldest son of the late 
Croasdaile Bowen-Miller Esqre | Born Sep 1 18 1820 
Died' March 14 1880 | This tablet is erected by his 

(John vi. 87)" 

1 On the southern side of the chancel there is a brass bearing 
the following inscription ' : — 

" To the loved memory of Susan Anne 4 daughter of the 
Eev George | Egbert Gildea M.A. and Esther his 
wife, born Sep 1 14 1840 and died | Sep 1 24 th I860, this 
Brass is humbly placed in the chancel j of the j Church 
of the Holy Trinity Kilmain by those to whom she 

was | most dear | 

Give alms of thy goods and never turn thy face from 
any | poor man, and then the face of the Lord shall not 
be | turned away from thee." 


XftuIccU Parish. 

In this volume, pages 109 to 111, under " Slane," will be 
found an account of the Baronstown Cross in this county, from 
the able pen of John E. Garstin, Esq., F.S.A. The following 
account, by the same distinguished archaeologist, of the " Anns- 
brook " Cross will show the close relationship there is in many 
respects between these two crosses. 

Mr. Garstin writes as follows : — 


4 On the roadside at Annsbrook, near Duleek (Du Noyer draw- 
ings, viii. 87, 88), was a !< cross " almost identical with the one at 



Baronstown already described [Vol. IV, p. 109]. The pillar-stone 
was surmounted by a representation of the Crucifixion, so. warrant- 
ing its being designated a cross. On the north and south sides of 
the square shaft are the following inscriptions ' : — 


* Above this are the arms of Bath and Dowdall impaled under 
their initials. On the other side is a space for arms under "ihs 
mama amen," and below ' : — 


1 The Cross of Duleek (drawing 78) shows the same arms with 
the names in fall, and an inscription the same as above, except that 
(1) " late " precedes " wife ; " (2) Bath's office is " Justice of her 
Majesties Court of Common Plees ;" (3) the date is 1601; and (4) 
that of his death, 15th (instead of xxv) Oct. 1599. 

{ Du Noyer's drawing, 85, in Vol. VIII, B.I.A., shows the 
" White Cross" near Duleek, with the same arms under a figure of 
the Virgin ; but no inscriptions are given, 

■ The dates present great difficulties. Janet's first husband died 
on the 15th or 25th of October, 1599. She could scarcely have 
been married to Lord Louth before the close of 1GOO; yet in that 
year she erected crosses for both of her husbands (and a year later 
another cross to her first husband). In each of these she is 
described as " late " wife. But, according to Archdall, her second 
husband, Lord Louth, did not die till 5th (not 15th) of March, 
1607. Could the 1GOO on this monument be a mistake for 1609 1 
Yet it seems to be the work of the same artificer as that of 
Justice Bath, dated 1600. 

1 This Janet Dowdall — to give her her maiden name, which slit- 
seems not to have surrendered — had a haDd in erecting several 
such monuments as we have described. 




'A tablet on the Bridge of Duleek, Co, Meath, with the arms 
of W. B. and I. D., Bath with Dowdall impaled (as shown in 
Du N oyer's drawings, viii, 79), records that ' : — 


Coipe Parish. 

[From E. R. M'C. Dix, 1899.] 

" Here lieth the Body of Colo... Thomas Bellew who 
departed this life the 23 d Day of Decemb r 1783. Aged 
72 years." 

1 This headstone is in the churchyard, and in a horizontal 
position, raised above the ground. There is a coat-of-arms above 
the inscription, very much weathered and difficult to make out. 
The corner has been broken off where the word " Colonel " should 
appear in full.' 

IMinshaugfiliit Parish. 


[Kindly sent us by the Rev. H. W. Davidson, a.m.] 

< This font is octagonal, and stands 2 ft. 6 in. in height. The 
upper block of stone, containing the basin, is 2 ft. 1 in. wide, and 
about 1 ft. 4 in. high. The eight side-compartments measure about 
10 in. by 8 in. Five of them are carved in low relief. Below them 
the block is sloped inward, and finished with a moulding beneath. 

' The shaft is short and octagonal, and rests on a square stone 
base, the upper edge of which is sloped off. 

* The basin is large and octagonal, with perpendicular sides, 
very clearly cut; in diameter 1 ft. 7 in., and about 8 in. deep. The ' - 
bottom is roughly finished, the axe- or chisel-marks still showing. 
There was an aperture in the centre, now stopped. 

1 On the outer edge of the basin's rim are three hollows about 
£ in. deep, as if to receive the supports of a cover. They are placed 
at opposite sides from one another. There are also two hollows 
about 1 inch deep, opposite one another, in the centre of the rim. 

* Roads.— [Eds.] 



' Sculptures on Font : — 

' Five side-compartments are carved wifcli rudely drawn figures 
in bas-relief ; the other three are merely smoothed over with an axe 
or chisel.' 

' 1. A human or angel face. The forehead is in half- 
jrelief, projecting nearly 1-J inch from the stone ; the 
'face recedes to the chin, where it is nearly level with 
the stone, the nose being much flattened. (This may 
partly be due to the effect of exposure to weather, 
^ and rough usage in former times.) 

1 2. A panel sunk about J inch, containing the figure of 
an animal, in very low relief, somewhat resembling 
a leopard statant ; the hind-legs are chipped or worn 
away ; the tail appears to he -brought round beneath 
the feet, which are armed with claws. 

1 3. A panel, containing a shield erect, of the shape used 
in thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Above it a 
single horizontal bar, probably the '* guige," or shield- 
belt. There seems to be no trace of bearings on the 

' L Panel : within it carvings of two birds, and an animal 
resembling a dog rampant. The central figure 'is carved 
with more grace and freedom than the others, and repre- 
sents a bird erect, with long, curved neck, bending with 
open beak towards its breast. Its wings are slightly 
raised, and feet armed with claws. (It may be intended 
for the legend of the Pelican in her piety piercing her 
breast to nourish her young with her blood, which was 
sometimes sculptured in churches and on fonts, in the 
middle ages, as emblematic of Christ's love, who "did 
shed out of His most precious side both water and 
blood." — Baptismal Service.) 

' The other figures, or supporters, are indistinct. At 
dexter, a bird erect, with drooping wing ; its head has 
been broken away. 

•At sinister, an animal rampant, with short legs and tail, 
feet armed with claws. 

* The next two compartments are plain : a large frag- 
ment has been broken off one. 

« 5. A panel, within which is an animal, probably intended 
for a lion statant ; his tail is displayed over his back, 
and his feet armed with claws. The head and ears are 
very rudely executed. 



4 The remaining compartment is without carving. 

' Some of the carvings may represent the emblems of the four 
Evangelists, which are often placed upon ancient fonts — the angel, 
lion, ox, and eagle.' 

Kells S*arisli-K:eIIs Cliureliyai d. 

^ [From Lord Walter FitzGerald.] 

' Built into the detached square belfry of Kells Protestant 
Church are two oblong limestone slabs (one 1 feet 10 inches long, 
by 17 inches deep, and the other 4 feet 5 inches long, by 15 inches 
deep), on which, in incised Gothic characters, is the following 
inscription ' : — 

" The bodie of this chubche being i utter ruyn and 

decaie was reedi 
fied i ano dni 1578 et in ano it. r. elizabeth xx 

throghe the d1lig 
ce & care of the reverede father 1 god hughe brady 

byshop of meat 
he & sir thoe gabvie archedeaco of the same and deane 

of christ church 
i dublin e bothe of here maiestie is p k ivie consaile. 



& dal [flaw in stone] 


Note. — The above inscription has appeared on p. 325, Vol. Ill, of the 
Reports, but incorrectly in places. 

4 There is a limestone slab, 24 inches square, inserted in the 
wall below the second of the above slabs, which bears a shield on 
which is carved a winged dragon (?) bearing up a pennon ; above 
the shield is a crouching, dog-like animal, collared, on either side 



of which are the initials N. -f D., prohably standing for the 
Nicholas D. mentioned in the above inscription. Over the last - 
described slabs is a modern white marble one, on which is 
inscribed ' : — 

" This Spire was Erected Anno 1783 at the entire 
p Expence of Thomas First Eael Bective It was 
^ designed by Tho. Cooley Esq r And was Executed by 
Mr John Walsh Stone Cutter." 


* The above alludes to the spire which is built on to the old 
church belfry that stands detached from the present church. 

1 On the west side of this belfry is a mural tablet 20 inches 
high by 2o long, on which is incised ' : — 


CHARD . [FL] chipped] 


NT . THE . 12 . OF IVLI 
1578 . WHOSE . 80VLE 

' This last word (Merci) is cut on the frame of the mural tablet. 
By far the oldest lettered tombstone in the churchyard, a sandstone 
slab dated 1577, is connected with the above-named Eichard Eloudi. 
This slab is fractured in two, besides having portions missing ; the 
inscription is lightly incised and difficult to decipher, while in 
places it is altogether obliterated. In the centre of the slab are two 
coats of arms : the upper one is a small one, and represents a lion (?) 
rampant, with something in its mouth ; it is in relief, and above it 
are incised a C. and a T. (for Catherine Talbot) ; the other shield is 
much larger and is quartered : — (1) Three animals' heads cabossed. 
(2) A four-legged animal with spiky fin down the back. (3) An 
open-winged, four-legged animal. (4) Three birds. 

* This inscri